The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 09, 1904, Image 5

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,-J f. ypu are go i n g to buy
a .wagon Don't" buy any
thing but a NEWTON,
have been in the Dry House
for six years before they
are put into a wagon. The
Company don't build any
thing but wagons and they
Build Them to STAY.
Wagons are all they have to
I have buggies for $45 and up. I can give you
a Leather quarter Top, Leather Back and
Cushons, and Spring Back and Cushons for $45.
Come and see me. I will give you More
Goods for your Money than you can get any
where else.
Stock saddles at Joe Fogel's.
Try that calf meal at Caldwell's.
Light harness at Joe Fogel's.
J. P. Hale sells land, and soils it
quick. tf
Dr. E. A. Thomas, dentist, Dainerell
D wight Wilson was up from Super
ior Sunday.
J. H McCracken living south of here
vraa in Tuesday.
. D. Bohana of Lincoln waa in Red
Cloud this week.
Mirs Maud Hutchison of Line town
ship, is quite ill.
Try Ward Haves for a first claa
ebave or hair-cut.
Anson Garber returned to his home
in this oily Monday.
If you want the best and cheapest
harness, go to Fogel's.
Charles Banks and lady of Campbell,
were in town Wednesday.
Mr. J. K. Cheney and wife of Super
ior was here Thursday.
F. W. Barker of Franklin was taking
in the reunion this week.
W. W. Wright of Hebron was taking
in the reunion this week.
Miss Anna reel of McCook is visiting
at the home of O. C. Teel.
See Joe Fogol for anything in the
harness or saddlery line.
Miss Beulah Harman of Inavale, is
visiting in the city this week.
F. K. Mandeville's father of Seward
has been in the oity ibis week.
Mrs. O. C. Teel das returned from a
visit with relatives near McCook.
Mrs. Henery Hall of Blue Hill was
taking in the reuniou this week.
Thomas Burden and wife of Bladen
are taking in the reunion this week.
John Yelser ot Omaha was in Red
Cloud a couple of days this week.
Quick service and first class work is
the motto at Scbaflnit's barber shop.
Judgo Stubbs of Superior was
attending district court hero this week.
Mrs. Roy Zint and son, of McCook,
uro visiting relatives here this week.
J. O. Butler and wife roturned from
a visit in the eastern part of the state.
Rev. Hummel and wife of Blue Hill
have beun attending tho rcuionthis
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hayes of Guide
JR'Hik, were taking in tho reunion thla
Philip Grout of Blooiiiinglonhas boon
visiting his brother Charles of thii city
this week.
Mr. llerbei t Conuvur, wife nnd baby
of MoCouk, are visiting relatives lieie
this week.
Altss MeKliusey and Misi Ruby White
of Franklin, went down 10 tho luuuiou
this week.
C. S. Quick of Indianola is visiting
at the home of Wiu, Piuks iu this city
ths week.
M.E. Kellog and wife of Smith Con
ner, Kansas, have been in Red Cioud
at vLm?
depend on.
this week.
Miss Maud Fosfer of Bloomfggton is
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Grout
this week.
Miss Edna Rose and Miss Gretchen
Maser of Franklin, were in the city
Joe Garber Jr. returned to his home
the cleso of last week after. tin absence
of some months.
Dr. L. H. Beck was shaking bands
Ith old friends and taking in the
reunion Thursday.
Harry Letaon returned Tuesday from
a visit with his brother Will at Dead.
wood, South Dakota.
Mrs, Blanch Sweeny and children of
Hepburn, Kansas, visited with friends
in Red Cloud Monday.
John Tulleys came down from Lin
coln Tuesday for a visit with his moth
er and to take in the reunion.
W. H. Van Pattorn has moved his
family to Red Cloud and expects to
make his home in the futute. ,
Mrs. Wash Read of Bladen is visiting
with ,hr daughter and", incidentally
taking in the reunion th'is week.
Mrs J. A, Baum who formerly in
the Red Cloud schools is visiting
with friends in the city this week.
Dr. Raines expects to have a largo
abdition built to his house just as soon
as he can get the carpenters to do the
Win. S .Jacksonjand AlmaR. Murphy
of Guide Rock were married by Justice
of the Peace Colvin, last Sunday after
noon. Ed. Young a fomer Red Cloud cltl.
izen with four of bis friends of Norton,
Kansas, were taking in the reunion
this week.
MrB. Mary Petrio of Shelton. Nebr.
who was Miss MuKimmy is in Red
Cloud visiting at the home of John
Kellog and other relatives.
Mrs. Georgia Brown, formerly Miss
Black more, of Horton. Kansas, arrived
In Red Cloud tho lirot of the week for
an extended visit with friends.
Jake Nustein of St. Joseph, Missouri
was shaking hands with old friends in
Red Cloud this week and incidentally
looking after busiuoss matters.
Bud McCune will begin working in
Paul Story' clothing store Mondav
Bud has been workins in a clothing
storo in Kearney for tho past fewyoara
Mrs. Z. Erett of Vernon, Colorado
has been visiting with brother,
Elmer Thomas in Red Cloud nnd with
other relatives at Cowlcp, this week.
Mrs. Sansoin secured the sot of dish
es gives away by Albright & Rife last
week. They nro now looking for tho
porson holding number 8 on light blue
Jno Taylor living south east of heie
metquitua lots Wednesday nvenlni',
one of the horses which ho had driven
to town was taken sick and died at the
brick livery bam.
I am making a specially of gentle
miins line laundry work Mrs. N. S.
Tiy Halo's restaurant, old posl.oflloe
building, for a squaro meal.
F. V. Taylor formerly of this city but
now of Witchita, Kansas, arrived in
K id Cloud Saturday to tako in the Re.
union and Incidentally to look altir
business matters.
From now until the 1st of October,
wo. will give you tho Cuikf for one
year and the Chiingo Daily Tribune
except Sunday, for two months foi
1.25 Tho regular price of thoTribunc
nlone is 50 cents por month.
M.ry Sponge tho pimples with
warm water. You nood a blood tonic
would adviso you to tako Hollittors
Rocky Mountain Tea. It drives awa
all eruptions. 115 cents, Tea or tablet
form. C. L Colling.
Wo understand that Earl Crary and
Miss Bessie Newmoyerof Guide Rock
wero married in Guide Rock last Sun
day nnd that thoy took the 2 o'clock
train, from Rod Cloud Monday morn
ing, for St. Louis to take in tho exposi
tion. Westward tho orb of glory takes its
Wisconsin is tho state, you hear every
body s ty ,
It's made itself famous by one great
Rocky MountainjTea has made its
name worldwide. C I. Cotting.
Regular services will be held at the
Congregntional church Sutulav, morn
ing sermon theme, "Tho Vision of
liaioh; o.vening theme, Less tns from
the Parable of tho Good Simnritan.
All cordially invited.
Mr. Keunaday and wifo ofgi.os Ang
eles California arrived in Red Cloud,
Tuesday evening, for a visit with
friends and to take in the reunion
Mrs. Konnady was Miss Alico Marsh
daughter of A. S Mush and will be
remembered by by many of tho young
folks of this citv,
Geo. W. Llndsuy returned Monday
from Lincoln bringing with him the
stock which he bad had on exhibition
at tho state fair. Pat Ryan, was ngln
successful ih obtaining thoswoepstnltes
prizes for tho best of tho kind. Geortte
certainly has the finest Galloway cattle
in tha country.
Nellie Fu'ler, Denver "My face
was full of pimples and black-heads.
Hollister's Rooky Mountain Tea has
driven them away. People hardly
know me. I'm looking tine" 35 cents.
Tea or tablets. C. L. Cotting.
Hon. Jos. G. Cannon, speaker of the
house of Representatives and Hon.
James E. Watson, member of congress
from Indianna. Will speak In Red
Cloud on the afternoon of Sept. 21,
At the meeting of thel.O. O. F
lodge last Monday evening elected
Paul Story and O. B. Hedge as dele
gates to the grand lodge which meets
A barn, roof and
bridge paint that is
guaranteed for 5
A dandy good paint
and one that wears
and preserves the
A price that is
right for a PAINT
that can't.belbeat.
75c par
Be sure and get
your barn paint from
from us.
Hardware Co.
in Lincoln the tintil Wednesday in
October. C. K. Relglo and E. H. Now
house wero elected as alternate?.
What with tho reunion and a special
term of district court Red Cloud has
been celebrating proper this week.
There have been so many people hero
this week that it is practically impossi
ble to give the name of those from out
of town. There hm people hero from
evory direction and from tho city.
There have been a numbor of drunks
arrested and lined nnd a few tights
this week thought up to now we have
heard of nothing very serious. A lino
graphaphonu was stolon from one of
residents of tho Piko tho tirst of tht
week and one patty caught in the act
of stealing a tent.
At the baby show hold last Thursday
morning at Miss Emola tladoll's gym
nasium rooms, over Robinson & Har
dens grocery store, Miss Volma Roby
ttie little daughter of Walter Roby won
the prize, a beautiful Red Cloud sotive
nir spoon. The judges wore Mrs. Alice
Marsh Kennady of Los Angeles, Calif ,
Mrs llarton of Michigan and Mrs.
Hartwell of Inavale. There were
twenty babies entered for the prize.
At the state fair last week G. W.
Hawaii of Guide It'iek secured the 1st.
pi emium on Oetley apples and 1st. on
liokara peaches. Mrs. Agnes McCall
living S'liithwest of Red Cloud securtd
tirst on (SetuUin apples and second on
Lowt-1, and C 1$ Crone of this city re
ceived 1st. ou'Gcrman prunes. Thn
county collective exhibit was rowalded
100 premium and had Measers Hum
mel an Peisiger bud more time and
experience in collecting the products
could easily have secured the (Irst pto
miutn The corn cxhibmt did not re
ceive 1st. because the ears, while lai
gor than any other, were not perfect in
shape and tho same was true of wheat.
In watermelons there wero but three
of a kind and lhro should havo been
four. The exhibitors from other coun
tries seem to be experts with tho glue
qot while from Wobster county every
thing was a nature nt idn it.
Gemtv Cwrt PrecMtflRfts.
Friduy September 2 Hearing on
claims mid find sottlomond iu ostnto
of Daniel Barkor and distribution
of residue of estate ordered.
Saturday Soptombor:! Estate of
Wm. It. Postlewalt was udmittod to
probate nnd Wellington Riohurds was
appointed us administrator.
Sep ember. 5 Estate of John H.
Sholtou was udmittod to probate, Jesse
Urumwoll was appointed as bdminis
tratrix. Case of Harlan county Bank vs. E
Johnston and wife was brought up
and judgement was enterod by defauld
of defendant.
September 0 Estate of Diedrich J.
Stuehrenberg was admitted to probata
and Emma Stuehrenberg was appoint
ed as administratrix.
Kansas Cut. Mo ,Tuksat, Auo.30
Speoial to Tiik Cuikk.
Kansas City, Mo , Tuesday, Sept. G
1901. Thore has been a steady improve
ment in tho cattlo market since last
Thursday, nnd thero Is a good steady
market todny. Yesterday's cattle re
ceipts were light all nround, account
of labor day holiday. The good beef
cattle havo been extremely scarce for
ten days or moro. nothing has boon
received that has not had a little grass
and nothing has sold ubove $585, top
today siuce the W.OO cattle woek boforn
last. Gross steers droopod off 20 to 30
cnts by tho middle of last week, but
have legained Uaiuco, Cows nnd hei
fers have sold strong and hlghor overy
day since the first of last weok, untlll
today when they nre u little lower, and
grass she stuff soils at 12.25 to 83 75,
dry lot at W.OO to 1175. Voal calve
are 1 100 higher than lust weok, us nur
plies of veal calves have boon short for
more than u month. Stockers and feed
ers uro 20 to 30 highor than a woek ago,
and thoro bus beeu u big demand late y
Orders thut wore particular as to tho
quality, etc. were hard to flit last weok
but toduy thoieare u good muny cattle
of this class here, but markot is steady.
A very good sot of stockers or feedors
can be soourod at 93.00 fo 13.75, and
stock sho stuff and bulls at 12.00 to
2.7c. It is thought thoro will be a com
plete MOttlonient of tho strike within
a short tlmo, ufter which tho flood
gates will bo opeuod, und we shall huvo
immouso rooipts of cuttle.
Hog prices are guinlng steadily sinco
tho sot back lust Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Top price today is 15.50, bulk
of Hiilos T 35 to $5.45, bulk of salos
$5 35 to (5 45. Medium woight bogs aro
now in tho lead, with heavy hogs closo
behind, I here nro a good muny thin
hogs coining now, which uro cut sov
orly in prbos, but the number Is not
enough to influence- the bulk of sales,
It Indicates how over, that no great
run of hogs need bo expected this
bheop prices continue strong, and
receipts nro guluiiig u little, but aro
much below lust year. Most of tho stuff
tsfrnuitlio west and northwest, nnd
is in good condition, so that killers
wo getting must everything, leuvliig
very low for feuder buyers Lumbs
gained 10 to 2o cents bust woek, now
helling at 45.0,1 to 5 80, wethers bring
nrnun I t 0t, owos i'.i 25 to J3.75, feod
ing stock 3.23 to $4.00.
if we can't fit you right off, but we'll make any nec
essary alterations.
Prices no higher than the quality justifies.
Never in our successful history were we better pre
pared to serve the people of Rod Cloud and vicinity.
Prices are lower. Quality higher. Come and sec us.
Reunion visitors are cordially invited to visit our
store. While some may think it early to buy winter
clothes, it won't hurt to get our ideas and our prices.
Money back if anything goes wrong.
No man is your superior in this store.
Fall Hats, Shoes and Furnishings All In.
One Price
First door north of Postofflce, Red Cloud, Neb.
- .
R,ead This Carefully
I am making lots of Farm Loans.
There are reasons for this. I can close a
loan for you in three days after taking your
application, for these reasons:
You do not have to wait and pay for a
man to examine the land. My company has
oceans of money. You do not wait for them
to sell your loan in New York or London
before getting the cash.
You can Pay Off at Any Time,
without giving a day's notice of your inten
tion so to do. All other companies require
from 30 to 60 days notice on this point.
I have so many different plans tor making
loans that some one is bound to suit. No
one can give better rates.
J. H. BAILEY, Red Cloud.
Raklaft FrleMs Every Day.
This can truthfully be said of Jello
ice cream powder, tho new product
for making the most delioioui ice cream
you ever ate; everything in tho pack
age. Nothing lasts so good in hot
weather. All grocers are placing it in
took. If your grocer can't supply
you eud25o for 2 packages by mail.
Four kinds: Vanilla, Chocolate, Straw
berry and un flavored. Address, The
Ueneiee Pure Food Co., Box 80S, Le
Roy. N. Y. 38
T Everywhere art lack
The Burlington offers excursion
rates in every direction so low that
thero is no excuse for staying at homo.
Uotow are some of them:
St. Louis and back: Threo kinds of
daily rates besides the special low rate
coach excursions September 1, 3, 4, G,
8, 11, 13, 15, 20, 22, 97 and 29.
Chicago and back: Daily low rates
either direct or via St. Louis, with
stopovers at St. Louie, Kansas City
and Omaha.
World's Fair stopovers at St. Louis
on through tickets.
Colorado, Utah and iilack Hills re
sorts thero and back ptacttcally half
rates all summer.
To Denver, Colorado Springs and
Pueblo and return, August 30, and
September 3. 9, 10, 13 and 17, 115.
To California San Francisco', and
Los Angeles and back, August 15 to
September 10, only $45. The only
chance in 1001 to gotjthis low rate.
To Michigan, Minnesota, Wlscoudn
and the Great Lake region, the ideal
summer country daily low rates to
take you away from home.
On tho first and third Tuesdays of
each mouth very low round trip rates
to hundreds ol points in the North
wetland Southwest,
Daily from September 15 to October
15, one way tickets to hundreds of
points west and northwest at practic
ally half rates.
To many points in Indiana, Ohio and
Kentucky September 0, 13. 20. 27 and
Outober 11, one faro plus (2 for the
round trip.
Writo or call, deseribo your trip; let
mo advise you the least cost. A,
Conovor, Tioket Agent.
Are You
If you're ready for your
Fall Suit we're ready to show
you the new idea9 in color
ings and the late kinks in the
cut and make-up.
Buy Early
Don't allow the choicest
things to slip away from you.
You'll be prettv hard to fit
Clothing Go.,
Do You
When you are hungry and
want somotbig nice in the
meat line, drop into my
market. I have the nicest
kind of
nnd moats, fish, and game
iu soason. I think, and
almost know, that I can
pleuso you. Give me a
W. I. K00N,
Successor to
Some of tho Uuost farms and
oity property In Wobster Coun
ty, Nobrasku, for sulo. Prices
ranging from 815 to 125 per ucro.
Hmd Cloud,lNmtrka.
A4 f "'"V'l
L . Jj-jaCttmu. ..a u .W-Att Si,