The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 08, 1904, Image 2

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ItCl 01.01111, NKHUASKA.
I C. I'haiiks, Editor.
sunscitirTioN tt.m:s.
One jom S5
Vuteroil nl tnr pout nmco t Hod C'iotul, ."ob.ti
eoonrtelriHiirtll matter.
FiirnlKhcil on Application.
Colombia lias not yot declared wur
ngainsl tlio Unljod States.
Lot us all suspend judgement In tlio
Diotrleh cno uiitll tlio courts aro
through v itli It.
Tlio Lincoln Koosovelt clul) was
organized Monday night. Tlio moot
ing was ono or tlio most enthusiastic
Republican gatherings over hold in
Tlio war-cloud in tlio far oast Is
iis-sumlng n tnoio tluentonlng aspect,
nnd tho slightest false movo on tlio
part of Russia will oauso tho .laps to
doolaro war. Most of tho woild would
lio Kind to t-oo tho plucky lit t lo Japs
wallop tho ltusslatis good and hard.
Tho Iroquois theater disaster has
hIiowii how vain aro human oll'orts to
forestall calamity. Tho house was tho
most modern playhoiiho in Chicago
and supposed to bo proof against dan
Her from llro or panic, yet tho disastor
was ono of tho worst in tho history of
theater panics.
Tho President's message on tho Pan
ama canal tteaty is n very clear and
elaborate statement of tlio factR in tho
case, nnd ovoryono who takes tho
trouble to read it will no longer liavo
any doubts of tho causes leading up to
tho Panama revolt and tho part tho
United Stiitcs took in tlio matter.
Richard Oluoy nnd Grovor Cleve
land aro just now conducting a mutual
admiration society, each declaring that
tho othor is tlio only logical candidate
for tho democratic presidential nomi
nation. It is probnblo that Billy Dryan
will not agree with olthor of thorn, nnd
In tint caso thoy may as well "forgot
Senator Dietrich won tlio first bout
with District Attorney Summors in
tho United States vs. D etrioh, trial of
which was begun at Omaha Mondny in
tho United States circuit court. Sen
ator Dietrich demurred to tho con
spiracy cfiargo and the demurrer was
sustained by tho court. Tuesday a
motion to postpouo farthor action in
tho caso until Thursday was granted.
Perry Heath's htory about MoKinloy
having told him, just prior to his
assassination, that ho would like to see
Mark Hanuii succeed him in tho ptosl-
dontial chair, lias boon discredited
from mnny reliable sources. Heath's
connection with tlio postal frauds and
his nrrnignmout by Fourth Assistant
Postmastor General Dristow hnvo evi
dently disjointed his thinking appara
tus. It is about tlmo for him to resign
from his position as secretary of the
Republican national committee.
The rapidity with which tho ranks
of the voteruuB of the civil war are be
ting depleted Is a sad reminder that in
a few more years they will live only in
the memory of the people. It will
soon bo too Into to do honor to thorn
as they desorve. The etforts of the
voterans of thl county to erect n suit
able monument to their departed com
rades have mot with little success.
.It is a sad commentary on tho patriot
ism and liberality of men who can
afford it that thoso horoos of former
days aro compelled to almost beg for
tho honors which aro duo them. Gio
them tt.good word and a substantial
taken of the gratitude you owe them.
James lonjstrcct,
General James Lougntrcot, tlio last
of the confederate lieutenant generals
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savo General Gordon, has just died at
his old homo at Gaiusvillo, Gn., at tho
advancod ago of 84 years Ho was one
of tho ablest olllcors dovolopod by tho
olvil war, ranking on tho coufodorato
sldo fully up to tho high standard of
Leo, Joseph E Johnston and Stouowall
Jackson Ho was among tho ninny
cool bonded mon of tho south who
wont reluctantly into the rebellion, but
from tho beginning till tho very end
ho held high lunk nnd was all tho time
one of tho most important notors in
tho great military drama.
Dy many tho palm of suporior gon
lous has boon awarded to Stonewall
Juckson, and that ho was a commander
of marvidous foroo and brilliancy is
conceded. Dut it Is well known to
oloso students of tho campaigns bo
tweon Wasningtou and Richmond that
when thoro was desperate lighting,
when tho i-tornest and most torrilla
tests of military virtuo woroto bo mot,
it was to Longitroet and his corps that
tho work was habitually assigned by
Leo Longstreet commanded iu no
one sorlos of movoments as spectacu
lar aud brilliant as Jackson's famous
maneuvers In the Shenandoah valley,
but for grim tenacity, for desperate
omorgonoles, for sustaluod ability
throughout the bloody length of the
greatest war in modorn times, no
general on the confederate side sur
passed Longstreet, If wo except only
Iioboit E.Leo and Joseph E.Johnston.
Longstreet has been iilamed by somo,
most severely by General Gordon, for
tardiness In tho awful churgoon Semi
nary ridgo on tho third day at Gotts
burg. That charge is now regit' dod by
military critics as a miotnke, a mlstuko
a thousand-fold more disastrous than
the famous chargo at Dtilakluva, which
was a bagatelle iu comparison aud had
no effect on tlio nlbod campaign,
wheiea-'at Gettysburg the doom of
too confederacy was bcalod when Long
stroofa column was hurled back. It
was Leo's mistake, not that of Long-
street, who protested iigiihit It and
previously udvisod the cone t thinking
movement Leo generously assumed
tho responsibility, nor did ho blame
! Longstreet for failure to obey orders,
nor is there evidence that ho did not
J movo at tlio earliest possible moment,
or that tlio rosult would hsvo been
diirereut if tlio chargo could hnvo been
tmido four or six hours soouir.
From tho hour of A npoinutox, Long
street without reservation accented
. the situation and throw all his inllu
etico ou tho sido of reconciliation.
Genorul Grant, his old f riond, when ho
came to tho presidency offered and
Longstreet accepted olllco, aud there
by for many years lost casto in tho
I General Lougsteet was a man of
high persoual character, kindly, quiet,
rosorvod, faithful to friouds, and do
' lug tho right as ho saw it. Mauy of
I his wnrmest friends wero old soldiers
' of tho Union ido who will sincerely
'rogtot his death.
McHlnlcy's Choice.
Tho credibility of tho talo told by
Perry Hoath, to tho elfeot that Mo
Kinloy had cuosi n Senator, linnnu to
s iccod to tho presidency, and to d
1 Icutli so on u certain occasion, fails
In two Important points.
It has bcon shown that McKfnlcy
was not in Washington and had not
boon for many weolcs at tho time Heath
claims that tho revelation was mndo to
him at the Whlto Houso
It is not likely tlmt MoKinloy had
cliosou a successor in the sense of a
deflnito doicrmimatlon. That nould
not Imvo boon like MoKinloy
Hut there is good reason to believe
that McKiulcy's directions and admira
tion had centered upon ono man, and
that if he had been called upon to
choose a siiccostor n that time, which
was just as-ho was fairly entering up
on his econd term, ho would very
likely have oliotnti tho ablest member
of his cabinet Ellliu Root.
Thero is evidence that MoKinloy was
profoundly impressed with the great
abilities of Ellhu Soot, as President
Itoosovolt. and as all discerning mon
who hnvo o .mo into close relations
with him hnvo been, and that ho do
libera oly planned lo put the socretary
in the way of becoming better known
to tlio American people.
It is Mifo to say that MoKinloy, if
ho hud been called upon to namo his
successor fnHKT, as Hoosovolt, If lie
hail the choosing of his successor in
V.W, would Imvo named Elihu Itoot.
Football Game n Tic.
Thn Supurior Red Cloud football
game on New Year's day was about is
rough ami bloody an exhibition of tlio
game lis the most enthusiastic crunk
could wish to see. Tho Superior ag
gregation looked like giants by the
side of tlio Red Cloud boys and tlio
friends of tlio homo tnm weio greatly
discouraged by tne outlook. Superior
drew on the Kansus university, N
hrtckn university and towns along tlio
U & M. fori!" playeis, and canio lure
with tlio dt t'rnnntUion to win. The
Red Cloud bots put up a stiff git tne,
however, and at tlio critical time
succeeded in outgonoralllng their
opponent. Red Cloud kicked (iff iu
the first bait, and tlio game whs close
nnd exciting from that timo on. Tin
Superior boys, owing to their weight,
depomlod mainly on lino bucking, but
were unable to ndvanco tho ball for
uiiiterinl gains. Whon H"d Cloud flu
ally get the ball it was rapidly ndvnuc
od in Superior territory, whoro it re
mained during the greator part of the
llru half, and when time for tho lirst
half was called the ball was nonr the
center of the Held.
In the second half Supoiior sturted
iu with a tierce ntta:k on the line, nnd
xtendily Htlvanred the bill to Red
C ourt's five yard tine, where the most
exciting play of the game was nisde!
Nicol wont thro'igh the center and it
lnokod like a touchdown, but Drown
and Jeffries tnckled and Nicol fumbled
tlio bnll. Joffrio got it, and a wrangle
ensued, Superior claiming thnt Jeffries
hnd knocked the bill from NicolV
hands. Thoro was but ten minutes in
which to tlnUh iho game, and tho re
feree and umpire being unnhfa to agree,
the players wore finally given two
minutes in which to settle the dispute.
Neither sido would give in and the
gime endod shortly afterward with tlo
ball in R"d Cloud's pessossion on its.
own flvr-yard lino. The tenuis lined
up as follows.
Jeffries right end Ueeman
Lane left end Galard
Urown right half Nicol
Smith left half Moore
Koby fullback. . . .Rosnerraan
l.erriok quarterback Conn
Garber and Hedge center Groves
Walters right guard Nelson
Dickey ......... loft guard Hays
Peterson right tackle Gormnn
Wibon left tackle Riley
Referee Johnson.
Umpire Minor.
Timekeepers Croighton nnd Cow
don. Real Estate Transfers.
Tinnslers for week ending Wcdno.
lay, January (I, furiiilied by J. II.
Ilnley of Webster County Abstract
Wm II Thomas Jr to J R Green
IuiIkIi lots 1.VM.17 his iC'iwle
d 8(10
.Mtirtliii II Heel. with mil hit.b to
Fannin Good Storey lot 21 blk
lo Red Cloud wd ICO
J iv Ivohmetchor to Anton Unseh-
koetter w2 n 1 1!M !) d 200
James M Mollriilo to Nolle Sppiioo
lot 15 blK ft Dltiden wd 000
Goo W Dow and wif.t to Samuel
Smith lot 4 blk 3 Rid Clotnl qctl GO
C H A: Q R R to J K Aullz nw4 10-
I 10 wd 1373
XT Nichols to Win Steinko nw4
34-411 wd C00O
Wm Vogt and wife to T T Nic
hols nw4 124-411 wd 6000
Jamot Rubo and hush to Henry
Aroudo lot blk 8 and lots 1 and
0 bU 7 and lot G blk 4 Rose-
mon' wd 70
Jno R Greonlitilgh and wife to
Wm II Thoums Jr w2 sel 21-3-
II wd 1300
Martini A Smith to Henry Rath-
jsn i,2 swl 14 2 11 wd 2J0O
Albert II Koeney to Gunmrson &
Lounqulst ne4 21-3-U wd NOOO
Lincoln Land Co to John D.itib ir
1 lots 10 and 11 blk 3 V.mccs add
We find aftar
We are going to sell them for CASH at a
Tney are all
garment is worth 20 per cent more than
you get them for.
Beckwith, Wescott 8 Storey
4 'One price and no monkey business,"
to Guide Rock wd CO
CK Perkins Tiuten to Mi lissa
HogntiiS tin 4 10-2 0 wd 8S8
William Hut ding to Martin Kanp-
man ptsi484 11 3300
Total I'JOljjS
MmtiHges illid J74(K)
Munpiges rele-Ml S0200.
New County Officers.
Yoittt rdny thn nowly-eleeted county
olllcers took thoir otllces. The elinnf oi
are fow and many of the old, familiar
facesjwill bo seon behind tlio counters
of thn various ollices. The olllcors nnd
their political atUlialious aro as ft 1
lows: Treasurer Goorgo R. McCrary,
County Clerk E. S. Garber, repub
lican. Clerk District C urt Oeorgo Hutch
is'in, fusion.
Sheriff J. A. M -Arthur, fusion.
Superintondout Miss Klizbeth Mar
ie er, fusion
County Judge A. II Keoney, repub
lican. County Assessor-Richard Turner,
Commissioner W. R. Anderson, re
A "Chalk Talk."
J I.orenz i Z.vickey, the well known
a ml very popular lecturer on art mio-
jec:s, will gvii a "chalk talk" at too
M. h. chinch luesdny evoning, Janti
nry 19. This U the fourth onteitain
ru nit in thn leciuro course given by
t .o ladies of tho M. K. church. Mr.
Zvvickey is a bril.iant t alter and his
lectures aro illustrated by crayon
drawings during the course of his talk?.
His work should not bo o infoundod
with that of fako'-iigtitniug artists''
who travel ov r the country drawing
oartoons which resemble almost any
thing except the subjects they are in
tended to represent. Mr. Zwickey is a
real artist and his drawings are real
works of art.
The general admission to tho lecture
will be 25 cents, children 16 years of
age and under, 15 cents.
I. 0. 0. F. iMtallatlM.
Hen Adhem lodgoNo. 180, I. O. O. P.,
installed its otlicers for tho ensuing
term Monday night. W. D. Hill f
Guide Rock, district deputy ginnd
ui iter, was present and m'ted as in
stalling otlieer. T o following weio
t in ollieers installed:
Noble Giand -K H. Newhonso.
Vico Grand N. II. Mirii9on.
Secretary O Teel.
Treaurer Jooph Fogol.
U. S.N. G.-Paiil Storey.
L S. N G -G. M. Pierce
Warden Win. M lviminey.
Inside liuatd J S Ktnigli.
Outside Giiiiid Waul Hayes.
R S. V (J-K. U O vet man.
L. S. V. G F. W C iwdon.
C inductor G. A Person.
R. S. S -O D. Hedge.
L. S.S.-B F. Muntz
Advertised letter list.
List of letter remaining uncalled
for nt ponolllco at Red Cloud, Nob.
for the woek ending January 7, 1003:
Honry Bovc, Jnalti Cibruet, Mary
M-irshall, Mrs. C. MigG"lnii,C. Olllsop,
Mis M. A. Pressloy, H. J. Smith, F.
U. Wood (3)
These will be pent to tho dead lettor
ofiico January 21, 1003, if not called
for before. Whon calling for abovo
ploasoaay "advertised."
T. C. Hackeu, Postmaster.
Card of Thanks.
Wo hereby wn-h to thank nil kind
friends and neighbors who so kindly
nsslsted in in tho lust nicknots nnd
nftnr the death of our beloved hmband
nad father.
Mbs. John Hakuer and Fa milt.
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Red Cloud, - - . Nebraska.
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