The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 23, 1903, Image 1

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?d Cloud, the Geographical Center of the United States, a Good Place to Live In.
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RED CLOUD, NEBRASKA. OCTOI'.tiU 2.,, 1 !);$.
6G0 Sq. Feet of
Floor Space.
Red Cloud
"Satisfaction or Money"
'18.000 Sq. Feet of
Floor Space.
iRed Clovid,
For lateness of style, excellence of quality and lowness of price our Cloaks can
not be excelled. This is a bold claim, but we stand back of it. We do not skimp
the quality so as to bring the price down or to make the profit larger. We believe
that our customers prefer a good article and we see that they get it.
I to
Blue Hill visitor'
Ladies' Jacket, 27 in. long,
mado of black Montenac, Satino
lined, striped with Kersey, imi
tation collar, black only. A
special value at
Brown Zibilene, 27 in long,
Satin lined, imitation collar,
Satin piping, drop trimmings.
A very handsome Cloak,
Ladios' 45 in. Coat, Black and
Castor, two capes, heavily Silk
trimmed and stitched, Skinner
Satin lining, guaranteed for two
Othmr grmdtm In 49 In.
long Cmata mf mil wool
Ladies' .12 in. Wool Kersey,
semi-filled back, largo military
collar, fancy braided edge, two
year Skinner Sutiu lining, black
CloeJc Department,
West R.oon
Ladies' 27 in. Coat, all-wool,
Kersey, Satin lined, double
cape, Velvet trimmed Castor,
Why pay $40 to $50 for for a Sewing Machine when we sell you
for $25?
a better one
Field Sewing Machines
nre equal to any machine mado and super
lor to many. Tins inacinuo needs no in
troduction. Price.
The Invader
A high grade Sowing Machine, 815. Drop
Head, Oak Frame, complete- set of attach
ments. Guaranteed. Price only
Finn weather utter tlui rain.
V. A Br.uly was
Monti y.
N. Bartle'.t'is Urii'ing his ham ton It
new of paint. ,
Mrs. Itunh Springer left Thursday 1
for South Dakota, whom (die noe to'
visit hot brother, Ctnirl y Williams,
Win. Thorn an.l wife Npout Sunday
in Juniata visiting rehitivus.
A. Reed, wifn ami daughter Grace
spent Sunday in Hnlnciu.
D. II. Clark and wife of Cimpboll
come down Saturday to visit over
Sunday with Mis. Clark's parents.
Mrs. McCoy and children of Hluo
Hill were visiting with her parents
Saturday and Sunday.
Tho Baptists are holding revival
meetings this week.
Candidates are thicker than bees.
Mri. John Paugh has gonoto Illinois
to spend a month ot six weeks visiting
Mrs. George Newhouse of Red Cloud
is visiting with her parents, Wash Reed
and wife.
George Fish of Blue Hill was in town
Lou of grain is being hauled to town
by 'he farmers.
Mrs. N. Springer purchased a new
bug'tfy this week.
The grand ip-uter workman of tbe
A. O. U. W. gttvo an entertaining talk
at the G. A. R. hall Wednesday night.
After the speaking an oyster supper
was served, which everybody enjoyed.
J. L. GrandstBU" drovo down to tho
county seat Wednesday.
Mr. Crosby is vUiting his sistor, Mn
..Eye and Eye Glass Care...
K'P us pilot, you out of thu misery and danger ol overworked and
improperly treated eyesight into tho rest and nut infliction or re
stored vision. Wo understand Eyes and Eyo Glasses our busi
ness to ilt tho one to the other. Wo know thu E.vo and it.s needs -
wo know the dangers that follow in the wake of defective Eyes and strain
ed vision. Our knowledge of the Kyo and practical experience In tho
fitting of Glasses Is at yrur service. Wo examine your eyes thoroughly,
scientifically: tell you their exact condition, ndvisu you what to do mid
grant you tho privilege of doing as you please. Tr v v
Waiting and hoplnc never betters ailing vision
procrastination Is the thlel ol rood eveslcht.
he change which come to the eye are be-
A little way from right Is a great way wrong
yond the power ol the Individual to remedy.
fix 5
Neclect to eIvo eves croMr and timely care 1
responsible (or much ol the president day eye
A very little strain upon this delicate structure
soon exhausts Its delicate nerve force.
When the eye first troubles, the man of sense
knows there Is need of help, and stralghway
gets it.
Let us aid you to better vision or the preserva
tion ot what remains.
with eye glasses and spectacles.
We mako a study of Individual needs and
frames and lenses with exactness.
Every appliance science has devised Is at our
Every pair of glasses must precisely suit the
wearer and us.
Each lens, each frame. Is thoroughly Inspected,
11 mere 11 iiiw or Diemisn u n uitcaruea, j.
Your eye glasses are as Important at your X
eyesight Is Important. Hare the skill, the will T
and the facilities to make them so. X
S Jewelers and Opticians.
Of tho Kansas City Voter- .
inary Colloge. Otllco at C.
M. Smith's Livery 13am.
Telephone 10.
At Blue Hill every Thursday.
Elaine Roic's Paris Budget.
Another attempt is being mado in
I'niU to omt tho old favorite, tho
tailor-made These attempts are peri
odic, as tho French woman has al
ways been deadly opposed to the so
vere stylo which, whiln it hrings out
tho good points of tho Vienuose who,
bv tl 0 way, wero the first to adopt tho
style ami of tho Aiuoiicaii woman, to
whom it is particularly becoming, tho
Finrh beauty nquiio Mils and fur
belows to appear at her ho it.
But what tho American woman likes
nnd woori, from nor C -B n la Spirito
ypJ ft y WvX
, j
ciau uooieu 100119, witn me growin 01
tho Amerlcin invtisim, becoming the
liift word in tho ftisui.m centers, and
her tailor-ntado she will hnv, from tho
mixed tweed with lleokiugs of color
for moi uing wear to her richly trim
ineit broadcloth or velvet for more
formal occasions.
With tho continuation of tho skirt
and coat costume o mies marvelous
development along tho shirt waist
linn, the most elabonito of them being
called drcs waist. The latter are
usually embroidered or laco trimmed,
and very often both, and velvet makes
one of tho nios' olegant backgrounds
for such adornment.
A beautiful Fomytho model is of
moss gn on volour, worn with a mixed
tweod skirt.
Now as to houso toilottes and gowns
for theater wear. Never before were
crotitcd such exquisite, delicate, cloud
like affairs, seemingly wrought by
fairy lingon, reviving all the choicest
coquetries of past generations. One
c.xqnisito model among tho budget of
bounties 1 have culled for you, from
the great Paataian nndiste's best, and
which is hern illustrated, is composed
of pure white penu do crepo, silk em
broidery and French lace. Tho trained
hkirt is nmd e very full with three wido
insertions of luce. Tho decoration of
the bodice is a deep, drooping drapery
of laco, fulling over a full (lowing
sleeve, beneath which is a lace undor
sleeve. Ki.aink Ho.b.
Severely Burned.
List Monday nfternoon, Mrs. John
Burgess, who lives just across tho Ne
braska lino in Jewell county, Kansas,
was severely burned -vhllo attempting;
to save her homo from destruction.
The houjo had caught tire, presumably
from a defective live, and when dis
covered had gained considerable ho id
way. Mrs. Burgess succoeded in put
ting the fire out, but her clothing
caught tiro and sho was so badly burned
tout her recovery is not thought probable.
plan each Sundny to hnndlo two sub
jects of wide general interoat and I de-
sira tho earnest o-oporatlon of tho
peoplo of tho city. Subjoct for Sunday
morning. "Tho Gospel of Child-Life."
What did Christ mean when ho said
Ofcuch is tho kingdom of Iltavon?
Evening subject, "Graft and Grafters.
Wo lind thorn in politics, in business,
in tho church." William Hauptmann,
pastor of c'ongiogationa! church.
was in
Land Buyers' Excursion.
Bargains in pasturo and hay land,
improved nnd unimproved valley and
upland farms in Valley, Greeley, How
ard and Shortunn countic?. Pasture
and farm lands from 85 to $20 por ncre.
From 1200 to $500 secures an improved
or river bottom farm.
Excursion will leave Cowles for
Loup City Tuesday, Nov. 10, over B
& M. It. K. Loup City and return,
$4.17, on this dnto only. Socuro a farm
now and got landlord ront. Write for
particulars to A. H. Keenoy, Cowlos,
. . m
Friday, Oct. 10, a now pocketbook,
containing a $10 and n 85 bill, between
O. W. Francis' farm, northeast of
Cowlos, and Bed Cloud. Howard for
renfrn to this otllco.
Mr. Kraut of Waluut croek
Linothreshing strain for the
this week.
Mrs. Molvina Van Dykc-Keynolds of
Montrose, Kansa, and Mis. J. U.
Fou'zol Guide Buck were tlio guests
of Win. Van Djketho first of the week.
Tho combination salo of L. A.
Hasklns and S. C Shuck was not very
well a tended. I'hosn who did attend
meant business, how over. Stock of all
kinds sold for good pricep. Spring
calves sold ut $13 and yearlings at $20,
and shouts brought $0 to $3 por head.
Fred Wildey ihrovhedsometninglikn
500 bushels of Rtiisinn and German
millet this week. Tho Russian mado
40 bushels and tho German 30 bushels
to tho aero. Tho giain was planted
with a press drill and yioldid -double
what grain sown broadcast yieldoil,
Quito a number of candidates for
ofllco nttended tho sale not to btfy
anything, but to solicit vores.
Lino will go Republican this full.
Last Wednesdny Mr. and Mis. Allen
Carpenter gave a parly in honor of
Mrs. Curponter birthday. A large
numbor of relatives and friends were
pri'Hcn, and Mrs. Carpenter was tho
recipitut of many handsome and use
ful presents
Mrs. Joe Norns is visiting friends in
Lino this week.
Many of our enterprliing men have
boon giving work to benefit our road
through tho bottom,
Mr. and Mrs, Sutton and Mrs. Fronk
Siobort wore visiting relatives in Mln
den last wiok.
Frank Blank nhakor is building n
new burn with tbe assistance ot Moo
A verv enjoyable party w:is hold at
the home of George Middlotou Thurs
day evening
Jlr. Arncson was visiting with rer
daugh'or, Mis. Join Sutton, lust week.
We hear Hint Mr. and Mrs. Adolph
Jetton of Wyoming have a son.
'Mrs. Guy Tounaut, who has been
visiting at hor father-in-law's, returned
home Siturday.
Mrs. S F. J.ntHand Sara Arnosou
spent Tniirtdiiy in Bed Cloud.
Larson Bros, have just completed a
new rcHidcticc.
Miss Lou Wilson visited her parents
Everett Bum and family visited with
Frank Bean Sunday.
Bruce Payne sold a team to Herbert
Williams the tlrstof thu week.
Mrs. Bniiu was the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Whccarver, the first of
tho week.
H. Williams took a load of potatoes
to Cimpbull Tuesday.
Gilbert Sorgenson and F. Jickerion
were in Hastings the fieri of the week.
B.inj. My took lomu of hla finekofla
to tho Kansas city live stock show,
'corset with which the "American fig
ure" is cultivated, down to hor patrl'
To My Friends.
1 bavn decldod to lomain
Cloud and will nt nnco hogin
of sermons on special topic j.
in Red
a series
It is my
Mr. Frank Ondia or Adams county
and Miss Christian Jobanek ot Nuck
olls county woro married on the 20th
by Rev. Braun.
George W. Monro of Riverton and
Miss In no Shoemaker of Franklin
county woio married on Wednesday
by Judge Edson.
October 17 Guy E Lir.dsey and
Lydiu M. Harris, both of Batiu pro
cinct. October 20 Ralph C. Petors and
Catheiinu Wickhom, both of Guide
K' ok, and Wilbur O. Hamilton and
M-ittie Fo.gimm, also of Guide Kick.
Low Rates West via Burlington Route .,
8'J5 to Portland, Tacoma, Seattle.
$25 to San Francisco and Los An
822.50 to Spokane.
$20 to Salt Lako City, Butte and
Proportionately low rates to hun
dreds of other points, including Big
Horn Basin, Wyo , Montana, Idaho,
Wui-hington, Oregon, British Colum
hia, California, etc. Every day until
November 30 Tourist cars doily to
California. Personilly conducted ex
clusions three times a weok. Tourist
cars dillv to Seattle. Inquiro of neur
est Burlington Bouto ngeut.
Convincing Evidence That (Eie U. S. is
the Best and Most Poplar Separator
Absolutely Pure
Subscribe for Tub Chief ot Colvin's
Win. Sawyer is moving buildings
north of town.
A Mr. Travis woh bore on a deal with
Colviu for a farm this week.
Two weddings arc scheduled for this
evenintr. ono noithenst of town and
one southwest.
Attorney McNeny was down from
Red Cloud on business today.
Mm. S.Croxton of Stillwater is ex
pecting her sister and her husband
from Illinois tonight.
J. B. Guy has takon bis farm off tho
market and will movo heio from Iowa
I, B. Colvin reports tho salo of lots
19 to 21, 2, Talbots additlou, to O. F.
Geo, Aughinbaugh has arrived safely
in Pennsylvania.
Uouiir.BTKii, Mink,, Sept. s, 1903.
I have handled the U. S. Separator
for the past five years, The firt year
I sold about .ft 'machines. Looking
over my books this rprlug, five year
later, I find there lire 30 out of the, 40
gold the first year that have cost their
owners not one cent for repairs during
the five years they have run tliem.
AltoKether I nave
U. S. Separators.
sold about 270
i D. Anderson Keel,
If iHtiT4llt(i virlttor ealalotut.
W. trtntfer our iepartort from .Chicago, U Croise, MI""W'V tJ??ff;l,!iju,J
Clly, Hamilton, Out, Montreal, Shtrbiooke and Qutbte City. Addreu all letlert to
Vermont Farm Machine Co., Bellows Falls, Vt,
-t.v .,..,--.-'- .-.-.1. zzz&rv-'"?3.
fc.-.. ..J,-W .,.--. -'"' . : " ,p"" "" . .. -y z2Z2?2i-2ZiiJZ2iZLLzz2J .LA.....- -. u-iii!.,:-' T ''" , .yj"
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.V 1W lUMM. W4J