The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 07, 1900, Image 2

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KcirIiip of tlm tltciirnluii Trnln t'lniirli
Through Milk Cr Mho V.gK Hlictli
Iiidrnrrlhiildo Heeno of llorrcir
Othrr Iiiiportiint Niw.
Philadelphia, Sept. ntf1Ifpxituli says:
Tim Icon persons hilled nnil over thirty
n( hers Injured Ih the appalling record
of a rcarond collision between mi ex
cursion train ami a. mil 1c train on tlio
Hcthlchcm branch of the Philadelphia
v Heading nilhvuy Sunilny morning at
Hatfield, I'n., twenty-seven miles north
of this city.
Coiirlirn WHI KIII.mI.',
The wrecked train consisted of ten
.lay coaches, nnil was the first section
Of H llllgO C.NCIII'sloil llllldc lip of pctipll
iroin iiciuicucm, aiicihowii nnil snr
rouiujliig towns to Atlantic City. This
K'c! Him eifrrlcii onl'v hose persons who
Uvcfl'-.1rr-iWnK'ho'iir urnf Alfentowii..
ami left, the itnloii, depot, in HrthlchciiiJ
at n:J.i rr'u.. e.a!tlKUilrlvifniir initi
ates hcliiiitl the milk train. The latter
train consisted of two milk earn ami
I wo passenger coaches, anil had slop
pcil at every htntiott on the rood f i out
llethlehein cnroilto to I'liiiadelphla.
At !t:rl tin; milk train drew up at
the milk platform at llalllclil
and in less than two minutes
the special excursion train, ruii
ulnjr ill the rale of thirty-live
miles an hour, era.shed into the tear of
the milk train. The locomotive
ploughed through the two passenger
coaches and crushed them as if they
were egg shells. The mill; ear Immed
iately In front was alsoliadly wrecked.
Pom persons on the passenger ear of
the milk train, were almost instantly
hilled. Portiiuatcly there were very
few persons on this train.
Heinle or Horror.
The excursion train was a picture of
Indescribable horror. The locomotive
was a mass of dent and broken iron,
ami llrmly held the bodies of Its en
gineer and llreimm heneath its great
weight. Behind the engine si of the
ten ears were also a mass of w recltage.
The first car was- broken in twain, and
the oilier live ears were thiown on
their sides, completely demolished.
Nine persons were killed in Use llrst
two eats and the others in these
coaches were badly maimed. As soon
as the ernsh came a terrible erv arose
from the smashed ears, ami those who
had not been injured iiiiekly crawled
or jinnpeirfioin the ears and went to
the assistance of the iujuieil.
I'rlioner lltioii pt-H from .lull.
Pied llrailey, who has been laving
in jail at llutte, Neb., the last month
Yor alleged atlemnted rape at Lynch,
got Ills freedom by cutting thi'oiigh
the walls of the jail. Mo got out just
before the deputy c.uuc to put him in
the steel cage for the night. There Is
no elite. The sherllV olVersSWi reward.
(Srriiinii Troup .Hake. lleiiiuiuU mi Thoie
of t'ulti il Ntnlrn.
A Tien Tsln August '.ith dispatch
Via Tuku says the liermans have for
mally demanded for themselves all the
buildings and giountls of the camp of
the I lilted Stales troops, explaining
that these will be needed by the large
(ierman forces soon to arrhe. As the
American camp lies in the ticrmiiu
concession, the demand will probablv
be complied with, and a new camp
for the Pulled States troop will be
established outside the city.
Orders received from Washington di
red that the S.OOU American troops be
divided between Pekin, Tien Tsln ami
and Taku for .the winter. Abundant
supplies are now arriving and all that
is necessary is being rapidly forward-
en to renin.
It Is understood here that Pulled
States Minister Conger Insists that Id
Hung Chung shall be allowed to pro
ceed to Pekin for u conference.
runner Killed,
Joseph Lewis, a well known farmer
living llvu miles west of .Vadium, Neb.,
was killed while returning home, lie
was a hard drinker anil had taken too
much. When about a mile from the
city lie fell otV the wagon seat and over
the front board. This frightened the
team and It commenced to run. Lewis
was found to be terribly cut up about
the head and body. Ills feet had
caught and his head had been whipped
on the ground until his skull had been
llmiilMonie lYc for u Doctor.
One of the handsomest fees ever paid
a general practitioner for services in a
single case will be i cccivcd by Dr. .1.
X. MeCormack of Howling Croec. Ky.,
for his attendance upon William Coobcl
after he wasshotat Frankfort. Arthur
(Ioebel, brother of the dead governor,
and under the advice in the will, has
placed a claim against Hie estate of
Coventor Cocbcl for S 10,000 for Dr.
McCormnck's services.
t'ulmiKO ut Hillmlelplilii.
During August 1,700,000 coins of
the face value of SI, .134 WO were the
product of the Philadelphia mint. Of
this amount there were tl, Hi 1,000 coins
in silver of the value of 8l,i;i7,000 and 13,000 in the base metals, valued
ut 8188,100.
llrlek .Mukliu; to Ito KtMiiuicd.
The MHford brick vard of Sniiinb.
Jlros. has been leased to I), Hosliart
lor ti year. The yard has not been in
iperation lor the past ycur, but woik
ib ucen resumed,
Itiil.'liiC Aloni; Nor til llnniidiiry of ,r
ehiileln County,
A l'agosa Springs, Colo., dispatch
says: Porest fires are raging along
nearly the entire north boundary of
Archuleta county and devastating
hjrgo areas of timber. The largest
fire In burning near the head of Pour
Mile creek, doing great damage.
A timber fire prevailing for the past
few days In tin vicinity of the deserted
vlllagoof Cold Park, twelve miles from
Ilcd Cliff, Colo., lias assumed threaten
ing proportions and is raging through
a Inrge acrengeof timber on the Home
stake mountain. Everything is ex
ceedingly dry on account of the almost
entile absence of the customary rainy
season, and unless the drouth In
promptly raised Incalculable drtmngo
will result.
No I'nilm Incitement.. CiiiMrd liy It
l'jr'M!('( at tlluiiiii.
OA Olasgow. Scotland, dispatch says:
Past Assistant Surgeon A. II. Thomas
of 11m; Pulled "Wales maiTno hospital
service. wJI investigate the bubonic
plngtie -here and take the necessary
lllfiTafllWn in icgard to outward Vofuid'
vessels, .although lie has not yet re-
reived instructions from Washington
regarding the imposition of quarantine
on (ilasgow vessel arriving at Ameri
can polls.
There has been no increase in the
number of eases of the plague and no
undue alarm as to the spread of the
disease is fell. The (Ilasgow authori
ties aie acting with promptitude and
are confident of confining the outbreak
within the pieseut scope.
Oim III' Hi IVIicn roiinil nnil tlm Other
l tliull.y Wounded.
An Arapahoe, Neb., September 2
special sa.s: Lena Stageinler and Min
nie Noltemeir, two girls about four
teen , earn old, weie shot, supposedly
accidentally, by two hois named Hal
loway, who were hunting. The Stage
meier girl was dead when found and
the oilier girl is in a serious condition.
The boy.sleft ttie vi luity at once.
The affair lias causeil great oxcitc
meiit here, which the mystery sur
rounding the case does not lessen. In
formation cannot lie obtained as to the
extent of the guilt of the llalloway
boys, as the wounded girl is too weair
to talk.
AVoril I'roni ItoliertN,
The following dispatch has been re
ceived at the London war olliee from
I. old Itoberts;
"llelfast. Aug. III. About 1,800 llrit
Ish prisoners released at Nooitliadaelit
have reached Preneh and I'olc-Carew.
They aie badly clothed and some are
said to behalf starved. Ambulances
are out picking up many of the sick
and weakly ones. The commanding
ollieersare reported to have been taken
to Itarbeton. Some of them escaped,
including She Kail of Leitrim and Vis
count Kunisnioiv. The prisoners re
port that Kruger. Slc.ui. liothu, Lucas
Meyer Caml Nchalkburger left Nooit
Ccdnchl August for Nelspruit. 'i'he
lloers seem to be scattering."
To Itlilo llnll.ilioo lloj ,;nln.
Tod Sloaiie. who rode llallyhoo Hey
in the futurity, has auiioiiueed that he
would ride tliat horse again Saturday
in the Phil bush stakes. It is said that
when William C. Whitney came back
from abroad he reiii.'sted Sloauu to
postpone his retiiin to Kughiud. As
the proper inducements went with the
request the little jo.'kcy did not lies!
late, but cancelled his passage, lie
will return to Kuglaiid later.
See Viilne or I rrlj-iitlnn,
Corn is badly damaged outside irri
gation districts owing to the dry
weather and the intensely dry winds,
says a Lexington, Neb., dispatch. The
farmers in the irrigation districts who
have failed to take out water rights
see the great advantage of these and
they will another year prepare In duo
time to have good crops instead of a
tifth of ii crop or no crop at all.
Hunch men .Murdered.
The dead bodies of William Taylor
and Hansen lEasmusscu wer found on
adjoining ranches near Polsom, Calif.
I loth men had been murdered. Taylor
was au elderly man employed to care
for the ranch of Prazzo Hrothcrs. Has
musseii worked on the place of Wil
liam Carpenter, a mile distant. There
is no clue.
Collon .111114 Mint Down.
Forty-four Fall lllver, Mass., cotton
mills, operated by twenty-four corpor
ations, have shut down until Sept. 111.
These mills employ lT.fiUO hands.
About three-quarters of the corpora
tions will havo completed a month's
curtailment on that date in accord'
nnee with the general agreement.
Kill Home. In Thrlr TnickM.
As Mr. Swan, a ranchman, living
three miles west of Harrislinrg, Neb.,
was returning from Kimball during au
electric storm, lightning struck both
of nls horses dead lu their tracks and
stunned Mr. Swan to unconsciousness.
After reviving lie walked fifteen miles
to his home.
I'lni'd for Alinnlni; 1'iinilly.
. C. I). Hrinkuian and wife aired thrlr
douiestlu troubles lu police court at
Plattsmouth, Nel),, which resulted in
the former being sent to Jill to servo
out a fine for alleged abuse of the
members of ids family. Mrs. Itrink
man notified the olllccrs that her litis
band was wanted for bootlegging in
Lancaster county.
Wes Austin and Hob Armstrong, es
caped convicts were killed and n
third woundod by pursuerH near White
side, fifteen miles from Chattanooira.
Mlftrrrnnt Srk nnil Heroro I'liniM of the
Hrcretarr of I.odRo Woodmen of llio
World Otlirr New of Nrhrimka
Town nnil r.hpwhrro.
The Cordon Journal, nt Cordon,
Neb., was almost totally destroyed by
fire, the losn Mihtnlncd being fully
SI, 000, pnrtly covered by Insurance.
Tlio building nnd contents are almost
a total loss, itobbcry was doubtless
tho prime cauno of the fire. A small
chest containing the funds of tho W.
0. W. lodge was kept in the building
by the printer, who is the secretary of
this lodge. Tlils was stolen nnd the
funds,. be'tweon twenty nnd thirty dol
lars in hi Iyer coin, was taken out' The
skeleton of the ehest was found in the
ruins in a remote spot where it'nuia
kept, but the silver money had all van
Ishcd, except a silver quarter, which
was found. with the, .chest-. look, until
The thief effected an entrance
through a rear window nnd in making
Ids cM'app either carelessly or purpose
ly set fire to the building." It required
the heroic efforts of t lie lire company
to save even a portion of tlio building
and contents.
The .lournal olliee had but recently
put in a new cylinder press, gasoline
engine, new type mid other material to
the value of 81,000, besides having
been enlarged and remodeled Into an
Ideal printing olliee. Tho editor, H.
C. Lyon, will rebuild at once and con
tinue in the business. The paper will
be issued this week on time. This t.s
the most destructive fire the town has
ever experienced.
I'rUoner hi .Slur;!, H. I)., .lull AttmUi
llc'inty SherllT.
There are two desperato characters
confined in tlio Jail at Sturgts, S. I).,
named Hansen and Morrcll. who are
being held for cattle and horse rust
ling. On several occasions they have
attempted to break jail. Frank Smith,
the deputy sheriff, went into their hell
to see that all things were safe for the
night, when Murrell attempted to
knock him down with a cuspldore.
Hansen turned out the electrie lights
and there, was a general rush for Smith.
Instantly the deputy sheriff pulled his
revolver and fired in the direction of
Murrell, the bullet striking linn in the
htomaeh. The deputy sheriff got the
lights turned on again and found Mur
rell In a bad condition. He was taken
ton place outside of the jail and is be
intf given the, best of care, but it is
feared that lie cannot live.
Nortlim-strrii Trnln Wri'i-unl nnd i:n
Rliiecr Killed.
A dispatch of September .1 from Pre
port. 111., says: The Chicago A; North
western passenger train Unit left Chi
cago at 4:15, was derailed near Itidott
resulting In a fearful wreck. All the
wis left the track. The engineer, Pat
rick Ityan. of Frccport, went over the
embankment lu his engine and was
instantly Icilletl. Twelve or llftcen
were more or less injured, but none se
riously. The accident was caused by spread
Ing rails as the train was rounding a
curve. Tlio engine ran .'.00 feet on the
ties before It went into the ditch, car
rying the baggage, car with It. The
other cars remained upon the bank
incut. -. .. -,. r,i it'Ht n.
Arthur K. Sewcll, democratic candi
date for vice president in lson, is in a
critical condition at his summer home
at Smallpolnt, sixteen miles from Hath.
Mr. Sewcll was heixed with an attack
of apoplexy and has been unconscious
since then. The chances for his re
covery me Might. At midnight there
was no change.
Krltiiln on tlm IVnce.
The dinicultyof communicating with
tnu llritish minister nt IaM m i..
Mai-Donald, delays the promulgation of
lie views of the llritish government
in rega.-d to Its future bteps in China,
tlio government being unwilling to
commit itself publicly to a definite de
cision until Sir Claude MacDonald has
fully reported on the situation.
Son Kill lirntiil 1'uthrr.
WlilK- making a brutal assault upon
his wife in a quarrel over a trivial
matter, A. Woods, a farmer, living
near Martelle. la., was i i..
Mantly killed by his elgliteen-vear-old
son, who was exonerated by tlio cor
oner's jury.
llrenWs the World'H itr.ior.t.
At a "beep-slaughtering and dresslug
exhibition nt Indlauapolis, hid., Chas.
.1. Cardner broke the world's record
when lie killed and dressed ten sheep
in thirty minute and twenty-two
Nou...r R1U, f,,,ici,i.
Otto A. Hurton, of Atlanta, Ca., for-",u,7-v
employed as a writer on the
Unity Constitution of that ettv, com
mitted M,C,,,U , t,0 oUy hospUnl Bt
Dallas, Texas, by cutting ids throat
i ui a razor. Hurton had been sick
for a long time. He was thirty years
of age.
TrHiujiort for Mnulllii,
The transport Logan lias sailed from
San I. ranciseo for Manila with l,n;8
enlisted men and eighty-four cabin
passengers on board.
Kiitiiro of Concert.
The publication of the text of tho
Russian proposals has Intensified
rather than diminished tlio suspicloui
entertained by Kngland of Kussln's
proceedings. Tho rupture of tlio Kit
ropean concert U considered an accom
plished fact. Opinions, differ, na to
tho way In which the powers will now
group themselves. Some papers think
that Great NrlUin, Japan and tho triplo
alliance wilt stand togetlicrin refusing
to leave Pekin. It will not bo surpris
ing to sec Kngland' and the United
States part company and lino up on
opposite uldes lu the Chinese matter.
lttM'diiii Cruelty.
From tho beginning tlio conduct of
ttio Russians has been a blot on ttio
campaign. When cnlering Pekin cor
respondents of the Associated press
Raw Cossacks smash down Chinese
woraoh wltb,viho butts of their guns
and pound their heads until Itiey were
dead. Tlio Cossacks 'would plelc up
children barely old enough to walk,
hold them by the ankles and beat out
their brains on the pavement. Uus
Man otltcers looked on without protest.
American ofllccrs at Takii, days the
fighting was finished, saw- Russians
bayonet children nnd throw old meu
Into the river, clubbing them to death
when they tried to swim. Tho Rub
slans killed women who knelt before
them and begged for nicicy.
Cham; In Dltrepnte.
Owing to the Interruption of tele
graphic communication between Pekin
and Tien Tsln, it is believed at Wash
ington thai some days may elapse be
fore final answers are received to the
Amertcan-Kussian proposition regard
ing tlio withdrawal of troops.
Tho latest word concerning Id Hung
Chang's whereabouts Is contained in
the Associated press from Shanghai
stating tliat Li was still there. The
report that ttie foreigners there gen
erally discredited htm was read with
interest in diplomatic .circles. The
suspicion of his motives there seem to
tie shared by many of the diplomats
Oregon nt Wu Shunc.
Word has been received nt the navy
department that the battlship Oregon,
Captain Wilde commanding, hud sailed
from Nagasaki for Wu Mhung, the
man-of-war's anchorage at Shanghai.
The assignment to tliat place is sup
posed to have been mnde by Admiral
ltemey, but the reason for sending tier
there is not staled.
Aiiiriidini'iit Introduced In thx Kentucky
""Represent'ittvo Holland lias intro
duced it bill lu the house of the Ken
tucky legislature to repeal the Cocbcl
election law and to enact a new one.
it provides a state board of three, two
to be appointed by tlm controlling au
thority of tlie two leading political
parties, the third to lie appointed by
the secretary of state, until 1U0-,',
and then to be elected by the legisla
tine, the third member to have no vote
except in case of a tie. County boards
of three are provided similarity, the
third member to be appointed by ttie
state hoard. Klection olllcers are to be
equally divided between parties.
Tliebill is said to meet tho views of
Coventor lieckham.
Mexico City XiiirHmtprit Auk Some Very
I'olnted lliicKtUnit.
A Mexico City dispatch says: Tho
popular organ La Naelon Kspanola
wants to know what has become of the
big patriotic fund raised there by pa
triotic Spaniards for the purpose of
purchasing a war ship for tlio Spanish
navy. J t calls for nil open statement
of tiio committee's accounts, and de
clares that tlio war contribution ac
count will not be permitted to be liqui
dated in silence. Tho newspaper
charges that there is a deep mystery
about the fund which should be cleared
up. Tlt article lias caused excitement
iu tho Spanish colony which liberally
subscribed for an addition to the Span
ish navy during tlio war with the
United Slates.
Cottly 1'lro nt New Orleans
Fire at New Orleans destroyed the
miner nnrt of the building nt No. 001
Canal street, occupied by the Fair
banks Scales company, with contents.
The loss is estimated at S','00,000. Kcl
fer Hros'. shoe factory, udjolnlng. suf
fered a loss of 5100,000 and the Morris
building, corner of Canal and Camp
streets, sustained about S.10,001) dam-
Will Arbitrate Strike.
Six. hundred 'longshoremen, who
went on a btrlko at the Krlo railway
ore docks at Cleveland, have returned
to work pending a settlement of their
grievances by arbitration. Tho men
quit work as a result of a refusal of
tho owuers of the steamer Simon .1.
Murphy to allow extra compensation
for unloadlug a wet cargo of wheat.
I.otrclllni; Ilrud.
Kx-Covernor h. I. hewetllng died
very 'suddenly and unexpectedly of
heart failure at Kansas City, Kas., tho
3d inst.
Mine on Fire.
ThoU. A. M. mine nt Lead ville, Cot.,
Is on tire. It is the deepest mine iu
tho district, employing ISO men, all of
whom will probably get out us the
mine lias manv connections. Tho
probablo loss will be about 8(0,000.
Killed by Crowed Wire.
Two policeman Were killed at St.
Lou's by eleotrlo shocks sustained
while they were using the police tele
phone, and eleven other otllcers were
injured In the same maimer.
Olnpatrli In tJndiitcd, Ant Supposed to
lluvo lloen Sent Lata In AiiRunt
Situation (Jive Natlifitctlon
Other Ijito Noun,
A Washington. September.', dispatch
ays: Tho following was received yes
terday by tho war department from
Uencra) Chaffee:
"Taku (no date) Written report of
operations up to relief of legations
will bo forwarded as soon as possible.
Present conditions nru that hostilities
have practlcllyccjiscd, pnly occasion
1 shots flrcdifronf covpr Small party
repairing tolegrapti lino aiid foraging.
No considerable body of Chinese troops
(boxers) discovered huro or along the
line of communication.
"We hear LI Hung Chang has full
power, but he is not here. Will United
States keep military force here until
terms of peace arc arrauged? Now in
rhlnr about effectives. Sixth cav
Hlry, light battery F, Fifth artillery,
batteries Thh Ninth infantry, Four-'
tccntli Infantry, 1,000 marines.' I think
ample force for the United Slntes.untess
political renson, not apparent to me,
demands linger force. Shall take :.,noo
is basis of my requirement for sup
plies. If troops remain must winter
In tents, and conical wall tents will be
required, one tent to ten men.
Kscort wagons mentlon-d iu of
ISlh will lie required Immediately.
Have mules for same shipped. Xo
more pack trains required, wagon
transportation best. Water falling in
liver rapidly, must soon haul supplies
forty miles. Satisfied railroad will
not be repaired before river freezes."
All the transportation and tcntage
asked for by Ceueral Chaffee has been
anticipated by the department and lias
been shipped. Much of it is at Taku
and ttie balance is duo there very soon.
This is practically the only import
ant news for the day.
i:ioiiient I'len nt li-iinel Hen for the.
Depoted llinperor.
Lcong Kat Tinn, who claims to be
special ambassador of the deposed em
peror of China, Kwnng Sn, delivered
mi impassioned adress to a large audi
ence of his countrymen in tlm .iackson
street theatre at San Francisco. His
plea for the restoration of tho emperor
and tlte modernization of China nnd
his deploration of the indignities that
had been heaped upon the uufoi tiinate
emperor by the ciuprcsf, dowager were
so eloquent that the yellow men In tlte
iiidicucc were moved to tears.
I.eoug Kat Tinn arrived in San Fran
flseo last Monday, and his address was
the llrst he delivered, lie came to
this country to gain the support of the
Chinese residents iu the United States
for the restoration of the emperor and
the inauguration of a liberal policy to
ward foreigners. He Is the representa
tive of the Chinese empire association
of reformers, as well as the accredited
agent of Kwnng Su.
After the address a collection was
taken up and a total of over Sn.tiOli was
realized for the reform association.
Hiixkcd Men AkiiIii nt Work In Ouiiilm
and South Oimilm.
Two masked men jumped on a linns
com park car at Thirty-second and
Hickory streets. Omnliti, and retleved
the motormau of a revolver and SI iu
money ami the conductor of about S'.'()
iu company funds. The hold-ups then
jumped from the car and disappeared.
About an hour later two men stopped
n train on the 1 street extension in
South Omaha, just as it was about to
.un into the barn and compelled the
train crew and the single passenger to
march before them to tlm hair Ileitis
west of Cutlahy's plant, where they
were relieved of their valuables. The
conductor gave up Si:.', mostly com
pany money, which was ttie net pro
ceeds of this hold-up. The conductor
had fortunately deposited most of the
day's receipts. The robbers stopped
the train by throwing a sack stuffed
with hay on the track. The motormau
-.topped the train, not knowing what
the obstruction was.
Hilled lly 11 Hotel Cook.
Alvlna Holten, eighteen years old,
daughter of Hans llolton, proprietor
of tlie Metropolitan hotel, was shot and
instantly killed at Denver, Col., by
William C. Haragar, a rejected admir
er, who hail been employed as a cook
in her father's hotel. The murderer
was arrested. He had swallo.vetl a
dose of poison, hut antidotes were
promptly administered antl ho will re
cover. Cuttle Killed hr SiiKiir Corn.
The sugarcane has begun to number
Its victims by tlie do.en near Trenton,
Neb. John Thomas, south of town,
lost twelve cattle from his herd last
Slleht Hope for Sennll,
Pp to'P.' o'clock Wednesday the con
dition of Arthur Sewall, democratic
candidate for vice president four years
ago, was unchanged. No sign of re
turning consciousness bail been noted
unit no hopeful' Indication tiad been
U'cn by tlie doctors.
Over Neen ThoiiKiind Dentin),
Uflleial returns show there were
7, (Mill deaths from cholera In tlie native
and llritish states during the week
ending August S3. The number of re
lief works are decreasing.
ItPNIHumlhlllljr for Itcndln; Mauler Not
Vet lMueed.
I.cports from Jlethlchem and Allen
town, pn., are to the effect tnnt nine
of those Injured in tlie terrible collision
at Hatfield, Pa., the Philadelphia
mid Heading railway have tiled, al
though .several are not expected to
live. Tho railroad company hud a
force of men at the scene of tlie wreck
clearing away the debris. The. wrecked
cars were burned antl all evidence of
tlie accident destroyed as far as possi
ble. Superintendent Sweigart of tlio
Heading railroad stated tliat the
compftny was not yet prepared to issue
a format statement as to tlie cause of
tho accident.
"From a partial investigation," ho
snld, "I think a mistake tins been
made, tlie responsibility for vhlch can
only be placed after a thorough inves
tigation. Trnln Dispatcher Craves, in
tho Heading terminnl station in tills
city, may have waited too long ticfore
issuing orders to hold up the excur
sion train, which was rapidly ca'ciiing
up to the inlllc train."
In addition to these possible causis
Mr. Sweigart said' tlie wires of the
company were working very budly.tlue
to fog, and interfered with tho "trans
mission of orders.
IIiiikIii, lloieer, i:ficelluj; nn llnrly
A inner to Note.
France litis not yet replied to Russia's
note regarding tlie withdrawal of
troops fiom Peklu. M. Delcasse, min
ister of foreign affairs, and the Kussian
ambassador. Prince Curoussaw, went
to Itninboulllu to confer upon President
Loubet tlie decoration of tlie Kussian
Cnlcr of St. Andrew, recently accorded
him by the czar, antl to present to Mr.
Loubet the autograph letter accom
panying tlie decoration. " It is believed
that tliis will give opportunity fo mi
exchange of views which will have an
effect upon the ministerial meeting
to be held soon. France regards peace
us tlie first requisite of tho situation,
but is not entirely certain tliat the
withdrawal of tlie troops from Pekin
is tlie surest and quickest method to
attain this end.
Store nt rille.v Itoldied.
The general merchandise store of P.
T. Lewellcn of Filley was visited by
burglars and goods to tlie amount of
SI., or g-Jl) stolon. The thieves first
visited tlie blacksmith shop of C. C.
lohiinseu it Sons ami secured tools
with which they forced the front door
to the store and gained entrance. They
left the tools lying iu tlie store; also
an old pair of shoos, which they ex
changed for a new pair. Xo arrests
have yet been made, but a good clue
litis been found which may lead to tlio
Hold lllm for i:triidltlnn.
ludge Deliaven. in the United States
circuit court, at San Francisco, holds
Julian II. Arnold, the Knglisli law
yer, sou of Sir Kdwin Arnold, accused
of embezzling the funds of clients, for
extradition. The prisoner will lie de
tained pending tlie signing of tlio
necessary paper by President McKin
ley. AneslliiK A 1, ron ltloterx.
Up to the present time nineteen ar
rests havo been made of persons al
leged to have taken part. In the recent
riot in Akron, (). Karl and Charles
Frank were taken into custodv charged
with rioting. A special grand jury
will probably lie called to take up tlm
eases. Nearly Hllll witnesses will bu
To lliilhl .Miininioth (,'liureh.
The African Methodist Kpiseopal
church of Chicago, representing ,'100,000
members, nnd thu colored Methodist
church, representing l.lO.OOO members,
will consolid'itt! anil build in C'deago
a .Methodist tabernacle that will lie tho
most costly and imposing structure
owned by a colored congregation iu
tlie United States.
Inspector of Delliery.
Charles S. Hrundage of Tccumsch, in
tlie employ of tho government in tlio
postoltlce department at Washington,
has lately been appointed inspector of
tlie free rural delivery otlices in Ne
braska, ami will make a trip into tlm
state within thirty days on his rounds
of duty.
Ceueral Delnrey, tlie Hoer com
mander, Is reported dead.
The railroad from Yang Tsting to
Pekin Is totally wrecked.
Cermany Is to send troops to Shang
hai to assist In protecting tlm city.
Six months' rations for tlie Krltlsh
troops at Pekin have been ordered
The Kvangolicat Lutheran Synod of
Ohio anil adjoining states Is lu .session
nt Columbus.
The Salinn Southwestern and Solo
mon Valley railroads were sold under
the hammer at Siillna, Kas., for SIOO,
000 each.
The Hlg Aetna mine of Ashland, Ky.,
has closed down, throwing I. Mill people
out of employment. The shutdown Is
said to be temporary.
Frank Hrewer. seven years old, son
of the auditor of tlie Hock Island rail
road, ami Kby Steffortl, fourteen years
old, were drowned at Chicago along
tlie side of ttio railroad tracks.
Tlie pope hassent'to Manager Keane,
former rector of the Catholic university
at Washington, 1) ('.. a hull, or papal
decree, formally conferring upon him
his rank, title and authority as arch
bishop of Dubuque.