The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 05, 1902, Image 5

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"Just as well as I
used to see."
There is no one little thing on
earth thut will allord cldeily
people so liuiL'h pleasure as to
tintl glasses Unit will give them
good vision after the eyes begin
to fail something that will un
able thoni "to sue us they used
Wo especially solicit a call
from those whoe present glasses
arc not satisfactory or who
have failed to lind glass satis
faction elsewhere.
Wo want to help you see as
you used to see.
Jewelers and Opticians.
(irl wanted at City Hnkcry.
Wanted Dishwasher at the Hon Ton.
Mrs. Moranville is visiting in Wilber,
Van Benson left Wednesday for
L. H. Blacktedge is in Lincoln this
Threshing coal at Roby'satfrotuSl 2r
to $7 00.
Wanted Corn, oats and wheat. W.
B. Uoby.
E. U. Overman went to Lincoln
Joo Fogol is taking in tho Stato Fair
this week.
If you want job work of ony kind
ill and seo us.
C. L. Kddy of Inavalo was in thia
city Thursday.
C. C. McConkcy attending tho State
Fair this week.
Mrs. Kufus Miksch is visiting with
relatives in Iowa.
Joo Warren is slowly recovering from
his recent illness.
Mrs. J. W. Wall in went to Lincoln
tho first of tuo week.
Win. Irons and wifo of Inavalo woro
id this city Tuesday.
Arthur Roby baa gono to work in
Miner Bros.' Big Store.
Mrs. Harry Stroup has recovered
from hor recont illness.
Miss Mary I'eterson is visiting in
Guido Rock this week.
Geo. Payno of Beaver Creek precinct
was in tho city Monday.
Warren Longtin went to Clyde,
4"Kan., tho tint of the week.
Ed Gilford of Cowles was a business
vistor in tho city Monday.
Cbas. Lindgren of near Campboll
was in the city Wednesday.
Mrs. McBrida and son Percy aro
stato fair visitors this woek.
Dr. Hall and daughtor of Cowles
wero in this city Wednesday.
Att Wollcot and wife of Inavalo
wero on our streets Tuesday.
4 Mrs. Alex Bonloy and daughter Fan
nie went to Lincoln Monday.
James Peterson and wifo wont to
Lincoln the tirst of tho weok.
Joo Fogol has somo good light har
ness which bo is soiling cheap.
Mrs. R. M.Martin and daughter,Mrs.
Waltor James, of Ogden, Utah, arrived
in tho city tho first of tho week for a
visit with relatives and friends.
Ym will do worso than this if yen
dou't buy your harness nu.l hardware
of J. O. Butlor, noxt time.
' j,'V.
i.. ... .r-.r-.-) j- ; ..-j,.-
John Polnicky, who has been ill for
several days, is slowly recovering.
Farms tr rent, with stock. Irquiio
of G W Francis, Red Cloud, Nub.
Mm 1). W. Slatitcr, of Amboy, III , is
vMtiug at the homo of Judgu Edson.
Mrs Carnahan and daughter Ada, of
Rivertcn, wero in the city, Thursday.
Mr. C K Harrington is looking at
the sights of the state fair this week.
Fred Gund of Blue Hill was transact
ing business in this city Wednoday.
F. V. Taylor, undertaker and cm
balimr, opposite Cutting's drug store.
Mr. and Mm. J:H. IVturson ale tiikinghiomo in St. Joseph, Mo , aftut u short
nthe State Fair in Lincoln t is weekJ visit at the homo C '. Coudon.
Save timncy by using a water meter
Morhait Bios, will put one in for you.
Ludlow Bros, have a quantity of tine
biiek for sale at their yards north of
Mahloti Points purchased a line new
buggy of Jas. I'eterson the lirst of the
For lire, lightning and tornado in
suratice seo L. II. Fort, in D.unerell
Lizzie Roats went to Guide Rock,
Sunday, for a visit with her sister, Mrs.
For a clean, easy shave or an tip-to-dato
hair-cut, call at Ward Hiatt's bar
ber shop.
Chas. Hunter, Republican nominee
for representative, was in tho city
Harry Bealo and wifo arrived in the
city Tuesday for a short visit with'
Mrs. Chas. Milligan went to Lincoln
Wednesday to view tho sights of tho
still n fnlr.
Everton Foe, tho messenger boy Ut
the B. &M , left Thursday for a vtit
in Denver.
Geo. Rants of Juniata was visiting
with his brother, N. S. Rants, tho lirst
of tho week.
Wanted Horses and cattlo to pas
ture, two miles north nf Red Cloud.
Ulivek Hkdok.
An old soldier friend of A. H. Kaloy,
from York, Neb., was visiting him tho
tirst of tho week.
John Storey, tho druggist of Cowles,
was attending to somo business matters
in this city Monday.
Wanted. A good girl to work. Good
wagos. Enquire of Hubert Ncucrbcrg
at depot lunch counter.
If you want an abstract of title to
your land or town lot, call on L. H.
Fort, in Damercll block.
Jake Nustein was attending to busi
ness matters in Bluo Hill Tuesday and
Wednesday of this week.
Harry and Holton Letson returned.
Monday from their trip to Yellowstone
parte ana the Black Hills.
Claud Smelsor returned to his home
in this city Monday, after a visit with
relatives in Grand Island.
L. P. Albright went to Lincoln Tues
day to attond to business matters and
incidently take in the fair.
Mrs. Cora Kidd of Sodalia, Missouri,
arrived in the city Monday for an at
tended visit with relatives.
Willie Edson returned on Tuesday
from a visit to Leo County, IllinoM,
former homo of his parent'
Marriago license was granted on last
Tuesday to Bruce E. Bowersox. Age 21
and Violetta P. Hoffman, ago 20.
Why not get one of those good fly
nets for your horse, of Joo Fogol,
while ho is soiling them so cheap?
J.B. Stanser and Robert Mclntyre1
attended tho Republican senatorial
convention, noiu in superior Tuesday.
Fred Wolfo returned Sunday from
Ashland, Nobr., whero ho had been at
tending tho funeral of Mrs. Wolfe's
Mr. J.V.Smith loft Monday morning
for Holton, Kansas, where he will at
tend tho Campboll University tho com
ing year.
Ed. McAllister moved his family tj,
whs uuy, uio ursi 01 mo wcok, iron
Edgar and will make this city his homo
in the future.
E. W. Ross, tho drayman, moved
'Ihursday into tho Reed property, in
the nm th part of the city, which he re
cently purchased.
Mrs. Prather and dim liter, Mrs.
Mathews, left for Lincoln Monday to
take in the Stato Fair and visit rela
tives in that city.
Mrs. Howard Cathor and son Jay
will leavo tomoriow morning for Lin
coin, Neb , where they will mako their
homo in tho future.
Mis. Douglas ami Mrs. Aldon left for
Lincoln Wednesday morning, whero
they go to attend a eampmeetiug of
tho Adveutist chinch
Miss Clara Fiz loft Monday morn
ing for Mt. Morris, Illinois, whero she
will attond thcMt. Morris college dur
ing the newt school year.
Mrs. E. W. Ray and Miss India
Drumhiller lef', Thursday, for thoir
r Why experiment with a)
(paint that is "just as good"C
(when you can get the oklX
reliable Heath & Milligam
rthat has stood the test for)
half a century? 1 have a
complete stock.
H.H.GR1CH. 5
We learn that Mm. Minnie rrtei
quite si.k at her homo in this city.
Al Albiight moved Wednesday limit
the Reed piopetty, wheie be has lieem
living since hi inariiage, to his own
piopeity, in the west part of the oil j
Another car loud of Standard gratiu
laliil cane sugar just leeeived at the
Big Stole. Mole Sugar for your
money than any where tu town. Miner
Mr. and Mrs E.C. MeCullough of Salt
Lake City, Utah, an ived in the eitj
Tuesday for a visit at the home of
Mis. McCullough's sister, Mrs JohtiG.
J. K. MeClavon, of Belvidere, Neb.,
was looking after some business mat
ters in this city. Mr. McClaven was
formerly in the implement business in
this citv.
Dr. H. 11. Peck, the veterinaty, is re
ported to be quite sick at his home in
southwest pint of tho city. His trouble
seems to a complication of seveia1
County Treasurer McCrary paid,
Monday, city water bond num
ber 2. Number 1 has also been called
in, but has not yet been leeeived for
Frank Smolscr and wifo left Tuesday
for a pleasure trip to South Dakota
and tho Black Hills. They expect to
stop in Allianco for a visit with rela
tives there.
Thomas and Albert Kralik received
word last Saturday of tho deatli of
thoir father, near Preston, Iowa, on
Friday morning. Thoy left Saturday
for that place.
W. B. Fearn of McCook was in the
city Monday, visiting with relatives.
Ho lolt Tuesday morning for Missouri,
where he goes to visit a son whom ho
has not soon for seven years.
Nick Sorensou and nieco, Miss Sarah
Hansen, .eft Monday for Nebraska
City, goiug by tho way of Lincoln,
where tht-y.will view tho sights of tho
State Fair before going farther.
Dr. Weirick or Dr. Riddile of Hast
ings will meet eye, ear, nosu and
throat patients and those needing
glasses fitted in Rod Cloud, Friday,
Soptembcr 19, at Dr. Creighton's ollice.
There aro beans, and then there aro
other Beans, but this time it is a littlo
Bean, a son of Frank Boan, living
northwest of the city, born Wednes
day, of usual 1902 Nebraska propor
tions. Edwin Mohler returned, Wodresday,
to bis home south of this city after a
s'hort visit in Michigan. Mr. Mohler ex
pects to return to Michigan in the
spring to mako that stato bis future
When onco liberated within your
system, it produces a most wonderful
effect. It's worth one's last dollar to
"He Won't Die
TSf llllll
the popular recognition of the fact that
the sign of consumption is emaciation,
loss ot tiesn. un
the other hand, a
gain in fiesta is a
sure sign that wast
ing diseases are be
ing cured.
Emaciated peo
ple with obstinate
cougus, mceumg
lungs, night-sweats
and weakness, have
been perfectly
, SH;'
Medical Discovery
The several steps
of the cure were re
corded in ounces
and pounds of in
creasing weight.
When there is gain
in flesh the wasting
disease is being
Burely cured.
Mr Will II wiiitiulre,
of Ark ion Knotting-
limit li Vn iuritk
"Our son contracted a
deep colli annul the firt of July 1S7) nm! had a
terrible loukIi. We called n doctor mid he pro
nounced it irritation ol'tlie bronchial tubes, with
nsthuutic trouble, ami he informed me Hint my
son va liable to die at any time, lie told me
that If we could keep the bronchial tubes open,
lie might cm him. but nftertreatlnu him kticral
weeks and my son growing worse " the time,
I concluded to try I)r 1'iercc's Golden Medical
Discovery and ' Pleasant Pellets.' I had seen
evcrnl almost miraculous cures brought about
by Ihe use of these medicines, and of course I
tiad wonderful faith in tiem He used three
bottles of'C.olden Medical Discovery ' at home
and one vial of the Pellets,' and was then well
enough to go to West Virginia, taking a supply
with lilm
1 am lust in receipt 01 a letter irom
him from which 1 quote
' am u ell and hatdy
ami gtiiiug veiy jienn "
The Common Sense Medical Adviser,
1008 large pages is ian free op receipt of
stamps to pay expense of mailing only.
Send 31 one-cent stamps for the cloth
bound volume or only 21 stamps for the
book iu paper covers. Address Dr. U.
V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
r ' VJT ..
feet the pleasure of life that comes b
taking Rocky Mountain Tea. C L
Cot ting
Dress docs not mako the person
Nor iloes a clean exteiior indicate a
elean inteiior. To to wel all oignii
of the body must woik in harmony
Rocky Mountain Tea does this work
U. L. Cutting.
Mrs Ed Fry was severely burned,
last Tuesday morning, while at hof
woik. oiiu accmcniuiiy sirucK a uisu 01
boiling lard ami it wis spilled on hr
arm causing a severe bur extending
from a be vo the elbow down.
Mrs E. W. Raj and Mrs. A L. Dutton
and Miss India Druinhlller, of St. Jos
eph, Missoui i, sister and nieces of C C
Cowdeii, at rived in the city Monday
fir n slim t visit at the homes of Air.
i' ' f'....t ,,l I.' '......I....
' li... f.. II. ....:.... ......... i i.......... i.......
iiv uiiLvntiil Milium Jlllt'lS llllv
been drawn for the October term of
the district court, which convenes Oct.
i:i, 11102 Lee Do Tour, Fred Bright,
Chas Howe, J T. Lacj, Leo Campbell,
Henry Wiight, Henry Stuinpenhorst,
Geo. Fell, Wm. Van Dyke, John Stabi
now, Hairy Michaels, Chas. Lindgren,
Frank Stoker, R. C. Best, W. A. Gani
son, 11. 11. Melvini, Albert Reed, J. A.
Sheeley, J. W. Reed, Win. West, Sam
Lindsey and F. Bradbrook.
Last Friday evening a very pleasant
surprise and farewell party was given
at tho homo of Miss Mabol Day in the
north part of the city. Tho party was
given in honor of Miss Mabel Day and
Prof. 11. L. Sams. Tho evening was
spent in playing progressive crokitiolo
and various other games. Edwin
Eniigh was awarded first prizo and
Miss Gertrude Kaloy tho booby prizo.
Tho party did not break up until a lato
hour and all prosont unite in their
preiso of Miss Day, as an entertainer.
Llndsey's Cattle Take Prim.
Geo. Lindsey won all kinds of prize?
on his Galloway cattlo which ho took
to (lin stato fair.
' Mlnning sweepstakes on Pat Ryan
and sweepstakes on yearling heifer,
second on bull two year old and over,
first and third on bull calves uuder ono
year, tnird on cow, three years and
over, third, heifer two years and under
three third on exhibiton herd, lirst on
breedors young herd, tirst on bull two
years and under and first on femalo two
yoars and under, making five first
prizes in nil which his cattlo won.
Stops the Cough and Works off the Cold
Laxativo B101110 Quinine Tablets cures
a cold in ono day. No euro, no pay
3 i cents.
These hot days make i
"9 lrnn fnirslr r( rrsnl fr
4 jrvu "non. sl .uui, j.
I shady spots and a
J first class hammock.
The shady spot is
not hard to find.
We have
1 Hammocks
Prices ranging
Front $1.50 Up.
We have a fine Ham
mock with Vallance
Extra length and
well woven. All the
Be sure and look
over f:
our line before you pur- f
fr (
Hardware i
Don't Wear a
Back Number.
Many handsome new styles out for Fall, and we
have them all. No trouble all to be stuled. A man
said yesterday: "This is line. I have always had
Uouble in finding a hat to suit me, but this time the
lirst hat I put on was right." Next to him was a man
exactly opposite iti build and he was served as quickly.
The variety of styles and shapes makes it easy for any
man to find the hat he ought to wear. You can payj
$1.50, 92.00, 9 2. SO or 93.00
for Soft Hats and Derbys and get your money's worth
at each price, the quality of fur and trimmings increas
ing at each (igurs.
Come in
and See
the largest stock of Hats, Shoes, Furnishings, Men's,
Boys' and Children's Clothing ever brought to Red
Look for the Sign
Over the Door.
Gouiden-Haley Glothing Go.
A Twenty Year
Life Policy
In an Old Line Company is;
the best kind ot lite
PTho cash value of tho policy at the.
onu 01 me penou is muiu uiau
you have paid.
Fire, Lightning, Tornado andl
Life insurance,
tin tho best Old Line or Mutual
0. C. Teel, Agt.,i
Ukd Cloud, Nebraska.
Low Rates via Burlington Route.
President Roosevelt's visit to Omaha
September 27, during the Ak Sar-Ben
festivitcs, will bo a gala occasion. A
gorgeous electrical pageant Saturday
evoning, September 27, will bo ono
of the features. This will be repeated
OctoborS. ThoAk-Sar-Uen fastivites
open this year on Soptembcr 24 and
continuo until October 4. Low rates via
tho Burlington Route ask the ngent.
Back to the Old Home.
Tho Burlington Route has organized
tho low rato of ono faro plus $3 for tho
round trip from all points on tho B &
M. R. railroad to many pointR in Ohio
and Indiana. Tickets on sale Septem
ber t), 1(1 and 2:1. Good returning for
ISO days. Tickets sold via Chicago,
Peoria or St. Louis. Ask the Burling
ton agent, or write J. KraiieK General
Passenger Agent, Omaha
Northwest in September and October.
Low rates every day via tho Burling
ton Route to points in tho Big Horn
Busin of Wyoming, in. Montana, Idaho,
Washington, Oregon and British Co
lumbia. Tho Burlington will sell 01 0
way tickets at uncommonly low rates
every Jay in September and October,
Ask thu nearest Burlington agotit, r
write .1. Francis, General Passenger
Agent, Omaha.
Manualof Soil Culture.
Send mo u 2eent ottiiup anil I will
mail you free a copy of Campbell's
Soil Culture Manual a valuable woik
that i very farmer might to have. .1.
Francis, General passenger agent,
I Omaha.
5 What Do
! You Eat
for breakfast. 2
Jt Hard to find any J
thing this time of
the year ?
Try some of
that fine bacon
which we have and
5 m
which we are sell-
tng so cheap. US
I ShererfBradshaw 5
S Butchers for The People. $
Art Rooms.
j A Complete Line of-
! Picture Mouldings,
4 micturm Hall.
- --- .-....,
Picture Chains,
Moulding Hooks
Parlor Easels, J
Artists' Tube Paints,
i Artists' Brushes,
1 Artists' Easels
and Mahlstlckc.
. iiim-i mil tin un, ft mui VjOlur IIKI
I Pastel Painting, Fruit. Flower and
M. ...!.,! f Mil IV. ...... -ii i I
Landscape Studies, Hand painted
J Pictures and Souvenirs, etc , etc.
4 Artistic Portraits and
J Frames Made to Order.
Potter Block, Red Cloud, Neb.
Thro Tourist Sleepers lo Washington.
Tho Burlington Routo has organized
tho low rate of $31.23 from Red Cloud
to Washington, 1). C, and return for
thn National Encampment, G. A. R.
Tickets on sale October 2 to C, inclusive
Good returning until October 11, but
extension until Novembers, 1002, may
be secured. Through tourist sleopors
Omaha to Washington, October 4.
Double berth, $3. Aslctho Burlington
agont, or write, J. Francis, goueral
lassengor agent, Omahn. ;j
jjLtiKKr" M
wSrsTtn v.i.-. a r in. j-" r.T- r T'r.A."X-7' p-
tttf 4&Krti
KfT f wont to AtJ
mtmmmn ith if rvfmr
wczm ',i un
' J