The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 09, 1901, Image 3

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Steel Corporation and Employes
Fail to Agree.
I'resldent Shaffer iif (lit- AitinlRnnintril
Association of Irun anil Hlcct Work-
r Ohrn Absolute INmir
May Clone Kttry Mill.
"Wllliin ti week every union man nml
every union mnu'nt la-art in lln em
ploy of the United States Steel corpor
ation will lie asked to join in the strike
now being waged liy the amalgamated
association. We must settle whether
unionism Is to stand or full. There
will be no more conferences with the
United States Steel eorporation unless
the meeting is asked for by the ollleials
of that corporation The amalgamated
association will not request a penec
These and several other significant
statements were made Sunday night
by Theodore .1. Shaffer, president of
the amalgamated assoelatlon of iron,
steel and tin workers upon his return
to Pittsburg from the fruitless confer
encc with .1. Pierpont Morgan and oth
ers In New York.
It is now a fight to the bitter tlnlsli
between the great billion dollar steel
trust and organized labor. Mr. Shaff
er says that lie is ready to employ ev
ery peaceable means within power of
man to win a victory. No quarter is
to bo given and none will be requested.
The entire management of the battle
has been placed in the hands of Presi
dent Shaffer. He hns absolute power
to call out every man who is connected
with the organization anil ho intends
to do It. He is satisfied with the pro
gress of the fight to date. Ire finds
that none of his battle lines have been
broken. Promise is made by Mr. Shaf
fer that the trust w ill find that the
amalgamated association has strong
joots in many of Its mills.
One of Lincoln TrloCuptureil Near Cranil
Island IlloodhoniiiiH Play l'arl.
Sheriff Pollard and several local offi
cers, Sheriff Pollard also being assisted
by several men from Hamilton county,
captured one of the men who escaped
from the penitentiary last Friday
night. The men went to Phillips on a
train where they changed clothing.
They were traced to Grand Island, and
Sheriff Pollard with the Lincoln blood
hounds was put on the trail. The
bloodhounds tracked the men to a
point near Lion Grove, a picnicking
resort about a mile south of Grand
Island in the Wood river valley One
Adair, sent from Omaha for four yearn
on the charge of forgery, was captured
and is now in jail. Tho officers were
hot upon tho trail of the other two
men near Sand Krog, several miles
from where the first man was caught,
but later returned to Grand Island,
having given up the chase. The trail
of the men wns followed for quite tv
distance through tho dry channel of
Wood river, but the men got into a
pasture where- there were many horses,
cattle and campers and hero the dogs
repeatedly lost the trail and threw up
their heads. During the chase Sheriff
Taylor's horse fell rolling on his limb,
but no injuries resulted.
Kansas Man Object to Statement of tho
F. D. Coburti, state secretary of agri
culture of Topeka, Kas., has given out
an interview severely criticising Secre
tary of Agriculture Wilson for the lat
ter s recent reference to Kansas as a
"semi-arid region."
Mr. Coburn said Mr. Wilson had de
fined the corn belt as composed of
Iowa, Illinolsand Missouri. Mr. Wilson
'is further quoted as saying that Kan
sas and Nebraska can never be counted
upon. The Kansas secretary presents
many facts and figures showing how,
in IiIb estimation, Kansas and Nebras
ka far overshadow the other states
mentioned in the way of corn-growing.
Insane Prisoner at Fremont Severs Artery
of Wrist.
Fred Dunkcr, the man who was ex
amined for insanity nt Fremont Sat
urday and ordered to the asylum at'
Norfolk, attempted to commit suicide
in tho Dodge county jail Sunday after
noon by cutting open the largo artery
In his right wrist with a pocket knife.
Dunkcr is about 50 years old and re
sides at Dodge.
Last winter ho was taken to tho
Norfolk asylum, from which ko was
released about two months ago, as it
was thought ho was entirely recovered.
It Is Bald that this recurrence of his
mental malady was brought about by
the fact that of late he has been drink
ing rather heavily.
Woman Kills Herself.
Mrs. A. II. McKinney, supposed to
bo from gntluyillo, 111,, committed
suicide In a Kansns City hotel by tak
ing morphine. On her person was
found a diploma from the Shelbyvillo
high school to Miss A. II, Parle.
Davltt at New York.
Michael Davltt, the Irish nationalist
who resigned his scat in the British
parliament some time ago, as a protest
against the Boer war, has arrived at
New York on the St, Paul from South
ampton. -
Stop In I.tiii-oln nlut t'.ilU oil Uourd of
Secretary .Tames Wilson of the de
partment of agricultmcwas in Lincoln
the latter part of last week Inspecting
the university experiment station and
state farm east of the elty. He visited
with the state board of agriculture
which was in session at the lime.
The object of the visit was to make a
personal inspection of I'tc corn crop In
the west. Secretary Wilson said he
was able form a very accurate Idea of
the condition of t lie crop from report
received by him but he wanted to sec
for himself the effects of the unprece
dented drouth, lie hud heard unusual
reports from his own state, Iowa, also
the states of Nebraska, Kansns and
Missouri, but lie desired to see for him
telf. In company with others ho Inspected
the state farm and experiment station.
The dairy school and everything con
nected with theexpcrimentstatlon was
highly praised by Mr. Wilson.
Former NrliruiUnnt I'artlrs to u Tragedy
In Montiinn.
Ira Turner was shot and killed in ft
wood-choppers cabin In Dead Man's
Gulch, eight miles from Missoula,
Mont., by Henry Nudson, his father-in-law.
Nudson and his family camo
west from their former home In Nor
folk, Neb., a year ago. Nudson and
his son-in-law had taken up timber
claims in Dead Man's llulch. Nudson
says that after having returned from
town to the claims lie found Turner
beating his wife. He went to his own
cabin, a short distance away, nnd got
Jils shotgun, and through an open win
dow lie blazed away, the charge strik
ing Turner in the left lung, killing
him instantly. Nudson gave himself
up. The girl takes her husband's
F.lkhorn Klver Yield Illchly In Unlawful
I)o Ire.
Chief Game. Warden Slmpklns has re
ceived word of ft successful raid of game
wardens along the Elkhorn river. Tho
raid was made under tho direction of
Supcrlntendei.t W. .T. O'Brien of the
fish hateherles. From tho town of
tt' 1t 4. 4l. ' rt il TJ
Ht-FiL I U1IIL LU lilt; UUUbll u viiw
horn river the search was kept up
two days, and as a result, ft Ir
amount of Illegal fishing tackle
confiscated. The Implements confis
cd include seventeen hoop nets, tl
large and one small seine, four i
framed fish traps, three wooden fro,
traps, three wooden traps and
spears. This proves the truth of
vious reports that the 4Elkhorn3
other rivers of the state arc full ots
lawful dcvlees for catehlng fish,
difficult to And tho owners of the 1
erty, and probably
will follow.
no ' prosccu
Hoard of Managers Cleaning Ilonsi
Kxpected tiuets.
The state fair will be held Augi
to September fl. The officers of th
aociation are pushing all Iraproven
along rapidly, and will have a
new home in which to receive thej
pie they expect to entertain that i
All exhibitors will bo well cared
as new live stock barns and Irapltj
sheds are going up. The people j
state will be proud of both ground,
Quarantine For Anthrax.
At Springfield, 111., tho state 1
of llvo stsck commissioners Iibvi
tntiiuiioil minrantlnc unon a hen
cattle In Lake county which are si-
Ing from anthrax. During tno
fun lavH twentvono cattle have
and one Cox, a butcher, contracted cue
disease while skinning ndlseascU steer,
and also died. A large number of cat
tle in Lake county have for some time
been afflicted with this disease.
Grain Elevators Ilurned.
Fire broke out recently one night In
tho top of the Grand Trunk railway's
grain elevators at Fifty-first street and
Central park avenue, Chicago. Dam
age estimated at 875,000 was caused
before the llaraes wero brought under
control. The occupants or a irarao
hotel close to the elevator wero driven
out and tho building was partly de
stroyed. Three Killed by Explosion.
Three men were killed and one fa
tally Injured by an explosion on the
Bock Island .'extension, twenty-Qvo
miles east Santa Rosa, at Montgom
ery's camp, recently. Tho four men
Francisco Lopez, Ceolllo Rcol, Pablo
Lucoco and Callxto Gurule wero en
gaged In blasting rocks on the railway
right of way.
Woman Convict Dies.
Mrs. KflU Crakall died Friday morn
ing last at tho Nebraska penitentiary
nt nerltonltlH. She had been 111 for sev
eral weeks. She was one of the few
women convicts at the penitentiary,
and has been In prison since May 1,
1891. .
Word comes from Ogalalla, Neb.,
that Al Owen, representing McCloud fc
Love of South Omaha in this territory,
was drowned In Stansbury Lake. The
body was not recovered until sometime
later and reporta are conflicting as
to how the uccldent happened.
A young herder near Dustin, Neb.,
named Lovcqulst, went to the pasture
to get tho cows, was thrown by his
horse and remained unconscious sever
al hours before being found. Ho was
In a comatose condition forty-eight
hours as a result of concussion of the
I brain Uls recovery lit doubtfnl.
Nearly a Scoro of People
Doath in Fire.
61s. niillilliiRH Wrecked hi I'hllaitrlptila
anil Full Kxlent of Dlnaslrr It Nut
Known the. Implosion Comet nt
Mglit Mnnjr nro Injitrrtl.
A terrific explosion in a block of six
buildings on Locust street, above Tenth
at Philadelphia, Pa., completely wreck
ed five of the structures and caused the
death of from ten to twenty or more
persons. Over two scare of others were
more or less seriously injured. Some
of those taken to the hospital will die.
It Is estimated that at least thirty-live
persons were In the live buildings when
the explosion occurred, and the exact
number of the dead will probably
be known for some time.
The explosion occurred about 0:50 p.
in. What exploded and how It hap
pened is not known but It is believed
to have been a barrel of gasoline in
one of the grocery stores. With tho
explosion of 1008 the front wall of the
buildings were .blown outward into
tho street, while thu floors and roof
were blown upward and fell straight
to the. ground. Almost every building
in a radius of two blocks about tho
scene of the explosion had window
panes badly shattered and were
otherwise damaged, livery building
on the opposite side of Locust street,
was more or less wrecked, but none of
them fell.
A terrible cry went up from the ruins
the moment the explosion occurred.
Women, children and men, occupants
of the wrecked houses, could bo seen
crawling from the debris, while the
agonizing erics of others were heard
lu the wreckage. From all tho sur
rounding buildings injured people came
running and fell into the street uncon
scious. To add to the horyorllrc broke
out in the debris the moment it settled
to the ground and In less than live
minutes the great pile was burning
flinlv frnn, iiml In mill.
It Is sunpo-goini overland" V(1
Will Limtloy of Burr Oak who has
b6en sick for some time has arrived in
the city nnd will make this plnco his
H. B. Simons of Inavnlo was one of
tho lucky ones to draw land in the
Lawton district having secured num
ber 1751.
Grandma Boyd Inst Sunday tripped
and fell on the sidewalk at J. M. Chaff
iu's residence and broke one of her
lower limbs between the hip and knee
If n dealer asks you to take some
thing said to be "just as good as Rocky
Mountain Ten made by Madison Med
icine Company," ask him if ho makes
more money. C. L. Cotting.
George Hall of Kansas City, Mis
an expert upholsterer is at Al-
bright Bros, furniture store for a fow
days. Any person wishing upholster
ing dooo can see him by calling. All
work guaranteed. Hair mattresses
The musical entertainment at the
opera house last evening was largely
attended and highly appreciated by all.
Miss Beatrix Mizer certainly is a vocal
ist of whom Red Cloud people can be
proud. The other participants of the'
program rendered their numbers in
very sausiaciory manner, it was
, died
most successful home, entertain- lager
empress was somewhat sudden. At
4 o'clock her physicians reported no
ehango in her condition. Emperer
William and her majesty's other chil
dren were in the sick room most of the
The dowager empress was the young
est child of Queen Victoria, and slowly
died of cancer. She has been called
the most unhappy woman In all Eu
rope. She was heart broken nt the
death of her husband, Frederick, the
Noble, himself a victim of cancer, and
her last days were full of bitterness.
Her health had been rapidly failing
for some tlineand she was too 111 to go
to her dying mother's bedside. She
was not yet sixty -one years old.
Throw Himself In Furnace.
James M. Wilson, a patient at the in
sane asylum, at I'rovo, Utah, threw
himself headfirst Into the open door of
a furnace, no was badly burned before
being pulled out. While bandages
were being prepared for him, Wilson
broke away and again threw him
self into the furnace, this time lc
lng so frightfully burned that he died
within u short time.
Street Car Men Htrlke.
The conductors and nwiorinon of tho
Lexington, Ky., Street Hallway com
pany struck for an Increase of 1 cent
per hour. Cars arc being run by non
union men.
Ted After Coyotes.
Vico President Theodore Roosevelt
with a party of five, left Colorado
Springs Monday for a three days' coy
ote chase in the vicinity of Foiuitaine,
e xhtcen miles south of Colorado
Much llroomcorn Uarned.
A warehouse belonging to the broom
corn trust, and filled with broomcorn,
was destroyed by fire, entailing n loss
of 9150,000. Several firemen were over
comr by smoke.
Corn Mint (Unlen Truilc an Immense
A Monroe, Neb., dispatch says: far
mers who have laud under the Great
F.astcrn eanal now appreciate irriga
tion. Wlille a considerable area In
this valley Is planted to garden truck
and seeds, there Is considerable corn
limler in Igatlou that will yield from
sixty-live to eighty bushels per acre.
This Is the first year that irrigation
in the east central part of Nebraska
has had a fair test hud the results are
all that Its f i Sends had hoped for.
Ever since its introduction, in ISM,
the seasons have lieen favorable, for
crops without Its aid, but this year
water is worth to farmers anyway
from one-half to two-thirds the value
of the land. Dry weather makes con
verts for Irrigation and as a result It
has made many friends this year.
lluiieiiliiRS nt Home nml Abrond
Shortened up to llrniliilile l.eusjtb.
The steel trust and the steel workers
could not agree.
The wheat crop In the United King
dom Is not up to the average.
Prank Collier, a well-known politi
cian of Chicago died in a hospital there
of typhoid fever.
Adellna Pattl has arrived- nt Stork
holm, and has rented a summer palace
nt Saltsjo Bareu,
The national miners federation of
France proposes ti general strike in
France November 1.
A terrible fire is raging In the exten
sive pine forests near Kahlcn Kircheu,
on the Dutch-Prussian frontier.
Roust ,t Brodie's dry goods store
nt West Newton, Pa., was destroyed
by fire, the loss being 8100,000.
A heavy rain fell in Kansas on tho
.Id Inst., being pretty general. Good
showers also visited portions of Iowa
and Nebraska.
The Fir?t National Bmk of Austin,
Tex., is in the hands of Federal Bank
Inspector .1. M. Logan. The bank has
made bad loans.
For July tho Lincoln, Neb., mortality
record shows thirty-six deaths, eight
of which were violent, and six due to
heat prostrations.
Thomas Hyland, engineer, nnd Geo.
Webb, a trainman, wero killed In ft
collision on the New York Central,
near Lock port, N. Y.
News has been received from Macon,
Gn., that ex-Congressman James II.
Blount has suffered a stroke of paraly
sis and Is in a critical condition.
The British torpedo Itoat destroyer
Viper struck a rock off the Island of
Alderney, In the English channel and
wns totally wrecked. No lives were
Warren IiCwls of New York, ono of
the most widely known sporting men
of the country, committed suicide by
jumping from a steamer Into the ocean
near New York.
It Is stated In Washington that this
government will not Intervene in tho
Veneula-Columblau Imbroglio unless
It becomes serious enough tojcapordlzo
American interests.
Poundmaster James Lcnnon of Crys
tal, Mich., was shot dead by Captain
Bennett a prominent and wealthy min
ing man. Bennett became angry nt
Lcnnon for having Impounded his cow
The. geological survey has Issued a
report on Iron and steel at tho close of
the nineteenth century. It shows that
the United States leads all other coun
tries in the production of these articles.
Frank C. Zehrung, manager of tho
Oliver and Funke play houses of Lin
coln, Neb., was robbed of 8000 at Coney
Island, where ho had gone for pleasure
after booking attractions for next sea
son. The first ore train over the new
Stonybrook euloff of the Eastern Min
nesota road, went through tho bridge
over the St. Louis river near Stony-
brook. Jerry O'Reilly, a brakeman,
Was killed.
Near Blonmlngton, Intl., John J.
Moore nud wife'wero aroused' early by
whltecaps and unmercifully beaten.
No reaton Is given for the assault.
Moore recognized the leader and arrest
may follow.
Mrs. A. II. McKlnncv. sunnosed to be
from Shelbyvllle, 111., coinudtted sui
cide at Kansas City by taklhg mor
phine. On her person wns found a,
diploma from the Shelbyvllle high
school to Miss A. II. Park.
A young man of twenty-three, com
commlttcd suicide at the Hamilton ho
tel In Wichita, Kan., by taking lauda
num He tore his name off all his gar
ments and left an unsigned note ask
ing that his body be kept three days,
when Elmer Scriptures, of West Port,
Ind,, would take eharge of It.
Tho Humboldt has arrived at Soattlo
Wash., from Skaguay with 8300,000 of
Klondyke gold. According to tho ad
vices brought down by the Humboldt,
the Newport reached Juneau July 30,
and reported five men killed by Indiana
about L'OO miles west of Valdez Island.
No particulars could bo learned.
At Omaha, Thad Brooklu shot Mra.
Millie Lighthawk, probably fatally,
and then killed himself at a room in
tho housa at 1037 Capitol avenue, Tho
deed was the result of a failure to win
the affections of the woman over the
superior attraction of liurt Adams.
At Moscow, Idaho, Dr. W. W. Wat
kins was shot und Instantly killed
while riding in his buggy, George
Crelghton was shot through tho arm,
acd Deputy Sheriff Cool through the
shoulder, by William Stcfiln, who be-
i,.mn enflili.iil v Innann. Stpnln war
pursued and killed. t
Amalgamated Association Casts
tho Die.
i'rffthlenl Slinffrr lurn Call anil Men
)nlt Will llnti-rOn Hitter HtniKKl
'Unit Mill Mean l,ns of Mnnry
nml I'nsslhlit lltooilsliril.
The die Is east. The kittle of the
giants Is on In earnest, whether to Ig
nominious defeat of one side or the
other, or compromise, remains to bo
seen. Up to Tuesday night I ins been
merely a skirmish, e.ieh side Ing to
find the vulnerable spot In t j other's
armor. Now It Is difVetent, brought
about bv the actual issuance by Pres
ident Shaffer of the long-talked of gen
eral strike order. This order was pro
mulgated August 0 to take effect after
the last turn of the mills on August 10.
What the result will be no man can
foretell, but judging by the expressed
determination of both parties to the
controversy the brtttV will lie waged
fast and furiously. Much money will
be lost, thousands upon thousands of
men will be Idle, great suffering Is
looked for, even bloodshed and death
aii' possible and feared.
The strike call Includes practically
all nmalisamatcd men In thu United
States Steel corporation's employ not
now on strike. It was Issued from the
amalgamated association headquarters
and mailed to all nmiilgnumtcd lodge
officials who are expected to call their
men into the strike.
The text of thu call follows:
"Brethern: The officials of tho
United States steel trust have refused
to iccognlxc us union men those who
are now strlvlmr for the right to or
ganize. The executive board has au
thorized me to issue a cnll upon all
amalgamated and other union men In
name and heart to join in tho move
ment to fight for labor's rights.
"We must fight or give up forever
our personal liberties.
"You will bo told that you have
signed contracts, but you never agreed
to surrender those contracts to the
United States Steel corporation. Its
officers think you wero sold to them,
just as the mills were, contracts un.l
"Remember. lcforo von ntrreed to
any contract you took an obligation to
the amalgamated association. It now
calls you to help In this hour of need.
Unless the trouble Is settled on or be
fore Saturday, August Hi, ItiOl, the
mills will elo.Hj when tiie last turn Is
made on that day.
"Brethren, this is n call to preserve
our organization. We trust you and
need you. Come ami help us and may
right come to a just cause. Fraternal
ly yours. "T.J.SHAFFER."
Victim of an i:xploslun of Oasollne
One Nrur to Help.
Mrs. Minnie Kuapp. wife of K. II.
Knapp of Nemaha, Neb., wns fatally
burned Tuesday afternoon. Mho went
into tho cave to refill tho tank of the
gasoline stove. In pouring out the
gasoline she spilled some on her cloth
ing. She took the tank to the house,
put it on the stove, changed her dress
and went back to the cave and lit a
match to see about thu gasoline. The
cave was filled with the gas nnd in nn
Instant her clothing was afire. She
ran out of the cave tearing h-r cloth
ing from her body and lighting tho fire
Her clothing was burned off her und
her body was burned to a crisp. There
was no one near by at the time except
her six-year-old daughter, and this
child ran to a neighbor's for assistance.
Mrs. knapp s burns will prove fatal.
Nurplu l'rndurt.
Labor Commissioner Watson has
completed a tabulation of shipments of
surplus Nebraska products. Thu ship
ments of grain and live stock for last
year, together with the. value of the
products, can not be compared with
the year 1809 for the reason thut no
report was Issued by the labor com
missioner for 1800. The following are
the principal items in the compilation
for 1000:
Corn, bu 77,tlfl,0:.0 821,'J07,381..7
Wheat, bu .... 30,180,704 lo.OOR.HUO.OJ
Oats, bu , 11, 08 1, W!)
Uarley, bu . . . 0".1,7i:i
Rye, bu 1,100,24.;
Flour, lbs....l0n,870,0.n
.132,430 III
37,0 1. 1,070. 00
Mill feed, lbs..
Hay, tons
Cattle, head.,
Hogs, head...
Sheep, head. . .
Hoi si's, Mules.
n l, 4oo,o hi
Arrliltmt May Cause Uralli,
Wliile engaged in work on tho sjwer
extension at Grand Island, Nek, Bert
Ferris slipped, a few days ago, and In
falling grabbed a picket, which result
ed In the bruising of Ids hand and the
dislocation of a finger joint. He wus
otherwise uninjured. Tuesday blood
poisoning and lockjaw set In, and the
attending physicians say there is no
hope whatever for recovery.
Tramp Killed In Wreck.
In clearing awayr tho Bowcn freight
wreck that occurred Sunday evening
near Arlington, Neb., the remains of a
man, presumably n tramp, was found
Wednesday. Thu coroner has decided
to hold un Inquest.
Hlandard Oil Dividend.
The directors of the Standurd Oil
company of New Jersey have declared
a quarterly dividend of 8 per cent.
Tills compares with a declaration of
12 percent in J uno and 20 per cent in
MurMi. '
Sftii .'Ma" "
Male Auditor Makes I'ublln Report anil
.Shows IIoit Flnanrrs Miami.
Auditor Weston hns given out the
haluncr sheet for the month of July,
showing the condition of the various
funds of the Nebraska trensury at the
close of business duly :iJ. It is ns fol
?Jr ? ' '- S 1 tf 5J y 2 ?
iw n
M z-wtA s3 2 " g a s-d v .
srfl p."
'1 3 a'g':
Z 3
" C3 re i fi -
EJ l Mfffi M
jf.: s
5 5.:
:n :
. Va
a ;
9 ,
5'P '
S B :
w Ufa?
M W f I rf - t1
ti ,i S -k fl w o o I. o i a t 9 cJ - 2 n
jr I ; f. 4- f -i rj -; ! 'J S K 2 P
l t w 2
fc M. -W
u ;.i i: 4.
i jb'w.i!
S ? g i 8 :
:t noli
IS l ,
l M io
-I to
i i v 3 '
I W 4
'- r' "
i-; n it n
-I W -I Cfi '
-I w
u. 0
yrp ;l 9
to o o
Mciio-oiitla (
at 1-9
i it w -"-;. -
w w w " "
-. b. C
c tr ."-
It 'jo c . tp i.U.1 ti w o o tt e o,
During the month State Treasurer
Stuefer has purchased ft totftl of 8H.V
two. 10 worth of state warrants nnd has
Invested In kinds 880,000.
HIIrIU fniiirotmtont In Cam llrsull of
The United States department of ag
riculture, Nebraska section, climate,
nnd crop service of the weather bureau
send out this general summary of the'
weekly crop bulletin dated University,
of Nebraska, Lincoln, Aug. 0. Gener
al summary: The past week was th
coolest since tiie middle of .luue, Dutj
was still slightly warmer than normal.
The maximum temperatures averaged1
one. degree above tho normal. Tho
maximum temperatures for tho week
generally exceed 103 degrees on August
1 In southern nud eastern counties.
Scattered showers osonrrtng during
the week, but the rainfall was general
ly less than an Inch, except In tho
northeastern part of the stotc, where,
on August 2 and 3 a rainfall exceeding
an Inch occurred in several counties.
Threshing and haying have pro
gressed nicely. The condition of corn
has not changed materially during the
week; tho lower temperature has
caused t?he corn to deteriorate less rap
Idly and tho showers luivc In some lo
calities caused a slight improvement
in tiie late corn, especially in northern
counties. Somucorn Isbelngcutforfod
der and generally there will Iw plenty
of fodder and food for stock. Peaches
have been Improved by the rain, but
tho crop will be short. F.ill plowing
has begun, but the ground is generally
too dry to plow to advantages.
John Wood rail to Act Oallantly In th
Land Drawing-,
A spcclul froip Fort Sill, O. T., says:
John Wood of Wcatherford, Texas,
who drew No. 1 in tho Lawton land
district, created n lonsatlon at tho
land office, when, in filing for his claim,
lie chose 10') acrcss running the entire
lemrth of the townslto on the south.
According to the government plat, the
two most valuable sections in tho res
ervation were made to adjoin the town
site on the south.
Mks Mattle Heals, tho Wichita, Kas.,
telephone girl, who had drawu No. a
from the wheel, had counted on select
ing one of these, but when Wood made
the selection noted, she had to content
herself with a tract south of Woods'
and two sections away from the town
bite. Woods' claim Is valued at about
llowUon Chosen.
Admiral Henry L. Uowison hasbcea
selected to till the vacancy on tho
Schley ej-j.-t ot In qulry caused by tho
Inability of Admiral Klmberly toBervc.
Admiral Howlson's name Is one of tho
several officers whom Admiral Schley
notified the department are satisfactory
to Cantuin Parker, Admiral Schley's
assistant counsel.
Ilnve Falling- Out.
Trouble is brewing on tho Flathead
Indian reservation between Indians
and half-breeds. Tuesday near Ildnan
station, six Indians nnd three half
breeds exehunged a numlier of shots,
and onu Indian was shot in tho arm.
Tho Indians object to tho half -breeds
picking up cattle. Both sides arc re
inforcing and more troul o is antici
Ap,iaU In V. P. Conrts.
There Is no "United State Court ef
Appeals" but within a few yoars a
United States "Circuit Court ot Ap
peals" has been formed in each circuit,
to relievo the Supreme Court of tho
United States of some of the lees Im
portant cases that used to reach It
Throw Himself In River.
William Lang of Pana, 111., comnlt
ted suicide late Monday afternoon j
throwing himself in tho Ohio river tA
Evansvlllo, Ind. lie was despoado.
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