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4-1 Er;
Frightful and Fatal Holocaust at
Rochester, N. Y.
It U l'i-iird 'Unit More IVrl.1i.d-M rk
of IIpmiu- lU'Rtin Sdini im rlrc Him
IHcntered mill Curried lonr.ird
Willi a Will -Other ,..
A Rochester. N. Y., Jan. 8. 'j u. n,..
dispatch says: Pin- broke out in the
hospital section of tin- Rochester or
phan asylum at I o'clock this morning,
on Hubbel park, anil the Humes spicud
rapidly to other sections of the insti
tution. It is known that nineteen of the
children perished, and it is feared that
many more victims may be leported
The tire was first discovered by two
men passing the asylum. They hastily
sent in an alarm and then turned their
attention toward arousing the nurses
and the children.
Tliu work of rescue began with a
will. Children ami and muses were
carried fiom the building all in an un
conscious condition, some, death Am
hulances from the city, St. Mary's
home and llahenman hospital were
summoned mid the victims weie re
moved to the several institutions.
Thcic weie lull children at the hos
pital, and a corps of about thirty
nurses and attendants. Two of the
woman attendants are among the dead.
IiiIiii Hi-tirnericr DUcotered Druil In
" Hiimll Creek Near fiprtiKiie.
.lohn Schrocdcr. a farmer living two
miles from Sprngue in Lancaster coun
ty, was found dend in a small creek.
Sheriff Ibunson found the body, which
bad been the object of a diligent
soarch during tile past week. "Mr.
Schroeifor was fotty-six ,i cars of age
and unmarried. Something over u
week ago Mr. Schrocder wts at the
town of Spragitc with friends. He
started home ubout ." o'clock, and was
not awn alivt .-.fter that. It Is be
lieved that he turned off the road to
go Id the home of a neighbor anil on
the way fell through the ice of a
small creek. At that point the creek
Is seven feet wide and two fecit deep.
The ce showed thai It had given away
with Hie weight of the man and that
it biii been broken for a considerable
distance by bis struggles. Later the
water froze again anil held the Inidy
in a firm gia .p. At first foul play was
suspected, but as Soil mid a watch were
found on the body this theory was
abandonded. The coroner's jury
In ought ,in a verdict, of accidental
ilrl Hliiahrd with Itaor llu G'hiiiii-e
Kim overy.
Nellie Morris, who was almost out
o pieces .Inn. 7, by Walter Wein
stock at Hackney, ()., is still living, with
chances In favor of her recovery. Kx
citemeiit in the vicinity of Hackney
runs high, and but for the girl's re
quest that Weinstock should not be
lynched while she lives .summary jus
tice would have bean meted to him.
The constable who took Weinstock
to the jail at McConncllbvlllc drove
fifty miles roundabout to avoid lynch
ing parties that had Wen organized.
Welnstoek made a written confession
in which he said:
"I do not know why I did It. I
wanted to kill her, I have no excuses
to offer for the crime, and if they
want to kill me. they can."
Rumors of impending trouble at
McConnell.sville have, been in circula
tion, but. they appear to be without
KlaliiK In Cnpe (.'ninny (IroiTlnp More
A London, .luuuary 7, dispatch says:
The morning's news from Capetown is
again unsatisfactory. Martial law has
been again proclaimed at Miilmesburg
and would have been proclaimed in
other districts, hut that the cabinet
meeting called Saturday was unable
to agree as to its advisability.
The vagueness of the information
concerning the movements and posi
tion of the invaders has sent a fresh
cold til over the colonists, and Cape
town calls loudly for strong i enforce
ments from England on the ground
that the greater part of Lord Kitch
ener's available force is employed in
protecting the lines of communication
and the Hand mines.
Heeome Inannr.
William K. Love.whols perhaps the
most dangerous and violently-Insane
man ever committed to an asylum from
Sheridan county, was taken to Hu-v
ville and sent to Norfolk, lie Is ck
and dumb, and while at his mother s
house became violently insane, terror
izing the family. It required the
united efforts of half a doen men to
handle him.
liny found Demi in Home Ntull nnil
Money Mlln.
Developments In the case of the
death of Humphrey .lackman, whose
body was found In a stall with a vir
ions horse, iu States McCoy's stable
uMiranvUlc, Mich., point to deliberate
murder. Eleven wounds upon the
head show that they could not have
been lufllcted by tho horse. 1'art of
Juchmnn's 875 for services of the sea
son was missing. The eoi oner's jury
is investigating.
Con feme lo sheriff tlml He Killed
Snlnotikveper Ziilin.
A .laniiary 7 special from Fremont
says that the murder of Herman 'aim
at Sn.wler was the sole topic of con
versation, ntul that on almost every
corner little groups of men could bo
seen congregated and earnestly talk
ing upon the subject.
Sheriff Kreader believes that all
(lunger or hncliing is past, since all
three of tlie desperadoes have been
placed behind the walls of the county
Sheriff Kreader and Chief Lytllek
arrived froin.Nest Point at t'::i(i this
morning with the third man who was
connected with the murder. This
bandit ausweis to the name of Wil
liam llurton He Is about twenty-four
years of age. and, to nil appearances,
Is well educated, and is entirely out of
the class in which he has been found.
William Rhea, the,oniig man, made
a rcw statements last evening, when
(itestii)ued by Sheriff Phlllpps of Com
ings county and by the newspaper
men. (lardner has maintained silence
ever since his capture, and refuses to
talk about the affair or what part he
had in it Sheriff Kreader stated
this afternoon thai- Khea had finally
admitted to htm that he was the muu
who tired the fatal shot.
The police give full credence to the
story that at least six or eight mem
bers of a well organized gang of thugs
are still at large. No one expresses a
doubt us to the relationship L', itween
the Williams woman and the mini who
was sentenced to the penitentiary a
few days ago. Facts have been
hinught to light which prove conclu
sively that the rendezvous was all that
it has been reported to be. (1ms or two
farmers in the ncighliorhood have also
been Implicated and other arrests arc
expected The gang is undoubtedly
one of the toughest in the state, and It
will be a good riddance if a change of
(quarters is taken.
llurllneton SwIUImmii KhIU Heueath Km
Klne at West Lincoln.
C. L. Kirtley, a switchman in the
llurlington yards at Lincoln waskilled
nn the morning of January (1 while
switching- at Wcbt L-'nvyJji. M. Kirt
ley fell fiom the side of n car being"
pushed by a switch engine at die West.
Lincoln stock .iil.s, nnd when found
the wheels had passed over Ills body,
crushing his legs and Injuring his
back. He lived until 10 o'clock of the
same morning. He was conscious up
to the time of his' death.
When the accident happened Mr.
Kirtley was riding on the side, of a car
which was being pushed along the sid
ing by a switch engine. He was car
rying a lantern and the engineer saw
tlie lantern drop. He stopped as quick
ly as possible, fearing that Kirtley had
fallen. When found Klrtley's body
was under the front trucks of the en
gine. The switching crew went out
from the Liuculn yaids In the early
morning to get some stock cars near
the chutes.
Itunnlati Qnnker PrrpiirliiB to l.euie the
(Mil World.
A St. Petersburg dispatch says: The
Molokauen, u sect numbering -10,000.
whose founders removed in 1840 from
various parts of Russia to the Cauca
sus, and whose delegates have just
brought glowing reports from the
Doukhobors, or Russian quakcrs in
Canada, contemplate emigrating to
The sect secured state lands in the
Caucasus almost rent free, but recently
the Russian government announced
that rents would be increased. Now
the sect is petitioning the, government
to restore the former rentals or to per
mit emigration.
Youngest Son of Kx-.SecretBry Morton
Succumb After Hrlef Illne.
Carl Morton, youngest son of former
Secretary .1. Sterling Morton, died at
Waukcgan, 111., -Monday morning.
January 7, following a sudden and
severe, attack of pneumonia.
News of the death of Carl Morton
was a terrible shock to his father and
scarcely less to the people of Nebraska
City, where he has lived nearly all his
Carl Morton wns the youngest of the
four sons of Mr. Morton, and was near
ly 30 years old.
Dht Not Commit Suit die.
T. W. Kennedy, the men who mys
teriously disappeared from the home
of a friend in Plattsmnuth, Neb., last
Tuesday, has returned. It was thought
that be hsd committed suicide, but the
fact developed that he had walked
down to the vicinity of Hock lllurt in
search of employment.
Olrl Killed by Negro.
Klia NewUlrk, u student at Vorhis
business college at Indlanopolis, lutl.,
was shot and killed by Morris Jones, a
negro who had been employed ns jani
tor at the college building. The negro
then killed himself. Miss Newklrk is
sold Ui have been a member of a prom
uent family in Friondsville, III.
It Is Mild by the state department
oflleials that no orders have been sent
Minlbtcr Loomls at Caracns, contem
plating the use of I'ttiU'd States ma
rines in tlie existing difficulties over
rival asphalt oompanlcs' concessions.
The department is making a careful
inquiry into the controversy and if the
results warrant such action represen
tations will be made to tho Venezue
lan government with a view to secur
ing an cqltable settlement.
The United Suites training ship Buf
falo, which recently arrived at La
(Juuyara, loft latr for MoaiJ.
National Legislature Busy
Important Business.
llciipportlnuiiit'iit Hill Meeting Stronu
Opposition--Outcome In Dottlit Army
Hill In Semite fptietd by Srnnttir
I.mlKtt of .MiHAiielunctt.
Tuo-ulu), liimiiiry rt.
A notable speech was delivered
the benate yesterday by Mr. Iiodge
Massachusetts. Addressing the sen
ate on the amendment of thu military
committee striking out the provision
of the reorganization bill for a veterin
ary corps, he discussed brlelly and
principally in the form of a colloquy
with Mr. Ilacon the Philippine ques
tion and the necessity for an nriny of
100.000 men. In conclusion he drew a
brilliant wonl picture of the commer
cial future of the United States, de
claring that the trade conflict with
Kurope, already begun, could result
only in the commercial and economic
supremacy of the entire world. In
this industrial conflict he apprehended
no danger from a material contest with
any nation of the world, but he urged
the necessity for a strong and scien
tifically organised army and a power
ful navy in older that the (Jutted
States might be prepared to defend
Its' rights against any possible foe.
During the afternoon the senate rati
fied the committee's proposition to
eliminate the house provision for the
establishment of u veterinary corps In
the ntmy.
Senator Teller of Colorado gave no
tice of n substitute he will offer for the
entire pending measure, continuing in
full force and effect the act of March
3, 1 81HI, Increasing the sle of the army
for three years from duly 1, HUM.
Mr. 1'ettus of Alabama presented
the credentials of his colleague, Hon.
J. T. Morgan, elected a senator from
that state for the fifth time.
A bill was reported from the judi
ciary committee amending an net to
create the southern division of Iowa,
changing the time for the holding of
court from the llrst Monday in Muy
and fourth Monday in September to
the fourth Tuesduy In Murth and the
third Tuesday in October.
A joint resolution was reported from
the District of Columbia committee
nuthorl.lng the secretary of war to
grunt permits to the committee on the
inauguration of the president.
Tho resolution of Mr, Hacon and
Mr. Pettigrew relating to the declina
tion of the executive to send to the
senate the report of A. L. Law-she as
to postal frauds in Cuba went over.
Consideration of the nrmy reorganiza
tion bill was then resumed.
Tuemlay, January M.
The animated debate in the house on
the reapportionment bill is near its
close, it being agreed that a vote would
betaken Friday. It was expected there
would be a sequel to the exciting clash
of Saturday between Mr. LlttleJield of
Maine nnd Mr. Hopkins of Illinois, but
tho latter made no effort at rejoinder
nnd contented himself with the de
cision for the final vote. He expresses
confidence that the bill hoiring his
name will be passed tomorrow, al
though there may be a blight change,
giving an additional member to Flor
ida, Colorado and North Dakota, bring
ing the total membership up to UOO.
The notable speeches were by Mr.
Crumpaekcr of Indiana, dealing with
alleged disfranchisement in the south;
by Mr. Hepburn of lown, severely ar
ranging the present house, nnd by
Kir. Grow, of Pennsylvania, comparing
tho old system in the house with that
of the present.
Mr. Kitchen, North Carolina, the
first speaker, supported the Hopkins,
bill, but said he would voto against tho
amendment requiring the congression
al districts in tlie several states to be
'continuous and compact."
Mr. Crumpccker of Indiana, who
favors reduction of membership from
the south because of disfranchisement
advocated the llurlelgh bill us against
the Hopkins bill because it kept pace
vith the growth of tho country. He
agreed that during recent years the
inlluenco of the house in legislation
had gradually diminished, n condition
due to the fact that the members of
thu lower house allowed themselves to
be dominated by tho senate and chief
executive. If the membership was to
remain stationary as the years wenton
its influence would continue to de
crease. Ho then developed his argu
ment in favor of reducing representa
tion in certain southern states along
the line of his report.
The auditing ofllcers of the treasury
have boon engaged for some time in nn
effort. to secure from United States
Consul Itndcllff II. Ford at Yarmouth,
N. S,, a satisfactory explanation of
certain disbursements made by him on
account of tho relief of distressed
American sailors, but so far without
result. Tho office has been investigat
ed by tho nearest consul general nnd
unless somo account is rendered for
tho'ltcms referred to tho ense will bo
reported to the state department an
one requiring drastic action. Consul
Ford is a native of Maine.
I.enU Will Content.
Congressman John .1. Lentz of Co
lumbus, O., has berved formal notice on
Congressman-elect Kmmett Tompkins
that he would contest the lnttcrV beat
in the bouse. .Mr. Lentz stales that he
will base his claim on charges of whole
sale bribery and fraud in the count of
the ballots.
Huh ItnUed Quarantine,
Dr. Justus O'Hage, health commis
sioner of St. Pnul, Minn., has raised
the quarantine against Winona, nnd
Intcrcourte between the two cities is
now of its formal character.
Iirunku Lawmaker Htiy with Hlato'a
tiik ni:natk.
TncNtln), itiininiry H.
The senate was In session a short
time yesterday afternoon. The mem
bers were all piesent, after having en
joyed a short vacation at their homes
or in Lincoln, and were ready for busi
ness. The business took a turn toward
the introduction of bills, the selection
of a few employes and discussion of
policy In caucus.
(Meson, of fuming. Introduced one
providing for the elimination of that
part of the law which now permits
pei sons to contract for the payment of
Interest at the rate of 10 per cent.
The bill will leave the rate at 7 per
cent. Interest on loans shall be 7 per
cent, and Interest on judgments shall
be U per cent., provided that where u
different late of Interest has been
agreed upon in the contract upon
which the decree or Judgment Is
founded, not greater than 7 per cent.,
thu rate of Interest upon such judg
ment or decree shall be the same, as
provided for by the terms of the con
tract. Hills for a constitutional con
vention and a constitutional amend
ment for the referendum were Intro
duced, Itaiisom, of Ilouglas, introduced
a bill to protect feebleminded women
from designing men. The present
law protects insauu women, but feeble
minded women, are not so piotecteil.
The friends of Mr. Hansom say this
bill Is of more importance than one
would suppose, ns it is evidently In
tended to cover a specltlu case that
ocuurrrd in Omaha.
The old question of requiring butch
ers to register and exhibit hides 1h
again before the senate, having been
introduced by Van lloskirk of Hox
Hutte, The net Is desired by the stock
raisers of the west who suffer from the
depredations of cattle thieves. It is
believed that thu exhibition and
registry of hides will answer the pur
pose. Other bills introduced provided for
the repeal of thu barbers' examination
act. defining u legal newspaper and to
authorize counties, townships and
hohiol districts to pay thu picmlum on
olllclal guaranty bonds given by
ollleers of such subdivisions.
The following employes were placed
on the pay roll on motion of Currie of
Custer: Miss Nellie O'llourke, steno
grapher: Clifford Stultz, page; K. D.
Smith, fireman: C. II. Illcssing, janitor;
Mrs. Carriu Wilson, Fay Yau Jlobklrk
nnd W. A. Keed, copyists,
Tuemluy, .Innuury 8.
The house convened at 'J o'clock.
Chaplain Presson prayed that God's
blessing may rest upon the outgoing
nnd Incoming state ofllcors. Koll call
showed four members ubsent. Heading
of the journal was dispensed with.
Speaker Hears announced that tho
matter pending at last adjournment
waa before tho house relotlug to the
preparation of the houso journal dally.
Armstrong of Nemaha moved as a
substitute for nil matters pending that
the chief clerk employ one additional
clerk to prepare the house jdurnal
dally for the printer and ulso to pre
pare one cony for the secretary of
state nnd two copies for tho members.
The motion ulso included a reference
of the printing of the journal to the
committee on printing with instruc
tions, to rcnort In '-'4 hours after ap
pointment. On request of the secretary of state
W. II. Clarke was appointed custodian
of the house supplies.
Hibbcrt of (Inge moved that tho
Sergennt-at-arms procure a stand of
colors to bo displayed at tho rear of
the speaker's chair. Carried.
The speaker announced that ho had
not been ablo to complete the person
nel of committees in time to make tho
announcement and hu asked for n
little moro time. The house decided
to allow this and adjourned till this
morning nt 10 o'clock,
A determined effort was inado to as
certain tho names of tlie chairmen of
tho important committees. Speaker
Sears was mum wheuevcr the matter
wns mentioned to him nnd all infor
mation that wns abroad camo through
the members who wore trying to 11 ud
out how they stood.
Ire Hoiino Iturned
The. ice house of P. F. Kishcr at 8t
Edwards, Neb., containing several ice
plowH and other tools, wus completely
destroyed by (Ire at midnight .Ian. 0.
The loss Is estimated at nearly St,000.
There Is an insurance of 8130. Tho
fire was got by some unknown person,
probably through spite. Hlood hounds
from Lincoln have been sent for and it
is hoped they will trace the guilty ono
HetU Klectvd nn Hufford'a Hui-ceflior.
A Topeka, Knn., dispatch of Janu
ary f. says: II. Hetts, nominee for
representative to fill the vncaney
caused by the death of II. C. Safford,
was elected today by a majority of lr7
over Frank Collins, populist. There
wcro cast 1,100 votes, Collins received
140. Tho democrats refused to indorso
Collins because ho claimed, at the con
ventlon, to be a prohibitionist.
Itoy Murder Sliter.
During tho absence of William
Chldcster and his wife from their homo
on tho river near Marietta, O., Thomas,
a nine-year-old bou, shot and killed his
sister, Florence, aged fourteen. No
reason 1m known. He apparently docB
not realize tho enormity of his crino
and fought for possession of tho gun
when a neighbor arrived. The parent
are prostrated and the mother may die.
Discovery has been made that Maggie
Hoel, who mysteriously disappeared
from Puublo, Col,, ten days ago and
wns supposed to have been murdered
or kidnaped, had eloped with a man
named John Watson and gone cast.
Stonewall J, DeFranco, a noted for
ger, who was bent to the state prison
at Jackson, Mich., from Kulamaroti
county in 1804 for eleven years, for de
frauding a Kalamazoo bank of several
thousand dollars has been paroled by
Governor Pingrec and will be released
Monday morning.
Fatalitios at Rochester Holocaust
Larger Than First Told
t'nforlnimlo Vlrtlnn Siul Scrnri
llnnpllitlo mill Aloritues Oilier
Neil of IiiUtihI.
A Rochester, N, Y., dispatch of Ian.
H says: Twenly-elghl dead bodies lie
at the morgue and twelve others, moie
or less seriously diluted. He at the dif
ferent hospitals In the city, as a result
of the terrible holocaust which oc
curred early Tuesday molding at Ihe
Rochester orphan asylum. Of the
dead twenty-six were children of bolh Hinging in age from two to four
teen years, while the leiiuiiiilng two
were adults.
In all the long and dismal records of
fatal fires In Rochester none can ho
found which can equal this one In Us
general horrors, In the pathetic scenes
In which so many lives were blotted
out, lu the gallant sacrifice of lives of
the attendants In whose cure the chil
dren were, and in thu sad scones at the
hospitals nnd morgue. That so many
children were saved fiom the west
wing of the building seems mirneii
lous, and when the ruins were visited
one marvelled that the death roll was
not even linger.
IteprenlntlTe Hill
Hill In
Introduce liiipnrlniit
lh Hon.
Representative Hill of Connecticut
has iiitiodueed a bill to maintain the
legal tender silver dollar at parity with
gold. This and the bill of Represen
tative Levy of New York, on similar
lines, will be taken up soon by the
houso committee ou coinage, and at a
time fixed for hearing Secretary Ooge
and other financial authorities
Level of (.rent t.nke.
The rlyer and harbor committer of
the house on January 4 adopted the
provision iuithorl7ilng tho president lo
negotiate for fixing the level of the
great lakes as follows: "That the
president of the United States Is an
thorl.ed by diplomatic negotiation or
otherwise to enter into such nn ar
rnngotncnl as 'will Insure as iniiuh as
posslblu the levels in the great lakes
and contiguous waterways betweeu
the United States and Canada."
Admiral Knulr to Itetlre.
The navy department issued orders
January I detaching Hear Admiral A.
Kaut. from his post, as commander-in-chief
of the Pacific station, to take
effect January S3. Admiral KnutvtV
retirement takes place soon after. He
will be succeeded by Hear Admiral
Casey, commander of the Philadelphia
navy yard. Hear Admiral (5. W. Sum
ner has been detachrd from the com
mand of the Pott Roynl stntlon and
will succeed Hear Admiral Casey.
Turkey Comrn lo Time.
The Turkish government has fur
nished 1). Thomas Norton, who was
appointed I'nlted States consul at liar
poot, what arc known ns traveling pa
pers, constituting a safe conduct toen
able the doctor to nroceed to his post.
There Is rcoson to believe that this
forecasts a compliance of the Turkish
government with a request of the state
department for a regular exequatur for
Dr. Norton.
M Union of the Hrorplnn
The navy department has received a
cablegram from Commander Sargeant
of the Scorpion, announcing the ar
rival of that ship at La (iiiyura. where
she will assist Minister Loomls in this
mission. This i,t said at the state de
partment to li limited entirely to the
procurement of a Judicial and equit
able determination of thu existing Is
sues growing out of the asphalt fran
chises. Strike About Mettled.
A Denver, January 7, dispatch says:
The strike of the miners in thu north
ern Holds is practically settled. A mass
meeting of the strikers was held at
which it was decided that the men
should return to work Iu the mines
which aro willing to pay the scale
asked, This Includes all the mines
except those of the Northern Coal
lire at rittnlmrir Hiiliurli.
On January rt a lire at Wilkiiishurg,
a suburb of Pittsburg, destroyed the.
Penn building, occupied by Caldwell
& (Iraham. dry goods and millinery,
and adjoining building occupied by a
number of small business firms. Loss,
8150,000, The origin of tlie fire is un
known. Most of the Kunsas editors have de
clared war on the Topeka chump who
said in a recent public meeting iu
Topeka: "I would rather hear the
clods rattling upon my daughter's cof
fin than to see her the wife of the
uveruge .1 ouug man,"
Money for Itnninni
From Union Springs, Alaiuiba it Is
learned that N, II. Fraser. the tax col
lector of Hulloch county, has recehed
a letter from Memphis from men
claiming to have kidnaped Frifer's
ten-year-old son, I lass, in Atlanta, who
demand 95,000 ransom. Thu letter
contained young Frasor's alleged sig
nature as proof of the claim. Fraser
was a student in the technological
school at Atlanta, and it Is learned
has not been wen In several days.
The kidnapers assert they aro mi their
way to Kansas City, whunco further
negotiations would be ((inducted.
.eiiilliiR t'lllplno ItnheU to He Deported
hi tin ii in
A latr Manila dispatch says: (Int
ern 1 MaeArthur has ordered the de
portation of (leiierulK Ricnrfo, Del
Pilar. Illron, LI an era and Santos r
the IsIhiiiI of Oiinm. Nine regiment
and foul' subordinate ofllcera, with
eight-civilians, including KriaH, Ten
sou and Mablui, notorious assistant')
of the insurrectionists, have also been
ordeird to be deported. It is (icneral
MacArthur's Intention to hold most of
the active lenders of the rebels, who
have been captured, in (Juatn until the
resumption of a condition of peace has
been dec.laicd.
The llrst municipal election was
held successfully at Hagulo, provlnco
of Itcnguet. Tho Igorrotcs took part
in the election,
The Filipinos In Manila hare beun
enjoying ti novel experience recently
in tlie holding of free, open political
meetings. Most of the addresses tit
these meetings wete made by former
oIllcei-Hiif the Insurgents, all bf whom
asserted that thu best way of securing
personal liberty is to accept the liber
ties guaranteed by the constitution
and government of the United States,
v hlcli American sovereignty stands
for The audiences were gicatly iu
terested and many of those attending
the iiiectlngH signed tlie federal party
The construction of the. rebel prhon
at Clougapo, in addition to those at
Manila, will be begun soon.
(icneral MaeArthur, accompanied by
his staff, reviewed the Thirty-seventh
regiment of volunteer infantry on the
Luueto Held January 7. All the com
panies wore together almost for tho
first time since the regiment was or
ganizrd. After the icvlew the regi
ment was drawn up In close order ami
Cencral MaeArthur, In u fnn-well ad
dress, congiatulated the ofllcers and
men on their lu-tivcry, discipline unit
Judgment, concluding his remarks with
a beany "May (lod bless you, com
The Thlrty-seventh will snll foi
home on the transport Sheridan. More
bun half tho men and many of thu
olllcers como from Tennessee,
Denlh nt AiiRimla. Me., of Ei-Nenntor
An Augusta, Me., dispatch says:
Former United States Senator Jaincn
Ware Hradliury died at his home hero
of bronchitis. He wns horn lu 1802.
He graduated from Howdoln college in
182ft, mid in the celebrated class in
which were Henry W. Longfellow,
Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jonathan Cllley,
John S. C. Abbott, (leorgo II. Chccvcr
and Horatio llrldgc. He was the last
survivor of his class and the oldest liv
ing graduate of Howdoln.
He was nlways a democrat. Ills elec
tion to thu United States senate wns in
I H 10 for the term beginning March 4,
1847. He had in 1H44 been a tlelcgato
to the democratic convention in which
he threw a vote from Mulnu that result
ed in the nomination of James K. Polk.
When lie entered the senate he gave
the president his hearty support. Ho
declined it re-election nnd in 1853 set
tied down in Augusta.
Iniprcmilvn Kervlren Held at HU Detroit
After an Impressive funeral bervice
had been conducted over the remains
of llishop W. X. Nlndo of the Mctlio
dlst church at his late residence lit
Detroit January 1, they were removed
to the Central church. Here they lay
in state from 10:30 until 13:30, while
n continuous ossession of people
passed by and looked for the lust time
upon the deceased bishop.
At the conclusion of the service the
remains were taken to Elm wood ccine
tary nnd temporarily placed in a vault.
The place of final interment will not
be decided until after the return "of
Frederick Ninde and Miss Mary Niude
fiom Florida.
To ('rente Noir Carnation.
Delicate experiments arc now going
on in the green houses tit The Univer
sity of Nebraska under the supervision
of Professor Emerson, of the Depart
ment of Horticulture of that institu
tion, in thu creation of new varieties
of ctirnutions by the crossing nnd
propagation of thu old standard plants
which they have on hand with newer
and more delicate varieties. Tho
method of doing this is quite novel
antl there is qnito a little speculation
as to what the outcome of these exper
iments will be. Thu buds of one plant
are fertilised by others and in this way
a graft is niude. Some of the ortlinary
hardy pinks arc used in these experi
ments and soma valuable varieties of
carnations tiro expected to be the out
como of those investigations.
.Wurdetl hlilp Contrite!.
Secretary Long Jan. 8 sent out the
formaLtotice to the Jlath Iron works,
Ncwffort News Ship-building company
nndMoran Uros. of Seattle that they
each had been awarded a contract for
tho construction of a sheathed battle
ship, upon conditions already sent out
relative to cost. Morun Pros, navo
accepted the award.
Want New HiilldbiK.
The faculty of the university lias
united )n u request for the construc
tion of a building for the department
of physics, which now occupies thu
habeuient and third floor of Nebraska
hall, It is said that the constant vi
bration of Nebraska hall Interferes
with tho working of thu scientific ap
paratus, making it almost impossible
to conduct many delicate experiments.
Seventy convicts have escaped from
thu state penitentiary at Lanslngblnuo
LSHH, only twenty-six ot whom were
ever recaptured.
4 2
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