The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 04, 1904, Image 1

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VOLUME xxxir.
Miner Bros. C Miner Bros.
JleekaieaF, Dress Trimmings
and Embroideries.
Venise Lace Stocks, 35c each.
Embroidery Wash Stocks, 39, 35, 50, 60c to $1.75.
Fancy Persian Collar and Cuff Sets, 60c.
Venise Lace Collarettes, 75c to $3.00 each.
The New Dress Trimmings show some of the most
natty and exclusive patterns.
Wool Silk Band Insertions, 10c to 75c yard.
Persian Hands, 30c to $1.00 per yard.
Repousse Lace Insertion, 30 to 50c.
Drawn work and Tencrielfe wheel effects at wide
range of prices, suitable patterns by the running yard
or medallions.
Swiss Embroideries in sets, with insertioos to match,
from 1 dc to $1.00 per yard.
Nainsook in sets, from 10c to $1.00 per yard.
Special job of 4A length Embroidery, by the piece
only, many worth 20c yard, at 35c piece.
The thoughtful prepare for the future.
The new Oxfords for spring are here. Selling
agents tor the Lrreen Wheeler line not the largest
factory in the United btates, but makers ot the best
fitting and best wearing shoes for ladies, in the most
stylish and up-to-date styles.
SHOES, 15 styles, $2.25 to $4.00.
OXFORDS, 10 styles, $1.75 to $3.00.
"Satisfaction or Money Bach. "
i r
Newhouse Brothers
Jewelers 8 Opticians
Satisfaction Guaranteed
A Jaunt to Old Mexico.
On February 18 tho Burlington will
run a personally coudtwti'd excursion
from Lincoln to 0 Mexico and re
turn. This is a rni. opportunity lo
sto tho "Egypt of tho Wosteru honii-
M rine has been going on nil week.
1) ivo Fishel anil wife visited ut W.
A. Howard's on on Tuesday.
Huit Kei-vo shollid corn on Wediies
dav. The K'ip is almost mi epidemic at
Mrs (r M. Albin is repotted to bo
quite slrk.
Mis Chas. Shnlo was under tho
doi't it's care lint. .week.
J H Il'uvo moved to Nelson on
Monday. Mr., Harthnio moved onto
the fit in vacated by It-eve, (tho J. H.
Haugh plaee,) having bought tho same.
V II Lrol-ch moved on Monday to
a place ni'itr Uot mont,
J hn Knigge ninvtd l'ttesday to tho
f tun foimuily occupied by Lootsuh,
having pm chased it some liuieuu.
1$. F. Hudson will now asstimo
pos"OSsion of the Kniggo farm.
Geo. Henderson and family moved
to the Faiqtihar place on Monday.
Poter Wardlow ano wifo will also live
Died, at the residenco of his mother,
on Monday, February 22, 1001, Wil
linui Clarenee Sholton, aged 37 years
The deceased was formerly a nsldent
of this vicinity, but had lived for tho
past eight years in Indiana. Ho had
been in poor health for some tituo and
came west to recuperate, but lived only
week. Tho funetal services wero
conducted by Ituv. H. F. Hutching on
Friday, February 20, lioing delayed
pending tho arrival of his wife from
Indiana. The remains wero interred
in the Miplo Grove cemetery. He
leaves a wife, daughter, mother, ono
brother and two sisters to mourn his
Ing in Lincoln, returned home last
Hev. lteeeo is holding protracted
nit otnijs at Ni,:. Crowds gathr to
listen, as ho is a forcible and eloquent
Miss .S'lia Ann son is viliif with
her sistci, Mrs .John Sutton.
Mr. Wartliun had his corn Miolloil
Kd Jones and Keith Points li'ive been
quiio successful in shoo'ing wild ducks
nnd geese.
J C lldeoinb was in H'ld, C.nud
Tuoidiii ealllug on old fiiends.
Kirl Hurwell has vouchers on his
npplicitiou for catiiur on the rural
mail lout'.
Guide Rock.
Gtaue Meiiiuun, daughter of Mr.
and Mis h. 1. Mirriiiiau, died last
Fiiday. She utu taken to Smith coun
tv, Kansas (or btitial.
Miss Minnie Hajin accompanied her
cotiHin, Miss Moote, to her bomu in
Mr. nnd Mrs. llnldwi.i and son of
Fairpurt, Kim., nre guests ot the fami
lies of I N. Smith mid F. A Dicker.
Mr. Waldo F. Crnwrll and MissEs-
tolla F. Baity wore married at tho
home of the bride's patents lust even
ing. Born to Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Crow
Monday, a daughter.
Mrs, Schouborg and son Fred de
parted this week for Holdrege, whero
they expect to niiko their home.
Mrs. Clyde Hodges is improving.
S Boyles went to St Jou this week,
Mrs. E. Hampton is reported to bo
much butter.
F you do not realize how import
ant vour hat is, out on a straw
some Winter day and see whether
you attract attention.
Gordon Hats are made in all good
shapes and cost $2 less than hats
that are no better. $3.00.
Charles Amaek has moved! to his
new location east of Guido Hock.
Jamod DoWitt has moved onto C.
Schultz's bottom farm.
Wm Riborts started last Wodnes
for his uew home near. Council Bluffs
N. B Waggoner started to market
last WedtiO'day with a load of fat
Chirles Ailes can now walk a little
on crutches.
jonu uoon uas moveu into ins now
homo west of Rod Cloud.
J C Taylor's family aro up again,
except Mrs. Taylor, who is on tho way
to recovery. Thoy have been afflicted
with lonsilitis,
George Houchin is ablo to sit up
part of the lime.
Jamos Koblnson "has moved onto
John C ion's farm.
Tho school in No. 18, oponod again
Monday after an enforced vacation of
two woeks, the teacher being ill with
the grip.
Last Stindny nmrnlng about 2 o'clock
George Drake's largd pile of baled hay,
tjvont-oightlous, was discoveied to be
on lire. I', is believed to have been bot
on fire.
sphere" at minimum cost.
Early intimation of your intention to
accompany this party is necessary.
For full 'information write to' G. W.
Donnoll, city passonger agent, Bur
iugton route, Lincoln, Neb.
Dust stnrm March 2.
The series of meetings aU I'onny
Creek closed March 1.
Moving is tho otdor of tho day.
Koscoo Foam planted potatoes this
Rov. Taliafeiro will hold a scries of
meetings at Ash Creek church this
week and next.
The phone meeting at Pleasant Dalo
was a failure
Ilev. J. J. Campboll nnd wifo wero
tho guests of S. C. Shuck Tuesday.
LabanAubusuon is sick and uuder
tho doctot's care.
Mrs. F. D. Hutchison and son are
both sick.
Will Holliday is looking for a placo
to rent.
Thore is.sonio talk of tho farmers
organizing a creamory company, over
Walnut Creek.
Mrs, T, F, Jones, who has boon visit-
Don't Like Nlss Gather's Story.
Tho Nebraska Stato Journal of last
Saturday contains tho following sharp
criticism of a story by Miss Willu
Cuthor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs C.
F. Cathor of this city. At tho tlmo of
writing this article the March number
of Everybody's magazine had not beou
rccelvod here, and we are unublo to
state on what grounds tho Stato
Journal tukes excoptious to Miss
Cathor's production:
'Miss Willa Cather has u story on
titled "The Wuguor Matineo" in tho
March number of Everybody's Maga
ziuo, in which she trios to portray the
omotious of nn ugod lady, ouce a
pianist nnd teacher in tho New Eug
lund conservatory, who goes back to
hour a concert after living for thirty
years on a "claim" In Rod Willow
county, Nob. Miss Cathor, liko most
of tho writers who go out from the
wost, seems to tako ploustfro in using
tho forbidding material furnished by
the struggles of tho pioneers, and does
not go to tho trouble- to oven hint ut
tho comfort und wealth that huvo fol
lowed tho toil of theso early ompiro
buildors. Aftor reading tho nrticlo
tho stranger to this stato will asso
ciate Nobraskn with tho aunt's
wetchod figure, her ill fitting falho
tooth, her skin yollowod by weather
and alkaline water and with "tho cat
tlo tracked bluffs, tho tall uupainted
houso, naked as a tower, with woathor
curled boards; tho crook backed ash
seodliugs, whoio tho dish cloths hung
to dry, the gaunt moulting turkeys
picking up refuso about the kitchen
door." All through tho tnlo Miss
Cuthor piles on her colors with brutal
liberality, nnd her pieturo reminds ono
of durkost Russia. Mrs. Pouttio never
did anything moro dismal and hopoless
und forlorn than Miss Cathor's latest
"Interpretation" of life in Red Willow
county, Nobody would gather from
roudiug this pieco that tho brightest
skies in the world hang over Red Wil
low county, or that the lifo thoro is
strong, free und hopoful. If tho
writers of fiction who uso western Ne
braska ns "matoriul" would look up
now and thou und not koop their eyes
and nosos in tho cattle yards, they
might bo moro ugroeablo company."
Drake, who lives four or five miles
southeast of Red Cloud, In Garfield
township. On Monday Drake came to
Red Cloud and swore out a warrant
for tho unusl of his biothor-lii-luw,
.leir Bouuchamp, charging him with
having set lire to tlie hay. Drake and
Beauchamp have not been on friendly
terms for u long time, and it is said
that Beauchamp was lustrumeutel in
prosecuting Drake on a statutory
charge hovoral years ago. The breach
in the family relations was never
thoroughly healed, and it is reported
that recently tho brothers-in-law had
had trouble over money matters.
Wlion Drake's hay was destroyed by
11 ro during the night ho immediately
suspioioned his brother-in-law, Beau
chump, of having boon concerned in its
destruction. It is claimed that tracks
wero found leading from Beuuchump's
place, which is just across tho river
bridgo south of Red Cloud to tho homo
of Goorgo Drake, and on this evidence
a warrant was sworn out for Bonn
champ's arrest. Sheriff McArthur
sorvod tho warrant Monday eveuiug
nnd brought his prisoner to Red Cloud
Boauchamp nut up n boud of 1200 for
appearance Thursday and wus released.
Thursday afternoon Beauchamp was
arraigned oefnrn CiuntyJuDgt) A. 11.
Keeney. The hoaring was very short
and resulted in Beauchump being dw
charged. There was no evidence to
o innojl him in nny wuy with the bmii
ot Drake's hay.
Hyi'iili J Cut heart mid hush to
Samuel Sommnrholder w9nwl
and e2 nw-l fi 1 8 wd 400O
United States to Chits F W -KritiHt)
nel 10 8-U pat
Klmer W I'uttlo and wifo to K P
Dfintoii nwl2l 1 12 wd 3o0
Robert Dametell ot ill to Elinor A
Thomas lots 10-1 1 mid 12 blk 4
RadclifTadd to R C wd fiOO
Maud Myers and litn-b to A B
Pierce e2 2uel nivl 21-11 wd C00t
C K Porkinst'i Arlington J Bragg
ti2uwl222 wd 100
Dena Rose and hush to Mary E
Bimpson iiSuwl and ptsw-1 nw4
240 wd 880O
Real Estate Transfers.
Transfers for week ending Wednes
day, March 1, furnished by J. n
Bdley of Webster County Abstract
W N Richardson to Prudenco D
Moore pi sw 4 sw4 30 3-11 qcd 1
Gerhard Rippen to Dledrich Rip- .
pon sw4 0 4-12 wd 0000
Maude M Pope and hub to Alex
ander James lot 3 Biifichows
add toll II wd 1850 Eddy and hush to Clara K
Johnbou lots 8 to 12 blk 1 R C
wd 33.')
Total I22G7&
Mortgages filed $18000
Mortgages released 811500.
PhMIc Sale.
Wednesday, March 0, at 10 a. m., tbe
uiidorslgned will sell at publio auction,
nt his farm, 4 milos west of Rd Cloud
and 2 miles east of Inavalo, 125 head of
stock, consisting of 5 head of horses,.
70 head of cattle nnd 85 boa 1 of hogs.
Cuttle 9 cows aged from 4 to 0, some'
giving milk and umo fresh soon, IS
heifers, S to 3 years, all which are
heavy in calf, some will bo fresh by day
of nale, all from good milk stock and
will make lino cows. 18 heifers com
ing two yearc, mostly to ciilvo thi
spring and summer. All cows and
heifers in calf by Hereford bull, IS
heifers from one to two years, 3 heifer
oilves, 15 two-yt or old steers, 3 steer
Hogs Hogs weighing from 76 to 16
Ins. 1 high grade Poland boar, 1
months old. About four dozen hons.
Machinery A completo outfit of
farm machinery.
fc F. W. Studkiiakkk.
Coi C L. WiNPitKY, Auctioneer.
All Atchison woman who is forty
llvo years old, und has six children, in
sists upon living n higher' lifo by
nojlooting her household dutlos nnd
spending her husband's monoy by tak
ing painting lossons,uud studying Ger
man with n teacher.
Charged With iRcesdlarlsm.
Saturday night or early Sunday
mornliu; llro dostroyod twenty-eight
tons of baled buy bolouglng to Goorgo
fcBabmg Powder
the food
you eat
Adds to the hcalthfulncss of all
risen flour-foods, while it makes'
the food lighter, sweeter, finer
flavored, more delicious
Exercise care in purchasing
baking powder to see that you
get Dr. Price's, which makes
the food more wholesome and
at the same time more palatable.
Notf.. There are many mixtures, made Is
imitation o( baking powder, which tho
prudent will avoid. They aro lower la
Srice than cream of tartar pow
er, but they are made from alum,
and are dangerous to use in food
1 '
f. n
i '
. V-
i a jl-j1
wofWAf " ' ""-v" "'"' 'tfH5"'ai4ftssa--,- m,
ai.,V.'J.m , .
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