The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 27, 1902, Image 3

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D. M. Strong of North Bend Bad
!y Injured.
Well Known In Dodge County nml Onro
,M I'rnliltdtloii N'oinlm-o for Outer
nor Clinnre for lU-rovery oro
bllm Otbrr Nchr Notes.
A Fremont, Neb., Juno 10, dispatch
Bays: D. M. Strong, nn attorney of
North Ilcnil and one of tin1 best known
men in Hodge county, lost his left arm
In u lallroad accident which occurred
at Valley this afternoon, anil sus
talned Herlnus Internal Injuiles. Ho
has been brought to this city and In
now at the Fremont hospital, whetc
surgeons bad been engaged at !1 o'clock
In making an examination of his con
dition. Mr. Stiong was at Lincoln this
morning nnd staited home over the
Union Pacific by way of Valley, lie
intended omlng to Fremont and go
ing to North llend on the afternoon
train which passes through here at
1:U0. lie had climbed aboaul the front
platform of the caboose when the
Rhode of the cars being coupled to
gether come distance ahead on the
train thtew him off his balance. Ho
fell between the caboose and the car
In front of It, the wheels passing over
his arm before he could extricate him
self. The train crew went to Mr. Strong's
nsFlstamc and he was placed In a
way-car, the train being run to Fre
mont on fast time. On arriving here
ne was taiteii at once to the hospital.
At 4 o'clock the examination or his
case was (ompleted, and the attending
biiigeons pronounced his condition as
giving reason for doubt of his recov
ery. Mr. Strong was once a candidate for
governor on the prohibition ticket.
ricurc Submit trd or." I lie lUppime of
l'hlllpplno Inland.
A Washington. June 19. dispatch
says: Secretary Root today mude an
swer to the senate resolution of April
li cnlling for information as to the
cost of the war in the Philippines. It
Is shown that $50,000 was advanced
for the expenses of the Philippine com
mission originally from the United
States treasury, but this amount after
wards was reimbursed out of the Phil
Ipp ne treasury. For railroad transpor
tation of troops and supplies to and
from the Philippines since the pence
(cLU8 ratlfl-'l H'e cost lias been
4 MM.44S.
Reports from the arlous bureau of
ficers are submitted to show the cost
or the Philippine, war. Including out
standing obligations, showing thnt the
total up to date is $170..12(;.r1Sfi.
Large quantities of valuable prop
erty, such as ships, lighters, etc..
horses and mules, wagons and harness,
clothing, enulppago and ordnance,
medical, signal and engineer supplies
the cost of which is Included In the
foregoing statement, still remain on
hand In the Philippine Islands for use.
Parts of these supplies are already be
ing resblpped to this country.
A large part of the expense during
the nst year, the secretary says,
should not properly be t rented as oc
fasloned by military operations In tho
Philippine Islands, for the reason that
it consists of pay and maintenance of
troops which we would have had to
pay and mnlntnln. whether they were
in tho Philippines or not.
Opponent to Sale of I)anl-li Went Indie
Artlm In Denmark.
The opponents of the sale of the
Danish West Indies to the United
States are again active, but privately
they admit that they are meeting with
HttlH success, say a Copenhagen dis
patch. The response to the appeal for
runds to aid in the movement in oppo
sition to the sale was decidedly weak
The meetings are held secretly, but
beyond n few politicians, they have
mostly been attended by business men
interested in tho proposed stenrrishlp
line to the island of St. Thomas. The
government discountenances the nntl
snle aultntlon. The Danish West Indies
treaty will bo a prominent issue of
thci.nmpalgn preceding tho elections
to the Inndsthlng. The premier, Dr
Deuntzer. staits on a speechmuklng
tour next week.
A eiiIn nil n ItampHce.
The Illinois rier nt Peoria has
r Relied the highest point ever-known
in (he month of June, overflowing tho
bottom lands on either side nnd com
pelling many farmers, to leave their
hollies, it Is estimated thnt there are.
smenty thousand ncrcs of corn under
w uter between Peklli nnd Hath. In
nmiij fields the water Is from two to
six feet deep, Hogs and cnlves in
huge iiunibeis have been drowned.
Mint Out I.iiii Miami Cattle.
Gowrnor lleaid of Louisinna has
been notified by the Hritlsh consul that
Loiilhinna cattle will be shut out of
South Afrit a. This aitlon is believed
to be in letallatlon for Heard's protest
to the state depnitment against mule
shlpmmts and the operations of the
Hi lllhh military camp at Port Chal
mette. hlliliener (Irant Allowed.
Aflr tonsldeiahlo opposlt'on from
the nut loria Jit-t and radical members of
the lioiu-e of commons and the. applica
tion of the e!oMirc.,itho grant of 50,000
pounds to l.oitl Kit'Miencr ,Iisc.ojisld,
t ration .'of his eminent services in
South Africa was adopted in tho houso
Thuisduy by H27 votes to 48.
jf ltrnlHlllnf KiiDKlnn I'ollce.
The St PeteVfrburg correspondent of
Obi iter .cluing wires that RuFslan
police at l.lebau, Poland, havo out-
ragid Ii'iO Jewish women arrested re-
ctntlv for partii ipatlon in riots.
LlHHHafeiaiiMiiA.V - -fff rft7r.. 'ff
Hailailailailal 'laimA, V .-.-' .--i... . JH.,K..-m.7- i. - ..M,-3..J.-.wyr, ww-- w -w. w . -, a-
"Weeping Water Mini Suffer l'rnliatiljr
l'n till liijnrk-.
A serious accident happened at
Weeping Water. Neb., recently to Hud
Lane. He and William Shepherd with
sinking a well for Kd Jewell and had
to use dynamite In the rock Just be
fore going to dinner, they set off a
blast, thinking thnt tho gas would liavn
escaped by the time they returned.
When they enmo back after dinner,
Shepherd went Into the well to clean
up but found the gas so heavy that
he usked to he taken out. Lane drew
him up nnd "Joshed" him nbout tho
gns, saying ho (Lnne) would go down,
but before he lind been at the liottom
long, he usked to be tnken out. Ho
got Into the bucket nnd Shepherd
drew him up, but Just when he reached
tho top, where ho could touch the
windlass, he became unconscious and
fell to the bottom twentyibven feet.
His scull was fractured nnd ho has
been unconscious ever since, and but
slight hopes are entertained for tils
lire nt Harwell ItnriiK Hoarding Ilotit
it MrIiI.
Forbes & McLaln's livery and feed
barn, Mrs Smith's bonidlng house and
a vacant building owned by George
Haitholomew of Aurora, were des
troyed by fire last night nt nbout 0:30
says n Hurwell. Neb,, Juno 18 des
patch. The tlie originated In the barn
from an unknown cnuse. Twenty head
of Miluable noises, carriages, harness,
etc., were burned with the barn. Mrs.
Smith lost nearly nil tho furniture,
bedding, etc., and boarders also lost
heavily. Tho estimated total loss
above insurance is $-.500. Only by
heroic work on the part of citizens,
nnd tho fact that W. M. Hecher's two
story brick building stood between the
burning buildings and other frame
structures, was the entlro business
part of the town saved fiom destruc
tion. Several boarders at Mrs. Smith's
were compelled to Jump from the sec
ond story to escape tho flames.
Aceil Man Finally Upturn to HI Indi
ana Home,
Abraham Hums, nged seventy
seven yenrs,, who dlsnppeurcd from his
home fifty seven years ngo and was
thought to have been murdered In n
trappers' fued, bus returned to Hnm
mond, Intl.. "to visit the folks." as ho
said. The old man found that his only
surviving relntlve Was n brother,
Joseph Hums, two years his Junior.
It was not until the nged man had
recalled confidences of their boyhood
thnt either wns satisfied of their re
lationship. When they wont into the
houso together and announced to nil
who called that they "guessed they'd
live together hereafter."
I'or TtTcnty-fteven Yinnt it I'lintor nt Ne
lirnnka City.
The sad news was iccelved in Ne
braska City Thursday of tho death of
Rev. J. H. Green, formerly pastor of
tho Cumberland Presbyterian church
or this city, at Fort Scott. Kan. The
deceased has been suffering for some
time fiom Hrlght's disease. He ac
cepted a call to the pastorate of the
Cumberland Presbyterian church In
this city nnd entered upon this work
the second Sunday In November. ISM.
nnd remained pastor of the church for
twenty-seven years. When here he
wns president of tho ministerial nsso
clntlon continuously for over twenty
two years.
Clamor for Trimmer' 1,1 f p.
Lack of leadership is all that saved
William F.dson from a lynching early
Thursdny morning at Vlncennes, Ind.
It was almost 5 o'clock when tho mob
Hint surrounded the jail nt night dis
persed. They hnd two street enr rails
with which to batter down tho doors
of the jail. Tho local company of
militia, on orders from tho governor,
today took up the duty of guarding
tho mnn accused of assaulting little
Irma Pfohl. Kdson's trial begins to
morrow and tho sheriff Is apprehen
sive of the outcome of tho trip from the
Jail to the court houso with his
Rntlilmnn t'omlnc Home.
E. G. Rnthbone, former .director of
posts, who wns sentenced to ten years'
imprisonment nnd t,o pay n Ann of over
$3.-1,000 as a resjilt of tho trial of tho
postofflee frauds In Havana, and who
was released Jn consequence of the
signing, June ft, of the bill granting
general amnesty to all Americans in
Jail or awaiting trial In Cuba, sailed
for New York on board tho steamer
Niagara. A number of prominent
Cubans nnd Spaniards accompanied
blni to the steamer.
Ilottnui I.aniln Flooded.
An Omaha, dispatch says;' Tho
strike of the boiler makers employed,
by tho Union Pacific promises t ,bo
a serious prpppsjtlon for' tho road in
a few days, as tlio engines ,w'IU be,.in
bad shape from lack of tentlon.'
The strike extends over, tiiq""'cjitlre
system. The company refuses to con
cede to tho demands of tho'pjcn.
210.000 for Cornell,
President" Schurmnn 'of N;ew .York
has received, according to n World
special from Ithaca, a check for $250,
000 from John D. Rockefeller, who
offered the money ten months ngo on
condition that the university raise a
llko amount. This was accomplished.
La Patrle, Paris, publishes a dis
patch giving the details of.fjerco hat
tie between .French tjoops" nnd . na
tives in the J'cheji district. of Africa
'Jrtiiuary. 20th. Fourteen 'hfindred per
son w'ejjklled. Tho battle, tho dls
pi'tVh says, resulted In a victory for
the Fiench and assures complete
mastery of Kancm and Onndl.
Tho president has promised tho St.
Louis business men's loaguo that ho
would visit tho pity during his Sep
tember trip, arriving on the 13th of
the month.
3 Home 8Lnd Fashion
Chic Gown.
A chnrmlng afternoon gown Is of
chestnut tone of voile, embroidered In
pale tan. Tho bodice is slightly
swathed ncross the front, caught at
the side with n big gold buiklo, be
neath which nre two long loops of pale
tan Libcrt. sntln ribbon, nnd with
ends depending nenrly to the bordor of
the sklit. The neck Is filled In with
pale tnn chiffon. On the left side ot
the bust Is a spray of loaf bows' In
soft shades of crenm nnd brown.-. Tho
skirt is cut with n froufrou fluio, each
seam being strapped with Ltnilllho'sVlk
the tamo hue as the fabric At tho
border of the skirt aie three rows of
the strapping.
New Chi. a Barctte.
Still another improvement has been
Introduced Into the little gold pin
which is tnlended to collect and hold
fat at the back of the head tho soft,
shoit, uneven strands of hair. A
burette Is supposed to bo more useful
made after the now pattern now being
Introduced. Tho gold bnr of the
burette Is somcwlint longer than last
yiar's model From the twd ondn
swing a loop of gold cbnln, very fine,
anil It is supposed to support tho tin
even strands of hair and so keep
thorny in stricter confinement. An a
matter of fact, the line" gold chain Is
added as ti mntter of ornament.
Jacket of Black Taffeta.
This charming little JnckU- Is of
black tr.rfetu tucked In -clusters anil
perforated , in a Hinnll, .noat design
showing the whlta satin .lining, lfla
lasbloued with a novel basque or, skirt
which appears only at the sldo and
bnck, and the largo collar s of em
broidered batiste over n still larger col
lai o! embroidered taffcln. Tho
sleeves nre very wide nnd flaring at
the wrist and have douhlo 'turned back
cuffs of taffetn nnd bntlste. A belt of
folded taffeta completes tho Jacket,
whli h Is a model for spring wear. All
the tucks are stitched with Cortlccili
sewing silk.
A novel fenturo for blouse Jackets
as well as for Fton skirt jackets and
dressy garments in general 1h tho ja
bot vest ofloct. It has been stated
that some of the foremost Paris
houses will accentuate tho drooping
Tho first gow-n is of white, nun's
veiling mnde up over pnlo greo'n silk
nnd trimmed with a beautiful em
broidery spangled with gold paillettes.
This embroidery trims tho. bottom of
the skirt nnd outlines a sort of hip
yoke below, while at tho sides and
back the skirt is 'slightly pluited or
'gathered, " '''",1,'"
The "fiom nnd bnck of thoytwdlco
nre mnde with groups of flffe plnlts
alternating with box-plaits. Tho yoke
is trimmed witli rows of tagotlug,
giving tho effect of n stpinre yoke bor
dered with tho embroidery. The full
sleeves nre ulso trimmed with the
embroidery and gathered Into deep
cuffs ornamented witli fagoting. The
crushed collar and girdle arq of rose
shoulder effect both In wnlsls and In
outdoor garments (Julto a feature In
Jaikets Is the long coat collar of tnf
feta which nre c.iionsdy enhanced
with largo collars and levels of laco
or of rlbbonruu einbroldeicd linen.
A Decidedly Novel Sleeve.
This gown combines all the
features of the current mode.
Fton has loose fronts thnt open over
u vest embroidered with beige nnd
link) blue. Coitlcelll Kilo silk, similar
embioldery adorning the deep peler
ine collar. The sleee Is decidedly
novel and deseives special mention.
It Is cut with a point edged with a
bund of stitched ollo and Is com
pleted with a kind of under sleee of
cream llbeity silk foimed Into pulT.i
with straps of beige velvet Helge
velvet ribbon In a darker bhiulo
adorns both the Jacket and skirl The
latter shows the fashionable sheath
effect and in addition to the ehet n
trimming of straps In Inverted scol
lops studied with Cortlcelll silk
Tho now skirts nre titled closely nt
the hips but Hare ery much Indeed
below the knees. A great many skills
with hip yokes are shown, either nt
shirring, tucking or tlu bands. Joined
with a fancy open stitch. Sunn eiy
nttravtive skirt modeN In sheet mate
ilnls are laid In minu lo plain
from the waist to the Knees and below
that there is a piettlly Hhapeil lloiinci
witli insertions of ream line nml ,i
garniture of narrow gatheied ribbon
Little Hints.
Pnrlsienues will not deseit the be
coming Ktou Jacket.
Trails shortened at the bail aie
shown on many new skliis.
Hlouses ate prettier and dalntl 1
than ever anil Inuirlubly Hit iif
mude so by menus ol the tine Inral
work put upon them.
The wide-hummed bat r
front and at the back, with limns ami
ends for a finish, will be woiu ,u im.l
summer with the muslin gowns
Dark, rich blown and eilmson eh tl
gowns, with a eiy deep boidei. liM
that ol a eashnieie shawl, set on Oil
skirt or t. are in high fuwii
with exclusive Frenchwomen.
l pink silk, the former oniJiii"ntci li
j front with a gold Inn Mo.
The oilier gown Is of vm pale hint
silk. The skirt h finished a' the hot
torn with a narrow floume beaded l
a rich embroidery in wi.hh dark ted
veltt ilbbnn Is iiiu I'reni this em
broidery; bauds of the ramo extend
upward to the girdle, terming panels.
Tho bodice is dimmed at the top
yoke-fashion nnd on eneh side of tin
front with the embroider) In that on
Hie fionts Is run with iclvel ribbon,
! the ends finished with gold tips. The
collar and plasinm aie of eeru gulp
uro mid the draped girdle is of the
silk. The sleeves, made with a large
puff at the bottom, aie trimmed at tiin
top and I'oitom nilh the embroidery.
'iv ;JL-2Si&ViKt&ul mmsmmmimrmmm,,, a..uc- .-. -'r-. -- -,-.,..
B t4R bMmmmm . v T M-JgM Jfr 'l HV"B H04
The King.
Ho drew for n moment out of the strife,
Tlmt hum with the earnrt fare,
Aii ilrt-iitueil anew a dream of power,
As he punned In the market pl ice;
And In' all Hinxc eaiH before Mini
Ittew- lumlnmiK, and unrollril,
Tilt he Imllt a inlchly iiialiMlnii
Ami lil.s miii 1 1. m o'liian with Kohl.
lie put tture alone In IiIm chamber.
And Iiiiipi il tine' the evenhii; dint,
A clinxitl in. in fiom tile people,
And ii hdoit i-amc to him,
Ami to! a million xohlhri
rlhnnk with their tre.ul the wotld,
A nation roe In the wlldi'i'iirnn,
A bright, '" Hag unrurlcd. .
Me lend In Ills dlm-llt study,
This scholar In bin until. '
Anil, forlh fiom the storied paget,
Time llashid a iJi'iitii of titlth;
And In' It tniiclud I lie iiiauv.
A1! II ttifpiiiKC flesh ft mil (led.
And the In arts of men i;rew lighter,
As tho tetitlllh'H wclr trod
Ho foi Hi freni the dream ami vision,
Out fimil the dim Ideal.
Are hum all the ships anil the eltles,
(Mir iliu Urni il souls cull leal,
l-'oi lineli of (aeli deed We Win ship,
ll.iek of each plan we'e wioiight,
Hllenl, )et IIIImI with power.
Stands the jn.ij.-t of thought
(ieiirgt' 11- I'arilsli.
Crockett and the Panther.
When Davy Ctockelt was on his
way to San Antonio to light for the
Independence of Texas this In the
Near ISIlt'i one night found him on
the batiks ol the Navasola ilver and
his Iioim) biokcti with fatigue. What
Happened at tills point we'll let Davy
.Near the margin of the river a
ii'g tree bad been blown down, nnd
I might of milking my lulr In its top.
Vile beating nbout the brunches I u low giowl, as much ns to sny,
'SltJWer, these apartments nre til
lendyvi.ti.un.' Looking to see what
sort o n heiirellow I waB Ukelly to
have li eoeri'd un enormous Mexl-
an cou.i Mime live nucos nwnv.
Hays of V,t tinned from his large
(- es
"One glany Hillsflcd me thero wns
no time to bHt I llred. The bull
struck him oiixj,,. forehenil and glanc
ed off. doing Viio except Infuriate
him. lie npiannt me again, and 1
diew my huiiMiigViir,., fm- UIU.W wo
must come to cry. qnniters. Ho
seled m leH arm V,i began to tear
the llesh, when I tbrt ,y knife Into
his slile Me lei go.
'.Smarting with his
wounds, he
ciime ut me gain, nnd
close Hint in stepping
loot '-aught in a lnc.
tuessed so
bi,wanl my
I IV I. and bo
wan on me ni.e a uigiitiink
on n
Jura-bug. Un seied my rlgf
ami. since the himlei pail of lV body toward my lace. 1 giabbe hH
t.-ill with my left hand With niyiniit
1 snick my hnlte Into ids sldend
Munitioned all my strength to hVl
liim down the bank or the river. 1
r-sisted. At lust I worked him to tlu
ciy euge nml lie lost bis balance. Ho
tul. but lie drugged me with him.
"l'ortuuutel. at tin- bottom of the
Link I found iiiN.scir uppermost. I
mined a despeutie blow at his nick.
Jf struggled a lew moments, and
hen his loosened stiength told me I
fas saved.
, "I returned to the treitop and made
n.'iclf as lomloriable a bed us a man need ask lor. Next morn-
ig fifty Coinanches Jolnul me, and
loine of the warriors dl'cinered tho
aiily of the cougar nml began skin
ning It. The chief noibed bow ninny
stabs were In It, and wlnn I told him
ol my sttuggle, said' Hinvo hunter,
brave man,' nml wished to adopt mo
into his tribe, which honor I decllu
il." A Party Trick.
Here Is a patty gcuie or trick,
which, while It dins not uink as one
"specially, neeitheless It
offers a nice dherslon for the time.
i'iist begin the i ouveisiitlon with
some special pen-on present in n cas
ual manner, and then ) t lead on
to their stiength of lnluit or power of
leslHtiuiee, When on hne lliem most
deeply Interested make the remark
that you can t (impel them to movo
from their seat without touching them.
Naturally they will contindict this
beast. Then slip olf about two loot
and look them xuaillh in the eye,
ntM'i' allowing oui je to leave theirs
for a seioml. In a ft w moments they
will become so Hud of silting still
and so uneasy under jour steady ga.o
as to n.t "I" '' ''"''i" ,,wn '','i'l nil""
( hange seats or move Hliilui down
the settee. When thry do this, of
coiiise. you have become successful In
oiii pait) tikli.
How to Make a 'Lasso.
No lowboy or ningt irt of'lhe west
ern plalm is of any account without
a lasso, ol "i ope." ns It is generally
( ailed. It Is a much I useful
article than a levoher. and Hip, cat
tie king picfers expel t ropers to
i tack shots any day.
Lassoes tin be bought in any town
west of Kansas City, and a lair artlclo
Is nianufaili 1 for sale, but the ex
pert topei makes bis own tope It
mav come In handy some day to save,
his lle. and he wants to be sine thnt
it is mnde properly. Thjs Is the way
he makes It.
I-list, the lawhlde Is cut In thin
strips as long as possible anil half
tanned with the hair mi 'Then'-'these
Strips aie soaked and sti etched over
a block. Tiny nre then bialded Into a
lope, taie being tnken. of couiso, to
pull the strands as tight as possible.
Whin Hie i lata t lasso) Is inado It
should be burled for a week, ten days,
or ein a fortnight. In the sand. It
takes up inolstuio from tho ground
without getting hard. Soaking In the
watev won't do, nor will anything else,
so Hie old ropeis pay. except burying
It. When the i lata Is dug up It should
again bo left for a time stretched over
a block, with a weight to hold It taut.
Then the hair should be snndpnpcrctl
on the outside, nnd when the rlntn in
grensed with mutton tnllow nnd prop
erly noosed Is icaily for use.
ICvery roper who pretends to Inko
enre of his nppaiatus will bury bin
rlntn nnd st retch II every srx or eight
months. With these precautions n
a lasso in practically eei lasting. It
can't wear out, and a herd of cnttlo
could hnrdly .break l(.
Wide-awake Boy.
When Oen. (Irnnt wns a boy his
mother one nioinlng found herself
without butter for breakfast, and sent
htm to borrow some ftom a neighbor,
doing, without knocking, into the
house of a neighbor, whose son was
then nt West Point, young (irnnl over
henrd n letter rend fiom the son slat
lug that he hnil fulled In examination,
and was coining home. Ho got the
butter, look It home, and. without
waiting for breakfast, ran down to the
olllce of the congressman fiom that
".Mr. Hninnr," he paid, "will you
appoint me to West Point?"
"No. Sonnd-So Is there, and has
three years to serve " '
"Hut suppose lie should fall, will
you send me?"
.Mr. Hninar Inughed. "If he doesn't
go tin (nigh, no use for you to try."
"Piomlso you'll give mo a chance,
Mr. llamar, anyhow."
Air. Hamar promised. Tho next tlay
the dofented lad came home, nnd tho
congressmnn laughed nt lily's nhnrir
ness nnd gave him the appointment
"Now," said Grant, "Il was my
mother's being out or butter thnt
mnde me general nnd president.'
Hut It was Ills own shrewdness to
see the ehnnce, nnd promptness to
seize It, that urged him upwards.
Christian Advocate.
A Joker Among Birds.
The bluejuy 1h the most poislstent
practical Joker In Uio feathered king
dom. Ho will conceal himself In n
clump of leaves near the spot where
small birds are accustomed to gather,
and when they arc enjoying them
selves in their own fashion will sud
denly frighten them almost to death
by screaming out like a hawk. Of
course they scatter in every direction,
nnd when they do so tho mischievous
rascal gives vent to a cackle that
sounds very much like a laugh. If ho
confined his pianks to such Jokes a
this, however, he would not lie such n
had neighbor to birds smaller than
hlmseir, but when he uniuses himself
by breaking the eggs In their nestn
and teaiing the young to pieces with
his bill he become;) a pestilent nuis-
aneo, and they often combine, their
i"recs to drive him out of the neigh
borhood. They no i,t ulw-nys suc
ceed for he Is ns full of fight ns of
mhchlef, but a conflict tenches
him that the), too. hare their rbhts
and thin Induces bun tcunoiid hiu man.-,
"era. '-. .r, v. )
Shadow PortLt Scfap-book.
wnm i tin it irtto luin
a shadow
portrait scrap-bolk of
UT Rl'hnnl.
mates! You will biever kiW ,lni,,HB
you get to work iid inakene yCU
can make two l.inil, by (iittliV .i,,, f)l
inside of the slimliw and pijnp
to black lining, or Ion can m rtl,.
"ut (ho
outline and paste tu to n iftnr,
black cloth. I iirefrr tho foi,.,.
mro 0r
Arrango your llilit so ait() K,vo
the very best shadpw, and n 0
the wall n square pleco of Hg'brown
paper. Trace very carefullvgj0wj
and accurately, and use the hi, t,aro
when cutting It out. It Is gt r1Jn
when you have a number of !rnftn
pasted In your scrap-book I'dnvn
some friend look through th00j
nud try to guess "who Is who.
See If You Can.
You can't stnnd for five n)a
without muting, if you nro bll
You can't crush an egg when i
lengthwise between your hands,
Is, If the egg is sound nnd bus
ordlnnry shell of n hen's egg.,'t
You can't get out of n ohnw wit
bonding your body foi ward, or put,
your feet under It; that Ib, If you
sitting squarely on tho chair, and 1
on the edge of II.
You can't break a match If tl
match is laid auoss the nail of th
middle fi;igei ol elttierhand and presb
ed upon by the Hist and third fingers
of thnt hand, 'despite its 'seeming ho
easy at first sight.-llealtli.
Animals and Music.
An eminent violinist, Horr Haher,
has recently tested the sensitivcnena
to music o) each of the nnlmals In the
zoological gardens of Germany. Tho
Influence of the Iolln wns g'rentest
on the puma, whose moods changed
rapidly ns the ntttute of tho music
changed, becoming very much excited
and nor mis when quicksteps were
played. Wolves, showed an apprecia
tive Interest; lions and hyena3 were,
terrified, leop.nds wete unconcerned
and monkeys cuilous. flood Times.
This' Should Be Read Quickly.
"II. H. V." writes to remind us.of
tho creature called the woodchuck and
proceeds to supply us with tho follow
ing riddle: "How much wood would a
woodchuck chuck If a woodchuok could
chuck -wood?" The answer of course.
Is: "As much wood as a woodchuck
would chuck if a woodchuck could
chuck wood." One must read It quick
lv to npiu relate the humor.
r aa
-s-i wmm -,,-i. ...Mai