The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 08, 1904, Image 1

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volume xxxi r. red cloud. xekraskaVjaxuauv S, 1001. rauSjiTb
Commencing Wednesday, December 23,
we will give a discount of 20 per
cent on CloaKs.
Ladies 42-inch Coat, loose back, Skinner
satin lining, military capes, silk strapped, a
very handsome garment. Regular, $25;
Special, $20.00.
Ladies' 32-inch Jacket, made of American
Woolen Mills Kerseys, in blacks and castor,
military cape, loose back, inlaid with velvet,
pleated, heavy satin lining, imitation collar
with stoles. Actual value, $18;
Special, $13.50.
Ladies' Jacket, wool kersey, satine lining,
imitation collar, tan only. Regular $6.00;
Special, $4.80.
Ladies' Jacket, satine lined, black, French
Price on $5.00 regular, special $4.00.
Price on $5.50 regular, special $4.40.
Ladies' black Zibilene, loose back, mili
tary cape, satin piping, satin lining; regular $12.
Special, $9.60.
Misses' loose back, fancy colored Zibilene,
Kersey imitation collar and straps. Regular $6;
Special, $4.80.
Misses' long Cloak, green Zibilene, fancy
stitching, imitation collar with stoles, military
cape.regular $7.50;
Special, $5.50.
"Satisfaction or money"
Hnpny Now Year to nil.
Onco mora wo want to lot ppnplu
know tlint Woiiut is still on tliu map.
Tim now school honso west of Wo.
mur Ih tlm linost country school Ijoiish
in i hu county.
Tho hotol lias onco moio (manned
hiiiuli ami Mrn. Arinisiotil in again in
Tho Uvory stabln lun been t-oUl to n
Mr. Hurr Johnson, but is still iiiunuKtiil
by Mr. Hilton.
Woni'tr has ono of iho bo khioiiiI
stolen in tho county, opcratctJ by Kil
Mathes. Five clerks) uiu oniploycil
S. Nu'l of Hollalro has pstnhllshrrl u
hard win o s'.oro hero and Kit Supper is
in charge. In addition to tho huril-
m ware stock a complete lino of uutfuioJ
and carriages is curded.
Dr. Morrison is still operating his
drug store Imre. IIo is a practicing
phvsicl:in ns well as a competent drug
Mrs. Ayors has built a line residence
a milo west of Wotner.
More now buildings havo been built
AAuring the past yoar thnn in the pre
"vious five your?, and they are all good,
substantial buildings.
Tho creamery will bo under the
same munagfiiHUt as last year, aud
Tp1' v$wtj!w73!"-
. ' in - x..-
cial Cloak
gives piomiso of doiiiu , largo hum.
mm. It docs not belong to tho cream
ery trust..
There arc a largo number of cattle
on feed in tint Miighborhood aud tho
feeder have kept up tlio price of corn,
to tho joy of ih who havo torn fur
Mis KHlo Williams, the youngest
daughiirt.f Mr. and Mrs. W. 1. Wit
liums, tiled on D.tceinOnr 2!), from an
ntniilc of tj phoid fever. .She was 10
years of ago and was a b, iglit aud lov
able chilil.
W. S. Cark is oonlined to his homo
by growth on h.s hand, something liko
a oncer
Mrs. Pounds is very much improved
in health, after a sojiuiu at Sulphur
Springs, Ark.
Wo expect to bo on tho list fiom now
on, to watch oui for us.
Alight snow fell here Sunday night.
Miss Cora Davis returned to Grand
Island last Monday.
Krnust Uend has moved in tho O. A.
Wheland propeity.
Mlw Grace Hall returned to Lincoln
last Monday.
Mrs. Will Bannott returned homo
from lied Cloud Siturday.
John aud Mnmio O'Nell returned to
their homo t llutiklt innii, Ntbr., aftor
it nok'a visit at the homo of II. I).
MUi Oi'aro Hick', who hat been
visiting hr giainlpanirs. Mr. and
Mrs. Whetlt-r, returned tulicr homo at
Mrs. Miller Adams and children have
returned to their homo in Hustings.
Mis Klsic lit IVinin n-id Miss Pearl
Ilito have returueil to Giuml Island
to attend collogo.
Ernest Spenco wont, to Upland
Wednesday ovoning to visit his brother
(J. Sponco
Mr. J no. Crall went lo Heatrico
Wednesday to visit her son George.
Mr. nnd Mis. Uncd and daughter
Grace, drove to ltluo Hill Saturday.
Miss Delia McCallum returned to
Liucoln last Monday.
Dr. Wegnmu was in Blue Hill Init
Monday to visit his father, who is quite
The young pcoplo havo been enjoy
ing themselves lately skating on tho
Dr. Tammen nnd family moved to
Prossrr last Thursday..
J. Alderson and family left Thurs
day night for California, where they
intend looating.
Mildred S:anser is ill with lung
Miss Dora MtC.irtnoy is suffering
from an attack of la grippo.
Mrs. Kmma Smith was stopping in
town tho Hi .st of tho woek.
Mr. Harrirgton had his nrm nnd
shouKtcr seriously injured ono day
last woek in a runaway.
Thero is a now dishwasher at tho
home of Llewellyn King. Tho young
stranger is a "star boarder."
Mrs. Abboit of Chapman camo lnt
Saturday for a visit with her brother,
J. C. Taylor.
KlvaJMcCorluey was tho guost of
Mjrtlo Smith last Sunday.
Mi--s O:on Throne was visiting in
Gartield the first of tho week, saying
good-by to ol'l ri lends and neighbor
before her dopurttiro for Dodgo City,
Kansas, where lior parents expect to
make their future homo.
Tho Kev. Crumpackor closed the
series of meetings which ho Inn bntu
ouiiliictiiig at tho Bret In on church
in-" Sunday night, and has gono back
to MoPherson, Ki n-ii', where ho will
complete his course of studies.
Tlie liulo son of Goorgo Amack had
tin,' iiiisloi tniiD to break oil' a needlo i 1
his '04 mar tho knro joint Tuesday.
Tho eye of iho ueedlu and sntnu thread
wore left in tho wound. The Utile
fellow uastnkon to tho oflho of Dr.
Creightoii in Hud Cioud Wednosday,
whoro tho pioce of motal was located
with the X-ray machino.
Tho linest winter weather we ovor
Haw, nnd ciriihuslutig is iilnnt done.
Wnces fur corn-husking range from
Si t- 4 ecu's pur bushel, unit hands
source. There aro iiuskcrj in this
iioinhboihood who nave ttvtr.iged from
100 to 108 bushels per d..y.
unit Stevens lus loiurned to tho
Grand I-lund luihintm collego afior
spending iho holidays hoi 0.
Jess Sapp of Sheridan county who
spent the holidays here, has relumed
o his Ih inn.
Prof. J. W. Gnynor, tho popular
teacher of Mt. Hope, has had two
weeks' vacation and has hern on the
sick list most of tho time with neural
gia. Otto Stovens was on the sick list last
George Mountford's family dinner
was attended by tho whole family.
Chas. Arbuckle's houso warming in
his now residence was largely attended,
AH went homo happy and wishing tho
Arbuckle's would havo a utw houso to
dedicate every Christmas.
Some of the chronic grumblers aro
complaining of tho nice, open winter
wo are having. Th'jro is time enough
yet for a lot of cold, disagreeable
TTT ' vv """i""" ij -&lW
weather bjforo
line again.
sum crosses
Kliner Brunei-, ulu has been very
111 with HI mint itor.y rheum uImii and
is under iheea-ti of Dr. Crolghtun of
Bed Cioiiil, is fast legaiuing his usual
Miss Kdith Peterson, who came homo
to spoad tlm holidays Willi her parouls,
returned to her studies at tho Lincoln
business collego Saturday.
Tne Iinhof brothers shelled corn for
Mr. Cuilds an 1 1 Harry Brub.ikor tho
lirsiof tho week.
Akin Z.iclnny is visiting on Willow
The MIssos Mary and Hattio Smith
aro visiliug an aunt in Aurora this
Miss Dona Potorson, daughter of
Charles Poterjou, Is at homo after a
stay of two years in Kansas with her
Joe Brub.ker is through shucking
his corn crop on Mrs. Boyce's farm.
Miss Dollio Lacey (received a hand
some organ as a Christmas present
from her father.
Every member of tho family of A. C.
Bon has been numbered among the
sick for tbe last two weeks. All are
better now.
Mr. Ben Bruner has boon visiting in
this Vicinity of late, while convalescing
from a slight Bluets. All tho old pio
noeis are happy to give him a hearty
Junius B. Colvin went t
on his bicyclo Wednesday.
11)1.1 Clou
Miss Elllo Hngau is on tho sick list
this week.
J. B. Buchanan was in the vicinity
of Lincoln during tho holidays.- Ho
returned Monday.
Grandma Shuliz died Saturday night
at the homo of her son, Job u Shut iz.
Tho funeral was from the homo Mon
day. Mrs. Shullz was very old.
Mr. Biker of Divs Moines, la , was
hero on business with 1. B. Colvin the
first of tho week.
Edna anil Lnolla Watt returned to
school at Lincoln last Monday.
It. Garrison and K. O. Cnristy have
formed a copartnership in the imple
ment and Inirae.-H business,
The Jones farm, couth of town, was
sold ncHiitly fur 83,600.
J. G. Parsons has rentd Frnnk
Hum's farm far tho coming season.
Skating parties aro all the go.
Mr. B.'igo of Liuco 11 wni in town
Tliu B. 8. Proud lit Lumber Company
was iuciiip Hated tho Hist of year.
Mr. and Mrs. John Shoop of Leba
non we:o the gutsts of old friends
this week.
Wm. Van Dyko spent n few days
visiting 111 Guide Ilick ni.d Ninth
Tho Anbushoti boys .shelled cirn fir
J. h Fox inil week.
.Mr nnd Mr.s Prank Van 'Jyko spent,
tliu holidays with the old foli.s on Wal
nut cfook.
Tlitiro will bo a number of changes
in tint residents of Lino this weui;.
Com husking is about ended.
Mrs. W. J. Hnskins was the guest of
Mrs. b.V. Shuck this week.
Fro'd Wildty mado it business trip to
B'lfitwlck, Neb , this week.
Clark Slovens shipped some fat cows
to Kansas City recently.
L. A. Haskins was over from Bed
Oloud this woek ou bufdness,
Mr. H uber shelled corn lor Bubon
Kenglo oue day this week.
Burt Steven has returned to collego
at Graud Island.
. 1
Anothrr Excursion to Florida via Burl
ington Route.
An excellent opportunity for a visit
to the Sunny Southland is afforded by
tho pc..-)OUitlly conducted excursion
- ..
"..!. . ',?...!. , ! ,',f...r. i . ?...!. J J J-H
Jewelers S
leaving Linciln at 2:10 p. 111. and
Omaha 5:25 p. to. January 15, 1001.
Through standard and tourist sleeping
cars wi 1 run to Jacksonville, Floiida,
via the Burlington Route to St.
L'nils, thence through Nashville,
Tenn , and Atlanta, Ga., over the
rout: made forever historic by thn
drnuiatic incidents of tho civil war.
You travel in spicial cars, mi fust
trains; do not havo to worry about
tlcnplng car reservations, baggage or
tho hundred other lilllo dotails that
detract so much fiom the perfuct en
joyment of a trip; thn excursion's
manager attends to all t'le-o muttors.
You scape the most unpleasant ttii'l
trying part of 11 winter whoro tlsning is
excellent, the orangu and leni'iu trios
t ho ' - .-.... ,. ., , ..
No matter what
you are earning now
CITOOnS of Scranton, Pa.
Can. train you to earn
considerably niore.
Cut l!ils oul and null II lo the Local Reprcscalallre wboie
tddrc5 it jlun cltewbere la this iDnouncemcol,
lutornRtlcnnl Corroopondonco Echoolu.
Gentlemen Pionso oxpliUn hov I can fiuntlfy
for position at loft of which 1 huve mftrisod 21.
Mechanicul l'.ii.inctr
Mnthine IH-slciier
Mcclmuical DmfUman
I'orcmna Machinist
I'oremuii Tiitmakcr
I'brcinaii I'attrriuiinker
I'oteman )ll rksiuith
I'orciaau Mbhlcr
dan Kiiclncer
Utfrk-criiHon I'tieintcr
Ilrldiic Knclncfr
Kallioc.d liaeineer
.iiiiuni; j'.iiKinccr
Mine Surveyor
Mine I'ort-mau
tvuoicn-;iiiii aupi.
Textile Ucslsner
Traction Hiik'lnetr
Klectrlc luiuliicer
lilcctrlc Machine Deiigner
Archllectiinil UralUmau
Sl'n I'ulntcr
Showard Writer
Kleetrlc-Uallwav Sunt.
Telephone KiiK'ueer
Tclcgrnpli Ungiaccr
Dynamo Tender
Steam KnKlnecr
Hngliie Kuuiier
Marine KiiLHneer
rroipccuve uraitaman
Civil Knulnetr
Hydraulic itngineer
Occupation .
Noma . -
ma - wwwwwwwww wwwww-pww. mfwvvwvr - mm
.. . .
Mlfait. .nh ifc-.thWjr.-
OfX'u :,' f...vV. . f ,RI.!,V &.' '
in boarlng, tho bathing superb, and the
climate as soft and balmy a. a Ne
braska dayiu May.
Tuu itinerary provides for a twelve
hour stopover at St. Louis for a visit to
the World's Pair grounds, which ar
practically in chnpo for tho opening,
wltli tho exception of tho installation
of exhibits, and n great many exhibits
are in place. The party will return in
dlviually, and stopover privi
leges are given on jour tickets.
It is especially urged that you glvo
us early advice if you desire to join
this oxuursion, in 01 dor that, proper
reservation may be made for you.
For further details ask thn Burling
ton azent or wrlio mo. J. Francis,
General Puongt;r Agent, Omaln.
If you desire to
know what our'
methods are
and what tho
conditions aro
under which
you can obtain
Till In the Inquiry
blank In tbe lower
left-hand corner of .
tbi. announcement.''
You will In return re
ceive full and com
plete Information.
Address all commu
nications to
Orleans, Nebraska.
nml Dnllder
1 j
ti A