The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 06, 1903, Image 7

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V. Augustus Hclnzc, whoso victory
In tho suits Involving tho ownership
of Montana's richest copper mines has
Klven tho copper trust a severe blow
and caused 20,000 employes to be
thrown out of work, went to Montana
is nn engineer and promoter twelve
Tablet In Memory of Men Who Fell
in Siege of Boston Dedicated.
A tablet in commemoration of tho
soldiers who lost their lives during
tho siege of Boston, and who wcro
burled In tho old North cemetery,
Dorchoster, was dedicated at tho
cemetery last week by tho Massachu
setts society, Sons of tho American
Revolution. Tho memorial is In tho
form of a big bowlder, with a bronze
tablot suitably inscribed Inserted in
tho rock. An American flag which
was used in tho war of 1812, covered
tho tablet, which was unveiled when
Uov. Morris Cutler of Ashland had of
fered prayer. Charles E. Adams,
president of tho society, presided over
tho oxerclscs, which wore attended by
members of various patriotic organi
Criminal Falls In Attempt to Assassi.
nate Great Mexican.
An attempt to assassinate President
i Diaz was made Oct. 2f, as ho was
passing tho Cantandor Garden at
Ellas Toscano, a notorious criminal,
fired five shots at tho president. Al
though ho used ball cartridges at short
j-ango, Diaz was not Injured, nor was
tho car in which ho was riding hit
l)y any of the bullets.
Toscano has a most evil reputation.
His latest crime was tho murder of
tho Jcfa politico of San Luis Potlsl,
for which ho was sentenced to a term
In prison. He hnd Just been released
when ho attempted to kill tho presi
dent. Ho is now closely guarded in
jail at Guanajuato.
An attempt was made on the life of
President Diaz on Dec. 10, 1897. Ho
attonded on that day tho public cele
brations In tho City of Mexico of tho
annlvorsary of Moxlcan Independence.
During tho festivities a man rushed
toward him and, evading all offorts
tnndo to check his progress, reached
President Diaz.
Who president's sldo and attempted to
kill him. Great excitement prevailed,
but it was soon seen that tho efforts
of tho murderer had been futile.
Prosldent Diaz was not hurt. Tho as
sassin was at onco arrcstod and
thrown Into prison. This attempted
murder created much excitement and
subsequently tho would-be assassin
was dragged from prison by a mob
and lynched.
.Shortest American Soldier.
John Brown of Lako City, la., who
.claims tho distinction of being tho
shortest United States soldier living
to-day, is a Scotchman nnd camo to
this country In 1850. Mr. Blown,
'whoso holght Is 4 foot C inches, 1ms
in his possession an affidavit which
proves that ho Is two and one-half
Inches shorter than any other United
States soldier who served in the civil
years ago, after graduating from tho
Polytechnic instituto of Brooklyn. Ho
is S3 years old, and almost sinco his
entry into Montnna has been engaged
In the tight with tho copper kings in
which ho has just gained another vic
tory In court.
State Official Collects Statistics for
French Scientist Their Lot Hard.
A Boston stato official who has been
investigating tho subject for Prof.
Ffiedrlch Prlnzing of Paris, has dis
covered that Boston has moro widows
In proportion to its population, than
any other city in America, evou Chi
cago, Philadelphia, Now York and
other large centers. Tho young
widow, ho says, is ono of tho most
unfortunato of beings, and not nt all
tho gay butterfly which popular fancy
has pictured.
Prof. Prlnzing has collected a ro
markablo group of statistics which
show that poverty sorely oppresses
tho widow, and that sho Is moro sub
ject to Insanity, consumption, conflict
with tho law and death than hor mar
ried sister. All theso woes fall moro
heavily on the young widow. Dr. Prin
zing's opinion Is that tho stato should
tnako provision lor tho support of tho
widowed and their children, directly,
Instead of indirectly through hospitals
and insano asylums.
There aro 3.200.000 wlilmvs In nvnrv
Isrtnnnnnn .f .,.. ii ... ,nn
000 have absolutely no Income.
Recovers From Lockjaw.
Members of tho mcdicnl profession
In Now York nro greatly interested
In tho caso of a Patchoguo young man
named Henry Price, who has survived
ono of tho worst attacks of lockjaw
that tho local physicians havo over
treated. Tho recovery of Prico is at
tributed to tho use of anti-toxin, $100
worth having boon forwarded from
Albany for tho uso of tho local sur
geon, Dr. M. D. Davis, when tho caso
was reported about a week ago.
Prico is now able to sit up in bod
and to move his mouth and arms, and
it is thought that in a short tlmo he
will completely recover. Dr. Davis
contends that this caso Is ono of tho
most remarkahlo ever heard of and
ho has sent a history of It to various
prominent surgeons and medical Jour,
Can't Live Without Fighting.
Charles W. H. Needham, a truo sol
dier of fortune, whoso homo was onco
In Kansas City, but now is tho wldo
world, Is visiting his old homo, where
ho was teller of tho Union National
bank. Since taking up his wanderings
ho has fought the Mataboles in South
Africa, tho Spaniards in Cuba, tho
Filipinos, Tagalogs and Moros in tho
Phlllpplno Islands, sought other fields
of battlo In Asia Minor nnd to-dny
Is In Kansas City awaiting nn out
break between Russia and Japan that
ho may servo under tho banner of
tho mikado, Needhnm Is 32 years old,
according to Judgo Jonney, and has
declared ho can't llvo In a land whoro
no lighting Is going on.
Determined Young Japanese.
Yoshio Yamanato, a determined
young Japaneso of wealthy connec
tions In his natlvo country, Is fireman
on a locomotive running over tho
Pennsylvania lino between Pittsburg
and Groensburg. Ho camo hero to
learn tho railroad buulr.oss thoroughly
and worked two years in railroad
shops In Altoona, Then ho sought a
Job on a locomotlvo and was assigned
to his present duty. Every ovehlng
ho passos his tlmo as fashionable
young Americans do, but at C o'clock
In tho morning, nttlrod in regulation
ovoralls, ho Is ready for his dally run.
Tho superintendent of "his division
says tho dark-eyed little Oriental will
II Dromoiou
Record Is Believed to Be Two Miles
From Balloon.
Tho accounts of certain cat-like per
formances of several Now York work
men who recently fell great distances
and lauded right side up and unhurt
excited some incredulity. But a fall
of ninety feet or so, which was tho
height chronicled In ono of tho cases,
is a mere bagatelle compared with tho
drop experienced by a balloonist In
Danville, Ohio.
His irnmo is L. W. Snrtwell, nnd ho
full 1,200 feet. It hnppencd through
tho failure of his parachute to act,
says tho Aeronautical World, which Is
authority for tho facts, and ho struck
mo ground with such force that both
feet were driven six Inches Into tho
earth. Tho mnn sustained compound
fractures In both legs and tho se
verest shaking up of his life, but ho
wns not killed. Tho physicians who
attended him had no doubts of his re
covery. Tho case of two civil engineers who
fell a distance of two miles was differ
ent. Thoy would undoubtedly have
been killed except for a fortuitous cir
cumstance. Their bnlloon burst when
two mllos abovo tho earth. Tho car
contnlnlug tho aeronauts shot down
with tremendous speed. When It had
almost reached' tho ground the bal
loon fortunately took tho form of a
parachute and tho men wcro landed
without receiving tho slightest injury,
Much Money Made Out of These Seem
Ingly Valueless Articles.
"Do you know," said a Philadelphia
business mnn tho other day, "I onco
thought that all old tin cans wero good
for wero to tlo on the tails of poor lit
tlo dogs or ns food for goats. I was
greatly surprised a few weeks ngo
when I wns shown through a certain
establishment to And that tho material
in a raw stato was chiefly tin cans res
cued from tho various 'dumps' of tho
city. Tho products of tho foundry in
question nro elevator weights, window
sash weights-and ballast for boats.
"When tho cans arrive nt tho foun
dry they nro piled Into a lnrgo iron
grating which Is covered by a sheet
iron hood through which is a smoke
stack. Crude oil Is sprinkled over tho
cans and set on fire. This destroys all
the labels, loosens the dirt and melts,
tho solder. Tho solder falls below and
is collected and mado Into blocks to
be used again. Some of tho cans fall
apart when the solder melts, and tho
Bheets forming tho shell nro straight
ened out und sold to trunk dealers,
who uso them for protecting tho cor
ners of trunks. Somo aro also sent to
button factories, whore thoy aro usod
as disks for cloth-covered buttons.
Tho remainder of tho cans uro put into
a blnst furnace, melted and molded
Into weights."
A Nocturne at Twilight.
Tho broken IlRlttn How In
Tho broken lights How In
And tho notes How out. How out;
Ufa with Its sorrow und sin.
Death with 11h endless doubt;
Anil tho same old weary din
Qoea on In tho street without.
Hut tho soul of the twIllKht slugs
Tho soul of tho twilight sings
And I hcur tho din no more,
Hut a sound nn of laughing springs;
A murmur of waves on tho shoro,
And upward on rhythmic wings
Doth tho mounting melody soar.
And tho broken llgl. How In
Tho broken lights How In
And the whlto hands leave tho keys;
So. cro they well begin,
End nil life's melodlm;
And again arHes tho din
Outside that shall never erase.
-H. K. Clarko.
Many People Seem to Keep Them
Merely for Ornament.
"I don't know why it Is," said tho
Inspector, ns ho gazed into tho "in
nards" of tho machine, dusted tho
transmitter and got a fow sample
calls to see that tilings wcro working
properly, "but wo havo a number of
subscribers who do not havo ono call
or mako ono call from tho year's be
ginning to its end.
"Wo install tho telephone, Inspect it
regularly, and that is all there is to it.
I don't know why they havo put it In.
It may bo they llko tho looks of tholr
namo in tho book, or thoy think it
gives them stnndlng in somo way. But
they havo ns little uso for a telcphono
as a lono man on a desert Island
would havo for a local lino.
"Thcro nro other subscribers who
only uso tho 'phono onco or twleo in a
quarter. Thcro are lots of these. It
would bo cheaper tor them to go to
a neighboring drug storo and pay
their ten, fifteen, twenty cents, or
whatever It mny bo. But men aro
ynln or women, rather, for theso per
pons mostly nre women. So thoy keep
tho tolephono for which thoy nppar.
ently huvo no use."
In Serious Trouble.
"Did circumstances over compel you
to assoclato with a superstitious per
son for any length of time?" asked tho
girl in blue.
"Yes. Why?" Inquired tho girl In
"Oh, I wns nt a resort in tho coun
try for a month with ono, nnd she
gavo mo tho hidden meaning of every
thing that happened to mo and of
everything that I thoughtlessly did."
"Woll, pretty nearly everything In
that lino scorn to pertain to matri
mony, and beforo t got away I found
I had six marriages ahead of me."
"Oh, that only assures you sufficient
plcasurablo cxcltomont. It ought not
to worry you."
"It doesn't, but tho husband I now
havo does. You see, wo'vo only boon
married threo months, nnd ho doesn't
llko tho outlook at all. Ho keops both
ering me to know wlnt I'm going to
do with him In order to got tho other
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m inr " i nw
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c33l5? tflt, em Hfflb
Like the Subject.
"D'Auber Is homo from hN trip to
tho llocky mountains, Isn't he? What
sort or a time did ho havo?"
"Oh, he spent moil of his tlmo mak
ing sketches of tho mountains. Ho
allowed me a lot of them."
"How are thv? Natural?"
"Well or tho'ro certainly rocky."
How He Got Out.
Oyer Woll. poor l'ockem Is out of
his misery at hist.
Myer When d'd h" din?
Oyer Ho didn't die; he got n di
vorce. TAKES A
Ho (getting ready for tho theatre)
Sho Why?
Ho Well, we'll start In nbout hnlf
The Model Man.
Mayor Low says that since over
hearing a conversation between two
girls In n bridgo car the other day ho
can't help smiling whenever lie hours
anybody spoken of ns "a model
It appears that ono of tho young
women wns perusing a book, nnd her
companion asked:
"What's that you'ro reading?"
"It's called 'A Model Man,' and I
think It's awfully utupld."
"Yes, tho model man generally Is,
particularly after he's murrled."
Now York Times.
The Popular Tune.
"Aren't you going to play that plcco
tho lady Just requested?" asked tho
"No," answered tho bandmaster.
"But threo or four peoplo have asked
tor it."
"That's truo. I havo pbscrved that
when a composition 13 requested by
threo or four people n dny theru nro
scvornl thousand who would pay moro
rather than hoar it any moro."
Weary Willie Lady, I'm near dead
fur a good squaro meal.
Mrs. Housekeop If you'll saw somo
of that wood over thero I'll lot you eat
your fill.
Weary Willie-Good dny, lady. I
don't cat wood, thnnk yo kindly.
"So tho physicians thought you had
"Yes," nnsworod Mrs. Cumrox, "nnd
I was ever so relieved to learn Unit
they wero mistaken. Appendicitis Is
going completely out of stylo, you
Sure to Bring Him Home.
Farmer (to Indj) Havo you scon
my bull?
Ijidy Morey, no! Whoro Is ho?
"Ho got loosu. And If you should
soo him will you please keep on that
thoro red coat und run this way?"
No Immediate Danger.
"It's funny," said tho sick man's
ivlfo, "but tho doctor says ho hasn't
discovered yet what's tho matter with
"Thank heaven!" exclaimed tho
sick mun, "thou I'm safe for a whilo
Friendship's Tribute.
Matido I'vo found out that Irene
was not Invited to tho Scadwolls'
party, anyhow.
Mabel Did sho tell you?
Maud Samo thing. Sho snld sho
wasn't going. Chicago Trlbuno.
"Thoro is no such thing as luck,"
nld tho sturdy, self-reliant person.
"1 can't contradict you," said tho
patient sufferer. "All 1 can say Is
that if thero Is I Jiavon't, seen It,"
tS&gszZrgZSgi " (2
QM rm
ai ! j
Getting Easier.
Cholly Horses-How uro you getting
along with your suit for Miss Itoxloy's
Percy Voro Oh, I nm making prog
ress. Cholly Horse I thoupht her fntber
kicked you out every tlmo you called."
Percy Voro "Yes, but ho doesn't
kick mo quite ns hard as ho used to.
Pleasant Outlook.
"All the oriel will ho damned," rm'ld
tho dour soclnrlnn, "except moself
und tho meeulster; nnd I'm nn too
sure about tho meeulster!" Liver
Hol Mercury.
Better start to put on your hat.
an hour.
Cause and Effect.
"A young mnn should novor mako
tho mlstnko of culling on a girl when
ho has been drinking," suld tho mor
allzer. "That's right," rejoined tho demor
allzer. "Many u young mun has bo
eomo hopelessly engaged in just that
Literary Appreciation.
"Aro you fond of poetry?" asked tho
young man with tho curly hair.
"Yes," answered Miss Cayonno,
"poetry has done a great deal to mako
life easier. It gives peoplo an oppor
tunity to uso quotntlons instead of bo
Ing original and tiresome."
N Nothing Home-Made.
Mrs. Gaddlo I soo you'ro going In
for society. Has your daughter mado
hor debut yot?
Mrs. Nurltch Woll, I should say
not. Sho got nil them things mado to
order in Paris.
KA eSSs.N Mi) LlLMk I
j ; I J J' SssbbbbbT M
-Jrfr ..ijtt v 3TBSBMBS ZBP
Ho Miss Millions has brokon off
Sho What caused it?
Ho Sho found out that sho could
What People Call Him.
"Somo day,' said tho would-be mon
opolist, "I will bo known as 'a great
pig Iron und stool man.' "
"You'ro partially successful al
ready," roplicd Bitters. "All your tltlo
lucks now Is tho 'Iron and steel man.' "
Buffet Attachment.
Harkor Thoro is a now fad among
tourists of sitting in tho observation
car observing things through glasses.
Barter Yes, and a great many Bit
in thajp.iiili.noi: nd.lothvfaOTfi thtgy
1 , r
Often the Case.
"I nm sorry," said tho enrnost citi
zen, "to see tho lovo of money exerting
so much luiluunco."
"Well," nnsworod Senntor Sorghum,
"I'm sorry to hear you talk that way.
Whon I hear n man grlovlng nbout tho
love of money I tnku It ns u, pretty
good sign that ho Is suffering from
unrequited affection." Washington
A Woman's Reason.
lie Anil so you think thnt If women
had tho bnllot they would havo minds
of tholr own nnd ho nblo to give logical
reasons for their beliefs?
Sho (decisively) I know they
Ho But how do you know It?
Sho Why, because Kansas City
Resigned to It.
Bess Yes, after Mnudo Is ranrrlod
sho and her liusband aro to llvo
Nell I should think her parents
would bo sorry to soo hor go.
Bess Oh, not necessarily. Thoy
have been trying to glvo hor up for
tho last ten or fifteen years.
Tells How.
"And nron't you mnrrlcd yet?" I
"No." I
"Well, well. I thought you woro on
gaged to a certuln young lady in Gor
muntown?)' "No. I wns engaged to an uncertain
young lady In Gormantown, and that's
why I'm not murrled."
As Others 8ee Us.
Percy "Which is the aw corwoct
form to use bwaln or bwalns?"
Jack "In speaking of yours or
Percy "Why or of mlno, fob In
stance" s
Jack "Oh, tho singular form, of
Case of Easy Picking.
"You know that man, Flipporton,
who dims to read character at a
"Woll, ho swlndlod mo out of 300."
"Indeed? I didn't supposo ho over
put his boasted talent to any practical
How He Helped.
"Havo you ovor dono anything to
mako tho world happlor?" askod tho
solemn-looking person with tho unbar
bered hnlr.
"Suro," answered tho Jolly man with,
tho doublo chin. "I was onco Invltod
to sing In public and decllnod."
Society and Caprice.
Edmonln How was Mrs. Von Push
er's recoptlon?
Eustacla Oh, horribly dull! Nobody,
was thoro.
"And how wns Mrs. Do Chic's tea?"
"Oh, dreadful! Everybody was
there." Life
Office Repartee.
"Wish I had a drink," said tho dry
"Why don't you bo llko mo?" said
tho offlco towel. "I am novor dry."
her engagement with tho marquis.
got a lord for tho samo prico.
From Bad to Worse.
"It is sad," romarked tho raoralizor,
"to think that every man has his
"Yes," udmltto;'. tho demoralizer,
"and It is saddor to know that moro
than half tho tlmo ho can't get it."
Future Expectations.
"Your last husband was tall ana
dark," snid tho great fortune toller.
"Why, that Is my presont husband,"
said the Chicago woman In alarm
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