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Western Runner Wins Rich Fu
turity State at Sheepshead
Most Pennatlniial Kate on the Courne,
nil fiercely Cnnteite.1 All the Way
Through Only Kjelimli
Alirml of l.or.l of (lit- Valo
A New York iliapntuh says: Sa ' lo.
filred by Snlvntor, the moat Hnnsat' ml
race horse the American turf has ver
seen, won the rich futiirltv at Sheen.'
head Hay. John A. Drake, a wes'?r:i
millionaire, owns htm; his triiiucr,
Enoch Wishnrd. Is from the west, nnil
Lyne, n wcatern Jockey, rode him to
August Belmont's Huntings rolt.
Ixjrd of the Vale, wan second, onlv
an eyelash behind, while nzzltng. one
of the four Keene representatives. Mu
lshed third.
The time was 1:11, better than the
futurity record over the full course,
but a second and four-fifths lower than
the best full six furlong two-year-old
record down the chute.
Never was more Inspiring race wit
nessed at beautiful Sheopshcnd. the
garden spot of the east; never was n
crowd greater or euthuslasm more un
bounded. Fifty thousand would be a
close estimate to put on the multitude.
The prize was rich, the Held large,
and before the fall of the Hag It
looked as if any one of a dozen of the
thoroughbreds had an even chance for
the stake. Indeed, with the great field
thnt fuced the started, the greatest In
numbers that ever struggled for the
chnmplonshlp. it seemed as though
nothing short of a miracle could bring
them all safely through that six fur
longs Journey, short though It was.
with the crowding and bunching
around the dangerous curve of the
They passed that point like a troop
of cavalry, and straightened out,
came Into the stretch in n whirl of
dust. Savable and Lord of the Vale
fighting it out to the last Inch. It was
I.yne's good ride that carried his
mount past the young Helmont colt at
the wire.
It. K. Wnril,mi limn Man. Kou ml Demi In
a l ox Cur In thr YurilH
It. E. Ward, whose home Is supposed
to be at Iown City, was found dead in
n stock car In the railway yards In
Wymore, Neb. He had been shot
through the left brent-t just above the
heart. An open pocket knife was
grasped in his right hand, but it Is be
lieved he was murdered and thrown
Into the car. He was about town (lur
ing the day selling shoestrings, find
had a companion, who has disappeared.
Ward was seen In the railroad yards
with a couple of tramps. The author
ities are certain that the mnn has
been murdered. They are of the opin
ion thnt Ward and the tramps engaged
in a quarrel which resulted in Ward
being killed.
He wns a man about forty years of
age. Ho had a broken nose and one
eye was destroyed, which wns done
while working In a stone quarry blast
ing rock.
Two Clint ot tlm Jlluck Variety Have
Hoc n lllNtrlliutcil ThU Year
John Haughey, Kansas state fish
commissioner, has distributed in the
state two cars of black bass from the
United States hatchery this year, and
is looking for one or two more before
the season closes. Meanwhile vandals
continue to use dynamite and to seine
the streams nuil ponds, contrary to
law, and the law requiring persons
who own dams to provide llsh wnys Is
ignored. The value of flshwnys has
been proved this year. For the llrst
time In many years fish of the large
clue, have been caught In tho head
waters of the Kansas streams, nnd It is
due wholly to the extraordinary floods
which let the fish pass over the dams.
Thin Dreail Kimtcrii IMm'iiM) Currlm Awuy
liilin II. fnrwcll
John H. Fnrwell of Lincoln died Fri
day in Manila, P. I., of cholera. This
sad information wns conveyed to Judge
" E. P. Holmes Saturday afternoon by n
telegram from the insular department
nl Washington, I). C. The news wns
very unexpected. It was known that
he had been ailing a month ago. but
none thought him so seriously afflict
ed, advices being thnt he was getting
bitter. Mr. Fnrwell was In the- Phll't
plnes nctlng as a government Inter
preter. Will Kiir tlic Tin Title Men
In many counties of Kansas the
county commissioners this yenr will
, take advnntngo of the law and bar
dialers In tax deeds trom the Septem
ber sales. One provision of the act
gives the county the right to tnke in
all renl estate upon which tnxes aro
iiellnquent. and thereafter, until re
demption by the owners, the Invest
ment drnws 15 per cent Interest. The
scheme, besides being profitable for
the county, gets rid of an unpopular
class of Investors without affecting the
rights of the property owners.
VVIII Kink New Artenlan Well
. H. Qunrnberg, proprietor of the
Kfhnmberlaln, S. I)., flour mills, has let
the contract for the sinking of nn
other artesian well at the mill In order
to furnish sufficient Increase in motive
power to ennble him to nearly double
the cnpaehly orf tho hnilidluupjiipj
the capacity of tho mills.
rint I'lrn itiik'lmr
Tho great forest fire In Fremont
county, Wyoming, is still raging. The
fire has already burned over a terri
tory of forty miles.
I'otrntate llclit it Montage Attempt to
f.ncupr nuil Klllcil
A Mnnlln, Aug. 31. dispatch snys:
Tho sultan of Blnidnynn. who was
held as a hostage by the American
forces at Camp Vlckers. Island of Min
danao, attempted to escape from his
guards last Thursday and was shot
and killed by n sentry. The sultan
had been arrested after tho recent
murders of American soldiers In Min
danao, and was being held pending
the surrender of the murderers.
As n result of the wur rinderpest
nmong the cattle and the epidemic of
cholera, agriculture Is at present seri
ously depressed throughout tho Philip
pines, Governor Tuft estimates thu
area under cultivation this yenr at half
of an ordlnnry year. Many districts
nre badly Impoverished.
The cholera Is Increasing. 1 nst Sat
urday .110 cases were repotted In tho
provinces. The total reported up to
dnte are 27.91H! cases and lt',540 denths
from the disease.
Trainmen llrnlherhnoil May Spare Itonil
lli'ciiiiKH of Minor Collection
According to the plans of the broth
erhood of railway trainmen, the pro
posed demand for a 20 per cent Increnso
in wages will not affect the Snntn Fo
for some time, says a Topeka dis
patch. Other Kansas roads are also
likely to escape for the present. It Is
the plan of the labor men to compel
joint conferences between committees
representing the roads nnd tho work
men. The Santa Fe has granted only
minor concessions to tho trainmen, and
the other roads can not he beaten Into
lino for higher wages with this as a
Wlrolcii Plant Kill-Out
One of the latest wireless telegraph
schemes Is the promised Installation by
Orent Ilrltaln or a combined lightship
and ocean telegraph station 100 miles
west of the Lizard. It Is suggested
that a vessel provided with a powerful
searchlight, projected against the
clouds, mark the position of the sta
tion ut night. The wireless plant Is
to be powerful enough to command
the fairway of the channel and ex
change news and orders with passing
vessels. Should the experiment suc
ceed. It Is proposed to establish n num
ber of such ships nlong tho coast. It
Is thought thnt they will bo particular
ly valuable In the transmission of me
teorological reports nnd storm warn
ings. Caught After five Year
J. R. Weakley, charged with em
bezzling nbout $2,000 of the funds of
Cherry township, Montgomery county,
Kansas, was put In Jnll nt Independ
ence Friday night. Weakley wns treas
urer of that township and csenped
when the shortage was discovered. For
five years he has been n fugitive. Ho
returned recently to Kansas and lo
catcd In Sheridan county, where he se
cured n contract for carying tho mall
between Hoxle nnd Phelps. Weakley
entered no plea nt his preliminary
hearing nnd was bound over to tho
district court.
To Siilmtltiite Diiiiii for llrltlce
At tho coming election in South Da
kota this fall there will be a refer
ence to the building of dams instead of
useless bridges that are now scattered
all over the Black Hills country. The
Inw Is such that upon proper peti
tion to the county commissioners n
vote shall be taken na to whether dams
shall be built on section lines, across
draws and creeks, Instead of bridges.
ltlior IIiiIkch
The river nt Plattsmouth. Nob.,
raised two feet In n short time Satur
day. Several chairs and other pieces
of household furniture were seen
floating down the stream, nnd It Is
thought a cloud-burst occurred some
where nlong tho river. The sudden
raise made It necessary to put another
barge on tho east end of the pontoon
Will Quit
J. W. Coulter, of Hucyrus. O., has
been appointed receiver for the mutual
aid society of the reformed churches
of the United States. Mr. Coulter gave
bond In the sum of $10,000. The nffalrs
of the society will be wound up.
Tug CiiihIciI
Tho tug Carrlngton, while towing
a barge out of tho harbor at Duluth,
Minn., wns capsized, being caught, by
n heavy tow line, nnd sunk. Engineer
George Jones was drowned.
Klllml liy Trolley-Car
A trolley car In the southern part
of Kansas City, Mo., ran down a buggy
containing Gus Thlele nnd George
Shulver, killing them both.
Strike leaders openly denounce Gen
oral Gobln's order to the soldiers to
shoot to kill. They say it is brutal
nnd totnlly unwarranted.
At tho closo of the sixteenth week
of the nnthracltc coal strike, the talk
of arbitration Is ngnln renewed. It
Is reported on good authority thnt
President Mitchell will have n con
ference with Senators Quny and Pen
rose. George Devorc. u stone mason, wns
killed at Wichita. Kan., by a "Wild
West" show train. He bad gone to
sleep on tho Atchison, Topekn and
Santa Fe tracks.
Nino thousand Imported harvesters
aer needed to save tho grain crop in
At Cleveland, O., nn unknown man
entered tho Jewelry store of Charles
E, Wllsdorf on Pnyno nvenuo, threw a
handful of red pepper In tho Jeweler's
eyes, grabbed a tray of diamonds
worth over $1,000 and cd.
At Cynthiann, Ky Postmaster
George M. Dlckoy was seriously o
Gcorgo M. Dickey was seriously
wounded and his son Richard, H. L.
Jameson, Thomas MoKenncy and
Charles Rohrer, were slightly wounded
ns the result of a fight with pistols on
n crowded street between two negroes.
Napor, Boyd County, Fears an
Attack by Red Men
Ami Threaten to Kill M.tjor nt Tom ii
Telegraph tioternor Sutiiite for
(Inn nnil Aiiiiiiunlllon - Oilier
New of (ieneriil Intercut
An Omaha, Ntb., Sept t. dispatch
Bays: Governor Savant li.ts received
word of nn uprising of Yankton In
dluns at Nnper, Neb., In Bojd iiiuuty.
and the mayor of Nap r rcqursts that
the governor send assistance
Following Is the nuv ;t"e received
by the governor;
Nnper, Neb.. Sept. I. Mid bloodn
threaten to burn Nnper. Eniasod be
cause of failure to sei tit" v hlnl.y Inst
Snturdny. Fle ol theni lii.d eighteen
shots Into town, but no one injured.
Mixed blond" threaten to take the
town. We lui( no rliler oi side armt.
Send twenty-ihe or nine. (Signed.)
CHARLES SEim. .Mayor.
Nnper Is located fottj iv.L-s flora .i
railroad anil the nrarc.t r.ilut of torv
munlcatlon by tilcgra,)'! Is Sltmrt.
Governor Sin ago said Knight that he
would send Captain Itlngi r of com
pany F, Second regiment, lowit'-il at
Lincoln, to Naper with guns and am
munition, and that If the situation be
comes more thr-atr-nlng be will rend a
company of mllitln.
His first knowledge of the trouble
came this morning in a telegram tll
Ing of the threatened at lion of the
Indians, nnd his request for more de
tails brought the above telegram from
tho mayor of Naper.
The governor expods to have more
detailed Information when lie reaches
ILncoln und rcqursted Mayor Sen to
keep him fully informed.
Culnnihla nnil Nicaragua not An me to
a Utile llrnili
A Panama, Colombia. Sept. 1. dis
patch snys: Referring to the announce
ment from Washington that Colombia
had protested against the action of
Nienrnguu in assisting the Colombian
revolutionists, It Is asserted In govern
ment circles here thnt on August 2,"
the revolutionist gunboat Padllla. while
at Corlnto, Nicaragua, whs visited by
Nlcaragunn cabinet ministers und thnt
there was a big celebration on board
tho warship. It is further asserted
that tho Colombian minister nt Wash
ington, Senor Concha, asked the Nlca
raguan minister there, Senor Corea,
to cause tho detention of the Padllla,
which ho refused to tlo. There seems
to bo no doubt that the situation is
grave, for. while Colombia Is concen
trating a large army na the Atlantic
coast. It Is said that Nicaragua has
sent a note to the other central Amer
ican governments asking them for as
sistance in tho event of Colombia de
claring war on Nicaragua.
Volcano Wipe Out Two .More of the
JnIiiiiiI Village
A Casteries. St. Lucia. Sept. 1, dis
patch says: A steamer which arrived
here from Fort de France. Martinique
today, reported that Mount Polec.
which overwhelmed St. Pierre recent
ly nnd killed 30,000 people, lias claimed
200 additional victims.
The steamer is the Hrltlsh ship Ko
ronn, Captain Cnroy. When the Ko
rona left Fort Do Franco refugees were
arrivlug. They said that the erup
tion of Mount Peiec, whli h had been
noted from Fort De France Saturday
night, had destroyed tho village of
Morne Rougo and that the village of
Ix'cnrbrt hud been swept by a tidal
wavo. Tho refugees believed Hint at
least 200 lives wore lost. It Is said the
peoplo in northern Mnrtlnique were
again panic stricken. Ashes nre again
falling on the islands adjacent to Mar
tinique. f.nguge in Hitter Wurfnre
Tho war between the cattlemen and
farmers in western Oklahoma on
tlnues unceasingly. Information
comes direct from Roger Mills, Day
and Dewey counties of tho destruulon
of crops, burning of cribs, und the
killing of stock nnd ambushing and
shooting by both farmers nnd cattle
men. Tho situation has been made
moro serious by the driving in of
largo herds of cattle from the Texas
panhandle by cattlemen who have run
short of grass at homo. Homesteaders
fear a further menace to their claims
and nllege they have no protection.
Serious trouble is anticipated.
Itulil Niiiiilny SiiIoiiiih
The police department of Springfield.
0.. made strenuous efforts to keep all
saloons closed last Sunday. The whole
force was dressed in citizens' cloth
ing and watched all saloons closely.
Forty saloons wore raided, but only
three successfully. One place was
raided twice, tho first time fifteen
loiterers being caught nnd the Inst
time forty.
Homo of the officers carried axes
nnd on tho refusals of the snloon-keep-ers
to open at tholr demand, the doors
were knocked In. Largo crowds col
lected and the policemen were hooted
and Jeered.
Change In Diplomatic Corp
The official announcement of the
changes In tho French diplomatic corps
wns made Monday nt Purls nnd con
firms the press forecasts. M. Jusse
rnnd, nt Copenhagen, goes to Wash
ington; Jules Cambon, of Washing
ton, goes to Madrid: M. Ralnde, di
rector of political affairs, is mntlo am
bassador to Demo; M. Uotnpard, di
rector of commercial affairs at ParlB,
goes to St. Petersburg, and Is succeed
ed by M, Georges Louis. M. Blhourd
is uppolnted nmbnssador to Ucrlln and
M. Crozler at Copenhagen.
Ur mil
Tliry are f.ngngcil In Fighting
lllooilteiM llattle
A Woods Holl, Mass., Sept. 1, dls.
patch says: The first hostile move In
tho war game between the army nnil
the navy was made tills morning when
the cruiser Olynipla, Dewey's llngithlp,
camo Into port, landed u force of blue
Jackets and seletl a telegraph and tel
ephone station. This cuts off commu
nication with Maltha's Vineyard anO
Elizabeth Inlands.
Tile Invading fleet of the hostile
(outitry of Nnvyouiu is upon us. Some
where this morning, concealed below
the horizon, within n few hours ol
steaming distance of the coast, Is Ad
miral Hlgglusou's licet. It was picked
tilt last night by signal men In Vine
yard sound in n druse fog, but lost
n;nln. All night signal stations nlong
the const were active in trying to lo
cate the ships, but without success.
The wily admiral evidently hud slipped
to sea to wait until no could make
several feints along the lino of de
fense and draw the enemy's fire,
Gencul Greeley stntcd nt 8 o'clock
this morning that nothing further had
been seen ol the eiieniy. All the gen
erals at Fort Trumbull did "dog watch"
Inst night. General MncArthnr wns
up and down all night, while General
Greeley wait beside his Instruments at
hcndqnaitcrs before 1 o'clock. Last
night nil mines in Long Island sound J
were connected elect rlcally. There la.
not fifty feet of sailing water not pro
tcitcd in this manner.
A Foil Trumbull. Conn., Sept. 1. dls
patilt Kays: The enemy took Block
Island after a boniliardinent this morn
ing. The cruiser Brooklyn nnd the.
battleship Indiana appeared off the
island nt 0 o'clock und after shelling
thep lace, a collier wns sent Into the
harbor. Later the Brooklyn lauded
troops on the Island presumably to
scout for and capture the signal sta
tions theie. The cruiser Olynipla "de
stroyed ' Woods Holl slgnnt station nt
!i:30. General Bnrry reports that tho
llrst mint of the enemy was sighted
east of Point Judith nt 12:25 nnd that
ut 1:30 the Gloucester, the llrst of tho
enemy's fleet, stopped a sound steamer.
It Is not known for what purpose.
I titer the enemy's fleet of six vessels
was discovered standing In column
formntlon. Five vessels composed the
licet. Kenisnrge. Massachusetts. Scor
pion, Panther and Nlnn. Block Island
will undoubtedly be used as a navnl
base. General Barry reported nt noon
that the Beacon hill signal station on
Block Island was captured at 8 a. m.
by a landing party. All Blgnal men
escaped except two.
Voting Man Healing 111 Way on Tinmen'
Cer Train limtnntly Kllleed
A Lexington, Neb., special snys:
Clarence Formtui fell from No. 4 Union
Pacific train four miles west of Lex
ington nnd wtw instantly killed. Ho
and two companions wero beating
their wuv on the passenger train, and
rornian desired to conceal himself so
he could pass on through Lexington.
As he was climbing from tho blind
bnggtige he was hurled from the train.
His companions camo on to Lexing
ton and reported the ense. Tho sec
tion men. with tho two strangers, went
to wnero he was thrown oft and
brought the body to Lexington. Tho
voting man has a brother In Kansas
City nnd his parents live In Oklahoma.
Illuck ami Whiten Clauli
Ashland, eighteen miles from Rich
mond. Vn.. Is under military Inw. In
attempting to rescue u negro prisoner
from tho Jail. Jim Morris, colored, was
killed nuil a battle between blacks and
whites ensued. Three hundred shots
wero fired. Mayor Scott telephoned
for soldiers nnd company H or the Sev
enteenth Infantry, was sent from Rich
mond. In tho town and Immcdlnte
vicinity the blacks outnumber tho
Confi'MHen to M tinier
A Colchester. Englnnd, .Sept. 1. dis
patch snyb that William Toll, a Kan
sas City tailor, who has been serving
In the British nrmy under the name
of Lloyd, has been arrested charged
on hls'own confession with the mur
der of nn unknown man at Kansas
City. January 14th hist, for tho pur
pose of robbery. Toll said ho had
written to the Kunsas City authorities.
Child' Narrow Kaeiipe
Mrs. Fnnnlo Sanders, with ten chil
dren, en mute from St. Louis to Dalcs
vllle. Ky on a B. & O. train, missed
her ten-year-old boy at Washington,
lnd, Tho train wus searched und ho
wns not found. Monday morning tho
child wns found nt Breeze, III., having
fallen from tho train unhurt.
Wlllinm Troutman, of Snydervllle,
Utah, who recently waH discharged
from the Insane asylum at Salt aLko
City, brained his two duughtora, fa
tnlly wounded his wife, attempted to
murder the remainder or hla family
and then killed himself.
The races nt the Revere cycle track,
Revere, Mass., wore n chapter of acci
dents to motors and bicycles, causing
very unsatisfactory results. Joe Nel
son rode nn exhibition ten miles
ngalnst time, making five miles in
7:0.12-5. nnd tho ten miles In 14:18.
The Chleknsuw Indian legislature, in
Joint session nt Ardmore, declared
Palmoro Mor.oly the regularly elected
candldato for governor of tho trlbo
by a mnjorlty of forty-four votes over
Wlllinm J. Byrd, nnd Mosely.took tho
oath of office. An nppenl to the In
terior department Is tulked of.
Tho Cudnhy Packing compnny is to
spend n half million dollnrs In en
lnrglng Its plant nt Sioux City, la. Tho
hoof nnd hog killing capacity will bo
greatly increased, so thnt 1.000 cattle
and 10,000 hogs can bo killed dally.
A corresponding Inerense In tho cold
storage capacity will also bo made.
Wu Ting Fang, Chlncso minister nt
Washington, delivered an address at
Blnghnmpton, N. Y on Labor day at
Stow park to 4,000 worklngmon, who
gave him a most cordial reception.
Mr. Wu snld ho believed that Inbor had
an equal right with cupltal to organ
ize. vAfct
Nebraska Corn Ripening With
Provoking Slownoss
It I' a Trllle Ocnpiimlrn! In Tone drain
U Sprouting In the Shock, mill ,!nrk
Trout May Calrli the Com If It
lloneii't (let Warm Weather
The weekly crop summary. Issued
September 2 by the weather bureau, Is
rather despondent in tone. Grain, It
snys, Is sprouting in the shock and
com Is maturing so slowly that tho
frost may catch It. Three weeks more,
however, will place most of It beyond
nny dunger. The bulletin snys:
"The pnst week has been cool and
moist. The dnlly mean temperature
has averaged 2 degrees below normal,
"The rainfall bus been above normal
In the southeastern part of the state,
where heavy thunderstorms occurred,
with rain from 1 to 2 Inches. In the
remainder of the stnte the rainfall was
below uortnul, ranging from none to
nbout half nn Inch; but while the
nmoiint of water measured was small,
the weather wus cloudy and dump,
with some fog.
"The moist wenther of the week was
unfavorable for haying nnd threshing,
nnd some liny wns discolored and dam
aged by rain. Grain In shocks, nnd in
some places In stacks, Is sprouting.
Warm, dry weather Is needed for both
haying nnd threshing. The wet weath
er of July and August has caused both
to be much behind normal advance
ment nt this time of yenr.
"Corn has continued to grow well,
but bus matured very slowly. Some
early planted corn In matured suffi
ciently to be beyond damage from
frost. Tho late corn Is lining well and
promises a large crop, but much of It
will require three weeks to mature.
"The soil Is In excellent condlllon
for working generally, nnd much plow
ing hns been done the Inst week. Very
little seeding has been done. Past urea
continue good."
Burlington' Corn Hell HayM Crop In
Maile In Xelirnkit
Corn Belt. Issued by tho Chicago,
Burlington & Qulncy railroad, says In
Its issue:
"The reports received about the con
dition of growing crops in Nebraska,
Iown, northern Kansas, northern Mis
souri nnd northeastern Colorado Cov
ers a field up to nearly the end of Au
gust. "All small grains are cut and In
stack, and threshing has rcu-jonnbly
"An Immense crop of corn Is ma
turing In the fields nnd so far nd
vunccd thnt It Is n rule, practically
matle,' nnd past danger from any usual
Work Cmler Irrigation
Chief ' Hydrogrupher Newell,, In
charge' of the building of government
reservoirs under the Irrigation net. an
nounced nt Cheyenne, Wyo.. thad the
reclamation service organized uiidcr
the geological survey Is now working
ns follows: 1
In Arizona on the Gila river mid trib
utaries; In Collfornln, on tho Colorado
river, and In Snn Joaquin valley: In
Colorado, nenr Sterling on the South
Platto and near Montrose on the Gun
nison river; In Idaho, on the head
waters of the Snake and oBlso dyers;
In Montnnu, on Yellowstone nnd Milk
rivers; In Nevada, on Carson and
Trucked rivers; In Utah, on (Bear
river, and in Wyoming, on thoi Big
Horn and North Platte rivers.
WehNter May lift It
There Is every Indication thnt the
ambassador to Germany, Mr. Antlrqw
D. White, will be succeeded by John
U Webster of Omaha. Tho president.
It Is said, hna most favorably consid
ered tho suggestion, oven If ho link not
definitely decided on It. Tho appoint
ment of Mr. Webster bus been stringly
urged by Senntor Millard. The presi
dent hi understood to have not yet
renched a final determination lit .thu
MitrkHiniiii Winn Meilul
Cnpt. J. R. Sherwln of troop F. First
cavalry, Illinois' national guniil, of Chi
cago, qualified on the new fort rifle
range at Peoria, III., ns a distinguished
sharpshooter, winning n silver cross by
fourteen points to spare. This Is the
highest honor to be bad In the national
guard service.
ShontH Sheriff fatally
W. R. Strain, sheriff of Monona
county. Iowa, while trying to place
Fred Cams under nrrest at a farm near
Whiting, wns shot In tho stomach by
Cams and Is fatally wounded.
KtiulentK Caime OUonler
There wero serious disorders nt
Agram, Austria. Tuesday, In connec
tion with n demonstration of tho Cro
ntlnn students against the Servian in
habitants. Tho police charged with
drawn swords and ninny persons wero
TiirkMiunl liiilKiirlmiN riirht
A telegram from Lnrlsso, Greece, re
ports an encounter between a detach
ment or Turkish troops nnd n band of
thlrty-tivo Bulgarians near Drekkl.
Nineteen Turks and twenty Bulgarians
wero killed.
"" Wv.-Tft-W
ffi''llWlfH''t MJriwif-m.r JtS.ti
Many i:ietimlohMii Killed In n Wreck
nn an Alahanin Itnllroiul '
While rounding n curve nn a high
embankment near Berry. Ala., tho en
gine and tour enrs of an excursion
train, on a branch of tho Southern
railway, leaped from the track nnd
rolled over and over, smnshlng tho
coaches Into kindling wood nnd cnus
Ing the Instant death of thirty pcrsonr.
nnd the Injury of elghty-ono others,
says a Birmingham, Ala., dlspntcb.
Physicians say at least twenty-nine
of Hie Injured cannot live.
With the exception of II. M. Dudley,
trainmaster of the Southern railway,
living nt Birmingham, and Boston
Shelby, of Columbus. Miss., nil of tho
dead and Injured nre negroes, who had
taken advantage of excursion rates
from points in Mississippi to Birming
ham. When the wreck occurred the train
was running nt it rate of thirty miles
mi hour and had just started around
n curve on top of n sixty-foot embank
ment. The Immediate cause of the
wreck wns the tender Jumping tho
riglitliiR the Mimqiiltn
The olllclnl report on the British
African protectorate, which has Just
been published by tho foreign office,
provides some suggestive evidence ns
to the degree In which the so-called
mnlarliii fevers may be expected to
disappear ns the result of the most
careful preventive nienstires based on
recent knowledge. Systemutlc experi
menting conducted In different sec
tions of British Cent nil Africa lend to
the conclusion thnt. the f event have
been rendered much less prevnlcnt
where the mosquitoes have been ex
terminated by pouring small quanti
ties of petroleum on tho stagnant
wnt ers of the locality.
A Peculiar Accident
A peculiar accident characterized the
Labor day celebration at Becchwood
park. I ronton, O. Atnyor Mountain wan
In the net of Introducing Joseph
Bishop, one of the orators, when an
immense limb of a sugar gum tree,
under which the stnnd wns erected, fell
In tho center of tho Inrgo crowd ol
listeners. Mrs. Mary Hoard, of Ash
land, wns Instantly killed; Mrs. Joseph
Smith wns probably fatally Injured;
Mrs. John Jenkins, wife of Vice-President
Jenkins, of the amalgamated asso
elation, was badly hurt: Mrs. Charles
St rout hero and Miss Vanhorne werq
slightly injured.
fatal Street Duel
lii n revolver and rlfjo duel on Main
street, Wlnlleld, Colo.. Gus SJoBtron,
nged thirty-five, a Swede miner, wat
killed; Ham Amsdon, nged thirty-five,
nlso n minor, was shot through the left
breast and mortally wounded, and
Cbaunccy Bennett, n. bartender, wr.a
shot In the groin nnd perhaps fatally
wounded. The shooting was the direct
result of A million's jenlousy of the at?
tendons paid by Andy Mnloy, a young
miner, to Amy Bltts, a flftccn-yenr-old
girl, with whom Amsdon was in love.
Cue Dynamite on the Hafe
Expert cracknmen made their way
Into the store of Howard Miles at Pax
ton, Neb., and used dynamite on the
safe. They secured $125 In ensh and
drafts and checks besides. They made
their escape in spite of the fnct that
tho explosion nttracted tho attention
of many of the citizens, who hastened
to tho store. A posso has been sent In
pursuit of the fleeing hurglnrs, whn
aro thought to have escaped on horses.
Nn Oim to Tell the Tale
The Japanese cruiser Tnknchlho has
returned to Yokohama from her In
npectlon of the Island of Torishlml,
which was destroyed by n volcanic
eruption between August 13 nnd 15.
Thi! captain of the warship reports that
the eruption utterly devastated the Inl
and nnd that nobody on It wns left
nllve. Over 150 persons wero killed.
Torishlml lies between the Bonin
Islunds and the muln Island of Japan.
Champion Im Ilea ten
At Newark, N. J., about 5,000 people
saw Champion Kramer defeated on his
homo track In tho half-mile event. The
lime wns 1:02 1-5, Kramer showed hla
mettle In the five-mile handicap, which
he won by three lengths from Beau
chump of Australia, aftor a truly re
marknblo sprint irom the rear. His
lime was 10:115.
llnclneN DeiiiolUlieil
A passenger train and two engine:
collided with n fast freight on the
Wabash tlneo miles enst of Peru, Intl.,
nt 4:30 Tuesday morning, littering the
track with debris and almost destroy
ing the freight train and domollshliif;
the locomotives. Tho accident was ex
ceptional In that no person wns In
jured. Tno trains were running fifty
miles an hour.
ll.iivkeyo firemen Meet
Da v nport. la., has capitulated to the
host of blue coatid 11 ro laddies who are
there fiom many cities of the stnte In
attendance on the annual meeting nnd
toiirnaiiet,t of the Iowa state flremcn'BV
association. A program continuing
mroiign j-ruiny tins necn arranged, ine
vnrlmiR features including a parado.V,
and numerous racing contests. "
Quarrels would not last long If the .
fault was only tin ono side. La Roche
foucauld. Humility Humility is tho true euro
for ninny a needlers heartache. A..
Montague -' ,.
Ho whoso own worth doth spcakAV;
need not speak his own worth. S
riiomua Fuller. i'
Wo know nothing of to-morrow; our$l
liuslncss is to uo good and happy to-J
flnv. Sydney Smith.
- 1
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