The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 07, 1901, Image 1

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A gorgeous dsiplay of crisp new
Muslin Underwear
made as only experts can make it and under the most healthful conditions. The
fit and finish of every piece, coupled with the prevailing low prices.
makes an offering of very unusual interest.
Gowns, 50c to $2.50.
Skirts, 50c to $2.75.
Corset Covers 35c to 75c.
Good Muslins.
Our low prices on muslins the past few weeks have created quite a stir and in order
to give all an equal chance we will sell bleached and unbleached muslin at
the same cut prices for a few days more.
Lonsdale cambric muslin 9c yard.
Lonsdale muslin, 6 3-4c yard.
Good Bleached muslin, 5c yard.
Best L.L. unbleached muslin 4 l-2c yd.
Unbleached muslin, short lengths 3c yd.
Fancy Dress Ginghams, regular 10c. now any pattern 7c yd.
Fancy calicoes, standard goods 10 yards 32c.
Southern silk shirting, regular 10c, this sale 7c yd.
Amoskeag Shirtings, this sale, 9c yd.
A good light weight shirting 5c yd.
A choice lot of Shirt Waists tnat sold at 50c to
$2.50, our close out price 39c each.
Mullock greeted the 1 robbing triulllion presented tho "Class pressive, put ami practical
uni(uo salutatory.
The Chief
Inter Ocean
i .25 per year.
i 9
S v
Now is the time to subscribe.
Scissors Ground,
flazors Honed,!
Bob Barkley & W. F. Lodge j
uaruer bhop.
First door south of Star!
bakery and restaurant. J
All kinds of barber work executed
promptly and satisfaction
5 GIVE - US - A - CALL.
.... ..... mmSkd
Rko Cloud. Nkukaska,
Landscapes, Flowers, Fruits and
traits mado to order.
Flour, Feed, Oats, Corn,
Baled Hay and Coal Oil.
O No, 1 Third Avenue, Red Cloud, Nebr-, Phone No, 51,
Lock Box S3. Outdo Hock, Neb.
VII kinds of proporty bought, sold Bad
law An Tour KMuii t
.Dr. llobba' Spartans PlUa ear all UdQtr I Ha. BAkw
Twelfth Annual Commencement
of the Red Cloud High
Six Boys and Five Girls Start on the Real
Journey of Life A Brief Review of
Their Last School Work.
Once morn our high sehoel has
shown its etlleieney by sanding out an
other giaduating class full of life and
hopu lilted for the rriilitirs of piaotieal
existence. 'I'ho progiam us curried
out wns quite a divergency from the
former exercises. Wednesday night
was class day, Thursday night com
mencement proper and the Alumni
banquet. Wednesday night the opera
house was tilled to its utmost capacity
at 8.30 with the relatives and fri-nda
of the class noxiously waiting the time
when each should go through the or
deal and becomo conqueror or con
quered Nobly did the class respond
to the confidence of their tenchers and
as each one demonstrated his ability to
gi apple witli his first attempt there
was bulono woid to express the ontiro
program and that woril wns "success "
Tho Hcnnu on the stage was most
pleasing to ovonaoonlirnied pessimist.
Tho decorations were the peifectinu of
tuste and the graduates and teachers
sitting in a half circle looked their very
Miss Anna M.
audiuuen witli n
Departing from the traditional policy
of "our modesty," "you'll forgive mis
takes," etc., she showed that this was
an exceptional class tho most cul
tured class tho brightest class the
century class and then showed their
chief virtue to be their utter lack of
egotistical tendencies. She followed
her salutatory with a recital from
David Harum. She showed herself to
be an adept at personation mid was
tealislic in the extreme. One could
almost see the deacon sitting in the
rain swearing.
Alive to the sociological problems of
tlio present day, Hud McCiine forcibly
piesnnted the facts and deductions
connected with the bauitilimout of
Count Tolstoi and traced out the io-
suit of generations of growth and
Delving down into the rccoids of the
Vast Miss Alice I. I'ope found food for
thought and material for fun in bring
ing to light the lives of former gradu
ates ami tier effort on "Our Predeces
sors" proved to be interesting and in
Time is a wonderful producer of
ehungn, developing the human miud to
such an extent enabling it to forge
thoughts of such power that when
fitly ezpr ssed they bocotne like tho
calls of n trumpet in the cars of man
kind, enabling it to set in motion agen
cies nud movements which effect the
destinies of generations and nations.
Tho formation of tho great steel trust,
the association of gigantic labor organ
izations attracted the practical mind of
W. Leigh Pope and his discourse of
"Combination ot Powci" met the ap
proval of tho entire audience.
Originality creeps out in every move
ment of the clats and as an instance
Miss Mabel K, Ueckwith drew up tho
formal papers of the "Class Will" bo
ing the last will and testament signed
whilo still in a sanu condition of
tciud by the entire class. This
showed considerable thought as well
as originality and Miss Ueckwith is to
be congratulated for ao fittingly pre
senting a difficult subject,
Amid tho prosaic calmness of Web
star county and surrounded by aciicle
of realistic classmates Clarence M.
Gross surprised his hearers by pre
senting, as a product ot his genius, tho
"Class 1'ocm". It was haidly up to
the excellence of Virgil's beautiful
iambic verse, and may hare lacked the
tire of Hymn yet it showed the pootic
powers of the young graduate and we
trust ho will develop his tnlent by
further application,
"The Commercial World" was dealt
PrifflV ?owder
fo.' ' ' -k- ,tf f s
in Strength
and Purity.
Improves the flavor and adds
to the healthfulness of the food.
NOT. There nro Imitation baking pow
ders nnld chtap by many croceri.
They nro mado from Mum, a
nolionoiM drug, which rendera
tho food Injurious to health.
with bv Samuel G. Foster in bright,
clear happy manner and disclosed the
fact thai while his attention has been
centered upon his etudies, he has not
permitted himself to becomo a more
book worm but has acquhed a keen
insight into the intricate cog wheels ot
Huuh K. Heal collecting data and
possibilities before each one of them
and showed that one's avocation was
immaterial so long as character Is de
veloped. Tho problem of life was now
assigned to them and If they would
live a well-iounded life, ono full of the
best, they would begin the solntion at
obco by choosing Intrinsic excellency
aB their formula. Ills words were ox-
History." Hugh showed that while
hlstorv may sometimes be somewhat
dry anil uninteresting yet in tho hands
of an expert many quaint and humor
ous facts may bo overlooked.
The intellectual brightness of Miss
Susie K. Kngles, gained for her the
high distinction of valedictorian and
her closing reinnrks were especially to
bo commended nud admired.
Once again the nlass change tho reg
ulation tactics by delivering tlio olmt.
prophecy in dialogue form. Mis
Winnifred M Sherman anil Joseph S.
Garber meet after llfteen yenrs havi
elapsed since they completed the courm
in tlio lieu uioini iiigu ocuooi nun
they proceed to i form each other in
the good old fashioned way whine each
of the class is and what each is doing
So faithfully did they assume the role
that one could almost imagine the ex
tra grey hairs already crowning the
cranial appendages of those excellent
Tho musical element of the program
was well lepresentfd by Miss .) dinette
Dvmirt. Miss Lillian Smith unit Mr (
S.JAIbright, the more mention of whoso
nauicH at ouce bospeaks high class
Thursday night the graduation ex
orcises' proper commenced with a boau-
tiful solo ronderod by Mis Dysart
entitled, "Angel's Serenade." then
followed the invocation by Rev. J. II.
N. Cobb of the M. E. church. Superin
tendent Sams then announced that the
pcaker of the evening, Dr. Fletcher
Wharton had missed his train and was
unablo to bo present. This was the
only disappointment connected with
tho exercises this year. A musical
program consisting of the very best
solos, duets and qui.rtcts was substi
tuted wherein Miss Dysart, Miss Smith,
Mrs. Uaum, L. P. and G. S. Albright
were the performers, and while regrots
wero expressed at the non-appearance
of tho speaker, the mnsio wns highly
satisfactory. John S. Dwight says:
"We need somo ever-present, ever
welcoming influence that shall in
sensibly tono down our self-asserting
and avgrossivo manners, round off
the sharp, oflonsivo angularity of
character, subdue aud harmonize the
free and ceaseloss conflict of opinions,
warm out tho gonial individual hu
manity of each and every unit of
society, lest he becomo a mero member
of a party, or a shaier ot a business or
fashion " Surely those who listened
to tho musical of Thursday night will
appreciate thoso words f Mr. Dwight.
Prof. II. L. Sams tbon in wolhcbesen
words addressed tbo class upon the
Mr. C. F. Cnther on behalf of the
board of education then presented the
class with their well-earned diplomas.
Among the good things ho said that
they wero educated by tho public and
tho public had a right to expect from
thni their very best talonts and
achievements; thnt tho public would
be roipensive to any dUplny of merit.
Ha thon called attention to tho class
motto, Non l'ALMA sine i.AiuiitK, and
pointed out the fnctthat life's victotios
weie not attained by mere accident;
that ono must strive with the whole
soul of his being if ho would trium
phantly ginsp tho palm.
Floral emblems were then given and
the school life of class 1001 was cndeiL
Hihl here permit in tho liberty to
siy a few words in ccomia of our high
school toucher. In Prof. Sams, Miss
von Pilsum and Miss Schneller we unvo
a corps of instructors which it is safo
to say has never been excelled on
equalled sluco tho foundation of lho
school. While in times past there has
been individual preceptors who wero
unquestionably proficient, yet at tho
same timo as a whole the faculty has
never boon so strong. Wo hnvo threo
of the vory best instructors, each ono
spoclally adapted, specially equipped
and specially qualified for developing
and moulding tho character of the
young, which after all ia tho true
The twelfth annual alumni banquet
was held in tho Masonic hall immedi
ately after the exercises in the opora
house and was tho most successful af
fair in tho history of the association,
Kach person present soemed to feel tbo
responsibility of ontortaining and as a
result the meeting was a brilliant
success. Music, laughter, reparteo,
mirth and pleastiro wero all mixed to
gether in harmonious confusion. The
custom of banqueting the graduates is
a commondablo feature of the exer
cises and is a fitting culmination of tbo
process incident to the joys of student
life. The following were tho toasts:
Prof, G. M. Caster, Toastaaster.
"Betwaon Ourselves," Roscoe C.
"Our Anticipations," Winnie Sher
man. "Our Realizations," Estella Duokjtr.
"A Mlxturo," Prof. H. L. Sams.
"My First Appearance," Anna Hal-
"Bumps," E. J. Overlng, Jr.
Farm for Sale.
Half soction, live miles from Red
Cloud. One of the best upland farms
in Webstor county,
J. W. Wallih,
Red Oleud, Neb.
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