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IK Lady Aiilno' Secret.
This assurance on the part of the
powerful baron was as balm In Char
lie's troubled soul.
Ho believed Capt. Brand inmit
speedily llud blmsclf In hot water.
The eonvoruation took seera!
Indeed, (Charlie found the baron so
congenial that ho xxn easily led into
relating many reminiscences connect
ed with his past, so taut, eventually.
Potorhoff had a pretty good knowl
edge of the young man eharactrr.
At last they separated.
"You can depend on me. At the
same time keep your wits about you
when dealing with this Brand. Some
thing will presently drop," said the
When Charlie drew near the hotel,
after visiting his own room and Im
proving his appearance to some ex
tent, he was conscious of a nervous
condition of mind such as was entirely
new to him.
And he was obliged to confess that
It had Bono pretty fnr when the pros
pect of nn Interview with a young wo
ninn could have such un Influence
upon him.
The next thing on the program was
to 11 n (I a chance for a quiet talk,
where the captain could not Intrude.
So he asked again for Lady Arllne.
and she presently came down to the
same bijou parlor, rosy and smiling.
Charlie had heard the voice of Capt.
Hrand somewhere about the hotel,
and he was more or less concerned
lest that worthy come in upon them
ere he could make his arrangements.
Hence he speedily opened the sub
ject. "I have much of Importance to toll
you, and we must bo where Capt.
lirand may not Intrude. Suppose 1
get a nice vehicle with a quiet animal
and we can go to take a look at the
suburbs of Antwerp."
Arllne did not hesitate.
She knew that she could trust this
frank-faced gentleman with her very
llfo if need be.
So she quickly agreed to his plnn.
"In fifteen minutes, then; and be
stiro you wrap up well," said Charlie,
hastening away to secure Just tho out
fit that would suit his idea as to the
right thing.
True to his promise, be was back In
good time.
Near the parlor Chnrllo ran across
Hrand, who greeted him rather effu
sively, he thought, and would have
detained him, only that tho young
man refused to bo held up, and laugh
ingly pleaded nn engagement with
Lady Arllne, and the impatience of his
noble charger outside.
Thus it came about that, after run
ning the gauntlet in this way, Charlie
whs at length given the proud pleas
ure of driving away with tho fair girl.
Charlie knew it wan only proper for
him to open the ball with an account
of the strange things that had befallen
him since last he said good night.
Olio thing he intended keeping to
himself for tho present, and this was
the name of the young follow who
had been his companion in the dun
geon. At least there wns no necessity
of bringing it forward until he had
heard what she wished to tell him.
ami discovered if his suspl-ions were
, "Now that there Is no longer a
chance of our being overheard, I'm
going to make nn awful confession to
you, Lady Arllne," he said.
She turned a startled face toward
him, and, Immediately seeing tho
quizzical smile, felt relieved.
"I shall fortify myself to hear It.
Pray proceed."
"Where do you think I passed tho
She believed she could account for
a fair portion of It, but confessed her
Ignorance ns to the remnlnder.
"In the lockup," he said calmly.
- "Do you mean the Jail?" breathless-
"Yes. Please don't draw away from
me, or Imaglno I was engaged In any
street brawl. It all came to mo bo
cause I chanced to mako your ac
quaintance yesterday morning."
"Why, Mr. Stuart!"
"Because, forsooth, you chance to
have a carriage like a queen; and be
sides, possess tho most charming or
golden hair and blue eyos."
She blushed crimson and still stir--veyed
him with puzzled as well ns
startled eyes.
"I confess I do not understand you
at all. You will havo to explain fur
ther." "Pardon me. When I assisted you
Into the cnrrlnge at tho Steen I was
observed by Baron Poterhoff. Ho be
Moved you wero tho Countess Isolde
Brabant, becauso In several ways a
a llttlo distance one might be de
ceived. My Interest In tho baron's
plans Induced me to loiter about tho
hotel last night when ho wns making
his wholesale arrests, and by accident
they caught mo in tho dragnet."
"Then she that wondorful woman
has been arrested?"
When he nodded In tho afllrmatlve,
utranyply enough Arllno gave a llttlo
High rollef. as though some unox
plalnablo burden were removed from
her heart; but Charllo was too obtuse
to understand thnt tho first little tiro
of Jealousy had been kindled in that
gentlo breast, becauso she knew tho
reputation Isolde Bralmut had as a
sorceress among men.
The Ice having now beon brokon,
ho started In to tell his strange story.
Arllne listened eagerly.
Indeed. Othello, relating his aston
ishing adventures to Dosdetnona.
could not have had n more deeply In
terested listener than this fair Eng
llsh girl proxod to be.
Wnou he described hta companion
In misery he wns careful not to say
too much, lest he belt ay that which
ho wished to keep n secret it little
The story was done
Arllne had bung on his words eag
erly, and his assurance that Baron
Peterhoff would take care of Capt.
Brand, discovering the truth with re
gard to his claims, and relieve her of
his presence If, as Charlie suspected,
the other proved to be nn arrant Im
postor was comforting to her trou
bled heart.
Still Lady Arllne showed no signs
of nervousness.
"Perhaps I may shock you, Mr.
Stuart perhaps you have such strict
notions of honesty and a name upon
which there has never beon a stnln.
that you will hardly be ns pleased to
look upon me In the light of a sister
when I confess that I have a relative
In wnom I am deeply concerned, and
who has broken tho law of his nntlve
land who took what wns not his own
and lied. In plain language, Mr. Stu
art, my cousin betrayed n trust and
stole money."
She was scarlet with shame ns Rhe
turned her blue eyes npponllngly to
ward him.
"Lot mo tell you as briefly as I can.
I knew hi in quite well. He wns young
er, anil a son of my father's only
brother, now long since dead. We
wero good friends up to the time ho
took this false step, and I was tho last
ono he saw beforo he lied from Eng
land. Poor boy, ir ho had only con
fided In me, 1 could have easily settled
the matter, which I did soon after
ward, at any rate.
"I have been scarchln since last
October; at times tho trail would
grow warm, and then I lost sight of
him completely.
"By mere accident .i friend wrote
me that she believed she had seen
him In Antwerp, though ho had not
answered her smile and nod. I could
very well understand why, Blnco he
believed tho officers from London
were looking for him.
"That is wny I came here to find
this boy, to reclaim and make a man
of him."
"And I shall endeavor to assist you
In your search for this Alexander
Brand." said Charlie eagerly. "As It
chanced 1 havo some knowledge of
the young chap. In truth, I havo seen
him race to race."
"Here In Antwerp?" eagerly.
"In this city."
"And you can take mo to him?
You will. Mr. Stuart?" laying a hnnd
upon his arm.
"ir you so desire; but that will ne
cessitate a long Journey across the
.iea. In rnct."
"Then ho has returned to England?"
"No; to America Now York."
"How very strangely It all came
about!" she mused.
"Almost Incredible! Indeed, 1
should havo been loth to bollevo such
things could bo possible ir I had not
gone through tho experience myself."
Everything had now beon told, so
that there was no more secrots.
Tho rest of tho rldo was occupied
In enjoying tho features of the scen
ery. In so far as these points could
bo discovered from a vehicle.
And Charlie's mind was made up
ere they returned to thn Hotel de la
Palx that, God willing, ho would servo
and win this peerless girl.
Tho curiosity or Artemus had been
whetted to a degree that demanded
satisfaction, else his peace or mind
was forever gone.
He asked many questions regnrdlng
Evidently the young fellow had
aroused tho strongest interest in his
mind, for he saw In him the elements
of a strong character that must at
tract attention rrom tho public.
"Where Is he bound Hong Kong,
Nagasaki, Singapore, Cape Town? I'm
ready to go to the uttermost pnrts of
tho earth to Interview him!
"Try something easier something
nearer home."
"New York?" with a little, almost
Inarticulate shriek.
"Exactly. I havo a sort of engage
ment with him nt tho Windsor Hotel
In your city."
"But that Is not me."
"Well, you can make ono of the
party. Arllno that is, Miss Brand,
or rather, Lady Arllne Is bound to
find Aleck. She Is possessed of an
Idea that slnco fortune was so bounti
ful as to heap fnvors In her lap, sho
should respond by taking caro of this
hair-brother, or cousin, who seems
balancing between a bright career and
going to the devil.
"Circumstances drive us sometimes,
don't they, Charlie? But there's one
parly I rathor guess you'vo overlook
ed." "Who's that?"
"Her father," chuckling.
"Capt. Brand, you mean. I bollevo
I have arranged a berth for him."
"Whero on the stenmor?"
"Rathor In the place whero I spent
pnrt of last night."
"Oh, ah! then he's a fraud, suro
"I havo every reason so to bolteve.
At any rate, my friend, tho baron, has
promised to look after him."
"I've no doubt Poterhoff's Intentions
are good; but there's a prospect of
his being fully occupied In another
quarter," Artomus said, sagely,
"Moaning tho Countess Isolde."
"Well, sho has seldom missed her
game tho most wonderful woman
outside of Thackeray's Becky Sharpe
I over heard of. You're lucky to havo
Just missed her, my liov Mon jeer
at hor powers and boast about their
Invulnerable qualities; yet no sooner
do they come lu touch with this mod
em Circe than tholr knees grow weak,
ami one glance from hor bewitching
oyos charms them oven ns the rattle
snake does Us prey."
"Your advlco is good I had Intend
ed depending on my own ability to
checkmate this old reprobate; and. on
the whole, It may be best for me to
keep my hnnd at the plow."
"And I'll stand by. ready to glvo
what aid I tuny. Don't hesitate to
call on Artomus Barnaby If you are
bent upon some dnrk and tlespeiate
business thnt stands for tho right.
You know 1 have some sort of a claim
upon tills affair, seeing that only for
my pertinacity lu dragging you on
thnt wild goose chase lu search of the
now Man lu the Iron Mask, of whom
old wives lu Antwerp gossip, you
would never have gone there to the
dungeons of the Steen. and ergo,
would never have had the pleasure ol
saving Lady Arllne from her distress
ing position."
The words of his companion aroused
within Charlie a sense of the great
debt he owed Artemus, who had been
an instrument in tho bunds of Kate to
bring about tho result upon which his
whole future now seemed to hinge.
So he seized his hand and squeezed
It with fraternnl zeal squeezed It un
til the owner wns fain to appeal for
"Yes, I owe you everything, my dear
fellow; and If I can nt nny time do
you a favor, try me. There are few
things 1 could refuse you."
After thnt there was the fullest con
fidence between these two. Charlln
confided to Artemus his plans for rout
ing the enemy, and was glad to adopt
Rome very bright and sagacious ideas
advanced by the latter.
Everything seemed ns usual. Yet
under tho calm exterior forces wero
working that threatened a speedy up
heaval. Capt. Brand had taken tho alarm.
Keen-eyed man of the world that
this groat traveler was, he read tho
writing on the wall, and it plainly de
clared his reign had uearod Its end.
Hence he detested Charlie with a
venom such ns could only be compared
with tho enraged cobra, seeking to
bury its poisoned fangs In tho object
of Its hatred.
In brief, this fine old plottor began
to cast about him for some method by
means or which he could got rid of
Mr. Charllo Stuart, either temporarily
or for all time.
He was not alone in his scheming.
Other hnrples there wore who hoped
to share In the glorious plundor mon
whose past lives no doubt could pos
sibly show almost as great a variety
of adventure and bold schemes as his
Accordingly these precious worthies
laid their heads together in order to
devise some brilliant scheme whereby
the obnoxious Interloper this young
Lochlnvar who had come out or tho
west might bo debated ore ho could
carry the girl off on his fleet steed.
And when tho conference was ad
journed, It had nil been arranged just
how Charllo was to bo dropped out of
However, these worthies In planning
so neat a campaign failed to take Into
consideration several elements which
had a positive bearing upon the ulti
mate outcome.
Thero was the baron, for example.
Besides there was Artemus.
No doubt this Intter individual, with
his peculiar notions and his apparent
ly inoffensive appearance, would havo
been looked upon by tho hoary old
fortune-hunter as very much In the lino
of n freak, and must be brushed asldo
without ceremony.
But they made a mistake. Under
that simple exterior boat a bold heart
and a keen brnln.
For Artemus had taken a room next
to Capt. Brand's, nnd during that cele
brated conference his eye and ear did
noble duty nt the keyhole of a con
necting door.
(To be continued.)
France, Though Favored liy Nature Hal
lleav Mortality Uncord.
M. Paplllon has lately printed a
striking array of statistics on the re
lation between public hygiene and
mortality, from which the following
Instances and remarks are taken.
France (ho says) Is favored by cli
mate and In other respects. Why Is
Its birth-rate the smallest In Europe.
Its death-rate among tho greatest?
Tho cause Is not In nature, but In In
stitutions. From tho 38.000,000 Inhab
itants of France 150.000 deaths rrom
tuberculosis annually occur, while
there aro but 00,000 among the 41,
000,000 of Client Britain, but 90,000
nmong tho fifi.OOO.OOO of Germany.
In every nation of Europe save
France the mortality from tubercu
losis has diminished, and, at the
same time, tho consumption of alcohol
has retrograded. The results are that
In France, between ono census nnd
the next, the mortality from tubercu
losis has Increased G8,- while In Gcr
ninny It diminished 10!) In evory 100,
000 Inhabitants. Tho difference is 77
per 100,000 or In the totnl popula
tion G8.000 lives were lost during the
last census period In France tint
might havo been nnd ought to havo
been saved.
llyprophobla Is stamped out In Eng
lang, and Is still common In France.
The case Is similar for other diseases.
Typhoid refer Kllll Hollllen.
During tho months of January and
February there were 800 deaths from
typhoid rover In tho British army.
Notwithstanding tho regulations re
garding boiled water the soldiers con
tinue to drink out of brooks and
Spirit of Unre3t in Mino Region
Has Outlet.
Mioollni; I'nllimnt tijr I.ITorl In llnrn
rriiMrtjr - 1'nrtlirr Troulilo l.lkt-ljr In
i:nui' l'iirtli- Who stmt Ai-
ri'Htvil oitivr 'h.
A Wllkchbarre, Pa , ,luue it, dlsp.itiit
Bays- The spirit of unicst that has
been manliest lug Itself more or less
in this city nnd Utility during the
last tew days hiokc out lu earnest
nt two places In this city last night,
and as a lesult a boy was dangerously,
If not fatally, shot by a guard at the
Scranton colliery, and u considerable
poitlon of the fence around the Murray
colliery was destroyed by lire.
The Stanton colliery Is operated by
the Lehigh and Wllkesbarre Coal com
pany, controlled by the Central rail
road of New Jersey It Is located in
the southern part of the city. While
Charles McCann, nged thirteen years,
was walking along the Held outside the
fence tonight, several shots were tired
nt hint from inside the fence. One bul
let struck tho boy In the back. Tho
shots ere heard by the people In the
vicinity, nnd it looked for a time as
though there would be serious trouble.
The boy was quickly removed to tho
Mercy, hospital and tho police untitled.
The' chief of the Wlll.csbane police
with a squad of men went to the col
liery and with the assistance of the
chief of the coal and Iron ixillco on
the ground, made an Investigation.
They tlnnlly placed the blame for the
shooting on four coat and Iron police
men who wero located near the place
where tho shooting occurred. They
were taken from the colliery by a
circuitous route nnd landed In jail nt
The men say boys wore t raring down
the fence and thnt they shot Into the
nlr to scare them, and did not know
that any ono had been injured until
told of It inter. Three of the men
fired one shot each and one Ilred two.
They also claim that some one on the
outside llrcd at them.
Shortly after the shooting the crowd
Bought vengeance on the company's
property, and some one set tire to n
trestle work. The lire department was
summoned nnd with considerable diffi
culty put out the blaze.
Pence In South Africa KfTerl the Old
Mnii (irriilly.
All Amsterdnm, .tune fi. dlspnMi
pays: The health of former Piesldeiit
Kruger Is brcnklng up. ills londlllon
1b said to be extremely critical.
A London. June fi, cablegram saya:
In the house of commons. London,
Thursday afternoon, the Irish mem
bers raised a debate on the proposed
grant of fifty thousand pounds to Lord
Kitchener. During the debate William
Redmond, nationalist, created a scene
by saying:
"Kitchener's name will go down In
history ns having made war on women
and children."
Immediately the house was In nn up
roar. Finally Henry Seton Carr. con
servative, moved thnt the "honorable
gentleman be no longer lunrd."
Again Redmond was as far as
"Kitchener Is responsible for the dcatli
of 15,000 children," when ho was howled
In reply the speaker claimed to tie
unable to control the house In its pres
ent temper and when Kedmond again
rose, when someone shouted: "I move
The speaker put tho motion, amid
great excitement and yells from Irish
"You're Interfering with free
The motion carried by a vote or 27
to 1H8.
The vote on the grant or fifty thou
sand pounds to IKtehener then was
called for and carried by a vote or 280
to 14.
The British cabinet met Wednesday
morning. The meeting Is believed to
be cnlled for tho purpose of considering
the.letnlls or the South African set
tlement nnd ulso in opposition to the
education bill.
Pretoria dispatches state that the
Boers are surrendering In large num
bers on account of the peace agree
ment. Lord Kitchener will remain In South
Africa until July attending to the many
details of the peace settlement.
The Exchange Telegraph says Sir
Thomas Upton has dellnltely decided
to challenge for the America's cup
next year.
Hoy IlaiiRiromly Injured.
While wading In tho river channel
opposite Plattsmouth James Glllnm, n
12-year-old boy, met with a peculiar
accident. In some manner he stumbled
and fell, striking a piece or glass or
bail) wire, xvhleh cut a gash lu his
abdomen four Inches in length and
caused the Intestines to protrude. The
boy mnnaged to reach the shore and
procured a towel, which wns tied about
his body in such a wny as to cover tho
wound and check the How of blood.
He went home and a physician was
Mule 'arui Almiiiloiird.
The British officers on Wednesday
formally abandoned tho initio camp nt
Port Chnlmotte, La. The nnlinnls on
hnnd will be Hhlpped to Canada. Cap
tain Eden left for Washington and the
other officers nro preparing to leave
New Orleans.
Iown democrats will hold their state
contention at Des Moines, Septomher 3.
Dr. Joseph Eastman, ono of tho best
known surgeons In the country, died
at Luilanapolls,
Hiiprrmr Court Hold I'ImI Comer l!n
tlllnl to Allotted Supply.
A decision of considerable Impor
tance to Irrigation Interests was hand
ed down by the supremo court of Ne
braska Wednesday night In the case nt
the Farmers and Merchants Irrigation
company s. Coml Irrigation company,
fiom Dawson county. The question In
volved Is priority of right to water,
whether n subsequent approprlatur who
builds his dam and ditches across tlm
stream can use the water to the In
eonwnlotiec or duinage of the that
coiner, who locuteil rait her ilown7
The Cond company has a dam across
tho ninth channel of the Platte below
Willow Island, which Is Just above Oo
zuil. This was constructed some years
ago, nt which time wnter lights wero
secured. The other company went
some miles above and put a dam or
threatened to put one acioss the north
chnnnel. An the Pintle Ih decidedly
low ut times, when water is most need
ed, the Coziul eompiiny thought this
meant it wouldn't get any water at all,
ami secured an Injuuctloii ngnlust the
new concern. The district court
thought thnt It could Just us well go
acioss the river nnd build a dam that
would divert all of the water Into the
south channel, but the supreme court
thinks this Is asking a little too much,
ns It Is In effect placing upon the new
company the burden of supplying tho
other with wnter. In this respect only
Is the Injunction modllled. The court
lays down the lnw of water right aa
"The right of a prior approprlator
of water Is to get his nllotted supply
without unreasonable Inconvenience,
because of the effect of subsequent np
propiiators. "The reasonable convenience In get
ting water, or a prior impropriator, Is
such as leaves It profitable to him to
take out the water and lu nddltlon
gives hi in every ndvnntage which he
can have without causing n greater
disadvantage to u subsequent appro
prlator." The court says that evory npproprla
tor takes subject to the possible rights
of all subsequent ones. Public, utility
Is the surest test of reasonublo use.
Wnter must not be wasted merely to
promote the Inconvenience of someono
else, and on the other hnnd tho law
Isn't Intended to allow so many Inches
or wnter to nn approprlator and then
make it Impossible for htm to get that
allotment except nt the expense that
makes It cost more than It Is worth.
I'll flier mill Striker of Chlntgo Itrach
Anilt-iililn Agreement.
Arter nn nil night conference a set
tlement between the packers and their
striking teamsters was reached Thurs
day morning. The settlement was a
compromise, but the union scored nn
Important victory. The xvngo scal
provided for in the agreement Is:
(lo cart drivers, eighteen cents nn
hour; single xvngons, twenty cents;
to horse, twenty-two and one-hair;
tour horse, twenty-seven nnd one-hair;
six horse, thirty cents.
Tho teamsters shall tie paid rrom
the time they take up their time checkH
until they return siinie, less a half
hour for lunch; no work to be per
formed Labor day; all strikers to bo
reinstated without prejudice. The
packers stuck to their refusal to em
ploy only union men, but agreed not
to discriminate against them.
Labor organizations Joined In a Jolll
tlcatlon over the settlement. Scores of
xvngons loft tho stock yards mauned by
men who yesterday weie on a strike.
Cheers greeted the men at every step.
The boycott on the butchers was de
clared off. us xvas that of the coal nnd
Ice drivers, nnd everywhere rejoicing
assumed the place or riot and blood
ahed. By the new scale the stockyards
teamsters can earn n minimum ror a
full xveek of seventy hours of $12.00
and a maximum of $21.
Nehrankii XV I in Null Agnlniit HoniUmcn
of lliirtley.
At last another decision has beon
hnnded down In the suit of the state
against the bondsmen of ex-Stat
Treasurer Joseph Hartley. Oncn again
the state Is victorious, the court hold
ing that all six or the bondsmen are
liable ror any shortage thnt may havo
occurred during tho second term. Tho
books or the office shall be prima rnelo
evidence, and ir the bondsmen deslro
to evade liability by showing that the
shortage occurred during the tlrst term,
the burden Is upon them.
Commissioner Itoscoe Pound Is the
author or tbu opinion, which Is ap
proved by the supremo court. Com
missioner Oldham took no part In the
decision because he was assistant pros
ecuting attorney when the litigation
was before the district court or Doug
las county. Justice Holcomb did not
participate In tho courts' opinion be
cause he xvas governor at the time the
shortage occurred and xvas one or tho
chief witnesses for the state.
The bondsmen lire all held liable.
They are W. A. Paxton, Thomas Swobe
and Cadet Taylor of Omaha; O. C.
McNIsh or Fremont, and E. E. Brown
and J H. Ames or Lincoln.
This Is tho third time the case has
been before tho supreme court, having
been tried In the tlrst Instance before
the district court of Douglas county.
The last trial resulted In a judgment
ngnlnst McNIsh. Brown and Ames, but
excused from liability Paxton, Swobe
and Taylor, tho three Omaha bonds
men. This Is reversed nnd the cause
The shortage originally was $.'r.7,000
and with Interest now amounts to over
KIIN Tito nml Nulrlde.
Because his wife Insisted that he
pay $5 arrears due for board, Oscar
Webb or Philadelphia, Pa . colored,
shot and killed his wire anil her aged
mother, Julln Waller, and then shot
hlinseir. He cannot live.
liny up Zinc Mine.
O. E, Smith, representing Detroit,
Mich., capitalists, has purchased tho
Hoseberry zinc milling property near
Kuoxvllle. Tenn. He Is preparing to
erect a 200-ton ?lnc plant on tho prop
erty und will begin Its development at
Whnn They Are 1'nnneil tip Together
llriith A I mm V.tut Their right.
A great many young men go to
lllvcrtoti at this season to shoot llvo
pigeons us they lly from traps, nnd,
some of the young men agreed re
cently that for a target sparrows
would iiuike an excellent substitute.
So they caught no less than u hun
dred sparrows and put tliem in it
big cage against their next shoot,
which was to come off in three dayn.
But they found at tho end of that
time thai all of tho birds but sU
wore dead.
They bad fought and fought nmong
themselves until only those six Invin
cible cunmplous remulued. Tho young
men concluded thnt they bnd been so
unlucky ns to cnlch unusually vile
tempered birds, and at considerable
trouble they landed another batch.
Those, too, however, battled together,
anil after forty-eight hours hud gouo
by thorn lay In tho cage eighty four
dead sparrows, while two llvo one
staggered feebly to nnd fro, nnd, when
tholr breath returned, began to light
Tho young men aro now convinced,
says the Philadelphia Itecord, of what
they should havo known before, that
no living creature Is more ferocious
or more game than the common Eng
lish sparrow,
tliieipertert lleepoaie to a rompoue
Lecturer' Ill-Timed Inquiry.
AM that transpires In tho Sunday
schools or tho lnud does not brentho
ot that piety xvhleh Is supposed to per
meate the place and Its surroundings.
A visitor to a Philadelphia gathering
or Juveniles one Sunday recently In
addressing tho children said lu a pom
pous manner:
"I come rrom Massachusetts; I am
now on my wny to Maryland, and I
have stopped over here to talk to you
children and to save you from going
to holt." After repenting this Introduc
tion to his rcmnrks, tho visitor said:
"Now, my children, whero did I
coino from?"
"Massachusetts," was the reply, In
"Where am 1 going?" ho then nsked.
'Miero was a paiiBo; his geograph
ical route had evidently not been deep
ly impressed on tho gathering. Then
tho silence was broken
"To hell!" the prompt nnd
startling reply from nn earnest but
confused pupil.
Senator Nlawnrt'l I'rotega Cooltt Not
Work lu Uot Or Co I it Weather.
As a rulo the colored man mid broth
er "mightily loves his euso" and will
work only when necessity compols.
Senator Stexvnrt of Nevada, who haa
been in Washington ror ninny years,
nas nu old negro retainer who comes
around twico u week ror some monoy.
He made his regular Wednesday call.
The senator gave him a dollar und
"Jim, I'm getting tired or this sort
of business. You are an able-bodied
mini. Why don't you go to work
Instead of living on my charity?"
" 'Deed, boss," said Jim, reproach
fully, "you ain't tho kind o' man to bo
askln' mo to go to wuk now, Is you?
Why, boss, It's too hot to wuk."
"Well," snorted Senator Stewart, "I
haven't seen you work nny in the win-,
tor, either."
"In de xvintnh, boss?" In groat as
tonishment. "Why, boss, you mus. bo
crazy! It's fah too col' to wuk In do
Kngllih I'rontinrlatloo.
At the General Theological Soml
nnry alumni dinner In Buffalo a fow
days ago Itev. Dr. Van De Water told
an nmuslng story about tho last pan
American conference of bishops In
England, which ho attended ns a chap
lain. There was a certain meeting at
xvhleh the titlo of each bishop was
loudly nnnounced as ho entered by a
functionary ut the door who was quite
unfamiliar with many of thorn. Hu
got along pretty well, however, until
Throe American and one colonial bish
op came along, whoso cards ho read
ns follows: "Tho lord bishop of
Eeo-wah (Iowa)., tho lord bishop or
O-heeo (Ohio), tho lord bishop or
Misery (Missouri), tho lord bishop of
British Gehenna (Guiana)."
llerhert Hnenror' Work Kntted.
At tho age or 82 tho venerable Hor
bert Spencer hns at last laid aside tho
pen that has exercised such a power
ful Influence upon the thought of his
century. In his forthcoming volume,
'Facts nnd Comments," Mr. Spencer
niinounces that ho has written his last
book His work of creating a syn
thetic philosophy based on tho theory
of orgnnle evolution was begun lu 1860
and Unbilled in 189G, and now tho last
chips from his workshop are gathered
up. Though ho Is everywhere ac
knowledged to bo ono of tho greatest
figures of his time ho wears no fancy
titles to his nnmo and has steadfastly
refused oven to accept Honorary de
grees from colleges.
Walnut and Wine Diluted.
Table tennis has dealt tho coup de
grace to port. Mon no longor sit over
tholr wine, but havo tho tablo cleared
xvlth all celerity for tho fray, no
spectablo connoisseurs of xintago3,
praeterltl Inimomores, take oW their
coats and shout in tho excitement ol
tho rallies at the samo board xvhera
ouco thoy tnlkod politics or friend
ship over tho xvalnuts or tho wlno.
Tho Pilot.
Tho first Impulse of a people Is pro
clous ono must kuo- o use It tc
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