The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 14, 1902, Image 8

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Thousands Hare Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
ITow To Find Otit.
Fill a bottle or common class with your
water and let It stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling Indicates an
I unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; If It stains
your linen It Is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass It or pain In
the back la also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to I)o.
There Is comfort In the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills cVery
wish In curing rheumatism, pain In the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects Inability
to hold water and scalding pain In passing
It, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon
realized, it stands the highest for Its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should nave the
best. Sold by druggists In 50c. and$l. sizes.
V1I mrttt It.u. . ami1a TkaIIIa i lltl
.wM,jr im,g m aaiupjo vuitio ui una
wonderful discovery lv
and a book that tells
more about It, both sent
absolutely free by mall,
address ur. Kilmer st rtnmo of Bwamp-rtoot
Co., Blnghamton, N, Y. Vhen writing men
tlon reading this generous offer In this paper.
"I bato ono 14 day at a tluio without m
aaavaaaent of thn tinwela, nut being nblo to
move them oicopt by ulug bot water Injection.
Cbronlocoiutlpullon foraoToii junra iilacoil mo In
this terrible condition) iIuiIuk tlmt tlmo 1 dirt or
Milling I board of but noTor found anjr relief I mich
Was ray coo until I tieunn using CASCAHBTB. I
now bato fromono to tbrco passage a iluf, and If 1
Was rlcb I would giro I1UU00 for onoli movementi It
Isauoba rollof." AVI.HEUL.HUNT.
MM HutioU St.. Detroit, Mlob.
Plcaiant. I'alalabla. Futotit. Taste (lood. no
Uooo, Norer Hlcken, Weaken, or Urlpo. lOciic.Wc.
twUaf Bat4; Cwpu;, CklMt. alml, IMS. 33
INK M tick togtttj.
fn nr Ik. Mr Oxtn MmM
Don't Be Fooledi
Take the gen rlgtaal
Made only by Madlcoa Medi
cine Co.. Madlaon, WU. It
keeps you well. Our trade
nark cut on each package.
Price, .13 cents. Never aoU
In bulk. Accept no aabetr
tute. Aek your druggist.
liimiit ZZj t!
- ff)Jex
vnOhnd Qi ' ?-m
QM. M ,. MM. ...-M
' A good lnoUtng; vfrsirSM
horsMnndpoorlnok- '?,28JW
Ins liur li vim H thn .&"--!A
worst kind of a com- r1""A
blnatlon. 42si52k
Eureka v
not only makM t ho Imrnws and the liljk
homo link Ix'llvr, but makm the In
leather aoft nml pllalilp.putltlnrnn- llm
mill Ali Union l' Imt twlco m long IVm
IhHHKot ' It ontlimrlly would. IVVi
mfiOiilhl. Sll rfrrT.hrr la CftAI ftUlMn
M'UMii'iIi "" uu b' IML
v mUiif standard Km
Your mXKim
Horse a Bmmf
Chance! $'
H J.u'
The 5 Minute Breakfast food.
TlCtrrtKS all Kidney
UiBeases, iiock
ache.otc. AtdrUK
etsw. or by
x i i. rirQuwuiax
Tloe, etc, ot Dr. B. J. Kay, Bsxntoga, N. V.
An expert tlcw is that 60 cases of
Mimlltfn In liontlnn win be trncr-il to
(Hit' lllUllI Hill..
Tin- liljr jjrny kntifjaroo of Australia
mcasurea about seven feet from the
tip of its nose to the i' lid' of Its tail. It
can run faster than a horhe und clear
.'10 fri-t nt a Jump.
A single brewery in Munich uses 118
railway freight cars of its own, be
sides 28 belonging to the Mate. Other
brewerlus hnve 143, 00, 52, 80, 100, 80,
A writer In the Cologne Gazette de
clares thnt servants In the United
States do only half as much work, de
mand twice a niiicli fret time mid four
times as. much wages ns survnnts in
A traveler writes: "A lady to whom
I was kitting next at dinner the other
day told me she had n remedy for Ken
sickness. She had been a very bad
sailor, and' even now If she does not
prnetlee her remedy she Is sick; where-1
as when ."he does, the can ntgollate
comfortnlily a storm of four or lle
hours on the. high seas. It Is simple
enough. As the vessel dips she draws
in her breath; ns It rises she expels
it. The remedy seems to me worth
A cold-blooded scientist has just ad
ministered a death blow to the tradi
tional belief in "the blue Danube." He
wntched tlto big river for n whole year,
giving to his studies an hour every
morning. The result of the? e observa
tions was that ho found the water to
lit! brown II times; yellow, 40; dark
greep, 59; light green, 45; grnss green,
25; greeniish-gTny. 09; other shades
of green, 110, audi that it never had
anything like the hue with which It
Is credited by the bnrds,
The wild duck, the hawk nnd the
sea gull, while In Itlghl over long dis
tances, usually remain at an altitude
of from 000 to 1,400 feet. If they pass
below the level of the highest Hying
kite of n tnudeiu line the fnet is easily
discerned by allowing for perspective.
The kite measurements are relatlxely
accurate, because during the pro
longed flight of thousnnds of wild
ducks the kite string can be hauled in
and paid out until the altitude of the
ducks is exactly meamred by the alti
tude of the kites.
rnt Off Without a .NlillllriK ! Ilrr
rather She .HIiiiwn Her Si-U-
ktuatalnlutt Ability.
Th daughter of an English arl,
after a neglected childhood passed
among servnnts, was brought out in
soolvty. She was shy and sensitive,
and took no Interest in fnshionnble
life. Her conduct excited so much dl?
pleasure that she became most uuhnp
py and despondent. Neglected and
despised at home, she ran away to Lon
don, and refunvd to return to her fa
ther's houae, relates Youth's Com
panion. As her fatheT cut her off without a
shilling, she had to support herself,
and live on starvation wages. She
began with lnco-niaking and sewing,
and hnd a room in n tenement house.
She was a fearless rider, and at one
time mnde a living by breaking unrurj
horses in Scotland,
A friend, after selling soint of the
daughter's lace to the mother, con
trived to Keeurc the payment of a
small allowance from the father. With
this tiioniy -lu was able to perfect
her education in music, and to carry
off prize nt a college on the coriti-
About this time she was impressed
with ntories which she heard of the
sufferlncs of native women in India
and the far cant. She dropped her mu
sic, and for six years devoted heraelf
to the study of medicine nnd surgery.
She won a medical degree in England,
mastered the French langunge in or
der to obtain a higher degree Jn Hrus
gels, took a hoapltal and uiirsingcourse
in London, and had special practice in
the slums of Dublla,
Meanwhile ahe was reeiving- a pit
tance from her father barely large
enough to enable her to keep soul and
body together. She wan wholly es
tranged from her family, who were
ashnmed of the poor relation.
Finally she received the reward for
her many years of solitary study and
persistent effort. An appointment as
court physician In Corea was offered
to her, and she accepted it as an open
ing for what she considered her mis
sion In the world work among native
women In the far csat. Her father
then agreed to give her a thousand dol
lars a year.
Thin Is not the ordinary romance of
the peernge. It is a true story, and
shows what a woman of real grit enn
do, when she has courage, patience nnd
a noble ambition. The shy girl with
a plain face has mnde her wny In the
world, although she was a failure In
the drawing-room as the earl's daugh
ter. Aa AmblKaon lavltatloa,
"I vvns trnvellnx throiiRh Texas in
compAiiy with ivn Mufjllsliinon," snld
the colonel, "and one dny nt a small
town we heard a tough-looking fellow
telling a mighty tough yarn. It vwis
full of blood and murder, und be mude
it out that he had to kill two men. 1
let it go for what it was worth, of
course, but the Kngllhhmuu was Indig
imnt and determined to put in Hit. oar,
Hefore I could Htop him he started for
ward und said:
" 'Sir, I have listened to your story,
and 1 have no hesitation whatever In
denouncing you as a reprehensible pre
varicator.' . "The language was too high-flown
for the tough. He looked up, hitched
around and almost blushed in embar
ranhuient, but flnnlly rose up and
touched his hat und said:
" 'Why, y, major! Uclng it'i mjr
time of day to Hcker up, I don't care
it I dol' " Boutou Globe;
ImKtilar Anoynre to Which Inme
Feaneylvnnln I'eople Are
The farmers up In Koekhill town
ship. In the vicinity of Perkasle, are
wishing they could wear nnnor-proof
clothing, nnd all because of the stej-1
rain that has been causing them to
seek shelter at nil hours of the day. It
has been exceedingly dangerous for'a
penecful, quiet-loving agriculturist up
in this region to go out Into his lleldw,
fnys a Doyleston correspondent df
the Philadelphia North American.
The commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
nt the Inntmici! of John P.
tomey general, has filed a bill of
equity here to restrain the llocklilll
Industrial compnny. of which Henry
Freed is superintendent, from filling
the nlr with flying mlhsllen of steel,
weighing anywhere from bnlf u pound
up to 25 pounds. A preliminary in
junction has been granted.
The defendant compnny was organ
ized to crush and break up ntwl and
Iron castings, so thnl they may be
handled by the various steel com
panies. These "scraps" weigh some
times 20 or 30 tons, and are shipped to
llocklilll by the Rending railway.
There they arc unloaded nnd taken to
the Industrial works. Of course, the
breaking up of the "scrnjit" could not
be allowed In a populous community,
because of the very great danger from
flying missiles. The blasting out of
the steel requires lietivy clutrgcB of
dynamite, and the pieces nre throVn
for distances of nearly n mile over
the Biirroundlng country.
Thcpleceaof steel to be acpnrated are
placed In a pit, and a charge fixed in a
hole drilled in the metal. The custom
used to be to blow n whistle when a
blast was to be mnde. so thnt the farm
ers who were out plowing or reaping
could hunt a tree to hide behind. The
horses had to take their chances. Hut
this whistle blowing was given up, nnd
the first notice the unwnry farmer had
was when he heard a peculiarly weird,
whlzlns nolu thnt accompanies the
flight of the projectile., through the
air. The things caine so fas' thnt it
was utterly useless to try to get out of
(be way, and there have been a good
many farmers up there who hnve hud
ten-pound steel weights dropping
within a couple of feet of them and be
ing buried four or live feet in the
And the storekeepers, too, hnve
troubles of their own. Every once in
awhile there Is a tremendous rnttlc of
crockery, and n lot of dishes piled up
on the shelves are hurled to the floor
and all because of the conclusion
caused by the explosion. The fact is
that some of the storekeepers are so
much wrought up over the losses they
sustain from these crockery break
ages that they arc thinking of going
into borne other business.
The llvd HantliiK font.
The origin of the red coat Is n mys
tery. There is a story told "thit one
of the early Henrys was m enamored
with the sport of fox hunting as to
ordain It to be a royal sport, and the
led coat was worn in coiiM'(iienec."
This, however, hn.s been pointed ut as
absurd, nu in thobc days scarlet was
not a royal livery at all. One thing
there can be no doubt about, and that
is that the scarlet coat "i icry pop
ular for those who bunt regularly.
And it must be confessed that It adds
picturcMiticucss to the scene. The
ipiestion of color seems to be very
much a muttvr of taste; it is looked
upon ns an indication of social. posi
tion. In the abstract novum can don
the pink, if so desired, but It is con
sidered out of taste for anyone to
adopt that color if he does not liberal
ly subscribe to the hunt fund. The
black coat is considered to come next
in social position, and the ordinary
mufti garment for those whose sub
scription is very small indeed, Tailor
and Cutter.
Twentieth Century Medicine.
Cascarets Candy Cathartic are as
far ahead of ancient pill poisons and
liquid physic as the electric light of
the tallow candle. Genuine stamped
C. C. C. Never sold in bulk. All
druggists, ioc.
What you tfolr7 neighbor! Helping
Hill. Whnl's Hill doin? Helping .Mat
tly. What's Mainly tUin'? HHphg
mother. What's mother doin'? Tak
ing Kocky Moitaiiiin Ten. Ser.-iblu
family. C. L. Cutting.
Haw Are Your Kidney I
Dr. tlobbs' Bparocus Pills euro all kidney tUs. Bast,
pi free. Ada. Sterling Itemed? Co., Chicago or N.Y.
WORTH $300,000,000.
The President of a certain big Oil Com
pany la wild to be worth f 300,000,000. A
tidy bit of mouoy nnd no mistake. And
yet ho Isn't happy. In un address to a Bible
closa ho spolio of trials and troubles of the
rich and the loads thoy have to carry. A
young lady whimpered to a friend that he
might woar a lien-ton's Torous l'laster on his
back or, better still, divide themonoy among
the uiombers of tlio class.- I don't kuow
why her idea about tho plaster makes me
want to laugh, but it doea. All the same
I have seen plenty of people laugtt alter
putting licnson'u Plasters on their backs
or chests, or on any other spot where there
waa welaht. heaviness, weakness or pain.
It may be the sharp stabs of neuralgia, the
aches and -wrenches of rheumatism ; it may
be colds in muscles or bones; it may bo
those kidney or lumbago thrusts that make
you yen as at a aog bite ; or it may ne a
strain or cramp, anything that wants quiet
ing and comforting. Dont bother with,
salves, liniments, lotions, eta., or with any
of tho stupid and useless old style plasters.
Clap on a Benson's. It relieves at ones
and euros quickly. It stops the pain and
makes you laugh for the very ease and good
feeling otit But watch out against im.
1 tat ions and substitutes. All druggists, or
we wiU prepay postage on any number
ordered in the United States on receipt of
86c. each.
. buVJobj1oa,-Ug.Ohtmiat,ll.I.
The Effective nntiukp of m 8oo1-Na
tnred Southern Colonel Admlnla
tared to MleehleToue Stndeata.
If there Is one thing a mischief-
maker dreads more than another, it ia
n laugh at his expense, but the hrar.tler
the laugh the more the world in gen
eral enjoys Itself. A capital opportu
nity recently fell In the. way of a
southern gentleman, and It is pleasant
to 'know that he mnde the most of Jt,
says Youth's Companion.
He is n southern "colonel" of the old
type lixlng In n college town, nnd It Is
the privilege of a number of students
to board at his house. Now by dome
inw of nature, the student appetite for
fond Is keenest about n'ldnight. and
In eor.M-'cnii nee the colftid's larder
suffered i.l'litly. Hanic hrunk and
jams decli'ned. while FrVny's linking
tin longer 'in,,ctl opo1 frr the
week. The hniiM'l.erprr wi In dtspalr,
nnd the colon"! grow thoughtful.
Finally, one Sunday morning, as the
colonel, his family and boarders gath
ered around the breakfast-table, the
ravages of the night before showed
forth past hiding. The ham was a
bone, and there was no golden arirup
for the cakes. The colonel's face wore
Its most genial smile.
"Hoys," said he, "I can't help think,
ing sometimes of a story of John Hnn
doPph. He had a dog he loved as much
an the dog loved mischief, nnd watch
Fido as he would, he couldn't stop the
little creature's rnVageS.
"One morning Fido entered the li
brary about two minutes before his
master, leaped Into a chair, dragged
down it book that lay open In it, and
had just time to munch a chapter or
two and lenve his marks on tjie cover
when his master appeared. Randolph
stood in the doorway, surveying the
(nit llbp n nlttlflui.lilmr mlillit It .1 .ttr
1 " r....-- .. J ..i.t mi tiu
Tdunk off to wait for his whipping un
der the sofa, lint Kai.dolph onh looked
at him: then picking up the book, he
took a pen and wrote on the tly-Vaf:
'I)i)ni' by Fido when lie wnun pup.' "
The colonel gave a little guffaw,
while his family shouted with laughter.
The students grew very red and then
laughed, too. After that the pantry
wasr quite safe.
t'linrooiiiitnhlr I'linlihmeM,
Mrs. Wa.vback Such n man us you
don't desert e to haw :i wife.
Mr. Wayback Eaetly, M'rla. I've
wondered for years what I have evci
done to deserve this. Judge.
Mother Gray's Swet Powders for Children
ttiicccstuliy Used b Moiiier (irii),
II II m in tin Cli'ldrell' lloil.t In New
Voi I:, cine fi'iiTi-liues., bail stomach,
t eel hi i. ,4 '.l-"nti I , lli vi a '! i U'll i e
ill" limvcls mill ilf-.trot i hi nw tlvi'i
:iO,dUO l, siiiiiiiiiiiiU. 'I lic in Vei fir.
,i 'i'l il-,ii'iri's, 'J."n', S-tiiipl,, Al .- () ii. si. ii, .
Now Y- i !:.
Rheumatism Cured in a Day
.M-. in i nre io l hem. iHtl-ni mil iiiurnlvila
rertdlli i'iir" in f'Oin oni to three 1 i s Hm no- . iii.u.1 tin- yMein i ieinarMllo mid iiih-,
ermui. I. n Wi,ve u! unci Ihe cnu-i' nml the
dlseiiM Imumillnlc vill-nii'enr I'l.e llr-t Oo-i
iiemli I'i'lii'll'K Wri'tn- Ndd bv II K. Hue. !
lii-d l i lilt .st'll. !
V ami n rvernl i r-ur rr i lm,'fter nnd
uiiinl ii'imiuiiuii Ineiifii i-ti.i- ....t !.. ihl-nioiiui
rfciiilii'ill l" repreyciil nnd ndii'ttlw old iImi
llsfiei! eiilt) i liiil:u-iii''ii'eiit koIIiI II' imcliil
vt ii.Ihik -idnryitlh wn'kl) with exiieiiMxnd .
illilolinl. nil MiVMhle '! eli a-m-li Wedni'Mlny '
dlri'i i fimii ln'iid olllei ll'ir'c if d earrlnue
rnriil-bnl when inei'Mii lluuieiii ex Kn
elo-i sl' mid ex-ed l i'l d u"vebi Pi), t
MnlniiL-r i ant nxlou llullili K itiluiU'
Thai Cough
Hangs On
You have used alii
sorts of cough reme
dies but it does not
yield; it is too deep
seated. It may wear
itself out in time, but
it is more liable to
produce la grippe,
pneumonia or a seri
ous throat affection. !
You need something I
that will give you
strength and build j
up the body.
will do this when everything
else fails. There is no doubt
about it. It nourishes,
strengthens, builds up and:
makes the body strong ana
healthy, not only to throw
off this hard cough, dui to
fortify the system against
further attacks, u you are
run down or emaciated you
should certainly take this
nourishing food medicine.
wi "i -..-Ba:. .
j inrl
SCOTT ft BOWNE, ChttnUU, mw Tors.
IW wfa.
-cMicHr.sTr.nMi English
Pennyroyal pills
SJ.-rrv .-, Mnnl unit Unlr Ornalno.
- - C&ftU for CHlrfllKSTr'lt'.s KNI1I.ISII
Id UKO nl (I0I1I tn.tllllo bom mum
lib Llo. ribbon. Take no other. HtTuf
Ifiuigf rnaa Nuli.tllnUoni and Imltn
ttoa. huy of Drnffgitl er .od tp. to
uni. f, 1'artlfuUr TMOmnnlali
M ItHlcf tar Laitlra," in llr, t; rr-
Hrnn.iii hm,"" iciimooiAll. scllfi
W-. .1. -'"H'-- i'.irnr,Krt.M aiui lift.
Mats UK ur. Madlaon l-ara, I'll 11. A..
Hii-IImiis anil Nut (!i'(U ftoiti
10 SsU.OO pel box.
'liomc made candy at kc1
per pound.
V. S. BENSE, Prop.
Dr. Kay's Lung Balm
cures every Ulnit of couch. laRrippe, bronchitis,
noro throat, croup, whooping cough, etc. Never
deraDKCSttkOBtomoch. AtSrug-glata, lO&SSc.
New - Barber !
Uiiscuiunt I'ottur-Wright Hullding,
; Seissops Ground,1
Hazors Honed,
All kinds of barber work executed J
promptly and satisfaction
GIVE - US - A - CALL. ;
the rniiuentcauMOf ArP-'nilcltl'nlI1n3ro'r",r
Ions Ills nhoulil narcr bo n'Htli-cti'J. Tlio objection to th
unual cathartlo rmllcii 11 their cuntlvo rtwtloii which
InrrrAMa conVlpntlnn lnrUl of curing It. I'AUKKH'B
OIMIKII TO.NIO Is tho proiicr rcmwljr. It acta on tin
l.lTi-r. and when used a UlnTlcd, (KTmanentljr remoTca
Uie cuiuUpuUon. W eta. & gLW at all Uruggljla.
Ri;i Ci.oun. Nkhimska, '
Laiidsi'itpe-i, Flowers, Fruits ami I'or-
traits iiiani to oroer.
I. 13. OLV lis.
(.nek lloz sis. Guide Hock, Neb.
vi kinil.x of property bought, sold odd
n.r...J.J wo
nCIUIIUCU. guar-
an tee Dr.Kay's Itenovator
to euro ayspcpsiu, cuusu-
nniinn II v nnit trlftnnvR. Heat 1
est tonic, laxative.
blood tiurltlor known for all chronlo diseases:
renovates and Invigorates tho whole system and
cures very worst cases. Get trial box at once.
It not satlstled with it notify us, wo will refund
money by return mail. Write your symptoms
for Frco Medical Advice, sample and proo'. 26 A
60o at drufc-glsts. Dr. u. J, nay, Brutorj,- . .
B St M. B.T
81. JOE
all points east and
and all fioints
No. IS. Paunenger dally for Oborlln
' .n.i utVranr a branches. Ox
ford. McCook, Denver and all
points west..
6:10 a.m.
No, 14.
Passenger dally for St. Joe,
Uuna.y (MtV. AtClllHOIl. St.
Loul", Lincoln via Wymorc
and ail points east and south 2-32 a.m
16. PafcBenger. dally. Denver, all
points In Colorado, Utah and
California ....... .,--- :' P-
No. 10.
Passenger, dally for bt. Joe.
Kaunas City. Atchison, HI..
Louis and all points cast and
south -; ...10:00 a.m
No 174. Accommodation, dally except
Sunday. Hastings, Grand ft
land. Block UI1U and all
points In tho northwest - 1:00 p.m
So. 173. Accommodation, dally except
Sunday, Oberlln. Kansas, Ox
ftrd and Intormedlato sta
lions, via Republican 1:30 p.m
No. 64. Freight, dally, Wymoro and
St. Joe and intermediate
junction points .- . i;iop.m
No. 63. Freight, dally for Hepublican
Orleans,Oxford and all points
west -. :0Op.m
No 66. Freight, Wed. Frl. aunaay
NO. 00. rri-iK. . oreBlldBipojnteM, 8.80 a.ra
Sleenlng. dining, and reclining chair cars,
(mtSD on through trains Tlcaets sold and
baggage checked to any point in the United
Btates or Canada. ., ..-w.
For information. Ume tables, msps or UckeU
call on or address A. Conover, Agent, Red
Cloud, Nebr. or J. Francis. General Passengei
Agent Omaha. Nebraska.
n Dr, Kay's Utlouro cures ok
lltlfalirf! femalf diseases. At drug
U WIUUI C Lgt(li , juustrated book
awj'adtloofreo. Dr.B. J.Kay, Saratoga, N.Y. ,
John g. pottru,
.rttorn6y - 3ct - lhw,
Ovr Mittar'a Grocery Stwe.
Kk 0i.90, Nk bass a.
1?) r TW(
' 1 n
Notice. Islicrctiy Riven that tlio nricH rflptic)
on the Still ilny of .Murrli. ltun, imrclmvert of Hip
county trcsmirvr ol Webstrr eoimtr, Nchrsska.
Bt prttiitcpnle the following demrlhed loin sotil
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lly It. T. rTTii, Ills Attorney.
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Every Woman
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MARVEL Whirling Spray
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