The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 14, 1900, Image 4

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    ti r i, --
September 14 will start our extra special sale of fall dry goods. We have secured some exceptionally gj
exceptionally fine bargains and will take this opportunity of presenting them to your notice.
This is not a Regular Price Sale but a Special Sale at Redueed Prices,
i .
; v
I r. f.
Dress Goods.
Having jint received mi enormous
Atouk in tliis lino we urn going to otTer
some extta bat gains. Our hujer litis re
turned from the gtent thy courts cen
tre utiil h:i" purchased some e.Mni vnl
nu in dress good.
In crcpons we ate ottering six ynrtl
lengths lit from U8c to ?.'! 50 per yard.
French Ihnncls Otfc to$l !i5 pur ynrd.
'l'hc ( fleets in homespuns nl
$1.2.rt82 00pprj-!inl.
I'olkn dot henriettns in nil colore nt
USe per yard.
We linvn tin decani lino of dress pat
torus in fl ntid 7 yard lengths, no two
alike, nt ISc to 11.00 per yard
All wool, silk finish lieniiettiip, 11 in
wide, nt n price to tlofy eompetitlon
During this sale they will goat f8e.
Do not fall to ex 11 mi no our lino of
dress plaids
Novelty worsteds, 20e value nt 12c.
Our line of
is of the
13 EST
Collars and Ties.
As iv specinl inducement we wilt sell
Rents' collars mid tics, like ones dW
nlnyed in north window nl 20c for col
inr mid tin. These nro 2fio quality ties
nnd 2-ply linen collars. Regular prico
15 j encli.
Ladies' Ties
nnd fnney neek wnro. Wo nlways car
IV tlio best lino of neckwear. Ladies
call and examino the latest effects for
tlio neek
Percales g Calico.
Our entire line of Simpson's grej'H
nnd blacks, Columbia blues, Tnrtnti
teds nnd .Simpson's epilnut fancies
during tills &nle fe per ym d
I'iereline, full hhI wide 1 J 4c
l'letutlnes, 1)2 inehus wiile, Oc.
!10 inch 1'eieitles ut 7c per ynrd.
Wrapper Goods,
in the Intest pnUoius.
Drop do 1'erso, tlio very Intest thing
out, to go during tills hale nl 18c per
r'leeeo lined goods, best of patterns,
8e to l'-'Jc.
Line ol lliuinclettes nt 12je.
lust the thing for house wrappers.
Eddy Silk,
Nothing better for full wenr. The best
of colors nnd llnlsh Regular price 2ru
to go nt 18c per ymd.
Ladies' Under Skirts.
Willi bund nnd trimmed ut bottom,
of good quality outing ll.inuel, ;i."k
Skirt patterns in wool ut 85c unit $1 25.
Knit skirls, with bund, all ready for
use lite to 91.25
Silk nnd satin, snttecn nnd
Flannel wii'sts.
Silkvuists, $! to B.r0
Sntin vniitt ?2.08 t- 7 00.
Mercerized sntteeu, $1 85.
Flannel wnlsts 51 75 to $2 50.
Ladies gowns in light colors, princi
pally in stripes, specinl nt 50c.
Ladies' gowns, bettor quality, trim
mod vokos nnd sleeves, 7oe.
Lot No. 4548, n very pretty lino nt 00c.
Lot No. 4517, good winter weight ut
Ladies fancy plaid nnd stripes, trim
mod yoko nnd nulls, nxtrn quality out
lug 81.40 to $1,05 uaeh.
Gem's night gowns n great dcnl
cheaper than you can buy the outing
iianneianil make tiicni. iGc, 00c, 91. U5.
Wo eurry the largest lint in tlio conn
ty, nnd by carefully baying nnd nt tlio
right time can give you the benefit.
Our lino for indies in vests anil punts
euu't bo bent nt 23c.
Wo linvu seemed the lino so many
were wanting le heavy lleeco lined tin
ilerwenr which we will sell ut 50c.
Ladies combination suits 50c to $2 00
Children's winter wear from 3c to
DOc per garment.
Children's extra heavy lleeco lined,
the best thing in the market 15c for
small sizu to 10c for largo si.u.
Wo have a largo lino of obildton's
combination suits ut from 35c to $1 25
Men's Underwear.
Never before have we been in u po
sition to give the public better values
for their money. Our lino of wool
lleoced will out eluss any 50c gur.nent
ottered this full.
We enrry n lino of wool wenr from
75c to $2 50 n cariiH'nt nnd gunrnntee
sutisfnclion witli every purchase.
Bed Spreads.
Wo linvo just received nn extrn ns
snrtment of sprends which wo will
place on sale nt from DOc to $8 25 each.
Cull nnd tee this lino of bargains
Ladies Golf Capes
nro esjicclnllv good this yeur nnd you
will lind our lino strictly up to date
with now nnd stylish goods Our stock
of ca fins and the first installment of
jackets how on display. Cull and ex
amine them.
Ladies' Dress Skirts.
Our large lino Is daily being ndded
to ns our now new stock arrives, The
Intest thing in plnids nnd brocades.
Our prices rnngo from $1 to $G
Duck Coats.
Wo linvo n world benter. Heavy
duck, blanket lined, a slicker interlin
ing, can't hotter it, for tl CO
A bettor cont nt 82.2j.
TURNURB BROTHERS, Red Cloud, Nebraska.
HPT-T pp" OT'TTFT lm,iium I'ontinMcs to contribute propped to plneo the ntTmrs of thol V m 1PW4
X ' , " prominent dtmocruts to therepublieati government in the hands of a political! Iml I fk
W. L.T0MILLAN. ,W,S"- w jJJJ iS lO'ug to evadeitsown lj .ll
IjL unbleached, good quality muslin
5c per ynrd
A bettor quality nt G, 7 nkd 8c.
lileached muslin 5, 0, 7 and 8c.
Canmrie muslin Dc.
All wool white ll uuiols 20c to 00c.
All wool blue il.innel, extra width,
for shirts or skirt, 25c.
All wool llaiinels, ladles skirting, 45c
Red all wool medicated tlaunels t!5c
to 50.-.
Outing Flannels.
Dark patterns, of good quality, oth
ers 8e nnd Ue quality, during this sale
uc per yntd.
English llannolettes ir S and 10 yaid
lengths, regular 10c (innlity, dining
this sale 7c per vnrd.
Our prices tango from 5, 0, 7, 8, 0, 10,
12 nnd 15c.
Double fueod llmnolettrs for under
skirts 10c to 15c.
You nil Know our reputation for
handling tlio best lines of Indict',
misses and children's shoes; ulso men's
and bojs' lootwenr.
L'orticrres nuc luce curtains ut tlio
lowest pi ices. Window shades nt low
er thnu other's lowest prices.
Our tables nro full to ovei (lowing
with tlio best blankets that can bo pro
cured. Wo bought the entire lino
enrly nnd thereby procutvd our stock
before the raise in price.
Extra quality cot hi inkot 50c.
Other gnules 05c up to $2 lor 124.
Wd linvo somo money saving values
in wool blankets ut $J.25 to $7.50 per
Wo enrr the celebrated black cat
brnnd of hose that is the leader of all
hose. Price range from 12Jo to 'Joe
Ladies', Mlses and Children's hose
10c to 'Joe per pair.
Ladies' fancy hose 25o to -?l 00 per
Carpets and Oilcloths.
We are shouinu a nice line of now
patterns which will not fail to please.
Figured hemp 25u to !J5c per yard.
Wool ligured, 2 ply, 35c per ynrd.
Union Carpets !15o to 50c.
All wool 2-ply G0i to 75c
.Japanese lloor matting, 15c to 85c.
Floor oilcloth, pur squaro yard, 45c.
Oilcloth rugs, lj ynrds squnre75c,
1 vards squaro 00c, and 2 yards square
1 75.
Pants and Overalls.
Wo have added a lino of men's pants
to our overall department at from $1
to $1 05 per pair. When in need call
nnd see them.
Hoy's knee pants 25c to G9c.
Men's overalls, with or without bib
Men's heavy pants cut overalls 75c.
V i V
Kniored i tho pott otnro i licit Cloud,
econdclnimull mtttct.
Local AdvcrtUliiK b cciiIn per lino per Issue.
Local AilvorlWIuK for eiiturtulmtiiuts, con
icrlK, kicIivU, etc.. Riven by elmrcheh, clinrlmble
locletk'H, elo., where all inoneyn ruined lliero
from lire uned wholly for church or charitable
oclvtlcH, Ilrt ten IIiivk free iiuil nil over ten
linen 3)4 coutH per line per lue.czi,
Local aclveriNiii; of eiitertnliiineuu, roncertH,
recitals, etc., where per cent Is ulveu to pro
molem. f cents per line per Issue.
One coliimi per month ....... K (
One half column per mouth 3 isn
One fourth column pvr month 1 '!
(Icncral display mlverlUliiK S1 cculs per
Inch perltine.
National Ticket.
For 1'rtfMeui,
For VIcc-FroiUlcnt. '
After all, crop conditions all over
tht countt y afford very little material
for the calamity howlers.
The ghost of imperialism is so trans
parent that even a near sighted man
can seo 10 to 1 through its shadowy
State Ticket.
u. 11 PKiriticii,
Of Admim County.
For Lieutenant (lovesuor,
Of Custer County.
For Secretary of Male,
(i V MAItSlI,
Of lllclmrilsoii County.
For Stale Treasurer.
Of Cummlni; County.
F01 State Auditor,
Of Sheridan County.
For Altoruey Oeuerul.
F. X 1T.0UT,
Of lirtKC County
F r Commissioner I'ublle I.aud,
(SKO. D,
Of Nttckolln County
Fr SHreritituilent,rubllc Inttiuetlou.
Of WashtiiKttiM Conmv.
Congressional Tiofcet.
For CHjressuinn, 5th Dhtrlct,
w. s. uoni.AN,
Of Red Willow Counly,
Stnatorlol Ticket.
For State Senator, Mlh District,
i. r. nAurroN,
of Webster County
Float Representative Ticket.
Fw Flwit ltepresntallve,
Of Adams County.
County Ticket.
For Slate Itepretculatlve,
C1IA8. K. I1ICK3,
For Coualy Attorney,
The fact that the republicans insist
on choosing their own lino of battle in
this campaign is considered very un
fair by the enemy.
Kaiuas cannot find enough cars to
curry her crops. Thus is opaued the
golden opportunity to kick because of
loo much prosperity.
The antics of tho populists and dom!
ocrats in some western states makes
one think of the two snakes that tried
to swallow each other.
If free silver is reallj dead Mr. Hryan
should not dislike the republican party it, as ho has been making
lots of money exhibiting the corpse.
The deinocrutli! managers are said to
have noticed no paitieular demand, as
yet for 10 to 1 literature, hvery one
understnmU all about that question.
So far Mr. Hryan has had the greatest
difficulty with those members of his
nudloiices who insist upon him oxplniu
iug his predictions of four years ago.
Tho expurlonee of tho city of Onialm
with a padded census should bo a warn
ing to those Nebraskans who would
voto for 11 padded cuweucy. There is
alwuys n dny of settlement.
- r
Following tho teachings of Hryan
and Kdward Atkinson, the Filipinos
have taken to counterfeiting tho silver
dollar. Is this not carrying tho free
coioago idea to nn aburd extreme.
Tho lliu. Clin. A. Tovvuo has beou
nominated to reply to tho speeches of
(iovcruur Roooovclt. Tho chance nro
that ho will be eoiupollod to execute
another withdrawal before the close of
the campaign.
Oving to tho h.ickwurduos-j of tho
country in responding to tho demo
cratic appeals to start n tito in tho rear
of the American soldiers la tho llelil,
Mr. Hryan may have to do a little
more paramouuiiug during the cam-
! P"1kh
Tho McKiuley aumintsiration ha.
not sought to avoid one of tie many
emergencies which have developed
since its inauguration. Are the voters
Mr. Hrynti should cede tho sover
eignty of tits fnnn nt Lincoln, Nebrns
fcn toSpnin or Frnnee. Tlio limit wus
ncquired by the United Stntes without
tho "consent of tho govorned" by an
other democrat, Tiioums JelTerson.
How Mr. Hrynn enn consoul to livo in
Nobrnskn, when this circumstance is
considered, N unexplainable.
Hrynn n-utits n republic where the
conch owner nnd conchniati, tho mis
tress and the maid, will have tho same
chance and share alike tho good things
of this life, but uufortunntoly lie neg
lects to explain how this blessed state
is to lie brought about. The question
is suggested that, in order to be con
sistent, with such views, ho should ar
range with Adlai in tlio event of their
election to put their respective snlaiies
into n poo! and share alike.
Mr l'cttigrow complains that iin
mouse sums of money are being sent
into South Dakota to defeat his reelec
tion to the senate Tnis i the same
I'eiiierew who ruceiitly tried to dis-
Contagious Blood Poison is the most degrading and destructive of all diseases, as it vitiates and corrupta the entire system.
I lie first sore or ulcer is 1 olio wed by little red pimples on the body, mouth and throat become sore, the
glands enlarge nnd inflame, copper colored splotches appear, and hair nnd eyebrows fall out. These are
some of the milder symptoms ; they increase in severity, finally attacking the vital organs ; the body ll
tortured with rheumatic pains and covered with offensive eating sores.
It is a peculiar poison, and so highly contagious that an innocent person handling the same articles
used by one infected with this loathsome'disense, may be inoculated with the virus. It can be transmitted
from parent to child, apjwaring as the same disease or in a modified form like Eczema or Scrofulp.
Many an old sore or stubborn skin trouble appearing in middle life, is due and traceable to blood
poison contracted in early life. You may have taken potash and mercury faithfully for two or three years
and thought you were cured, but you were not, for these poisouous minerals never cure this disease ; they
drive it from the outside, but it is doing its work on the inside, and will show up again sooner or later.
You may not recognize it as the same old taint, but it is. S. S. S. has cured thousands of cases of
Romery, Ala., writes:
"Several years neo I
was inoculated with
poison by n diseased
nurse, who Infected
my liaby, and for six
long years I MilTcred
untold misery. My
body was covered with
tores and ulcers. Sev
eral physicians treated
me, uiil all to no pur
pose. The mercury and
potash they cave me
teemed to add fuel to
the awful flame which
was devouring me.
Friends advised me to
tryS-S.S. I Iwcau tak
ing it and improved
from the start, and a
complete nnd perfect
cue was the result."
Send for our Home Treatment book.
which gives a history of the disease in ail
stages, and is the result of many years of
Contacious Blood Poison, and it will cure you. It is the only purely venetable blood purifier known.
and the only antidote for this poison. S. S. S. cleanses the blood thoroughly of every particle of tho
poison there is never any return of the
close study of blood poison and actual experience in treat
ing it. You can cure yourself perfectly nnd permanently
nt home, and your secret is your own. Should you need
any information or medical advice at any time, write to
our physicians. .They have made n life study of blood
diseases, and will wve your letter prompt and careful
attention. Consult them ns often as you please; we make
no charge whatever for this service. All correspondence is
conducted in the strictest confidence.
Does the ii
Baby Thrive!
4 If not, something must be -
T wrong with its food. If the
X mother's milk doesn't nour , ,
ish it, she needs SCOTT S
EMULSION. It supplies the ; ;
elements of fat required for ',
the baby, If baby is not
food, then it requires
Scott's Emulsion
Half a teaspoonful three ' '
or four times a day in its , ,
bottle will have the desired
' effect. It seems to have a
mafiical effect upon babies , ',
r w .... .-.-.
and children. A tilty-cent
' bottle will prove the truth
, 01 our siaiemenis.
Should be taken In summer aa 4
well as winter.
coc. and J1.00. all dnigglitt.
SCOTT & UOWNE, Cncmisu, New York.
credit the woid of Admiral ')owoy by
publishing a letter from one of his Fil
ipino corre.ponderits. The trouble
with l'elligrow is he has been home
long enough to ascertain that the
South Dakota people propose to have a
representative in the senrtto who will
look after their interests and not de
vote his entire time to encouraging the
enemies of his country.
The republican electors of Lino
township will meet in caucus on Sat
urday, Sept. 2'M, at 2 o'clock p.m. at
the kcIio house in Dist.No. Ut, for the
purpose of nominating township otli
cers and such other business as may
come before the meeting It. Timinkh,
Take a dose of Prickly Ash Bitters at
night whuii you g t bed tnd you will
feel bright and vigorous next morning.
It will insure) you a eop'ons ami
healthy passage of the bonl.-, im
proved appetite and digestion and in
sreasod energy of body and brain. It
boats stimulating drinks becaiiMi its re
viving influence is natural, hcuvu per
manent. Sold by C. li, Coning
The Cuir.r Calculating PciumI ena
bles any one to figure faster than the
brightest brain can uiili-iil its aid, A
twist of the wrist biiugs the result.
Instructive, iuteicMitig and highly
useful. Imoiii this date we will give
I one vMth each dollar paid on stibscrip
. tion.
Will be special sale clay on all
J at the UP-TO-DATE Millinery Store.
ltumember, for one day only. If you wuut a good hat at a low prico got it
J quick. Wo nuan businoss. No shoddy goods offornil, mm no last J
i year's shapos pressed over to push on our customers.
I Miss Kiniry of St. Joseph, Missouri, will have charge, of
our trimming department.
ehieago Itambef Yardp
Lumber, Lime. Coal and.Cement.
f Wi.yW'l