The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 20, 1904, Image 4

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When the nerves are weak
everything goes wrong.. You
are tired all the time, easily
discouraged, nervous, and
Irritable, Your cheeks are
pale and your blood is thin.
Your doctor says you are
threatened with a nervous
breakdown. He orders this
grand old family medicine.
" Kur ninri) tlmn W) ycnri I linvn uI Arrr't
ST trtlln In inj fiinlljr. It It it annul fnnlr
lit ll llinoi. anil ii wmili-rfiil lin'illrlnn fur Im
rurp liliwil. I). C. llul.T, Wilt IIiivimi, Cuiiu.
SI M a Imttto,
All iltllifKl.H,
J.t". AYKltro.,
f,mwtl, Mn...
ihmm for
I Weak Nerves
Kcop tho bowclB regular with Ayur's
"Oills. lust ono Dill onch nluht.
P. C. Piuur.s, Ktlltor.
rw year...
.11 00
Bntered at toe pott office at Hod Cloud, Nob, at
"oond clan mall matter.
S urnlihed on application.
"Tho political pot will soon begin to
Tho way Al Galushu walked oir with
ftlio tho noiiilimtloii for secretary of
' tuto wuh not hIow.
Tlio Roos-ovolt leaguo organized at
"Lincoln Tuesday night will bo a powor
in tho campaign this fall.
Tlio Liucolu Star tins already begun
Mo knock on tho Hopublicuu ticket.
Tho Burlington-Lancaster county
slnto was so badly snttisliod that it
will take tho Burlington's ollleiul
organ a few weeks to recover from tho
v Captain Adams of Suporior has at
Oust overtaken RomothliiK in his hot
.pursuit of au olllco. Ho has been
otactod ono of tho altornates to tho
national convention. Wo congratu
late tho captain on tho successful oud-
ing of tho long cliti.
-"Wonders of Laclede County, Missouri.
Pim.Mi'.siuTitci. Mo., April 80.
'o tlio Editor of The Ciiiek:
Tills lovely morning I wish to talk
"to soino of your old Wobstor county
vroutloi'H, and I have faith enough in
tho "dear old Chief" to know they will
got tlio little speech direct.
In tho llrst place, I wish you to
understand that I am just tolling of
Laclede county (pronounced LaeK-lodo
Lore), not tlio whole state of Missouri
It is almost in tho center of the
statu and cloo enough to St. Louis for
us to feel tlio pulse throbs of tlio gieat
"World's fair, M'l miles away. Thib lb
i tho lovolloit place to tlio eye, on tho
frioo of tho earth, but tho climato is
Tory bail ho much cold and wet
wonthor, ilvo days of the past weok
Jmving been cloudy and rainy.
Thoro -aro a great many springs
around ovor tho mountains, but none
on our place. There aro several
springs which aro groat cuiiosities,
ono of which is about three miles south
of hero. Tho water bolls up from tho
bottom of n largo cave, runs through
'tho envo for about tlfty yards and
passes out through an otiontng of
' 'what appears on tho outside to bo a
mm, mm
Absolutely Pure
largo mound The basin or take In-J
sldo tho cavo serves as place for boat-
riding, and there im benches along
tlio banks of tho little lake whoro tired '
sightseers may ilt down and rest In
this undor-gitiund lake thero aro llsh !
without, eyes. Living war this lake Is
a very hospitable family,and they tako
pleasure in escorting lsltois thiough
tho cave, frco of chin go, and if it is
near meal tlino the visitors are Invited
to take dinner with the family.
Twelve miles fiutu hero Is another
wondei fill spring, which feeds a sti earn
almost as largo as the Republican
river, and tho blream is full of tho best
llsh in the world. No bottom to tho
spring has ever been found j tho water
boils up in the center and (lows oil' at
tho sides only, where it empties with
an awful suction A dinner plate
thrown on the surface a I, tlio center
will Jump and bob along till it almost
touches tho banks, then down it goes
and nothing can stop It. A man unco
fell In this spring and disappeared,
and ho was never seen agnin. Ills wlfo
attempted to rescue him and also foil
in, but was caught by her skirts and
saved. 'I ho stream from tlio spring
runs u great saw and feed mill.
Hut thu greatest curiosity of this
part of Mlssouil is tho young folks
tho prettiest sot of young people tho
world over sot eyes upon, and tho
prettiest women Young girls think
nothing of walking fifteen miles in a
forenoon, then do a hard half day's
work. Iiidopondeuco is no liamo for.
the girls, bless their hearts! One of
thorn will do up her morning's work,
sit down and wrlto a lotter and say:
"Ma, I am going to towu to post this
letter"; then run out and catch a
horso, tuulo or bronco anything that
tho men have left out of tho Hold, just
so it has tho shapo of a horso jumps
on if she can got oloso enough to throw
n saddlo on, and away she goos, does
her errand and returns home, un
saddles and unbridles her horse, turns
him loose, goos in tlio houso and cooks
ono of tho best dinners you ever ato,
straightens up tho house, sltb down to
tho sowing uiuchliio or organ, ono of
which you will ilnd in almost every
homo. Many married womou think
nothing of taking from six to ton
dozou eggs in a basket and going from
two to Ilvo milos to market on foot.
Slio enn walk in, sit hor eggs down on
ono counter and rocoivo 14 cents cash
for hor eggs. Sho can turn to another
counter and pay out iior cash for any
thing sho may want. A farmor can
tako into town a jag of stovo wood,
cord-wood or anything his farm pro
duces and tho merchants will pay him
for it in cash; then hi) can tako his
money and spend it whoro ho pleases
You nover seo an old rag of any kind
lying around, for tho women cau tear,
sow and wind thorn into balls of car
pot rags, tako them to any of tlio stores
and recolvo cash for them. All tho
morehants pay high prices for groon
vegetables, fruits, etc., in cash no
coupon business goes with these
Fruit trees and vines aro loaded
with their llttlo balls of green fruit.
But, oh! those wet, dreary, rainy three
and sometimes Ilvo day out of every
week, give u person thoHlilvors to think
ol'thom. Hut tho oldest inhabitants
say this is the most backwatd spring
they have had for thirty years. This is
ono oT tho lovelist countries on tho
face of the earth when the sun shines
there scorns to bo some kind of au
ollxir in tlio air which is so invigorat
ing to a tired, sick person; thou conio
tho cold, dreary, rainy days which give
a person that aguish feeling. I would
not advlso a poison who has lived all
his llfo in a smooth, untimbored
country to conio hero to mako a living
by hard work, as tlio rocks and stumps
aro a groat drawback to an old Ne
braska farmer; but just to live in this
country is like boiug in u Paradise on
Tlio pooplo hero don't know wltat
dust is.
Mas. II. C. Bon.
Try t'mt calf meal at Caldwell's.
1 1 cms of News Found In Tho
Ciiiof of Twenty Ycnra Arfo
This Week v v V
J. H. Wilcox will build a residence
in the north end.
Dr. Etnlgh has built a lino now
duelling in tho north end of tho city.
F. H. Cioble will make somo needed
improvements to his resldenco soon.
Tho mother, brother and sister of T.
J. Ward of Cowles have arrived from
There aro between fifty and sixty
cattle slaughtered for tho Red Cloud
market monthly.
.1. Q. Potter leturned from Mound
City, Mo., to attend tho funeral of Mrs.
1. 1'Vlsble, who died Sunday.
Wo learn that Mr. Spokosflold in
tends stinting a bakery at his now
Mr. Mlzcr has returned from Chi
cago, wheio ho went to moot his family.
T. C. Ilackor, familiarly known as
"Dora," nn old titno editor of state ro-
putatlou has gouo into the morcautilo
business at Red Cloud. Newspaper
Tho Cox trial has boon postpouod
until Juno.
During last weok Mr. Ocorgo J.
Warren purchased tho Argus olllco of
Mr. Keunoy, and is now solo proprie
tor. Tho stato bank organized into tho
Hed Cloud National bank May 15. It
now lias a paid up capital of 850,000.
Houry Cook and V. M Visschor
wont to Omaha Tuesday on business.
P. A. Swcozy of Bluo Hill was doing
district court this weok.
On Thursday tho Rod Cloud base
boll club played tho Bluo Hill uiuo,
but as wo go to pross earlior than us
unl wo aro unable to give tho score-
A crazy Norwegian jumped from the
"cannon ball" Wednesday, while it
was going -10 miles au hour, and was
badly hurt. Ho was badly hurt. His
name is Hartman and he lives near
On last Sunday tho dodicatory ser
vices of tho now Presbytorian church
took placo aud wore of a very luteres
ting nature. Sovernl pastors from
abroad wore present.
Cox, tho Bluo Hill man who is al
logod to have killed Tobin, in a saloon
row, recoutly, was indicted by tho
grand jury for murder in tho first do
groo. His trial is sot for Juno 7. Ho
was taken to Lincoln by Shoriif War
ron, for safo keeping.
Tho McCrary Bros., who rocontly
started n general store at Iuavale, aio
doing a flourishing business.
Mr. Coyno, section foreman on tho
B. & M. at Cowles, swallowed a tea
spoonful of muriatio acid on Sunday,
supposing it to bo medicine. Dr.
Sohonok was called aud succeeded in
relieving tho sufl'eior of the deadly
effects of tho poison.
Some eight or to i now houses aro Ic
ing put up in tno south part of the
city. Lower lied Cloud is booming.
Let it biiuiii.
On May IT tho members of Garfield
post will hold a grand canip-llro in tho
now skating rink. ,
This weok E. M. Perkins sold his
pump and windmill business to D G.
Mr. ilamakor has moved into his
now residence in tho north end
J'ho now resldonco of Mr Spauoglo
is about enclosed. It will bo a baud
somo loiidonoo when completed.
The case of Ida Cliuo vs. Win. Rich
ardson was brought to trial in tlio dis
trict court Monday and resulted in a
verdict or&SOO for Ida Clino.
Cowles Thoro is talk of moving tho
postotllco....Tho latest novelty is
playlug croquet by lantern.... Mr.
Sheldon is improving his farm by oroc
ting stables aud sheds for his sheep
Bluo Hill-Dr. C. M. Willinma aud
Miss Lucy Whltoworo married Tues
day evening at tho resldonco of P. L.
Pord .... Thoro leap year dauco at Me
Clolland'a hall proved to bo a vory
onjoynblo affair. . . .Tho is nn opidemio
of measles bore.
Scott-W S. Noble Is building a now
houso.... P. D. Hutchiu's health is im
proving Ho killod a wild cat on his
farm tho other day which was four
foot long.
An Appropriate Gift Sheriff War
ron of Webster couuty was in Lincoln
tho othor day and took away Wm.
Cox, tho man who killed Tobin at
Bluo Hill. Cox manifested his sym
pathy for Qulu Bahamian, aroused
doubtless by tho fact that ho may pos-
bibly bo in Quln's Ux boforo long, by
sending him by mail yosterday n fine,'
gilt-edged copy of tho book, ' Mother,'
Homo and Heaven." Tho lino sontl-'
nietit in tills well known book will
doubtless bo keenly appreciated by
Bohanan, who has given such signal
proofs of his tine sensibilities, The
book is said to havo been a present to'
Cox from his mother, and ho probably '
would not have parted with it but for!
the probability of getting it back iu
August.-Stuto Journal. I
in limn mini imiiwiiimiiiiiiimiimuii iiiawiMMiawwwawMWBwawwwMiawuiiiiii
I have bought the entire stock of
the firm of Beckwith, Wescott & Storey
and will toe atole to take care of my
friends to their entire satisfaction.
Will be pleased to see you in my
The Clothier.
Charles Hutchinson was urrestod
last Friday at Dave Kaloy's farm, six
milos southeast of Hed Cloud, charged
with tho uiurdor of Ell Foasel of
Nuckolls couuty, and circumstances
point strongly to his guilt.
Last fall Ell Pcasel disappeared
from his home southwest of Bostwick,
about Uftoon miles east of Rod Cloud,
and it was given out by his house
keeper that ho had gouo to Kansas
City to visit his bou. A brother of
Mr. Foasel hecamo suspicious of foul
play and Instituted inquiries No trace
of Mr. Feasel could bo found, aud sub
sequent investigation led to tho arrest
of Ills housekeeper, Mrs. Hutchinson,
her sou Charles, aged 21, and Hurley
Peasol, a uophow. Thoy wore given a
hearing and discharged from custody,
thero being no evidence to show that
a crime had been committed.
This year tho Peasol placo is boiug
farmed by man named Stanley, tiud
ono day last weok, whilo plowing in
a field he discovered what appeared to
have been a newly opened grave. Lying
in and about tho grave woro found
a human hand, some hair from a man's
head, part of a coat with au ompty
whisky bottle iu a pocket, and other
pieces of clothing Tho authorities
woro at once notified.
Tho circumstances which led to tho
arrest of Charles Hutchinson last Fri
day aro a llttlo out of tho ordinary.
Up to about the 4th of May Hutchin
son had been working for tho Henry
brothers, whoso placo Is near tho Pea-'
sel farm. When ho saw Stanley plow
ing in tlio Held where tho grave was
afterward found, Hutchinson pleaded
sickness, quit work aud ciuno to Rod
Cloud. On the evening of May 5 ho
went to .Johnston's livery stable aud
ordered a rig, but later changed his
mind, saying ho would take tho rig
next day.
Tho following day, Friday, May 0,
bo appeared at the barn about 0:30 in
the evening and hired a rig, saying ho
was going to tlio Starko ranch at Am
boy. Henry Bayless saw liiin starting
out with tho toam and asked him if ho
was going us far in Guido Rock,
Hutchinson replying that ho was. Mr.
Bayless bad been summoned to Rod
Cloud as a juror and wanted to go to
Guide Rock that night and return in
time for court next morning. Hutch
inson assured Uayloss that ho would
bring him back in time, but Bayless
was afraid to tako tho risk and Hutch
inson drove uway alone. Saturday
morning about 0.30 ho roturnod tho
lig to thestablo, paid tho regular feo
for a trip to Amboy and immediately
left tho barn.
Tho toam bad tho appoarauco of
having a long drive, nnd when the em
ployes of thu barn began to unhitch
thoy noticed a terrlblo stench oma
Dating from tho body of tho buggy aud
the cushions. Llttlo atteutiou was
paid to tho matter, howovor, uutil
word camo of tho finding of tho uowly
opened grave and tho rearrest of Mrs.
Hutchinson and Hurley Feasel in
Nuckolls county.
Charley Hutchinson spout Sunday
in Guldo Rock and on Monday aud
Tuesday ho attended tho Barkor trial
in Rod Cloud. On Woduesday ho
wont to work for Davo Kaloy, about
six miles southeast of Rod Cloud,
whoro ho was arrostod last Friday
evening at milking titno by Shoritl
MoArthur, on information furnished
by tho sherilfof Nuckolls county. Ho
was taken to Nolsou on tho early train
Saturday morning
The night Hutchinson hirod tho rig
ho told Bayless that ho would spend
tho night at tho Henrys'. Investiga
tion showed that ho was not seen
thoro that nL'ht, but a now spado be
longing on tho place was missing tlio
next day. Hutchinson kuow where
tho spado was kopt.
There wero footprints of a man aud
a woman about tho newly opened
grave, tho larger ones corresponding
R.ead This Carefully
I am making lots of Farm Loans.
There are reasons for this. I can close a
loan for you in three days after taking your
application, for these reasons:
You do not have to wait and pay for a
man to examine the land. My company has
oceans of money. You do not wait for them
to sell your loan in New York or London
before getting the cash.
Yon can Pay Off at Any Time,
without giving a day's notice of your inten
tion so to do. All other companies require
from 30 to 60 days notice on this point.
I have so many different plans for making
loans that some one is bound to suit. No
one can give better rates.
J: H. BAILEY. Red Cloud.
in size to tho shoes worn by Hutchin
son. It is supposed that Hutchinson
and a femnlo companion, probably his
mother, went to tho field the night of
May G and dug up tho remains, but in
tho hurry and darkness left tho tell
tale clues bohiud.
Last Saturduy evening Charley
Ilolmgrnin was arrostod on suspicion
of kuowing somothing about tho niiit
tor, but thoro was no ovideuco against
him nnd ho was released next day.
Tho preliminary hearing of the par
tlos under urrest is sot for Juuo 18, at
Worlds Fair Kates.
Tickets to St. Louis aud return, good
ail summer, $33 10.
On and after vipril 25, Bixty day
ticket?, $10,30
On and after Ayr il 27, ton-dny tickets,
For full info Aatlon about train ser
vice ask tho tiiW nBu,lt
If you wutitj
bust and cheapest
humous, go to
Somo of tho finest farms and
city property in Wobstor Coun
ty, Nebraska, for sale Prices
ranging from $15 to 825 por acre.
Red Cloud,lNcbraska.
City Treasurer's Annual Statement.
The roport of tho city treasurer for
tho year ending Mny 2, HKM, is as fol
lows: Gonoral Fund-
Received from City Treasurer
u. w. Uow g 11 GTi
Roo'd from couuty treasurer.. 1710 00
Total 317fil 05
Paid warrants 1027 00
Balnnco I 121 09
Judgment Fund
Reo'd from county treasurer. .$1230 00
Paid warrants 1228 57
Balance 8 1 411
Wator Fuud
Recolved from City Troasuror
G.W.Dow 9 110
Rocolved from city clerk 1551 81
From occupation fund IV20 00
Error for freight 11 07
Total 511)18 57
Paid freight 9 -11 07
Paid warrants 1700 05- 1881 72
Balance 8 81 85
Occupation Fund
Received from City Treasurer
Dow 9 5 20
Rocolved from city clerk 152 00
Roo'd from county treasurer.. 551 00
Received from bowling alley. . 10 00
Received from saloons 1500 00
Total 82210 70
Paid warrants 2108 85
Balanco $ 110 11
Fireman Insurance
Recelvod from Dow 8 115 00
From insurance companies... 80 00
Total 8 105 00
Paid warrants 185 ty,
Balanco $10 00
Total receipts 7800 08
Total expenditures 0072 20
Total balauco on hand 8 337 78
1 VUf'V w
y4ltfirM Mfct4