The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 09, 1900, Image 1

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-V - T
Ladysmith is
Relieved at Last. J
But it cost untold blood and treasure. The relief ixl
that the Big Snre affords its customers is the talk M
of Red Cloud and the surrounding country. The M
reason why the multitudes crowd at our store daily M
is because we do just as we advertise, and we ex- Sw
pect here our unequaled facilities buying in large &
quantities and in the best markets for cash enables m
us to offer you the best goods for less money than tfflj
you can buy anywhere in the Republican Valley M
and if you are buying anything in Dry Goods, Car- hs
pets, luirniture, Queensware, Groceries and all M
family supplies, you cannot afford to miss the Big jf&
Store. Below we quote a few of our prices. W
- . ;
75 to $ i 50
75 to i 50
50 to 1 50
25 to 1 50
12A to 2 00
10 tO 2 715
Serges, 15c per yard.
V-v' Palmer Wash Cooels. icc nor v:wvl
r. , 7 Novelty cotton Goods, oc j;er yard.
Special value in Colored-Dress' Fabrics at c ner
yard. I welvesty,ltjs.
Home Spun Suitings -f.ty&
Venetian Suitings, - - "'"
Spring Suitings - - -L
Cashmere, (full line colorsYJJF- -Black
Dress Goods - " -Black
Crepons, $j
Our buyers visited the market early, thereby
securing the beststyles. Late buyers will have to
take the cullings.
Belvoir cords at 20c.
Dimities in colors and plain white, Sc to 45c.
Alberta Satines, Sc to 45c.
Chambray Madras, 20c to 30c.
Special Mash fabrics at 8c, 10c and 20c.
PointelleVSoic Wash Silks, Dotted Swiss, Etc
We are showing the largest and finest line of wash
goods ever brought in the valley. Bought early
for spot cash. 1. C.
Apron Checks at 5c to 7c per yard.
r Dress Ginghams at 8c to 10c per yard.
I I French Ginghams at 10c to 30c per yard.
The finest percales ever offered in dark and light
1 coiors. kccis, Dines and novelties. Colors
CZ. guaranteed at i2c per yard.
Special values in German Calicoes at Sc.
Died, at Doadwood, South Dakota,
on Suudny, Alarch -1, 11)00, of pneu
nionin, Lulu Eniogeno SoUni's, aged
nineteen years, live mouths and fifteen
And thus again is this city called up
on '.o give up one of nor blight, cheer
ful, pleasant and entertaining young
peoplo. One- who was liked by nil,
and whose over pleasant face and jo
vial disposition. was envied by many.
She always had a kind word and a
pleasant smile for acquaintances and
all who know lior, and wns over ready
to do any assistance asked of her. Her
death not only casts n gloom over her
own home, but also in tho homes of
numberless of our young peoplo by
whom sho was looked upon as a sister
Instead of a friend and acquaintance.
Deceased was born at Kcd Cloud,
Nebraska on September 17, 1880, and
has nlwaysj resided with her pa
rents hero. At tho time of her death
sho was visiting with hor sister near
Dendwood. lior illness was veiy brief
and almost before it was geneinlly
known that sho was seiiously ill, tho
sad nows of her death was received.
Tho body, accompanied by hor sister
nnd'.husband, Mr and Mrs Ybiger, ar
rived Tuesday evening and was met at
tft'c depot by a laigo number of sor
('owing fnonds and relatives The
body wa- taken to the residence wheio
tt was kept until tho following day
at 2 p. in. at which timo the funeial oc
curred. Tho services wnio held at tho
Hiptist church, niidrtho icmnins weio
laid at rest in the Ited Cloud cemetery.
Tho afflicted family have the sympathy
of tho entire community in their bereavement.
We nave added additional space to our store room
and are now better prepared than ever to
handle our rapidly increasing trade.
We guarantee prices. Produce taken.
-Miners Bros."
City Dray and Express Line.
Goods Delivered to any bart of the city.
Last Friday evening Benjamin F.
McCune, who had been quite seriously
ill for the past thieo weeks, died at tho
home of his paients in this city. Ho
was barn on June 12, 1877, and at the
time of his death was aged !22 years, 7
months and 20 days. The cause of his
dentil was supposed to bo lead poison
ing, conti acted from handling typo in
a punting ollice, which business ho
lia folh.wi d .since ISO.'l He was a
pioniinentjimmbci of tho joungpeo
pies chinch societies and always took
an active pail in their woik. Tho fu
neral services were hold at tho Con
gregational chinch and woro largoly
attended. Tho S. of V. band, of which
ho was a member, attended in a body.
Tho remains were laid nt rest in tho
lied Cloud cemetery.
Mrs. S. A Ihirwell is quite sick with
Edith Miller who has been quito sick
is improving slowly.
Mr. Wilbon left tho liist of the weok
for St. Joseph to iindnigo tieatniont at
i tho hospital Alva Cat net takes charge
of tho dtugHtoro dming his absence
Tliuisdajjiioiinnjr ul olovon o'clock
at tho Methodist church, Kev Finch of
tho Chinch of Chi ist, pi cached tho
funeial addicts over- the Kinains of
Mrs Lucy Kolso who died Match Gth,
at Her Homo in Iowa. The body was
brought to Inavale, tho inteimoct be
ing made in tho Hivorton comotory.
Hor death was totally unexpected. Sho
loaves a husband.yather, mothor,
brother, four sistois'and numerous
other relatives besides a host of frionda
both hero and in Iowa to mourn her
Mrs. JAlico Lit, loft Wednesday for
hor homo in tho west Bfter a visit with
her relatives, the Harvoys.
Mr.JEddy is able to bo about onco
more. Wo are glad to noto the im
provement. rhosymputhy of tho community is
extended to Mrs. Lillio Jones whoso
brother, Hen McCune- of Hod Cloud,
"went homo" last woek.
Charges as low as the Lowest
r.lTY AfrtPNTRPnRVnAmccvDDi-rr
i( wi . ... .- . .. riunno tvr-ncoo OU,
- X
"Tho loss of gold is great, tho luss of
health is more." Health is lost by mg.
luctlng to keep tho blood pure. Hood's
Sarsaparilla puiilict., cmiclics and vi
tiillzes tWo blood and thus aves both
gold and health.
Hood's I'ills utiiu billiousnoss, sick
Karl McKelvey who is attending
school nt Hastings spent Sunday with
his parents.
C. K. Hicks and S. J. Wheeler drovo
over to liluo Hill Fridny.
C C. Stout and family aro under tho
doctots caio.
Ed Doyle was a uasscntrer west Mun.
day evening. Ho will visit in north
western Kansas.
L. H. Thorno left Mondav to attend
com t at the county scat.
John Johnson's proposed sale ennio
off Sattndhy and everything sold uirfli.
Chickens sold for $1 5)5 per doen.
Mr. and Mrs. Pashby, C. L. Andrews,
Wni, Uotow and others from this vicin
ity were at Hluo Hill last Friday.
A letter from Chas. Caldwell says
they have located in Salem, Oregon,
and thinks they will liko the country.
Tho peoplo of this vicinity aro being
cnteitaincd by tho Johnsons, Irish,
Dutch and black faced comedians,
singing nnd dancing at tho (!. A. K.
Those who moved this spiing aio
Wayne Kecd, onto he 1'ashby faun; J.
C. Itichnrdson onto tho James West
farm; John Sondcr, onto tho Fnl ley
farmj K. J Snhunon, onto tho A P.
Johnson faun. John Mi'Cowaii. into
tho Leo Innise, Chin Williams into
the John Jones house; K. Minnix and
his father-in law Mr. MiCowaii into
the W. M. (iinnnis house; W. M. (Jran
nis to Uluo Hill.
,.l Johnson and family left Mon
day by tho . & M. for Newcastle,
Wyoming where they will nniko their
future homo.
James Saunders was not at his duties
Monday on acuount of sickness.
J. E. Yost shipped a car of hogs to
St. Joo Tuesday.
Mr. Knapp of Guido Kock was in
this city tho (ntter pint of last week.
Chas. Host and Air Paiks have de
cided to co to tho coast inslond of
Chnse county, Nebraska. They will
have a cattle sale one day next week.
C. I'holpo, son of D.S. Phelps, diovo
down from Hoseland Saturday Ho
was accompanied homo by his father
for a Sunday ' visit with Ids family.
Monday Air P. thought ho would lido
his wheel over tho smooth ? roads to
liladon, but when half way hero tho
wheel bucked nnd ho was obliged to
walk and lead the wheel. Mather
tough on both wheel and man.
Poto Le derhraudt's littlo child who has
been sick for sonic- time and viis under
tho tientmont of Dr. Heck, took n to
lapso and died last Alonday. Tho to.
mains wore laid away in tho Alt. Hopo
comotory .
Tlios. Hauler has taken a relapse and
is vei y ill. Ho him no use of his limbs
from elbows and knees down.
Samuel Montfoid is ropaiting the
Fisher "tone house with a now loof
and piasteiing It is on tho 120 acres
that Sum lecently bought Ho will
moTO onto it soon.
Chas. Harrott will build a resilience)
soon on tho 100 ho bought of Bamov
Hugh Graham a boy of fourteen
who took a lcavo of nbsenco some timo
ago has not boon hoard of since ho
Alort Fearn.T. Sutton, Uon VauDyko,
Milt Guthrie and many others who
have loft theso parta and gono to Okla
homa, write back that they have good
farms and aro well satisfied. Somo of
them atated they would commenco
farming March 1st,
Several parties who left here and
went, to Oklahoma and other parts will
bo back in Smith and Wobster counties
inside of two years
Airs. James T Fruit is on tho sick
list this week.
Such a tonlblo lot of mud makes it
real disagi ecablo to got around, though
it is leaving tho soil well wot up for
sowing out.s soon.
Mr. Hutchison of Cora will boro
Cans. Hanett's well right away.
m m
Now U the time tu subscribe.
C- Si
T is a good plan for every bather to know
something; of the soap he uses. There is a
well-founded objection to using a floor-cleaning
soap upon the human body. Ivory Soap
is the bather's soap. It costs more than common
soaps, but the difference is in the ingredients and
making. Why not treat yourself with a little respect.
Is not the human skin with its marvellous delicacy
c.-1'.llccl to pure s :,;;;? ivory Soap it
cofTiK.Mi in i iht mooch aMu ro. rirtin
Tho boys finally seienaded Air. Thos.
Alooio and wife who woro married last
weok. They played very sharp upon
tho young folks.
John Jutnos took a Hying trip to Had
Cloud last Fiiday evening with W. G.
Shannon and returned Satuidav bv
iho local passenger carrying near his
httiut a very important paper given
him by JamiM Duffy On Tuesday
Hov (Jeo. Hum ue of Hud Cloud was
sron about Blue Hill and remained all
night witli Air Dellahoy, and after
wards wended his way towards Air.
Albert Henry's tosldence, where on
Wednesday at at 12 m. Allss Alaggio
Henry tho daughter of Albert Henry
and John J lines, tho oldest sou of Air
Alox James wore united in tho holy
bonds of matrimony by him. About
fifty of tho relatives of tho hiidonnd
groom wero present nt tho wedding.
miss uora Acra, a cousin of tho brido
and Elsio Brown acted as bridesmaids,
whilo AIossis. Hubbard and Edwin
James brother to the groom acted as
groomsmen After tho ceremony tho
wedding dinner was horvod in gicat
style. Wo all unite in wishing tho
young cuiplu much happiness and no
sorrow They will htart housekeeping
at once on llio Curry faun acios-, tho
road fiom home, v no Hunger of being
Air. Armstioiig is courting at Hed
Cloud this weok and Airs. Armstrong
has to lock tho doors to koop tho young
moil away. Look out Hon. come bnnk
soon as it is lonesomo without you.
Mrs. West is ablo to sit up a short
whilo nowadays and is improving slow
ly. Hoads aro bad towards Bluo Hill. If
you doubt it ask W. (J. Shannon
whether tho roads or cornliolds are tho
host to travolin.
None of tho farmers aro thinking of
planting corn or sowing oats as yet.
Mr. Muzzel has sold his farm to Mr.
Cottridgo Sr. and will move to Wiscon-
sin aooui April 1st
and constiDiition
seeds out of which spring many of tho
serious diseases that afflict tho human
body. Sound judgment would demand
tho immediate removal of this condi
tion before it develops something more
troublesomo nnd dillloult to cuio.
Prickly Ash Bittois is a reliable euro
for censtipation and disorders of a
similar eharaotor. It not only thor
oughly empties and purities tho bowels
but stl (tliL'tlmim tlm Iimh-mI ..i ..I..
anil icguhiuis Urn liver and htonuich,
mum .v. iiuiiMium a utoicui cure', sola
by C. L. Colling,
Snow, sleet and suushino this week.
Air. and Airs. Isoin woro tho guests of
Air. and Airs. Al Scrivnor Sunday.
Air. and Airs. Frank VauDyko wero
tho guests of Air. and Airs. Hochcr this
Quito a number of citi.onu of Lino
wero in attendance at couit in Hcd
Cloud to hear tho lawsuit of Auhushon
nnd Gcorgn Beauchamp about tho
stolon harness.
Somo talk of Charles Gust coming
back to Nebraska in tho near future to
make his future homo.
Tho newcomers of Lino aro woll sat
isfied with their new homes.
M. Al. Fearn is woll pjoased with his
now homo near Fountain, Oklahomu.
Hev. Noblo of Walnut crook was in
Lino Saturday tho guest of Frank Van
Grnn Ima Benuchauip was the guest
of J. E. 1'ox this weok.
Thoro will bo considerable small
grain sown in Lino this spiing.
Tho Union Suudny school at Dist. HI
will icorganizo tho first Sundny in
April nt 3 o'clock p.m. A eoidial invi
tation is given to all who aro inteiested.
Tho Sunday school at Dist. No. fi is
not very well attended on account of
tho cold veather.
Tho farmers hnd bettor bo lini.
more careful about loaving dead ani
mals on tho public highways as they
might causo an accidont by causing
toams to run away.
Tho school board of Dist. 8 have just
received tho slate blackboard from
Pennsylvania that was ordered three
months ago and will soon havo it ready
for use
Public Sale.
On Monday, March 12tb, 1000, at T.
C. Hacker's country home, one mile
north of PoBt Office in Hed Cloud, con
sistlng of live stook, farm Implements,
household goods of all kinds and othor
things too numerous to mention.
Teumb ok Salk:-SIx months time
will bo given on all sums over 11000.
purchaser giving bankable note. All
sums of 310 an 1 under will bo for cash
without discount On nil D.,...
$10 will allow 5 per cent discount for
CeL. 0. L. WiNKitKY, Auctioneer.
Examination Notice.
Hccular cxamintitlnnn fn- ....,.,..
desiring to teach in Webster county
nioholdin the superintendent's office
at Hcd Cloud, tho third Saturday in
ouch month,
Eva J. Cam, County Supt.
'' I
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imusatkmbmzt XJ&SiSi?fr
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, .ti-P&i ' V.AL '. ' "- -
i-, 1. 1 u;i. yn. ivnrt
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