The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 22, 1901, Image 3

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Murder and Attempted Robbery
In Kansas Town.
lliubmid Quickly Aicnge Hip Foul Deed
Tramp" Work nt Fremont -far
wetl I lim n lltaxc Other Nnni)
of Intercut.
At Central City, u mining eninp,
llireo miles wist of Gulcun, Kiih., Mrs.
h. u Kramer, wife of it tnercluint, was
shot dead In her bed by Ed Watklns, a
town tough ,who bad entered t lit; house
for the purpose of robbery. Mr. Kra
mer then shot ami killed Watkins.
Watklns hail formerly been employed
by Kramer in tins hitter's general store.
Kramer had disposed of considerable
property in town and wan aeeompanled
homo by Wutkins.
Mrs. Kramer was awakened during
the night and found Watklns standing
over the bed and olutiug a revolver
at her. She managed to exclaim;
"Why, Ed, you wouldn't hurts us
would you?" when Watkins without
paying heed to her plea, fired, the ball
entering Mm. Kramer's temple and
killing her instantly.
Kramer arose by his wife's side and
fired three times at Watkins, each ball
taking effect. '
After Kramer's first shot Watkins
called to his partner, who was in the
adjoining room:
"Ed, do yonr duty." ,
Then Watkins died without speaking
another word. His pal, whose idenity
is unknown, escaped.
Kram'crvs little suvcntcen-umuths'-old
girl was sleeping between him nnd his
wife when the mother was shot.
Jeffrie nn Eay Winner.
In one of the most unsatisfactory
prize fights ever witnessed in this
country, James J. Jeffries proved the
victor nt San Francisco over tlus Ituh
lin, the Akron glaut. In the fifth
round, of what was to havo boon a
twenty-round struggle, Huhllu wilted
and then surrendered to his peer to the
utter amazement and disgust of the as
sembled thousands. No one wns more
surprised at the outcome than Jeffries
himself, who asserted that while he
had delivered one telling blow in the
second round,did not expect to win the
victory so easily. lluhliu's sole expla
nation of the outcome of the fight is
that he received a chance blow which
utterly disabled him and that Jeffries
persisted in fighting him low.
Trunin Attempt! Arnault.
A tramp named Charles Uailcy, who
came to Fremont in company with sev
eral others of his kind from Omaha, is
charged with attempting a criminal
assault upon Mrs. William Hllcy. He
followed her, she says,on her way homo
and a dark corner near a livery barn
tried to overpower her. She screamed
and made such a vigorous resistance
that he was unable to prevent her es
cape. Mrs. Jttley ran to the door of the
livery stable nnd got inside just ns
MattHcald, who was sleeping there
it ml who had been aroused from his
slumbers by her cries of distress and
the man's threats to kill her If she did
not remain quiet was about to open
the door.
In the police court hearing the tramp
was identified bv Mrs. Itilcy, and was
bound over to thc.district court in ktlic
bum of $300.
Fire, ut 1'iirivoll.
The largo elevator at Fnrwell, Neb.,
lK'longlng to the Jaqucs Grain com
pany was totally destroyed by fire.
The blaze wag first descovcrcd at a
few minutes before midnight, and In
less than half an hour the entire struc
tuto was in ruins. The building con
tained about 8,000 bushels of wheat
and 1,000 bushels of rye, most of which
had been placed' there only a short
tlmo before. That the fire was of In
cendiary origin is certain.
Fire In Itlce County.
II. C. nodgsou, ljving in Rice coun
ty, Kas.. sustained a 810,000 fire loss.
Hu lost his barn, costing 81,000, six
head of horses, four cows, 3,000 bush
els of wheat, i.'0,000 gallons of cider,
200 tons of alfalfa hay, besides wagons,
machinery nud everything in and near
the barn. Ho carried only 81,000 in
surance. '
Hunt by Cable to Munlla.
President's Roosevelt's Thanksgiving
proclamation was cabled to Manila to
be pulished in the Philippine islands.
It was found that the proclamation
could not be mailed to the Philippines
in time, nnd it wns held until the new
arrangement reducing cable tolls about
one-third went Into effect.
Inaann BTan Kill Illmioir.
Oscar Irsacl, thirty-five years old, of
Eau Claire, Wis., shot, his wifo witli n
Winchester rifle and then fired a bullet
through his own head. Mrs. Israel
will recover, but her husband died im
mediately. Ho Is believed to have
been temporarily insane.
A Twenty I'onnil Radish.
Superintendent Bell of the poorfarm
brought to the Ottawa Hardware Co.
a specimen of radish grown from seed
obtained of them. It wns n monster,
measuring twenty-five inches in cir
cumference, und weighing twenty
llursa Htolen Jfenr I.uwrcncc.
A horse was stolen from C. F. Stan
ley near Lawrence recently. This is
taken as an indication that some
of tlio escaped federal prisoners nro
btlll in that part of the couutry,
An Adnitro .TolntUt Create n Relirii of
William II. Powell, the notorious
Admire, Kas., jolntist, has. after along
search by tlio ofllcers, lauded In Lyon
county jail. Powell ran a joint at Ad
mire," in the northern part of this
county. Ho was arrested, but disap
peared while under lioml. Recently be
returned to Admire, armed with a shot
gun and revolver. Powell threatened
to kill the first person that attempted
bring him to justice. He also started,
after several citizens of the town who
went chief promoters in the case
against him. There was a general scat
tering and much excitement. Empo
ria olllcers were wired. They finally
captured Powell without li fight. He
will lie tried in a few nays. 11 is
thought ho is partly insane.
HER SHARE IS $400,000.
Ksttmate of the DcForent Ii.hcrl-
(mice Ity the, Attorney.
11. P. Wagencr has returned from
New York, where he went to represent
Mrs. M. F. DeForestof Atchison, who
is one of the heirs to the estate of the
late Hciuy Dolan, the ilrooklyn mill
llonnlre. lie says that after a personnl
invcstlrntlon he believes the estate to
Iks worth 32,100,000, of wlilcli .Mrs. ne
ForeBt will receive alsnit 8400,000, or
property of that value. The figures
arc on estimates of New Yorkers,
among them (leorgc Mould, who says
that the property is Increasing in value
at the rate of from 5 to 111 per cent an
nually. Trie to I'rove mi Alibi.
In the preliminary hearing of W. C.
Johnson nt Wlnricld, Kas., charged
with Itho murder of Montgomery, the
Santa Fo detective, the state attempted
to break down his alibi; Mrs. Mary
H row ii, Mrs. Jessie Moore, and J. W.
Mcndcnhull testified to seeing Johnson
on Mnln street bet wean 7 and 8 o'clock
the night of the murder. The wit
nesses for the defense had testified that
he did not leave the house at all that
Spurron ln Humane.
The myriads of English sparrows
that make their home in Fort Scott
and vicinity have become, a pest and
there Is agitation of a proposition to
exterminate them hj some means or
other. The complaint comes princi
pally from farmers whoso places adjoin
the city. The destruction of crops by
these birds this year is very material.
Many acres of cane seed are known to
have been eaten by them.
llettinny's President Decorated.
Large crowds marked the closing
and most important day of Hcthnny
college anniversary nt Llndsborg, Kns.
Tlio meetings were addressed by Gov
crnor Stanley, Bishop Von Sclicclc and
others. Dr. Carl Swensen, president
of the college, was decorated with the
order of the Northern Star,
an honor from King' Oscar of Sweden
conferred by his representative, Bishop
Von Schcclc.
Killed by n ltull.
Amos llloodgood, of Wichita, Kns.,
a negro, was gored by n vicious bull
and died a few moments after be wan
taken to his home. He bad staked the
bull, a large, full grown Durham, upon
a small lot of whcat,awhen the animal
charged and llloodgood wni gored.
The bellows of the bull attracted u
man passing, and he stunned the ani
mal by blows with an ax.
Child Found the Liquor.
The llve-vcar-old son of Elijah liar
ber, an employe at the cement plant,
died at Iola, Kas., of alcoholism. The
boy fonml a half-pint of whisky In the
houso when he arose In tho morning.
He drained the flask, Inserted the cork
nnd went back to bed. The liquor
completely prostrated him, nnd in spite
of the doctors tlio boy died. The body
sill be taken to Berwick, Mo.
Will Destroy Miior.
Sheriff llrooks was ordered by Judge
Margrave to public destroy a lot ol
liquor which ho recently seized at the
Henry Neubauer place, upon a warrant
issued for its arrest. Thcro are ten
gallons of whisky, two eases of wines,
Holland gin, fancy mixtures and
liquored fruits in tho lot. Sheriff
llrooks will pour tho liquor out of the
north window of his office at thu court
Nulrldo a Kuusun'N Defense.
The lawyers of William Klnsmire, of
Oskaloosa, Kns., charged with thu mur
der of his wife, are preparing a very
strong defense. They will endeavor to
show by expert testimony that the
bruises on the body were innde after
death and that the appearance of the
body nnd the condition of tho internal
'orgaus when found indicated that
death had been caused by hanging.
Was n Iiyou County Vloneer.
Mnhon Stout, one of Lyon county's
oldest settlers, died at his home west
of Emporia, Mr. Stout moved to Kan
sas in 1858 from North Curoliun, .and,
had lived on thu same farm ever since.
He leaves a large family and many
fight at Wlntleld.
Dr. Tom Rude, a prominent physl-
.clan of Iturden, Kns., was. seriously in
jured in a light recently. Hen i- rnnu
lln, a restaurant keeper, threw a
hatchet through a window, striking
llude in tho fnco, cutting n deep gush.
Mnteorlo Hhovrer In ArUonn.
A meteoric shower of greiit'brilllaucy
nud considerable length occurred at
Phoenix, Ariz., November 10. Tlie
shower continued half an hour and
during that time moro than two hun
dred meteors were counted.
Washington Authorities Investi
gate Smsllpox Scare.
Two Men llnrlril Under Molten Mlag nt
Homestead, l'n. Sehujler I'lijulelnii
linn (Her by Curs Yonnic I-nily
In Aeelilentnlly Nttot
The smallpox scare which certain
parties in the vicinity of Homer, Da
kota county, Neb., would have the
commissioner of Indian affairs believe
to be a serious matter, has lost some of
Its significance. Senator Dietrich,
upon tint lequest of Honierltes. pre
sented a petition setting out the immi
nent peril of their families by reason
of the roving Ouialin and Winnebago
Indians, who were smallpox convales
cents or had become infected. The
commissioner took prompt action with
a view to raising thn desired quaran
tine. Senator Millard transmitted to
the Indian office counter petitions and
remonstrances. by mcrcluuitsof Homer,
stating that smallpox among the In
dians had lceomo quiescent three
months ago, and hence there Is no ne
cessity for n quarantine.
Completion of a line I.lne to theSJulh-
w est h Marvel In Western
Itnllwny Kxpnnslon.
With the dawn of W0') the Chicago,
Hock Island & Pacific will open Its new
line to Texas and the great South nud
This new line is tin extension of the
branch of the Hock Island, extending
to Liberal, in the southwest corner of
Knnsns. Tne extension from Liberal
runs in nn almost straight line to El
Paso, Texas, the terminus. The dis
tance from Liberal to El Pnso is 45'J
miles. A remarkable piece of railroad
construction is to be found on this ex
tension, being a perfectly straight
piece of track, without a curve, for the
distance of V-ii miles, thus becoming
tliclongCit plow of straight track In
North A'.nc?!:a.
With the completion of tills new ex
tension, the Hock Island will become a
greater and more potent factor in the
railroad world. It will not foly ndd
ninny miles to its already largo mile
age, but It will give to the Hock Island
the, "Short. Line," over its own tracks,
from Chicago to El Paso, Texas, nnd
with the connecting lines nt El Paso,
will become the "Short Line" between
Kansas City and the Pacific Coast, as
well as between Chicago and tunny
important points In Texas and Mexico.
At the present time two gangs, com
prising several hundred men and teams,
arc working with all posslblu speed to
ward each other from either end of the
route. Those on the north have about
seventy-five miles further to go before
reaching Santa Hosa, the meeting
' point; while those building northward
from El Paso arc nearer by some few
miles to the goal. It is expected that
they will meet each other during tho
latter part of December of this year,
and whnt time rcinnins of 1001 will bo
niployed In putting on thu finishing
touches to this imtnenso extension,
which will mnke the Great Hock Island
tho "abort lino" between tho .Middle
West and the South.
Falls to Do What tho Intentor Claimed
tar It.
The test of tho Gathmnnn gun nnd
shell took plnco November 15 at the
nrmy proving ground on Sandy Hook,
Now York, anil resulted in a failure.
The shell did no material damago to
tho target. Thu failuro of Inventor
Gathmnun's theory Is ascribed by him
to an imperfect detonation of the fuse
in the interior of the shell. The' army
officers, however, claim that they have
found convincing proof to the contrary
and say that everything in connection
with the test was ns perfect as it was
possible to make it in accordance with
tho inventor's ideas. Tho board has
decided to give a second trial ,to which
the inventor is entitled. Tho second
Gathman shell for the test will bo over
hauled in tho presence of Mr. Gath
man for the purpose of guarding
against imperfections. On tho other
hand tho test made later with tho reg
ulation gun was n complete success.
Ilotoinen Attack Company K.
Company E of the Nintli Infantry,
Captain P.. II. Shocffel, was attacked
by fifty bolomen nnd several insurgents
armed with rifles nt a point six miles
from Taranguan, in the Island of Sa
paar. Tho insurgents rled to rush the
Americans, but failing to accomplish
their purpose, they quickly broko and
scattered. The men of tho Ninth had
corporal and scout killed and
one private wounded.
Sixteen of the bolomen were killed.
W U- riflemen escaped
Connecticut chose delegates to the
First constitutional convention to be
held In the state since 1818. Of tho 108
towna in the state, 105 have been heard
from, showing that republican dele
gates were elected in 103, democrats in
forty-four and citizen or non-par tlsnii
in sixteen.
Didn't Know It Was Lsadort.
Clarence Yarn, ot Dcs Moines, la.,
aged thirteen years, was shot in thu
head by his brother Herbert while
playing with a revolver not known to
bo loaded, Ho cannot recover.
The llumilo Kipoaltlon I'lnd Itself That
Much In tho Hole.
The directors of the Pan-American
Exposition Company nnd a number of
creditors, says u liuffnlo, N. Y., dis
patch, conferred and listened to tho
reading of thu financial report of tbfc
company ns prepared by the nmlitov.
Tlio report shows the total liabilities
of tlie company at the present time to
ba&V!?iMlt net, assuming Hint the as
sets of SI,llin,1.M are collectible at a
face Milne. The company owes for op
erating expenses and on construction
work 8577,111., which Item Is, of course,
embodied In the figure of total liabili
ties An interesting fact s'own by tlio ro.
port is the total cost to the exposition
comp.iliy of the exposition. The cost,
ncconllng to the report, wns SS,8(J0,757.
Thu total receipts from admissions
after May 1 were S3, l7,0rtrt and the re
ceipts from concessions were 83,0ii,522.
The balance due to first mnrtgago
bondholders Is 8181,070 and to second
mortgage bondholders 8500,000, both of
which are Included in the liabilities as
given above.
tnry Aciiilt Anderson.
Tho jury in tho Anderson case
brought in a verdict of acquittal. W.
W. Anderson, a Inwyerof Denver, Colo,,
shot 11. 11. Tninmcn and F. 0. HoaUls,
proprietors of the Denver Post, about
ayenrandn half ago. Thu shooting
occurred in the private offices of the
owners of thu paper, nnd for a time it
was thought Hontlls would not recover
from his wounds. He survived them,
however. Tnmmen only reiclved slight
wounds. Anderson was tried three
times, the first two trials resulting in
divided juries. The, trial just closed
was merely n formal preseiita'ion of
the recorded evidence given In the
previous trials and argument of coun
sel, thu idea to have n new jury sit in
tlie eas .
Iturled Under Molten His.
nrin . dead and two seriously
burned Is the result of a party of work
men being buried under a mnss of mol
ten sing nt the Howard axle works at
Homestead, Pennsylvania.
Tho nccldcnt occurred on the cinder
dump back of the compnnys plant
The victims were engaged in collecting
scrap w hen a party of workmen at thu
topofthe dump nbout twenty feet
ubove dumped their enr over the edge
not knowing that the men were direct
ly beneath them. The car contained
about eight tons of slag, n great part
of which was red hot and much of it
in a molten stage.
Voiinnr I.ady Accidentally Shot.
Miss Hannah Hnsebrock, a young
lady living with her father, Gerhard
Hascbrock, seven miles northwest ol
Scribncr, Neb., met with an accident
at her home which may result In death.
She was engnged in household duties
and started to empty nn ash pan, go
lng out of doors through np entry way
seldom used, when a shotgun standing
behind the door fell against her. Thn
hammer or trigger in some way caught
and tho load wns discharged into her
right limb just below tho body. Tho
charge spread about four inches and
carried flesh and bone with It.
rromliient l'hyslclan Killed.
Dr. Shncffer, one of tho oldest phy
sicians in Schuyler, Nob., was run over
by u west-bound Union Pacific passen
ger und killed instantly. His body
wns lltcaally torn Into fragments.
Farts of it were earr cd several rods.
His residence- was in tho north part of
town across tho track from tho bus!
ness portion. Ho wns on his way home
from town, nud getting behind tljo
mill did nut discover tho coming truin.
He leaves his family well p rovidcr
with life Insurance.
Famous Hope Dltimond.
The report that thu famous Ho pa
bluo diamond is returning to New
York is correct. It is in thu possession
of a member of a New York firm on his
way there from London. Tho heir
loom was sold by order of the master
in chancery. It is said that thu piico
paid for thu diamond was half a mill
ion dollars. The diamond weighs forty-four
and one-fourth karats und wns
purchased by Henry Hope in 1830 fot
CavannucH Wins Walking Match.
Of the twenty-two starters In the six
day go-as-you-plcaso match at Pitts,
burg, Pa., only nine were in at tlio fin;
ish of tho grind. Eight of tho men
nro entitled to share in the receipts.
Tho final scores:
Kavnnaugh, 500 miles, 11 laps; Ilarns
478 miles, 4 laps; Shclton, 433 miles;
Morcraan, 411 miles; Dean, 413.0; Locs
Icin, 374.4, Hcgclmau, 305; Day, 355.18;
llarcluy, 350.3.
dives Deer to the County.
J. 0. Stevens of Saline, Kas., an
nounces that ho will donate to Oak
dale park his drove of deer, providing
that the commissioners maku sultablo
arrangements for their custody and
Mr. Stevens purchased thu buck and
doe In Russcli county two years ago,
and since tken a young doc has been
added to the flock.
Interior Department Kxpendltnres.
The estimates for tho expenditures
of the Interior department during tho
fiscal year, beginning next July, ag
gregate 8170,000,000, of which 8143,
101,300 Is asked for pensions and tho
administrative work of ths pension bu
reau, 1,005,730 being for salaries of tho
bureau personnel nnd 8350,000 for tho
investigations by special examiners of
pension cases.
Miss Mary E. Durigan, a teacher nt
thu Cameron school near Cercsco died
rather suddenly of typhoid fever. She
was sick just aboutN a week.
Accidont On the Great Northorn
In Montana.
Collide Wltti Frelctit .lipnncr. Work
men tlie Victim Irlnh l.'nwiy Visit
Washington F.lghl Hundred
Miners on tlie Mitrcli.
A wreck occurred on tho Groat
Northern, near Hlnlr, Mont., 375 miles
east of Great Falls, In which ten men
lost their lives and twenty-tight others
were seriously injured.
An extra freight ran Into a work
train, nud it was umoitgthoso on board
the latter that tho terrible havoc was
wrought, Forty-onu Japaueso labor
crs were ulioard the work train, which
was proceeding westward. It ex
pected to meet tlie freight nt Colbert
son. There Is a sharp curve near
where thu trains met, and they were
running nt a speed of twenty-five
miles an hour. So great wns thn force
of tho impact that the freight cars
were thrown upon the top of the work
train, which was piled high In a mass
of wreckage.
Almost immediately Humes broke
forth nnd added to the horror of the
Miners Will Attempt to llicrthronr llrtt
Ish Authority In thn Klondike.
The San Francisco Call prints an un
confirmed story from Skaguay, Alaska,
under date of November 0, telling of
tho discovery of what Is alleged to bo
a huge conspiracy existing In Dawson,
and ramifying to Sknguay, Victoria,
Vancouver and Seattle, for tho over
throw of the Northwest territory and
the establishment of a republic at Daw
son ns n capital, According to tlio de
tails of the st- arms, ammunition
und provisions ht been taken in over
the railroad and cached at stagotle
points. Prominent residents of Skng-
nay are said to be ring leailers of the
conspiracy. .Miners to mu uuiuucr
of (5,000 urn said to await the summons
to arms ready to fight for the indepen
dence from Dominion rule of the gold
fields, camps und low ns. The plan Is
to overpower tho mounted police, nr
rest the civil authorities and take tho
government into their own hands. The
rlurors of the arctic winter would irlvo
J tlie insurgents sl uioiilhs immunity
from attack by Canadian or HrltlHii
troops and the iidvcnturoim Conspira
tors hope for intervention or outsldo
nssintnncc by the time of the melting
of ice nud snow which will permit the
invasion of their isolated republic.
Queen Lit Visits thu State to Look Af
ter Her Intercut.
Former Queen Lilloukalaul, who ar
rived in this country recently, Is com
bining business nud pleasure, llesido
seeking recovery of health she has
come to consult with thu federal nu
thorittcs1 relative to the crown lands in
Hawaii. Thesu were sequestered by
evolutionary government at tho tlmo
the monarchy was overthrown and no
attempt has since been made to reim
burse her for thu loss of thu crown
revenues, amounting to some $100,000
a year. The territorial ' legislature
passed a bill appropriating Si'.'O.OOO for
the crown 1 "ids, but President Dole
vetoed the bill on the ground that
there was not sulllclen. money In the
treasury to pay It. Subsequently tho
legislature offered to grant her a pen
sion of 835,000 n year, but sho refused
to accept the money for thu reason
that t would place her on the list Of
chnrltablcs, a step that was exceeding
ly repugnant to her.
Heforo thu nunuxatlou of thu islands
she was advised by competent attor
neys to submit her clulms to England
for arbitration. The crown lands nro
over u million ucrcs in extent and are
worth about 815,000,000.
(lavs Hack 800,000.
Hack of a case just ended In ho Do
Kalb county, 111., circuit court
there is a story. A women possessed
of considerable means married n man
of that county. Shu gave him 800,000
as a wedding present, but they failed
to agree. Sho sued for a divorce and
thu court granted It, but thu unusual
part of it all is that the husband re
turned her money, dollar for dollar,
and both parted on good terms. ,Thu
principals In tho easo wcro John F
Mack and Mrs. Daisy Mack.
Irish Kntuys lit White House.
The Irish parliamentary leaders who
arc touring this country, agitating thu
Irish cause, were given a special audi
ence by President Itoosevult Nov. 10.
Tho purty consisted of Mr. and Mrs.
John E. Itedniond, 1 A. Mcllngh,
Thomas O'Donncll, Miss Dalton of
Australia, a sisicr of Mrs. Itcdmond,
and Mr. and Mrs St. John Gaffncy of
New York.
Loot a Depot.
Tho Hutchinscn, Kus,, Missouri Pa
cific depot wus robbed. Dynamite
cracked u wall in thu building. Tlio
agent, who sleeps upstairs, was not
wwnkencd by thu explosion, Ono of
tlie robbers was found (lend with a
bullet holu in bis heart and it Is not
known who shot him.
Drowned WIiIIm Hkatlnsr.
Geo. Peacock and J nmes Campbell,
two young men of Lowery, Minn.,
were drowned while skating. Peacock
wns the only son of a prominent farmer.
Wnldniic, Who Died nt I.eaveawturtb,
Fefd Mliootliift- nt Convicts,
J. 11. Wnldrupe, Iho federal peniten
tiary guard who (lied of wounds re
ceived when tho convicts escaped nt
the new prison site, showed courage of
marked degree when thu mutineers de
manded Ids surrender. The convicts,
with lilies, iH'gan shooting at him
when they were 300 yards away. Ono
got Into a ditch and aimed at him.
Wahlrupo stood In the window of hU
tower and fired at them when glass
was breaking all around him. Ho was
shot first hi the hip, but he continued
to tire. Hn Is supposed to have killed
Qultiu Fort, one of the convict lend
ers. After n ball had entered Wnldrupo'ft
forehead, he held to his gun. Ho re
fused to give It up when n convict tried
to tnlce it from him. Two convicts en
tered hlsbov, One remained with him
a few moments to protect htm, but af
ter thu breach was madu In tho stock
ado this convict left thu tower and
joined thu other mutineers. Wnldrupe)
was conscious after he was shot arid
was able to tell what occurred.
Albert City, la., Hank- Uobber Die t
Ills Wounds.
John Suudbland,wbo was shot In the
battle with Oreenvillu bank rqbbcrant
Albert City, In., died. Ills death re
sulted from thu bullet in the yroln,
peritonitis setting in. Ho suffered in
tense agony and Ills dentil wan very
sudden. Mr. Snndbland wan Obo of
tho prominent citizens of Albert Olty,
engaged in thu Hour und feed busi
ness. He leaves a wife and throo small'
children In rather pour circumstances.,
Hu was about thirty years of age.
Countable. Lodlne, who also was shot
in the groin, Is not resting, easily, and
is in a critical condition.
Thn robin-r who was shot, in thn
stomach, died and dogedly refused to
give his name or thu address of his!
frluniR Thu ball passed through his'
body, lleforeho died he admitted that,
they roblwd tho bank nt Greenville.
Sheriff Parker took tho negro and
white, ninn to Storm Lake. They also
admitted thu crime nud gave tho names
of Jack Johns and Louis llrooks.
Chirac;" Union Laborers to Put Up Their
Own Men.
Inspired by thn success of tho union
labor candidates in San Francisco and
Hridgepnrt, Conn., tlio laboring men of
Chicago aru to bo organized into a
wage earner's party and will have their
OW!) candidates for municipal and state
offices. m
This movement was started by the
Chicago Federation of Labor. A meet
ing of nil tho labor men of Chicago has
been called for the first Munuay in ue
cember, when a regular party organi
zation will be perfected.
According to present plnns, tho plat
form will embody nothing but demands
for tlie enforcement of thu claims of
the union laborcrH. Tho candidate
will bo union members nnd Ull'nppcala
will be to men of that class.
Ilnuk Italtled at Milan, Kas.
Safublowurs raided Milan, Kas., and
after entering every promlnont storo,
niiioiifj- them tlio ono in which titer
post office is located, wrecked tho
safe and fixtures of the Milan Slato
bank with dynamite. Two doom wcro'
blown off tlie safe, but tho third, on
which was the tlmo lock, resisted the
forcu of tho oxploslvcs and citizens who'
had been aroused by the noise, rushed
into tho streets with shotguns and)
drovu tlie robbers nwny 'before tlwy
had secured any plunder. Hcllcving
thu robbers were concealed in tho hank,
u posso kept watch until daylight,
when it was discovered they had es
caped. Secreted in a vault in tho bank
was 81,000, for which no search was
made. As n result of tho raid tho rob
bers secured but a few dollars, lllood
hoiiuds from Wichita were taken to
Milan, but they icfused to take tho
scent and the pursuit of the men war
ArmUtlco ArriuiBod.
In view of thu heavy rains in tho
Cordilleras, an armistice of three weeks
between the Venezuelan nnd Colombian
troops on the frontier hns been ar
ranged. Tho town of Cucuta (In Col
ombia, near thu Venezuelan frontier)
is inundated. !
Tim floods have caused great de
struction and a number of live have
been lost. In somo places the railroad
front thu head of Maracalbo lake ie
the interior is several yards under
General Urlbe-Urlbo has boon called
to Caracas and has gone to tho island
on his way there.
Work of Novices.
ThuTulhtll Lumber Co. of Slonr
Fulls, S. D., was advised that tho sals
in its branch office at Fulton waa
blown to pieces hy robbers, who ae
on red 8135 in cash and notes 'aggre
gating several thousand dollars. T
robhery is supposed to have been the
work of novices as black i powder was
used in blowing open the safe. Officers
are in pursuit of the suspected parties.!
Four Million Vent of Lumber Horned.
A fire in the east tramway of the
Keystono Lumber Company, at Ash
land, Wis,, destroyed four million ft
a', lumlicr, part of tho dock and tram
way and tint tugboat Keystone. Tfe
loss is estimated nt Sio(i,HK).
n.l T I n ii ii ...
Tlireo liable Ilurnetl.
Three children of Muck lllalock; cols
oreil, the oldest four years, wore barn-
ed to death In Wake county, North.
Carolina, Nov. 8. Their parents loekr
ed them In their house whllo the)
went nyvay lo work.
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