The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 25, 1903, Image 1

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ted Cloud, the Geographical Center of the United States, a Good Place to Live In.
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volume xxxr.
Miner j .
1878 MO sq. ft.
J18.MH) sq.ft. UKKIj
Ladles' Eiderdown Z
Dressing Sacqucs and
Lounging Robes.
All-wool Eiderdown, heavily np-
pliqtiod Collar, wool crocheted s
edirc. worth 81.25 and 811)0.
All-wool ripple Eiderdown, heav
ily uppllqucd square collar
wool crocheted edge through
Tfee Semi-Annual Anniversary
of the BIG STORE will be
celebrated with a series of
Spscial Sales, values that
an exceptionally sttecexsfull one lj;iti(
thoC-lJ.nla Splrito
I Although every sort of Inco Is used
at present, the heavier luces are the
inot popular The C imp and An
tiquo laces nro en reglo on almost
every stylo of gown, and on almost
every material
Heavy Irish lace, either In insertion
or allover, is ised for waists, and in
tho shop windows display a great
variety of cull's, collurs, capes and
stoles of Maltese laco
Of the fashions more anon from
Paris. '
out. Colors, gray, reu, rose
and light blue,
1. SO
Pull leneth all-wool ripple Eider
down, wool crocheted edge c
throughout, frocs. girdle and
tassels, heuvily appliqued, red
and gray,
It is almost an
unheard of event
to offer new mer
chandise in new
and up-to-date pat
terns at such cut
prices this early in
the season.
...Eye and Eye Glass Care...
1CT lis idiot von out of tho misery and danger of overworked
iinnroneilv treated ovosiuht Into tho rest and satisfaction of re
stored vision. Wo understand Eves and Eyo Glasses our imul- Jfc;
ness to lit tho one to tho other. Wo know the Eyo and Its noedH i.
wo know tho dangers that follow In tho wako of defective Eyes and strnltc-
oil vision. Our knowledge of tho Eyo and practical oxporleneo in tins- g ,
fitting of Glasses Is at yrur service. Wo examine your eyes thoroughly,
scientillcally: tell you their exact condition, advise you what to do and
grant, you tho privilege of doing as you please. v ", JJ."
20 pieces 1.2 l-2c Flanneletts,
special at
5 pieces Panama fleeced
Waisting, colors red, blue,
rose, cream-and white, per
yard 20c
, 20 pieces yard wide fleeced
Unsnmeres, Oc value, nt..l5c
40 pieces of Worsted Dress
Uooils, retl, grays, ton,
black, blues, etc., goods
that wo purchased to sell
at.T,10 and 45c. Special
price, per yard 27c
? 1,000 yards 10c Ginghams I
at 8c
The magnet that
attracts these Case
lots of remarkable
merchandise to our
stocks. We have
been preparing for
many months for
these events.
have purchased many
Case Lots of Ginghams, Out
ings, Flannelettes, Hosiery,
Calico, Towelings, bought for
CASH, especially under price
for these great Price-Cutting
Job Pearl Buttons, regular
He, at ,1c 1
Dress Shields, per pair 5c ,
3 spools Basting Thread 5c
Thimbles, each c '
Enameled Wrod Stocking
Darner 5o ,
Mohair Skirt Binding, 5-yard
lengths, bunch lOo '
(Much "Rubber Comb lOo
Air Coll Knit Washrogs 5c ,
12 yards Val. Laces. . .". 5c
Talcum Powder, per can 25c '
Vasaline 5, 15, 25o ,
Extra quality Lambs' wool
boles Zoo '
Infants' Combs , . . . 15o ,
Infants' Brushes 10c
C fhSvA'V'V
We offer nothing that Is not reliable and everything that Is. They are
( the best values that cash can command, and with every transaction we
say: "Satisfaction, r money back to your pocket."
Latest London Fashions.
As tho clown in tho circus says
"hero I am again!" I Imvo simply
haunted tho West End for the last
week, and have come to tho conclusion
that while all now modes are old
modes, tho modistes havo culled the
cholcost, and- the variety is so great
that every woman may select her stylo
to suit her own individuality, always
avoiding "manulshness," which is no
longer smart.
This is the day of tho truly femi
nine. Out door wraps for all occasions,
whether they bo long, short, or half
lenath. savor of tho elaborate and
w- . 1
which m
The sumptuous coat with
idv covers her carriago or
'costume partakes of the
picturesque or luxurious. Capes,
singlo, double and triple porolino
shapod, fichu shaped or round, cower
tho top of tho arms in both simple and
elaborato wrnps.
Brown bids fair to hold tho favor it
has gained and a brown froidc for
Autuir' is an absolutely safe pro-
As to
fabrics, manufactories are
surpassing all former efforts in variety
and beauty. Through tho courtesy of
samo of the English manufacturers I
have seen several of tho advancod
Some of the now twoeds and woollens
are particularly taking and Nonpareil
vol vet dyed by tho celebrated Wor
ralls, J. & J. M. spells a fabric of
beauty in colorings and toxturo, and
tho fact that in it every woman may
look her best accounts for its great
vogue. Never before so fashionable,
velvet is a fashion come to stay.
In my Illustration I depict an ex
tremely chlo and becoming Nonpareil
velvet worn by Miss Mary Mannoring.
It is a warm shade of brown, the coat
being a Monte Carlo, and trlmmod
with ecru vouiso allover laco
It Is tho ago of comfort in dross no
hoop skirts, no orinolluo or wigan, no
bustles, no polntod toos, and tho
corsets, in comparsion with thoso
formorly worn, nro corsets In name
ouly. No one thinks of tho delicato
wasp-llko ilguro. Dressmakers hero,
as well as In Amorica, aro oudoavnring
to bring out tho straight front modes
Hoover Divorce Case In Supreme Court
The Lincoln Daily Star ban the fol
The brief of Valeria W. Hoover,
plaintiff in error, against John S. Hoc
ver, defendant in error, hns been tiled
in the supreme court. The matter is
the appeal of a divorco caso from Blue
Hill, Neb. It appears from the record
that Mrs. Hoover was engaged in clerk
ing In a cigar stand in the Millard
hotel in Umana. While there she be
came acquainted with Hoover and
after a nbort courtship married him.
The couple, of which Mr. Hoover is the
elder partner, took up their residence
t Blue Hill. They were maided Au-,
gust 7, 1001.
Things moved along well until April
1902, at wbicb time Hoover became ill.
Fearing- that. Be was going to die he
made a will, making substantial pro
vision for Mrs. Hoover. Hoover had
8elvMalchlldro by his Hct wife. Thev
leurned of the will and it -vas later re
voked. Mrs. Hoover remained with
her sick husband until about June 4,
1002, and then went to Omaha to her
parents. Soon after Hoover began di
vorce proceedings, cbargiog cruelty
and habitual drunkenness, according
to tho brief of ibo plaintiff in error.
Tho hearing of the divorco wns post
poned once and on the HdhI day of
trial tho defendant in error, her wit
nesses and counsel, were prevented
from attendeding owing to tho derail
ment of an engine attached to their
train. Hoover was awarded the do
cree prayed for.
Mrs. Hoover would liko to have tho
decree set aside for this reason and de
nies that she was or is a habitual
drunkard. The brief contains several
extracts from tho testimony in the
lower court concerning tho liquor
question. Tho plaintiff in error ill
logos that the defendant knew that
she drank when he married her, and
refers to Ids testimony to show that ho
was aware of the fact. A portion of
the testimony is as follows:
"Did you ever drink jth her before
y u were married?"
"I have uken beer with her "
f "How much beer?"
"Not very much, because I mver
liked it well enough to take much
of it."
"Did she take much on these visits?"
'She took about all I could buy, I
guess. Oh, no; It was just a matter of
sociability. We 'would probably drop
in some place to got something to eat,
and she would drink one and I would
take one."
"'Jid you ever drink more than one
glass with hoi?"
"Don't ask mo so foolish questions."
"How many glasses did you ever
drink with her to one sitting?"
"I don't think I over drank more
than ono glass to a time. 1 don't think
she ever drank more than two."
"Did you ever drink any whisky
with her?"
"We didn't diink whisky. I think
on one or two occasions we took a
highball or whisky sour, that Is all. I
want to tell you all about it, so you
will understand it. I bad been in their
house quite often and visited them,
and I never saw them drink a drop of
whisky in tbo house, hero when the old
Where did you drink tho whisky or
beer with her?"
"That is a bard question to answor.
I might have drank it at Ed Morris'.
Wo didn't go into a whisky shop."
Tho brief hn pioeecs 10 chiilo Mr,
Hoover for permit tliiR his -vifo to
drink and nllee" thai, ho bought the
Waiting and lioplne never bettars ailing vision
procrastination Is tha thiol ol Rood eyesight.
The change which coma lo the eye are ct-
yond the power ol tho individual to remedy
president day eye
Neslect to clve eves proper and timely care Is
responsible lor much ol the
A very little strain upon this delicate structure
soon exhausts Its delicate nerve force.
Ukan l.a sua llr.i ft.Mihl. tt. M.H nf ....
.,. nii.iiiu. ... mil iiwiiui.. utviiiaii ui .dh.
t knows there Is need ol help, and stralshway
T sets it.
Jf Let us aid you to better vision or the preserva-
rmn m wnm r.tnk ni.
A little way from rlsM Is a sreat way vrrontr rf
with eye classes and spectacles. JJJ.
We make a study of Individual needs arut & -frames
and lenses with exactness. ui
Every appliance science has devised Is aJt oar
command. ?"
Every pair of glasses must precisely Jj
wearer and us. XI,
Each lens, each frame. Is thoroughly InspactttIL jTL.
If there Is flaw or blemish it Is discarded. KT
Your eye glasses are as Important a jrowr X?
eyesight Is Important. Here the skilL too. nu3 2i
and the facilities to make them so 2a
JourAlArc find Ontlcinns. RED CLOUJfr.NML
liquor for her after the marriage. The
contention that be bought liquor for
his wife to avoid having row does
not impress the attorneys for the plain
tiff in error as strongly as It did Hoo
ver. Tho brief jays, in referring to
this matter:
"Cn anyono read tho following
words which fell from his lips aad sy
that ho is not guilty of deliberately
creating in this girl the appetite ol
which he now 1:0111 ph Ins?
a " 'It wasn't long after wo got to Blue
Hill until she commenced it. bhe
wanted it all the tlmo ac.d of course I
hud to buy it or havo a row, and jou
know how a man feels about having a
row with bis wife.'
" 'About how long was that?'
" 'It wasn't a week."
" To what extent did she commence
to use at first whisky and strong
" 'It usually cost me about GO cents a
day for whisky and SO cents a day for
Mr. Hoiver, evidently, from his owu
testimony, didn't have any greut crav
ing for tho cup. In answer to ques
tions as to whether he did not take a
nip ocansioually, with his wife, for so
ciability, ho explained:
"There wasn't sociability on my
part; it wis simply 10 keep out of trou
ble, that was all "
Mr. Dewey, ihe owner of tho old
Munsel farm, is here. He hi movaskft,
the house up on the hill and I tar
proving l to raako hit tenant: wm
John Street has sold his t rn io
Llewollyn Ring, thejprice beiogHOftt.
Miss Pear) Keed is visitlbg wit6hx
grandparents this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs Ailes wero nortH- o-S?
tho river Stmdayt vlsUiugwith K KU-Uecd.
Ltowellyn King has sold 80 acrea '&V
the southwest quarter of section 127ton
his brother, the consideration hetafjc
Grant Houchin has sold the noptlLw
went quarter of section 10 for ll,G0C'r
Low Rates West via Burlington Route-
625 to Portland, Tacoma, Seattle.
925 to San Francisco and Los Au
gclos. $22.50 to Spokane.
$20 to Salt Lake City, Butte h&QS
Proportionately low rates to. bsau
dteils of other points, including Bffer
Horn Btsin, Wyo , Montana, Ld&W.
Waf-hington, Oregon, British Oolucss
hia, California, etc. Every day-uaSu3i
November U0 Tourist cars dally, tasv
California. Personally conducted ?:
elusions three times a week. Tourutx.
car" diilv to Seattle. Inquire, of njs
est Burlington Bouto agent.
!; BY
.! j' a
1 tC& 'Mfi&i Wt
By wearlnK longer with less expense.
as thuir usurs alt over the Country
are dally proving, thereforo nro tho
We hive th following trantftr points i Chlwgo,
LaCrotsr, Minnopolls, Omh, Sioux City, Mon-
treat, Qube, SherbrooW, l. O., lUmllton, Ont.
AJJrtu allltlten lo Mloivi Falli, Vt.
Vermont Farm Machine Co.,
,,o 'jws Falls, Vt,
i wmmmmammmm
' 4 '" i
. 'U
I '
- -r?&sim?KiiKxrt&?tmrBa
grr-ra.4 i m.