The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 24, 1902, Image 2

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"Grand Island Man Almost In
stantly Killed.
Diamond Itobhrr Make a ltlcli Hull
Kansas Man nnil III ltoiiekeeer
Robbed nnd Murdnrod Flro at
I.lunond Othor Noma.
Anion Rlsehold, aged (Ifty-otlit, of
Grand Island, Nob., wns accidentally
killed while hauling a load of lm!ed
liny. Ilischuld has been for ninny
years an employe of Uui Union Pacific
shops. Recently lio made arrange
tnonts logo to Oklahoma. Ills wlfo
and four of tho clilldron bad already
0110 down to tbo now country. Ho
wns to leave on the SSd iiiNtnnt. About
duhlc bo was driving towards the city,
but a mile north of town, and in going
through a ditch, tins liny jogged nnd
omo of it fell down on the horses. It
appears he was also thrown. He fell
under the. wheels of the wngon and
his ribs were crushed through Ills
lungs. Home of his older children were
in the city and they were immediately
called to bis side, lliu men who had
helped him load 11 10 wngon seeing the
accident and at once going to his help.
He lived to recognize ills children for
the last tlmo and then breathed his
lsat. Ho leaves his family well pro
vided for, the insurance lu four organ
izations being 80,000. Tlio wife and
four children have been notified and
will return to grand Island on a very
sad mission on the first train. Ills
cheld wan n German, had lived in Grand
Island over twenty years, had married
for the second time, the first wlfo hav
ing preceded him in 1880, and leaves
ion children.
After Itendln-- III Oirn Obituary, Write
a Latter llenjliig III Death.
Dr. Sidney J. GoodmniiHou hns been
sitting in his dental olllee at Webster,
S. I)., for a mouth, reading his own
obituaries. The Illinois, Washington
Rtate and Nebraska papers have repeat
edly stated ho had been lynched in the
backwoods of Olclnhomaeounty, Wash
ington, for tho murder of ills second
wife, and nil efforts to locuto him were
unavailing until Goodmausou himself
wrote to Attorney Argo of Sioux City
.asking If he should not bring suit for
-libel agniust the Washington papers.
Several years ago when Dr. Good
emnuson was living at I'endor, ho was
tried on the charge of murdering his
tflrst wlfo, who wum Miss Lnurn Hoder
of Tihkilwa, III., whoso body was dls
iutcrred after burial at Ptinccton, 111.,
nnd lu whoso stomach htrychuluu was
found. Her husband was acquitted,
tho jury accepting the claim of tho
defense that she committed suicide,
taking tho poison as she was going up
tlio stops to her husband's ofllce, where
she died.
He married his second wlfo In Wash
ington, and the fact that his wherea
bouts were not known led to the story
that indignant eitiens bud lynched
him for killing his second wife, who Is
uallve and living with him at Webster.
fclnngcd For Homo Stealing llcforo Ho
Ileachr Homo.
Word comes from the Rosebud In
l'an agency that John Yellow Wolf.
lischnrgud from tho Lnwrenco county,
triouth Dakota, Jail two weeks ago, was
hanged for horse stealing before ho
reached tho reservation. When the
Indian loft Dead wood ho was given an
old horse and saddle on which to make
tho trip overland. Shortly after pass
ing Itapiil City ho loft the old horse
.and proceeded on a better animal that
lie caught out of a pasture. The theft
-was detected, pursuit was given, and a
few days later tho Indian was found
hanging to a tree near White river, a
short distance this side of tho reserva
tion. Tho news was received by young
Crow Dog, son of old Crow Dog, slayer
of Spotted Tall, who Is serving a year's
sentence in Deadwood. It is not known
who composed tho lynching party, al
though It is said to have been stock
men. It lingo I)otroyed by I'lre.
A special from Great Kails, Mont.,
says: Kxtensive pralrlo (ires are re
ported on tho other side of tho Inter
motional boundary. Prnctltully all the
irange between Milk river nnd Loth
bridge has been swept by tho flames.
Many hundred tons of bay have nl
irciuly been destroyed. Tho flro ex
tended to tlio valuable sheep ranches
in the Sweet Grass hills and the own
ers of flocks lu that vicinity are eon
floated by tlio serious1 necessity of
securing now winter quarters.
Killed Ily n Cave-In.
In a cave-In at tho Ada mine at Car
terville, Mo., four miners lost their
lives, another was injured fatally and
beveral others seriously hurt.
Tho cave-In was caused by a prema
ture explosion of dynamite, und blocked
the entrance to the mine. It took sev
eral hours work by the men from ad
joining mines before the imprisoned
anluers were reached.
Two Women ilurnsd to Heath.
- ' " ""I " --
was burned to death while- stnrtlng a
flro with kerosene. Her sister, Mrs.
Lottie Doty of Chicago, who was visit
ing her, went to tho rescue and was
o badly burned that she died.
Mono Need for the Nebraska Exhibit
at I.nnU. '
To the citizens of Nebraska: Tlio
Louisiana purchase exposition at St.
Louts, Mo., in 11)03, will celebrate the
one hundreth anniversary of the pur
chnsc from Trance of the Louisiana
territory. Ily this penceful transac
tion tho area of the United States was
more tlinn doubled, The rapid devel
opment of this territory during tho
past century has no parallel in history.
Tho United States government has rec
ognized tlio Importance of the great
exposition whloli will comincmorato
the event of the acquisition of this
territory, by an appropriation of tlvo
million dollars. The city of St. Louis
has appropriated nu equal amount, nnd
tho cltlens of thatclty have subscribed
ten million dollars more. In nil there
hns been appropriated and subscribed
more than tweiity-ilve million dollars
at this date.
Nebraska Is one of tho most popu
lous and important states lu this ter
ritory, but no appropriation hns been
inndo to defray the expenses of an ex
hibit of its resources at this exposition.
Four years ago tho trans-Mississippi
and intcriiulion exposition, which
brought great credit to this sate, wns
liberally patron led by every state in
the union and by private subscriptions
or public appropriations was assisted
by nearly every state in the west.
Recognizing the importance of tho
Louisiana purchase exposition, tho
many reason why Nebraska should bo
represented nnd the necessity for Im
incdilite preparation, tlio governor has
appointed the undersigned commission,
without remuneration to raise the nec
essary funds by private donations and
to prepare nnd place on exhibit a prop
er representation of tho products nnd
resources of this stnte. We appeal to
nil patriotic cltl.ens of Nebraska, to
corporations, both public and private,
to all interested in the welfare and
prosperity of this state, and to ull who
have pride in its past and hope for its
future achievements, to assist in this
worthy enterprise. Tho credit and
state pride of our commonwealth ap
peals to all patriotic citizens to do their
duty in this emergency, and we nsk
for a liberal response, to the end that
Nebraska may bo properly represented
at this great exposition. All contri
butions or future pledges should be
sent to Mr. K. K. Hruce, treasurer,
Omaha, Neb.
All newspapers in Nebraska are re
quested to publish this appeal.
(Signed) GuitnoK W. Wattt.ks,
J. Sti:ki.inu Moiiton,
C. II. KtiwiK,
II. S. Wnni:,
K. K. Diiuck,"
Hold Diamond Ilobbory.
Robbers secured between ton and
twenty thousand dollars1 worth of un
set and set diamonds by stealing two
tru tilts from the baggage room at
Gloudlvc, Mont., a station on tho
Northern i'nellle, and breaking them
open. The trunks were the property
of C. It. Clausen, traveling representa
tive of S. 11. Clausen ,fc Co., wholesale
manufacturing jewelers of Minneapolis.
The robbery was an unusually bold
one, us four men were In the upper
story of the station, asleep, and tho
express agent slept in a room adjoin
ing the baggage room was forced open
and robbers at worlt. Tho windows of
tho baggage room were forced open
and through It the two trunks were
hoisted out. They were taken only a
few feot from the station where they
were broken open and the diamonds
taken. Local oftlcers have made oua
urrest upon suspicion.
Houtlioru Train Held np.
The southbound Kansas City Soutli
cru passcnircr train was held up re
cently about 11 o'clock at night neat
Spiro, I. T., by seven masked men.
The express and mall cars were enter
ed. The local safe In tho express car was
opened, but nothing secured from it.
The robbers tried to open the through
sufe, but failed. Then they rifled thu
mall car and it Is said, secured n quant
ity of registered mall.
The scene of tho robbery Is fifteen
miles from Fort Smith. A report from
there says that United States marshal
arc scouring tho country in search of
the robbers. Three suspects, miners,
have been arrested, and taken to l'o
teau, 1. T. Itailroad nnd express olll
elals decline to state how much bootj
was secured. It is said, however, that
tho robbers got away with S'-,000.
Ilotli Found Daad.
Carl K. Holt, aged flftytlve, and hit
niece, Miss Hilda Peterson, aged thir
ty, his housekeeper, were discovered
murdered at the Holt home, threi
miles from Grcenleaf, Kns. Tho old
man was found lu the kitchen with a
bullet hole lu his head. The woman
was lying on the back porch with one
bullet hole through her head and one
through her neck. Sho had been out
raged. The house had been rilled.
Tlio coroner s jury returned a ver
dict that tho two were murdered fot
tho purpose of robbery. Holt had 11
thousand dollars in the house. Tin
murderers stole the money and a flu
team belonging to Holt.
Stabbed to Death.
The Rev. Mr. (lidding stabbed t
denUi his stepson, Harry Illghfleld, ami
wns lilinsolf perhaps fatally Injured,
sustaining two fractured ribs, bcsldei
internal Injtuies. Tho affair took
place three miles cast of Shlpman. Ill
Tho tragedy was the culminatlbn ol
a feud of long standing between tin
father nnd son, dating from the mar
rlugo of the boy's mother, flvo yean
niro. Illghflold had just returned -front
I three years' scrvleo in tho Philippines
Causes n Terrific Explosion
Walsenburg, Colo.
Colombian Itehcl Make nn
rnnnmn Harbor Flro at 11
TnroHulclilr at (Imalm-
Attark on
Oicr to I)llrlct Court.
A courier from Plctou, a coal mining
camp three miles west from Walsen
burg, Colo., brings news that a terrible
explosion occurred lu one of the mines
operated by the Colorado Fuel and
Iron company at that place, in which
six men were instantly killed and ten
or more wounded, many of them, per
haps, fatally. The mine immediately
caught lire and is now a scjlhing fur
nace. Among tho dead are Frank Marquis,
jr., son of a well known business man
of Walsenburg, and Harry 1'hipps, a
brother of Superintendent 1'hipps of
the I'roctor mines.
The explosion was caused by a large
amount of gas which had accumulated
in the mine during the night.
A number of miners entered one of
the chambers in which the gas had ac
cumulated. The men had unprotected
lamps and tho explosion followed.
Secretary Itoot Hn They Arc the Cnuao
of llin Trouble In the l'hllliilne.
Secretary Hoot wns heard on the
question of the friar kinds in the Phil
ippines before the house committee on
Insular affairs. He said those land
holdings constituted one of the chief
causes of discontent among the people.
They were the hotbeds of insurrection
and had furnished Agulnuldo his chief
nppeal to popular prejudice. The sec
retary said tho religious orders so
fully recognized the bad condition of
affairs Unit they were disposed to sell
out, nnd he urged that the government
should take advantage of the opportu
nity to remove the chief causes of dis
content in the islands. He did not be
lieve condemnation proceedings would
be necessary, as there were indications
that a fair price could bo agreed upon.
A rough estimate of the value of the
lands, ho said, was from five to seven
nnd onc-hnlf millions of dollurs, Amer
ican money.
Tito Omaha Kulrlde.
Paul Kroebcr, n draftsman employed
by tho government until recently,
banged himself in his room at the
Thurston hotel in Omnh i. Ills body
was not discovered until tlio door of
the room was broken open. Kroobor
was born Saxony nnd was forty-live
years old. Ho was stationed at one
tlmo at San Antonio and later at At
lanta. At the latter place he left )iis
wlfo and children. Ho receeeived Sl,
000 year salary, but had not sent his
family any money for many months,
spending most of his earnings in gamb
ling houses.
Henry Gregen, employed liy Krnest
Ilofmeister, three nnd one-hnlf miles
from llenson, Neb., wns found dead in
a cow shed on the premises. He had
been to Omaha with his employer and
had returned to tho farm alone. Ten
dollars and a check for S1."0 were
found on his body. His mother, Sophie
Gregen, lives at Grand Island. No
cause for the suicide is known.
Ueiperate Kncountcr With Wolvc.
After a desperate struggle with a
pnek of wolves, Olnf Halesriid, a well
known farmer residing about ten miles
north of La Cross, Wis., lies in a criti
cal condition with tho flesh literally
torn from his body in many places.
Physicians say ho cannot live.
Halesrud was awakened by a disturb
ance among tho animals iu his barn
yard. On getting out he was sur
rounded by a puck of wolves. He at
tempted to regain his house, but before
he hud gone twenty feet the wolves
wore snapping and snarling at his
heels. Thu farmer attempted to de
fend himself with a club, but several
times ho was forced to the ground with
the wolves upon him. Ho Anally suc
ceed In reaching tbo door of his dwell
ing, and, half fainting, ho staggered
in and drew the bolt.
Htramboat Htrlkr a Log,
Tho river steamer Frank S. Stone
wns wrecked by n floating log in Mo
bile river. No lives wcro .lost, though
the steamer sank in fifteen minutes.
Tho Stone carried twenty-five passen
gers and a crow of twenty-five and 11
large general cargo. Most of the pas
sengers had retired but tho olllcers
gave tho alarm and thu passengers und
crew wcro transferred to a barge tho
steamer wus towing nnd which was
then cast adrift. Tho steamer Mary
came In sight soon after, took tho barge
In tow und brought tho snnken boat's
passengers and crew to Mobile. The
Stone wus valued at 830,000.
Vincent C. Connelly, the barber ap
prentice, charged with murderous as
Bault with a razor upon Andrew Chris
tlanson, at tho livery burn where the
latter wns employed on the night of
December 31 at Lindsay, Neb., had his
preliminary hearing before Justice
Hudson and was hold to tho district
court In 31,000, going back to jail in
default of recognizance. Seven wit
nesses testified for tho prosecution.
No evldenco was offered by the de
fense A bcore of Lindsay's people
wore in attendance and manifested
great Interest in the proceedings.
Kill Two Colored Musician and Wound!
White Mnn.
William Slaughter and Rnlph John
son, colored musicians, were shot and
Instantly killed, nnd Powell Cnlloway,
white, mortally wounded at u colored
dance at Morris Creek, W. Vn. Lillian
Williams it wns who used the revolver
with such deadly results,' each of tho
four bullets she Ured taking effect but
About midnight the Williams woman
entered the hall evidently under tho
Influence of liquor. Proceeding to the
centre of the room she ordered the mu
sicians to play some rag tlmo music
and play It quickly. When her com
mand was not compiled with sho
whipped out a revolver from under her
wrap and began firing at the orchestra.
Slaughter and Johnson were almost
instantly killed. Calloway was
an onlooker at the dance and 0110 of
tho bullets intended for a musician
penetrated his back. Physicians pro
nouueu his wound fatal.
Tho murderess escaped lynching only
by the timely arrival of olllcers, who
succeeded lu getting her uway and
lodging her iu jail.
lire tit a Funrrnl.
At the United Hrethern church, near
Humboldt, Intl., whilo Rev. J. M.
Hobbs was preaching the funeral ser
mon, flames burst through the floor
beneath the casket and the church wns
almost Immediately filled with buffo
cating smoke.
Tho panic-stricken mourners and
friends of the dead escaped through
windows nnd tho corpse was momen
tarily forgotten, but was finally res
cued from tho flumes. The male wor
shipers formed a bucket brigade, and
tlio flames were extinguished before
the church was totally destroyed.
The funeral cortege then proceeded
to the cemetery, where the preacher
finished the sermon at the grave. Tho
flro wus caused by un overheated stove
In the basement.
Infernal Marhlne In Malt.
.7. W. Martin, a postolllec clerk nt
Knoxville, Tenn., was Injured by thu
explosion of a package of powder, ni
troglycerine or an infernal machine.
He was stamping letters and packages
and a pnekago addressed to a hardware
house exploded when struck with
with the stamp. Examination revealed
on it the name of a New York smoke
less powder concern. The interior of
the parcel showed a tin box in which
the explosive bud been packed. Tlio
local hardware firm disclaims having
ordered such a package or having been
notified of its shipment. The postal
authorities have begun an Investigation
Arrests may follow.
Kurort From Conflagration.
Fire at Wakefield, Neb., which start
ed in tho Model resuurant, threatened
to destroy the entire business part of
of tho town. Tho building containing
tho restaurant was destroyed entailing
a loss of 31,000. William Saunders'
harness shop in the structure was a
complete loss, tho value of tho goods
being SL',000. The post ofllce was also
burned, tho loss being S800. Postmas
ter R. C. Qiilmby placed nil his stamps
and other valuables lu the safe, hence
ho will be protected. The city water
pressure was good or the entire busi
ness portion of town would huve been
Olio limit Sunk.
A naval battle Is In progress in the
harbor of Panama. The revolutionary
licet consists of the steamers Padillu,
Darlcn and Galtan. They are trying
to force a landing off Saoann.
The government ships arc the Chil
ean line steamer Lautaro, the Pacific
Steam Navigation company's steamer
Hoyncn. Thu first named steamer was
seized by General Alban and tho othor
two have been chartered by the Colom
bian government.
The government forces are throwing
up entrenchments. The United States
cruiser Philadelphia is close to the
scene of the fighting.
Hlons Her Head Off.
Louise Avery, twenty-three years of
age, of Delaware, O., committed buI
cide in a horrible manner. Her brother
found her lying upon her bed with the
barrel of 11 shotgun held by one hand
against her temple. Evidences wcro
found that the woman had taken parls
green and morphine, but had finally
resorted to the shotgun. The entire
top of her head was blown off. The
refusal of a man to marry her Is said
to have prompted the dcod.
ItnrroiT Out of Federal Prison.
Kleven prisoners, headed by Moriarl-
ty, the counterfeiter, escaped from tho
federal prison nt McNeil's island on tho
coast of Washington, by burrowlug
through n cement floor into tho air
pipes. McNeil's island is ton miles
from Tacoma and there is no way of
getting to it except by launch. United
States Marshal hie, with a large force
of deputies are In pursuit.
Medical Men Organize.
The Platte county medical society
has been organized with Dr. II. J.
Arnold and Dr. II. C. Tleslng, both of
Columbus, as president and secretary,
respectively. Tho first annual meeting
I will be held in Columbus Feb. 13,
l'rlest Suicide.
Frederick Krnlnhardt, a Catholic
priest of Josphvlllo, Mo., committed
suicide at a hospital In St. Louis by
hanging himself with a bedshcot. Rev.
Mr. Kralnhnrdt was sixty-two years
old and had officiated in a clerical ca
pacity at Josephvllle for thirty years.
He had been tuklng treatment at tho
hospital for nervous troubles.
Flvo joint keepers In Seneca signed a
pledge to quit the liquor business for
ever, and it is interesting to notu that
I Hoke Smith was ono of them.
Battles With Hastings Police for
More Than an Hour.
Cremated In a Hurtling llulldliig Four
I.og-ltollcr Iiifttnntly Killed Hunt
ing Com let Who i:raped From
McNeil' Inland-Nous Notes.
Louis Ilohunn, who lias been In
Hastings, Neb., during tho past week
posing as a bold, bad man from the
hills of Wyoming, got mixed up in a
light and knocked Mcll Robblns down
four times with tho built of a revolver
and then had two policemen nt bay for
nearly nn dour. Young llolman had
filled up 011 fire water nnd found his
way to the opera house stage aftur the
performance. Here lie tried to havo
some lid west sport and the result of
it'wns that he pounded up Mell Hob
bins, 0110 of thu baggage men, and had
things his own way until ho tired of
brutal sport.
Tlio police were notified nnd attempt
ed to arrest Holman near tho Lcplu,
hotel, but he pulled u revolver and had
the two oftlcers at his mercy for nearj
ly an hour. Iu the meantime Chief
Wnnser had been notified, and he man
aged to come up behind tho young des
perado nnd pin his arms to tho post
which he was leaning against. Holman
fought like a wildcat and had a be se
verely bundled before the officers were
able to place him in jail.
He was lined S'J und costs lu the po
lice court for enrrying concealed weap
ons and was later placed tinder arrest
nnd taken before .ludge Duugnii on
tho churge of assault and battery.
Here ho wes fined S20 nnd costs. He
failed to pay the required amount, so
he is confined hi the county jail.
For Knocking Iotii the Man Who In
sulted Ills Wife.
Ihc police of Chicago are searching
for a man who fatally stablwd Arthur
Kennedy In return for a blow which
Kennedy had struck in defense of Mrs.
Kenney. At the hospital It was stat
cd that his condition is critical.
Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, accompanied
by Miss Hillo Schemer, were returning
home from a theatre in Chicago when
they came upon a quartet of well
dressed young men. They were pass
ing quietly when one of the young men
stepped out and' addressed Mrs. Ken
nedy. Tho lattcr's husband promptly
knocked tho offender down and pro
ceeded to the elevated station. Mean
while tho young man, suffering from
humiliation, gave chase and caught up
with the giver of the blow at the ele
vated station. Kennedy was paying
fures for his party when his pursuer
drew u knife nnd plunged It into his
back. Kennedy turned only to receive
a second blow in the abdomen. Tho
assailant then fled and Kennedy was
taken to u hospital. Miss Schemer
gave the police an excellent description
of the man and has assisted some iu
the search.
Charged With Kiiibojzllng 835,000 From,
a Montana Institution.
Ilcrbert II. Matteson, cashier of the
First Nntionnl bank of (treat Falls,
Mont., was arrested thereon a warrant
issued by United States Commissioner
Russell nt the request of District At
torney Rodgcrs, who charged him with
embezzling 83.1,000 of tho bank's funds
on January 13. Mattcson, It Is said,
confessed to the district attorney that
he was guilty.
It Is understood that Mutteson's. de
falcations amount to much more than
the sum named In the complaint. The
officer who accompanied Mattcson to
Helena said that it is believed tho to
tal amount he is alleged to be short
would reach 817.1,000. Speculation, it
is said, wus the cause of thu defalca
tion. The bank is strong financially
and is in no danger of embarrassment.
Surrounded by Vlitmn.
Cnmp 5 of the Otter Creek Ikxnn nnd
Lumber company, scvcial miles from
Hambclton, W. Vn., In tho forest, took
fire nnd burned so rapidly that seven
of tbo forty men asleep iu the build
ing fulled to get out, and were burned
to dentil.
The camp was twenty-two by fifty
feet and thu upper part nil In one room
nnd in this tlio forty men wcro sleep
ing. Two very small windows and the
narrow stairs afforded tho only way of
escape and those who went to the win
dows. 11 dozen, or more, had to jump
fifteen feet, tho others rushing down
the steps like sheep, pushing and
tumbling and falling over each" othor.
Tho dead were nlmost entirely cre
mated. The men who escaped lost
their clothing and wero compelled to
travel through eight inches of buow
almost naked to auothor camp a mile
Edward Hnrdicistle has been arrest
ed in Deadwood on tho charge of shoot
ing Henry Wellman at Plattvllle, Wis.,
nnd Sheriff Dickinson arrived from
Plattvllle after the prisoner. Wellman
was shot in the groin nnd leg. He Is
still alive. Hardleastlo has been in
Deadwood for two weeks. Whilo in
toxicated, it is alleged, he informed a
policeman thnt ho wns wanted at
Plattvllle, and tho officer communicat
ed with Plattvllle authorities, receiv
ing instructions to hold him. Hardl
eastlo says ho shot Wellman in self-defense.
Has Led n Iland or Eight Hundred Fil
ipino for Sli Years.
A roport has been received at Manila
that a dugout c.ino, In which eleven of
company I of the Second infantry wcro
traveling, Is missing and Is probably
lost. It is believed tho men cither
perished or were captured.
General Wade has cabled from Cebu
that 305 Insurgents surrendered on tho
island of llohol. The authorities hero
statu that this roport is astonishing, if
accurate, us the secret service had
failed to learn of the existence of any
such body of insurgents on Robot isl
and. An Important capture was made
in Lnguua province, when eight men
of the Llghth infantry captured a
woman insurgent named Aquedah
Uahbadah. She recently commanded
an insurgent force of 800 men, 300 of
whom carried rifles, while the balance
were armed with bolos. For six years
past she has been leading insurgent
bunds against the Spaniards and tho
General T. Franklin Hell is stilt act
ive in llatangas, Luzon. A recent en
gagement iu this province, in which
tho insurgents were defeated, resulted
In tlio wounding of onu American offi
cer and the killing of one private.
Colonel Theodore J. Went of tho
Sixth cavalry, who is operating lu lla
tangas and Luna provinces, leports
numerous small engagements.
Kays Friends of Nlcarnguan Itoutn Wilt
(lo Illght Ahead.
Representative Hepburn of Iowa, nu
thor of the Nicaraguan eanal bill,
which passed the house, says tho roport
of the isthmian canal commission iu
favor of tho Panama route does not
change the legislative status of thu ca
nal bill.
"Undoubtedly the report will In
fluence Individual opinion," said Mr.
Hepburn, "but It will not lead to any
abandonment of efforts in behalf of
the Nicaragua route by the friends of
thnt measure." . ,
The friends of the Panama mcasuro
in the house say that there will be no
move to recall the canal bill, and that
It remains for the senate to meet the
new conditions presented by the re
Kviolullonlftts Malm an Attack, Itut Aro
It is known that the Insurgents who
attempted to capture Maracalbo wero
adherents of General Hernandez, who
is called "El Macho" and who is still
kept In prison by President C'ustro.
Thu revolutionists attacked tho polico
post situated in the main street. Tho
fight there ended iu the defeat of the
revolutionists. There were several
men killed und wounded, according to
the latest advices received, other re
pots making the loss quite heavy on
the government side.
The revolutionists have concentrated
at Paraguana, and near Vela do Coro,
according to the reports which havo
readied Curacao, appear to have been
defeated by the government troops.
The revolutionary stermer Llberta
dor, it is now said, Is among tlio ish
amis near here.
ltnnnlng Down the Convicts.
A Tuconm, Wash., ledger reporter,
who has returned from the chase after
the federal convicts, reports that W.
D. Snyder, sent up irom IdAho, James
Carroll, an Alaska murderer, and Har
ry Davis, n Nome larcenist, have been
recaptured. Davis broke away from
his captors, w1k tired on him, and, it
is thought, injured him. lie was not
Four more of the eleven convicts
who escaped from the federal prison
on McNeil's island Campbell, Morton,
Alnsworth and Davis have been re
captured on McNeil's island, leaving
hut four now at large. Davis, tho
convict supposed to have been wounded
wus caught by Rancher Hanson, and
while on the way to the prison knocked
Hanson down and tried to seize tho
gun, but was seized by two guards,
who happened to come np at the time,
and the three overpowered him after a
hard struggle. Davis was not wounded
in any way.
Campbell, Ainswortli and Morton
were captured by Deputy Sheriff John
son and Sailor Rynberg of the United
States revenue cutter Manning. AD
were famished und begged for food.
Meeting of National Ouard Association.
Thu annual meeting of the national
guard association of the United States
lias brought to Washington many of
tho leading civilian soldiers of tho
United States. Tho adjutant gonernts
of two-thirds of tlio states were pres
ent in person or represented and not a
few of them wero uccompanlod by
their staffs. Clad In their uniforms
they presented 11 picturesque scene In
the ball room of the hotel, whore their
deliberations began. General Harry of
Nebraska, who served throughout tho
civil war, and who has only ono arm,
presided. Adjutant General L. W.
Colby, General C. J. Rills of Falrbury,
Col. Will Hayward of Nebraska City
and Col. Harry Archer of Ucatrlco are
attending tho sessions.
AbduotoO Accept Amount of Itanaom,
The United States minister, John G.
Lelshman, says tho brigands who ab
ducted Miss Helen M. Stone and Muic.
Tsllka on September 3, havo agreed to
accept the amount of ransom raised by
subscription. The place of payment
is now the only question unsettled,
C. D. Prather, of Wellsvllle, Kns., a
member of the Twentieth Kansas, sud
denly became. Insane and attempted to
kill his mother with whom ho Jives.
He was taken to Ottawa nnd will bo
tried for insanity.