The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 24, 1901, PART TWO, Image 15

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Albany, N. Y., Strike Now
Thing of the Past.
Hlfiht of Koldler Miulilem the t'rowil
Unardimaii Nhtp llliimplf hj Itun
uIiik A lleitty l)iirniiur of
llnlii Keep .Many ofT street.
The great Albany. X. V.. street rail
way strike, lasting twelve days, requir
ing the presence of a.iMm' national
guards in tin city, costing the lives of
two prominent merchants ami entailing
un expense to the county of Albany of
over 8.10,000, is nmlenblv settled, anil If
the agreements are kept there will W
no trouble for three years at least.
The incidents of' the tirst day of
active operation of all the railway lines
affected by the great strike at Albanv.
X. Y., have Won few because of the
hcrtvy fall of rain. The two men shot
by guardsmen were burled Sunday
but the pouring rain kept away the
thousands of sight seers that otherwise
would have marked the occasion with
their presence. The departure of the
Twenty-third regiment was the second
feature of the day and stirring sermons
in many of the city's pulpits aided in
closing the incident. The funeral of
Leroy Smith was devoid of incident,
except that it was attended by city
olllcluls and directors of the street rail
way company. At the funeral of
William Walsh there whs nearly a riot.
While the services wcte proceeding
in the church the crowd that had Wen
unable to gain admission saw a uni
formed soldier coming down the street.
Instantly the ieoplc were in a state of
ferment. A rush wa8 made for the un
lucky soldier, but a few wise beads
held the maddened crowd baek for
a minute while several others advised
the man to run. Arguing that discre
tion was the Wtter part of valor, he
did mn and trouble was avoided.
The starting out of the first ear of
the intercity line shortly after noon
Sunday was the cause of a demonstra
tion. Pistols were fired, Hags waved,
torpedoes were placed on the track and
exploded, the motormuii and conduc
tors wore flags on their coats and fully
"(H) men and women fought for the
privilege of the first ride.
When the conductor got the car
started and rang up the fares he found
that he had seventy-three passengers
where usually fifty is a crowd. Within
an hour so many cars were running
that the monotony deterred people
from riding for novelty's sake.
Tali en l'
HiihIih-hm AkhIii
ut th Old
.Judge Cordon has been pernltted to
take his seat on the police court bench
at Omaha without encountering a
policeman in his path. Judge Craw
ford was on hand to turn hlsotllce over
to his successor and gracefully retired.
The tlrst offender before Judge Cor
don was tendered a twenty-day sen
tence. 'The council having heard the
arguments in tlie case as to the juris
diction of the council to entertain the
charges pending and preferred against
Samuel 1, Cordon, police judge, for
misconduct in office, have decided to
dismiss- the matter for want of juris
diction." The above unsigned verdict was
returned by the city council after an
hour's deliberation on the arguments
of the attorneys on the question of
jurisdiction in the Cordon lnicnch
ment case.
It removes the last barrier which the
law has attempted to interpose between
t lie person of Samuel I. Cordon, xilicc
judge, nnd his long coveted and equal
ly long-denied wool sack.
The conclusion was reached in exec
utive session. How the vote stood is
not known, as each councilman pledged
himself not to reveal the ballots.
Mm. Mi'Klnley'K Condition .Much Hull it
Now Ablo to 811 Up.
At (Clli p. in.. Sunday night, Secre
tary Cortelyou gave out the following:
"Mrs. McKliiley's physicians report
that she had a very good day and pro
gress made since morning is very sat
isfactory." Mrs. MoKlnley's condition
was so far improved Sunday afternoon
that bhe was able to sit up awhile.
This welcome news was glTen out
shortly after a o'clock.
Found Ilfuil on Hid Street.
Kiioch Wood, aged twenty-six, of
M unlock. 111., was found dead o:i
Washington, street, Indianapolis, I ml.
He was in the city on an excursion and
had been lslting relatives. The cor
oner is now Investigating tlie ease. Xo
cause can be given.
Aililltlonat Kurnl Delivery.
Additional rural free delivery will
be cstalished to commence July 1 next
at Fairmont, Filmore county with
two carriers, (1. W. Curtis and .M. K.
Mullen, Tlui route is fifty-six miles
long, embracing an area of eighty-four
sq'uare miles and containing a popula
tion of J, 725.
A civil service examination will bo
held at Xebraska City on June 10 for
the positions of clerk and carrier in
the postotllce at that place.
Tho postofilco at Oscso, Kearney
county, has been orperedre-cstnbllsheil
with Niels Jausen. postmaster,
Portuguese Art lit Shoot n (llrl nml Klltf
At Chicago l.orle Maudoso. a Portu
guese artist shot Alice Cusae. a nurse
girl through the neck and then killed
himself. The tragedy occurred in
Washington park, which at the time
was thronged with people.
Maudoso had made himself disagree
able to a number of people, and com
plaint being made to tlte police an otll
ccr started to drive him from the park
This rendered the Portuguese franttc,
and rushing up to the nurse girl, who
is fifteen years of age. and who held in
her arms a baby belonging to Mrs. .1.
II. Lambert, he shot the girl through
the throat, indicting a dangerous, but
not fatal wound, lie then shot him
self. The shooting of the girl through
the neck was wholly without provoca
tion, as she was an entire stranger to
him. Maudoso was injured in a rail
road aecciilent three years ago and
since then has not been entirely sane.
The girl probably will recover.
(Irant mid 'I llh-r Cnuxlf ted In (inrlnimll
Prentice Tiller and Kdward Mc
Dowell, alias Orant. pleaded guilty to
the charge of robbing mail lioxcs at
Cincinnati and were sentenced by
.Judge Thompson to tlve and three
years, respectively, at hard labor In
the penitentiary. It Isalleged the men
rilled mall Wxes in many cities. They
were arrested at Omaha several weeks'
ago and while being taken to Cincin
nati for trial McDowell escaped from
the olllecrs at Chicago, but was
captured at IlutTalo two weeks ago.
There were witnesses In court from
Omaha and Hastings, Xch., and Dayton
and Toledo, O.
Mini I'limiied Hy IIBhti Kill t.'ninrmnlot.
nml lllnmelf.
T. '.. Kllsey, of McComb City, Miss.,
shot a woman companion and either
killed himself Immediately nfterwards
or was killed by olllecrs. Kllsey and
the woman arrived at West Point,
Texas, one day. and after leaving the
next day a local olllcer learned that the
man wius wanted by the authorities In
Louisiana. Armed with a warrant
two olllecrs started after Kllsey and
his companion. They were overtaken
near Klmo and Kllsey shot the woman
dead and Wgan a pistol duel with the.
otlleers. When the smoke of the battle
cleared away Kllsey was dead.
Chimney IIIrIi In Air iltm Way Whll
Men Are Working;.
The chimney of Jewitt's sawmill at
St. Johns. X. It., collapsed and three
men were killed and others were in
jured. The dead are: William J.
Price. John McCauskey, CharleR With
on. The chimney was 107 feet high
and was undergoing repairs. Price,
the contractor, and McCauskey were
working 100 feet up the inside of the
structure, while the others were work
ing below. The chimney gave way at
the bottom and collapsed.
T. II. WiiiuiiiiiitciT l.o-n'K III Ht'Hlilonco
('online Hair .Million.
The country home of Thomas ll.
Wanamaker, at Meadowbrook, Mont
gomery county, Pa., was struck by
lightning and entirely destroyed. The
lu,use was adorned with valuable paint
ings and bric-a-brac, all of which was
destroyed. Mr. Wanamaker and his
family were at Philadelphia at the
(Mil Settler Ileiid.
Mrs. Charlrw Lcmke of Stockton pre
cinct, one of the first settlers in Lan
caster county, died recently at her
home, aged seventy-one. Mrs. Lemkc
leaves a husband anil four children,
tw o sons and two daughters. The sons
are William and John, farmers of Stock
ton precinct, and the daughters are
Agnes living at Watcrtown, S. 1)., Jand
Mrs. K. L. Simon, of Lincoln. Mrs.
I'uike and her husband came to Lan
caster county In 18,'i8 from Wisconsin.
The trip wiw made with an ox team.
She has lived ever since on tlie same
section of land on which she and her
husband lsiught their original home
stead. Within tlie Time Limit.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shaw, who left
Xew York MayH in a gasollnecarriage,
have arrived at their Ashland home in
Chicago. Tlie trip was made inside of
ten days, and they therefore win a sil
ver cup offered by Mrs. ('. K. Smith of
Xew York. A large amount of money
Is said to have Wen wagered that the
feat would not be accomplished within
ten days.
MiI.uiiKlilIn Dlt-H.
Dcnnsi McLaughlin, who was shot
on his farm near Sinnrtvlllo last Wed
nesday, is dead. At the time he was
shot It was feared his Injuries would
prove fatal, and he could not survive
the operation. This proved true, uud
he died Sunday.
Sublime Porte Hiilnnltn.
Ahmed Tewllk Paslia, Ottoman ml n
istcr of foreign affairs, called upon the
foreign ambassadors at Constantinople
and notified them of Turkey's desire to
re-establish the status quo in the jos
tal question. It is understood that tho
Herman ambassador considers the in
cident closed. The other powers, how
uver, decline to regard a return to the
status quo as an adequate settlement;
and the llrltlsh, French and Austrain
embassies have even declined to trans
mit the explanation of Tewllk Pasha
to their governments,
Machinists of the Country Oboy
Striko Ordor.
Ini'iful Wntkniit nml Hut l.lttlc ll-
order Detitniul for Nine Hour liny
Willi Ten Hour' I'iij Airoriletl
In Soini' 'mr Mini) Olijiit.
A Washington dispatch says: p
proximately .lo.tMM machinists through
out the country struck Monday for a
nine hour day. a scale of wages equal
to the present ten hour day and othei
demands. This Is the rough estimate
of President O'Connell of the national
association of machinists, based on the
telegraphic ad lees that have reached
him from the machinists' headquarters
in the various cities.
The strike thus far has not extended
to the allied trades, save in one or two
instances, as at Scrautou, Pa., where
men in a part of the allied trades, are
out. Xo machinists engaged in govern
ment work are affected. This Is due
to the fact that on such work an eight
hour day scale already prevails, Rail
road machinists, as a rule, are not in
volved in the strike, though the men
on several roads are out. The Central
Vermont shop machinists at St. Albans,
numbering probably '.'Oil, have struck.
The I.chlgh Valleyinachlnlstsiit lluffn
lo, Sayre. Wllkesbarre and Klmlrn are
out, aggregating about .Mm. all told.
The Delaware, Lackawanna Western
men at IlutTalo. Scrautou, Wllkesbarre
and intermediate points are out. The
Culf, Colorado and Santa Ke men are
also out. The strike order, however,
does not apply to the railroads gener
ally. It Is expected at headquarters
that there is no competition between
tlie railroads and private -works and
work among the private establishments
Ik to be. adjusted tl'st.
Ceil cm I Chuff re lncn Fiirenell Orders
In Clilim.
Ccncrnl Chaffee, at midnight Satur
day night, issued his farewell ordei
ending the American relief expedition
in China. The American troops will
Ward the transports at Taku, and will
leave direct for Manila. ,
M. Pichon, Krench minister, has left
Pekin for home.
A meeting of foreign ministers will
be held soon, but it is not likely that
much will be accomplished as some of
the ministers have not yet received in
structions from their home govern
ments. The ministers commenting on the
blame attached to them by the
jieople for their slowness say that as
a matter of fact they are powerless to
act without orders from home. One of
tlte foreign ministers told a correspond
ent recently that he had been in
structed to co-operate heartily with
the other ministers. He found, upon
consultation with his colleagues, that
their instructions were absolutely
.Miv. .., r....... i.tu .... iili, . it 1 ,. mi.
., ,. ,, .... ,, ,
operation was practically impossible.
lloulnmn I'lrkn up u Story In .New York
William Stanfield, a Watman found
a bottle drifting with the tide near
the quaniutiiu! station, Xew York. It
contained a card of "A. V. I'reeiiian,
Menominee, Mich., district manager
Kabcr .t Watson, ties, poles and posts,
Chicago, 1)1."
On the reverse side was written in
lead pencil. "Cod knows I had no
choice. Did not come from Michigan
with this intention. They say drown
ing is painless."
Stanfield has written to tlie company
indicated on tlie card giving the par
ticulars of the find.
A. V. Freeman of Menominee Is alive
and well. Ho cannot account for the
finding of a note in a bottle Indicating
his drowning. Mr. Freeman repre
sents KaWr & Watson of Chicago. He
has not Wen in the east for some time.
KhooU Wlfe-HiHter Ileiiil.
John L. Jones shot and killed Thos.
Kcan in the presence of Kean's wife at
Kvausville, Intl. Mrs. Kcan is bisik
keeper in Jones' department store.
Kcan went to the store and Wgan to
abuse his wife, when Jones Interfered.
Kcan pulled a gun, but Jones was too
quick for him and shot Kcan lu the
heart. Kcan was separated from his
wife two years ago. Jones was re
leased on bond.
AeciiHPil of 1'niiiil.
Frank Slegel, of the Mcgel-Sanders
nive Stock company of Kansas City,
has Wen arrested charged with the
cmhczclincnt of S'i.OOO. He was re
leased on a S'.',(HMI bond. 'I lie warrant
was sworn out by lUley Wedge, re
ceiver of the company. It is Wlicvcd
the company has lost SlOO.noo by rea
son of Siegcl's peculations mid mis
management. Aim, McKlnley'D t.'oiiillllou Hopeful,
Monday night late It was given out
that Mrs. McKliiley's improvement
had continued throughout the day and
that at that hour her condition was ex
cellent. While sho did not leave her
bed, she passed considerable time
propped up, and tested well. It Is be
lieved slio will not be able to leave for
Washington for a week. The president
is taking part in as many public func
tions as. )w. can, but only iuiiu informal
way, as he spends most of his time at
the bulslde of his sick wife.
Wlilr-World Ktrtitft of More or 1,r
Intercut to the. Hinder.
The store of Vanderlip v Co., at Ren
net. Neb., was looted of S'.'tit) worth of
llarr, White, aged IT. was drowned
while bathing in tlie rher near Shell
Itock, la.
Ktlgar. Neb., reports good rains, ex
cellent crop condition, and splendid
fruit prospects.
Ilcnrj Mlngersshot and killed his
brother-in-law Prank Crelpel, at St.
Paul, Miiin. TIum, had quarreled.
A San Francisco dispatch says signs
arc apparent of the consolidation of
the powder companies of the west.
I'lr" at Kansas City. Kan. partly de
stroyed the Armour Packing company
elevator, entailing a damage of S.Mi.oOO.
A small Hie In the Paxtou hotel at
Omaha created excitement for a few
moments, part of the guests stamped
lug. It Is believed In Trenton, Neb., that
Hen Nclfert cannot recover from In
juries icceUcd by being thrown from a
The striking stevedores and lighter
men at Havana, Cuba, have returned to
work. Their grievances will Iks settled
by arbitration.
Hon. IMwIu I. 1'hl, former ambas
sador to Cermany died at his home in
Oram! Rapids. Mich., and the funeral
was held Tuesday.
W. D. Sterner, a Madison, Xeb.,
painter, fell from a .scaffolding and
received severe Injury. He will not lw
abh- to woik for some time.
Oscar Huberts and RoWrt Shrader,
alleged postotllce safeblowers, wero
captured near Ringgold, La., after a
light In which both were wounded.
Pat ljuigley, a pioneer of Sioux
county, la., was found dead In the road
four miles north of Lemurs. His team
and buggy were found tangled In a
barbed wire fence.
Kdward (liven, a St. Louis fireman,
slipped from a line of hose upon which
he was sliding from a roof to a ladder,
and was dashed to death on the stone
pavement sixty feet Itclow.
I'lvderiek, the tlve-ycar-ohl Ron of
Mr. and Mrs. August Cordor of Platta
mouth, swallowed several jsilsonons
pills for candy. The timely arrival of
a physician saved the boy's life.
The members of the Christian church
at Table Hock recently had the satis
faction of burning a mortgage for sev
eral hundred dollars which had been
hanging over their heads for some
Recnier, Xeb., citizens treated Kph
rliin Wcntwnrth to a coat of tar and
feathers, and ordered him to leave
town. He had. offended them by elop
ing with and marrying thirteen-year-old
Margaret Kuckclscr.
RoWrt (llbbs, fifty-two years old,
superludciit of an iron moulding works
in Pittsburg, Pa., and a man of con
siderable wealth, was found dead in
Ills room on West Twenty-second street
Xew York, having been asphyxiated
bv gas.
Josephine llerron and Carrie Shef
field, Topeka, Kansas, postofllce em
ployes, were frightfully injured by ex
ploding gas. 'I hev had gone into tho
' ,. . . , i ... . ,
vault to get packages and lit a match.
Oas had escaped. Miss llerron is not
expected to live.
At Luildington, Mich., Mrs. Kliza
beth llson, alias Madame Zargari,
clairvoyant, was found guilty of swind
ling Miss Kthlyn (Juiinby, daughter of
a wealthy lumWriuan. nut of SHOO.
She was sentenced to five years in tho
Detroit house of correction.
Severe storms have visited parts of
Oklahoma, and a docn or more houses
have been demolished. At llerry, the,
twelve-year-old daughter of Hen llouch
er was killed by lightning. Near
Ciithric, Mrs. Andrews, wlfeof a farm
er, was killed in tlie wreck of a house.
William Fairfax and his wife "Hlack
Kl," narrowly escaped lynching at Me
Counellsvllle, Pa., for the murder of
William Moore, assistant yardmastcr.
A mob formed but the sheriff succeed
ed In preventing a lynching, and later
icmoved the prisoners to a place of
The Turkish customs olllecrs have
refused entrance to L'(M) typewriters.
It is claimed that Wcausc of their
style of printing authorship could not
be traced, and that seditious article
could be written and the author W not
learned. The embassies liuvo taken
the matter up.
The Morgan-Hill nnd the Harriman
interests have effected settlement of
control of the Northern Pacific, and
both parties will W represented in the
directorate. The Orcat Northern and
Northern Pacific, having control of tho
C. II. V Q., tho latter has stopped all
contemplated western extension work,
Clinton C. Xorris, late of the Thirty
seconil'ivglinent directly from the Phil
ippines, has arrived at his home in
Table Hock. He looks stout and
hearty, as though military life agreed
with him. Ills companions from tho
same regiment, Corporal Ceorge Sut
ton and Arthur Lugwell, left him at
Oxford and went via Lincoln, and are
expected home soon.
Sheriff Phillips, of Cuming county,
Xeb., has ivceUed the reward of SiSO
from the Nebraska retail liquor
dealers' association for his part In
capturing Rhea, one of (ho murderers
of Herman aim at Snyder.
The battleship Ohio was launched
successfully from the yards of tho
I iiiou Iron works at San Francisco.
Mrs, McKlnley, who was to havo
pressed the button which would rcleaso
the ship, Wing uiiablo to do so, tho
task was given to Miss Harber, nicco
of the president, while Miss Deshler,
of Columbus, O., christened the shit).
Pooplo of Auburn Talk Strongly
of Summary Punishment.
.1, llrn Kief, h TnirlliiK Tinker, Clutrgrit
Willi Annulthir Ten-j eiir-ntd
Mutt Under-! t'wptured
nml I'ul In .lull,
The preliminary examination of J.
lien lllcf, charged with statutory rape
upon ten-year-old Mary D.illey. was
buhl at Auburn, Xeb.. and resulted In
binding the prisoner over to the dis
trict court In the sum of SM.ono. It
resulted at the trial that the girl nnd
two younger brothers, aged sccn and
eight years, were enticed to the prison
er by means of off ring them money
The girl, it is charged, was struck
twice on the head by the culprit, once
on the hack and once across the face,
and before being struck was dragged
a short distance and thrown down In
the weeds and bushes at the side of the
railroad, she all the time crying out at
the top of her voice for help. Ilefore
the man could accomplish his purpose
the eight-year-old brother came to his
sister's leseue, and with a club com
pelled him to desist, and at this mo
ment nlso a twelve-year-old brother and
some other Iniys, who had been fishing
near, came to the rescue.
The father of the girl and two
neighbors made the capture. The girl
was not seriously Injured. Peeling
runs high on the question, but the
town remained quiet.
Kief is a traveling tinker and watch
repairer and haw Wen at work at
Shubert, Itlehardson county, for tin
past two weeks. He Is alsnit forty-five
years old, with dark hair and eyes ami
dark mustache and weighs about Hid
The assault occurred between ft and
fl o'clock in the afternoon and before
nightfall the man had Wen overhauled
about four miles north of the place of
assault, lie was Hearing Nemaha at
the time of capture. He was at once
taken buck to the scene of the assault
nml confronted with the girl and also
the lioys who there saw him. All
positively identified him.
Rulrliltm In Woodmen of Wurlil (iel llulf
At a session of the supreme camp of
the Woodman of the World at Colum
bus, O., several Important amendments
to the constitution were adopted. It
was decided that all fees for transfers
should go Into the emergency fund.
A compromise was reached on the
question of eliminating the suicide
clause from policies, tlie convention de
claring that no less than one-half of
every claim should be paid regardless
of the cause of death. The convention
also decided that hereafter local camps
must pay tho dues and asRcssmciits of
sick members In addition to sick bene
fits. The fee required to accompany
applications for membership In the or
der was reduced from 810 to JU. and It
was decided that applicants falling to
present themselves for medical exam
ination within thirty da vs shall forfeit
their fee.
rimat-R Auuy ill I(Imi Arc of Itliclil
1'oilKllt In I lie llehelllnll.
Ceneral Fitjohn Porter is dead at
his home In Morristown, X, J., from
chronic diabetes, lie was eighty years
old. Fitjohn Porter, major general of
the volunteers, and colonel in the
I 'nlted States army, retired, was born
in Portsmouth, X. II., In IH-.'L'. He was
a son of Captain John Porter of tho
I 'nltcd States navy, lie graduated at
the West Point military academy in
1 8 1.1. ami from IH4H to iRv'i was an in
structor in that institution. He served
through the. war with Mexico and par
ticipated in tlie principle battles. He
was wounded at the citv of Mexico.
and was brcvette.l captain and major
for gallantry.
He served also In the civil war, was
cashiered, but later cleared of the
charges, was given back his commis
sion as captain on the retired list.
Ki'trnpupfir lliirred Out.
At . Mansfield, O., the common pleas
court granted an injunction prohibit
ing the publication by newspapers of
news or comments relating to the case
of May S. Fleming, the stenographer
under indictment for forgery of the
names of olllecrs of the sanitary com
mission. The court's order was granted
on application of Mrs. Fleming's attor
ney, and will continue in force until
after the trial, It is claimed the pris
oners' case was being prejudiced by
publications as to her past life.
(lencriil Kill lllumeir,
Ceii. William Kaphus killed himself
with a revolver at Portland. Ore., re
cently dm Ing a fit of temporary in
sanity. He was sixty-six years of age.
During the civil war he was disburs
ing otllcer for Oregon an Washington.
( n tn Wire'N 111 rout.
Monday last Kluier Lane broke in
tlie door of his wife's room at OstVin,
la., cut her throat and attempted to
commit suicide. Mrs. Lane is in a criti
cal condition. Lane may recover. The
couple had had domestic troubles and
she had applied for a divorce.
(ininted it 1 1 Inireiiie.
Six hundred machinists in the St. Joe
A- 0. I. at St. Joe. Mo., were grant
ed an uiUaii'.'c of from 'J to li cents an
hour with additional pay for overtime.
They will have no strike there.
llnfTnto Kipnalllon ltercle tin Pmllra
I Ion l.rnc Cronil I'rrnent,
In the presence of a vast concourso
of people, with ceremonial I Kith con
ventional and timet, the pan-American
exposition was formally dedicated Mon
day. The da, was fair and the indus
trious, euetgetie men who planned tho
gieat enterprise rejoice in llattorlng
success. The day began with a pnrado
In which there were men from nearly
every country In the worhl and ended
with an aerial bombardment from fly
ing bombs and a billliant electrical il
lumination. Itetwcen the two went
the formal exercises of the dedication,
with oratory that took Its theme from
the les on of the time, prayer for right,
music, song and poetry. Tim city was
bright in dress of Hags and bunting,
the cxMisltlon gioup is brilliant lu
color, the moving crowds were in holi
day grab, and tlie whole effect was
highly pleasing, The record of attend
ance was fully up to the expectations
of the most enthusiastic. There was
no complaint over delayed exhibit for
then were spectacular things enough
to weary the most ardent sightseer by
the coming of night. The procession
that formed at theclty halt and march
ed by way of the many thoroughfan's
to the grounds was an Interesting
spectacle and thousands lined the
Nil) Mir, t'uiiiiot Hurrrnilrr MunetnirU
In tlii HnitK'
In the course of a long Interview
relative to the situation In China,
cabled to the Xew York Herald from St.
Petersburg, a iliisslan of high rank,
presumably fount Lansdorff, the min
ister of foreign affaiis, Is quoted as
saying lu answer to the question,
"What alsiut ManchurlaV"
"The time to make objection wan
when the concession was made yearn
ago. Docs any one suppose that any
country Is going to build a railway
through such a country and leave It
unprotected or to leave It to W wrecked
whciever wild hordes of brigands
choose to operate? Hcsldcs, I consider
that the SlWrian railroad Is of tho
highest Importance to the commerce of
the worhl,"
Mmi Aceimnl of Thrrittenlnfr Senator
Krnrim (liiri Irre.
K. J. Wolter, the Schuyler, Xeb..
merchant, arrested on the charge of
sending threatening letters U Senator
Kearusof i'tah, Is again a free man.
He was released by tlie federal author
ities at Omaha owing to a tcchnlcul
construction of the statute which de
scribes the offense as "an article con
structed or a scheme concocted to de
fraud." Judge Mungcr holds that Woltcr's al
leged crime does not come under till
specification. The letters said to havu
been written by Wolter threaten to de
stroy beams family with dynamite if
S.'i,(li)(l is not produced.
Topeku Controlled Absolutely liy tho
Jlry r.lenieiit.
The Kansas supreme court reversed
the decision of tlie district court in tho
Topeka mayoralty contest and Installed
J. W. F. Hughes, the republican and
law enforcement candidate in tho may
or's chair. Mayor Hughes has filled
all the city apjxiintive olllces and the
council eon II rmeil tlie nominations.
Topeka is now entirely under the con
trol of the "dry" element, and opera,
tions against tlie joints are expected.
Horm lli-cnniliiR AKxrimalve AlonK tin
OrmiKo 11 Ivor.
Klght hundred llocrs have crossed
tlie Orange river from the northwest
and have reinforced the coinmandocn
In the eastern districts. The latest re
port locates DeWet near Philllpolis, In
Orange Klver colony, not far from the.
Cape line with forty horsemen. All
the commandoes In the Orange Rivet
colony have instructions to cross the
Orange river. Several Ilrltish patrol
have been ambushed.
Ixird Kitchener reports to the war
olllce that an armored train lias been
dynamited south of American Siding.
I'rove to tic n Convict.
Leroy Charles Mayer, who was ar
rested at St. Louis, Mo., on suspicion
of Wing tin escaped convict from the
Michigan penitentiary, was identified
as John IE. Davis by A. C. Nortliup,
deputy wnnleii of the Michigan stnU
penitentiary, who said he was wanted
for violating a parole. Since his ar
rival in St. Units he lias lived in stylo
at the Southern hotel.
Sulfide Follows Quiirrel.
As a result of a family quarrel, Joh i
D. Kpkins of Pekin, 111., aged sixty,
committed suicide by hanging himself
with a clothes I Inc.
Deelde to Strike.
The two thousand union machinist
of Cleveland. )., held an enthusiastic
meeting and decided that a striko bo
inaugurated on May :!u.
Designer Wats m will mike, materia
alterations In tin hull of Shamrock IT.
This is thought to be necessary bocauso
of her defeat by Shamrock I.
The Mritlsh warship Warspito ha
arrived at Victoria, II. 0., from South
America, via San Diego. Its crulso
has extended ocr two years.
"Steeple Jack" Williams, whoso dar
ing feats have made Jiliu famous, met
death, at Cleveland, O,, in a coinmou
pla'ee"wny, being run over by a street
--irr-e J5sr- -.