The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 07, 1901, Image 4

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jmmfnpirfmtmnf niw.--r "
i (tfWA rt x
.am - t - -- tw-JfW"W,''"1
t ,
in J
I' .
accompanied by
mucous tuitciics in
the mouth, erup
tions on tlte skin.
sore throat, copper
colored snlotclici.
Af swollen glands, ncliinjj muscles
Vlll am ,K"1C''' tl,e disease is making
rapid headway, and for worse
symptoms will follow unless the blood is
promptly amt cllectually cleansed of this
violent destructive poison.
S. S. S. Is the only safe nnd infallible
cure for this disease, the only antidote
for this specific jxiison. It cures the
worst cases thoroughly and ieriii.iiiently.
M csBdillon could
In Hie rail of 1S77
I emitracteri II I ooil
lave Been No warsc. raocU;
... t lie 1 r trrnttnetit
Old me no xl i I was i;rttlii worse nil Hie
tlnif , my hair rsnif out, ulcere Appcarril In my
throat nml muntli, my Uxly win Almost covered
with copiwr colored splotches nml offensive
notes I sufTetcil severely fnim rliettmntlcpilns
in my Kiiimiiicinnmi nrma. My condition roiilil
have lieen no worse ;oulv those irillictcil an I was
can understand my ul7crln. I hmt nliout
tost all hope of eer l)elii( well nKln when
1 ucciuru 10 iry . a. n..
but mnt coiifc.11 I line!
little f.ilth left In any
nieillelnr. After taking
thelhlrdlioltlc I noticed
a chance iti my condi
tion, Tills was truly en
coutocliiK. nnd I deter
mined to rIvc 8, 8. 8 n
IhorotiKh trinl. I'tom
t hit time out lie Improve
ment was rnpld ; H. S. 8.
seemed tn have the illv
eaie completely under
control; thr sores and
ulcers healed nnd I was
soon free from all signs
of the disorder : I have
leen strong nnd henlthv ever since.
I,. W. .Smith, I.ock box 611, Nouleivllle, Ind,
jt Bl is the only purely vege
f fk f table blood purifier
k 1W k known, $1,00013
BBB offered for proof that
it contains n particle of
mercury, jwtash or other mineral poison.
Send for our free book on blood Poison ;
it contains valuable information about
this disease, with full directions for self
treatment. We charge nothing for medi
cal advice ; cure yourself at home.
reBUsimn nr
w.l. McMillan.
n. ar.
BalerH tt to. efflM st lUd Cloud, Neb.n
Mad lut mall matwr,
Lral sdrerllslug 6 cant per line pr Issue,
LactI Adrcrtlilnn for entertainments', con
Mttf.s.oUU, etc., given by chtirchci, charitable
MCletles, etc., where all moneys railed (here
from are used wholly for church r charitable
societies, first ten lines free and all over ten
lines 9H cents per line per Inane.
Local advertlHlng of entortAlnmouti, concerts,
recitals, etc., where per cent Is given to pro
noten, t cents per line per Issue.
One column ir month .... IT 00
One half column per month ........ . a M
One fourth column per mouth 1 73
General display adverting 1 8fc (Wilts per
Inch per Issue.
Alfalfa cutting is the ordur of the
day at Womer.
Womer has it morry-go-round and
both young and old enjoy tho sport.
Thero will ho a bull gnmo tvt Womor,
this Saturday afternoon Como nnd
eo tho boys learn to piny ball.
Mrs. Pounds is still very pool 1 v. She
is under tho cure of Dr. Cruighton of
lUd Cioud.
Everybody went to Kud Cloud to
hear Bryan nnd Allen. Thoy nil sooin
od pleased with Hilly. R. T. Potter
got Hbout ai much prniio as Willie'
liathos Bros, havo bought another
1M0 bushels of old corn.
Dave Watson is the happy papa of
another fine baby girl. Dave and baby
are doing Hne.
There is talk of snyeral weddings at
The creamery is doing some line
work in tbo butter line.
Grain is growiug nicely if it is dry.
Wheat and rye is good. A good rain
would help out tho wheat.
Womer is soon to havo n telephone
uerTico connecting with Smith Centre
uud (uavnle. Bhvan.
Weather hot nnd dry.
Tho children's day exercises nt Penny
creek hare been changed to Juno S3.
Mrs. Wm. VanDyke and Benjamin
were the guests of V. U. Sorlvnor Sun
Friends here received the news from
Fountain, Oklahoma, that the crop
prospects were good and everyone was
.getting along nicely.
Cultivating corn is the order of the
Thursday was pay day for the Red
Cloud creamery. Everybody was well
pleased with the amount paid for the
E. W. Anderson is a rustler, and g ts
around on tinio when hauling milk to
the creamery.
V. H. Scrivnor is tho owner of u new
wind mill and well.
W. J. HHskins has good gardun re
gurdless of the dry weather. Ho irri
gates from his well.
Will Aubushon is a rustler. He is
over his corn tho second time.
Tho nlfalfa is ready to harvest. It is
& good crop nnd will go two tons to tho
Priouds received tho nows Unit tho
Kengle boys had struck u niuo foot
veiu of gold nnd copper. They think
iboy are richer thau Jay Could or Vun
dciblll. Pay your subscription and get a cal
dating poncil. Thoy are a little won-
When the
Hair Fans
Dry weather still continues.
'I'h farmeiH aro all busy in their
Tho gossips nro nwny fnim home, so
news clrt ulntes very slowly this weok,
Jrsso Ailos is home ugain from I ml I
nun, and Is toady to taku up bis school
Josso Wagonor nnd Jnsper Smith
am homo from the schools.
Tho mtilu quartet mot at N. 11. Wng
oner's on Thursday night uud grcnt
chunks of melody floated out 011 tho
uiglil uir until a Into hour.
F.d Muhler marketed 11 load of fat
hogs this week.
Mrs. Cm 111 it Smith nnd dnughlor
Cora wuro utlcnding the Sunday school
convention ut Innvnlo this week.
Teachers' Institute.
Tho Wobsler County Teachers Insti
tutu for MO 1 convenes in this city Mon
day, .Juno 10, ut 8 11. in , ut Hit) high
school building in this city.
Dally sessions from oight o'clock a.
m. until live o'clock p.m. Tho insti
tute closes Saturday nfternooii, June
Specimens of school work from the
various schools of tho countj will be
on exhibit in ouu of tbo rooms dowu
Ntuirs. All interested in school work
nro cordially invited to visit tho insti
tute uud to examine tho exhibit of
school work.
Tho evouing sessions of tho Institute
are ns follows:
Monday evening An Informal recep
tion to the tonchors nt the homo of the
Tuosdny evening Meeting of tho
Webster County Touchers UcntlingCir
cle nt the M. E church.
Thursday evening Lectin 0 at Con
gtegntionnl church by Kov. Frederick
Hatch of Umahit, subject, "Quter Peo
ple" Friday evening Lecture nt tho Con
gregational church by E Amherst Olt,
subject notyot announced.
First class talent bus beon engaged
fortheso lectures nnd the teachers nnd
superintendent gladly invito tho gener
al public to share tho pleasure with
them. Prof. Ott gave his lecture "Sour
Grapes" three years ago, nnd it is be
lieved his new locturo will be fully up
to his former standard. Kev. Hatch
comes highly rocommondod. His ico
turo "Queer People" is a popular lec
ture nnd hns been favorably received
in many of the larger cities of the
We t ITer One Hundred Dollars re
ward for any caso of catarrh that enn
not be cured by Hull's Cntnrrh Cure.
F J. Chknkv & Co. Props,
Toledo, Ohio.
We. the undersigned havo known F
J. Cheney for tho pnst lifteon yean'
nnd beliovo him perfectly honorable in
nil business transactions nnd financial
ly able to enrry out nny obligations
111 ado by their linn.
Wholosnlo Druggists, Toledo, O.
Wholesnlo Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Price
75c per bottle, Sold by all druggists.
Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Jennie To havo a round beautiful
neck wlgglo your head from side to
side every night nnd take Rocky Moun
tain tea. It's a short cut to n graceful
form. 350. C. L. Cotting.
Maeata Tour Bowels With OaseareU.
i&SS 8AbryJ ?.urf constipation forever.
Wo, aoo. ft C. 0.0, fall, druggist ref una money.
Always seeks to find some expression
for itself, nnd womanly gratitude will not
keep silence. Cynical people sometimes
say Why do women write these testimo
nials to the value of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription? The
answer can be
put in one word,
Gratitude. When,
after years of
agony a woman is
freed from pain,
when the weak
woman is made
strong and the
sick woman well,
the natural im
pulse is to write a
word of grateful
thanks for the
medicine which
caused the cure.
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription
cures diseases
peculiar to women.
It establishes regu
larity, stops weak
ening drams, heals
inflammation and
ulceration nnd
cures f u m u 1 e
Ulavliijr used I)r
Tierce's I'nvorite Pre
scription nnd '(Solden
Medicnl Dtvcovcry'
illlHtlt til tin!,- n
writes Mm Mnttie I.ontr. of l'louta Vnflcy, l'errv
Co pti I can truthfully recommend the medi.
cities lor nil fcmnlr uriiLneskcs I have ued
meral tattles of favorite Prescription ' which
I consider .1 (jrent blessing to weak women I
vas m nervous uud ilikCournKed that I hardly to do Your kind advice for home
treatment heltml me wonderfully. Thanks to
I)r fierce "
Doctor Vierce's Pleasant Tellets cure
Diltousucss, and sick headache. They
SIlOUlll l)C
" Favorite
used in connection witu,con,es otS with tho genuino Rocky
Prescription," whenever the I Mountain Tea made by Madison Medi-
use of u laxative is indicated.
Incidents ol Every Day Life Which Very
Few People Stop to Think About on
Accouut of Their Littleness
From present appearances Red Cloud
will have no Fotitth of Julj celebra
tion this year We bellevo thnt thin is
win re the business men fall down
Even If it dot h cost them n Uvo or a ten
thoy ought to bo willing to piovldo one
tiny of enjoyment nnd amusement for
their patioti3 from tho country. A
good pioporiiou of tho business men
Hro progressive but they aro hnntll
cnppetl by a number who wunt to fel
tho eol-ir of 11 huge piolit (or every
piece of money they let go of Tho
hoys ai:il girls of this Hty nml viciniiy
will Iih ve u clianeo to xpeutl tho Font th
in some other city nml perhnps camp
out on the school house steps About
this time n yenr ago this paper kept up
n lively knocking for 11 brick hotel nnd
other brick buildings We nioglnd to
sny now that wo nro going to hnvo
both Now that the school kids ate
tinned Imoso their parents will pioba
bly long for tho tiny when school opens
up ngnln. Tho kids hnvo well earned
their vucntion und should enjoy it
whilo thoy tuny. Picnic parties will
bo on nnd after thoy gotstnrtcd we can
loeic for rnin. Just nt tho prosont tliuo
death by tho suicide louto seems to bo
tho order in Lincoln anil other places.
Any person contemplating this step
should think seriously over It for when
you get the job done you will be a long
time dead. Hut talking about suicide,
tho city wntor wo nro getting now is
enough to tlrlvo a man either to this or
drink. But don't think tho city wnter
or the doctor will havo to use a saiiiI
pump instead of nn emetic to get you
out of danger Tho sweet girl ratlu
nto nml the young men who will mnko
our futuro statesmen nro having their
inning this week. Tho good looking
school marm will hnvo hors next weok.
Wo understand thnt tho merry-go-round
will bo kept hero another week
for hor especial plensuro nnd nmuso
ment. Tho boys nro now saving up
their nickels for it Ih not every day
that they can got to ride with a school
marm. The firo west of town on Wed
nesdny night sot somo persons to think
ing of what might havo happonod if
tho cry of fire had been raised on tho
street With tho opera houso packed
with its dense throng of humanity it
would hnvo boon nothing loss thnn n
miracle if a .disastrous stampede had
not been made for tho exits and loss of
life ensued. Each year the graduating
exercises have to bo hold hero on ac
count of tho fact thnt no other place
available is ndequntotohold tho crowd.
Many persons gave up tho ploasuro
of attending theso functions for tho
very reason thnt thoy would rather bo
nliyo nutl absent than dead nnd pros
ent. Tho dny tuny como when these
words may bo recalled with bitter sad
noss. The only way out of it is to
stand up for Ro I Cloud nnd build a
ground floor opera house, Now is tho
accepted time. Lot sovernl of our
enterprising men got togothor and set
tho ball rolling. Donations of casn,
brick, lumber nnd lots in exchnnge for
stock will build it nnd no ono will par
ticularly notice tho outlay.
School Apportionment.
Following is tho semi-amual school
apportionment for Webster county.
Tho total amount received from the
state treasurer was 14,007 88, and is
divided among the various districts as
1 G.R.
a R. C.
(J Inavnle
$123 70
403 58
45 07
27 37
41) 81)
18 48
31 41
39 33
33 71
33 08
50 50
80 53
41 44
30 83
48 48
50 03
40 74
37 23
41 44
39 33
22 45
31 flO
47 77
42 15
35 81
33 70
44 2G
33 70
00 32
43 85
41 41
53 70
40 88
10 75
33 85
40 75
20 03
51 01)
33 (11
40 73
3S 53
9 44 05
30 52
23 48
53 70
32 30
3fl 13
31 43
27 38
50 23
44 07
GO Rose'mt
63. ...
60. . .
73 Cow I es
74 11.11
75 .
16. .
18. . .
23 . . ..
35 13
47 78
30 63
50 60
72 40
41 45
20 49
63 55
63 55
43 86
86 S3
40 00
34 43
33 00
23 44
25 07
03 88
251 10
80 89
37 23
40 80
10 85
43 55
31 41
31 (iO
44 20
49 18
52 70
7 70
27 37
31 Bladen.
$4,007 03
Imitators have been many. Thought
fill people have learned that true merit
clno Co. 85c C. L. Cotting.
"Something New Under The Sun.
All Doctors hnvo tried to cure Ca
nrrh by the iimi of powders, ncid gaes,
Inhalers, nutl drugs in paste form.
Their powders dry up the mucous mem
branes causing them to crack open and
bleed. The powerful acids used in the
Inhalers have entiiely eaten away the
same membranes thnt their makeis
have nlmeil to cure, while pastes nnd
ointments cannot reach tho disease.
An old nntl experienced practitioner
who mis lor many years made u close
study and specialty f tho treatment of
Catnrih, has at last perfected n treat
ment which when faithfully used, not
only relieves nt once, but permanently
cut es Catarrh by temoviug the cause,
stopping the disehntges, nnd curing
ull inllnmmntion It is the only lem
edy known to science thnt actually
leaenes tun niuieieti parts. This won
del fill remedy is known as Snufllps the
(Jtiarnnteetl Catanh Cure" n cd is sold
nt the extiemely low juice of One Dol
lar, each packtge containing internal
nntl external medicine sulllcient for 11
full mouth's treatment nutl everything
uecefsnrv to its pel feet use
"Snuffles" is the only perfect Catarrh
Cure over iiihilu nnd is now recognized
ns the only safe and positive cure tor
that annoying nn I disgusting disease.
It cures nil inllamation quickly nntl
pciinniiehlly nml is also wonderfully
quick to relieve Hay Fuveror cold in
tho bend.
CatnrWi whon neglected often lends
to Consumption "Snuffles" will save
you if you use it at once. It is no ordi
nary remedy, but n complete treat
ment which is positively guaranteed to
cure Catarrh in nny form or Htnge if
used according to directions which ac
company each package. Don't deluv
but send for it nt once, and write full
particulars ns t your condition, nnd
you will reeeivu special advice from
the discoverer of this wonderful rein
edy regarding jour ease without cost
to you beyond the regular prico of
"Snuffles" the "Guaranteed Catarrh
Sent prepaid to any address in the
United Slates or Canada on receipt of
One Dollar. Address Dcpt A 402, Ed
win B Giles & Company. 2330 und 2332
Market Street, Philadelphia.
Whereas, The poople of this com
munity rendered their grateful assist
ance to tho old soldiers on last Decora
tion dny, nnd,
Whereas the G. A. R. Post of this
city feels in duty bound to properly
rocognio tho snme, thereforo be it
Resolved, by James A. Gm field Post
No. 80, Red Cloud, Nebrnskn. that wo
sincerely thank the business men and
citizens of Red Cloud for tkoir kind as
sistnnco and generous donations, nnd
be it further
Resolved, that we tender oar thanks
to the Rev. Cobb, Spenkor R. T. Potter
and tbo bnnd boys for their services.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Knsr, a powder. It cures
painful, smarting, nervous feet nnd in
growing nails, and instantly takes tho
sting out of corns uu-i bunions It's
the greatest comfort discovery of the
nge. Allen's Foot Eaoe makes tight or
ne v shoes feel easy. It is a curtain
euro for sweating, callous and hot
tired, itching feet. Try it todny. Sold
j by nil druggists nntl shoe stores. By
mail for 25c in stumps. Trial package
free. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Leroy
July 6 to 13 the Burliugton Route wil
sell round trip tickets to Snn Francisco
at unprecedentedly low rates. The
rate from Omaha, for instance will be
45. From other points correspond
ingly low. Tickets good to return un
til August 31. Stopovers allowed both
going nnd returning. Teachers, clergy
men nnd others who can get away dur
log the hot summer months are urged
to invest igntu this remarkable oppor
tunity of obtaining llio mast enjoyable
outing in their experience at u. cost so
.slim 1 1 as to bo withia tench ot almest
everyone. Beautifully illustrutcd fold
er, giving full information, mailed ou
rt quest. J. Fkancis,
(ieuorul Passenger Agent,
Omaha, Nob
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
ana cneenuiness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
mat it is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ates too often. If the
urine scalds the flesh or If, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it Is yet afflicted with
bed-wettlnc, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these Important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the Immediate effect of
Swamp-Root Is soon realized. It is sold
hv Hriicfflsts. In flflv- RV-
cent and one dollar
sizes. You mav have a RSI
sample bottle by mall - !2i
iree, aiso pampniet tell- Home ot swawiviioot.
ing all about It. Including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
6c Co., Blnghamton, N, Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
y r?
t5Tnwt3Ftii. i-U
Hot Weather Goods F
Wc have quite a numher of
mer goods, such as Dimities.
Summer Goods. These are the result of our big trade
in this line' and to close them out in short time we are
making them at great bargains. Soin nf r Wr. nine
arc waist lengths and
cresses, you cannot altord
We carry a full line of
-ply ingrains, and sell them
at the lowest prices. All
carpets carefully cut and
Floor Mattings 15c per
yard and upward.
Shirt Waists.
Our line of Shirt Waists
comprises the latest styles
and vest front effects. The
quality of goods is the best
that can be procured in
Dimity, Lawn, Batiste and
When in need of a new
belt do not fail to call at
our stors and procure one.
Have you seen those new straight front Summer Corsets.
it not come in and get one. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Call Phone 61 when in need of choice fruits or gro
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Furniture !
Little Store Room
Big Damerell Block
is packed to its utmost with all the latest styles of fur
niture and at prices lower than ever before offered.
Call and get our prices before buying. We will save
you money and please you with quality.
Albright Bros., Red Cloud, Neb.
building material, Etc
Red cloud.
City Dray and
Goods Delivered to any part
Chicago - Lumber - Vard. 4
Lumber, Lime, Coal and Cement.
Prices I
short lenirth nipm in cum.
Lawns. Hatistis nnrl fnn
others enough for children's
to miss this opportunity.
We still
have a few
of those
left and are
them at 50c
on the
Our reputation for carry
ing fine shoes is of long
standing and we mean to
keep it above par.
We have a few pairs of
ladies' shoes in small sizes
which we will sell at 50c on
the dollar and less.
ure Bros.
Express Line.
of the city.
Charges as low as the Lowest