The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 13, 1902, Image 3

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Terrible Fate of the Inmates or a
Chicago Asylum.
TjJ"' "' Tin-in Strapped to lied mill !'.
.'pe Impontlhle Firemen Prompt,
Hut Unulde to lleneiie All Tlirlll
IliC Semen Are W Itnemied.
A Chicago, III., June P, ellspnteh navs:
Nino men and one woman were killed
and about thirty poisons were Injuied
In a lire which thin uftemoon destioyed
the nnnltnrluii) conducted by St Luke's
society, nt the corner of Wabash ave
nue and Tvventy-nist meet.
The society occupied the building
which was loan known as the Hotel
Woodruff, and for a Inlef period as
the Hotel Lain aster Hy far the great
er portion of the patients received In
the institution were those seeking cute
from the drink habit and those who
were addk-trd to the use of dings.
When the file broke out there was on
the fifth lloor a numlrer of patients
suffering from delirium ti emeus and
Home who were dcianged by drugs.
Sovetnl of these were strapped to their
beds, and it was found impossible to
save them, to rapidly did the lire
npread tluough the building
The fire originated In the basement
of the building a-id spiead tapldly to
the upper stories tluough the eleator
shaft. The llieinen weie piomptl on
the seem-, but direited their effoits
toward saving the inmates, letting the
tire burn.
C'nminlHxImm t'lirrull It, Wright to l.nok
Into t'linl strike.
Labor Commissioner Can oil D.
Wright, who was hent to New Yoik to
hee the anthracite iohI oiieiators in an
endeavor to end the ioal strike, was
at the Manhattan hotel Mondav morn
ing. He refused to discuss the pio
gram mapped out for him by President
Hoosevelt at their eonforenio, but It Is
understood that his first step will be
to arrange a meeting with Messrs. 011
phant, Truesdale and Thomas, piesl
dents of the big coal roads. After ob
taining their views he will consult with
the strike leadeis and finally report
the result to the president. It Is known
that the president Is hopeful that some
good may eome from his Intercession
and that a way may be found to end
the trouble.
Later the commissioner wild:
"I am simply carrying out an or
ganic law. The president suggested
that I collect such information as 1
an lelatlve to the present controveisy
and report the fats to him."
Wright said he might be nble to
bring out some phate of the biibject
that the newspaperc I'nd not gone Into.
The president, he said, was anxious to
do all he could In the matter.
Orfrmilred Labor of (.'lilrnco to llutoCiin
dhUte for Muyor.
Labor Is to bae a tandldate for
naor of Chicago next spring, accord
ing to present plans, and either George
W. Perkins, president of the clgnr
milkers' International union, or .lames
11. Howman, president of the local fed
eration of labor, may be the man who
will lead. The various bodies have
been grently elated of late over their
success In recent disputes and believe
the time is about ripe for a further
demonstration in a political way.
Union organization Is unusually strong
in Chicago now nnd Is continually
wl.llnir tn its showine.
Sunday was the banner for organ
lrcel labor In Chicago. According to
reports made to headquarters, an un
usual number of applicants for ad-
mission In the various labor bodies
was "put through," while new lines of
enterprise were started, among them
a brotherhood of commercial telegra
phers, under the protecting wing of the
federation of labdr. It is stated that
several hundred telegraphers Joined
that organisation. The commercial
operators practically have been unor
ganised since 1883. In all. fourteen new
labor lodges with 10,000 men, came
into existence during the day.
JndRe G'nihtree. of Sterling, III., M liken
A I-Htrlotlo I-roxltloim In Will.
A Sterling, 111., dispatch says: The
will of Judge Crabtree of the appellate
court of this district, which was filed
recently, Is remarkable In that It or
ders the sons of the decedent to be
ready to enlist to save the fortunes of
their country should occasion ever
arise demanding such proceduie. This
patriotic provision in the will Is ns
Unjoin upon my son .John and all of
my sons that should the occasion arise
(which God forbid) when our country
m requites their service, that they be r.s
readv to devote their lives to her de
fense as their father was In the dark
days of 1801 and 1805.
It seems to me now that 1 could
hardly rest quietly In my grave ir a
son of mine was so unpatriotic or so
cowardly as to fall to respond to the
c all of his country In her hour of clan
ger or peril.
The total value of the estate Is esti
mated at $200.000-
Fruit Crop O. K.
The small fruit crop of the statu does
not appear to be injured by the small
amount of hall that has fallen. Fruit
men In the vicinity of Lincoln say that
the btrong wind early In the season
when the trees were In blossom caused
more damage than the hall nt this
season. About half a crop of cherries
wiliV picked. In some places, hovv
ev'vihero Is only a quarter of a ciop.
Mnry Coop, a white woman, living
at Lnwtence, Kan., was killed by
Charles Anderson, colored. No reason
Senor lliiriirniiilno Mnkea Snggrnllnin to
Sei retnr.t Hoot.
Secietnry Hoot has lecelved a unlqua
and Intel est Ing letter fioni Felipe
lluencninlno. the Filipino who has Just
completed his testimony before the
house committee on Insular affnlrp. In
his letter the Filipino statesman sum
marizes the most urgent needs in the
Philippines us developed by him before
the committee and then pioeeeds to
outline plan for the future. These In
clude nu appiopilatlon to send Philip
pine undents to the Fulled States for
the purpose of special studies which
he 1; ''eves will be of value to his people-nnd
an Individual piopagamlit to
eorrect Atneiban misconceptions of
the Philippine situation. He utges the
following as the most ui gent re quit e
nients of the Philippine
A civil government with full powers
for the i ee (instruction of the ruined
governmental oigunlsins of the Philip
pine people
A legislature composed of a high
and low chamber In accordance with
the provisions embodied in the bill le
poited b.v the committee to the house.
The appiopriutlon of $50,000 per nu
llum ft oin the Philippine teveiiues for
the put pose of sending Philippine stu
dents to the Fnlted States, giving pief
erence to those v. ho wish to study In
dustr.v, c online! cc and agiicultuie
Full ninni'stv after declination of
pence I net ease of the number of
teachcis to liUUii. with an Increase of
their sahules to double what they ait
now ice civ lug
'onliliit miIi-iii, Ore . right 'I heir W'ny
to freedom.
A S.ilem. On . .lime P. dispatch snvs:
Two dcspeiate pilsoneis. Ilair.v Tuu-.v,
sentenced to tv.ent.v ears. and David
Merrill, a tbliteen-vcar mnn serving
sentences lor assault and robbeiy,
committed in Multnomah count., es
caped fiotn the penltentlnrv this morn
ing niter killing Ihiee guaids:
Ft.uiK Faiiell. shop guuid.
S. It .loues. teiicemau.
Hen Tlfiany. fenc eman
The pilsonets emplo.ved In the foun
diy were man lied to work at 7 o'clock
and had entered the molding loom
with Shop dual d Fur red I Inside and
Guai d Staplctoii In an adjoining room.
Without warning Ttne-y and Met rill
appealed with rifles. Tracy alniul at
Farrell, when Ingram, a life prisoner,
attempted to reach and disarm Tiaey.
Instantly Meirlll shot Ingram and
Tracy shot Fairell. the latter eljlng
almost Instantly
Tracy and .Men 111 scaled the wall
near the not I beast orner of tho
stockade b.v menus of a ladder. When
outside the wall Giiaul Jones was bhot
twice and killed.
I'renlilent I'hIiiih Mrhi tlie Mill UruntlnK
President Palma. on June 0. signed
the bill grnntlng amnesty to all Amei
lcnns under sentence or awaiting tilal
In Cuba, and proceedings have been be
gun by the courts to quash the com
plaints against such Americans and
liberate those who are In jail.
Senor Acopta. the cashier In the c us
tom house, who is under suspension
pending nn investigation of his ac
counts. Is now reported to be Insane.
President Palma has offered Genernl
Maximo Gome, the position of general-In-chief
of the Cuban mini guaul. and
It is said that Genet al Gome Is in
clined to accept this post.
IlUtnrhi t'oiiinieiieeiiient Kienlne" nt
(lilell. Null.
During the graduating exercises of
the Odell, Neb , high school, held nt
the First Methodist church on the
evening of June 7. lightning struck the;
edifice, demolishing a tower In the foro
part of the structure and rendering
several spectators and graduates un
conscious. The building was soon on
fire and the lives of many people weie
In peril. A large tank of water af
forded prompt and effective means of
extinguishing the flames. It Is be
lieved no deaths will result, although
several women were removed from the
church to their homes Buffering fiom
the shock.
Trlullo Will lie Made, the Commercial
Center of Murlliil(iie.
According to Governor L'Heurre,
Trlnlte 13 to lie the new commercial
center of Martinique, Inking the placo
of St. Plerie. which probably will re
main In inliis. The harbor Is to bo
lmpioved and a railroad built to Fort
do France.
Trlnlte has a population of C.743 and
Is In a rich territory. It is located on
tUe northeastern side, of the Island,
almost directly enst of St. Pierre. A
large number of refugees have been put
to work on tho streets of Trlnlte.
Huvnge Will (to.
Governor Savage ban received sev
eral notices from Seattle labor unions
urging him to remain away from the
keel laying reretuonies of the battle
ship Nebraska on the Fouth of July
owing to a dispute of Iron workers with
the bulldors. Believing It t olit a pa
triotic duty to assist In the ceremonies
Governor Snvaro has declined to give,
any promise to lioyc-ott tho battleship
or ceremonies attendant tho lay
ing of the keel. On the contrary he
and tho membeis of his military staff
are making preparations to go and to
paitlcipate in the ceremonies.
nrunlng. Neb., reports the whent
crop ns promising a heavy leld.
India has passed n sugar bill Impos
ing a countervailing duty on bountlcel
Flro in the Prudential building nt
Pueblo, Col., damaged the stnatuio to
the extent of $100,000.
The sawmills and pinning mills of
J. S. llniley & Co., McDonald. On.,
were destroyed by Are. Loss, $1110,000.
HJornstjerne, the Norwegian poet,
dramatist and writer, has completed a
new modern drama for Sarah Ik-ru-hnrelt.
British Show Consideration to
Paul Kruger.
Itrmll of War Al cepteil, mill All HmiiiIi
Seeiulnglr llnipj (leniriil tlninet,
Culutii 1'ntrlot, Iti-foteii the OITrr
of h Pennine Other Nr,
A 1 ondon June ti, dispatch sa.vs Tun
war olllee has cabled congintulatlons
to Lend Kitchener on the encrg.v skill
and patience with which he conducted
the long campaign In South Allien, and
has nslceel him to cotnmutile ate to the
I roups the government s piofouud setisti
of theli splilt of indiiiance. biavcry
and discipline anil also of their hu
iniinlt.N, shown thioughout the living
period Lend Kite hener leplle el lube
half of the hi my nf Soutn Afilcn. tcn
cleiiiiK hls sine ere thanks fot the eon
giatulntlons or the government, which,
he was sine the Hoops would lecilvn
with gnat satlsfai tlou
An Hamilton. Hrunud.i. June ;. ells
patch ni)s. The lloer oilleeis who havii
been living in the prison inmps on tho
Nlnnils near heie h.-ivi been allowed
their llbeitv on pinole. Seve-tnl o(
them iiime ashoie hue todav and weie
Inlet view eel. Gene nils Croiije. Wcs-
hi Is. Hothu and otlieis weie veiy
letlcent. but they said thev weie glad
the war was over and would be de
lighted to get back to Iheli- homes. H
is unilcistood that the lank and file
of the HoelS will be allowed ashore
In bate lies of ten. The olllcers have
been Invited to an "nt home" al gov
ernment house tomoiiow.
Wan Ik Viiiiii- I renlinent n Oilier Coliiiu
Gen. Maximo Gome, has published
an open lettei in Havana in which he
icfiiKcH to uiecpt the annual pension
of li'i.dnn piovleled for him In a reso
lution which Is now lietotc the Cuban
house of repiesentatlves. Geneial
Gome- asks his tile nils to defeat this
resolution, sn.vlng It would be unfair
to him to accept money so long us the
other Cuban soldieis have not been
piovlde-d for.
General Gome asserts be has a bill
against the government for war ser
vices wlile h some clay will have to be
paid, but that he Is willing to wnlt un
til hui h time as Cuba can pay all her
An Aotomohlle lent.
A remaiknble test of the "staying"
qualities cf the aulomob:le was made
in Lincoln a few dns ago by Mr. Otto
Wittmati of the nutomobil firm of
The Wiltmnn company While Mr.
Vittninn was out trjlng th new gasj
llne cnrtlage Just received he per
formed the wonderful feat of climbing
Uelmont hill at a r.peed of fourteen
miles per hour with four pnsseuj,ctH.
This peiformanee is conslilercel very
remaikable on auount of the hill be
ing long and very steep nnd the auto
mobile Is made for two passengeis
W'Hnl" II Kilt Tee.
The i use of Dr. Wnlter Drowning p.
the estate of Christopher L. Mngee
came up In the orphans' court at Flus
hing. Pa. Hi owning sued the estate
of the state si'nator nnd former polit
ical boss of western Piiinsylvniiln for
$15)0.0011 as a medical fee for treating
him in Philadelphia and elsewheie.
The execute)! i el used to pay so lingo
a bill. Now Drowning amends the
i barge, making It $:tf0,(i00. Sensational
testimony Is expected.
Arreiit of MlllloiiHlre.
A sensation was created at Port
Huron. Mich.. Friday by the arrest of
Mlllinnnlie James U Hoard at the in
stigation of. the tax eommlHsioneis,
charged with misdemeanor in refusing
to obey a subpoenu Issued by the com
missioners to disclose his pioperty
holdings. Home lefused to plead and
u jilea of not guilty was entered. He
was released on his own leeognlntlon.
Hrukeman Killed.
Seven stock ears nnd a coach con
taining rate horses nnd attendants, en
route from St. Louis to Buffalo, on
the "Hlg Four," were wrecked at Mix
Siding Friday morning by deinllment.
Drake man John Dordera was killed
nnd seventeen horses badly Injured.
"Andy" White of Atchison county
tells a curious story of how his first
ancestor in this country became an
American patriot. This ancestor was
Andy's great-grandfather. He came to
America with Genernl Hurleton as a
Drltlsh boldier, to help whip the Ynn
kecs. One day. In it (It of anger Tarle
ton horsewhipped Andy's nncestor,
who tinned upon his commander,
knocked him down, and then lied to
the American nrmy. He was with
Washington at Valley Forge.
H. II. Martin, nn old soldier and nn
early settler of Geneva, was examined
yesteiday by the board of Insanity nnd
found to be a subject for caret and
treatment at the asylum. Mr. Murtln
was tiented In the asylum nt Lincoln
about twelve jenrs ago, slnco which
time he had shown no unusual Indica
tions of a return of the trouble, until
about blx months ago.
A Foit De Frnnce, June C. dispatch
Bays This men nlng Mount Pelce.wlth
out wnrning nnd alter ten dajs of
quiet, sent up enormous elouelH of
smoke. It was thick and black and
arose for miles. Tho cloud stretched
below Fort Do Fiance anil obscured the
sun. Tho sen rose four feet and fear
clutched at thu hearts of the people.
In the streets they shrieked and fell
on their knees In prayer. The natives
believe tho Island Is to be destroyed
June 12th. They have, been fear
btriekeu for clays nnd are preparing
for death, despite Pelee's previous
5 Old Lefaire
ykk (CopTrltflil, IWi: he Hull
Kcry one in the inception room
Mulled as Hurnev p.ismmI tluough She
c nn lid one of the letter on which the
conversation had been turning He
hind trotted the mountainous figure
of chat old Lefalie whose I oh v. blown,
expansive visage, was conspicuously
wilt I en with a consciousness of his
lowl.v position as hei satellite.
Miss l.07cuh of thiid Moor, hark,
had been lei-ouutlug the stoi.v of her
little se.nice the evening before vvken
happening upon him alone by the Hie
light. She took the ottoman by his
side cxplnlnul she wanted to go over,
couildcutl.illv. with It tin. some euilous
facts which hud been noted In con
nection with Huruev s leieilt colics
poiiilemc. pointing out the number of
envelopes nildics-cd to her In i cer
tain line, veitlcal handwiitlng which
had been ohsetved on the hall stand,
and lec ailing the sti.ingcr of the after
noon Maude Hughes went awa.
Fiom behind the palm tiee between
the two ftont windows Miss Lo7enby
spied a tall, graceful, blonde walking
at Hilinev side as she l ettll lied fiom
her fuicwcll to Maude And he had
pi.ittled on like a si hoolbov until the'
cuih autumn nightfall With the next
nun nlng the ilailv letters began to up
peal one b.v the i-aily eight o'clock j
mail another eveiv evening, although
once she had seen a note when coining
up fiom luncheon, which muil have
been an extiti thiid. sIiki Hiuue, nl
vms took tin- inoiiiiug with
bet. as she left the home aftei bleak
"I told him to be a in. in." tried Miss
Loin nby with in in tint spuit, "ami
eiuoted that fiom Othello about rattier
loving as a to, id In a dungeon than
keeping a i oinei- ot the thing one loves
for others' use. He ought not let a gid
dy young woman thai s icady to work
upon an.v cieatute In liouseis pluv
w It li his mans nflei lions-nil for
nnotbei thkb llirtatiou "
As the lady went on a pair of lively
eves lepreseutlng thud lloor hall,
front, agitated her audience by Hash
ing the dispatch that the- ehar.icteis of
hei uarrntlve weie picscnt i entitles
In unobservant Iguoi.ince Uuriu'V,
with Lef.tlie, inn the- gnssipcrs' gaunt
let. but the little hall-boy, always pry
lug into affair on the other side of the!
poitiires. found his eouiitenaiii e all
too tun row for his smiles, as the pair
stepped out of the vestibule for their
twilight stioll.
"Why. Peter, Peter." exclaimed the
girl, softly lavltiK hold of the lingo
nrm by her side, "how amusing that
nil of a sudden ou should caic to
know all about my correspondents'
Aren't jou getting too Inquisitive?"
Harney was gently nnil veiy seduc
tively sportive. "You don't want to
become effeminate, elo you? Do you
think It'B our style, elear, n burly
thing like you? On, well, nn Amazon,
perhaps you could do that. Only per
sonally, I would find you quite charm
ing, I believe, If In your native role
of wiseacre bachelor ou would go on
with that veiy enlivening dissertation
of a few moments ago on the Nat lira
mid Destiny of Flirting; u Plea for
liternal Alilnltles. That Is what you
were talking about. Isn't It?"
"Do you know. Peter, It convinced
mo thnt jon'io a bom orator on that
topic, I mean, of couise, a most worthy
cause to champion' fall ly thillled
at your exoi ilium on the high calling
of adorable woman. One's whole body
feedB different (us. of course, you un
derstand) when one Is thrilled by an
orator's Impassioned uso of tho
queen's Kngllsh. The blood runs rac
ily nnd travels such unbeaten tiacks
of one's anatomy. Well, thnt's the way
1 felt, Peter, when you were descanting
upon 'Natuie's angedi of loveliness
'glorious eyes' 'cheeks like pe.-nls nnd
rubies' 'heatts and sympathies di
vine, etcetera, etcetera.'
"And you said the attraction be
tween people wns like the chemlcnl
afllnltles of atom to atom, didn't you?
Which was an exceedingly apt figure.
Some of us, for Instance, nte bo llko
nitrogen, aren't we? Wo can combine
with so many different ntoms nnd can
bicak away fiom them again so light
ly. Now, do go on, Peter, and tell mo
Burncy was gently nnd very ecduc-
tlvely sportive,
nil about It. You would not hnve con
sidered that an exhaustive treatment
of the subject."
Hut unhappy Lofntro wns silent. In
tho light of Miss Loenby's words
Uuinoy'B Jocularity looked ominous.
Ho sighed ut the scatteied leaves along
the nvenuo ns ut his own radiant
hopes fading at his feet. This llttlei
pet of his had beer child, girl and
woman, bud and blostoin, all In one
i uii i fe i
as Othello jj
Slorj- Pub. Co)
fair mliaele of winning femininity In
his holy of holies- he had ensconced
her. regaling his dry old heimlts" men-
'tul palate with the nitfnl expressions ,
of her busy voung mind, nnd feeding sny loathsome, oronturo to handle,,
n riithomless .vearnlng upon the warm Pint few amateur naturallstH e-aro-gill
affections which hail seemed too J lo bother with It, but by neglecting.
blithe and simple to bo experienced
with lovers
Such snrtsflcel trust had been bin
thnt no past or present of the pie'clons
sweetheart had ever been airalgned for
a trial. Hurney's face anil ways
seemed to tell him all he needed to
know of her family or outside Inter
ests, while the only Incident out of IiIh
own tioubloiis ctnonlclcH which had
beeen given her wns the chapter on the
fim-lnntlng lady who h.ul turned lilm
uwny, but was ulwas still leniein
lured. Hver.v tiling else bad been sub
llmelv peisonnl nnd liuiueelliitn. They
had disdained practical things.
et. i ash the wooing eeitulnly np
pun ui Seveial nipping vvecha with a
tlnv stinnger girl nnd his ninrilugo
"Ills ilval ami n veritable Apollo, ha!"
day was nliendy sot What If she
weie, after all, a gny little deceiver
and he everv body's laughing stock, heir
Simple Simon and both'' Those let
lets for these ninny weeks without n
word to her true love not any whisper
of the elegant blonde beau Maybo her
ihnrnis weie tho llnlsheil How em of
much piae-tti't' on otheis his prede
eessois or, conteinpoi dries' Piobnbly
he was the Innocent and not she. It
was folly, expect n queer old
original like hinibelf to engage tho
hcait of such a darling slien as Hur
ne. Ah. but she must not make a
toy of him. He must show hlmbolf n
pci son of mettle a man, ns Mlbs Loz
eiiby hail advised.
Huiney's ehntter put led on, now nnd
then arresting Its fiollcsomc flow Just
long enough to invite u lenuirk from
her compnnlon ns her eyes glanced up
ward In quest of a reason for his taci
turnity. Finally sho exclaimed:
"Peter, you arc so unsociable!"
He was too sad and ellstiesped to be
able to expluln himself, so evaded her
with badinage very unusual for IiIb op
en simplicity, and, bom of tho mo
ments' exigencies.
"I seo nn elf In ench of your eyes.
Cherie," ho remarked. "PerhapH he Is
nn Imp. Anil on tho corner of your
mouth Is perched u microscopic clown."
Hiirnoy looked nmused. They were
rounding a corner nnd homeward
hound and discerned some ono at tho
house ringing tho hell.
"Oh. Peter!" cried tho gltl. only In
stuntly to dart uwny. "Thnt's a man,
I know."
Drawing nearer. Lefalro recognized
in the refined, stntely figure which sho
wns effusively hailing, the hero of
Miss Lozenby'a doorstep episode; his
rival, and u verltnble Apollo. Ha!
Hvery suspicion beeamo Incarnato
before him. The denouement, bubbles
bursted, trenehery laid bare. Tho dal
lying dlspkusiiro which hnd been un
settling his plncid calm of mind now
rose In tempests. Wilder and wilder
within, he slowly stepped along, reach
ing the battlefield at tho door In a
beetling passion, detei mined to meas
uie swords.
Cheeilly graceful, Hurney turned to
ncknowleclgo hlR piesence. "Mr. Mer
rill, this Is my friend, Mr. Lefnlre,"
he began. "Maude Hughes' flanco,
Peter. And think of It, ho says she's
coming back to-night. Maude left
town, you know, the very dny Mr Mer
rill came, hut neither can stand it,
eo she's to bo heie again. And a good
Joke It Is, too. You see, it has been
kept a secret from me. Two letters a
elay from her, Imagine, and not a hint
of It. Hut now it will he tit for tat,
as Mr. Merrill wishes us to go down
to thu station with him to meet her.
So come, Peter, only ten minutes until
train time."
The result of Lefnlre's first appear
ance as Othello did not wnirnut a sec
ond engagement.
Tito Allllcllom.
A woithy man, who was very sen
sitive nnd letlring, having lost his
wife, pilvately requested that ho might
be leniembered In the minister's morn
ing prayer from the pulpit, but asked
that hlh name might not be men
tioned. On Sunday men nlng the good minis
ter prayed most eloquently for "our
aged brother upon whom the heavy
hniid of wro alllietloii has so lately
At this point an elderly man, whom
tho minister hail married to a very
oung wife during the week, rose with
a bounce, and stamped down the aisle,
muttering loud enough to be heard all
over the chapel:
"It may be an allllctlon, but I'm
lib st If I want to be ptnytd for In that
the enn Ha ns Many 30,000 Teelh
nn III".
It Is n foituuatu thing for man nneH
tho rest of tho animal kingdom thnt
no huge animal has n mouth con
structed with tho devouring nppa
iiitus built on the plan of tho Insig
nificant looking unnll'n mouth, for
that animal could out-devour any
thing that lives The snail Itself 1b
such nn entltely unpleasant, not to-
(he snail, they miss studying ono ot
tin most Interesting objects that,
ionic under tludr observation.
An.v one who linn noticed a miulP
feeding on n leaf must have wondered!
how such u soft, flnbby and clenn-eiit
Incision in tho leaf, leaving nn e'clgo
ns smooth and straight as If It had
been cut with u knife, Thnt in duo
to the peculiar and formidable moutln
he has. Tho snail eats with IiIk
touguo and tho roof of his mouth. Tho
tongue Is a ribbon, which tho snnlll
keeps In a coll In his mouth. This'
tongue Is In renllty a handsaw, with'
the tenth on tho suifuee, lnstend or
on the edge. The teeth nro so Hninll!
Hint us many an '10,000 of them hnvo
been found In one snail's tongue.
They iue exe-eeillngly shnrp, nnd only
u few of them nre used nt a tlino
not exactly only n fow of them, but
a lew of them comparatively, for tho
hiiiiII will probably linvo -1,000 or o.OOO
of I belli In use ut once.
SliiKiilur Contention Itegnrillne ttio
mne. of it eierinun ( lly.
The (lei-man city which we know by
Its Fiench name, Cologne. Is In a statu
of gieat excitement over the orthogru
ph.v of Its Gei man name. Should It bet
spelled with a K or n C "Kouln" or
.The nuthorltlcH recently
concluded that It was- high time to set
tle the- m-itter. In their opinion Koelm
Is the- picper form, hlstoilcnlly correct
nnd In accordance with the "genius of
the language" They determined, how
ever, to lefer the matter to the general
government, nnd this ugreed with them.
So far all was harmony nnd peace.
Hut when it came to conllrmlng tho
umiulmouH decision hy an Imperial
edict the Imperial will hnd to bo reck
oned with, nnd the Imperial VHllnm.,
piefeis the spelling "Coeln." The Col
ogne se defended tholr favorite "K." and'
fm nice! n coin t of Inquiry composed of
historians and philologists, who report
ed in favor of it. They admitted that
the name originated in that "of thev
Coloaln Clnudla AgrlpplnenslK Ublo
rum, iOiinded by Claudius A. D. 50, but
they contendeel that the Introduction or
the e, or umlaut, would modify the pro
nunciation so thnt If the name wenn
spelled Coeln It ought to bo pronounceell
Zoeln Instead of Koeln, as everybody
does pronouneo It. (In Gcrmnn, c De
fine e, 1 nnd oe Is pronounced like s.)
I.tglitnloK Stroke! Not AIJ ltl
Tho stntlstlcs of 1900 show that
during thnt year 713 persons wore
killed or fatally Injured by lightning.
Of theso 21!) wero killed in the open.
1M1 In buildings nnd fifty-seven under
tiecs. Tho circumstances of tho
deaths of tho remaining flfty-ono nro
not known. Tho most InterestlnK.
part of tho report of tho United
States weather biireau soon to bo Is
sued treats or tho relatlvo danger ot
cei tain situations during a thunder
storm. Hy studying theso ono mny
learn to avoid tho more dangerous ex
posures. Ono Important declaration mado by
tho report Is that the majority of fa
tal cascB aro not necessarily so.
Prompt and Intelligent treatment by
a physlclnn will generally result lru
recovery. This treatment should ex
tend over nt least an hour. The Im
portant point Is to preserve tho
wnnnth of the body by all methods,
such as by applications of tho hot
wnter bottles or cloths, hot flannclaj
or warm salt bags.
C'anvftMlug for Vote.
A good joko Is told on two candi
dates who wero seeking after tho
same ofneo a few weeks ago. Candi
date Smith called on a family, and tho
husband, the voter, being gone, he di
rected his attention to tho baby wlthi
candy. Candidate) Jones arrived In a
few hours and went through tho namo
pei foi manco with candy and klfisen.
and then said: "Don't you llko mo bet
ter than Smith, because I gave you
more candy and kissed you besides?"
Tho lltlo girl says: "No; hecauso ho
kissed niamnin, too, nnd you didn't.
Jones didn't either, because tho olel
man had come home. Astoria (111.),.
Wht li He?
A number of school children have
been giving their ideaH of what u.
member of parliament is.
Ono says: "Ho Is a man who lias to
meet every yenr."
Another writes: "A man who signs
the notes, adds up tho bills, and keeps
somo laws."
A third bright child answers tho
question thus: "A member of pnrlla
ment Is a man who tries to maka
laws." Washington Post.
How I.lht AffacU tha I!ye.
When candlo light Is used the eyca
aro closed 0.8 times a minute. With
gas light winking occuis 2.8 times n
mlnuto. With sunlight tho eyes close
'Z.'l times and with olectrlo light 1.8
times. Scientists say this proves that
of all artificial illumlnilnts tho eleo
trie light Is the least injurious to tho
Tho mill does not grind with watw
that Is past.
im'mm m