The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 06, 1900, Image 4

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f. ri
i 'r
N every cake of
complete suits of
dressing, put on a
the entire body
lather. Take the suit off with tepid water and you
will remove with it all the impurities of the body
which have been carried to the surface through the
pores. Use a pure soap for this.
COrr.MMf IHt tf TnI ..Mil.
rciumiiD rt
v. l. McMillan.
One "sr II 00
six ipjtiin. ..... 10
Bntered at the pout office t lied Cloud. Neb. a
cand class mall matter.
Laral adYerlltlng 6 cents per line cr iMtie
Local Advertising for ctitcrtAlninsnls, con
rM, socials, etc.. Riven by churches, charitable
JscletW. etc., where all moneys raled there
from arc uieil wholly for church or charitable
ocl-tte. flml ten linen free ami all over ten
Hue- M4 cents cr line per Ix-no.
Local advertising of entertainment, concert,
recitals, etc . where per cent l Riven to pro
uotcrs, 6 cents per line per I untie.
one 'oliimn wr month t' "i
One half minimi ht iniiiitli 'i !'
uno fourth column r month I '
Oeneral display ndvcrtiiltig 'U tents ier
Inch per Issue.
Republican Convention.
A IlepnhllcHii roiinl) coiiM'titlou for 'ebter
I'Oimt) l liereliy called to meet at the court
limiclli Krd I'loild. i-dlK-Mlay. April is !'. 4
ut 11 o'clui-k a tn . fnrl-ie pnri-oe nl sidei-tlng it
county central cinuiiiii-p. for iiomliinllii:;
( iimliilate for county attorney : for iiotiilnnllni a
candidate ler the state legislature, forolmlicnf
ilrlenatP" to tin- rt-pi-'i'li it roiiM-iitloi fut th" I
'I went mx;Ii v, niiiti it lil-trli : mid iu i 1i o
publican riniM'iitio'i (or iii Fnrl Mxth I i-it
lnllu District, fur ilcli i-kio to tit. r-puiilli an'
coinui.tlon forllie Fifth i'onreljnl District
for choice of delcpiU" to the Hepubllcau "-late
Contention and foruomlnntltiK a candidate for
Commissioner from Commissioner DM. No S.
It In recommended that no prexlci be allowed.
An Invitation Is extended lo all IcRal rulers who
desire to affiliate with the republican party to
attend and participate In tho republican can
cuses and primaries to bo held under this call.
The Tarloui townships and ward are entitled
to reprcientatlon ai follaws, oaicd on the vote
tail for V, 1). Ely, candidate for regent In ltW,
allowing one delegate for each ten voles and
ajor portion thereof so cast, and one at large
far each township and ward.
Kim Creek
Fotsdam .. ...
Batln. .....
Cathcrtou...... .
Walnut Creek .
Oulde Hock ...
Beaver Creek .
Pleasant 11111-
Oak Creek
- 5
- f
. 9
.. 9
Inavale .. .......
Ked C'loun lp
Ktd Cloud, 1st '
Ited Cloud, 2d w
Total . .
V. II. Itoiir. Chairman,
B. J. OvruiM), Secretary.
"Tho saloons must go" on doing
Which is the worse to swear iu an il
legal vote or to sell whiskey?
Admiral Dewey has signified willing
ness to run for tho presidency, but
is not yet decided as to which ticket
ho will mako tho race on.
Kansas City's big convention hall, in
which tho democratic convention was
to be hold on July 4th, was but net! to
tho ground last Wednesday morning.
Tlie grand jury at Frankfort is com
posed of eight Gnobolitos and four rep
resentatives of oilier parties. Goebel
ism is prepared to lix up any result
A special election for congressman
In Utah resulted in a democratic loss
of 3003 in tho district. Thejwhole west
will give a good account ofjiiself in
Now that election is over and tho
peoplo have decided by an overwhelm
ing majority that they want high li
cense, it is to bo hoped that tho people
will ceaso their strife and contention
and settle down to business.
Tho Porto Hican bill passed by the
scuato provides that the filvot of the
island shall bo exchanged; on tho basis
of 00 cents in United States money. As
the 00 cents will buy more of what tho
world has to sell thin 100 cents in for
eign silver Porto llico is in'liiek again.
Tho olection of last Tuesday in the
various cities aud towns throughout
Ivory Soap there are 100
rich, creamy lather. Before
suit of Ivory Soap. Cover
from head to foot with
S.wtlf ce e.c...ft
Nebraska was inatle in most instances
upon the saint issue which prevailed
hero In a number of towns the Anti
Saloon carritd the day, but in the ma
jority they met the vault) fate as they
tlid here
The election of J. S. Emigh as a
member of the board of education
when his name did not appeal on the
ballot and the voter was compelled to
writo his name in, was a trick that tho
opposition has not yet recovered from.
Mr. Emigh was too good n man to bo
beaten, and tho voters evidently took
delight in writing his inanic on the
Tliu increased demand in Europe for
American stocks ever since the enact
ment of the gold standard law is highly
gratihing, nut it is j i-.t what every
body had a light to ixpect. All the
money of Hie United States is now an
elimcd lirnly to the gold l,isis, and the
party which licd it iltcie i reason
ably sine of victory in the election
thi year. 'I lic-.e things are. as eveiy
body kuow.s, calculated lo advance tho
American credit all over the world
l'lie D-wcy presidential candidacy
fooli-hncsx shows the desperation of
the democrats in the in titer of a presi
dential ca ululate Not a single person
in the democratic party who hits any
standing among Ins m-r- -na. Iiicuds
suppose that Mr Dry an can win, and
a few of thorn are trying to trade on
tho popularity of Dewey in the hope of
defeating Hryan in the contention
and of saving their party from extinc
tion. i
Try Grain-OI Try Graia-O!
Ask your grocer today to show you a
package of Graiu-O, tho new food
drink that takes the place of coffee.
Tho children may drink it without in
jury uajwell as the adult. All who try
it, like it. Grain-O his that rich seal
brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made
from pure grains, and the most delicate
stomach receives it without ttistress
One-fourth the price of coffee. 15c and
25c per package Sold by all grocers.
"Good Night."
How few women know what it is to
nave a good night; rt night of sound,
restful sleep. They smile and siv "good
night" in cheery tones, but when the
cltaml)cr door closes behind them, the
smiling mask drops off, and shows the
lines of suffering.
Other women have had the bad nights
changed to good by the use of Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. So may
you. Ninety-eight times in every hun
dred it perfectly cures diseases of the
aelicate womanly organs. It builds up
the nervous system, puts flesh on the
body and color on the cheek.
"I'avorite Prescription," writra Mm C. N
Anderson, of KocVlirnljjc Hatha, KocMiridge
Co Va "I a Ooil-iiul to weak anil aickly
women, restoring liriltli without aubjectinu
llicir nmn to the kIuio, of nn examination
M anll rim loun 111 lie.ilthfouliltiol work
tint a thorl while without toting. Was to
ncrvou at time that I coulil not even write i
h.iiln v-ry rir njit titr 1 ! ulril to write to
Dr I'urvenml t-iw-1 ca I icu-ivcil u faur-a'W-riiU
nnlc mm. mi' I I ,1 1113 tin ' I'nvulltc
l'ri.ri.i hi ' an I 1 ! T.ik ix Iwtttes
it 1 .i nt pn iti;'i '1 . nil C.0UI1MI Mnll
. il Di-m. 11 1 ry ' c 11 1 .'"' . ' t I'lllit' I cm
11. av w rW us well lis I ml 1 U Tort- I wa t.iken
.ill. I llnnk lr I'tr 1 -. n'.Kiui-t the txrst in
tilt- w-urKI for iuk aii'i u. r.ui women"
Doctor Pierce's 1 1 . nut Pellets an
ijiecially adapted to t' use of delieati
women. Kasy to take, ,i-utlc iu uction
Kf mPj th
Itcgtilnr survives next Sunday ns fol
low: Morning scrvicu nt 10:fl0.
Bible school nt 12 o'clock.
Young People's Society of Christian
Endeavor at 0 .TO.
Evening service at 7.80
Special music at each service.
Pinyer meeting Wednesday evening
at 7:30
Everybody kindly invited.
L. A. HfSSONfJ. Pastor.
Services next Sunday as follows.
Clas mi cling at 10 am. I I', Mc
CI i nt if. Lender.
Morning service at 10.30
Sunday School at 11.4.") a.m. Con
ducted by I. P. Albiight, superinten
dent. Preaching at Amboy at ' p.m.
Epworth League nt GOO p.m. Mis
Christie Weideman, president.
Evening service at 7 30
Pinyer meeting Wednesday evening
at 7 30
Ladies Aid Society Friday afternoon.
All are most eoidially invited to at
tend Koscok A. Haiines, Pastor.
Regular services next Sunday as fol
lows: Ilegtilar morning service at 10:30.
habbath .school at 11:45.
Young People's Society Christian En
deavor nt 7 p.m..
Evening service at 8.00.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 8.00
Ladies Aid Society meets Friday aft
ernoon at 2 o'clock.
All are heartily welcome.
FuaWK W. Dkan, Pastor,
bowing oats will soon be a thing of
tho past.
Mr. Reeves of Guide Rock was the
guest of Mr. Wildey Sunday.
The Sunday school at lower Penny
creek was reorganized Sunday and
hereafter will meet at 3 o'clock p m.
Wm. VanDyke was chosen superinten
dent. Jno. Galbrnilh sr. of Ked Cloud was
the guest of Amos Gust Sunday.
Jos. Rochcr is back from Arkansas
and report-, th,. peaoh trees iu full
bloom and the strawberry crop iu good
Mr. and Mrs. Wildey are the wners
of a new family carriage.
Grandma S.'rivner is .siifTeringlfrom
a fall that she received some time. ago.
blic is under thecate ot Dr. D.tineiell
of Ued Ciotid.
Mr. Allen Carpenter is on the .sick
list this week
I'.i"fili has got throtigh'the
Milter all iiglilaud bids f.urtlo make a
good ci op.
H X Scrivncr reports his orchard in
line condition. The peach ttees will
soon be in full bloom.
Tuore is some talk of an Easter Sun
day entertainment at lower LPenny
Oscar Scrivncr of Walnut Creek and
Miss Letisha Mohler of Pawnee, Kans.,
and Mr. Chas. W. Hooper and Miss
May Barrett of Sherwood woro mar
ried this week, Judge Duffy officiating
First Waiter "How's the new
guest?" Second Waiter "Tip-top."
Town Topics.
"Jones U very superstitious." "Whv
do you think so?" "He owes me $13
and woi.'t pn it." N. O. Tiines-Deit'-icrat.
ltaeon "You hiv your sou at college
riles a Ixild hand'.'" Kgbert "I
fhntild hay so. lle'b juM. written for
J15u more." Votikers Statesman.
On the Itoad. "And what docs the
lrcal critic say of nie'." ashed the
(host. "Oh! he lets you down easy,"
replied Hamlet. "He merely t-ays that
the dliiM wasn't true to life." Puck.
isenility. Mr. Dullerby "I wonder
why they call those tall, old-fashioned
clocks grandfather' clocks." Mrs.
DulUrby "Oh, 1 Mippose it'h because
they're generally run down." Jewel
es' W.ckly.
Itemote and Safe. "Our liter try
elnii is going to .Itiuly the Kliahcthan
ci.i." "iMi't that rather haekne.-'il?"
"Wh, but in discus-hing- people who
ire dead, ,uu Know, w won't be
tunpted to gossip." Detroit Free
A M'lmolmaMcr sends us an an-wcr
giM'it b. a 1kv In a "general informa
tion" examination, Asked who Tom
Mann was. the boy replied: "Tom
Man is what one calls a woman who
behaves like a man, ns one calls a boy
ish girl a torn boy." London Truth.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot Khm a powder. It
cures painful, smarting, nervous feel
ingrowing nails, and instantly tak -the
sling out of corns ami bunion
It is ti.e gi cutest coinfor . discovery
i lie ago. Allen's Foot Kasu inak
Unlit or new shoes feel easy. It is
certain cum fur sweating, calloti
md hot lireii, aching feet. Try it i
dt Silil by all iliuuuists and sh
lutes, lly uieil ftir 'J.'ic in slump
l'i oil p ickiign free Addicts Allen
liusti ail, I.eroy, N V.
Clot Wright's prices and seo his lin
before you get a heater.
For the last four weeks we have been receiving new Spring Goods almost
daily. We new have in our complete lines of goods for almost every department
Many lines of merchandise are hard to get this season and ordering late as we
were compelled to do has made shipment come in slowly, but we are now pre
pared to give you what you want. We have bought our goods right. c sell
them right as you will find bv comparison with others prices and we will treat
you right. We extend a special invitation to country and out of town friends
and patrons to make our store their headquarters when in the city. You are
always welcome.
FAiiMRits, ir.rv Fou r,on nn.i. rur casoktfuek is urn aunrEiirDEi'AimiExr.
A Chance to Get a Set of Dishes Free.
We will start our coupons Saturday. April 7. and will give coupons for
all goods sold for cash except Flour and Sugar. We hac $250 worth of fine
imported English dishware. Something superior to anything ever before olfered
as premiums in this city.
TJnMTtKrlfEThl M FOU CIlASrt: To (SET .1 .J HILL FIIEE IS "I'll UlturEIir DEVI.
We have the prettiest line of
Wash Silks fur ladies waists ever
shown in the city. Designs are
distinctly different fiom any oth
et ilk patterns shown.
Shirt Waists:
If you ate going to buy a shirt
waist sec ours. 1!)0 patterns to
choose fiotn. No two alike.
We are showing superior values
in Ladies', Misses and children's
hose from 10c up Fast blacks,
fancy plaids and fancy stripes
C , 1311 n$ f 'Ihe farmer bringing us the greatest num-O-S
LJM.ll Fl C( bcr of Eggs in; ;o days, beginning Saturday
morning. April 14th, and ending Saturday night. May 12th, will be given a $5 Bill
FREE. Every farmer can compete. Number of dozen will be put on a ticket
with your name and dropped through a slot into a sealed box. At the end of
the 30 days the box will be broken open and the tickets counted by three judges
chosen by the competitors. We always pay the highest price for produce.
Watch this advertisement each week for developments.
Date announced by small bills later.
Nebraska JVlerantile Go.,
Tin-: imcoplp: THAT DO the iu'sinkss.
The Way to Go to California
is in a tout it - eeper. pel ...n i i . -i
iluc'i il, . i the Hut liiig'oTi It "Hi u
make 'a-t tune. You mc the n-u-t
scenery on the globe I
Your car is not o expensively fur
nished as a palace sleeper, but it i I
just a clean, just a.s'coniforiable, just j
as good to rido in and nearly i'JO.OO
cheaper. Il has wile vestibules;
Pintsch gas; high backed seals; a uni
formed pullman porter; clean bedding;
spacious toilet rooms; tables and a
heating rargo. Being strongly and
heavily built, it rides smoothly; is
watm in winter andjcool in summer.
Iu charge of each excursion party is
an experienced- excursion conductor
vho accompanies it right through to
Los Angeles.
Cars leave Omaha, St. Joseph, Lin
coln and Hastings every Thursday, ar
riving San Francisco folio wing Sunday,
Los Angeles Monday. Only three days
from the Missouri river to the Pacific
coast, including n stop-over of 1 hours
it Denver and i hours at Salt Lake
City two of the most interesting cit
ies on ihecontiiiLnt. r-or folder giving
full iuforma'.ion, call at any Hurling
ion Home ticKet oilice, or write to
J. Fkancis,
(Jen'l Passenger Agent Omaha, Neb.
Gold at Cai'K Nome. If you want
information about the Cape Noruo
'ountrj, how to get there and what it
costs, write to J. Francis, General Pas
enper Agent, H. & M. railroad in Neb
raska, Omaha, Neb.
Surgical operations and flesh destroying plasters are useless, painful and dangerous, and besides, never cure Cancer.
No matter how often a cancerous sore is removed, another comes at or near the same point, and always in n worse form.
Does not this prove conclusively that Cancer is a blood disease, and that it is folly to attempt to cure this deep-seated, dangerous
blood trouble hy cutting or hunting out the sore, which, after all, is only an outward sign of the disease a place of exit for
the poison ?
Cancer runs in families through many generations, aud those whose ancestors have been afflicted with it are liable at any
time to be stricken with the deadly malady.
Only Blood Diseases can be Transmitted from One Generation to Another
further proof that Cancer is a disease of the blood.
To cure a blood disease like this you must cure the entire blood, system remove every trace of the poison. Nothing cures
Cancer effectually and permanently but S. S. S.
S. S. S. enters the circulation, searches out and removes all taint, and stops the formation of cancerous cells. No mere tonic
or ordinary blood medicine can do this. S. S. S. goes down to the very roots of the disease, and forces out the deadly poison,
allowing the sore to heal naturally and pennanently. S. S. S. at the same time purifies the blood and huildsup the general health.
experience, who are
or infonuation wanted, we make no charge whatever for this service. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY, ATLANTA, CA.
Phone 38.
Our grocery department
is now well stocked with
staple and fancy grocer
ies. Tuesdays and Fri
days we get in fiesh veg
etables and fruits. Try
us when in need of eatables.
II Eli i Lull,. SI. I: I.
all points east and
and all points
N'o, 13. Pansenger dully for Obcrlln
and St. Kranclabrauche.. Ox
ford, McC'ook, Denver and all
points west......... .... 7:M a m
No, 14. I'attenKer dally for St. Joe,
Kansis City. AtcbUon. lit.
Louts. Lincoln via Wymore
and all points east and south 8:15 p.m
No. IT. Patsecicer. dallf. Denver, all
points In Colorado, Utah and
California ......................... 7:30 p. m
No. IS. Passenger, dally for St. Joe,
Kansas Cltr. Atchison, St.
Louis and all points east and
south .. 10:20 a.m
No. 144. Accommodation, dally except
Sunday. Hastings. Grand Is
land. Mack Hills and all
points Iu the northwest I :Ui p.m
So. 13. Accommodation, dally except
Sunday, Oberlln, Kauxas, and
Intermediate nations, via lte
piibllrau- . . . 12:30 p.m
.no. w. rreiKiu, aauy, wymore aim
St. Joe aud Intermediate
Junction points.. l3:4ip.m
No. 63. Freight, dally for Kepubllcan
Orleans, Oxford and all points
west 10:40a, m
No. 66. Freight, dally except Sunday
for Wymore and all point east 7 aft a.m
No. 173, Freleht dally lo Oxford and
Intermediate points . - - 1 :30 p.m
Sleeping, dining, and reclining chair rar,
(seats free) on through trains. Tickets sold and
batgage checked to any point In the United
States or Canada.
Por Information, time tables, maps or ticket
call on or address A, Conorer, Agent. Ked
Cloud, Ncbr. or J. Francis, General Passenger
Agent Omaha, Nebrasks.
A little pimple, a Harmless looicing wan or moie, a lump in mc breast, a cut or bruise that refuses to
heal under ordinary treatment, should all be looked upon with suspicion, as this is ofteu the beginning of
n bad form of cancer
Mr Sarah M Kfesllnc. 941 Windsor Ave.. IlrUtol. Tenn., writes : "I
am 41 rarj old, and for three years had suffered with a severe form of
Cancer on my jaw which the doctors in this city said was incurable, nnd
that 1 could not live more than six months I accented their statement as
true, nnd had rUci up rll hope of ever lielnu well again, when my drug.
f:it, knowing of my con lulon recommended S S S. After taking a few
ottln the sore iwgan to I v.i' "lucli to the surpri.e of the physicians, nnd
iu n short time made a complete cure. I have gained In lleh my appetite
is splendid, sleep Is refreshing in fact, am enjoying perfect health.'
Our medical department is in charge of physicians of lone
especially skilled in treating Cancer and
Wash G-oods.
fitiUO yaitls of dicss prints in
indigo iiiti'', red figured, black
and white and silver gtay at fie
and O'1 Kane dress patterns in
dotted nni! Ik'tiied mull, corded
madras and dimities.
Silk Ginghams.
We cannot say too much for our
silk gingham pattern. They
will ma ken dainty tit ess or waist.
Tv.i, Jim i, fiikk.
If you want a new carpet this
spring sie us before you buy, wo
are getting in new carpets and
can make e.xtta close pi ices on
Ingrain, Mnqticlli- & Axmiustcr.
Our Coal is SUPERIOR
Buy anil sell Haled Hay, Corn, Oats
Millet, Barley, Etc.
Full line of Flour and Feed on hand.
No. 1 Tuiiti) Av. Phonk No. 51
Pennyroyal pills
,-lV . OrilI unit uiilr Utmutitr.
Is UED ut Glt .uui Uim dim
!Ut4..rlkb.. TskfmUtr. UttaM
Der HabcttiiiUaas aad lislu.
Ummm. ; ja.r llnum w m-4 !. I.
,U!:'J:. j?rUnlmr TotlaunUU
U4 'IIJIrr-rldlf.K.l.ll. tT n
lua Mdl. lll.lllrlTNiin..ui. u..,,k
fell Prmxciju ?lklliB.'i....i --.'
a Ult .pi. 4tdl.on t'urt, I'll I LA.. "aT
Cannot be Cut Out or
Removed with Plasters
other blood diseases. WHtP rnr .n. .,Mm