The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 03, 1902, Image 8

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Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out ol order
" or diseased.
' Kidney trouble ha3
become so prevalent
that it h not uncommon
(or a child to bo born
".J nffllrlcl ujllb' lil,l.
neys. If the child urin
ates too often, if the
Urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, It Is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it, the cause of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and tho first
step should be towards tho treatment of
these Important organs. Thl3 unpleasant
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women a3 well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root Is soon realized. It is sold
k . ..!, I. Ir, till,.. -vl'A'
cent and one dollar irtlli?
sizes. You may have a fjUyiHrl
sample bottle by mall mi
tree, also pamphlet tell- Homo of Hwuipii,t.
Ing all about it, Including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Blnghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
if joil haven't n rrirulnr, lipnltliy mnrmi;iU of lh
nmrli tvirjr ln. jnu'in, III or will lie. hi cp your
orlnrrn'niiillin writ, torrcln U"' Minpoof i tii
lentiilufleoriilll hiIiiii.I iUiiki mini, rim mnoiitli
rVt.Vntliit, m..iti..rr.t wy ol kn'iiliiK tho liowi'U
cli'iirnml clean In to tnUo
I'lramitit. I'nlnlnlili', l'otirit. Tnuli' Omul, piiflooit,
flrvrr Hlcki'ii, Wrnkrii. or tlili, 10, li nml M rcnti
frr Imii. Vtrlto lor frio aaiii'l " Imofclrt on
irallli. AililroM &
Writ LI Ml IIWHIT lOMI'tNT, I It'll 11,0 r 5FW TOIII.
Blohor in Quality than most
10 Cigars
Compare them with other Cigars and
you nnd good reasons for their costing
the dealer more than other brands
DON'T Be Fooledi
Take the cen original
Made only by Madlion Medi
cine Co., MmlUun, WU. It
hrrp ou well. Our tradt
mark cut on each package.
I'rlce, .',3 cents. Never nl4
In bulk. Accept no aubitH
tute. Ak jour drusglat.
Cknulne stamped C. C. C. Ntvtr ji Id In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
"something just as good."
TTv OHmIhhI Mnd tnly tJrnulnrw
lNHAKK. AIBiiriiii l.ftdUw, kik limititt
rTTu ... iiiiliMlL'k'rii'iriw wiiw iuii
iv( . ivii sit ti a.itiajsni
lo Unit inl Holt) mtullio liifi tt
HhtlutrlMioa. TuLv no othrr. Itrfuftr
IIcrrou Hubvlllutlon nnd lmlt
tlon. Huj of jour I'rucfWi or oJ 4p. Io
Bttm-i tor lrtlrulrv Trllmunllf
M1 "He llcf for l.ull,Hn Ittttr, by re
tar Mali. lO.OOII Tritlmafllftli Bold bf
all flrMCtliia. C'ti Ink ( I hmlil t,'..
SUutiutt tlili Ntaltuu . lMillu., Vm.
"CM With a Tall.
The "C" with a tail is the trade
mark of Cascarcts Candy Cathartic.
Look for it on the light blue enameled
metal boxl Each tablet stamped
C. C. C. Never sold in bulk. All
druggists, ioc.
You can be cured or any form or tobacco unlna
caallr. be mails well, ltroue, magnetic, full ol
sew life and rigor by taking JVC
mat matea wcat men stroiift.
ten pounds in ten ubtb. Over BOO.OOO
cored. All druggists. Cure cuaratitenl. Hook,
tt and advice 1'KltK. Adilrexs HTUKI.INO
kUJMBDY CO., Chicago or New York. 437
aiany Rau
OitasMi and tttutintt tbt ntir,
l'romul.i a laiurianl irrovth.
Never Falla to Ucitore Orajr
.Aair (u tin luumiui wuiur.
Ciur. tfkip fliktt a hair lalllrr.
H)t-.anJtluuat Druyfl.u
Tbia algnaturo In on overy box of tho gcnuln
Laxative BromoQuinine raweta
the remedy that cure coM iu one djr
IHlHtS WHtHh All tlbt tAILa,
llot Couiill Syrup, Taatea IIikkI.
soiii or unutuiHin.
Uotv Are Yonr Kldueyit J
Dr. nobba'Sparaaual'llls euro all kidney I1U.IAI
fie free. Add. sterling Itemed? Co ,CUlcatiorN.T
riri i i i ?Jf
wlll til 'W6Tr""
. Git V iOoI.
liWillTI UnnbU.
ft a xj
Real Estate Trarulm.
TrnnnfoiB for the week ending Weil
nestlny, October lt furnished by J. 11.
Unlley of tliu Webster County Abstract
Andrew Kriuknoii iiml wlfo to
Swim Bunks qiitl fJsfH-:i-12$ 500
Wnltor F Wittt mid wife to Juno
K. Cniiipliull wd Lot and fl
block 0 (initio Buck 150
John V. Sliull and wife to Aroliio
Diitikwitller wd s swj
J 2 II 1800
Mltinii! I). Coopur anil husband
to II. C llittlii'ld wd Lot 1!)
block US Bed Cloud 200
I. A (ireciihnlgh mid wifu to
Uicli.'iid Oireiihalph wd uritl. )
block 11 C.iwlui 1000
V. V. Tin lor anil wife to Maltha
A. Wolfe wd Lots 10-11-1'.'
block!) ltadelills add to Bed
Cloud I'OO
Wilficrt Demi mid wife to Win 11.
Bmotis wd nw swj no J
nuiu'i Mid mi sw ill 1-0 2200
Samuel II Fuller mid wifu to
Wnrrcn Kdson cd st-J nwj
3!J U-10 100
Itoithu B Higuiiii mid husband to
Nmiov A. Bichison wd Putt
Nw 1 Ni-1 18 1 11 000
Mot tonnes Hied, $1131.")
MurtKHRes iclcused $5100
Lurking on Street Corners
mid in the curs nre vti,:ihotid currrents
of nir whose cold touch sets the liends
of uciirnliii mid rhciiniiitisin tit their
work of torment. Modern inne,ic in the
foini of l'eriy Davis' l'uinkiller, coin-
iiii)i's the iiups anil ic.slotc.s peace of
iiiind with coiiifuii of body. You will
save yourself many a day of misery lv
keepiup; this ;;iMid old lcuicdy in the
house. There is but one Painkiller,
IViry Divix.
An EtiKllHhninn who him Just re
turned from mi extensive tour through
the east tells h. i'ood utor.v In which lie
was one of tUi lulnclpals.
lie was one of it party at a Imnquet
teiuleretl to the uialiarajah of 1'iitlaln,
ut which nearly u hundred quests, rep
resenting nearly every branch of In
dian life, were present. As a special
guest he was seated on the left of the
Indian potentate.
During the meal he noticed that the
latter partook of some line Cumber
land limn, and, knowing that it was
contrary to the Indian caste rules to
eat any portion of a pig, he without a
thought asked his highness how It was
he was eating ham.
The mahanijah looked at his plate,
then, turning round to his body servant
standing at the hack of his chair, said:
"What ant I eating?"
The servant Instantly replied:
"Mutton, sahib." And without re
ferring to the Incident again the malm
rajah continued his meal.
After the hanipiet the Kngllshmnu
related the Incident to an Indian Judge,
and the latter said:
"If that servant had said 'ham,' he
would have been headless before to
morrow morning. It Is advisable not
to notice caste rules when you are with
natives of rank." rent-son's.
I.iiiikIi iiml 1.1 .
Prince .leroine Napoleon was fond of
telling the htory of Ills scheme during
the Crimean war by which he kept up
the spirits of his men. The French
army was losing dally large numbers
of men through the ravages of the
cholera. Marshal t'anrobcrt sent the
order to Prince .leroine that he should
move his division to Varna. .leroine Is
sued inarching orders ami added: "Seek
out in every regiment all the actors,
conietlliins, clowns, conjureis anil en
tertainers, I will personally arrange
a performance and present prizes to
the best entertainer." During the
whole of the retreat these perform
ances took place for the edllleation of
the division. Prince .leroine is not
famous for any remarkable military
triumphs, but this one act must nt
leant be put to his credit, for It waa
undoubtedly due to this method of
cheering up his men that his division
could boast a death roll at least three
times as small as that of any other.
These performances were the forerun
ner of the now famous Zouave theuter
In the Crimea.
I.iicriunkliitr liy Ilnnil,
Mnklng lace by haiitl Is a well de
veloped art In raraguay. It was taught
tho natives 100 years ago by the nils
elonarles and him been transmitted
from generation to generation till It la
now quite general throughout the re
public. Sumo towns are devoted to
making a certain kind of lace. Iu one
town of 8,000 or 0,000 Inhabitants al
most all tlie women and children and
many of the men make lacu collarettes,
handkerchiefs and ladles' ties. An
other town makes lace embroidery and
others drawn thread work, such as
ceuterplcces, try mates, teacloths and
dollies. The designs tibt-tl In making
tho lace are taken from the curious
webs of the semltroplcal spiders that
are so numerous there. On this ac
count It is called "nandutl," an ludlun
nuuio which means spider web.
llriiM- Mrii.
Persians In Keneral aro not supposed
to he the hravest people lu tin- world,
but even lu Persia the Inhabitants of
KiiMian, a mercantile city, are notorl
Otis for their lack of a warlike spirit.
Their pusillanimity has passed Into a
proverb and kIvcu rise to many stories.
One of tho best of these Is that when
Nadir Sliah disbanded his army on its
return from India the 1)0,000 men be
lougltiK to Kitshan and its sister city
of Ispahan applied for an escort of 100
musketeers to see them safely home,
Inflammatory Rhcumatum cured In 3 days
Morton I,. Hill of Lebanon, Iml, saia: "My
wife hud InflnrnninHify rhi'limatltm In etcrjr
muscle and Joint; her MiffeiliiK w terrible and
her body and fare were swtioleii almost beyond
recognition: had been In bed for six week" and
(mil vIkIiI phrMrlaiis. lint iccelved no tioncflt
until she tried the .Mjstlul'nre fur Klivumallsm.
It Rave linmi'dlntu relief hihI kIio was Hlile to
walkabout In thri'c d!i), 1 mn ure It aved
her lift.'." Sold by II K Urlie. IlriiKKl-l. Itcd
Cloud, Neb.
Manualof Soil Culture
Scntl iiic a 2 nun iiiini iiml I will
mull vn 'i"'''' ! l'"l of Cmnpboll'
Soil Culture M tiiitni t vilimblo work
tlmt every ftrnirr ougiii to litivc. J
J-r-incis, (fi'in'i"il n i-'UMiycr tinein,
half rates to st. louis
and bacic
Via I'm. Bi iiiimi'dn Bimtk
().-tiiljel iln 10. I) i ?HI.'. to St.
L'MiM iiml iciiiin, to i omit Si, Louis
l'liil' Ask tho Bui Million aeiil.
Rheumatism Cured in a Day.
MrMlcUurc for rhcuniRtlm nnd uviirnlKln
roHillly cnri'H In from one to three, iIiijh. lt fic
tion iijioii tho KNtcin Is reninrtHbtu ninl inj s
turluim. It rcmovcH nt once tliecHiic nnd tlie
dlnensc liiimeillately ilhapiienrii. Tho first doi-e
sreiitl)- bciicllln. ".' cciUk nnd ft. Sold by II.
K. Orlce. ilrttKKlnl. lied Clotnl, Neb,
Little :thel Miuninii, Mrs. Next
door's children are playln' house In
their garden. Mayn't wo play house
in ours?
Maminti Certainly.
Little Kthcl-Tliut'll bo lovely. Then
wo can quarrel over the back fence
just like real neighbors.
II In Coiii-nc Clour.
"Say," whispered the conductor to
tho inotoriiian, "that fat slob with the
Jag says If 1 want Ids nickel I'll huvo
to whip liiui to get It. What'll I do?"
"None but the brave deserve the
fare," replied that worthy as he put
on full sliced In an jdVort to run over
a dog. Houston l'ost.
As Slir Vliucil It.
Mrs. Dlmpleton-Why don't you get
your life insured?
Dlnipleton What's the use? I'm
well enough, and I'll probably outlive
Mrs. Dltnpletou AVell, you nlways
did look on the dark side. Washington
"Professor, I want to ask you a ques
tion, if you please."
"Certainly. Let me hear It."
"I want to ask you if your experi
ence leads to the belief that a person
who eats a Welsh rabbit should sleep
on a hare mattress?" Cleveland Plain
1-rofPNNlonnl AiHIec.
Patient What would you advise mo
to do for dyspepsia, doctor?
Dr. Do ijulek Well, if you want it
real bad hire a cheap cook and cat Ir
legularly. Two dollars, please! Chi
cago News.
JiiiIIoIiiiim AilvrrtUlniC.
Every man must blow his own horn
nownila.VH, ami Judicious iwlvertlsinu
Is the treat horn that enables many to
make themselves heard In the din of
competition. Jewelers' Circular-Weekly.
Jni'kNiin'a Self Control.
On the morning of the lirst battle
of Winchester Dr. Hunter McGulre,
Stonewall Jackson's medical director,
said to him: "General. 1 have some
very lino brandy. Will you take a
.lacksou replied, "No; I thank you."
McGulre answered, "Don't you like
"Yes," replied Jackson; "I like It too
well. That Is the reason I do not
drink It."
An iniinesslvu exhibition of his belt'
control that was Puritan in Its nelf
VnccliMiti-il llpfori- WVililfd.
In Hra.ll parents and guardians be- r
fore consenting to the marriage of
their charges require a medical cer- i
tlueate from the bride or bridegroom
certifying that ho or she has becu vac
cinated. In Norway and Sweden beforo auy j
coupie can no legan.v inarrieu cerini
cates must be produced (showing that
both bride and bridegroom have been
duly vaccinated.
Find I'roOt Iu UIh Rood Deed.
Greene After all, Slimset Is good at
heart. He prevailed upon the boys to
give up smoking for a week and to
give the money they would huvo spent
for cigars ami tobacco to old Derby to
get him a suit of clothes.
Gray Yes; when Derby has any
clothes, hu always buys them at Slim
set's Btore. Uoston Transcript.
Tnu of it Kind,
"I'm a plain, everyday business man,"
Bald Meritt, "and 1 am nothing if not
iif,..H..ii Mica wie.iiv win vm, lii
practical. Miss Wl&elj, will ou bo
tliy Wlfo?"
"I admire your frankness, Mr. Mer
itt," replied the fair object of his af
fections, "because I am Inclined to be
rather matter of fact myself. How
much ure you worth?"
On tliu Stirfnee,
It Is true that a biieerluc faco often
hides a smlliue; heart, but It is equally
true that a smlliue; face often covers
a sneerine, heart. Which of these men
Is tho most lit to live. Judged by the
happiness he diffuses? It Is the sur
face of things with which ho come In
contact, after all. New York News.
.Nn lletiirn.
"Yes," said the cynical codger, "It Is
mighty easy to trade your reputation
for money, but you're up iiKalnst it
when you try to trado back." Balti
more Herald.
Stop the Cough and Works oil the Cold
Lnxitlivo Bronio-Quinine Tnblcts cures
rt cold in one tiny. No pay
25 cents.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bronio Quinine Tabids.
All drtiKRists refund tho money if it
falls to cure. E. W. (Jrove's siRnitturo
nun each box. Soe.
General Recapitulation of All Taxes.
I Lands Valuation, e!ir.S(Kj; State tu
j?I,807!).- -County tux, $l.-,MO 77-DIh
tricttu,ll,(!18 l.'J Kcliool Bond tn,
;t!7 8(;.--Totnlta,e;i.,i,l71 71
1 Lots Vn1uiitio!i,l7l (521 -Statu tax
i!il(5 7S-i ountvtaN 2.S81.::o -Wiitm-
Boml tu, 1,811 11
District ta,:j,!)(ii;
.!. School IJoutl ta,9l,ll!l!H) Ki.(
trie I.Il'IiI Hmul ln .nini Tin,,,,,.!
tax, $1,7 Id 21 - Total tax, $12,Sa!iSi!
I'etiionu. Valuation, .;.l(17'.i
Statu tax, .i:i,:t(WIH -County tu.MO,-r)(W.l7-loll
ax,8r..0l!) 00 - Water Honil
tax, 3777. 1.1- District tax, SHyiSlMVi
S hool IJoutl tax.?l,lir,S!)-Klectrio
Light Bond tax, 81."iS22 -Village tax
!M1 8,'I-Total tax, $.,12,5ir,I).-,
ToTLS-VnIuatloii, $l,7.'J0,aH-Stato
tax, f!),08." 70-County ta, $28, .Vm 01
Poll tax, ?r,OIW)-Wator IJoutl taxt
8J,(Wl..-t! - - District tax, 829 121 .Tl
Selmol Homl tax, ?:t,l!):j(i.") IOlccsrie
Light Uoml tax, ?."i7.'I20-Villago tax,
W.728 07 -Total tn.,$S0,!)10rM
fjouural Kiind, Levy, .'',' mills, Statu
School l-'unil, i mills; State tax,
$8(5.-1 HI,
University Fund 1 mill; State tns
(leneral Kiind. S mills; County tax,
i:t, 8II.S7.
Soldiers' Relief Fund, .'1-10 mills
County tax: i.')l!l 18
Insane Fund, y, mill; County tax
Uritlgo Fund, 1 2-10 mills, County
tax, $2,07(57:1
Poor Funtl, 1 mill; County tax, $1,
Itoatl Fund, I mill; County tax, $(5,
022 i:t.
itauuo,..!, ... Ky,;SeissorsGFoan(i,
Poll Tax, $.-),(MI)tX).
Water IJoutl Tax, ::,.521 .'i(!
School Levy, Disl:'.ct Tax, 20,12l,:n
School Uontl Low Tax. 8:J.17:i.(Vi.
F.lectric Light Uond, 8.-)7:t 20.
Village or City Tax, $2,728 07.
T,.v. WAV.iHlU Tax. r,.Om(Hl!
, ..., . , . ,
Water Hontl Tax, f2,(;21.:.(! -District
Ta,2!,12l :tt-School IJoutl Tas,6:, -
17:i(M-i:iectrio Lijjlit Uontl, 5.7.'t 20
VillitBo Tax, 62,72S.t)7 -Total T.., ?h0,-
m m
OutOi Death's Jaws.
"When dentil set-mod vur near from
a.sevcio htoinaeh ami liver-tinuhle,
that 1 had -uffi-it-d w it li for ycais,"
wiitfs P. Mu-e, Diiiiinni, N. C, "l)r
Kind's New Life Pill saved my life anil
Kitru pi-ifei't lu-alth ' Ut-st pills on earth
ami tnilj 2.")i! at O L Conine's lru
st oe.
"When I can't see danger there is no
danger." That's the logic ci the ostrich
which littles its head and exposes its
body to the hunter. There are not a
few people who secui to have gone to
the o-tnch to learn logic. The most
dangerous enemies of humanity arc the
. enemies which can't be seen, the tlisease
i Iirecdtng microbes which infect the
, ,,loo1; ." .? harder to get the microbe
out of the blood than to keen it out. but
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
' does both. bv nitri
fying the blood
and then keeping
it pure.
If there nre
eruptions on the
skin, boils, pim
ples, sores or other
signs of impure
o.fe blood, use Doctor
Pierce's Golden
Medical Discov
ery, which will
f purify the blood
- m' nnti cure tne
eruptions which come from it.
I "My blood was nil out oforder, nnd I lmd to go
to the doctor," writes Mrs. James K. Moss, New
I London, stnnly Co.. NO "He gave me tneill-
1 cine ulilch lieltird me for n short time In the
, winter of iSas I not worse than I had ever been.
My tonsils weic enlnrneil and my neck swollen
, nil out of shape, my throat was sore and I could
j not cure it, My husband went for the doctor,
bul lie Km e me no encouragement. ue helped
I me n little, but It did not latt lone. He attended
I me for twelve months, when I heard of n lady
' whose condition was tike mine, who was taking
I your medicine and was Kettlnir well. So I se-
I cured some of the medicine and benan takiiij
' In one week I was able todomvcooklnsr W
icing it.
I benau takinu the medicine I could sit tin only
n few minutes at n time, and I could rest or sleep
only n littte while at a time. My throat was so
sore ut times I could not even swallow sweet
milk, and my tonsils were full of littte eating
sores, my leit side was swollen out ot snape
nnd I could hardly get mv breath. The doctor
( ,,, , w0llU, ,,, t weU- ,)Ut three ,)oUles o(
I r Tierce's C.oldeu Medical Discovery, three
bottles of his ' Pellets,' three bottles of Ur Sage's
Catarrh Remedy and the use of salt water did
the work and cured me."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation and its consequences.
Chnructer In the Feet.
In tho form of the foot the sexes
differ as much or even more than In
that of tho hand. A woman's foot Is
usually narrower In proportion than a
man's, while his will bo considerably
stronger In tho ankle and more power
ful In the formation of tho toes, espe
cially of the ball of tho great toe.
When a woman owns a strong, firm,
wide foot, many of us experience per
haps no sensation of surprlso nt find
ing her "strong minded." When a man
trips along upon n delicate llttlo foot,
people Instinctively believe him to bo
lacking In power nud often put him
down as effeminate. Exchange.
! ) K 1
- JI-
1 f'Jr- "$M
-J" I V , . NH1U
i .-2"'--:?a-nfii
. - -,- - - .
Constipation is nothing more ,
than a cloL'L'ino of Mm Imwnla '
and nolhiim lcs? tlistn ifal stair-
nation or death if not relieved.
If every ( constipated mlTercr
could realm- that lie is allowing
poisonous filth to remain in his
system, lie would soon ct relief.
Constipation invitiy all kind of
contagion. Headaches, bilious
ness, colds and many other ail
ments disappear when consti
pated bowels nrc relieved. Tiled
ford's Mack-Draught thoroughly
cleans out tho bowels in nn easy
and natural manner without tho
purging of calomel or other vio
lent cathartics.
He sure that you get the origi
nnl Thodfonl's Mack-Draught,
mado by The Chattanooga -Medicine
Co. Sold by all druggists in
25 cent and 81.00 packages.
Marsan, Ark., Mar 23, inoi.
I f annot re commend The drum' lllnrk.
llrauKlittiinhlahlr. I keep It mr home
nil the time and liiue ued It rur llielmt
ten jfnm. 1 nrtor puto my rhllilrrn
nnjr other lntntltc. I think I roulil
inur in- nine 10 worn "lllinul It
m hi mum ui neinir iruuiileil nllh
, riuoltintlon. Your tncJlrlne Is i
i hii inni Keeps me up.
You are "Next" at
Oliver SchaffniVs
Barber Shop,
UasciiHMit Potter-Wright Minding.
Razors Honed,!
A" k " ." .. !,,r.r . HX,'l,lte,1
,. IJIIJll IlllV 1IW1 , II si luilllll
i KUi
L. .. -.
I What Do
I You Eat
for breakfast.
Hard to find any
tiling this time of J
the year ?
Try some
that fine
which we have and $
which we arc
sell- 'T
in so cheap.
Sherer 1 Braclshaw
lliiiehi-i'K for Tin' l'" p'e.
and Funeral
ISf Phone Numbor, Rosi
doncolll, Offlco, No. 84.
Only 8 1. 05 to Hastings nnd return
October 0 to 11, inclusive.
Motile Offers Low Hates,
Oo ober 3 to 5. Ono faro for round
trip. To many point? in Inilinnn, Ohio;
to Pittsburg and other points in west
ern Pennsylvania; to Buffalo and to
Toronto. Ticktts good to rutin n till
November I).
t The HurliiiKtou Itouto's prize contest
j fur the best, pholgtnphs of Nebraska
I semes closes October 1. If you havo
good photgiaphs of nruhnriN, glowing
crops, harvesting suenos, cattle, sheep,
horses or poultry, butter send them in
without delay. Ask tho Hurlirgton
Uouto ngent for full particularji, or write
J. Fiancis, (Joneral Passonger Agont,
IBAKERY and MflE.i
When in town eat nt tho
Don Ton where it is clean,
cool and no lllcs..
'15 cent Meals at All Hours.
,Soda Fountain is Ol'iis !
. V.I... . :.. .nn
-.) si uiiicieiii Kintis ol summer1
W. S. BBN5I3, Pro)
Lock Ilox iu. fliifilP Hock, Neb.
VII kinds of property bought, sold o Jtl
House Moving and Raising
All work gtiaraiitei'il satisfactorj.
Your work solicitetl.
J')1L(5. I'OITHII,
Over Mizei's (troeery Store.
. , ' Vi.f".lilowln.B. l""I-o.l iinifiulinoiit to the
i oiistltmloii of tin- Mnieor Nfl.msk,!. s iiiiuln
iifler st forth In full, is .i,itli , ,' ,JVk"
or of IL. mh e ..f Nftiriiskn. m )0 votuil inon
A Joint lesointiun iiriioliii; to umonil section
ihu "iH,u!lW,!!!iu;Vl,io1 '!,'nltmior
.r ,,r s..i ,Ni .iirak"- ,r(-'1,,me to the inHii
hit of nibmltiliiK mill m uiulm- nnii-nd
nXhk".,I,L' t'0"s,lt""0'' "f '"e Sfiulol
lit it I!,tnlrr,l ,nl ;,,,! i tl( l.,ill.,iut,
miction I Tlmt spcllim one of nrtlc'e Jlfteen
of the foiistlnitltiii or the Mum of Ncbriiska bo
amended to reml is follous: "
mtIIoii 1. Klttu-r limucli of ihu loclsliiliire
niny i.rnpose iimiMidinenls to tliH foitsiit, i o
.liV..,.l.f..l.l't!"i,,n 'V .'-'-l b three fifths of
... ...,vr I'lt-vieu io fiicii iiou-e, Kiicli nro
iiosed Hiiieiiiliufiits Klinli be eiitetVd on the
Joiirimls. with the jias nn.l imvs. mid published,
nt leiin mieeench week iu m least onJ newtpa
per In each foiniiy where iiewpiiper Is pub
,!','1,..f0,r ' llr, '"' linnifdliitely precc Urn;
' i,cf.1. cl "!. " .."10 anil riWeSIr
!!.!?.,::'w.!,u'h.eI?''ll,,;, " "" 1-iinlii.eM
biToiiif h part of this t'ouMlimlon. When n ore
i h.1 i .",,i'lef sl"'" '"' ho ki'biiillled as to en
suparHteh Volu " each ameiulmmt
a II l. .11 a
:,. .. i . ! " c" 'v Mlcl1 tili-clloii on hiich
nun iiiuiiiimo iiert- insert tlie subltft of the
nrnt'iidiaci.t). ,id the vote of i"icl eltVtit
shall LVlrJiln1! ,l",,,e,.';lmt',"t or Htni-iiiliieiiti
shall be i I'slKimii'd by the e tctur by mnkliiun
Vi.r !.r i.,..r, .., .1 " ' ""- ""I"" IIIB WCiniH
lu. shMmiosiM, ,' . ."'J-' I'i'l'osiMi HiiienilnieiitH. ,xh
3, 0. voiv ",IL'ri,'''- "r b liidieutliiK
l.t.eii. W Mnish. serretnM of stale of the
rori-KoIiu,' propnsHii aim n me I to the t iinsiitii
turn of the Mate nf Xebmskit Is rue a I
,,,.'.r.r:t. "Hi ."' "' ''rluliwi tM.rollLMl and u
'"1 "' "'" "" I'll--!.'!! l. f 1 1.
teiil si'vi'iiih
pt--niii i wie ifKisialiite
of th stun. ,.r v..
i'iiimi. us hi ppar
tile III this oliice. u
Irmn mi lil nrliriii,ii i.i i ".,,.
iiinl llnilsiilil liiiiposeilumt'inl
"?"'.: "J." "'""-'d " Hit- iiiliilll ed vo ers .if Hu.
7n..r,, """'n for Ibulr hiIoUuii or rejee
lion nt tin. eeiieral elei lion to bi hell on Tiios
"" ;.V' '.'".' ".f November. A. 1). li"
i, ,,, r,V,' d..V V'1-1 ' ' 'lft 'lertMinio set my
...... ...MAvu uif ureal seal of tin st,,in,,Y
Sfpiclarv of Male.
BED OLOUjbfhg;'
S'l. JOE
S'l. LOUIS and
all points cast and
nnd all jiointi
No, 13. IWeiiuer dally for Obcrllu t
and St. FranclB branchcii Ox 4
polnHvrCcJi,:.,.,:crRU,1 B" ., .J
N' "' rVkS.n".r,,!l""? 'K .?. Joe. ' ' '
; ,.?"'. iitumun, at.
Loiili, Lincoln via Wy'more
and all polntH eau and south 2-32 a.m
-i. i nnoiMiKcr. (j hi v. Denver all
No. 2i. I-amencer, dally for St. Jot
Kansas City. Atchison V
- 8:25 p.m.
Louis and all poiuts cast ,
south -
10:00 a.m.
Nfl. 174 Appnmmt.iln.. ...
M.ffK! "I A 'all
No. 1T3. Dally except,, "ox H
lorifiiiiillutvrinciliatt,Vii.,.?,.n.. .
'-"" iiuniiwesi...
rQ 11..H.. . .
Sleeping dlnliiK
ilecpli.K dlnlnK. and reclb li,e i.7.
ata free) oil i throiiRh train.. T Ickeii lold nrt
s'KBRe riierked t uuy point In is. t77.f.D2
tcs or Canada, 7 p "u "' lbt Unltad
IBt'tu i
Korlnforinatloii. Urn
can on or and
Cloud. Nebr. or
iiij:K!ic,,'QW "SMS
AbciiI Oaiaha, Nabraikn.
$1.00 per year.
... ""- nmuin mr npprovitl or ri'lectlon.
Hli.l If inajiiitty of the eli.'lors votli."-t "uc
eeetloi. on mel, propo-ed itincml nent. Mm
aifia, iu miui't -iiiiii ii iiii-iiM mitn r iii ii
iiineniliiieiit or Hiiieiulmuiith shall have written
or i.rliilfd ihereoi. th., following: For port, "e
insert Tlu." J,,.1 Kr01'; l,.,.,l,,ol, nMn ' "
ifnsi i r. ll,JVct of '.,IL' "'nciKlmeiit) ami.
. Kill list iroiiosi'il iiinpiiiliiwi,,, ,,. ,i... ,.:... i...
.ii.- uiii'iiiii
lioi.e at Lincoln ihls , ,iv of ,,,. .. .....
nnd of this mite the Tlilrt "ixili. J KbU1""'