The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 12, 1902, Image 2

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Tho Nobel reBcnrcb prize of $10,000
Iiuh beon awarded to MnJ. Donald
Iloss of tho Liverpool (Eng.) school
of tropical medicine In recognition
of hl Investigations Into the mosqul
to malaria theory. Major Iloss will
Bo to Sweden next month, when King
Oscar will present the prize to htm.
To Dr. Kmll Fischer or the llAln
university, Is awnrded tho p.izo-abr
natural science and chemistry, wlfte
the prize for physics and medlclno U
divided between Dr. Arrhonluii of tfce
"1ftrs. CHrvtVitvof Wyoming l to I
the .iniYMftl Ermine.
Woman has cnterTTf many hplfercs
formerly considered suited orjly to
man, Including even tho. legal prores
alon, but It bos remained ror Mis. M.
Allies Onrrett ot Garrett. Wyo.. to bo
the first to don the Judicial ermine.
Mrs. Onrrett was by tho
voters of Garrett precinct at tho lato
ulectlon, and she will assume her Judi
cial duties the first Tuesday following
tho first Monday In January. The
morn strenuous duties of the con
ntable, however, have been left to ono
physically capable of executing tho
orders of Mrs. Garrett's court. Elmer
E. Slothowor having been elected to
enforce the commands of the femalo
Mrs. Onrrett Is evidently a woman
of advanced education. Ilelng n prac
ticed penman, or rnther penwomnn,
aho will keep her own dockets, nnd,
possessing some knowledge of legal
forms, Bhe wiU use that knowlcdgo to
acquire, more. A number or cases,
small but Important to the lltlgnnts,
have already been continued trom one
docket of tho retiring Justice to that
over which Justice Onrrett will pre
side, and it 1b apparent she will have
the opportunity very frequently to
bring Into play any or Portia's 'quali
ties sho may possess.
Real Hard Work.
While down in Oklahoma not long
ago Senator nevctldgo or Indlnnn met
Delegato McQuIre or that territory,
whom ho complimented on his flue
physique. "Oh, yes, hard work mado
mo a strong man." said McGulre. Tho
fndlana man replied With n touch of
ecoru: "If you had tolled In a sawmill,
as I had to do, you would have had a
right to talk of hard work." "You
never earned your bread nu a section
hand and ptimpod a handcar, did you?
No, nor you nevor did any steamboat
lug. More than that, you have not
nunched cattle for four or five years,
and. senator, when you have had a
whack at thesn occupations you will
regard work In a sawmill as a box at
ihe opera."
Otaner tin. rt. Avi GAvrcr
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Stockholm High school and Dr. Fin
sen of Copenhagen. Each wholo
prize Is worth 310,000.
MnJ. Donald Itoss, who Is awarded
tho prize for original research, Is an
English medical officer who has seen
long service In the East Indies. While
there he was Impressed wlUi'tho rav
ages of malaria among white men nnd
set about learning the'enusc.
In one year out o'r 178,197 men In
the Indian army over 75,000 were sent
to tho hospitri with malaria. Major
Iloss began his Investigations and
soon concluded that mosquitoes had
some pjBociatlon with the prevalence
or the disease. Ills theory wus In
vestigated and proved to be correct.
J Dr. Kmll Fischer of tho Ilerlln unl-
verslty. who was awnrded the chera-
Irtry prize, is noted ror u. number or
nluable discoveries In synthetic
Prof. Finson or Copenhagen, Is the
discoverer or tho "light euro" ror
lupus. Although a doctor, he does not
practice medicine, but confines him
self to pathological research.
Colombian Government Withdraws Its
Washington Representative.
Senor Joso Vincent! Concha, who
has been recnlled by his government
tfcvfcv ,AV llvczrcrt CarM4
from his post of minister from Co
lombia to Washington, has had a
short stay In the American cnpltal,
owing to his persistent tactics us an
obstructionist to tho negotiations for
Ihu Isthmian canal. Concha arrived
there Inst spring, and wus well re
ceived, lie enmo with a good record
as a diplomat and master of Interna
tional law. Ho had been uttorney
general nnd minister or war In tho
cabinet or tho United States oi Co
lombia, and Is nlso suld to have been
an excellent soldier.
President Roocevelt Will Appoint
Judge Wright of Illinois.
Judgo Francis Wilght, whom Presi
dent Roosevelt has decided to appoint
to a seat on the court of claims, Dis
trict of Columbia, Is a well-known
Jurist of Urbana, 111., who bus served
on the Circuit court bench of Cham
paign county, and who attraoted at
tention some years ago by Instructing
a Jury to Indict the lato Oov. Altgeld
for violation of tho Hag law. Judgo
Wright has been quite promlnont in
Illinois politics. H0 vvns elected to
I tho oenca ' 1891.
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It All Depends on You.
It l.n't the wny Unit Is stormy
Where 'tho storm clouds hide the dny
It Isn't the thorns thnt pierce the feet;
It's Juki how you walk the way.
It liii't thnt lions linger
With truth thnt nro keen to slny
It Isn't the rorrow to-ilny to-morrow;
It's Just how you walk the wny.
It Isn't thnt crowns awnlt you
The golil of the rainbow's ray
It's only the Faith thnt lives through
It Jim how you walk the wny.
Frank I.. Stanton, In Atlunta Constl
' tutlon.
Water Boat and Water Wheel.
Of course, any boat, unless It hap
pens to be an Iceboat, a stone boat or
The Water Boat Afloat,
a gravy boat, may be called a water
boat; but I am speaking of a boat
driven by water as well as through
water. Its principal parts are a tin
pan and a tall lamp chimney. Close
tho small end of the chimney with n
cork. Into which n rubber, bent glass
or lead tubo Is tightly fitted; prop the
chimney up In the pan with tho small
tubo projecting over the rim, fill tho
chimney with water and set the chim
ney craft afloat.
It will move with the ease nnd grace
of a turtle, though not so fast, until
all tho water has run out. You can
produce a better Imitation of speed by
using, Instead of tho pan, a little wood
en boat or more shipshape model with
tho water tube projecting over tho
Htern, but unless the vessel Is very
broad or beam it will capsize.
In fact, the boat Is made not to go
fast, but to Illustrate a principle by go
ing at all; and another Illustration of
tho same principle is given by the
water mill now to be described.
The mill Is mado of tha same lamp
chimney, or another, with corks or
plugs in both ends. Instead of one
water tubo It has two, three, four or
more, going out like tho Bpokes of a
wheel and bent at tho end all in tho
same direction. The chimney Is Bet
upright between two pivots, which
press against the upper and lower
plugs, and Is filled with water through'
a hole in the upper plug, which also
serves to admit nlr when the mill Is
turning. Tho only uso of tho top plug.
In fact, is to give a point or support,
and the vessel must be open to tho air
The Water Wheel In Motoon.
at the top. As the water flows out
through the little tubes the mill turns
in the opposite direction, nnd If thero
Is not too much friction nt the pivots
it will soon be spinning rapidly.
Tho water boat and water mill are
examples of what are culled reaction
machines. Tho principle they Illustrato
is that, generally speaking, you can
not move anything without moving
something else in tho opposito direc
tion. In both of these cases as tho
water is forced out in tho direction of
the wator tubo tho boat or tho pnrt of
tho mill from which It flows is driven
In tho opposito direction. Tho recoil
or "kick" of n gun Is nnothor lustra
tion. At the Instnnt of tiring tho gun
moves backward, If It can, and If you
uro holding It against your shoulder
you feel tho icactlon ns a "kick," and
it tho gun Is heavily loaded you may
move bnckwurd with great prompt
ness. A vessel might be propelled by fir
ing heavy cannon from tho shore.
Now, ir your big brother, who Is a
sophomore and nearly full of wisdom,
says that the pressure ot the stream or
water against tho air drives tho water
boat and tho water mill, tell him you
know better.
Tho nlr has nothing to do with It,
and tho llttlo machines would go Just
as well ir thero were no air better,
indeed, as then they would havo no
air friction or resistance to contend
A Present for Papa.
What's tho uso In spending your
money ror a pair or letter scales, whon
you can make a pair ror yourself out
of a sluss Jar and a pleco of stick?
Besides, It will be a dectded novelty
and will excite the wonder or your
rrlcnds, who wilt be sure to give you
credit ror a lot or Ingenuity.
Oct a glass Jar or bottlo with a wide
mouth and pour It nearly full of
water. Then get a piece of round
Btlck about ten Inches In length part
of tho roller of a window shade will
do, or even tho small end of an old
broomstick. Attach a weight to ono
end of tho stick, so thnt when you
put it Into the water in the Jar about
three-fourths or It will bo under wa
ter. On top or tho other end or the
stick tack a small square of card
board, which will be tho platform ot
the scales.
Tho next thing is to put tho ncccs
sary weight marks on tho stick, 'to
do this, borrow rrom somo one, the
druggist or tho grocer n hair-ounce, a
one-ounce, a two ounce and a three
ounce weight. Put the hair-ounce and
a three-ounce weight on tho platrorm
first, nnd note whero tho water comcB
to on tho stick; this you can easily do
because the stick will be wet. Then
take It out of tho water ami mark that
place for your hair-ounce.
Put the stick gently back Into the
wator, and lay tho ounco weight on
the platform, when tho stick will, of
course, sink lower than It did at first.
Tnko It out and mark tho ounco
place, and do this with the twoounco
and tho throe-ounce weight, ono after
the other.
The stick will now be graduated,
showing a half-ounce mark, an ounco
mark, a twoounco mark and a three
ounce mark, and when you aro In
doubt about tho weight or a letter, all
you have to do Is to put It on tho
platrorm, and there you are!
If tho letter weighs one ounce or
less, a two-cent stamp will carry It; If
It weighs even tho least fraction moro
The Letter Scales Complete.
than ono ounce, It will take two two
cent stamps, for the rate Is two cents
for each ounce or fraction thereof,
If it weighs more than two ounces
and not moro than three, It will take
take three two-cent stumps, and so on.
Tight Rope Performer.
If you hold a needle on a plate In
erect position and a magnet at a
certain distance, according to Its
strength, you can let the necalo go
and It will stand erect with a trem
bling motion.
Cut tho rront and back of a small
piece or cardboard and unite both
parts with tho help or corks nnd pins.
Tho rront has a square opening. On
tho back or tho front piece a small
horseshoo magnet Is fastened and un
derneath tho magnet In horizontal di
rection a piece of wire; the height
ot tho wlro depends on the strength
of tho magnet and has to bo arranged
In such a way that tho needle will
not be pulled up to the magnet, but
will stand erect on tho wlro.
Cut small figures of paper, for In
stance, a tight rope walker or dancing
girl standing on one leg, having tho
exact height or tho needle. Fasten
tho flguro to tho needle with tho help
of wax, ob shown In tho Illustration.
Placo tho figures below tho magnet on
tho wlro and you will see them danco
Hko real -tight ropo walkers, or you
can make a trapeze of a match and
two pieces or thread on which you can
place tho figures and they will not rail
off when you set the trapeze In swing
lng motion.
"To put the skina or potato, orange
pool, etc., on the cloth." Throw them
under tho table. Tho Shah or Persia
always docs this,
He who maliciously tukes advantago
or the ungardeil moments of friend
ship Is no farther from knavery than
the latest moment of evening from tho
first of night. Lavater.
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1 1 ft-jjccocxcoooooooa30oi
& jfemii nURDEf?E0 BY AN ACTOR- U T"jr1
Kate Hassctt, leading woman In the
stock company nt Keith's Eighth
Street Theater In Philadelphia, was
shot through tho heart and Instantly
killed by Barry Johnstone, late of
Richard Mansfield's company.
Johnstone then turned tho pistol
upon hlmseir and lodged two bullets
above his heart that will probably
causo his death. The motive for the
crime was Jealousy.
Johnstone lost his position with
Mansfield a few days ago and went
direct to Philadelphia. He lay In
wait for ss Hassett at the stage
door of the theater and followed her
a block after she left.
Suddenly he sprung upon her ns she
passed under an electric light, and
shouting "You are not true to me,"
Adolph Von Mcnzel, Who Has Dedl
cated Picture to Americans.
Adolph Frederick von Menzel, who
has dedicated to the American people
his recently finished pnintlng "Fred
erick tho Great In tha yenr 1778," is
tho foremost historical pointer of
Germany, and ono of the oldest of liv
ing artists. This great Teuton pnlnt
or was bom in 1 815. He began his
art career at llerlln when, he was fif
teen, from which ago he supported
himself by his efforts wlth his pencil
nnd brush. Ills earliest successful
painting was "Tho Hound Table of
Frederick the Great." Meirel has pro
duced n score or moro or pictures
with Frederick for their subject.
Chipper at Ninety-Eight.
A marrlngo took place In Kansas
City a few days since which had sev
eral circumstances or Interest. Tho
groom was P. W. Kenyan, a rarmer or
Osborno county, who camo to th city
to meet bis bride, Mrs. Jano Earl or
Saratoga county, N. Y who arrived
on tho same day accompanied by two
daughters anil her mother. Mrs. Eurl
In the sister ol tho first Mrs. Kenyon,
nnd her brother-in-law became hor
husband. Her mother, Mrs. Jones,
who accompanied her, has 11 children,
11 grandchildren, 54 grent grandchil
dren, und 8 great-great-grandchildren.
Sho has reached the great age of 98,
yet she was ub chipper at the wedding
servlco ns her daughter and tho long
Journey had not distressed her at all,
Kansas City Journal.
Society at Leavenworth.
Under tho headline, "Hotter Class
of Convicts Coming," the Leavenworth
Times proceeds to rejoice at tho bet
torment of the tono of society at the
federal prison. Bootleggers and horso
thieves from Oklahoma will not be so
common, while grafters and smooth
sharks from Wisconsin and Indiana
will bo moro numerous. Congressman
Scott adds that "hell probably has Its
smart set.' "Kansas City Star.
opened up a rapid fire from a revol
ver. The first shot must have pierced
Miss Hassett's heart, and almost with
out a sound sho sank to the sidewalk,
dead. She was a remarkably hand
some and clever woman.
When Johnstone shot hlmseir he
fell to tho sidewalk almost upon the
woman's dead body.
Kate Hassett was one of thp most
recent recruits to tho stage, appear
ing prominently for the first time last
season In Leo Detrlchsteln's "The
Iist Appeal." Sho was cast ror tho
leading role, and though sho did not
score a hit It was agreed that her
dramatic talent was unmlstnkablo
and experience alone was needed to
make her an actress or more thau
ordinary ability.
Brought to a Crisis.
When Senator Scott first went to
Congress a committee was appointed
to Investigate alleged Irregularities in
his election. The West Virginian paid
considerable attention to this commit
tee, dining nnd wining the members
elaborately. This went on for some
time, but finally be learned that thu
committee Intended to report In his
ravor, but liked his entertainment too
well to elosu up their labors. Then
he gave them ono moro reed, but over
the cigars told them thnt henceforth
tITey might live on bread and water
for nil ho cared. The report exoner
ating him was forthcoming next day.
Monster Audiences Listen to Disciple
of Theosophy.
Mrs. Hesunt left England a few
days ago, on her way to India, whore
matters connected with tho school for
natives, hlch sho founded nt Uenarcs
several years ago, claim her atten
tion. She is going by wny of tho con
tinent, nnd will hold theosophlcnl
meetings In Germany. Switzerland
and Italy eventually bailing from a
southern port.
Mrs. Ilesant will return to England
In June and persup her calling as a
hitter day Dlavatsky In the vicinity or
A few years ago It wns prophesied
fully that Annlo Ilesant was about
to be Ignored by the world at Inrgo
nnd Englnnd in particular. Hut this
prophecy has not been fulfilled. While
in Englund Mrs. Hesnnt held many
lectures und It was only n few days
before her departure that she spoke
to a monster audience who listened
to her with nipt attention.
Sho retains that marvelous charm
of hers and while sho does so sho will
not eeaso to affect multitudes visibly,
and while sho pursues her present, din.
erect and Intelligent educntlonul
methods in India, she will not coasa
to win the approbation of a largo por
tion of tho English people.
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