The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 26, 1902, Image 1

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The following items contain explicit information
about being well hosed at the smallest expense
and you wont find equally low Prices for such
excellent qualities anywhere else.
i Case of Childrens Hose.
Regular value 15c.
Our Price 12 1.2c
1 Case Ladies Hoso.
Regular value 15c
Our Price lOc
50 patterns Uanncliones rang
ing in price from ICo to 20c per
ynrd, (or Waists, Wrapper, and
2000 yards
Outing Flannel
1 10 vt ya tengins.
rsgular 10c Advance sale Pirce 8c
IOOO yrds. Remnants
in 1 to 5 yard lenghts at 9c yd..
1000 yards Strictly First Standard
prints, light and dark colors 4c yd
Bpeelal Display of
l&c to B2.00 per yard
Napkins to match many patterns.
Clearing Sale on Fancy patterns
thread yard wide PERCALES.
Regular price 12 1-2C
of 84
s Duroc
I Jersey
l All eligible to'register.
t or at my farm, 2 miles south
4 I Cloud.
west of Red
Ittms of Interest as
Reported by Chief
Reporters at Several
Nearby Localities.
A big rain in tills suction, Sunday
I'M. Himcs sold a number of st.ers
last vi'uk.
John Saladun bought a now wagon
last week.
Wallace Maynard and wife attended
tho ltunlick sale last week.
Mr. Ueaton and Mr. Sheldon have
bought a now disk drill together.
Mr. Morse's now hoiiso is noarly com
pleted. They are plastering it this
Ortli Cunningham is down with the
typhoid fever and is under tho doctors
Will Durdicks salo came off last week
and considering conditions things sold
quite high.
Kd.Seaton is buying a car lrnil of
cows to fatten He bought two of Al
Decker last week.
AI Decker is having a now well dug
an a new wind mill put up this week.
John Whittwor is doing the work.
Miss Laura Decker has been staying
for the past two weeks, with Mre.
Morgan Davis who has been sick with
heart trouble.
Miss Dora Lacy visited with Miss
Nellie Bon, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Lacev called on
A. C. Hon and wife, Sunday.
Jake Lacy nud Mr Mousnaug havo
sold several head of cattle, lately.
Miss Nellie Hon began a seven months
term of school, Monday, atMt. Hope.
Charles Adamson and family visited
with A.C. Hon and family, Sunday.
There is probably the largest corn
crop to grather this fall that Webster
country ever had.
Mr. and Mr. Samuel llruner expect
to start for Indiana, the 5th of October,
to bo absent about three weeks.
A three days rain nnd every ono is
smiling, especially tho farmers who
anticipate a wheat crop next year.
Wo nre pleased to see Kov. Hlackwoll
and his est! able family a ain occupy
ing their beautiful home ono mile cast
east of Mt. llopo school house.
Mrs John Norris, formerly Miss
Bessie Godwin, of Willow Creek, and
now of Sheriden, Woyming, had the
sail misfortune, last week, to Iobo ber
infant child,
i&llaaaaaflrvlwaaaaaaSiiAK'M 1
ana mues west ot Keel t
City'lDray and Express Line,
Charles Morey is working for J. L.
J. R. Denton transacted business in
Cowles. Monday.
Frank Waufle was a passenger to
Lawrence, Tuesday.
W. H. Hoffman is in Kansas this week
looking up a location.
Mrs. George Nowhouso of Red Cloud
is visiting in this village.
Plenty of rain tho first of the week.
Report that from tivo to six inebs of
rain foil. "
Rev. Preistly returned from confer
ence, 'luesday. He has been sent to
Guide Rock.
Roy Grandstaff and wifo are visiting
with the lattera parents Mr. and Mrs.
Laird, of Oak Crook.
A little fight took place, tho first of
tho week, in tho now bank building, in
which noithor party was very much
hurt. A few blows passed when tho
clinch camo nnd man by tho namo of
Pounds laid tho banker full length on
tho floor. This may do for boys, but for
mon who prido themselves ns being law
abiding? citizens, it is a shame and a
Marriod at tho homo of tho brides
parents, Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Hoffman,
Wednesday, September 17th, Miss
Lottie Hoffman and Bruco Howersock,
tho Rov. A, J. Young pronouncing tho
words which mado them ono. This
young eouplo aro well known in this
vicinity and their many friends wish
them joy nnd happiness through lifes
journey, They began houso keoping on
the old homo placo.
During the month of October, Dr.
Morrison will be in Guide Rock, Thurs
day and Friday only of each week nnd
will be in Red Cloud on Saturday.
VENTION of tor decii'lks ok cluuit
Guide Rock.
September 18-10.
Meeting called to order by tho presid
ent E. C. Christy, at 2-80 p. m. Thurs
day, after a short talk by tho presid
ent, prayer and praise service was con
ducted by Bro. H. A. Curtis, of Prairo
Center. At .'J p. m. address of wel
como by Bro. L. C. Harris, of Bluo
Following these numbor of subject
were taken up as per programo and
wero ably discussed in an interesting
and instructive manner. Tho subject
wero; "What can bo dono to cause
members of tho church to regard 'theh
pledges to tho church as saired," "Is
tho preachoror tho church members
responsible for non-nttondanco at
church during hot wonthorV "Tho
C. K. pledgo do wo keep it." Then
came announcements nnd appointment
of committees by tho chairman, which
closed the ntternoon session.
Tho evening session consisted of
praiso service led by Bro K. Hendlynnd
chart sermon by Hro. L, C. Harris'
FimiAr Aktkknoon.
Devotional conducted L. C. Harris,
Hro. Headly presiding at tho meeting.
Hro. V. K. Shirluy, of Harvard than
gnvo n very interesting talk on "Tho
benihts of a grading system in the lliblo
school." Opon discussed followed. "Tho
relation of Auxiliaries to tho church"
was next discuscd, and then followed a
business session, reports of committees,
and etc.
Aktkiinoon Skssion.
Praise service led by Bro. Kd. Pual of
of Cowles. Bro. Shirloy thon gavo an
address, making n splendid appeal for
tho National convention at Omaha, in
October." Duty and sociability among
church members wns tho takon up in
open discussion, followed, by an ad
dress by Hro. Headly "Tho Blblo school
a framing school far Christian citizen
ship," and an nddrcss by Bro. Harris
on, What attitude should tho church
and C. K. .society iissumo toward
popular a smusomonts.
Praiso service, H. F. Cobbsof Guido
Rock, leader; sermon by V. K. Shirloy,
subject. The lamb of God that taketh
away tho of tho world; follownd by a
sermon by L. C. Harris, subject, Three
important questions. Closing with tho
song, Bles'd be the song that binds. So
ended our seventh annual convention.
May God bless our work and further
His cause in Webster county.
Mrs. J.J. Martin. Sec.
. m
Fortune Favors A Texan.
"Having distressing pains in head
back and stomach, and being without
appetite, I began to use Dr. King's
New Life Pills," writes W. P. Wh ito
head, of Kennedale, Tex., "and soon
felt like a new man." Infallible in
stomach and liver troubles. Only 25o
at O. L. Cotting's drug store.
There will bo a caucus of tho voters
of tho Republican party of Inavale pre
cinct, on tho evening of Tuesday Oct
obor 7th, nl 8, o'clock in Charles Hunt
ers store, to nominate township officers
nnd to transact such other business ns
may properly como before tho caucus.
Wni. Rinkol. Com.
Goods Delivered to any part of the city.
Charges as low as the Lowest
Chicago - Lumber - Yard.
Lumber, l. Lime, Coal and Cement.
The undersigned will soil at his farm
seven miles north east of Red Cloud,
three miles south of Cowles, or three
miles north of Amboy, on Tuesday,
September 80tb. Commencing at 2 p
m. the following property to-wit: 20,
head of stock, consisting of 8 cows, 5
yearling steers, 3 two-year-old heifers
2 yearling heifers, 0 spring calves and
two head of horses. Also ono harrow,
one sulkey plow, ono stirring plow and
one sot of doublo harness. Terms of
salo. Four months timo, will bo givon,
purchasor giving noto with approved
sicurity bearing 10 per cent intortes.
Five percent off for cash in hand.
Men of oak
Timbers of oak keep the old
homestead standing through
the years. It pays to use the
right stuff.
" Men of oak " are men in
rugged health, men whose
bodies are made of the sound
est materials.
Childhood is the time to lay
the foundation for a sturdy con
stitution that will last for years.
Scott's Emulsion is the right
"V-'cott's Emulsion stimulates
the growing powers of children,
helps them build a firm
foundation for a sturdy consti
tution. Send for f roe oamplo.
SCOTT Si. BOWNE, Chemists,
400-415 Poarl Street, Now York.
50c. nnd $I.OO 1 all druggist.
New Use for Refined Paraffinc Wax.
A now and important use for relined
paralllno wax seems to have been dis
covered by h prominent rcsidont of
Ohio, living near Lancaster, who had
two trees badly damaged by storm, ono
being a maple and tho other an apple.
In onch caso a Inrgo limb was broken
down from tho trunk, but still attached
to It Tho limb9 wero propped up and
fastened securely with strrps, very
much as n broken leg might bo fastened
with splints, and then molted relined
wax poured into and overall tho cracks.
Tho "surgical operation" was entirely
successful. Tho Paralllno prevented
the escapo of tho sap, kopt out the rain
and moisture which would havo rotted
tho trees, prevented tho depredations of
insects, and tho limbs seem thus far to
bo perfectly re-attached to tho trees.
In Bnllon No. IDS' now in press.
United States Geological Survey, Prof.
Israol C. Russell discusses tho geology
and tho water rcscoures of tho Snako
Rivor plains of southern Idaho, Tho
main objects iu viow when tho work
was undertaken woro to ascertain how
far the geological conditions, particu
larly beneath tho broad lava-floored
plains bordering Snako river, favor the
hopo of obtaining mowing water by
drilling wells, and wbero test wells
should bo put down in ordorin ordor to
determine tho correctness of Inferences
ba.scd.on geological and other condit
ions. Of the 25,000 square miles of tho
region, alout 1,200 square milos wero
examined, the nihin routo lying cast
ward from near Boiso across Klmore,
Lincoln, ami Blnino counties and into
Binglinm county as far as Bliickfoot.
Jane 21st
Below we give a partial list
of the books we have
on hand at present.
Arabian Nlghti (8) New and Rtvliedldltlon
The Fortnnei of Nigel Scott
lTtnboe. ........... ttrott
Ueyond tbe City (9). A. Conan Doyla
Strange Secret.. A. Conan Doyle
All Sorti and Condition! of If en
. .... Beiant and Mice
Jet ...... .Kdwtrdi
Knight Errant Lyall
Beppo tbe Conicrlpt-.Aiithony Trollop
Cblcot the Jester ...Dumai
Countess de Charily ..... -.Dumas
Love and Liberty.. . .....Dumai
Tbe Conscript . .. Dumai
Vlcomto de llragclonne ..-..Dumas
Coninelo ......... Sand
Tho Counters of Hudolitadt Sand
Indiana .. . . Sand
Fanchon the Cricket . Sand
Dcldeo .. . . ..., Warden
Confessions of an Bullish Opium Eater...
.... ..'. . I)o Quliicy
OoldElsIo Marlltt
A Daughter ol IIolli . Hlack
Ths Fronlleriimen (3) Almard
Tho Ulltucdala Itotnnnco Hawthorne
Anlath Mario Corelll
Unrda . . ........Ebers
Pilgrim's Progress.. Iitmyan
The Deemsters . Hall Calne
Humphrey Clinker Smollet
Corlnne Ho Stncl
Paris Sketch Uook . Thackeray
The Man Who Was (lood . Menlsk
Jack Homer.. Mary S. Tlcrnan
IlninodCllo . ...... Mary 8. Tlcrnan
WoodlanderH.. ....Thos. Hardy
Tho Dctlrc of tho Eyes... Orant Allen
Not In tho Prospectus . Danforth
Itamunlrli . . ..Lotl
A New Noto.... ...... .- McMahon
Dragon's Teeth............ .8crrau
Tho Cedar Star. -.. ...Mann
The Crystal lluttoii. ........... Thomas
A Living I.lo............. ........llourget
One of these books will
be given with every dollar
you pay on subscription. If
you pay one years subscrip
tion in advance or one dol
lar of back subscription you
get one of these handsome
books free. If you pay two
dollars on subscription you
get two books, if you pay
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tion you get one of these
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Come in and get
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ar all gone.
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turn 3MM ' yiwi,-ti
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