The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 02, 1900, Image 1

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Carload shinnincr menus a saving of i
. 25 percent over local freight. Buying
ana selling lor casu we sou on closer
Margins. we uuy mrect irom iacior
, fee, thereby saving jobbers prolits.
A ani nnlf hmlrnrim suit. 24xH0 nilr.
. ror. uorfect condition. was925. October
r . -7- -- '
special, 81'J.w.
A n nlonn linrilwnnil Itpilrnntn Mlite.
22x28 mirror, perfect condition, was
ru, vuiuuur ttpuciui ci uv,
Good - November - Values !
They are right in line with October needs. You will believe upon comparison that our prices arc
"RIGHT," and we know that the qualities are leading. It is because we buy them right
that we are enabled to offer these values, but that is the secret of good mer
chandising. Newest styles and most reliable qualities.
We have lust nlacod on sale a new
shipment of Austrian china as tight as
Haviland' Spocial price for this sale'
' oi WM per luu piece sot.
Dining chairs, hieh backs, cane anil
i wood, seats, 7(c to is . cacu.
Kitchen chairs, !i spindle OOe, 4 spin
dle 09c.
Dininc tables. 0 feet. 34 CO. October,
specials at $5 00, 97 00, $8.00 and 910 00.
Webaudiennlv the Karpon guaran
teed construction couches, prices
rango from 85) 2.r. to 321 oo.
The essentials are of great import
anco to every buyer. One wantu every
outlay to bring the ocst possible re
sults, and buying guch goods here
makes it certain that you get tho fore
most qurlities as vell ps tho lowest
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Outing Flannels.
Our outing flannels were bought 25
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et price. Wo give you the benclit.
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Imniitatiou French flannels, October
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We are now working on tho last case
of our special offerings of calicoes at
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fall dress stylo fancies, special soiling
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ber special 9c
Southern silk 8o
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15 patterns fancy cheviots ut 15o
Fruit of tho Loom or Lonsdale Gjd
Best L L . . ... 4Jj
Lonsdale cambric .. Ou
- CLOAKS. -'
One each, iron bod, springs and mat
tress, complete, $0 15.
Kitchen cupboards, 94 0, 95 00, 9C.&0 .
98.G0 and 912 50.
Kecking Chairs $1.89 t $12.50.
Duck Coats.
Wo havo deaided to quit handling
Duck Coats.
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nrn. Iinnl. mnLrnu Imot Httltir
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3c riso per si.o.
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son have boon lowered very percept
Full weight 10 4 size G072 inches, nil
cotton blanket, 8 colors, fancy border,
sold every whoro at 50 to GO, koroat47ii.
Other valuos at 03c, 80o, 9 1 00, 91 25,
l CO, 91.75.
Jeans andOottonades.
(Joods bought 25 percent bolow the
presont market. Wo nro ottering them
during the coming month at one-half
20ocottonadcs or jeans at . ..19c
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40c cottonades or Jeans at J!0c
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voqall wool suitings. ,. 88 o
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ii em so re to tit) oo per iuu ptnoo sot.
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All good? except Austrian china open
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Blank Huar and other hosu of thu samo.
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to make room lor nw line wo place
thorn ou salo whim tliey lust a. lilo.
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uotoocr ou
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elties at 50
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back if you are not satisfied.
Combination book cases 912.00 to 932.
Paldinv Iron aad wooden beds 912.50
.914 59, 91U. uigu cnairs i 10 ea ou.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
BUM W, 34, M, 29, 30, JJ, 31 "OOt-W URBOO.
, Mm 1, 2, 4 rem.
NEW IDKA I'rtPHr l'attoans, lOoeach.
About the rottenest political hash
that ha i ever been dished up for
votors to read is how being given out
bv tho fusion press nenlnst W. S. Mor
liii of MoCook in hojtes of olccling tho
democratic nominee, Shallonb.nrgor.
They appear to bo pessehscil of tho
idea that tho only way to elect Shallow
barger is to make tho people think
that Mr. Morlan has no bettor reputa
tion than Mr. Shallenbarger. One of
their favorito themes is that Mr. Mor-
"inn is a "corporation tool" and a "rail-
road attorney." Is it any discredit to
a man to bo a peer in his profession,
no matter what it may be, or is it a cred
it to him? Were you in vol ved in a law
suit would you look for an attorney
who was capablo of handling Your in
terests, whether he be an attorney for
somecorpoiatlon or not, or would you
look for au attorney who didn't have
the ability to handlo the legal business
of anyone or anything. Mr. Morian
forged his way to the head of his pro
fession by his own individual tlTorts.
It is no discredit to him to bo able to
handlo tho legal business of tho 13. &
M. railway, but rather it rillecta credit
upon his ability as a lawyer. Hut as to
tho slurs thrown out by the fusion
press about Mr. Morlun being a cor
Oijorat'ou tool. Ftom tho reading of
thorn wo would infer that because Mr
Motlan attended to tho corpora
tion's legal business for a stipulated
salary was their only excuse for calling
him a corporution tool. If thisdrli
nition is a true ono every ticket agent,
freight agent, conductor, Lrcaknmu,
switchman, section hand, or anyone
olso who works for this company is u
corporation tool. Also tho employes
of every bank or other business which
is incorporated underlho lausbeconies
a "corporation tool." Such is tho fu
sion definition of a corporation tool.
And this iB what tho fusion press of this
district arc accusing Mr. Morlan of
doing; making an honest living by
accepting a salary for labor dono for n
corporation. What bosh, what rot,
but nevertheless it is what the fusion
pri-ss aro foedlng their readers. Hut
as to this man Shallenbarger whom tho
fusion press are lauding to the sky. As
ooo of them said last week:
Opposed to Morlan in this contoet is
man who possessed to much of the
courago of hia convictions in behalf of
the people that in 181)0 ho threw off the
environments of his business and enme
boldly out for free coinage at 10 to 1
and has staunchly advocated that doc
trine uutil now without faltering.
That sounds nice don't it, but what is
tho real truth. It is this. Ho is a gold
bug at heart and one of tho democrats
who in 1804 helped to kick W.J. Bryan
out of tho couvcnliun at Omaha be
cause Mr. llryan declared for free sil
ver. Ho was u "Cleveland Sound Mou
oy livnguei" and It was not until 1600,
1 that lie "saw thu light" and evi-n then
through the fact that he must or die
a political death. A man who nevtr
advocated 10 to 1 and always fought
fusion until he hecume aenndiduto and
was then willing to advocate anything
for tho sako of obtaining tho fusion
vote. Th same paper tayi:
A man who was foioed out of
the banking busmen because of his ad
vocacy of populist and democratic
"Consistency thou art a Jowel." Wo
think it should have been made to read
by the writer that he was "forced out
the banking business to catch the fu
sion vote." When was he forced
out of the banking business on account
of his "advocacy of democratic and
populist fusion principles?" Lot us
sou. Oo May '21, 1000, Shallenbarger
sworo that he owned 87 shares of the
Hink of Alma stock. Ho was the larg
est shareholder in tho bank. Ou July
5th, A. C. ShalleHbargcr, as cashier of
tho Uank of Alma, swore to the correct
ness of the btatemcut made by that
bank. On October 1st, 1000, A A. Hil
lings as assistant cashier swore to the
correctness of tlu statement of the
banl. Urfoie lie was a candidate for
congress by the fusion foiccs the news
paper advtrtisements of tho Hank of
Alma contained the name of "A. C.
ShallerihaiRcr, cashier." Slnco ho was
nominated for congress and is seeking
"fusion" otci his name has disap
peared from l lie advertisements of the
bank and in its placo appeals A. A.
Hillings, assistant catbier." Hufore
ho whs nominated for congress lie
wrote Ills letters on stationery bearing
the card of the JHnnk of Alma. Siuco
he was nominated for cougresH ho
writes his lettois on stationery bearing
tho card of "A. C. Shalleubarger,
Breeder of Fine Stock," and deolates
that he has two ranches. This is
thy way ho was forced out of the bank
ing business, and it is truth. Now wo
ask, was ho forced out "because of his
advocacy ot democratic and fusion
principles," or was it becaupo ho had
an idea it would catch a fow stray
votes. Again tho samo paper says ho
is "a man who is the inveterate foe of
every private monopoly" but ono who
mndo his wealth by making short time
loans at 3 per cent per month. It says
also that ho "sprang from the common
pooplo whoso friend ho is and whom he
plodgcs to protect." Yes, we admit he
spKang from the common people at tho
ate of !1 por cont a month, and we
also admit that ho always protected
"their interest" by good security. In
conclusion wo would say do you want
this kind of a man to protect your in
terests? Do you want a man to repre
sent you who is ashamed of his own
business and business tecord and will
scok to hide it from tho common peo
ple in order to obtain a fow votes from
tho "fusionists;" or do you wanta man
who is proud of tho record he tine
mado in hit chosen profession? Do
you vvnut a clean, honest, reliablo and
capablo man to represent you in con
gress for tho next two yours? If you
do voto for W. 8. Morlan of McCook.
"There's only ono thing about it that
I don't understand," said a business
man, "and that is why all hands don't'
voto tho republican ticket. Of course,
as everybody knows, the grout major
ity of tho business mon of tho country
aro for MoKinloy. Ono reason for
this is that they havo had under his ad
ministration four yonrs of prosperity
and thoy look, under a contiuuanco of
it for four yeurs moro. Hut it's boon
tho samo with everybody. Tho mer
chants have sold lots of goods nnd
done well, but thoy couldn't havo sold
thoso things unless thero had boon cus
tomers to buy tkcm, and tho customers
couldn't have bought unless they had
money to buy with. Of oourse, as
everybodv knows, tho purehases mado
by people ot modoiato or limited moans
iro in the aggregate, at compared with
thoso of so-called rich people, is thou
sands of dollars to ono, Tho great
bulk of Hie country's trade conns from
the pooplo of modorato menus, and thu
present groat prosperity of business in
this country means that thoy aro all
earning money, and havo all got
money to spend, Not tho business
mon alone, but all hands tho country
over nro doing woll. Why under tho
canopy any workingman, so-called I
do not know why wo say workingmau,
for every man in this country that
amounts to a hill of boans, rich or poor,
is a workiugmar. why under the can
opy itny man that dopends for In sup-
,1.1t lltl..,l lltu I..11. tltl.IlH nl. 11
I.,, , ummi mm,) Hiuwr Biiuuui over
111 Ink- flf SIK'll II llltnir no !..1.!..
- r - .mihii vvuu
the clianco of upsetting all this by vot
ing fur somebody else I certainly can-
(II. I LI .lf.lot .. Mfl 1 ( .l.tul. .
..ww nuiivioiiiiiii, I Pimm,! IHJUK IIIQ
business men and Inboiingnicn and all
hand would get in ntul whoop her up
for McKinley for nil they know how.
Tho fusion press over tho state aro
making a great a-o about the Hop of
tho Hastings Daily Republican to the
standard of Hryan, but at presont tho
moro conservative fusionists aro Just
a littlo sorry that Little Willlo Walking
ever took a notion to ttjp. It looks at
present as if it was a caso of 9 9 9 9 or
personal grievancee against our next
governor, C. II. Doltrleb, and that
party politics had nothing to do with
tho Hop. Tho first thiug tho iloppor
did was to proceed to give vent to a
longpentupfeolingof personal spito
which caused the pooplo of oigbtchnrob
societies, tho mi Mm ntin .
hundred- of other good cIUzoub to
adopt resolutions which sat dowaon
tho flopper with a dull hard thud. Tho
resolutions as adopted will bo found
on tho last page of this paper. Read
them and then yon will know tho cor
rcot standing of C. H. Doltrini, in i.t
homo city, lfast,g;,!vhC?oChorl.slkuno!T,n8
.not Political party that is Dlann.l
with tho prospeotdoein't throw itM..
at tho opposition speakers. 8