The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 06, 1903, Image 4

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vunusiiun kvbhy kiudav.
P. C. Piiaiies, IMltor.
9D f6ftr lllMHIt tl tlltlKllHOO
Umoutbt 5n
Intered t tno poll omco at Hod Cloud, Nob,
ooondclMtuitll mlie:.
k m T
r I 1 1 I rri7
Ftmihliod on iillcnltoii.
Die Republican Tide Still lllili.
Tl'lio tioinondoiiH republicim lend in
Ohio was tlio most strikiiiK fcutiirn or
I lio voLIiik in tlio status which had
oloctlons Tuesday. John Drouth's
KH.OOt). majority in tlio election of
IHICl, which was tlio hroadest margin
tlml any Kiihornatorial candidato in
nny 'oiit!Ntoil oloetlon iinywliuro in
tlio United States aloiiK to that time,
lias lx'en exceeded by Horrick. Tlio
republican majority on joint ballot in
tho lt'Klsliituro is also imieli larger
than ovoii tlio most kiiiikuIiio repub
lican looked for. The victory, both for
.Hovorimr and for senator, Is a marked
tribute to Mr, llanna's ability as a
party leader, as well as a strikhiK ovi
lonioof tho potency of tho republi
can party in tlio nation at luro on tho
.unoral issues of tlio time,
Iowa has Klvcti a Kreater majority
for Cummins than ho or his friends
ind lwn olaimiiiK. Dospito tlio apa
thy of tho republicans and tho activity
of tho democrats in Massachusetts,
tlio ropubllcaiiH lit.vj held tlio .state by
31 larxo majority. Now Jersey is ro
pnblitvin on tlio leKislativo ticket,
which is all that wan elected. Penn
sylvania did not succeed in getting up
nny Interest, either in or out of tho
:stiito, in its contest for minor, state
ollloors, but tho republicans won by
217XX) votes. Dut Kentucky has boon
fteld by tlio democrats, im was expect
ed would be tho enso. Nobrnskn mid
Colorado have gono republican by safe
TJio general result is favorable to
the republicans. Tho Tammany vic
tory in Now York city is not a democratic-
triumph. That town Is over
whelmingly democratic on a stralKht
party vote. Color, democrat, lod Odoll
by 1!!,000 a year ago. Tlio fusion sido
refrained from all partisan talk in its
utmpuiKii. Senator Haunn's candidacy
for re-election would have insured a
livinion on party linos if there had
boon no incentive iu that direction.
But every gubernatorial campaign iu
Ohio, even when 11 Huuatorsliip is not
lopendont on tho result, turns on na
tional questions. Iowa is also a good
test of the direction and st length of
tho partisan currents throughout the
nation. The tide of republican po
tency is Mill nt tho Hood.
Nothing In It.
It will bo woll for Americans not to
consider tno Hciioiihly just now tlio
hupiinitist suggestions flint are heard
in Canada '1 hey arise mainly from
Iilijue and disapp intmetit over the
tuition of the Loudon I oundary com
mission 'I hey do not oxpro s tho
sober, conservative judgment of tlio
loiiiiiiloii, ultliough undoubtedly there
is a steadily growing consciousness
that sometime in the future tlio pro
sont relations of Canada to tlio umpire
tvill cease.
Hut there is no substantial motive
ttr Americans to urgo on, at this time,
wither tlio Independence of Canada us
regards (Jreat llrittiu, or tlio absorp
tion of Canada into our union. There
am miiiy reasons why the acuession of
Ouui'la to our Union may wo 1 bo left
to tho inure or less distant futuio
There would be little tioublo for us
nowtoassi Unto the Canadian wo t,
lint it is dill'eront in tlio cue of tho
old or eastern provinces In tho latter
wo should have to deal with religious,
racial and other questions which wo
limy in well avoid instead of inviting
'1 ho Canadians now enjoy g od gov
ernment, the very best in ilio world, if
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.hlsvoiws. Such men are moro to bo
, foaro't than tho Minting, iaving reds
who scream tor tho demolition of all
social fabrics Ilo plants the scods in
fortlo soil Ills shrewdly devised
arguments incite his heai ers to longths
which ho would himsolf pretend to de
precate. If tho hand of tlio law can
reach such teachers and suppress tlictu
it will do moro g od than tho moro
rounding up of their poor, deluded
fdlowerswho lack tlioir Intelligence
and self restraint.
wo i copt our own for ourselves. 'I hoy
lmo as complete self govormont. as wo
have, and they have the pro ecllon of
tlio mighty arm of the linttluli govor
mont, ami that, too, practically with
out paying for it If the Canadians
should cast in their lot with tho Amer
ican union as status, they would have
to surrender tlio Indepuiub uco t.liey
now enjoy. In foreign relations and a
groat, mass of other matters, they
would bo compelled to elf co them
selves or absolutely to submit lo tho
dicta ion of our national govormont,
precisely as tlio prosont members of
the American union do. This would
come hard to tho Canadians Wo
should not tolorato Canadian nglta'lon
of s cession, and co tainly no act of
secession. Tho Canadians can now
Irooly talk of so osslon from tho Hrlt
ish ompiro, and probably could poaco
ably if they so dosiro; but tho moment
they bocomo niombors of tho American
union this sort of thing would havo
suddenly to st-ip, or thoy would bo
brought up by tho rough hand or Unclo
We shall novor want thorn in tho
uuiou on any other terms Tho Cana
dalus had bottor think all these and
many other important things over
seriously before thoy secede from
British rule elthor to sot up independ
ently or to ask admission lo our union
And they will. Just now they are
foolishly excited ovor tho boundary
settlement uud many of them, tho
moro oxcitublo and talkative ones
among them, aro talking foolishly
Hut thoy will get ovor this iu duo timo
Thoy will before long got Hround to
wh re thoy can intelligently look tho
facts in tho faco and this separatist
obuliitiou will cease They will sottlo
down to a common souso vlow of thoir
In the meantime Americans
well pass tho Canudians up.
may as
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All druKtrliti.
iiitmii ainnf
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The Anarchist.
Tho attorney for tho man Tumor,
accused of being an anarchist and a
such under orders of deportation to
England, declared iu court, yesterday
that anarchism was not a crime, but a
religion, says tho Washington Star
Ho hold that it was subvoi&lvo of the
lii 11 of lights to send from tho country
any person because of his entertain
ment of such views as thos cherished
by Ids client 'J bus ho admitted tho
accusation, but demurred to its sulll
ulency to warrant deportation. There
is probably no distinct or generally ac
cepted dolltiitlou of anarchism, lint
there is uprotty clear notion on tho
pint ot the public and of tlio law
making bodies as to its natuto and the
menace to the state which itembodh s
It is generally ho d to bo a philosophy
which aims at tho destruction of all
social order, as uinlntHiuoil by what is
styled government. It is individual
ism carried to its extremo It is a
theory which all knowledge argues to
be impossible of pracital execution
It Is characteristic of the who o crew
of anarchist that ths man should
seek reiuge behind a fundament of
government In his light against deport
atlo i Mmioofthem when confronted,
quote tho statute laws in their defense
Some quote tlio constitution. Tills
man reft r.s to tho bill or rights. Ho is
thus trying to utilize to ills own ends
tho veiy machinery of government
which his o eed denounces as useless,
thing roils and subversive of personal
if anarchism is a religion, and as
such i exempt from iho interfotenco
of government, there is no rtuson why
any body of fanatics of tho most mal
evolent and destructive kind should
not seek this samo cloak. It is u largo
ono. It has Milolded many a miscreant
in its timo. It has served many an
ovll purpose Look eastward and
witness the horrors proporly attribut
able to tho religious" zoal of tho
Mohammedan and tho Chinese Bud
dhist. Itoligious toleration is truly
one of tho foundations of this great
commonwealth, but its vory vlrtuo as
a safeguard 1 os iu tho right of tho
state to draw the lino of discrimina
tion to exclutlo from its bcuotits tho
olomonts which, uucheckod, would do
stroy all religions and nil liberties.
Tho prompt doportat on of this man
and all others like him l I work for
tho strengthening of our institutions
and for tho benefit of tho people It
has boon urged iu Turner's bolialf
that ho is not a bloodthirsty anarchist,
but that ho is merely philosophical iu
Atchison Globe Sights.
I 'MMrust of ethers usual y originates
in distrust of self.
Aft r a womnii passes forty and her
unrcs grow lighter, she passes into a
second gigg ehood.
When a womnii says r-ho is only
human in talking to a in:.n, she ex
pects to be contnidiotet'.
Two Atchison women aro taking tho
same kind of baths: Ono to get fat and
the other to get thin
When an Itishti an tries tb skin an
other Irishman, noither man gets any
thing out of it e.vrpt n lot of talk.
An Atchison man has a.joko on his
wlfo, sho had been gone awny a month,
and lie had gained seven piunds on
restaurant meals,
Tho scoop hats tho women aro wear-
ing aro havc-to-hollor hats! Women
woaring thorn can't got close enough
together to bo hcaid unless they holler.
When the women in a church re-,
mind a pronchor that ho has told that
story bo'oro, ho may as woll begin to
look for u now Hold; ho is growing un
popular. You havo this to be thankful for if
you aro in humblo walks of llfo: If over
you havo a blllious spell, tho poople
will not be bored by bullutines about
An Atchison man who had a big
field to pick from, finds that he has
mado as bad a mistake in the son-in-law
he picked out as if he had permit
tod his daughter to have a free hand.
We suppose that when a man preclpl
tatos himself into St. Poter's presence,
with marks of a rope around his neck,
St. Peter knows that ho livod in tho
country, and hung himsolf in tho burn
But when tho man's hair is soaking
wt-t, it means that ho was a city man,
and took tho bath-tub route.
An At' hison young man had a hoad
ache, and tho alarm of his best girl,
whoso imag'nation pioturod him on his
dca'hbcd, "was i ly o ncealotl. Tho
girl's fathor had an attti' k of pneu
monia, ami his lifo was roally in dan
ger, but tho daughter decided that it
was nothing to worry about; that doc
tors always exaggorato things.
Girls' sec ot societies nro beginning
to adopt initiation coromonlos th t
s iiiud like imitations of tlio boys Tho
Sigma 'eta frato'iilty of tho Kansas
City, Kan., high school last i iglit took
a candidate to a soda fountain, and
compelled her to pay for drinks for
all ton members, Then thoy escorted
her homo, uud made her smoke a cigar
otto. A reporter employed on tho Daily
Blade, wroto tho following testimonial
for a cereal food: "I purchased a
pa kago of Like It, after seeing It ad
vert isetl iu tho Blade several mouths.
I never buy an urticlo of any kind that
is not advertised iu tlio Blado I don't
know that it is doug mo any good, but
it is not doing me any harm, anil it is
advertised in tlio ibado."
Neither Gorman nor Hoarst over
talk about their candidato for piesl-dent.
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- 1-1 ;
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ly BKuppenhoirnerACo.Chlcago ' 6$j !
Tho Independent voter was vory
much in evidence in tlio county elec
tion' this year. Tlio majority of 1.72
tor Geoigo McCraiy, fusion, and lCd
(iarbei'.s majority of 100, a range of
SV2 votes, shows that tho average voter
pays very littlo attention to party lines
In this county.
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Tho people of tho Isthmus of Pnn
lima havo at last rebelled against tho
arbitrary rulo of tho Colombian gov
ernment, and havo set up a government
of tlioir own. Tho opposition of tho
Colombian government to tho Panama
canal treaty and its greediness in its
demands upon the United States gov
ernment finally drove tho Isthmians
to act for themselves. The United
States will undoubtedly recognize the
now government and treat directly
with it in tho canal matter.
Judge Barnes and tho republican
candidates for regouts of the univer
sity nro olectod by majorities in tho
neighborhood of 0,000. Nebraska is
safely in tho republican column again.
Mr. Bryan has given us an oxamplo
of how to got rich without being a
plutocrat, by charging WOO for draw
lug up a will which bequeathed him
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of and protect all can be classed as
Judge Adams will have a majority of
about 150 in the district. J. W. James
made a good fight for tho office, but
Adams' personal popularity was too
much for him.
No ono has accused tho Canadians
of inheriting tho British characteristic
of not knowing wlion thoy aro beaten.
The defeat of Ed Amack for sheiitr
was tho biggsst surprise sprung by tho
voters this year.
Voting tlio straight party ticket
seems to bo a thing of tho past in this
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e cup of telraMSH
Hichard Turner will do the assessing
for tho next four years.
Good morning, Judge Keeney.
Real Estate Transfers.
Translers for week ending Wedno
biy, November 4, furnished by J. II.
B tiley of Webster County Abstruct
JiiniHi I Cochrane to J it Morcer
lt4 0imd8blkaOKC wd
K M Benson antl wifo to Thomas
Clnrk n2nw4 10 2 12 wd
T Henry Vaughn to Kalpli W Mc
Oalliim lot 11 blk 12 G K wd...
Win J Ely t al to Cluis T E y
lot" 17 18 and l!) Hubert and
to Guide Kouk wd
Win .1 IlariU and wifo to Clus
T Ely pt !( 0 Roberts add to
Guide Rock wd
IVtor Nelson ami wifo to John V
Kniirgo s 4 '2 3 0 wd
Kiiimri Aiomlo and htisb to Chas
Ho?u pt sw4 nw4 20 10 wd....
Patrick Gllroy and wifo to Clms
iluntxr w2 in 1 and w2.-el a3-2-12
wd 2000
James N Claiko receiver to Au
gustus Hbats nw4 20-1-11 wd.,
James Hose ami luinb to Lump
man no sw 4 20-5 1) wd
Total 112812
Moitjjnges filed $4700 00
Mortgages released $U:jG5.00
Low Rates West via Burlington Route
825 to Portland, Tacoma, Seattle.
$25 to San Francisco anil Los An
geles. 822,00 to Spokano.
$20 to Salt Lake City, Butte and
Proportionately low rates to hun
dreds of other points, including Big
Horn Basin, Wyo , Montana, Idaho,
Washington, Oregon, British Colum
bia, Culifornh, (tc. Every day until
November 30. Toiuist cars daily to
California. Personally conducted ex
clusions throe times a weok, Tourist
cars dally to Seattle. Inquiro of uour.
J st Burlingtou Houto agent.
& Burden
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VHFATf fT Lock o S3. OiiMo Hock, Neb.
T so, u u- k& 1 t ' kinds of propTrTTboiight, sold and