The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 19, 1902, Image 1

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The following items contain explicit information
about being well hosed at the smallest expense
and you wont find equally low Prices for such
excellent qualities anywhere else.
Items of Interest as
Reported bv Chief
Reporters at Several
Nearby Localities.
i Case of Chilerens Hose.
Regular value 15c.
Our Price 12 1.2c
1 Case Ladies Hos(
Regular value 15c
Our Price lOc
GO pnttorns llnnnelienes rang.
ing in price from lCc to 20c per
yard, for Waists, Wrapper, ami
1000 mils Remnants
in 1 to 5 yard Ienghts at Dc yd.
2000 yards O'-tting Flnnnel
shhrt'.engths. 7 to 12 yd lengths,
regular 10c Advance sale Firce 8c
1000 yards Strictly tirst Standard
prints, light and dark oolors 4c yd
mreclal Display of
tb fd B2.00 per yard
Napkins to match many patterns.
Chas. Spinklo bought a wagon of
Good and Hennott, Wednesday.
JohuTnmp'on wentto I'remnnt, Inst
Monday, where he has employment.
Huv. Hippelou is attending conference
this week.
Horn to Mr. and .Mrs. J. C. Waller,
iasi saiimiiiy, ugiu. ur. franklin in
Mr. mid Mrs. J K. Sininions liave
gone to Franklin to visit the hitters
Misses. Margaret (Srccnalgh and
Georgia Scott entertained their friends
at the (Ireenalgh home, last Friday
night. A plensant time was enjoyed
by nil.
A vetenary surge en from Hurr Oak,
Kansas, was here, Wednesday, to
doctor Jack Wullois colt which was
cut in the barb wire.
Dr. Eranklin was hero on business,
last Wednesday.
Miss Kdith Kdson returned from
Doweeso, Saturday, where she has been
visiting relatives for tho three weeks.
Mrs. Tait of Ilul Cloud is visiting
relatives here this week.
Ihe Cowles ball tenm went to Frank
lin last week and played two days at
tho county fair against the Franklin
team and won both games. Score 4 to
14 and 6 to 6. Tho boys were not at all
pleased over tho way they were treated
by tho Franklin people and have no
desire to go there to play again.
Light shower of rain visited us Tues
day evening.
Knima Poland commenced her school
Delia Haskins is Mill improving in
At last report Corn Parsons was no
Ft one Fngoii started, Monday, for
eolumbus, Ohio, to take a course in n
Medicnl School.
Will Fishburn is on the sick list.
Wm. Clitic's brother from Clatluda,
Iowa, is making him a visit this week.
Mrs. Pollock, Junius and Ina were
pluasenl callers at Toland's, Sunday.
Mabel Smith and Forest Collins of
North were married at Nelson
Nebraska, Monday, September 8th.
Kev. Hester's brother, from Ohio,
will preach nt North Branch, next Sun
John Zopp has the drop on somo
boys who wuru in his mellon patch.
John is jnst ahead two horses.
Mrs. W. P. Clnwson and Mrs. Jas.
Saunders who havo been visiting friends
in Colorado returned tho Hist of tho
Mrs. J. C. Crane who has boon visit
ing her father in California, returned
to her home last Thursday.
Mr. Neiwnngcr and family of Mc
Cook, aro now residents of ltladon hav
ing moved in Albert Wiiutlo's property.
Mrs. Lvdia Lockhart returned Tues
day, to Iter home in Ked Cloud after a
sojourn of several weeks in this
A party of liladon cilir.ous waited
upon tho Carleton Concert wagon,
Tuesday evening and invited them to
movo on, warning them of tho con
sequences they returned.
Every truo populist should road Ed
(iilfords letter printed in tho Chikk of
September nth, Ed. knows what ho is
talking about.
Among those who attoiidcd the roun
ion was Mr. Mid Mrs, A. Wnutle, Frank
Watiiie, Dr. Koolor, D. S. Phelps, Kobt.
Boyd, Vet Widdcrchein, Mary. Grace
and Mablo Boyd and Charles Morey
ami lady (row Blue Hill,
Clearing Sale on Fancy patterns
I thscrd yasd wide PERCALES.
Regular price
of 84
12 I-2C
Mr. Milllor, wife and son had dinner
with Mr. Houghtaling, Sunday.
MIsb Maud Hutchison was calling on
Mrs. Shannon, this week.
Fern Hutchison spotty StnoTay with
Mr. Shannon's boy, last (SJId'ay.
Mr. Frazier and wife l the, pastor
and wife had dinner Witlf Mr. Merrill,
it rcnctgd
Mrs. Wash Heed returned from Hast'
ings Monday evening.
Kov. Priestley is attending confer
ence at Wymoro this week.
W. D. Wayman and Mr. Letner drove
to Ked Cloud Tuesday.
James Lockhart was transacting
business at Red Cloud Tuesday,
Mrs. Clarence Frarao went to Law
rence Monday to visit her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. John Werner of Blue
Hill, Sundayed with their son Fred
South of town.)
C. A. Kastorlay who has been in Cali
fornia in the past month returned
home, Saturday.
Dollia McCallum, Cora Loe, Warner
and Josio GrandstaiT v ero passengers
for Lincoln Monday.
Mrs. Minnio Christio of Genoa, is
visiting with her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Wash Reed.
Among thoso who wont to Holdrcdge
Friday, to see the elephant were: W.
E. Thome, Cal. Morey, Con Uagnns,
Alva Cox and lady, Walter McCoy,
Ed. Wrattan Geo. Denny and wife,
O. Goodoll, H. Knapp and daughter,
Ed. Doylo, Jas. Saiuders, Jack Cox,
Wm. Bennett, D. O. Bonnott and wife,
Wm. Scrl anal wife, L. E. Spence and
wife, John Boom and two sisters, Sid
Pounds, John Hall and family, Jack
Moore and many others whoso names
we cannot get.
8 Duroc
I All eligible toregister. Inquire of M. W. Dickerson'
or at my farm, 2 miles soutn ana 3 miles west of Red '
Cloud, J. E. JACKSON.
last Sunday.
Rev. A. W. Cortner preached an elo
gant sermon to a largo audience in our
midst last Sunday
Mr. Sproulo was calling on tho ladies
at M. Houf htaling's while tho old folks
were away from bomo. '
Mcssors.fHoughtaling, Michcal and
Shannon havo a now patent on stacking
which they indented while theshing for
Mr. Houghtaling in Jewel counts
Elmer Frazier opened school -wiUia
uno turn ouioi senuian, monuny morn- ifl(. h , t Wednesday
t . 1 ..- Il!ft.. ...I.!1n Mian llnlLinUt. V
weild.stfrt! rod across tho lino in Neb
raska. Tlie Odd Fellows of this locality at
tended tho picnic, Wednesday, in groat
shapo and Frank Whittwer won tho
foot raco in good shape, but Mr. Shan
non coufd not win tho walking rr.qe On
a couut of the second heat,
City Dray and Express Line.
J. S. Mooro has purchased live lots
south of Mr. Bonner's pluco and has
fenced, them in.
Davo Crow was a passenger for
Swanton Monday, to seo his brother
who is dangerously ill.
Mrs. Proistly who has been visiting
in tbo eastern part of this state return-
Goods Delivered to any part of the cfty.
'Charge's as 'JjW as the Lowest
, ,,r - "
I f mtv AftfeKitSibR ACAMfe'teXPRESS CO.
Chicago '- Lumber - Yard.
Lumber, '.Lime,, Coal and Cement.
Dean Smith Is again at homo working
Tor his tathor, helping him to get in
readiness to feed a load of cattle
Miss Cora Wolf wont, to Rod Cloud
Monday whoro sho wlUisnjourn this
wook then she will return Jtu her homo
at Clarke, Nobraska. -y
Tho party at Schneiders just across
tho line, last Saturday nigtU, was well
attended and was quite an- enjoyable
Mrs. Pearl Ailes Is quite scrtonsly
ill with a cold.
A littlo boy came to town latft week
and concluded to make a long dtay with
Mr. and Mrs. Art. Parsons.
There was a party of yoiing people
assembled at tho now corn crib of
Chas Ailes on Monday night and chased
chased several hours away with merry
41 i t f
games, me lames were present in
only limited numbers.
Georgo Coon has already placed bis
feeders In tho yard nndliascomnionced
to get them on feed.
Like the running brook, the
red blood that flows through
the veins has to come from
The springs of red blood arc
found in the soft core of the
bones called the marrow a'nd
some say red blood also comes
from the spleen. Healthy bone
marrow and healthy spleen
are full of. fat.
'Scott's Emulsion makes new
blood by fcedinc the bone
marrow and the SDleen with
the richest of all fats, the pure
cod liver oil. ,
For pale school girls and
invalids and for all whose
blood is thin and pale, Scott's
Emulsion is a pleasant and rich
blood food. It not only feeds
the blood-making organs but
gives them strength to do
their proper work.
Semi for free sample.
SCOTT & IIOWNlt, Chcmi'H,
409.41$ 1'carl Mrrrl. NewYork.
joe. aud f 1,00 1 all druggists.
Ernest Jones and Earl Crary are
spending this week in Lincoln, taking
In the sights.
I. B. Colvin drives a now span of bays
now, on ac:ount of tho incrooso of tho
real estato businoss.
Colvin nnd Barcus sold two farms
this week near North Branch.
R. S. Proudlit is having a Uno trado
this fall. Tho farmers urn lots of wheat
in thu bin and aro building new barns
and corn cribs to hold tho big corn crop.
Rodert Uarison is building quito an
addition to his residence in town. Let
tho good work go on.
Mr. Bragg and Mr. Riscl of Boaver
township, two of our most energetic
farmers, were in the first of tho week
And thoy say their corn crop is good
enough for nny county. You never
hear themjgrowling about hard times or
tho dry weather.
Frank Guy and Attorney Overman
returned, Monday, from their busijcss
trip to Oranha,
Wo had a small scrap and law suit
last Saturday night, before Squiro
Colvin. Both parties ontored pleas
of guilty and paid their lines and tbo
cases wore dismissed.
John Dunbar and brother say tho
Republican river is a lino place to catch
fish and big ones too.
Tho frost did not hurt tho corn crop
hero it was to far along for Jack Prost.
Wednesday, tho pony which Wm.
Miners youngest son was riding to
school fell with him and tho boy's arm
was broken below tho elbow. Dr. Pace
was called and set tho arm. Boys
should bo careful and not rldo to fast
Fortune Favors A Texan,
"Having distressing pains in head
back and stomach, and being without
appetite, I began to uso Dr. King's
Now Life Pills," writes W. P. Wh ite
hoad, of Konnediile, Tex., "and soon
fnii. Hko a now man." Infalllblo in
stomach and liver troubles. Only 25o
nt O. L Colting's drug store.
June 21st.
Below we. give a partial list
of the books we have
on hand at present.
Arabian Ntghti (9)Nw and Tteviaedldltlon
The Fortnuea of Nlgol.... Scott
Iranhoe ............. Scott
lleyond the City (9) A. Conan Dojle
Strange Secreta... ....A. Conan Doyle
All Sort and Condition! or Men....
... ........... lleiant and Klce
Knight Errant................. Iyall
Boppo the Conicrlpt... Anthony Trollope
Chicot the .Teller........... ....... ...Dutnaa
Counteiu do t'hrny....................0umaii
Love and Liberty..- .Dumaa
The Conscript - - Dumaa
Vlcomto do llraKclonne........ ............ .Dumaa
CouKuelo .- Sand
The OoimtcBH of Hii(tolita(lt..............Snd
Indiana - Sand
Pnnchou the Cricket....... ............fcHiul
Deldce ... ..- -Warden
Confensloimof an KiiRlleh Opium Enter .
. -De Qulncy
OoldKlHle Mnrlltt
A Daughter ol llelli - lllack
Tho Froiitlcmmcii Vi) .............. .-..-.-Atuiard
The Ullthcdiile Homnnce Jliuvlhornc
Ardath Marie Corclll
Uarda................. .-... El) its
rilgrlm'H 1'roKrcita . lluiijnn
Tho Decmittcra . Hall C'alno
Humphrey Clinker Sinollct
Corliino De Stacl
I'arla Sketch Hook Thackeray
Tho Man Who Was Hood Menlsk
Jack Horner.. Mary 8. Tlernnii
Homoiielle .- MaryS. Tlernnii
fcodlandcrit Tlios. Hardy
TheDcsiro of tho Eyes..... Grant Allen
Not In the" VroapectiH Danforth
Janiunt9. ...... . - Loll
A New Noto .McMahon
DraKon'a Tcelh -.Serrano
The Cedar Star - Mann
The Crystal liutton-. ThomaN
A LIvIiir Me llourget
One of these tjooks will
be given with eyery dollar
you pay on subspription. If
you pay one years subscrip
tion in advance or one dol
lar of back subscription you
get one of these handsome
books free, l,f you pay two
dollars on subscription you
get two books, if you pay
$3 on subscription you get
three books, etc. For every
dollar you pay on subscrip
tion you get one 01 tnese
handsome bqoks.
One Minute Cough Cure, cure
That Is what it was made Mr.
Come in and get
one before they
ar aU gone.
. lit
ajrriiifcnlftf JlMJ1fl"tfvl'"wwimlr'11'
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fHW S''W La m " K
... ' '"inn
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