The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 16, 1901, Image 1

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W. B.
Flour, Feed, Oats, Corn,
Baled Hay and Coal Oil.
D No. 1 Third Avenue, Red Cloud, Nebr-,'. Phone No, 51
Chicago - Lumber - Vard.
r JLumber, .Lime,' Coalgand I.Cement.
And our advance offering on English llanneletts
will no doubt bring to your mind the importance of
buying outings early this season. Our stock in
cludes about ioo pieces of these fleecy goods, dark
and light shades, fancy plaids and stripes, all fast
colors. We want to sell you outings this year and
offer you an early choice of any of these isAc Flan
neletts up to and including August 24 at gc yd.
Warm Days!
There'll be some warm days yet, and you will
want one of those cool, comfortable skirts. They
are just about half the usual price now.
All $1.00 to $1.25 Skirts, this sale, 65c.
All $1.50 to $2.00 Skirts, this sale, Soc.
All $1.25 to 3.00 Skirts, this sale, $1.00.
Don't Bother
making a waist when you can buy one that will
fit, and wear as well, at our low prices. A few
choice numbers left for your inspection.
All 50, and 6dc Waists at 30c.
All 75 85c to $1.00 Waists at 50c.
All $1.25 to $3.06 Waists at $1.00.
r : - f
Just received several thousand yards of Challies.
Colors Blue, Light Blue, Buff. Pink and Red.
We are closing them out ten yards for 32c. 1
On Our Bargain Counter.
Short length Percales at 10c yd. '
Short Length Toil Du Nord Ginghams at 8c yd.
7c Fancy Calicoes at 4c yd.
Best 10c Ginghams at 6c yd.
Imported French Ginghams, regular 35c at 19c yd.
Your Home
will be more homelike with a few odd pieces of
new furniture. Our prices are low and quality
the best.
Ladies' Cane Seat Rockers, price was $1.75, this sale $1.25.
The Large Arm Rockers, regular $2.50, this sale S1.75.
Kitchen Cupboards, sold at 5.00, during this sale, $3.90.
Bed room suit, 3pieces, oak, a well made suit, worth regular
$20.00, this sale $13.50.
Bed Room Suit, 3 pieces, 'hard wood, regular 15.00, this
sale, $12.90.
.BBaaaV .-"nr'sssEK!M .-.rrtrir,r'a3!-iS'ty,.jrr
Scissors Gf oiind,
Hazofs Honed,
Bob Barkley & W. F. Lodge
Barber Shop.
First door south of Star
bakery and restaurant.
All kimlK of barber work executed
promptly anil satisfaction
dacate Tonr Ilowelt With CMcereta.
Sfiy S nbArolc; ?.ur.f cnyPtlon forever.
!S!S''v') frBawswJtffW
Bladen needs a lawyer.
Lightning killml n horso for James
Vance Saturday evening.
Gus Ilonory, his wifo ,nnd father
from near Rosoland wore visiting at
Al Heed's Sunday.
Only thirteen slept in the livery
stable Saturday night on account of the
B Leo of Lawiencn was a guest at
the homo of II. L. Illchondefor over
(5uo. Perkins and Sam Sears of Cntup
boll were in tho village Sunday.
Win. Burden and family of Camp
bell spent Sunday with his parents at
this place.
A cousin of Miss Harmons from
Guide liock Is spending a few days in
this villago.
(5o( Maxwell of Holsteln was on our
alreets Monday.
Williard Swigart left Monday for
Dps Moines, Iowa, whero hn found em
ployment. C. A. Easterly has taken charge of
the moat market at this place.
Win. an I Chas. McDonald drove
over to Blue Hill Saturday.
Mrs. Soujuck of Paulino who spont
several days visiting her daughter Mrs.
Easterly returned home 1'iidny accom
panied by her daughter.
E. V. Bowkorand family left Tuesday
morning for Sioux Falls, Iowa, where
they will make their future homo.
Another line rain in this vicinity
Saturday evening which will help tho
corn and we may yet have feed.
During the storm Saturday ovoning
lightning struck Mrs. Corey's barn.
There buiughay in the loft it was soon
nblnzo and burned to tho ground in a
very short time. North of town quite
a number report tho loss of wind mills
which woro blown down, as there was
quite a strong wind during tho rain
The people f this villago had a little
extra to talk about last Friday, when a
certain doctor who has lately como to
town arrested Druggist Phelps who is
in the employ of Chas. E. Hicks, char
ging him with unlawfully practicing
medicino and trying to make out a
criminal case against him, when in fnot
ho had only been compounding medi
cines under the instructions of his em
ployer. The papers wore drawn up by
an attorney from Blue Hill. As soon
as arrested Mr. Phelps demanded a
hearing which took place before Justice
of the Peace Cutter. Mr. Phelps was
represented by P. W. Warner, the law
yer on the Bluo, who presented his
points so clearly that tho court at once
dismissed the case. No causo of ac
tion. Mr. Phelps has gained many
frionds while the doctor has lost as the
actions plainly shows it was a matter
of spite work.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
John Beardslee last week. All parties
doing well.
Camp meeting in Mr. Aubushon's
grove commencing Wednesday night,
Bro. Jonas Campbell at the holm.
Tho high water last Saturday night
washed out the approaches to Mr.
Shannon's bridge across Penny creek.
About four inches of rain fell in this
neck of the woods last Saturday night.
Mr. Houtaling has a job on hand
keeping his sickles sharp. He says
sunflowers and ccckle burrs are harder
to cut than alfalfa or grass. '
Mrs. Shannon, Gertie and Archie
took advantage cf the dry spell and
wont visiting to Gay lord.
Harvey Merrill visited last week with
a brother in Missouri. He reports a
good rain in that locality last Satur
day. Ed. Gordon was hauling bridge tim
bor last Monday morning.
Haying in all the nooks and corners
is tho order of the day.
A great many of the farmers fool bet
ter sinco the rain but the fellows who
had their fodder cut wish it had not
rained as it mav spoil their foddor,
Poter Leidorbraudl is building a lino
of eggs or glue is
used in roasting
It is all coffee pure coffee
strong and of delicious flavor.
Some coffees are varnished with
a cheap coating of eggs, glue or
other equally noxious sunstances.
T!iinvlml tmcknun liKHirm uniform
.uunlitr anl rrimliiiu..
barn on his homo placo. Ho has tho
foundation laid and is hauling lumber
for the building at present.
Mr. Shannon is the proud possessor
of a swarm of bnes.
Otis Finzior failed to go to the Phil
ippines nml will teach in tho Johnston
district for tho coming year. Miss
Delpha Potter toachos Pleasant Grove
Mr. Shannon spent Sunday with
Clias. Throckmorton who is improving
Fred Wittwer and family wore visit
ing with Ben Gibson's family last Sun
day. Al Slaby Is taking a few days rest in
the threshing season for tho aako of
the horses. He will have a new engine
nnd separator noxt fall and then watch
out for tho grain.
All are going to sow moro or loss
fall wheat tills' season In order to boo
how long they can stand it.
Cattle are choap and milk cows can
bo bought for rather small tiguros.
Turnips aro beginning to sprout
being in tho ground three weoks or
Kvoryouo has something to do, Somo
aro haying, somo threshing and somo
plowing for fall sowing.
One great consolation, the health of
the country is extra good.
Mr. Throckmorton has sold out his
stock and crop to Mr. Shuck on tho
Marsdcn farm and will leave us soon
for his future homo in Canada.
Mr. Potter who wont east on a visit
to Now York will be homo soon.
Mr. Gainer has boon re-employed to
teach the Oriole school. The Profes
sor taught seven terms in succession
and then about seven at Lebanon and
now tho second one again at Oriole.
Otis Frnzier will teach in the Hope
or Johnson district this (nil and winter.
William Fruit who accidentally shot
himself at Red Cloud was burled at
Oriolo last Wednesday.
Al Scrivnor has sold out on tho ranch
all but about twelve or tlftcon head of
horses and mules. Ho gets about
11,000 for cattlo and crops and sells to
some Lebanon cattle men.
Tho grasshoppers are doing serious
damago to the fruit. They attack the
peachos eating tho pulp to tho seod,
which still remains en tho tree.
Mt. Hope has no teacher yot. That
is the result of electing a school board
win vote for a man teacher or nono.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to loarn that thoro is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cur.o in all its stages, and
that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Curo is taken Internally acting directly
qn the bioou and mucous surfaces of
tho system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the diiease, and giving
tho patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in do
ing its work. The proprietors have
so, much faith in its curative powers
that they offer Ono Hundred Dollars
for any case that it fails to ouro. Write
for list of testimonials. Address,
F. J. Ciienkt & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75o.
Hall's Family Pills are-tho best.
'" i.rriT?kv. . .
Two inohos of rain this week.
Tho lato corn is doing-lino.
Fall plowing is tho order of tho day.
Uov. Jamos Campboll nnd Elder Ester
of North Branch will hold a series of
mootings at tho Labon Aubushon grovo
commencing August Mth and will con
tinue for ton days. Come Sunday nnd
bring your basket welt tilled and stay
all day.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson of Munkato,
Kansas woro tho guests of S, C. Shuck
this week. They report corn u failure,
and wheal good.
A sister of Mrs. Shuck who has boon
visiting her this summer, departed for
her homo in Oklahoma this wook.
There will bo more whoat sown in
Line this fall than ever before. Tho
Aubushon boys will sow two hundred
acres', Allen Carpenter 100 acres, Amos
Gust 80 acres, the Keagle boys 125
acres. In fact all of the farmers will
sow somo wheat this fall.
Tho political pot is beginning to boll.
Three candidates out for assessor.
Uov. Campbell of North Branch was
the guest of Win. Van Dyke this week,
Miss Ll.zii! Zalman died at her homo
on August 10th, niter a short illness
with typhoid fever. The remains
woro laid at rest in thu lied Cloud cem
etery on Thursday.
Mr. Sattloy of Highland, Kansas,
died on August U, nnd was bupitd nt
tho stone church comotcry on August
win ci.ouu ciTr, Kiitsr wakd
Tho republican voters of tho First
ward of tho city of Red Cloud are re
quested to moot in caucus nt thoCiiiEr
oflice on Friday, August 10, at 8 o'clock
for the purpose of electing twolvo dele
gates to attend the republican county
convention on August 21, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may come before the meeting.
W.B. RoBV.Com.
Farm for Sale.
Half section, live miles from Rod
Cloud. Ono of the best upland farms
in Wobstor county.
J. W. Wallik,
Rod Oloud, Nob.
The beauty thief has como to stay,
Unless you drive the pimples and
blackheads away;
Do this; don't look like a fright;
Take Rocky Mountain Tea tonight.
C. L. Cotting.
Haw Ara Tar KMmji f
.Dr. Bobbe' iMrini PI lit enreall kldaer IU. tm
lie free. Add. HMrUos Beaedy Co.. Cklcaso er KT.
The Bullet
Of the assassin may be more sudden, but
it is not more sure than the dire punish
iiieut meted out to the man who abuses
his stomach. No man is stronger than
his stomach. When the stomach is dis
eased the whole body is weakened.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cures diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutritiou. It
cures diseases of other organs when it
cures the diseases of the stomach, ou
which the several organs depend for
iiuiiiuuii anu viiaiiiy.
nI would mv In tvvinl
a regard to your medicines
greatly benefited by them.
II. of Ieaudo, Van Burnt Co.,
mi i nave nee n i
write Mr. I. a. Bel
la. "I wa at one time
a I thought almost S&
at death's door. I waa
conntiea to my house
and part of the time
to my bed. I bad
taken galloua of medi
cine, but it only fed
the disease; but Imust
say that Golden Med
leal Discovery' ha
cured me, and to-day
have beta for twent
i ant stouter than I
ears. I ant now fort v.
hree veara olit. iri
ian in an twenty-nine
bottlea of Golden Medical
Discovery, besides two or
three dosen vials of Dr.
I'lerce'a Pellets, but now I
take no medicine."
Dr. Pierce's Pleas
ant Pellets cure con
stipation. - .. " ---"
1 Jg
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