The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 23, 1900, Image 5

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Whnti Vfilil liitfuit twimtc olwtnlnr W
"""" ' " "" ".."V...K
you take liiin to 11 tailor
5 When ill you semi for a carpen.
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JJJ 1)0 YOU?
p When you havo a liouso to build
von mill t fin iiiulnrtnU-nr
m J"" - -
p Tho nuin who devotes till his
energies to ono lino of work, bo-
2 comes ninstor if that particular JJj
r line. We have 6punt ninny years
i in tho prauticu os optics. Our
m facilities arc most complete. Ev- JJj
m ery aid that science and median-
cal ingenuity has devised forsuo-
cosstul oyo testing anu glass tit- jj
ting is at our command
5 T&fcvxftvousfc "Bros.,
Thk Chief $1 per year.
Tho Itacket Store sus everything.
C. T. Hnzelton went to Hastings this
Ed. Amack of Guide Hock was up
Tho Ciiikk and Chicago Inter Ocean
one year for 31.25.
Robes, robes, robes. All kinds of
robes at J.O. Dialer's.
Largost lino of heaters in tho valley
nt Wright's lmrdwaro store.
Wantkd: Good girl for general
housework. Mits. O. C. Tkkl.
Walter Hoby sells tho Singer sowing
niachino. Prices .rigiit. Get tho host.
J. W. ttuuehoy returned tho last of
tho week from a business trip at Lin
coin. Miss Nora Watson of Cowles was
visiting with tho family of J. W. Kin
sol this week.
Mrs. 11. L. Davison of Lincoln was
hero last week visiting with J. A. Till
leys and family.
Do you want a heating stovo? If
you do go to Wright's. He-has n largo
lino at tho lowest prices.
Don McCuno who has been sick for
the past I wo weeks, died this (Friday)
evening about 7:30o'c1ock.
Farmers who havo held public sales
lately all report having received ex
ceptionally good prices for what they
had to sell.
The republican county central com
mittco will meet at the oflice ol Chancy
fc Morcor on Saturday afternoon, Mar.
10, at 2 o'clock p.m.
W. A. Maynard.ono of our successful
farmers living south of tho river is en
joying a visit from his mothor who ar
rived in tho city from tho cast last ove
The Nobraska Mercantile Company
havo moved their stock of groceries
from the old First National bank build
iug to Hie dry goods department of
their store room.
Dr. Elliott has a complete stock of
pcctncles and oyo glasses of modern
pattern. Call in with your old frames
and have the right lensos put in thorn.
At tho Holland House.
. Gospel service in Moon block hall
Sabbath, March 4, at 3. p.m. Mrs. Ida
Horton will give some interesting facta
and experiences in her mission work in
Chicago as a part of the program. A
gopol invitation to all. Evangelistic
mootings will begin as previously an
nounced about tho middle of March.
u limtKs to Tin:
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m.u nil v nt .r
Wlicii you I.lo. li't in U' iily n "Hhliu" one. (
When m steul. kiriiliiwii) fr"m I''' L'oni
P It'lir... rvit W.ri.HP LUi-IF III V ill I T lMI I II 1 1 V.
MIIVIIJUII ..- n v . - ,-.....-.. , ,
j When you Drink, iln ik to the health of n c
When you Kiit. eat nt the
$tr JBcilceiw,
Km A
LJ. O. WILES, Prop.
N v i tin- tunc tn inici i lie
Heaters In endlcs vurietv a V. W
Dr. Spencer of lliverton was here
Leslie Graves made a trip to Hast
ings this week.
Attomov Overman was in Lincoln
tho first of the week.'
Novelties of nil kinds at the Itacket
Storo in tho Moon block.
, Our phono number is now 72 Call
us up when you need job printing.
Miss Guela Hoed loft Sunday for
Guide Dock where she is teaching
Mrs. J. H. Dlackledgo returned
Thursday from a visit with friends nt
Mrs. S. F. Spnkesfiold is in Des
Moines, Iowa, this wenk buying her
spring stock of millinery.
Charley McCord and family left tho
first of tho week for Arborvillo, this
state, whore ho will make his home.
Wm. H.Young of Central City, No
braska, nnct Mary L. Guy, of Campbell,
Nebraska, wore married by Judge
Duffy on the 28th.
Dr. Elliott of Denver is well equipped
to correct errors of tho eye. Compli
cated cases n specialty. No charges
for examinations. Holland House.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Labarrce of
Owattoona, Minnesota, who havo been
visiting in tho city with J. A. Tullcys
and family returned to their home on
Saturday night.
Jesse J. Dakcr, who has for quite a
time past been one of the popular ton
sorial artists in the shop of Ward Hialt,
left the Hist of the week for Superior
where ho will reside in future.
Percy McHride, of Fort Morgan, Col
orado, arrived in the city Wednesday
evening for a visit with his mother and
other relatives and' friends. Ho is on
his way to Chicago where he will take
an optical course.
On Thursdays, February fith and
20th, March (Jlh and 20th, tho Burling
ton i onto will sell round trip excursion
tickets to Hot Springs and Custer, S.
D., nt tho rato of ono standard fate
plus 22 for continuous passage with a
return limit of thirty days from date
of sale. A. CoNOVKit, Agent.
As a general rulo it is about a two or
three week's job to work a person np
to a point whero ho will cnnsentto run
for mayor in this city, but this year
parties can bo found who are willing to
undertake tho job who need no boost
ing. As ono of them says, ho wants it
because ho has nothing else to look
nftei and it would serve to keep him
looking after something. Ho ought to
havo it. If there is anything that will
euro a bad case of inertia it is n torm
in tho mayor's oflice.
From tho appoaranco of Turnuro
Dros. store last Thursday morning ono
would bo led tobolievo that tho Mod
ern Woodman goat had boon converted
into n bucking broncho nnd tried to
throw ono of tho candidates which
wore initiated Wednesday night high
enough that when ho came down he
would poon through to the cellar. Tut
candidate evidently didn't comply with
the intentions, but from appearances
ho hit tho floor with a jolt bard enough
to dislodge several square yards of
plastor which crashed through tho
dried fruit show caso of Turnuro Dros.
in tho room below.
Wm. H. VanPatton, Frank Darlowe,
Dun Ksholman, and Chits. Hoss nro
four now arrivals from Fulton county
Illinois who will mako Webster county
their future homo. Tho gontlnnion
havo bought property and nro perma
nently located. Mr. VanPatten will
occupy the farm oro milo west of tho
river bridge; Mr. Barlow- ia located
one and one-half miles sooth of the
river bridge; Mr. Eshflman is located
on tbo strip of land botween the river
and tho tailroad track, cast of the old
mill site, comprising about GOO acres,
and Mr. Hobs is now a resident of this
Dr. E. A. Elliott of Denver, oyo spec
ialist is in town, and stopping nt tho
Holland House. Dr. Elliott is well
equipped in methods, instruments and
experieiiei', in eni rooting ermis in re
fraction of the uses. A huge olaM of
(leople are troubled with In-idiii'hi
and in ni.iny o ises it is oaiiM'd by oyo
strain of .lomo kind Ky est lain U tho
oaiixn of brain irritation, nervous de
bility, headache, etc. A now and deli
cate mi thud i'f detecting irritation of
uervt centers and curing it by re
pression, glass titling., etc.
I can positively euro headache,
granulated lids, inflamed ovo balls,
crossed conditions (if done in time).
Children'! eyes should not bo neglect
ed I will be in Hed Cloud sumo days.
Most of my work is prescription work
i and I cannot do this wit limit stopping
soiuu lliuo Copy of preVeiiption goes
with each pair of glasses so in cato
they are lost or broken others can bo
had 1 make special efforts in lilting
nrlilicitil eyes, either eye ball existing
or removed. Examinations and testing
f.ue. At Holland Hotel parlor.
"Necessity is the
Mother of Invention'
It was the necessity for an
honest reliable blood purifier
and tonic that brought into
existence Hood's Sarsapa
rilla. It is a highly concen
trated extract prepared by a
combination, proportion and
process peculiar to itself and
giving to Hood's Sarsaparilla
unequalled curative power.
Its wondcrfut record of cures his nude
H America's Greatest Medicine.
Rosy Cheeks - " hvt good
health and rosy cheeks, thanks to Hood's
Sarsaparilla. It builds me up and
saves doctor bills." Mary A. Burke,
East Ciatr St., Indianapolis, Ind.
Tsltlll J JlllJ&mmrm
Hood'l Will cut IItt llli ; the lion ltt1ttln tnd
only ttthirtlo to Uk witli"lfoo3'"i wriprlllj
Herbert Conover left Tuosdny for
W. 11, Parker went to Grand Island
Earnest Jones of Guide Dock wits
here Thursday.
Got Wright's pricos and soo his lino
boforo you got n heator.
U.S. Proudllt was n business visitor
from Guide Hock yosterday.
Anything you want at a price that
makes you buy, at the Kacket Storo.
L. 11. Dlackledgo was looking after
legal matteis at Trenton tho first of
tho week.
Frederick Halt is and Miss Jennie E.
Harris were granted a license to ved
on February 28th.
Thomas D. Moore and Miss Helena
Nan, both of Dluc Hill were granted a
license to wed on the 27th of February.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Storey
on Saturday evening, l-ebruary 21th,
a daughter of tho usual Nebraska
Don't forget that tho Ciiikk has
moved to the basement under tho F. &
M. bank nnd is rendy to do job print
tbgof nil kinds.
Married, on Wednesday, February
28th, Willis 11. Scrn of Smith county
nnd Miss Ellloda Loppo of Webster
county, Judgo Duffy officiating.
A number of our people availed
themsevos of tho opportunity offered
this week and took sleigh ri los, but at
present a mud scow would bo tho prop
or thing.
Five cars of emigrant goods were
shipped in here this week and tho in
dications nro that this year will be a
record breaker in tho number of new
comers to this state.
Dlankets, blnnkots, blankets. Havo
you seen my largo stock of blankets.
Square blankets, cutaway blnnkots,
wool blnnkots, G-A blankets, Hurling
ton stay blankets, bins girth blankets,
Storm King blnnkets and in fact all
kinds of blankets at low prices at J. O.
James Gouldic, residing about ton
miles southwest, was in tho city Wed
nesday, and was upon orders of tho
mayor ordered to leavo town by tho
city marshal. It appears thatGouldio
was in the ofllco of one of our attor
neys transacting a little business, nnd
during tho conversation mildly in
formed tho attorney that Mrs.Gouldio
had tbo small pox. What happened
immediately after the lawyer recoived
tho news of tho sickness of Mr.
Gouldio's wife we cannot exactly tell,
but tho mayor was informed about tho
matter at onco and Gouldio was or
dered to leave town, which he did.
Wo havo addod to onr
stock a complete
lino of the latest
Magazines and
Story Papers.
A'o solioil your
Wc t'itrrv tho largest
stock of
Books and
in the city.
The Druggist.
Incidents of Every D.ty Life Which Very
Few People Stop to Think About on
Account of Their Littleness.
Tiavt'lliig evangelists are not always
what they ai e flacked up to be mor
ally Smith Centre, Kansas, has found
(his out to her sorrow. - A phenomenal
number of souls havo lately been snved
in that place by what is said to have
been a moral leper Preparations
were made to introduce him to a vig
orous application of eggs and other
bandy articles. Tlie sanctitlod wearer
of an evangelist cloak was not partial
to eggs and gave tho enraged populace
tho slip It will require a coititicatoof
character of considerable length to
induce Smith Centiu lo allow one of
this class of individuals 'o enter its
pottals l'hey couio among you with
the preachers cloak which often covers
a multitude of sins. They arise In tho
pulpit and denounce as wrong the acts
of some of your oldest ami bestcitizons.
They toll you how to run tho town
when they haven't a dollar's interest in
its prosperity or downfall. When your
town is running along In a smooth
groove they start dissension by getting
the city into factions over their ideas
of morality and reform. If tho news
papers dare intimate that perhaps theso
soul'Savcr's records may not bo of tbo
purest the church deacons hold up their
hands in holy horror. But they aro
holding 'em up now tho other way iu
Smith Center. Who's going to bo
mayor will bo the topic for sovernl
weeks to conic It is n question which
should bo looked after. Aro wo going
to have a live, energetic man capable
of looking after the interests of our
city, a man among men who will present
a good appearance and impression up
on sti angers or do we want a mud sill
who will listen lo thu complaints, im
aginary and otherwise, of all the old
grannies in town and keep the city in
a continual state of unrest and uupleas
anlnessV It's up to the voters who nt
tend the caucus and the men who are
caucus and tho men who are
j delegates to the convention.
io man with the hoe will be in
chosen as
Soon th
evidence, but that instrument will not
bo used to cultivate vegetables for a
canning factory. Poor old Rod Cloud
It too slow for such enterprises. Our
money-bags nro too intent on sitting iu
their offices and raking in the interest
which ci.mes from tho sweat of tho far
Pineapple sherbet at J. O. Wiles
James Dowron was a Hastings visitor
this week.
Webb Jossolyn of Orleans was here
last Saturday.
Mrs. W. S. Garber went to Lincoln
tho first of tho weok.
Ptrry Hildroth of Dloomiugton wns
here the first of the week.
Andrew Derg who has been seriously
ill is reported as much bettor.
llouben Lcggett and wifo left the
lirst of the week for a trip to Norcatur,
Dead Cudahy's prizoad in this paper;
then send postal for 300 pngo prize
Charley Johnson who tins boon visit
ing hero for a month or so past left
for Iowa Wednesday.
Mrs. Geo. W.Houghton who has been
visiting with H. P. Sowter nnd family
lias returned to her homo in lumens.
Is your name written there? Where?
On our subscription books for tho last
year in the 10th century. It should be.
Mrs. 11. A. Hownrd returned Wed
nesday evening from Lincoln whore
sho has boon receiving treatment for
her oyos.
For Exciianok Drick block, three
rooms, to trado for small farm iu Web
ster county. For particulars call at
office ol J.S. White.
The regular March term of tho dis
trict court will convene in this elty on
next Monday, March Oth. The term
promisee to bo an unusually interest
ing one.
A representative of the Webster gni
engine works wbb in tho city this week
and while hero succeeded in disposing
of two engines in this city, one to J. O.
Wiles and one to C. T. Dickinson.
Goi.i) at C'Ai-K NoMi;. If you want
inform, in. ii uuoiil the Cape Nome
cotinttt, iim t get there and what it
oiisif, wine Francis, (ieneial Pas
Mjnpcr Agent, D. A: M. railroad in Neb
raska, Omaha, Neb.
A subset iptiHii paper has been ciieu
laled by the hand ol this city for the
purpose of menring money enough
for a guarantee for the services of a
leader. Tho intention is to get George
Hendricks who led tho baud during its
early existence. This year of all other
years with a good leader and business
manager the baud ought to be made a
On Thursday, March 1st, John W.
Ituuchoy ami his estimable wifo took
charge of the Holland House which has
been so elllciutitly handled for the past
several years by Mr. nnd Mrs. L. D.
Oalman. Thu new landlord, while a
new hand at tne buiiuesa of catering to
This space belongs
to the Cowden-Kaley
Clothing Company,
who will in the
future use it to keep
the people posted on
what to wear and
how to wear it.
They are too busy
this week rearranging
their store and
opening new spring
goods to write an
advertisement, but
will have something
to say that will be
worth reading to
clothing buyers.
The Red Cloud Chief
The Weekly Inter-Ocean JS
Prizes Free
for saving the wrappers off of
DIAMOND "0" Laundry Soap
These prizes include over
and hundreds of other useful and
handsome gifts.
Prise List mailed free on laqoiijr.
Drop a postal eard to...
K3f If jour Oroc.rdoM not kiwp Diamond Q
VXs Hop. pIiirm Mnd iu till nam. od w. will
gt him to put it In .lock.
the traveling public will soon catch on
and with tho help f M.s Huuchey
will keep it up to its pn-si-nt lngti itttn
I u d and in ike it one of tlie lni lies
U'lti" in siiuilii'i n Ni'Oiank.i The
(iiiiuiiry department of tlie house is
elliciently looked after by J. 1). Uraiis,
assisted by I'M. .Story, and it goes with
out saying that the patrons will lie well
Last Sunday morning the barns and
oilier outbuildings of Mr.s. P. Oouaver
and L II Fort were entirely
consumed by lite, together with the
contents. Tho origin of tlie lire is tin
known but it is supposed to have
caught from hot ashes being blown
apainst or into tho cowshed TLo tiro
department responded oromptly, but
tlie lire had gained such headway that
it was a dillluult task lo get it tin.
tier control. Mr. Port carried 9'iOO and
Mis. Conover $500 insurance, but the
loss will moro than cover the insurauco
Id both easel.
FOR $1.25.
I Republican Cuucusts.
The republican voters of tho First
Waul, U"d I'l'iud Nebinska, are heie-
I by notilieil ilia' a caucus will bo held
ai W. I) Itib) ' fill u on M itch Dill at
1M0 p. m., for tho purpose ot ulecting
thirteen delegates to attend tho ciy
convention to lie held at the com t
house on March I lth, for the purpose
of nominating candidates for thu vtui
ous city ofllcos.
W. II. Hoiiv. Committeeman.
Tho republican voters of the Second
Ward, Hed Cloud, Nobraska, aro here
by notified, that a caucus will be held
at the Fireman's Hall on March Otli,
1000, at 7:110 p.m. lor tho puaposo of
ulecting fifteen delegates to attend tho
lied Cloud City convention, to be hold
at the court house March 1 lth, for tho
purpose of putting in nomination can.
didatos for the various city ofllcos.
C. 1). CitONK, Committeeman.
m .
Supplies for gaa lamps at City Bakery.
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