The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 11, 1903, Image 1

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Chf istmas - - Saagestions I
Some suggestions that will aid you in solving the problem of
suitable Christmas gifts to members of your own family and
your friends.
Haviland China and Austrian China,
extremely dainty and delicate.
$35 Haviland China, ioo pc. set, $27 50
$22.50 Austrian " 18 00
$20.00 Semi-Porcelain, 100 piece
sets, 6 patterns, $14, $15 and.. 1600
A beautiful assortment of these use
ful Christmas gifts, ranging in price
from dainty child's handkerchiefs at
5c to the rich embroidered all linen at
$1.50 each.
100 doz. linene and pure linen em
broidered, 5c each.
Acct rdlon Plaiting.
Accordion plaiting, sunburst, Sedl
plaiting are again very much in vogue.
A skirt of any material suitable for
plaiting, plaited and finished ready to
wear in 5 to 7 days. Price $3 to $4,
according to material used.
Petticoat Pleasure
means dress satisfaction sure. For
what is more helpful to the fit and look
of a pretty gown than a well made
That is the Success Stoty of our pet
ticoat, a yoked petticoat that sets the
skirt so gracefully in the correct lines,
straight front and fashionable flare.
Every seam strapped inside and out,
and an elegantly trimmed flounce that
will please the most fastidious woman.
7 stylos at 9 1.SO, special 9 1. OO each.
IO styles at S3.00, special 92. SO each.
Others $1.50 2.00, 3.30, 4.00.
American Woolen Mills Kersey,
full satin lined, with capes in
laid with velvet, Castor color
only $ 8.00
Americdn Woolen Mills Kersey,
full satin lined, collarless, no
capes, black only 7.50
42-inch Cloak, collarless, loose
back, satin piping, special 12.50
We are safe in saying that you get
more than 100 cents on the dollar in
style, wear and satisfaction in every
pair of Ladies' Kid Gloves purchased
of us.
91. BO values for 91.29.
All gloves guaranteed when fitted.
Golf Gloves.
Strong line of fancy colors and plain
effects, 30c to 75c a pair.
ladles' Mittens.
Kid and Mocha, wool lined, 60c, 85c
and $1.25 per pair.
5 doz. sample Belts. We have just
received two sample lines no two
Eiderdown Dressing Sacks.
All wool, plain eiderdown, appli
qued, each $1.00
All wool, ripple eiderdown, appli
qued, each 1 .50
All wool, ripple eiderdown, appli
qued, frog fastening, each 2.25
Jardinieres, Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Center Tables, Screens, Ladies' Desks,
tend to beautify the home and cause
pleasant memories of Xmas,
Screen frames, 75c to $4.00.
Fancy stands, $1.00 to $10.00.
Fancy Rockers, $1.35 to $12.50.
50 new Iron Beds, $5.00. 5.50, 6.00,
10 patterns, in 3 shades green, red,
blue, pink, white, yellow.
A good cotton felt mattress, worth
$9. Special, $7.50.
Rugs for Christmas.
30x60 all wool reversible Smyrna $ 2.10
36x72 " " " 3.00
4SX84 " " " 5.00
6x9 ft. " " " 12.00
9x12 ft. " " " 22.50
Why pay rug peddlers $4.00 to 5.60
fot Rugs that we offer you at $2.10?
Growers' association, Nebraska Turk
nnd I'oriH'.ty association, Tho Farmers'
Cooper.tllto Grain and Live Stock
State a'sneiatinu A luro number of
distinguished speakers on various agri
cultural topics huvj promised to bo in
attendance nt these meetings nti'l all
members of theso hoclotios arc urged to
"Satisfaction or money"
Lon Tompkins has bought tho Align
Inbnugh place.
Mrs. Shurman, W. II. Baicus and V.
F. Shorbnoher nil moved Monday.
Mrs. Dlckorsou has tho duiiiofor hor
new bouso up.
Guide Hock canio near having a liro
Saturd-iy night A9 John Shultz was
starting borne ho discovered a liro in
G arson's Implement hnuo. The door
wns soon broken opm and the fire ex
tinguished. It, Is supposod to have
originated from a cigar or match that
bad been thrown inloasmill box with
some waste paper in it and used for a
cuspidor, and wuich sat in fr int of tho
stove. The box was about burned,
and alio a hole through tho floor. '
Preparations are ia progress for
Christmas exercists at the churches
. Nolt is loading a oar to move to
Attorney Potter was down from Rod
Cloud Stturday.
Tue German Evangelical association
is holding, meetings at the Christian
ohurch this week.
Rev. Gillette pmached an entertain
ing sermon at tho Christian church
Sunday evening.
J H. Bailey was down from Hod
Coud latt week.
C. C. Dunbar ha roarranod tho in
terior of his re stuurant.
Subset ibo for your paper at Colvin's
oflii e.
We had a light snow Tuesday night.
Goirgo Barnes shelled threo huu
dred bushels of corn last Tuesday and
hauled it to Guide Rock.
Clarence and Cora Itod were visit
ing with N. j. D. Smith last Sunday.
Charles Amack hauled corn to Guide
Hock lait Friday.
John Ushorn is deliveiing corn to
A. H. Wiggins.
BertJUow is now bucking corn for
Htrt King.
Harvey Tuylor U nt homu a?ain.
Lle-vellyn King ha, finished husking
It in c rn.
There will bn a basket supper nt the
school house in district 85 tonight.
There was a full house nt the buke,
supptr glvon by Doun Smith in dis
tr!ct,30 i'hursday night of lafrtwoek. A
good progiam was wtll rendered. Tho
spoakiiig and acting wero good, often
eliciting Tho teacher is u
graduntn of the Itd Cloud uiitti school,
clubs of 1003, and hd invited some of
his associate graduates to b present
to wiiiKM.s this, bin maiitmi efTort at
cnniluctlrg intellectual drama. Too
young Indies said thoy weto well
pleased with tho entertainment.
Hadell's Cash Bargain House.
w jf jtf jr j ."r ti j t - " r'f iif iff -ff i ft "f a
In the
Pay Envelope
That Is where our education affects you.
It is a vital spot, too.
Hero Is tho logic of the situation:
1. The mote you know about any given line of work the
better you can do that work.
2. The better you can do your work the more your services
will be in demand.
3. The more your services are in demand the better salary
or wages you can command.
And you can obtain this
Salary earning education
Through the instrumentality of the
Correspondence Schools
Of Qcrsmtea, Pa.
The conditions are easy, too.
You study at home in your spare time moments znd without
interference with your regular daily work.
The cost is small. The payments, if necessary, are easy.
There are no obstacles, nor any combination of conditions or
circumstances that our system is not designed to fully meet.
Cst this tat tal mtll II Is lb Ucal IrttnUllr wsom
MrtM Is f iTta tlMwbm la mil nnouncccneni.
International Correspondence Schools.
Gentlemen Please explain bow I can qualify
for position at loft of which I have marked X.
State A&rlcultaral Mcctin&s.
The following oimiuzh'ioih will
hold their meetings at ilut university
farm, Lincoln, during tho week of
January 18, 1001: Tho State Board of
Agriculture, Stato Swlno Breeders'
association, Ncbrn'lcii Improved Live
Stock UreeileiH nHociatioii, Nebraska
Duiiymon'.s aso!ititlon,Nebraskn Vot.
orinary Aleilloil association, Associa
tion of Agricultural Students, Nebras
ka State Horticultural society, State
farmers' Institute, Nebraska State
Poultry association, Nebraska Short
horn Breeders' association, obraska
Corn Imporvers'nusociation, Nebraska
Bee Keepers' association, Nebraska Ir
rigation association, Nebraska Stock-
All is quiul on our creek and gather
ing corn U tho order of the d:.y.
Alox Bentley, the jolly ImchHor of
thU neck of tho woods, is still holding
forth on the But lor farm.
Thorn will bo n Chris' mas tree at
either Pleasant Dale or Mount Hope,
and possibly ono at each place.
Mih. Eva Hooper of Smith Center,
Mechanical Unglnccr
Machine Detlgner
Mechanical Draftsman
Foreman Machinist
Foreman Toolmaker
Foreman rnttcrnmakcr
Foreman Blacksmith
Foreman Molder
Gns Engineer
Refrigeration Engineer
Traction Engineer
Hlrrtrle Fncfncrr
Klectrlc Machtue Designer
Klectr1c-IighMng Supt.
Itlectric-Raitway Supt.
Telephone Rnglneer
reiegrapn unginccr
Dynamo Tender
Steam Engineer
Kiigmc Kunner
Marine EnEineer
Civil Engineer
Hydraulic ttnginrtr
Municipal Engineer
uriage Knginrer
Railroad Engineer
Mining Engineer
mine nurveyor
Mine Foreman
Cotton-Mlll Supt
Woolen-Mill Supt.
Textile Designer
Contractor and nullder
Architectural Draftsman
Sign rainier
Show-Card Writer
Sheet-Metal Draftsman
Ornamental Designer
Prospective uraitsman
Retail Ad Writer
Commercial Ijiw
Occupation .
NamuV, -Addroaa
City ...
And right at this time
also we are ottering
A Specially
Do yourself the Justice of
at least knowing v.hat
we are doing for others
ami what we can do for
you If you care to have us
Send lor Further
Note the Inquiry blank
in the lower lcfl-hanil cor
ner of this announcement,
l'lace an X opposite the
position you dttlte to
qualify for, frlgn your
name nnd addrcs. then
cut out the form and mail
it to the ndilrcts given nt
the bottom of this mivcr
tlsemcnt. Voti will nt once
receive full and couiolete
iuforninllon. Address alltj
communications to
Oiileaxs, - Nun.
"f krip ir wr tv itr r r ir r r
We are making a 10 and 15 per cent dis
count from our regular prices during this
who it it-tl suddenly last, week and was
buried at .Mount Hope, wuh tlio only
dnimhie. of P. L. Smith.
iMr LarKwitnnd wife of Illinois, who
have been vNilln in thes paitH, have
returned to their homo, Mr. Lai'Kont
iIkch NebrasKu better than ho expi'Cl
oil to.
Wm H. Hosenerans will rent his
farm, unless he It befnto spring,
uud have a puhlio mlo of his personal
property, prepaiatory to removing to
Itoctford, III.
The meet lima at Penny Creek school
houjii, o inducted by Itcv. .loiins (Jump
b'll and Miss Alles lnivo closed with
nut any additions to tho class. They
nio Methodists.
Tho reports in the newspapers and
otherwise eiieuluted in repaid to Wes
ley Anshulz having been arrested wero
al'Soiutely falH, and so wo have con.
eluded to only beliovo half of what wa
read in the papers.
Suggestions for Xmas Shoppers!
Furniture, fcianos, Organs, Sewing Machines, Picture Frames and Eugs. Special Sale on Eockers,
Easels, Screens and Jardiniere Stands, Ladies' Desks, Music Cabinets, Hat and Plate Racks, at
is-. wtasBBfsf r , -'-!. Tpssg -. 'mmmmmrMijf. 1