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Fiftoon Japar.ose Warships Fur
iously Attack Port Arthur.
Hue ItiMH'nn temiel "nil Tnrpeilo Hon!
MnnU mil I Oilier llmllT tirlppleil--
,Ini IIiiiiikI ti Cnptur lorl.
A dispatch to tho London Dally Tele
j;npli from Yin Kow snyB:
"Fifteen Japanese wnrflhlp.i furious
ly bombarded Part Arthur. The Rus
hUu nulKors Novlk, Ankold uml Miiyun,
uccompanlcd by four torpedo boats,
beamed out to inert the attack. They
wore, however, forced to retire.
"Tho AbUoIiI wim In u sinking "-
illtltin. Tim Novllc was badly damaged
mill a torpedo boat was Biinl . Tim
UukbIuu battleship Iletvlan v again
di Hinged
"Tim .lujmncfc withdrew In i id or
der." (tonrral Hloesscl, roinninnilcr of the
garrison at Tort Arthur, lias Isued a
general older directing the attention
of (bo troops and inhabitants to the
fact that the Japanese Intend to land
and seize the fortress. The genet al
dcrlarra the Japanese consider the
seizure of Port Arthur to be a question
of- national honor, nnd from their ob
stinate attacks and bombardments of
tlio fortress and bays, he can only
conclude thnt the enemy will make
every effort to capture the fortress,
falling which the Japanese will destroy
the rallroud nnd withdraw.
Orders hnvo been Issued by Japan to
reduce Port Arthur at any cost.
China is regarded by Itussla as n
secret ally of Japan.
Russia has granted the request 5)f
United Htntcs officers to accompany
her army.
Through fear of siege, non-combatants
have been ordered to Port
Tim Hi ht shots of the war on land
were exchanged at Ping Yang. A small
delnchmonl of Husslnn Infantry evi
dently scouts, appealed to the north
ward of Ping Yung. The Japanese
outpost opened (Ire from a range of
1,700 meters and Hit; Russians retired.
The Twenty-ninth Japanese infantry,
occupying the Plug Yang river, mid
way between Seoul mid the Yalu river,
met a body of KuhsIuii cavalry and
drove them back.
It Is estimated Hint iiO.000 Japanese
troops have landed nt Cbemulpo. The
transports now nie not escorted by
war vessels.
The Japanese sailors who manned
the merchant vccscls mink at Port Ar
thur, on Inndlng at Kimo. sinned their
Jieads as a mnrk of the dlbgiace they
ieel at the failure of the project. Tim
crew of the Jlnsen Marti wrote their
namcB on the foremast flag which ic
mnlncd above water when the ship
went down.
Young Cornell Still Clmmpion.
The champion featherweight (Young
cCnrbett) had no dllllculty In retaining
his laurels, defeating Dave Sullivan of
New York, In tho eleventh round of a
scheduled twenty-round contest, In San
Frnnclsco. Corbett left the ring with
out a mark, while, ou the other hand,
Sullivan received a terrllle beating,
only the merciful action of Keferee
Graney In stopping the contest saving
the New Yorker from having his face
beaten into a pulp. Sullivan put up u
gamo fight, and while out boxed, out
fought uud outgenerulled, he gave the
champion cause for worry in one
round. Taking another feature out or
the light, which was Sullivan's exces
sive. gnniencKs. the contest was never
in doubt. Cotbett held his man safe
during all .stages of the contest and it
wsa but a question of time when Sul
livan would have to quit.
rforen am! .Iup NIrii 'I'rruly.
The treaty between Japan and Korea
provides for the latter conforming to
Jnpan's Ideas of reform, Japan pledg
ing the safety of Korean royalty and
territorial independence. Japan is au
thorlbed to resist tho encroachments of
a third putty and to occupy Korean
territory. If necessary, for strategic
purposes'. This provision of the treuty
jiistlucB Japan's occupation of Chemul
po mid Seoul, and probable movements
The treaty Is considered highly sat
isfactory to both pintles.,, A Korean
envoy who was procoedlug to Poking,
during n late Interview with Gov
ernor Lockhard, expressed convictions
that tho treaty would be of tho high
cut benefit to Korea, provided Russian
encroachmcuta were fiustrated, and
that Japan would Incur Koien's deep
est debt of gratitude.
An IH.000,000 Trvuiiarn I'ounil.
Advices from La Paz. Bolivia, an
nounce that tho traditional treaauie of
the Incas has been discovered nt Chnl
lacaltn, cables tho Now York Ilernld
correspondent at I.lmti, Peru. It Is
said to amount to $18,000,(100, The dis
covered nremf various nationalities,
ami, are quarreling over the treasure,
although a legal contract oxltjts be
tweon thorn na to tho division, Tho au
thorities have Interl'omd In the mat
ter. -'
NtiRrn Mrnprrnilo In Aliilmnm Trie tn
Until ll it Trnln.
lloports received by the officiate of
the Alabama Hi eat Southern railroad,
at Birmingham, Ala., loll or the shoot
ing of two postal clerks on n north
bound train near Meridian, Miss. It was
part of the plot to rob the train. Tho
shooting was done by Jim Paris, a
negro, who lionrded tho train In the
Meridian ynrds as it was pulling out.
Before It was under good headway
Paris entcied the postal car nnd opened
lire on Clerks J. T. Stockton and A. J.
Hai.s. killing Stockton Instantly nnd
wounding Mat's In fie arm. The, negro
then seized a package of registered let
ters and Jumped off. In leaving the
train he fell and had one leg crushed
under the wheels, but managed to drag
himself threo miles. Bloodhounds were
secured at Meridian, tho train having
backed to tho place. Their scent led
to the capture of Paris. Several ieg
lstered letters were found In his pock
ets. Ho was taken to Jnll at Meridian.
The, railroad oulclalH say threo or four
nrgroes were Involved In the plot to
mb the trnln, though only ono of
them appears to have entcied the
postal car.
'I lie NtMle Mini l'ir Mienim on All III
In the United States com I or claims
at Washington the chief Justice, an
nounced In the case of the state of
South Carolina against the United
Slates to recover various sums paid
by the state of South Carolina ns upe
clal taxes lor the sale of liquors In tho
htato at the vaiious dispensaries by
the olllclals In charge of these dispen
saries that tho petition of the state of
South Carolina was dismissed.
This Is one or the most important
cases that has come before Commis
sioner of Internal Revenue Yerkes for
decision since he has been in olllcn.
The state of South Carolina made claim
before him for the refund of these
taxes upon the ground that the state
dispensary law was constitutional as
decided by the supreme court of tho
United States, and that the colled ion
of these taxes was In reality a tax
levied upon state olllclals and therefore
upon the exercise of a governmental
function uml power. The court re
jected the claims and suit was then
brought in the court of claims and by
Its decision Mr. Ye rises Is sustained.
lefTrlc mill .11 mi run .Mntrlieil,
Jim Jeffries and Jack Munroe have
signed articles to fight for the henvy
welght championship of the world at
the Yosetulte Athletic club. San Fran
cisco, during the latt week In May. A
purse of $25,1100 Is guaranteed.
The purse Is to be divided, 05 per
cent to tho winner and 05 ier cent to
the loser. The stakeholder will be
Harry Corbett of San Francisco, Each
man Is to put up a forfeit of $5,000
and the club also Is to post a forfeit
of $5,0110. James C. Kennedy, of tho
Yosemlte club, offered $20,000 first, but
when this was declined, he raised the
offer to $25,000, Hilly Delaney rep
resented Jeffries and Hairy Pollock
spoke for Munroe.
IiIIiiiiiuiIhii fuiml t'oniiiiMiloiieri.
The president sent the senate tho
following npmlnutions:
Chairman of the Isthmian canal
commission Major Gemini George W.
Davis, United States army, retired,
District of Columbia; William II. Burr,
New York; Ueujamlu M. Hurrod,
Lotilsinun; Carl Kwald Grunsky, Cal
ifornia; Frank J. Hecker. Mlchlgun.
Navy Commander Lieut. Commaud
er William 0. Cutler.
Agent of the Kiowa Indluu agency,
Oklahoma Lieut. .las. F. Randlctt, U.
S. nnn, letired. California.
Slinrkey Wlilppeit by Mum run.
Jack Munroe outfought Tom Shnikey
in their six-round bout at the Second
regiment armory, Philadelphia. Mini
toe stepped from the Hug without a
mark which both of Shurkey's eyes
were badly swollen from vicious right
and left swings of the Butte miner, in
only one round, the first, did Shut key
have nay advantage over Munroe. Af
ter this the battle was almost wholly
In Munroo's favor.
Tun! Id-iiRcr In (Smid llriillli.
Contrary to the alarming rumors
circulating in regard to the health of
Paul Kiuger. of Mentono. France, for
mer president or the TraiiEvanl, Dr.
Huysinaun, his physician, nays that
not for Koine yeaib has the health of
Mr. Kruger been as good as li Is at
('onrcKii-il ItiSti'iilIni; Ml U, OOO.
Theron IL Ilrown, of Richmond, Va,,
who has been under arrest for some
tlmo in Ch'lcago, confessed to the po
lice thnt ho had embezzled $13,000 from
an Insurance company. Over $8,000 o(
the amount taken has been recovered.
Drown will be returned to Virginia.
Kveu the Inquisitors never thought
of the exquisite torture of giving a
woman a lot of money and chaining
her In front of a shop window to sun
couldn't go In ami spend It.
Rules Laid Down by Russia for
Conduct of the War
JapniirM, Mi-rt'linnl Allium! to Itniunln
In Ituimlii Umlor I'rotiH'tlon of l.'inr
PfiniilllPil In ('nnlliiiie rriii'o-
fill (Iri'iipiilloii Other New
Rules of war have bceu published at
St. Petersburg. An Imperial' decree has
been referred to the ruling senate by
tho ministry of Justice for the laying
down of the rules whclt Russia Intends
to follow during the war with Japan.
The orlglnnl ill aft of these rules was
endorsed by the czar with the words
"It must be so."
According to rule 1, Japanese sub
jects will' be allowed during the war to
remain In RitKsIa under the protection
of the law and will be permitted to
purBtio peaceful occupations. Japanese
living In the east under the Jurisdiction
of tho viceroy are excepted.
Rule 2 declares that Jppanese mer
chantmen which were In Russian ports
when war was declared will be per
mitted to remain there, but they must
leave when they have loaded their car
goes, which must not Include contra
band of war.
Rule .1 enys (hat subjects of neutral
states will be allowed to carry on busi
ness uninterruptedly with Russian
ports and towns, provided they observe
Russian law and the principles of In
ternational law.
Rules 4 and 5 deal with neutral trade
and give tho following points: (A)
The ting covets the cargo for a belliger
ent, excepting contraband of war; (b)
neutral goods under tho enemy's flag,
except contraband of war, are not sub
ject to conllicatlon; (c) blockades to
be obHgntory must be effective that
Is, they must be sufllclent of force to
cut off npproach to the enemy's terri
Rule C enumerates at -great length
everything which will bo iegarded ns
contraband of war.
Nottral ships with contraband of
war of nny sort can, according to cir
cumstances, not only be seized, but can
also bo confiscated.
The impel lal government reserves
tho right to depnrt from the above de
cisions with regard to neutial or a
hostile power which for its part does
not obsorve them and In any given
case to make Its regulations suit spe
cial circumstances.
Nnblilrs (lc fo Iimiir.uirr.
In the district court nt Seward the
case of Loulba Lang et al. vs. Royal
Highlander's lodge was decided In favor
of tho defendant. The action was insti
tuted by the plaintiffs to recover $2.
000. the amount of a policy of life in
surance issued by the lodge upon the
mo or ino lute A. D. Iime. The in
censed committed suicide a couple of
years ago. owing to some domestic
trouble. The by-laws of the order pro
vide that a policy should be old In
case denth resulted from suicide. The
plaintiffs contended that the suicide
clause was not legnlly passed but the
court took a contrary view and In
structed the Jury to find for the de
fendant. KIIIimI While HiiiiIIiib.
A young mun nnmed Guy Cutting, a
teacher, who .had Just closed a school
near Stromsbiirg. accidentally shot
himself while hunting ducks near Ed
gar. Ho was on a visit to his uncle.
S. O. Johnson, and In company with
his cousin, young Johnson, had gone
out to hunt ducks. They fired Into a
flock of ducks and one of them fell
in somo weeds and Cutting was poking
around among tho weeds with the
breech of tho gun when both barrels
exploded. The charges entered just be
low the ribs, to the right of the
sternum, and ranueri unwnrit i,,,i,..i
the heart. Ho fell forward, dying al
most instantly.
Omnlin'ii 1'ontonin, Arrptml,
Omaha's federal building hns been
turned over to the United States gov
ernment completed within tho contract
time. Supeilntendont of Construction
Murdock formally ncepted tho building
from the contractor. Charles W. Gin
dele & Co.. of Chicago, v. II. Rloch,
general mnnager or the company, camo
to Omaha, and with Mr. Murdock, made
an Inspection of the building., At tho
conclusion of tho elimination Mr. Mur
dock pronounced tho work sntlsfnetoi
and complete, and certified that the
contract had been fulfilled,
lMej' l'rlti .Mm i,'-,
James G. Payne, auditor of tho dis
trict supreme couit nt Washington. D.
C, hns Hied his report on the nmouiit
and valuo of the prize pioporly In tho
caso of Admiral Duwey against the Uon
Junn do Austria and other vessols cap
tured and sunk In Mnuila bay. May I,
139. The nu.lltor, to W,m ,l0 ,iues.
tlon was refeired by the court, reports
that tho allowances of property sub
ject to tho share or the llhellant as
prizes nggiegatcs $820.73.1,
Tlie Lost It K.itlnmtcil at Over Threo
Million Ilollnri.
The Wisconsin state capital building
was damaged $800,000, The state car
ries only partial insurance, being in
the process of changing from Insur
ance In companies to a system of stato
Insurance. The fire Involves tho build
ing of a new state cnpltol, a special
session of the legislature and the prob
able renewal or the agitation In favor
of the removal of the capltol from
Madison to Milwaukee.
Insurant e men place the loss abovo
$3,000,000. Of this amount $750,0,00
represents the loss on buildings nnd
the remainder the loss on stocks of
goods and to occupants of offices. It is
estimated that L',500 people are thrown
out of employment temporarily, at
least, because of the lire.
Tim Tostiinice Connplrntorn (let1 Two to
1'onr V'r' NeniruciMi,
"Guilty as Indicted." was the verdict
announced by Carl Peterson, the fore
mnn of the jury In the Tamous post
office conspiracy trial In Washington,
D. C, staling at the same time that
this was the verdict as to all four
defendents, August W. Machen, lato
general superintendent of the rural
Tree delivery devlslon, Geo. K. Ixrenz
of Toledo, Ohio, and Samuel A., nnd
Oilier H. Groff. of Washington.
Justice Prltchnrd sentenced Machen,
Dillcr II. Groff and Lotenz each to two
years' imprisonment in tho peniten
tiary and to pay a flue of $10,000 each.
Tho court decided to mnke tlie several
counts iu the Indictment constitute one
offense. Tlie caso of Samuel A. Groff
was not decided. The beginning of
their penitentiary sentences Is to date
from the time of their arrival at the
penitentiary. All three derendants
have given notice or appeal and havo
furnished bonds in the sum of $UO,000
I'ortu Itlnin Trmlo Inrrctur.
Commcice between the United Stafs
and' Porto Rico during the calendar
year 1003, nmouuted In round terms
to $22,000,000. In 1SD7. tho year, prior
to the annexation, it amounted to $4,
102,012, the totnl Tor the year Just
ended being thus more than five times
as great as in 1807. This stntement of
tho commerto passing between the
United States and Poito Rico is pre
pared by the department of commcrco
and labor, through Its bureau of sta
tistics, and gives Hie details of 'the
movements, by principal articles, in
both directions, both of domestic and
fotelgu products. It also shows the
comnieice of Porto Rico with other
countries, which amounted to over
$0,000,000, thus making the total trade
of the Island moie than $28,000,000 in
the year Just ended.
Nil r row Kirupe from Dcutli.
W. R. Guild, a banker nnd leading
citizen or Horn, a small town across
the line rroni Humboldt, Neb., In Knn
sas, came very near burning to death
at a result or being covered with burn
ing .gasoline from a lamp In tho Pres
byterian church. The lamp wa not
working right and he thoughtlessly
loosened a cap which permitted the
fluid to be forced out by the pressure.
Fortunately assistance arrived an1 the
bums were confined to his nrms and
chest. His recovery Is a matter of
Mure "DlmrlmlniiltiiK" Knlm.
The Interstate commerce commission
has begun nn Investigation of the bus
iness methods of the Illinois Central,
Louisville & Nashville, Mobile & ObJo,
and the South Hallway companies re
garding switching charges on grain
shipped from elevators In East St,
Louis to interstate destinations These
roads havo been made respondents In
tho proceeding ami required to file full
and specific nnswers ou or before
March 15 next. The Investigation Is
the icsult of camplniuts alleging unrea
sonable mid discriminating rates.
Wliu I Liiiicttftler I'hth I'or.
City Tieasurer Fox and Hookkeepcr
Uovven figure that the annual amount
of Interest paid cm Lincoln's general
bonded debt, not Including paving
bonds and special obligations, Is $50,
721.50. This amounts to $4,22(i.79 per
month, $!I71.32 per week, $138,015 per
day, $5.70 for every hour of the day
and .0005 cents per minute. While the
city sleops for ten hours the Interest
bill amounts to $57.00; while tho busy
man Is eating a ten-minute noondny
lunch tho interest bill grows to 9(i 1-2
cents; while tho people rest ou tho
Sabbath $13S.0li Is added to their muni
cipal debt.
Farmer' I'.levulor nt NitMnn.
The meeting of the farmers of Nel
son, Neb.r aud vicinity took place In
the court rooms for the purposo of
building a farmers' elovntor, and was
largely intended. Tho organization
was formed, capitalized at $5,000 and a
conunlttco of eight appointed to solicit
subscriptions for stock', ench shnro of
which represents $25, no stockholder
being allowed to hold more than four
Special Agents Working in Kan
sas to Uncover Rascality.
Mnny (,'naei In Knimns Where Aildl
tlonnl -to' nml'son Were I Mo
gul ly lloiiBlit ly Itiuicliern.
Special Agents Dttrtls and Ryan of
the United States land ofucc have, gone
to Norton, Kansas. Mr. Uurtls and
Mr. Ryan have both been engaged In
tho prosecution of cases In the United
States district courts against ranch
raon who havo fenced up government
land. Tho work is now In the hands
of Agent Ryan. Tho purpose of the
visit is to gather Information about
Infractions or the government land
fencing laws.
Mr. Uurtls hns been working up in
formation against persons who have
taken advantage of the law of 1871
providing for disposing of additional
homestead rights and have filed false
affidavits regarding homestead entries.
Such prosecutions will be on the charge
of perjury. They will cover Kansas
and Oklahoma. The law of 1871 au
thorized persons who had not previ
ously homestcaded full allotments of
1C0 acres to homestead elsewhere
enough ground to make up the differ
ence, or to dispose of such rights to
other persons. Many inslnnces havo
come to light where parties who had
homestended the full limit had made
affidavit and had procured land war
rants for amounts from 40 to 80 acres,
and had transcribed them to other par
ties who entcied them in the names
of tho original holders. Only such
cases as have occurred within the past
three years can be prosecuted on uc
count of the statute of limitations.
Knnana Omlorlcnl Spanker.
The announcement or speakers for
the stato collegiate oratorical contest
hns been made. The contest will be
held In the Topeka Auditorium on
March 11. Eight contestants will par
ticipate, and It Is possible there will
ho a ninth from Kansas university,
which has held out on account of an
unpleasantness In last year's contest.
Tho speakers nnd their subjects will bo
as follows:
Falrmount college. "The Man and
tlie Measure. G. II. Find ley.
Ottawa, "The Awakening of China
nnd Its Significance," W. G. Coble.
Kansas State Normal, Emporia, "Tho
New Man," Carl E. Eranz.
Southwest Kansas university, "A
Mighty Generation and Its Work,"
speaker not named.
Baker, "The Lata Stronghold of Ab
solutism," speaker not named.
Midland college. "American Diplo
macy," o. P. Hudson.
Kansas Wesleyan, "Anglo-Saxon
Supremacy," speaker not named.
Washburn, "The Problem of the
Cities," Arthur I.. Quant.
W. C. Ward, of Southwest Kansas
university, will presldo at the contest.
Kaninn dinners firnntril.
The following charters have been
granted by tho Kansas stato charter
The Glasco Telephone and Telegraph
company, capital, $0,000.
Tho Morrowvillc State bank-, Morrow
vlllo; capital, $10,000.
The Farmers and Merchants' state
bank, Delphos; capital, $10,000.
Tho State Dank of Ottawa; capital,
The Mound Valley Vitrified Uriel;
company; capital, $30,000.
Tho Agricola Valley Oil, Gas and
Mining company; capital, $500,000.
The Davis-Brewer Manufacturing
company, Coffey vllle; capital, $3,000.
rcoples' Ice and Fuel company, To
peka; capital, $15,000. The incorpora
tors of the company are: J. S. Parks,
W. F. Jensen, R. F. Hodglns, V. Kae
zynskl, T. E. Sabln, C. M. jjiwrenco,
and J. B. Nicholson, all of Topeka.
The Citizens' Stato bank of Chau
tauqua;' capltnl, $10,000.
Tho First State bank or Norcntur;
capital, $10,000.
The Cawkor City Oil, Gas nnd Min
eral company; capital, $10,000.
Tho authorities at Fort Riley. Kac,
have rrcelved an official notice from
Washington, stating thnt In selecting
sites for the maneuvers thnt aro to be
hold annually, it was the purpose of
the department to havo the maneuver.
next fall in the Atlantic and Pacific di
visions, and in the fall of 1905 at Fort
Riley, Kas., and West Point, Ky.
Unjimt Tiixulliin lii Knimti.
Tn Sullne county, Kan., tho stnto
board of equalization increased the as
sessed valuation $1,355,025 over the
nmottnt roturned by the town&hlp as
tessors. Tho total amount pnld by
Sallno county for nil purposes this
year Is $217,401.27. as against $207,
078.71 last year. The stato tax paid by
Saline county this year Is $37,208, an
Inereaso of $11,050 over last year. Yet
tho railroads actually pay 5820.04 less
this year than Inst In Sallno countv.
according to Mr. Nntlon's own figures
A Supremo Court DrcUton Important to
Justice Day has handed down the H
opinion of tho suprcmb court of the
United States affirming tho Judgment
of tho supremo court of Nebraska, in
the caso of Alvin P. Leigh, aguinst
Honry S. Orecn, Involving tho tax
sales of property. Tho court held that
tho owner of a tax Hen may foreclose
tho lien upon notice by publication,
which shall bring in anybody and
everybody Intended and that In the
exercise of the taxing power the stato
may delegate that right and authority
as was done In this case, to the pur-,
chaser nt the tax sale and such proced
ure is not violative of the rights guar
anteed by the fourteenth amendment
of the constitution.
Iluffulo Or n I ii .Men Will Kndeavor to Get
Another Cut Itate.
The Buffalo Express prints an Inter
view with a traffic official of ono of the
trunk Hues In which ho predtcts that
the grnln rate war now In progress be
tween Buffalo-New York lines and the
Pennsylvania will become a general f'
rate war within six weeks. Pennsyl
vania officials say they will continue to
cut until they establish tho differential
In favor of Philadelphia. Tho New
York Central will meet every cut which
works against the port of New York
and tho other Buffalo-New York lines
will follow as a matter of self-protection.
Killed by n Ilenr.
Tho body of Mnrtln von Schlosscr,
formerly nn officer in the German army L'
and for many years a resident of Port
Angeles, has been found on the ranga
Fouth of Hot Springs, Wash., near tho
body of a dead bear. The baron un
doubtedly had been killed by the bear
whllo hunting.
News of the fact was brought to Port
Angeles by C. Bowlnc, a ranger. On
his body wore found receipts front
banks In Portland, Ore., Chicago, and
Now York for more than $100,000.
A letter found on the body directed
thut Judge Hatch should administer his
affairs. Baron von Schlosscr only re
cently had taken out naturalization pa- v
lliiltliuoro N'nmgpnper Knterprlie.
The Baltlmoro News, whose office
and plant were completely destroyed
In the great flrq of February 7, is be
ing published in Baltimore from its
own plant. Its twelve Issues since tho
tiro were printed by the Washington
Post. It, has established in tho old
McShane foundry a complete plant, in
cluding three quadruplo presses and
twenty-one llnotypo machines, with
boilers, engines and motors to run (
them. Tho American will tiso tho
News' plant temporarily. The Sun la
being printed In Washington, and the
Herald in Philadelphia until they can
get new plants set up In Baltimore,
which they arc dc.Vtig with all possible
No UniintKea on n Free Pan,
The question as to whether a passen
ger on a railroad train, riding on a
freo pass, who loses his life on account
of an act of carelessness on the part y
of the railroad company, stands on
the same rooting as that passengor who
pays his fare, has been decided by the
United States supremo court against
the freo passenger. The caso In which
the opinion was rendered was that of
Northern Pacific Railway company vs.
Louise II. Adams and Frank II. -Adams,
heirs of Jay 11. Adams, an attorney at
law at Spokane, Wash., who was killed
In 1898.
A llrlclit Knnin Woman.
Mrs. C. M. Burton, of Ness City,
Knn., who Is one of tho wealthiest wo
men In Kansas, Is a practical business
Mrs. Burton, who Is a whlow, Is pres
ident of the First National bank of
Ness City, and owns and manages ono
of tho largest ranches In her county.
Sho did not make her fortune, but the
responsibilities which devolved upon
her with Its lnherltnnco nt her hus
band's death developed in her a busi
ness senso and executive ability un
usual In a woman. Mrs. Burton has A
no children, but has two nieces, stu
dents at the College of tho Sisters of
Bethany, to whom she is greatly do
voted. "Wo wants to bo considered a giant
In debate,"
"Yes," answered the other, "that's
why ho Insists on using Btllted lan
guage for undersized thoughts."
Horace Hurt Utient or Japnn.
Horace O. Burt, former president ct
tho Union Pacific railroad and Mrs.
Burt wero passongers on tho Korea,
seized by tho .Tapaneso at Nagasaki.
Tho Korea had passed Honolulu, the
mm. i'uihu Human, wnen mo war oroko
out, and Mr. Burt-could not bo notified,!
of tho nnnnlnc nt lincflllHnu m
frlonds In Omaha havo had no word
rrom him slnco ho Balled rrom San
Francisco February 2. Tho cargo of
beef carrleil bv tho TCnrnn m ,inM.,i
Mild shipped from South Omaha.
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