The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 04, 1903, Image 1

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MRcd Cloud, the Geographical Center of the United States, a Good Place to Live In.
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Saggestions I
Some suggestions that will aid you in solving the problem of
suitable Christmas gifts to members of your own family and
your friends.
Haviland China and Austrian China,
extremely dainty and delicate.
$35 Haviland China, 100 pc. set, $27 50
$22.50 Austrian " " " " 18 00
$20.00 Semi-Porcelain, 100 piece
sets, 6 patterns, $14, $15 and.. 1600
A beautiful assortment of these use
ful Christmas gifts, ranging in price
from dainty child's handkerchiefs at
5c to the rich embroidered all linen at
$1.50 each- ,t
100 doz. linene and pure linen em
broidered, 5c each.
Accordion Plaiting.
Accordion plaiting, sunburst, Sedl
plaiting are again very much in vogue.
A skirt of any material suitable for
plaiting, plaited and finished ready to
wear in 5 to 7 days. Price $3 to $4,
according to material used.
Petticoat Pleasure
means dress satisfaction sure. For
what is more helpful to the fit and look
of a pretty gown than a well made
That is the Success Story of our pet
ticoat, a yoked petticoat that sets the
skirt so gracefully in the correct lines,
straight front and fashionable flare.
Every seam strapped inside and out,
and an elegantly trimmed flounce that
will please the most fastidious woman.
7 stylos at 1.50, special $1. OO each.
IO stylos at 93.00, special 92. SO each.
Others $1.50, 2.00, 3.30, 4.00.
American Woolen Mills Kersey,
full satin lined, with capes in
laid with velvet, Castor color
only $ 8.00
Americdn Woolen Mills Kersey,
lull satin lined, collarless, no
capes, black only 7.50
42-inch Cloak, collarless, loose
back, satin piping, special 12.50
We are safe in saying that you get
more than 100 cents on the dollar in
style, wear and satisfaction in every
pair of Ladies' Kid Gloves purchased
of us.
91.90 values for 91.29.
All gloves guaranteed when fitted.
Golf Gloves.
Strong line of fancy colors and plain
effects, 30c to 75c a pair.
ladles' Mittens.
Kid and Mocha, wool lined, 60c, 85c
and $1.25 per pair. w
5 doz. sample Belts. We have just
received two sample lines no two
Eiderdown Dressing Sacks.
All wool, plain eiderdown, appli
qued, each $1.00
All wool, ripple eiderdown, appli
qued, each 1 .50
All wool, ripple eiderdown, appli
qued, frog fastening, each 2.25
Jardinieres, Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Center Tables, Screens, Ladies' Desks,
tend to beautify the home and cause
pleasant memories of Xmas,
Screen frames, 75c to $4.00.
Fancy stands, $1.00 to $10.00.
Fancy Rockers, $1.35 to $12.50.
50 new Iron Beds, $5.00. 5.50, 6.00,
10 patterns, in 3 shades green, red,
blue, pink, white, yellow.
A good cotton felt mattress, worth
$9. Special, $7.50.
Rugs for Christmas.
30x60 all wool reversible Smyrna $ 2.10
-36x72 " " " 3.00
48x84 5.00
6x9 ft. " " " 12.00
9x12 ft. " " " 22.50
Why pay rug peddlers $4.00 to 5.60
for Rugs that we offer you at $2.10?
Tho Hist snow if the sens m foil Mon.
D Rniillor of Cauipbcll win doing
bushier in ibis city Wednesday.
Floyd Williams 1ms gone to Oinnlia
to learn tliu barber trade.
Mils Mny Ivocler received the pr zo
rIv.h by tho conceit company for lin
ing tho most popular young Imly of
this city. It consisted of 11 twonlj-sevt-n
piece silver stt.
Webster Woodsido was a passonger
for Lincoln lastTiiutsduy morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Frunk W-lllo arc tho
proud parents of u baby boy, bom list
Tho tolephono has boon removed
from M. A. Hood's millinery store to
Frank Waffle's placo of biiHinvss.
Miss M-ry Souchcck lias lolurned
from Denver, wboto she has been visit
ing ber parents.
There is an epidemic of hog cholera
in this neighborhood.
J. A. L'tokhatt's son got his leg badly
cut by his b rse running into a wiro
lence with him.
Quite a number of cattlo have died
around hre from boing turned in
among the corn-stalkB.
...Eye and Eye Glass Care...
JJ grnut you tho pr
KT us pilot you out oft ho misery anil danger of overworked and
improperly treated eyesight. Into the rest, and satisfaction of re
Htorcd vision. Wo undorsUind Evc-j and Eve Glnsaoa our busi
ness to lit the (mo to the other. Wo know the Eye and it needs
wo know the dangers that follow in the wako of defective Eyes and strain
ed vision. Our knowledge of the Eye and practical o.porioncn in tho
lilting of Glasses Is at. vrursorveo. We ovamluo vour eves thomuililv. J.
scientifically: toll yon their exact condition, advise you what to do and u
L'll )'(
ego of doing as you please.
yona mo power 01 tho Individual to romedy.
Neglect to Rive eyes proper and timely care is
responsible (or much of the president day eye
Waiting and hoplntr never belters ailing vision
procrastination Is tho thief ot ifood eyesight.
The change which come lo the eve are be-
... junu inn injwor ui ine inumuum 10 remea
T trouble.
2 A very little strain upon this delicate structure
2 soon eihausts Its delicate nerve force.
2 When the eve lirst troubles, the man ol sense
T knows there Is need ol help, and stralghway
2 gets It.
T Let us aid you to better vision or the preserva-
2 tlon ol what remains.
A little way from right Is a great way wrong
with eye glasses and spectacles,
Wo make a study ol Individual needs and fix tt
Irames and lenses with exactness.
Every appliance science has devised Is at our
Pvftrv rulr nf oIaccj.. mti.t snlf tl. V
wearer and us.
Each lens, each Irame, Is thoroughly Inspected,
tl Ik... ta fla.u mm ktl,l. I. 1 .11. -a......
.1 iiraio i. liar, ui II I. uiMaiunu.
Your eve crlASsei are as Imnortant si vour W
eyesight Is Important. Hera the skill, the will
and the facilities to make them so.
Jewelers and Opticians.
George Pioudflt relumed from Den
ver .'odajf, where he has been the past
Uev. Priestly and Oeoigo 81nipson
attended quurtorly meeting at liust
wick last Saturday and Sunday.
Hnrry Hooves has built a tine new
house on bis farm near town.
J. L. Dunbar is stepping high these
days. It is a boy.
Corn is worth 20 cents at Guido
Mrs. Dickersou has a foundation
laid for a new houso.
J. A. Iir.ioks is shelling corn at the
east elevator this week.
Bert Van Horn tholled corn last
Quite a number of new buildings
will oo eioutod in Utiido Kock soon.
Subicribo for your paper at Colvin's
O, I.. Dunbar and wifo aio vliitlng
in onstern Kunsus.
Tliero is tnlk of moving tho M. K.
ehurcli north and building a parson
age on the south side of the lot.
Catfali Carter' Cue.
Oberliu M. Carter left the federal
prison at Leavenworth, Kan., Satur
day morning after serving tho sont
enn Imposed upon him by a court
martini of Ids former army associ
ates. Uom mid bred a gentleman, an asso
ciate of tho very ilower of the land
by his mental brilliancy, his inatinors,
his education and his tastes as well as
by birth, Carter lias suffered for four
years and eight months tho tortures
of hell, inteubilled as they were by his
firm declaration that ho is innocent.
Every convict, it is said, believes
himself unjustly convicted, Vmt few
can mako such showing of justness of to talk about?
Where Narriifte is a Jtke.
Why go to Dakota for quick divorces.
Why spoud weary weeks acquiring a
rostdouco iu the jutnplng-olf district of
creation . when the homo courts uro
obllgitig and familios can bo dist up ted
for noxl to nothing?
The Kemp caso inspires sarcasm.
Mrs. Arthur Kemp is u New York
society woman mid a beailty. Sho whs
tired of Arthur Kemp. Under tho sur
faco there may have been more than
weariness. She sued for divorce.
Tho littlo matter of dotuostia tragedies
no longer bars iimn or woman from
jmow xork society U thore ts no
hcaudnl iu the homo what is tho "400"
"Satisfaction or money'
Mother Gray's Sweet Powdm for Children.
Successfully used by Mother Gray,
nurse In tho Children's Home in New
t York, cure fevirishnoss, bad stonmch,
teething disorders, move and regulate
tho bowels and destroy wovni". Over
30,000 tpotiuifiniitla rin-y never fail
At all druggists 25 1. Saninln free Ad
ilp'xs Allen S Oiimr.ed, Lo Hoy, N. Y.
12 4.
Say what you ploaso about patriot
ism anil lovo, the greatest thing iu tho
world is peace.
Farm Loans.
I hnve just prepared mj&olf lo mako
farm loans at a low rate of interest
either in Jewell, Smith or Wobster
cotinttoo; can pay oil at any time.
J. H. IUII.KV. Ued Cloud.
Hon Bruricr, an o'd pioneor of this
neighborhood, is visiting friends and
relatives horo.
A. C. Hon and wifo entertained a
few of tut ir fiionds on Thanksgiving
Mrs. Je;so ILtycs visi ed in Hastings
last week.
Nate PIhU of Red Cloud was a plea
sant caller on this oreek last Sunday.
Chailoy Itrubakcr lun been doing
sonio cai pouter work iu liluo Hill,
Perry Norris' hoiscs took n lively
spin on Tliaiikfgiving day at CovvIch,
snnsl.lng tho btigcy top.
Mr-i. limner and Miss N llio Hon
were shopping In Ued Cloud TudmIuj'.
Mr. Cliilds mado a business4 trip to
Nuekolh county this week.
Chiuioy Norris has bought the b0
aero faun notth of A. C Hill's fi out
Mr. Sajlor of Nelson, It is known as
iho old Henry Drubaker placo.
Corn is cribbed on till sides now, and
is a good yield.
their sides as Carter can
Freedom to him moans not as much
relief from the terrible associations
behind the bars as tho opportunity to
prove to his fellow clti.ens that ho
was unjustly convicted.
In the federal court at Chicago Car
tor's fortune of cs77'2,000 is tied up. Tlo
government did not seize it until after
Mr. Wescott, Cutter's father-in-law,
a millionaire, had (lied. Carter says
Wescott gave him the fortune as the
share Mrs Carter would have received
had death not taken her away. Tho
government claims this fund is tho
proceeds of fraudulent collusion be
tween Carter, as supervising engineer,
and tho contractors Gnynor A- Greene,
on the Savannah harbor government
Carter says ho will be able to prove
tho history of every bond in tho fund
and to show that Wciteott bought
many of them even before ho know
Carter. Every dollar will bo traced by
tho ox-ofllcer to show that not a cent
of It is stolen money His statement,
issued by his lawyer, reads well und
promises success.
Tho civil tiial will permit Carter to
intioduco testimony barred by tho
arbitrary manners of a military court.
"To err is huiiuui" and It is by no
means Improbable that Carter will
win the suit and thus vindicate lilm
solf in the eyes of tho people. Courts
martial aro notoriously all'ected in
their judgments by'issues which have
no direct bearing on the caso thoy aro
Is it possiblo that Carter was tho
victim of a horrible mistake?
Tho is no lack of money in tho Kemp
family. Thoy havo lived iu an ntmos
phoro of cut flowers and hothouse
delicacies. Tho grounds of hor suit
wore neglect and refusal to provldo
the necessaries of lifo. Judgo E. C.
Dubois granted a decree,
Eulor Ilollis H. Huuuowell, who at
once secured a inarriago licenso und
thou hied himself to Groor cottage,
where bo becamo tho husband o' Mrs.
Kemp, Judgo Dubois performing tho
inarriago ceremony. 1'hero were eleven
guests present at tho wedding, five of
, whom had been through the divorco
court How soon the .-est will air their
soiled linoti the Lord only kuows.
One of the most serious charges
against tho fashionable life Is that It
iu no way tenches or holds that marri
age is a permanent contract Iu tho
humbler homos tho separation of a
man and woman is a tragedy. In
"society" it Is ofton tho result of a.
whim. In tho cottago a divorco means
tears and bleeding hearts, and somo
timet a deep and lasting sonso of dis
grace. Iu tho palace, madam intro
duces her new husband to the cast oltf
ouo, and there Is much merrymaking
and laughter.
Do you wonder that humanity sneers
at tlio wisdom of courts and at tho in
tegrity of somo of tltoso who wear
judicial robes V
Jljutlc Cure for Klietimallmu and Neuralgia
rmll rally cures In 1 to ! (Ihji. Hi action upon
the feyatem In remarkable ami iii)t,ti'rlous, U
removes nt once Hie causo tuul the (IIkchkb Im
mediately (HtHMeHri. Tho tint do.e Rreallr
be net! is. ?r lint and i 00. bold by U.K.
(luce, Drug-Klit. Ited Cloud.
Suggestions for Xmas Shoppers
Furniture, Pianos, Organs, Sewing Machines, Picture Frames and Rugs. Special Sale on Rockers,
Easels, Screens and Jardiniere Stands, Ladies' Desks, Music Cabinets, Hat and Plate Racks, at