The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 31, 1902, Image 8

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i fe
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon tho mind, dis
courages and lessens amblllonj beauty, vigor
' ' nM.t fikilaitiilitaHii hamm
..M I..IUV.I IlltlljO i.UUll
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
' or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
mat ins not uncommon
for a child to be born
'afflicted with weak kid
neys, If the child urin
ates too often. If the
urine scald3 the flesh or If, when the child
rpaches an ago when It should bo able to
control the passage. It Is yet afflicted with
bcd-wettlng, depend upon It, the cause of
tho difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards tho treatment of
these Important organs. This unpleasant
trouble s due to a diseased condition of the
kldpeys and bladder and not to a habit as
most peoplo suppose. -
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
Tho mild and the Immediate effect of
-SwampROQt I? soon realized. It Is sold
flj triirlU In Mm. CTsk.'A'
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle bv mall
free, also oamDhlet tell- tinnm t,t Hwumnn.,i
fag all about It. Including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kllmei
& Co., Dlnghamton, N. Y., be sure anC
mention this paper,
-" -iii ---
It J on linwn't n nirnlir, In-nlthy morcim-nt or the
tnlti ry tin. ) m iu III or will l, Ilnejuur
bowrliiolirn. iimlbv rll l'trr In Ilio (lm or l
WUt.litl.rilll l':".l tliinc. roil . Ilio Hiiinotli
finl.iiicli' I. Inunt nili twiiy ul ki 11 Ini; iliu tnimlr
clvnrmi'l ilcnn lalo tnliu
l'lfnuiint. l'nliittlilt' I'.it. lit. Tittt. (.nnil IlnOnoit
HKlr HIkLi'ii, ', i-nl-i n, or (irlii,-, 10, IS, nnil bl irno
frr lfx.
1 rill, flit In n nil I Ih.i.LI. t lit.
AltllreM (IS
net u tlct ii Qiuiif.
Tn ft; ioc dr cicui Kit w ct
... ..oV
iwi v ci -.i
ifll.V v. flWTTk:
I . ... V
u .iA
mtnvrcr, hut
ltaa. rr Nn,NL
aiMt(l ll .
wm NwttM f-m
DON'T Be Fooledi
Take the i;cn original
Made only hy Mudleon Medi
cine Co.. Miilnon, Wli. It
keep you well. Our trade
mark cut on rich package.
Price, .-; cents. Netennld
in bulk. Accpt no ubftr
aaiPui.i . tute. Atk joiir druggist.
Genuine tampcd C. C. C. Never si Id In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who fries to icll
"something list as good." t
CMICH'-s.TEFl'H ntlGLTil
.i,nAn.i itre -i i i..ii..k r.i
Ll' I " ' V tUl(ltt
".jfrorX f" ?"i,i"5'Ti:i;-
r'NAASA 111 IIKIl kill tiulil t. ,:. w, 1
TT rJ. Mgwn iiui runnier ifclnr
P W.1 l)uui:triii. xu,lltiillur.4 I...II,.. Huj of your liru.xl! triii ici io
llldl. fur l' 'r.,t....l.,.
l ffi "Mrllirriirl.illti,il(jiT.lf r.
.' I urn 11.11. io.oimi l.-umnui,:, fuiibr
hriil.i. -t . .. mi . ..
Mentlun tliU mr, Nlutlou l, I'lillu" in!
, "C.C.C" on Every Tablet
Every tablet of Cascarets Candy
Cathartic bears the famous C. C. C.
Never sold in bulk. Look for it and
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.AH druggists, ioc.
and 5 At OKB
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Sji5beet,T,0,.?n' 'orrn of tobacco inlna
ew lire and vigor by taking M9.TO.BAO.
3It?iki,,we,,e mn trong; MSnyKTa
ired. All . druggiiU. Cure ouaranteed.' iiook.
KUUUUY CO., Chicago or New York. 437
lVumoici troth.
I',?Tf r .Tti V? ""tore Orny
ltlr to ilk Vouilifui Color
a Ic. .milium l)ml.
This alenaturo Is on ovory (hji of tho nuln6
Laxative BromoQuiniuu Tabid.
tho remedy that curi'N coltl iu one tny
iiihtS ....Hlr All frlSI- IA1I&.
lit l i'iMijIi Stitin l'nti. 1.iuI ft.n I
in ii i h i.i hi (iriiL'Ki!. U4
How .li r. Your Kliliu-jv-
Or Ilobbs' BparajusrilU euro ullklilnvy I1U. Ran.
Ho free. Aild.blcrllDK Uunn'ilyCo.ClilcaKOOf N.V
Let the Truth Be Known.
I''- U. Ovcrinnii Itcpllcs to tin1 NiUlmi,
j I'til wi'i'k the Niitlon I'huiKxl H"'1
"iiimij uiloilii'j Uvtlllliill li'liiscuto
vi wltiuniH in., Mimiiiiiliiiir in $217 CO
In Hii'jKiulli (,' ciim lij fiiilhiK lo iikiio
i h .Mr. Potter to Inkn il(iiisltinim of
.ll'VI'll jUlllKSMN IfxItlillK in Dnl otn
''"iinty, iNi'liiii.sku mill ilmt Mr. Ovir-
niiui liiul itiuiHM'.s wlilt'li foil 557 tlittl
In) iliil not: tibii Jo lliocnsc. Tills Inst
liitiKu )h puififiii hilly, us nny iliinh
HiK pi'ison knoMM (hut In mi iuiioiiiuit
ril'U it NOIIII'tillllM fllTCAHIIiy to Iiiivh
tvllni'ssi'v, toiiKi'l I'liui no rii , who
iro not n.'L'il mill 3d il w ulil nut In
'f'to i !-k ilu ciin' willioiit lnivinjr
t'll'lll plCSdlll
Aito Dim otln-r rliai(,'c( tin' Niiiimi
ii'Mnlti tliui lOvm iiiim M'lviil I'nticr
with notleo tlmt ttu was Hilling to tuku
tin' ill-positions, hutixi'iisi'c l'oltttr mid
liliiini'H Ovi'iiiiiiii on tho gn tinil Unit
Oviiiniiiii did not hi-ivo IiIh notieo until
nfior 1'ottiT hnil ri'ceivi'ri tho onlnr
fi"in.;JuilKo AilnniH for his witnemuo
anil until after I'ottfr Imd sent tho pic
cose for tho wltnpflsrs to tin- sheriff of
Dakota county. Wu proposo to show
that Mr. Potter hnil n.fflelrnt notice.
Tho fact that JuiIkp Aclniiifi rhvu lilin
.in order vfor tho witnesses in no way
excused. Iiiin ftoiii 'tnkltiK tho deposi
lions ami was no ,.v,nv for not taking
tlieiii, mill further, thai it io nolti no
that I'otter had sunt the pioces to tho
s'liilir of Dakota county In fore notice
was served on him to take the
tfoiH. A short time befoi o court i'otter
li'til proposeil lo takn ilepositious of
witm.sMs in Dnknin county anil Mr
OwriMun ifid not aL'ice to take tin in at
t "if liiiin for iii, icikoii: )uil(;e
AdauisMiud wtitieu Mr Hunt n 'lint
llM. Illil iii (Olill ul Kill Cloud oil
li Tiili, open tlie ipiity session ami
ii j uin Ilic ,Jm t ci in until Intel on
a i mil it the Mimilpi .
Mi Oviiinaii Knew thai when .Indue
Allium caino line that Mr. lN.t'er
W'Hilil ho oliliireil in apply for eouiuil
Hory pioecss for the attendance ol his
witiift.scii, nnil, iu older to do this, he
would have to name hi wil iii'st-cs ami
In confided to the nutubei for which
the slntutei'pn vidos, while, if ho hull
iifceptul Mr. l'ottei'ri lirst,
i'otter could have taken tho depositions
of any number of.wiinrssii, ami would
not have been conliniii lo any cut tain
ones Now let u. .see what
JiuIko Admin came to Kid Cloud, Maj
ftth, held uimtt tlu .Hlli and (lib ami then
a j'.iiimil court until Miy Kith. On
May Ulli, iu the foinoon, i'otter was
nppointeil attorney for Ktiuint,'. In
Uir aftetnoon i'otter inade a hhowint;
for compulsory process for fifteen wit
nesaes ( all he is allowed under the law
of this stateDfor tho KialiiR ens'-,
uanilii)r each one of tin in, t-evcu of
whom weni fiom Dakota ei iinty, wilb
in three hours after l'ottet made his
applications and'Kave the nnmesi f the
witnesses, ho wished fiom Dakota
o unity, Mr. Ovoiiiihiii obived uti him,
by Sheiill MuAithtir, tho following
n ilici:
State of Nobraskn
Frank Keating.
I'u John Potter, Attorney for Defend.
WhcioiiRiOYoii have tiled an appli
cation in tho distiiot cot tit, asking foi
coinpiiUory process for thu attonilnnee
fr m Dakota county, NehrnHka, being
a ilHiance of some tluee hunilied and
twenty iiiiIih fiom4Kni Cloud, Nnbras
k i, for tho follow iu(r wiinei'-cs, to i ;
Ms Kied Kei tint, Kied Iv'ating,
U Hi in O'DelM.I iKo i' 1 1 1-, Cm I II. u
S HI, ( li'illcs Hi nllei, .Mis JiilM Killl-.,
K Vii Mil del' ami otlieis
N w , In n foie, jou nil! hen hj lake
il'iilce that I, is utility iiltornej of
Wibs'ei count j, IS'i li u-kti, in oiili i lo
s He lint eiiollliolis ipc.ini to Webs -or
county of In inging said to
tliis comt, heieli) illir to waive ail
provisions of Urn statutes iu regard to
taking lt p isitioiis and of notice ami
Borneo of piocesi of notice, and here
by oiler to take u.o deposit joiih of. said
witnesses beforo tho county judge or
any nolaiy of Dakota county, on any
day or any time jou may tiamo or se
lect from this day up until May 12th,
iucliuling all said of Mav l'Jth.
E. U. Dvkuman.
I hereby certify that I Hurveil it truo
cooy of thu above and foregoing notice
on John Potter, attorney for Frank
K.iaiing, on thoOth day of May, 1002,
at I o'olouk p. in., of said 1I113'.
J. A. MoAirriiun, Sheriff.
What a jut worful notieo this is.
Evuiy witness Potter asks for Mr.
Overman sets out iu his notice ami
stitemhat ho will waive all provisions
of law and process ami take the de
positions on any day Mr. i'otter will
natno up to and including May l'th
100J. This notieo was herved on Mr.
Potter, n. is shown by the loturu of
the sheriff, at J o'clock May, tiih.
Mow, would Mr. Overman not have
Ix en a fool ic hnvii accepted the pro
po.itiou funn Mr. I'otter to go up into
Dakota county, the homo of tho Kent
inin, andalliwcd Mr. Potior t. take
thedopositi,,,, ,,f j,l ni aly .y,,,,,,,,,,
he wished without uaiiiii them beloio
1 jlls ten ..f :Uo penei. I.. . ns, s
vitlene.i in o unpin tun t u ,.IIS hj
pi'ciu'iy wheiitl,,. Mtteof i,Ks!ie
pi. ividi-s bj sn-i,.,,, ,u oftl.oCiiininal
Code as 1.II0A-. Tliut, before ilm ,,..
funilaiit can h.ive eoinnulscu y process
for witnessi'H hu nnwt 0 an alliduvit
n ml stnto tho names: 0f Ms wiiuessn
and that tho court may then nllow
him not to exceed llfteon witnesses.
AssionasMr Ovirnian compelled
Mr. i'otter to name his witnesses mid
conllno himself to the number of wit
iiohci the stntiites piovlde for ho
linineillately -eived tho above notice,
giving Mr. i'otter from May (itli to
May l.'l'li to take his deposition ft.
The Nation says Uvei man served him
10 late. What n n excuse. Potter was
served May (Mi, comt adjourned until
May M1I1 and i'otter had nothing on
eai th to tlo, not oven any other cvse,
to look after, but take thu depositions
in the, Keating c ise. J,nt us ask how
much notice tho law of thi , nte gives
11 pei. son ami what given Mr.
P.'Uer to take depositions ami show if
ho had as much 1 inn or inoiu under
tho law would have given him? Sec
tion .'ITS of the Civil Code of our statute
provides as to deposition, " i'ho notion
shall be .served so as to allow tho ad
verso party sulllcient tituu by tho usual
route of trnvel to attond n ml a day for
preparation, exclusive of Sunday and
thn day of service". Under tho notice
served on Mr Potter, wo will give him
May Cth as tho day of servico and
count that out, tho 7tlt wo give him
for preparation; ho Is now entitled to
go to Dakota county by ilio usual
route. LfjtiviiiR Red Cloud on tho
morning of the 8th, nt "10 o'clock, on
train No. 22, ho would arrive iu Oinnha
via Lincoln, nl 7.:i.r) p m on the even
ing of May 8tb. We would not have
him hurry over to the Union depot and
gel out ot Omaha iii.uiedliitoly which
he could do, but will givo him a nice
ulghi's lint 111 Oiniiha Leaving there
t (I lo on the innming ot the Oth lie
would loach Dal.o'u City, tho county
iu of I) ihoia ciiiiiiU , 011 ilio ( tieino
custom sid ,, DtLotn t!l utiiy, at lO.IJO
o'c.ock on Miij in Ii. lt02 Wo will sot
the taking of the t'c positions for one
o'clock on ihu . fti'inooti of Mai Uth
Mr. Potter will then have all ol the
Muni the law ol ih" -tato sas he is en
titled to, iet under the notice ho was
given fiom M.ii (l li ud to timl inclinl
iug nil of May 1'Mi to tnko the deposi
lions. Tho Kentiiig ca-o being bi
1 he coin 1 set for ttial f r May 14 It,
thence Mr. Potter could havo taken do
position all of May 12'h and had two
days to have gotten back in linn of
In the Keating case theio were sonu
thing over lifiy wiiuesho oxauiined
111 d the case aigued in about two days,
ho ice the evidence of the seven wit
ncsses could have sutely been taken 111
0110 diii ; but, snis tlie Nation, tho pro
cess hnil been enl to tho .slut ill' of D,i
kota county bt foi6 notice win served
This, wo claim, is absolutely null ue,
aud wo t li ii k the Nation has been 1111.1
iufoi mid, as we do not bc'icvc the Na
tiou would ptiui stub an unreasonable
The recoiils at the office of the clerk
of tho distiict ct urt will show that Mr
i'otter's application was mule Mai U
Court (lid not convene on that morn
ing until !l o'clock and the mail for the
oast wus made up at 0 !I3. Overman's
notice was, as shown by the jhenll's
return, served tit -1 o'cIock on tho saint
day, Mai ". hence there was no mail
which loaws Ued ('loud beforo
o'clock, which could have cariied mail
to thu shenff of Dal.ota county, nnil,
ovon if a letter had been mailed at nny
timo on May ., all thai Mr. Potior
would havo needed to have, dono was
lo have followed it with a letter to the
siiuiill, telling him of the taking of tin
depositions bi the agreement belweei
h" and .Mr Oieiiiiuii As wo have
aooe stiitt il, the ttial ot tho ease wa
.sol for Mai l-li n' net no pioc. ss to tin
sneiitl would Have caili-d lor .Miuesui
ji'foioMay 11 ilm.iil m.ii li.- a eopy of CUnip,.,r.
Ilio Nam n ftinher quotes .Judg.l S-il (.'ultiife M:.i mil a v.ilual.lo wm I.
duiiis mid sols that .Jtidgo Ad.iinitiml,.v,.n f,m ,. ,.,,, , ,,1V( ,
said in bis reimii ks on tho motion tm a
new ttial iu 1 lii Keating case as lol
Iiiwm "Somo attorneys might h.ivo
talked loi get' and homo might have
talked louder than tho prisonei'.s coun
cil, but it seem to 1110 that every point
has been brought out and thatovori
thing could bo done has been done in
1 ho prisoners behttlf "
We wish to infoi in the Nation that
wo agree with tho opinion of Judge
Adams, that Webster county din her
dmy to ;Fiank Keating. It furnished
him botii witnesses and lawyer, gave
him a fair trial before twelve honest
men, aud wo agree with Judge Adams
that this was on nigh, but Mr. Potter
seems notsati.stied but bus carried the
Keating caso to tho supreme court aud
ttioro proposes thai Wedsler county be
made moio expense iu behalf of lhijitcr Clara Is nn amateur pianist, Dora
man Keating. It wns John Potior who j ,8 n" amateur photographer, Edna Is
ordered Clerk Hidden to make a inn I an n,lintur pointer, ami Elvira Is nn
script in this 0,0,0 for the Mipie.m- ainntcp, ostronoiner, but you don't
fril1l'l 1 1 IlliMliiti luia 111..1I1. li... .... -. 1
t 11 iti-' iiiuiiu mu iiutr
script and Wibbtercoiinty has paid Mi
liurdon for his task a nil if any tax pay
or doubts this statement let him ask
Mr, lliiitlen who pieseuied his claim,
which was allowed by the county
bom it Scptemtier Hid and latir paid l
tho county tieastirer.
Wo havo now answered evety chaige
which Ilio Nation lias made conclusive
IV. Of eoiirse, aiiMhing which the
Nmioii milit cliiirgo in Ms Inst i,ui
beftup elnctioii wo cannot unwi r,
tlieiefoie, tiqiiest the Vto to not
consider any charge fm wlieh thue
is no chance for leply.
Real Estate Transfers,
l'raiisfois for tho wcok omiing Wed
nosdny, October 20, furnished by J. U.
Bailey of tho Webster County Abstract
J Mcriin and wife to Fred
aiKui-tt i 11 w Jill) w.l ... 3
Henry (Jimtl, tiustee to K LPe ,,
lot 8. bh-ok M, Hliiu Hill, w.l .
'Jeo C May and wife lo 0 F Pen-
nliiaton, sw J ill 1 , ivd
E V IJiowtiing to Willaid A
Hrowni'tnl nwj rj.snj n iu
i and sv s5 1 j) Wl
Liillior I'. Uiown ami nif.-to Wil-
lard A Hi own unb . j snjiiml
i' si ', 1 0 wil
Willard A Uiown and wifu to
Ltithei E Hiown unb i 1 nu
C 10 ml
Mai ia Ilrown to Ucrnnrd Iteiu-
ingiai28 I Dqcd
V L Htiuv and wifu to Win It
Cloud j nt 1.1a W(
I H Han pton and and to Unttie
K Itiili lots liJnml If, block 11,
Smith and Moore's add to Ked
)clt"1 wil
Fred E McKeoby to Trustees of
100 '
Lodge 180 I 00 Flot 11, block
7, ltd Cloud wd , 50
C E Perkins, trustee, to Wni Ii
Cramer e ne J) ij u wo OOC
Chas K Hngan to John 1 (JuV so
iandi'HsnJ20 2 9wtl 5100
Moitg-ges Hied....
Morlgige.s released
.? 8017 00'
. TO!).') 00
A "Catch Ponny Social" will be given j
by the High School Juniors nt Masonic ,
Hiill.Fiidtiy eveuit g, Oct 21. Ev. ij
body ijuts in nine ceirs ami gels out f, r
n siai us nk'i.e, it un'i ai" .
I'hci. 's- no olhei , its naliire's wonder, it
w-tiiniig p.inlii.'.. t.. the heart of 110.11 '
kind Such i Kn-ki Monntiin Tea :JV
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To Cure a Cold in One Day
I'-ik' Laxative linuim (juiiiino Tulici
All diuggiits refund Hie money it ii
fails to cure. E. W. (iiove's signature
is nn each box. 2."ii'.
Sim's a radiaiii, witching, wondrous
gem that beautiful, bliislnn wife ot
mint'. Sim h an iiiicl on earlh, so iu
c-tii he, only take Koekt Mountain Ten.
At C. L. Cutting's ding stoic,
'I lie Moler lt.11 bet-College, Onialia,
No., wiiits- men to i. arn bather trade,
sti'uly practice, tiialilied teachei , deni
oiistratioiii, etc, ate the advaiitiig.'s,
Complete 0111(11 of tool-, given emi.
glidll'iie, In mil illeluilt'il Cfilalomie
oxplnining all mailed free.
Lurking on Street Corners
mid in tne . .its nic vagabond em irci.w
of air nhoo cold torn h sets the li.o ii
ofiieuralgia.ini iln 1 uiatism :it Hun
work of tin meiii. M. iln n nmgie in (In
fin in ot l'ei 1 j Dais' PaiiiKtller, com
t leis the imp. miiiI lestoies pe-ice of
iiiiml with ciiiiif .rt of body. You wil.
iv.' uiuisoll imiii n day id miui b
Keeping ibis goiul .ml nmetly iu Hi.
I'ouse. Then- is but one Pniiikillei,
I'eiry D.ivis'.
His Life in Peril.
"I just sei'iiiid to have gono all to
pieces," wilii-. Allied H.-o, of Wolfaie,
Tx "billimisness and (l ,um, b-o-k
bad nihil" life a bin den, 1 cotild'iii eat
or sleep and fell almost too worn out to
w,,,k w,,',, l l"'K"i lo use Kleeiiie Hit
lers, mil tuny uoiK.'d womleis. Now I
sleep like a i.u, e..'i eat anything, have
gained In sitiiiu'-h ami et joy Imd
-voik " I'litu vigoioiis n .,,h ,,,,0
new life lo Weal.,leM. -iiii..!m n ;j. .1
pie. 11 y lllteii. (),iy r,0c lit C. L. ( i-
tuiit's ilrnu' siiui ,
Manual of Soil Culture
.Sfinl me it o 1 1 i,t stitino iiikl
r 1 mo-is,
(Jem I ill )issi.igi i'
Goes Like Hot Cakes
rnsiesi seinng 11 nave in mv s ore,"
writes ilruifBist o. T Smith, of Davis,
Ky., "is l)i. UiimVs New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs ami Colds, be
c.use it al wai h fiirijs. In my six years
of sales it has never failed. I havo
known it to save suti.'rers from Throat
atid Lung diseases, who could got no
help fiom doctors or any other reme
dy." Motheis iely on it. host physi
cians presciibo it, and C Ii. Cutting
guarantees satisfaction or refund
price. T1111I bottles free. Keg. nizcB
GOe. and $1,
All Aniatenra,
Culture Mother My dear, your sis-
. f, t
I'reity uaugiiter On, yes, nianinin,
I nm an nniutcur llanceo. Hero's my
first eniWKeinent ring.
IIU Cliian.
(no longer tho yoiincy ,
Well, there's 0110 eoinfort-they nay nt ,
forty n man Is either 11 fool or n nliy
, "''
Angelina (nearly swnllowlng n yuwn)
-And are you phy.lel,,.,. then?
Angelina- Oh
"VI111 1 Jarred ller.
Mother (Mxithlngly) - Von mustn't
nilml what he mijh itliout his mother's
cooUliig, my dear. All men 1I0 that.
Mn riled DaiiKhter (wtiriuly)-I don't,
nvunumj tt'a ttMfettilugs lw Bnyu about ,
tny vooblutf tho tfwmoy me.
rScariBi lW1 ...y
A Sallow Pnnitllnvimi .1!,-! &
biliousness nntl n coaled tonguo
are coinnion indications of liver
and kidncydiseau's. Stomnch nnil
uowui iroumes, suero as they aro,
ciyo nnnietlinlo warning by pain,
...... mu nnil Kioncy troubles,
V..U..U,. ,ra, i.iiiuui m, 1110 start, aro
tii 1 ,"ir,,i;r,10 curfi' ineiiroril's
Illmk-DratiHlit never fails to hene
htdiscased liver and weakened kid
noys. It sth-3 up tho torpid liver
to throw off tho germs of f over and
ague. It is a certain proventivo
of cholera and Britht's diseaso of
thp kidneys. WiHi kidneys re
inforced by Thedford's Black
Draught thousands of persons havo
dwelt nnmuno in tho midst of yel
low fover. Many families live in
perfect health and havo no other
doctor than, Thedford's Black
Draught. It is always on hand for
uso in an emergency and saves
wauy cxpensivo calls of a doctor.
Mullln5,S.C, March 10, 1961.
I have used Thtdford'i Black-Draught
for three yean and I have not had toco
ii ? iuCtoi.r ,lnce ' havc bccn taklnS '
.. .. iit nicuicine tor me that li
on the market for liver and kidney
wuu. niiu uvsiitiiii.i nnn nirirr
jjj tompiamu. kcv. a. O. LEWIS,
V itftSkSv
, 64 C & ,-,,,. 9
n arc "Next" at
Oliver &G!iafr'ni;
j Barber Shop,
Hiseiiient I'olti't-Wrlglit Utiiiding. J
I Scissors Ground,
Hazors Honed,
y AH kinds of tiatber
woik i-MTiited J
prompt ii ami saiNtiictiuu
j! giiataiileed.
V m fc 4, 4
5 "What Do
S You Eat
for breaklast.
Hard to find any J
thing this time of I
the year ?
Try some of
that fine bacon
which we have and
which we are sell- $
lug so cheap.
Sherer i3 Bradshaw
III. I ll.'l ..l I III '
''' P ''
, . , , ,"i
J73. -vi iiTt s. s-j-3 liiis j-J-3 '
-i-i iZii-f-i-i. fif CE-&f Jivf,
1 I
and Funeral
W Phono Numbor, Ilosi
donoo 111, Offlco, No. 84.
11 n vi.-c a nc -
Jl . " .
' H! '
m Will sell in car lots or hv iviu.n i,
, J ,7,,!! Z elder nY fiou. io -
,i GO cent si per gallon : : : : ; lj '
: : K. f. I'I'JTfc?
( ul 11, licpulilio I'oiinty, Kansas
r-i i-&e 6-&C-5 et j-tft t f & &t
One Minute Cough Cure, cures,
That (4 whit It wa made for.
fRnKPOVanH nnuu 3
j-nuiH mm jn iu,
when in town eat at the J
1 Ll u Ton when, it ia clean, J
1 e cool and no Hies.
1 f 15 cont Meals at All Hours
I fa , ..." i
untain is Open
:l..r ,.,,. . A
l""j',o uiiieieoi Kimt; oirtiinitifi
ill inks,
W. S. IJENSR, Prop.
Lock Uox -a. Guide Hock, Neb.
ll kiuds of property bought, sold sad
House Moving and Raising
A sn-.CIAI.TV.
All work giiiiianteed satlsfaetoiy.
Your work .stJlicited.
. Over M.zi'i's (iniceiy Store,
The fnlltm-liiK iiinins.Ml .it.un.l ttiiiit to tho
C.illstlliilUili of tin- sirtO. 0f SrUrnkil. ns h.-rullt
lifter sfifmili It, mil is Mil niltu.l to tin-tint
nr of Hie Miile.if Nel,riiskn. lo ln iole.1 iitxiu
nt the Kfiiirnl elci lion to le hc,l Tiii'vluv
Nicmiiir4, A. I), w: ''
A J11I111 ri'siiliitliin iro.u-liiK lo iiniiml u'dlnn
iiiii'of ii'tlrtumti'L'ii of (lie CoiiMlliillnii or
tlie -tiile 11I Ncliriiskii. relntlxe lo the mnn
hit of nil.iiillilni; mill mlojilliii; nini-inl-meiits
in the Coiisiltiiiuiii of Hie sttf of
lit (t llooltttl m,l Knurl,, I l.y Iht 1.,'jhUilun
oj the tilule oj .tt.iwikti:
Mvtiiin I. Tlmt s. one of iirtlp'o llflreo
of tlivriiiisii.iitionorilie s0 0f c.Jta. )B
iiineinli'il lo reml .is fnllons-
-iftlmil i:itinr l.rniifli of ihe liulvliiiure
iiiiij pti. pose iiiui'iiilmi tits to this 1 oiiMliuiloii
nnil II ttii' s,unuluiiL' enl to In tlirno tlftl.s .,r
I , , -.-w ...,, ... ,,, uiivt' illlll Ul
J the ini'iiiliiTs . Ici te.l to will lioii-e. cueh pro
!.osi luiii'iiiliiioiits Mini! ,L. eiiterui on tho
rmilh. i itli ihu . ns nnil in. is .i.i.i ...... 11. ......
nt JenM onieenih weuk In til Inist one iieusim.
j. In i tw h count ulirre n m-nsinin'r Is lml..
sIumI for thlrt .Ins Ilium iliutoH preieilliiK
tnu nrAi riri null III So-s
tlies nt w hli h 1 li ntini iii.. ..mi ti...!i .... ...t.
iiilticil 10 thi'eirdois for iipironl or rc-Jcitlnn
1.111I It a iiinjr.rtt) of the eli'i'lors oiIiik ill siirh
1 ilerl on 011 such i'o,o-ii niiitml prut, slmll
JOlL- tl) llllll Ml.'ll llllll'llllllielll. the Ml 1110 hllllll
i-iiniiuH imri 01 this I'oiiMiinili n When more
lllllllOlll'HIIll-lllllllVlltlH Stlt., t tlicSHIllD
V IM-tlOll. tllf slmll . k() MilmUltcl s , cn.
iil.lf ilio doctors to 0u on ench niuciuliiiciit
All liiilloiH iik'iI nt Mir-h I'lcrllnii on mrh
niiii'i.ilini-nt orniiieiiiiiiiiti,s,H mNt. wtlu-n
or iirhilcl ilifrciiii th tollow inir : for iweoscd
ntiieiiiliiii'iit to the I'niistitiitioi, rclntlnn to (hero
niMirl the Hiiltject of tiiu n.iitiiiiiucnt) hiuI,
AKiilnst iroNisui Hiiii'iiiluipnt to tlieCoiiMltii
Hon riUilnii : tci (here lnuTt the nillleet o' the
iiint-inliieiii), hiuI the volt- of chiIi elector
' ii'f "1" .Wlcl1 "'"ciHlineiit or niiiniilmeiits
hhiill hu 11 eslKiiiiloiI h) iho olci lor Ity niiikliiKa.
( n.ssM lilin pen, . pencil in ft circle or Kitinro
lolii'lilHceiliittlierlKhlof thu IIiivn the uoriU
I-or or Attiliin" ihe hoiomiI Hiiieiiiliniiii. n
leHitillilckliuio vole tliiTi'on or l.j ImlliHttiii;
.m:e,hV.ielK,,,,,,t;,M,.Ul "" WM "'
v,!;.iL"f v . su-ril- H-crelury or Mute of iho
Mule of NeleuKl,ii do hi'itl.) certify tlmt tho
lorcKolNi; ni ,i,s,., nnn nilmu I lo iho CVhikUui.
liittiitt ihe s,m. f xebinhin s ,1 truo nnil
i-oiM'i 1-111.) 1,1 the rluuiHl enrolled unci en
.riisi., 1.111 iih .nss,.,i in the menu M!ontli
; 1 r.i,.k,i us ui.,ieiirs lo.m srid orlirlnul Itl I 011
r--...i. ... iiiu 11 Kispilll e ill til SIAIi. of n.
.)! mi- 111 mis., in,e. umi Hi, 11 -ulil i.riiusiiiii.u.i
Mk I 111 Ut I Sl,,Ml ll III lllll j I,lf.,.l , .. ,.L ..t .1...
I M.ii'it! Nol.rnl,ii lur their u.Ji.t.tloii or n tin
,''.'." '.'....".'. K "vr") J- h ""." "' '' "1 Id on 'I iivH
in-... uii) in sin. inner, .. I) I'.imJ.
in lesilini.i.) B,l..llf, imv JieiiiiiiMiU'linv
s;iii"j;dil'Xi.lilii.Krei out ol the siiitof
1 no e hi 1111 1, in
his M 1i.1v i.r .iniv 0. .1...
(ruiiini l.ui.i nn,. 11, i,k,i',i vi.... 1 1...1
iieil ''i., ol Hit- iiili.,enileiiee ot ihu I tilted
"MiHt till line li...l hiiiI 'I'll, nil ..innlli
1 -.iiiuktiii nm. nili,. hod mid T
' itn.l of this Mute the Tlilrt) sixth
...... ii:o. v
Meii'tnri of suite.
B. St M. B.Y
51. JOE
52. LOUIS and
all points east and
and nil pointy
west. , , r
No, 18. Paskcimer dally for Oberlln 1
and 8t. franclM branches. Ox- -3
fool. McCook, Deuvcrand all
points went.... . . 6:10 a.m.
No, H. I'umeiiBer dally for St. Joe,
KaiKHB City, Atchlnon. &t.
Loud. Lincoln via Wymote
and nil points can and notilti i-3i a.rn
No 21. Pahsengcr. dally. Heaver, all
noliita In Colorado, Utah and
California .. ti:i6 pm
No, ii. I'amciiBcr. dally for St. Joe.
Kaiikafc Clly. AtchUon. St.
Loud and all polno caMnnd
south .. 10'OOa.m.
No. 171. Accoramoilatloii. dally except
SiinilHy. llastliiKK, Orand I.
land. Illnclt 1IIIU and all
liolnihlii thu iimhiTcat laop.ia.
No. 1T3, Dully except hiinilny, ox
1001 ami intermedin e po nt l:il p.m.
, "Iwi'lim. illiiliiK, and rccllnliiK a.alr ears
?'! f,c",' 'L "'f""Vh traiiiB. TlckeiKtohiaiid
Kr.'-Sn W R"y polm '" ",u Uulle'
1.Monr,!,"fn1rrm',V?". "m. l?,jl":f'"J, r tlcken
istiiteiori'ntuidA .k.u
for Information tlmn uliitc ,oc . .1.,
TT..I. ..
call mi or H.l.lress A. Conovcr. Ari'Iii Utd
ClMid Nbr or J Poiik l. i,m ral 'HkiuiiBci
$1.00 per year.