The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 17, 1904, Image 5

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- j
Women Like Miliars
Every woman praises the sim
plicity of the
Sharpless Tubular
Cream Separator
Because they are easy to feed, easy
to KEEP CLEAN, easy to TURN,
points every woman who helps
about the dairy has a right to insist
upon. All other separators run
harder than a TUBULAR. They
have a great many more parts to
Let me give you a catalogue and
show you the many good points in
Light harness at Joo Foeul's.
Try that calf meal at Caldwell's.
Stock saddles at Joo Fogel's.
Hoscoe Gather arrived heme Sunday
L. J. Moore of Riverton, was in town
i Monday.
Ray Frame was in Blue Hill tho llrst
of tho week,
Walter Kaley was in town the first
of tho week.
Mrs. A. Cummings has been quite ill
the past week.
W. A. Barcus, of Blue Hill, was in
town Monday.
John Anderson was down from Riv
erton, Monday.
Omer Butler is home from attending
the University.
Dr. Myers of Riverton was in Red
Cloud Monday.
Miss Nellie Emerton left Monday
iov Grand Island. .
Miss Lelia Greir left Sunday for her
Ihomo in Colorado.
Wm. Boudreau of Campbell, was in
ftown Wednesday.
Miss Rozo Fountaine of Peru, was
in the city Sunday.
John Person has bought tho dray line
rfrom A. A. Boren.
f Mrs. Uoe and Mrs. Munsey left for
their home in ll'nois.
Douglas Gather arrived in tho city
4ho lirst of the week. '
L. P. Albiight was in Grand Island,
tho iirst of tho week.
Mil. Fred Brower was in McCook
the lirst of tho week.
Carringo painting, ?3 to $10; day work
32 00. F. P. Hud ley.
If you want tho bust and cheapest
AJiarness, go to Fogel'a.
Alex Campbell of McCook was in
Red Cloud Wednesday.
Miss Robinson returned to her homo
Insurance Agency
The German
Insurance Co.
of Freoport, III., and the
Farmers Mutual
Insurance Co.
of Nebraska
have over nine hun
dred policies in force
in Webster County.
Look up your policy
and see me.
Phone 93. kid Cloud.
in Guide Rock Monday.
See Joe Fogol for anything in the
harness or saddlery line.
Richard Runchey returned Tuesday
from a visit in Kearney.
Miss Jessie Duckcr is attending
summer school at Lincoln.
The local strawberry crop is now
being offered on the market.
Dr. Reed and family will leave for
their homo in Chicago tomorrow.
Mrs. John Gritlith went to Iowa tho
lirst of the week to visit relatives.
Miss Stella Ducker left Monday for
Lincoln to attend summer school.
Mrs. Sam West is visiting with Mrs.
G. M. Caster in Riverton this week.
Mr. J. T. Hallock of Dana, Kansas,
is visiting in Red Cloud, this week.
Wanted Man and wife to work
on farm. Inquire at this office.
Chas. McKeighan has purchased a
tine German coach stallion, in Lincoln.
Mrs. J. R. Mercer left, Tuesday for
a visit with her parents at Araphoe.
Chas. Miiligan returned Wednesday
from a months trip to the Pacific coast.
Allen Carpenter sold the Lutz farm
in Lice township to Jack Wisecarver.
Ed. Funk of Lawrence was transact
ing business in Rod Cloud, this week.
Tho Baptist church hai changed its
Sunday School hour from noon to 10
a. m.
Overing Bros, are laying a stone
sidewalk in front of their business
Miss Mabel Beckwith left Monday
to spond the summer with relatives, in
Mr E. O. Scott and wife of Ropubli-
can City, spent Sunday with friends
in this city.
Roy Zint and wifo returned to their
Ik mo in MeCook after a weeks visit
with relatives.
Mrs. C I) Robinson and mother loft
for Norton, Kansas, Tuesday morning
to visit relatives.
T. C. Hacker left Tuesday for Lin
coin, to attend the Nebraska Associa
tion of Pjstmasters.
Mrs. John Dickorson of Lincoln, is
in Red Cloud this week, visiting with
telalives and friends.
Fred Ault and Louis Hines of Upland,
were in tho city Sunday attending tho
funeral of Vanco Foe.
Wm. HctTlobower and wifo of Mc
Cook aro visiting at tho homo of his
parents near Inavalo.
Mrs. Chas. Dicker.son of Lincoln, is
visiting with her parouts Mr. and Mrs.
S. B. Kizor, this weok.
E. J. Ovcnng jr. is in attendance at
the Stato Sunday School convention at
Grand Island this week.
Come in and see the newest hand
painted shirt-waist buttons and
brooches. Nowhouso Bros.
The family of Rev. Davis arrived last
Thursday evening and aro now instal
led in their home on Elm Street.
Those who attended tho Children's
Day excersises, in the Methodist church
last Sunday evening, enjoyed a treat.
Mrs. Mabel Thompson was in Bost
wiek Wednesday attending the wed
ding of her friend Miss Florence Whits.
Tho devotional meeting-; of tno M. K.
League will bo held after prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening for the present.
Dwight Wilson went to Supoilor
Monday, where Iip has secured it posi
tion with W G. Montgomery & Co.,
Tho Muses Jesslo and Minn Carl,
neices of Sheriff McArthur, returned
to their home in Long Island, Kansas,
W. R, Johnson and fatnllv, of Auro
ra, arrived in Rod Cloud, Wednesday,
and will mako this their homo for a
short time.
K Johnston, B. K. Muntz, Ed Koon
and Conrad Staiko worn in Nelson
Monday as witness in tho preliminary
hearing of the Feazle.
J. It Morcer left Monday for Chicago
and other eastern places Attorney
A. H. Ritchcr will look after his busi
ness during his absence.
Dan Garber, tho new real estate
agent, has rented an office above W. S.
Voting's store, and has opened it for
business Superior Journal.
Mrs. G. W. Francis and familv, and
Dr. Reed and family spent Sunday
visiting relatives north of Cowles,
where a family reunion took place.
The Mite society of thoM. K. church
at Ash Creek, will give an ico cream
social at the homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Kent Friday evoning, Juno 24.
At tho meetingof tho Masonic Grant!
lodgo hold at Umaha last week, L. 11
Hlacklcdgo of this city, was chosen
Grand Orator for tho ensuing year
Into eneh life some miss must fall,
Wiso people don't sit down and bawl;
Unlv fools suicide r.r take to tlight,
Smart people tako Rocky Mountain
Tea at night. C. L. Cutting.
Tho storm Tuosday night created
consid'rable damago to freshly cut
alfalfa. A largo amount was lying in
tho tield partially cured and will bo
The M W. A. and A O. U. W. lodgos
of this city will hold joint momorial
services, next Sunday. All membots
are requested to meet at their lodgo
hall at 1:30 p. m.
Services at tho Christian church Sun
day. Tho pastor will preach in tho
morning on "A Conscienco Free From
Self-Condenination," at night on "Les
sons from the Miracle at Cana."
Many sido walks in this city are in a
bad condition. Now is tho time to put
down sand stone because Overing Bros.
& Co. aro making cut prices for the
next 00 days. C ill and see thorn.
We have them in near
ly any style you want.
Not the cheap, shoddy
kind, which are dear at
any price, but good, serv
iceable harness at prices
that are right. We guar
antee our harness in
every way to be perfect
ly satisfactory.
You can't afford to pay
fancy prices for harness
that will give you no bet
ter satisfaction than you
can get from our goods.
Don't pass us by when
you need a harness.
We Are It.
Hardware Co.
Mrs Louis Ernest, Evnnsvlllo, Intl.
IlollUtei's "Rocky Mountain Tea Is
plomlid. Makes 'sick peoplo well.
Cured me after others failed." Tea or
tablet form 1)5 cents. C. L. Cutting.
Constipation causrs two-thirds of all
sickness in tho world. Why suffer
when Hollistei's Rocky Mountain Tea
will make you vll and keep you well ?
35 cents. Tea or tablet form. C. L.
At the Congregational church next
Sunday the regular services will bo
held. Sermon thiine for morning,
"Helping the Under Man-," evening,
"The Victory of the Atonement." The
public is cordially welcomed.
Sunday school at the M E. church
Sunday morning 10 a. in. Preaching at
11 a. m , sul ji'ct of sermon "Work of
the General Conference of 1!0 I."
Preaching at 8 p. in. subject, "The
Grace of Obeidence."
Tho l A- M. i llh I'll Haiti bearing
Gen'i Manager Holdrcgc, Alex Camp
bell, C 1). Rogeis, B M. Willinrd and
Mr Hill, son of J J. Hill, passed
through here, Wedneday, on a tour of
inspection of tho southern division of
tno B A- M.
The Children's Dny services in the
Congregational and Methodist churches
woio held on Sunday morning and
evoning respectively, and wero at
tended by largo audiences. In both
cases tho programs were rendered In a
pleasing manner. Tho exercises for
tho Christian church will bo held next
The funeral services over tho bodv
of Vance V. Foo occured Sunday after
noon at tho homo of thft deceased,
being comhu'Ud by Rev. E. L. Hutch
in, of tho Methodist church. They
wero a sad but beautiful tilbuto to the
hold sho had upon a largo circlo of
friends in this life, their being many
tender tokens of love and sympathy
from thoso who had known her. In
her death tho community at largo
suffers a loss hard to roplaco. Coming
with liar parents to Webster county nt
an early ago, sho was an example of
self mado charaotor and ability. She
had won her way stop by step in the
love and confidence of thoso who know
her and counted her friends in large
numbers. One expression of her effort
to mako tho best out of herself was
shown by the local board when it
elected her to a position as teacher in
tho Red Cloud school', and her death
is a keen disappoititemont to that body.
But far greater than this is the loss of
tho woman womanly, kind hearted, a
truo daughter in the home, and a friend
to all she came in contract with It is
hard to understand why such an one
should bo taken from life, and her
death will bo keenly felt for a long
rami Over to District Court.
The second preliminary hearing of
Mrs. Hutchinson and her son Charley
and Harle7 Feazle for the murder of
Eli Feazle was held in Nolson beforo
county Judge Dysart.
This Eli Feazle lived near Bostwick
and last fall it was reported he had
gone to, Humbodt to visit a brother
Later this was found to bo untrue and
theao throe persons were arrested for
the murder' and had a preliminary
bearing and were discharged for lack
of evidence.
Since that time tho farm had been
rented by Mr. Joseph Stanley. On May
13, while plowing, one of his horses sank
to his knees in tho soft dirt in a hole
filled with grass aud earth.
Help was summoned and they dug
out of hole a whiskey bottle, somo hair,
a human hand, and some clothing.
Tho clothing and hair looked liko that
of Fun.lo and tho county ollicers wero
notified. Tho hole looked liko it had
beeu dug out, a body removed and then
rolllled. Buggy tracks wero also
found. Tho saina parties wero again
arrested and aro now having their trial.
Besides tho Stanleys' ovidence, given
above, a liveryman from Red Cloud,
E. Johnston, testilied that on May 9
Charley Hutchinson hired a team and
left there at 0 .10 iti tho evening aud re
turned the next morning with tho
horses completely tired out and tho
buggy smelted ns though carrion had
been hauled in it and tho undertaker
from Red Cloud, B. F. Muntz, swore
positively it was tho odor of a decaying
human body. Mr. Henry, for whom
Hutcilinson was working, testilied that
he was absent from their place from
tho 5th to tho 0th, about the time t.e
body was supposed to havo boon re
moved, and that their spado was mis
sing about that time.
A peculiar-shaped shoo on tho team
drivon from Red Cloud was recognized
in tho tracks around tho grave where
the hand was found.
What was supposed to bo a gravo
was found under a shed attached to
tho house and on being dug out a largo
S wrench about fourteen inchos long
was found with a dark stain supposed
to have boon blood.
Aftor hearing tho evidence Judge
Dysart held the prisoners over to the
district court, which convenes in
Nelson next Soptembor.
The prosecution is conducted by
County Attorney E, D. Brown, assisted
bf the Stubbs brothers. The prisoners
are defended solely by the Hon. R. D.
Sutherland, who alto defended them la
Ui? first trial.
- -
Tho Coupon in this ad. IB WORTH 23 CENT.
To tost tho value of this advertising wo will glvo to ovory por
sou giving us this coupon and buying Shoes or Folt Hats to
tho amount of 92. OO and upwards tho choice of anything
in our store selling for 25 cents. Komonibor that wo aro soil
ing Mon's, Hoys' and Children's Suits, Pants, Shoes and Hats
cheaper t bun any concern In Southern Nebraska, and it will
pay you to see us before you buy anything In tho apparel lino.
dooif until July , iQOf.
Good for 25c.
In Trade,
with a Shoe or Hat purchase of
f'J.(H) and upwards.
The Covfdcn-Kalcy Clothlnft Co.,
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
One Price Clothiers,
First door north of Postofflce, Red ClouCNeb.
Found the File.
Last Sunday morning Sheriff Mc
Arthur was informed, by Sheriff Shol
burn of Harlan county, of iho where
abouts of tho II lo which Henry Wood
man and Jako Kohu had Uhed in their
rocent attempted jnll breaking In Rod
Cloud. Woodman and Kolin wore
held In the Wobstor county jail to
await trial at Alma for burglary and
had boon contlned In one of the upper'
tier of cells, and had succeeded in III
lug through the curved bar of the
lock which hold the bars to tho win
dow of their cell. It was llrst suspect
ed that they had Uf-od an aluminum
comb to do tho work, but Woodman,
who pleaded guilty at the trial, con
fessed us-iiu; a file and told that tho
llle was hid in ono of tho air chambers
of tho cage, where Sheriff MoArtliur
found it. Woodman was sentenced to
two and u halt years in tho pouiteu-
tiary. Kohu tried the insanity dodge
to escapo tho penitentiary und was
taken to tho asylum at Lincoln, but
after a fow days there ho concluded
he would rathergotothe ponitontiary.
Ho was brought back to Rod Cloud
last Tuesday evening and will bo hold
hero until tho full torm of court In
Harlan county.
Less Thai Halt Rites to St. Louis aid
On Mondays, June 0, IS, 20 and 27,
tho Burlington offers tickets to St.
Louis and return at $11, good for
seven days, considerably less than one
faro for the round trip.
Tickets are good in coaches and
chair cars (seats free).
The magnificent exposition is now
complete and in harmonious opera
tion. You will regret it all your life if you
fail to seo this wonderful exposition.
Illustrated folder free, and full in
formation on application to Burlington
Route agent or to L. W. Wakoly,
General 1'assongor Agont, Omaha,
Married, at tho residence of the
bride's father Alfred Mi Call, Juno 15,
1P01. Mr. Herbert A. Fair, of Rising
City, Nob,, and Miss Luoy McCall of
Rod Cloud, Row W. I' Taylor of the
M. E. church of Inav.ile, olliciating.
The young couple loft immediately for
their homo near Rising City, where tho
groom is n successful farmer The
bride has been a faithful and success
fill teacher for 3 years. Tho best
wishes of a host of friends goes with
tho happy couple.
Horse Thief Caught.
Shortff McArthur returned, last
evoning, from Davonport. Thayer
county, Nebraska, having in charge
one Chas. Going, alias Herman Stott
man, who had been artcsted at that
place and held to await his coming.
Gering is charged with tho stealing of
u horse from Andrew Chiistianson,
near Bladen, last April, and also with
stealing n buggy and harness, in
Adams county. Hi6 preliminary hear
ing will probably bo held today.
Advertised Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for at postoftice at Red Cloud, Nub,
for the week ending June 10, 1004:
Miss Louis D invars, Mr. Laoiphere,
Wui. Marshall, F. C. Smith, E. B. Ste
vens. These will bo sent to the dead lotter
ofllco June 80, 1004, if not called
for befare. Wben calling for above
pleaso My "advertised."
T. C. Hackku, Postmaster.
hlu, ....,.
' - . SW ( -Mt t-h.m-i rt fc t a w:
ii""r"" nyiyaiwM wiwaWMi.- l
rw -
Clothing Go.,
Do You
Whon you nro hungry and
want somothig nice in tho
meat Hue, drop into my
nmrkot.WI have the nicest
kind of
and moats, fish, and game
In season. I think, aud
almost know, that I can
pleaso you. Glvo mo a
W. L. K00N,
Successor to
Of tho Kansas City Veter
inary College Olllco at E.
Johnston's, the Hrlck Barn.
Tolophono 82.
At Blue Hill first Tuesday in each
against Firo, Lightning, Cy
clones and Windstorms, see
agent for tho Farmers Union Insur
ance Co., Lincoln, Neb., tho best 1h
surauce company in the s'lte.
Mllet Seal for Sak.
I havo about 100 bushels of millet
seed for sale, either white or red, at
market price.
Jn 1 D. G. Wmtamb.
wM&wsmyir vmtv
. . mm i inm--wiii i n in Min i tmm
1 !? E9TATE
Somo of tho finest farms aud ?
r city property In Webster Couti- J
i ty, Nebraska, for sale Prices J
ranging from 815 to 135 per ncro. f
J. P. HALE, )
Red Cloud, Nobrapka. s
BBWBM'l l3SIS6X.i.t3SiS!g
mv i jifthAtltfWri'iMwwt .iii
,b ,t
IX : J
!W I M
.. ,immmmmMjkiMmmMjL