The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 18, 1902, Image 2

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Red Cloud Chief.
A vobscI loaded with Cuban- sugar
was beached a fow days ago on Mo
lasses Inland. This 1h n caso ot swecta
to the swccL
.Tnhn L. Sullivan la having an arena
built nround hltn and will endeavor
to rovlvo tho waning Interest In Olym
pian 6porta.
Tho Hnvomeycrs havo Invested
heavily In tho copper business and aro
supposed to bo utter tho rod scalp of
Senator Clark.
Tho New York miner who foil 500
feet down n nlutft without Kcrlotis In
jury would mnkc good balhtHt for ono
of tho airships.
Tho Now York publisher who Is to
establish u miburban line of balloons
will not bu the II rat editor who has
gono up In the air.
Tho mountain lion sent to t'io Whl.o
House from Colorado ns a gift to
President Roosevelt will bo kept thoro
becauso It Ih stuffed.
A Chicago city official hns resigned
because ho couldn't live on tho salary
bn got. Ho must havo regarded public
ufllco as a public trust.
T. IMorpont Morgan says he will at
tend tho coronation of King Edward.
If ho likes It real well ho may biro
tho king to do It over two or three
Ily tho time Spain shall havo
emerged from tho many perils now
confronting tho dynasty tho CarllatH
will begin to emerge again from tho
Tho successful method of bringing
tho Insurgent Cherokees to order by
threatening them with tho barber's
shears might bo tried with Padorowukl
und Kubollk.
A Chicago hunter was arrested with
his gamo ling full of songbirds that ho
had shot. Doubtless ho Is too mean
to live, but ho will have to bo per
mitted to do so.
Tho nows that a college football
player was employed to watch tho
polls In the lira: ward ot Chicago
shows that higher education can bo
put to practical uses.
A Detroit woman had a man arrest
cd on n chargo ot robbing her. Then
she married him. Perhaps who flgurea
on getting even by going through his
M)cketa whllo ho slumbors.
l'arls is about to linposo a munici
pal tax of four cents a volutno on nov
els. Such a move on tho part of tho
United States might curtail tho pro
duction if colonial romances.
. Tho fact that tho young king ot
Spain, who Is to bo crowned May 17,
will be known to history as Alfonso
Xlir.. may explain tho dark predic
tions concerning his accession.
Scientists believe that thero la n
city at tho north polo, and that tho
Inhabitants aro just like othor people.
If so, wo may bo suro that thoy aro
kicking on tho smoko nuisance.
Foxhnll Keeno has beon nearly kill
ed riding to hounds again. It Fox
hall didn't get nearly killed In this
way every few months hta 11 to, would
bo wholly devoid ot excitement.
A Ulnghamton, N. Y., rouplo woro
arrested for getting married by mis
take Suppose nil tho couples that
havo raado a mistake In getting mar
ried should bo arrested. But lot's
Thoro Is a chance for a rich Am
erican woman to sea tho coronation
of England's king by marrying a peer
of tho realm. And thero uro women
who aro perfectly willing to tuko tho
Franco oxpects a number ot cabi
net changes In tho near future No
doubt dozens of obscure statesmen are
taking ndvantngo of tho opportunity
to havo themselves mentioned for
cabinet positions.
That Paris woman who retained hor
china Intact until a servant who had
been discharged returned and broko
It Is In luck. In this country tho
smashing of tho ware would havo
been attended to dm lug tho period of
amtcablo relntlous.
Ofllclals of tho Morchnnts' Natlonnl
bank ot Chicago, which Is to bo con
uolldated with tho Corn Exchange
bank, distributed $80,000 In gifts to
faithful employes. This particular
. featuro of tho merger business wins
popular approval.
' King Edward has revived tho habit
of snufl'taklng. It Is to bo hopod that
tho London correspondents will not
fall to cable over tho exact mlnuto tho
king Indulges, so thoso on this side
who caro to can sneeze.
Tho spectnelo of Potor Sells chang
ing tho route of his circus parado
more than half a dozen blocks to glvo
u poor llttlo bed-ridden girl n stent
sho had never seen makes us pay lwa
heed to tho pessimists who aro forovor
harping on tho growlug selfishness of
Boors Said to Havo Accoptod
British Proffer.
I'ba lender Agreed and Tcrm Heine
Arranged Iloer Fighter nnil Ad-
Tlirm Admitted to Ilino Ileen In
Conference: 0er Proposal.
Tho London Financier and Bulllonlst
publishes a dispatch from Pretoria de
claring that the Hoer leaders havo ac
cepted tho Hrltlsh terms; that peace
has been urranged, und Hint tho terms
of peacn have been rubied to tho Doer
agents In Europe.
Other unconfirmed statements of a
similar character uro In circulation In
london. It Is said that Frederic Ruth
erford HarrlB, former secretary of the
British chartered South African com
pany, has received a telegram to tho
btuno effect, hut nothing of nny official
or really rcllnblo nature concerning
tho matter Is known.
A tolcgrntn was received In London
Thursday morning, from Pretoria, say
ing that Prcsldeut Stoyn and Generals
Do Wet and Doth had agreed upon
torms of peace. The telegram Indicates
Hint tho Ilrltlsh terms havo been ac
cepted and tbut peuco has been ar
Condition or II Winter Wheat All end or
That of Her Neighbor.
Tho April report of tho statistician of
tho department of ngrlculture will show
tho avorngo condition ot winter wheat
on April 1 to hae been 78.7, agtilust
01.7 on April 1, 11)01, and S2.4 tho mean
of tho April averages of tho last ten
years. Tho uverngen of tho principal
states aro as follows:
Pennsylvania 82, Ohio 77, Michigan
82, ndlnna 81, Illinois iw, Tennessee CO,
Texas 72, Kansas 73, Missouri 91, Ne
braska and California each 1)1!, and Ok
lahoma 07.
Tho avcrago condition of winter ryo
on April 1, was 85.4, against 93.1 on
April 1, 1901, nnd 88.1, the mean of tho
April nvcrngeB of tho last ten years.
Tho averages In tho principal states
aro as follows: Now York 92, Penn
sylvania 85. Ohio 82, Michigan 91, In
diana 80, Illinois 91, nnd Kansas 87.
Nebraska Cnngrmmiieii "Will Vote an a
Unit fur Irrigation llltl.
Slnco tho conference at the White
houso on tho Irrigation bill nnd the
action of tho houso committee In con
Honanco therewith, thero Is llttlo doubt
that tho cntlro Ncbrnska delegation
will support tho bill as It now titnnds.
Tho senate confirmed theso nomina
tions: W. II. Alkeru, receiver of tho
Alllanco land office; T. J. Sedgwick
to bo postmaster at York, and W. H.
Wells, postmaster at Crete.
Tho houso commltteo on Indian ai
falrB favorably reported Senator Mil
lard's bill extending tho time for tho
construction of the Omaha Northern
railway across the Omaha and Winne
bago reservations. Tho bill passed the
Benate March 10, 1902.
Leave Hnninierrllle, N. C, Amid Cheer ot
the Crowd.
Tho vlBlt of President Roosevelt and
party to the eouth terminated at Sum
mervllle, S. C, Thursday. No special
program had been arranged.
The tea farm of Dr. Shepherd, not
far from tho Inn, was visited, after
which the party was driven direct to
tho Southorn station, where the special
train was in waiting.
The train pulled out for Washington
amid tho cheers and hurrahs of an
lmmonso crowd which had gathered at
the Btatlon. Through tho towns that
tho presidential train passed on tho
Journey crowds of cheering peoplo lined
tho tracks to catch a gllmpso of Mr.
Firmer Hiiml lu Irelnnd.
The Evening Telegraph of Ilclfast,
Ireland, says It believes that Lord Lon
donderry, tho postmaster general and
a member ot tho Ilrltlsh cabinet, at a
meeting of tho Conservative associa
tion of Belfast, will nnnounco that tho
government decided ut Monday's cabi
net meeting on a firmer policy In Ire
land, Including tho suppression of tho
United Irish league.
Newipuper Man Nnnied.
Robert J. Wynne, tho Washington
correspondent of tho New York Press,
has been offered nnd hns accepted tho
olllco of first assistant postmaster gen
eral. Tho change will take place May
1, or soon afterwards, as Charles John
Bton of Now Jersey, whom ho Bticcccds,
is anxious to rctlro as soon as possible.
Dr. Dm per Lose I.rg.
President Draper of tho University
of Illinois suffered amputation of his
right leg above tho kneo as tho result
of his runaway accident recently. Tho
left leg, which was brokon, Is doing
Fearfully Hurned.
At Boone, la., Mrs. Mntllda Erlcson,
former wlfo of Senator Erlcson, at
tempted to quonch n bonfire which had
been started In tho yard, whon hor
clothing caught flro and was burned
completely off. Sho was burned bo
badly that It Is not thought sho can
City Cleric A r rented.
City Clerk W. II. Mooro was arrested
at Durango, Col., on complnlnt of
Mayor Wall, charging him with em
bezzllug $12,000 of the city's funds.
Vflll l)n Her I.erttiro Money to Itepny
tho ItniiKom fund,
Tho steamer Deutschland, with Miss
Ellen Stone, tho returning American
missionary, and Aeronaut Santos-Du
mont among tho pauscngerH, has ar
rived In Now York.
Miss Mono said she hud a rough trip
and suffered from seasickness. Tho
effect of her captivity, Bhc said, had
worn off.
Sho snld sho felt It was tho prayer,
of tho world that had saved her and
sho felt more than pleased over her
reception. Sho will go Immediately to
Chelsea, Mass., to see her mother.
Major Pond said all tho monu ob
tained on her lecture tour would bo
used to repay those who coiitr'buted
towards her ransom.
Wlndlleld Murder Cunn Now on In DU
Met Court.
The trial of O. W. CofTclt on tho
chargo of murdering (1. C. Montgomery,
the Santa Fo detective, Is on in tho
district court of Wlnllcld, Kan.
The defendant, It Ih said, will try
t- prove that Coffelt wan not present
when tho deed was committed. Also
that Immediately beforo tho killing the
notorious outlaw Don Cravens, In com
pany with ' n fellow rufTaln, made
thn-nts against tho life of tho deceased
to several persons la Oklahoma, Tho
enmity of Cravens against Montgomery
arose through the fact that Montgom
orv, In the summer of 1900, shot nnd
w.r. i.dcd Hurt Wolty whon tho latter
attempted to escapo tho federal Jail
nt Guthrie, whllo awaiting trial there
for the murder of Alt. Hateman at Red
Olmerrer Jennlng, nt Topeka, II If
nod HI First Crop Hullutln.
Observer Jennings, nt Topcka, has
Ibsucd his first crop bulletin for th
The conditions the past week have
been faoiable, though tho week has
btcn slightly cooler than normal, with
a deficiency In precipitation. Tho pre
cipitation during March was generally
nbovo normnl excepting In tho north
ern and northeastern counties, bill
much of tho subsoil Is still dry.
Wellington, Khn., Young Mun T.eavel
Town Owing Muny Hill.
Bert Taylor, a young man who had
attracted much attention In Welling
ton, Kan., on account of his reputation
as a hustler, and who had all kinds
of Jobs open to him, has skipped for
parta unknown. His relatives have ,
1 1.1 ,t ... l I. In l.lll.. n
ucuil lUiutiiiK ntiiiumeiii, ui inn uuia iu
prevent prosecution.
Ho has had charge of a lot of gaso
line lamps nil winter for a Wichita
company, and after collecting his bills
the first of the mouth did not remit
to tho company nnd failed to settlo
Troop urn Mutliion.
A Brussels, Belgium dispatch says
the soldier reserves were called out by
tho government Thursday morning aa
a precautionary measure In view of the
growing disorders Instigated by the
socialists. When mustered It was
found that dissension lint! spread to
their ranks. Tho men defied tholr
officers, hooted tho government and
sang revolutionary songs. Tho situa
tion Is most serious. Four different
encounters betweon tho police and riot
ers occurred, tho latter using revolvers
freely. Tho police returned tho fire.
Fifty persons were injured, Including
two policemen. Serious unrest la
spreading among the miners through
out Belgium.
Talmngo Serlnuily III.
Rev. T. DoWItt Talmago Is critically
111 at Washington. 1). C, and hie
cuances for recovery seem slight. Th
prevailing symptoms In Dr. Talmage'e
case havo been aggravated by conges
tion of tho brain which a consultation
of physlclana has determined now
exists. Tho patient has beon most of
tho day unconscious and his present
condition is very grave.
Farmer' Compnnjr Prosper.
The manager of tho Solomon County,
Knn Co-Operatlvo Grain association
has mndo hlB first annual report, which
shows that tho farmers of Kansas by
co-opcrntlon can bo as successful as
any other clnss of peoplo, whoso In
terests aro the same. Tho Solomon
company wns organized ono year ago
with a capital stock of $2,200.
Feed Cut tie Cottonseed Meill.
Theo. Anthony, of Cummlngs, Kan.,
will shortly Bhlp three hundrod fat cat
tle. Ho has been experimenting tho
past winter with cottousecd meal,
shipped from tho south, nnd finds re
Biilts wonderful. Ho fattened his cnt
tlo on cottonseed mcnl. Ho has fed
thrco carloads of tho cottonseed meal,
and hns twoiothcr carloads on tho way.
Stole I'lto Dozen Chicken.
Chicken thloves raided tho hen house
ot William Shook, nt Atchison, Kan.,
tho enrponter who lives south of the
brewery, and stole flvo dozen chickens,
taking every fowl on tho place except
a couplo ot setting hens and a rooster.
Shook had sovcral dogs, but tho mil
mala wcro silenced lu some way, and
did not glvo nn alarm.
Swindler Work I'reniout Women.
Another swindling gamo has Jusl
been worked at Fremont, Nob., with
considerable success, by a couplo of
unknown men. They cnlled on a num
ber of Fremont housewives and ex
hibited largo bars of flno whlto soap
as samples of what thoy woro selling
at tho rato of 25 conts a dozen. Thoy
took a multltudo of orders, collecting
tho money in advance Whon tho soap
consignments arrived tho bars were
found to bo ot such Bmnll dimensions
that tho price paid for them was threa
Unics tholr value.
Noted Divine Succumbs to In
flammation of Brain.
It ! hipeclcd That tho Funeral Will ha
Held lu Wimhliigtoti mid Interment
Miwle In llrulclyn Other Newn
of Importance to the Mender.
A Washington dispatch says: Rev.
T. DoWItt Talmago, tho noted Presby
terian divine, died at 9 o'clock Satur
day night at hlB residence In this city.
It hns been evident for some days
that there was no hope of recovery,
anil tho nttendlng pjiyslclans so In
formed tho family. The patient grad
ually grew weaker until life passed
awny so quietly that even tho mem
bers of the family, till cf whom were
watching at the bedside, hardly knew
Hint ho had gone. The lmmctllnto
cause of death was Inllnmmntlon of the
Dr. Talmago was In poor health
when ho started away from Washing
ton for Mexico for a vacation nnd
rest six weeks ago. He was then suf
fering from Influenza and Borlous ca
tarrhal condition. Since htu return to
Washington some time ago he has been
qulto 111. Until Thursday, however,
fears for his death were not enter
tained. The last rational words uttered
by Dr. Talmago were on tho day pro
ceding tho marriage of bin daughter,
when ho said: "Of course, 1 know yni.
Maud." Since then ho hud been uncon
scious. At Dr. Talmngc's bedside, besides his
wife, were these members of his fam
ily: Row Frank DoWItt Talmago. Chi
cago; Mrs. Warren O. Smith, Brook
lyn; Mrs. Daniel Mangnm, Brooklyn;
Mrs. Allen E. Donnnu, Richmond; Mrs.
CJarenco Wycoff and uilss Talmngo,
Whllo arrangements for the funeral
havo not been finally completed, tho
family have about decided to have tho
remains taken to tho Church of tho
Covenant here on Tuesday, where ser
vices will ho held. The body will then
bo conveyed to Brooklyn, whero In
terment will be made in the family
plot In Greenwood cemetery.
Silent tribute to tho memory of Dr.
Talmago was paid Sunday by thou
sands of peoplo who walked past tho
residence on Massachusetts avenue,
where the visit of death was marked
by a cluster of violets tied with a
streamer of black hanging at the right
Many Intimate friends, Including the
pastorB of most of tho Presbyterlnn
churches of the city, were among thoso
who cnllcd at tho house.
Messages of sympathy from nearly
every state in tho union, and from
Englnnd, Russia and other European
countries, camo to the family during
tho day.
Only Two Stand Out for Conlellon of
Acetnieil Army Olllecr.
A Maniln dispatch states: Maj. Lyt
tloton W. T. Waller of tho marine
corps has been acquitted. Ho wns tried
by a court-martial on tho chargo of
killing nntlvcs of the Island of Samar
without trial. Tho court-martial stood
leven to two for Wnller's acquittal.
Heading Circle llnnrd.
The Btate reading circle board met In
Lincoln and concluded Its labors with
the selection of several books for tho
teachers' course. A list of seven books
was selected of which the ono entitled
"Nature Study and Life," by Hodge,
must be read, while ono of Uic re
mainder may bo read at the choice ot
the teacher. The remaining books are:
"Jean Mitchell's School," by Angelina
W. Wray; "The Art ot Teaching," by
White; "School Hygiene," by Shaw;
"Turning Points In Teaching," by D. C.
Murphy; "What Ib Shakespeare?" by
L. A. Sherman; "Waymnrks of Teach
ers," oy tarah L. Arnold.
Safely Mnrn ling Hrldge.
Ono of the most remarkable and cleverly-executed
pIcccb of engineering
work ever performed in engineering
took place Saturday last when the two
thousand ton bridge of the Pittsburg,
Fort Wayne & Chicago railroad, span
ning tho Allegheny river between
Tenth and Eleventh streets, Pittsburg,
Pa., was moved a dlstnnco ot about
thirty feet to temporary piers, to mako
way for tho new doublo deck structure
that Is to take Its place. The hugn
mass of steel and wood was moved
without mishap.
AniirchlMt llerlonl Arrented.
Tho anarchist, Bertonl, whoso pub
lished article led to the rupturo last
week of diplomatic relations between
Italy and Switzerland, hns beon nr
ri'Btctl at Lausanno, Switzerland, for
holding a general strike meeting in defiance-
of the prohibition of the police.
I'remied Hrlek l'liint Hurned.
Flro destroyed tho storehouso of tho
Kansas City Hydraulic Pressed Brick
company, and an official of tho com
pany estimated tho loss at $100,000.
Two million high-grndo nnd ornamen
tal brick wcro damaged. Tho loss 1b
partly covered by Insurance.
Young Man fatally Shot.
Coroner Wnlden, of Beatrice, re
ceived a telephono messngo from Vir
ginia, telling him that a young man
named Anton Hubka. twenty-two years
old, living seven miles south of there,
wns accidentally shot nnd killed. No
particulars of tho affair could bo se
cured. At Durand's riding academy, New
York city, Hcnthcrbloom, tho cham
pion high Juniper, broko tho world's
record for a high Jump by clearing
seven feet and six luches.
New Hnlldlng lu Wlileli thn 'resident
Will Hiitii State Quartern.
Senator Fairbanks, chairman of tho
Bennto commltteo on public buildings
and grounds; has ropoited favorably a
bill providing for a building for tho
uso of the executive department of
state nnd tho department of Justice.
Senator Fall banks consulted President
RooseveiL beforo tho report was mado
nut! found him ngrceablo to having
tho executive offices In the now build
ing. Tho proposed building Is to bo
erected north of this present state, war
and navy building. It Is estimated
that tho building and site will cost
The census bureau ban Issued a pre
liminary report on tho cotton crop of
1901 In commertiul bales, gross weight,
as returned by the cotton glnncrs,
showing nn aggregate crop of 9.952.9S2
bales. This Is r33,lCC bales less than
tho PJOi) crop.
Oold Mednl In HI on. for One Who Can
Compnio II.
President Asa Bird Gardiner, of tho
Rhode Island statu society of tho Cin
cinnati, has announced that the so
ciety will present a gold medal to tho
composer of a now tuno for tho na
tional anthem "America." Colonel
Gardiner says that by general consent
"America" has como to bo tho natlonnl
anthem of this country, and that If a
national tuno can Do found as Inspiring
ns that of "Cod Save tho King." It can
be taught to tho school children, nnd
beforo long will bo willingly accepted.
The conditions upon which tho medal
will be awarded arc that the tuno
must havo unusual intrinsic value,
meet tho severest expert musical crit
icism, and obtain popular approval.
Aimrehlst Wnn Threatened l'reMldent
MoKluley Let Co.
Antonio Magglo, who has been con
fined in Jail at Laa Cruccs, N. M.. slnco
shortly after tho assassination of Presi
dent McKlnley, on suspicion of having
knowledge of an anarchist plot against
tho president's life, has beon released.
It was Bald that Magglo, who was a
member of tho McAndrows Opera com
pany, had predicted tho death of Presi
dent MuKlnlcy several months before
ho was shot at Buffalo. Ills release
was ordered by Judge F. P. Parker at
tho request of United States District
Attorney W. C Relr, und the case
Mun Who I'urihuxed It for it TrMlo Illi
eoverw II' 'den Wealth.
W. E. Koch. York. Pa., jeweler,
has, according to a special, found cash
and securities valued at !lf.0U0 in an
old chest.
Several years ago Koch purchased,
for a trifling sum, a small and nntlquo
chest. Having no Immediate usu for
It, he placed it in tho garret over his
place of business. Flnnlly, ho decided
to uso thn box, and upon tnklng it apart
for repairs, a false bottom was found,
underneath which was found tho hid
den wealth. The former ovner of tho
chest 13 unknown.
Caught After 10 Years.
Constable .1. J. Brcene. of Arkansas
City, Kan., arrested a man recently for
whom ho has been looking for sixteen
years. Tho crime for which this man
was urrested was committed In Octo
ber, 1SRG, nnd .since that time ho has
never been In Arkansas .City. Tho
man is Eli Christy, and he Is wanted
for stealing a horso from Lute. Jones.
One night in the month ot October, lu
188G, a horso and a harness wore stolen
from Jones' stable.
Improving l'lnnt.
Tho Edison Electrical company of
Topcka, Kan., tnakoB Improvements at
their plant on Van Duron street, be
tween Seventh and Eghth streets, this
year that will require tin expenditure
of about $110,000. Tho extensive Im
provements aro being mado with a view
to furnishing power by electricity to
tho largest concerns in the city that
u-ij machinery, as well as tho smallest.
It nlso means tho construction of a
largo new balding on tho present site.
I lay Makes First ICeport.
The report of Oil Inspector J. E.
Hays for tho month of March, tho
first month of his term, shows tho In
spection of S.SOfi barrels of oil which
notted tho offico ?S8!).i;0. Tho expenses
of tho olllco for tho month wcro
?870X)2, leaving tho sum of $19.08 to
turn Into tho state trensury. Tho num
ber of barrels Inspected wns rather low,
because tho oil companies took this to clean their tanks In many lo
calities. Untitled to l'ree Delivery.
The Columbus, Neb., postoffice re
ceipts, for tho year ending April 1,
wero $10,208, entitling tho city, upon
petition, to a freo letter carrier service,
provided tho houses nro numbered .and
tho sidewalks pass tho required In
spection. The recolpts aro 22 per cent
nbovo those of tno preceding year.
Nlgim tho Hill.
President Roosevelt has signed tho
wnr revenue rcpcnl bill, which cuts off
some seventy mills from tho annual
Income oj the government.
1'aj-n I'Inn for .Smuggling.
Lewis Busch, convicted In tho United
Stntes court, at Detroit, of smuggling
CCl diamonds, worth nbout $20,000, Into
tho United States from Canada In 1809,
was sentenced to pay a flno of $1,100.
no paid tho linn nnd was released.
I.ady Will Treat Smallpox.
Dr. Mary Tlnley wns awarded tho
contract to treat Binallpox patients in
Council bluffs for tho current year.
Her bid was tho lowest of all sub
mitted. Sho will do tho work for
But Hanging Occurred Half Hour
St. I.oiiIh Negro Hanged at Sunrlo for
Murder of I.011U Koth Heprlnte
Had lleen (Irauted by Coventor
Iloeker.v, Hut Wan too I.nto.
Ilonry Flutchor, colored, was hanged
at St. Louis, Mo., at sunrise Friday
morning for the muroer of LouIb Roth.
Boventy-slx years of nge, August 27,
At G:4! n. m., Just thlrty-llvo min
utes after the fatal drop fell, tho fol
lowing telegram was received from
Governor Dockery:
"Jefferson City. Mo., April 11. Jo
seph F. Dlckmnn, Sheriff, St, I-ouls: I
hnvo granted a respite of fifteen days
In case of Henry Flutcher, to be
hanged todny. Stay execution. An
swer." Tho following reply was sent by
Sheriff Dlckman:
"St. Louis. Mo.. April 11. A. M.
Dockery. Governor, Jefferson City.
Mo.: Henry Flutcher executed G:10.
Telegram of respite received 0:45."
I'roftldeiiH Tired of OUenrd In Immigra
tion Hureaii.
Secretary to the President orlelyou
Friday sent the following letter to Sec
retary of the Treasury Shaw:
"I nm directed by the president to
Bay that after listening carefully to
all tho charges nnd coiintcr-cbargcp
affecting Messrs. Powderly, Fltchlo nnd
McSweency, nut! without expressing
any Judgment upon theso charges or
assuming their truth as to any or all
of the gentlemen concerned, ho has de
cided that a situation exists In which
It Is for tho good of tho service that
a complete change should bo mado and
new men appointed In all three ofhees.
In response to a request for his resig
nation, Mr. Powderly has sent It In;
Mr. Fitchlo's term has expired and Mr.
Williams has been nominated to suc
ceed him; Mr. Sargent will replace Mr.
Powderly, although ho will not be able
to tako office fof pome weeks to come.
"The president nlso requests mo to
ask you to forward a copy of this let
tor to Mr. McSweency, with a request
tor his resignation and to appoint Mr.
Joseph Murray In Mc. McSwconey's
Kaima Ijnryer-I'oot Named for reunion
Eugene F. Ware, of Kansas, has
been selected by the president to suc
ceed H. Clay Evans ns commissioner
of pensions. Mr. Ware Is from To
pcka, Kan., and Is a member' of tho
law firm of Ware & Glecd.
Eugenu F. Ware. "Ironqulll," has
lived for many years In Kansas, und
has always been prominent In repub
lican politics, although ho has never
been an olllco seeker, nnd has seldom
held office. He formerly resided at 4
Fort Scott, and represented Bourbon
county In the stato senate. Slnco his
removal to Topeka, ho has devoted
his entire time to the practice of law.
Greater Latitude Allowed Iturat Fret
Delivery 1'ittroim.
The commission of postal experts,
which has been Investigating the
question of letter boxes on rural free
delivery routes, haB submitted Its re
port to the poBtmaster-gencral. The
commission recommends that after
July 1 tho public, in all rural freo de
livery districts throughout tho United
States, bo allowed to uso any box
whatever, subject only to slmplo re
quirements regarding n standard of
size, Bhapo and materials. Tho only
boxes now permitted by tho govern
ment nro those Issued by fourteen
manufacturing establishments ap.
proved by the department.
Mlllltnry Oolng to Ireland.
A dispatch to the London Pall Mall
Gazette from Dublin says that ten bat
talions of English and Scotch militia
aro to bo embodied and sent to Ireland
within a month In pursuance of tho
British government's determination to
npply tho coercion act. Tho cor
respondent understands that Lord Lon
donderry, tho new postmnster-gcncral.
threatened to resign from tho cabinet
unless active measures were taken to
circumvent the United Irish league.
Wnde Hampton Dend.
Gen. Wndo Hampton died Friday
morning from vnlvular dlscaso or tho
heart, after having been unconscious
for several hours. Tho general hud
Just passed his eighty-fourth birthday.
Twice this winter he hnd sustained at
tacks that had greatly weakened hlin.
but ho rallied wonderfully.
IHU HoiHii't Want It.
Jacob A. litis, of New York, in an In
tervlew in Springfield, Mass., said he
would decline the position of governor
of the Danish West Indies.
Ktututo for MeKlnley'.
'Governor Od'ell, or Now York, Frldav
signed a bill appropriating $100,000 for
a sUituo of tho lato President McKlnley
in uuffalo. 4
Tho strike nt tho Pcnwell mine,
Pann, III., involving J100 men. is ended.
A satisfactory adjustment of tho scale
was mado by President Austin of the
United States Scalo company nnd the
men will return to work tomorrow.
-ti '
"I.,, .3.JSIM Jt
-jr "