The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 12, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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"Honest Labor Bears
a Lovely Face."
There is nothing more
pleasing to took upon than a
hearty, ruddy face, gained by
honest toil. They are the
saying of the nation, these
toilers of both sexes, strug
gling for daily bread.
Tare blood makes them Able to keep up
the daffy round of duty at home, shop or
store. If the blood has a taint or im
purity, or a run doiun feeling comes on,
the one remedy is Hood's Sarsaparilla,
America's Greatest Medicine for the blood.
Poor Blood "SMy blood 'was so
poor that in hottest weather I felt cold.
Hood's Sarsaparffta made me 'warm. It is
the right thing in the right place." Hattlt
J. Taylor, Woodstotun, N. J.
dflbcdS SVtiak
pWtlUq u&
. Hood' lrnr"riir"iipr HUl tFin iinnirriutTiifiaiid
oirty cMlmrlib to ulB Ii1i "iTi)l' HurnnimrTlfT,
rnaiHiKit nr
One jvm .
Etitoreil nt llio post nlllcc nt Ucil Cloud, Neb.iit
ocoml clan mall mutter.
Local ndvcrtlsiiiK f ' per llliu per Imiio.
Icnl AilvcrtlNliiR for unU'rlnliiiiiviitu, con
terlit, soclnln, etc., alveii by diuretics, dinrllablo
ioclcttcH, etc., wlicro nil moneys raised tueto
from aro used wholly for church or charitable
tolotlcn, firm ton linos freo and all ovr ton
Uaea i centa per lino per Issue.
Local advortlnlng of onlurtalnmcnta, concert.
roottalR, etc., whero por cont la given to pro
ten, & ccnti par tine por Issue.
Ou clumn per month .. . ...I7 oo
Oae half column por month s eo
OM-fourlh column per month . 1 To
aeneral display adrertlilug B conU per
lacii porlviuo.
Thora has boon moro mowing in tho
old CuiKr oflleo this week than was
ttono nil tho yours tho CuiEr waa lo
cated thorc.
W. J. Bryan whilo in Omaha tho
othor day admitted havinp captured a
tamo panther, but denied tho st,ory
tkat ho had over rodo an ostrich.
A rncing circuit wns organizod at
Hustings this week and for somo un
accountable reason lied Cloud does
not appour in the list of towns in
eluded in tho circuit.
RECAPITULATION, showing the amount on hand July 1st, 1800, tho collections since made, disbursements, nnd amount umnitiing on hand at the closo of tho 3d day
of JntiuurVi 1000, in each and all of thu several funds hinted.
5 r 5 - ? g
a J o S. g 8 3 F o S
u n 2. O
3 B 5 B
S & &
School and University Lands . 1$ 154 00$ 0160 01 .... 1)311 00 $ 4810 25 4501 05$ 0311 00
Statu Consolidated 2 877 13 8912 05 223 87 '.'"'...'. 601125 4174 81 830 44 5014 25
County Ueneial 8 2350 41) 4030 44 207 07 Vailous'KundH i.!...! ? 301 27 7655 27 550120 1W3 08 7555 27
County Bridge 4 352 21 708 28 44 03 . 1105 15 1099 40 5 60 1105 15
County Railroad Bond . ...6 4735 80 1057 01 03 75 0480 22 825 00 500 1 22 0480 22
County I'oor . . G 430 15 505 68 27 35 1022 08 083 80 88 72 1022 08
County Boor Ho use .. . 7 400 Gl 814 47 2150 '"".' '.."..'.!'.'.....! ..'.!.' 835 04 835 04 835 04
County Insane 8 2724 10 140 47 0 13 2870 70 105 50 2774 11 2870.0
County Bond .9 82141 C 67 3 18 Road District Z 718 25 1547 41 1418 04 129 37 1547 41
County Soldier's Belief 10 1174 124 81 7 02 143 07 142 01 10 148 07
Bed Cloud City 11 244 04 454 44 40 50"'. 744 08 538-70 200 10 744 98
Bod Cloud Water Bond . 12 572 68 618 24 88 47 ,1120 29 192 01 937 25 1129 20
Bod Cloud v ntcr Workn 13 33 45 100 20 12 48 .'.' 230 10 121 00 112 18 280 19
Bed Cloud Electric Light ... . 14 02 00 17100 10 45" 275 31 05 75 170 GO 275 31
Bed Cloud Judgment . . 16 20 31 0 51 160 37 35 20 10 8 10 87 35
Bed Cloud Special . . 10 20 53 4 25 17 ". .Z 24 05 20 00 4 80 24 05
Bluo Hill Village 17 60 73 835 75 39 80 ".. 420 28 157 51 208 77 120 28
Blue Hill Water Bond 18 310 17 228 85 25 72 03d 24 5 08 025 10 G30 24
Blue Hill Judgment 10 160 40 222 55 10 83 .'" 303 81 4 70 304 05 393 81
(Juido Bock Village ... 20 00 70 100 39 7 00 ' 235 01 113 88 122 20 235 04
Ctilde Uoek Bridgo Bond 21 12 07 60 80 12 03 .... 12 93 12 03
Bond DUlrirH 22 010 30 4078 00 S3 4T 5372 43 3S31 22 County B md 718 25 810 00 6372 13
School District 23 8000 27 875101 515 S7 Stuto Appoit'oiinioi.t .. '."...' 3335 00 21553 IS 1-1(128 22 0020 00' 21558 18
.School Bonds . . 21 4510 00 1202 00 87 03 . ... 533152, 150914 132233 583152
High School 25 2183 (52 14 . '-. . 25 60 . .. 25 60 25 50
Township Special 20 178 17 (5 00 . . 18177 County (Scneral 18177 18177
"Statu Apportionment ... 27 State TreaMtt or .. 338500 338500 School Districts. 338500 -388500
Interest 28. 1689 78 1530 78 Various Funds 1530 78 1689 78
Advertising ... . 20 110 60 110 60 County General 110 GO ..'. 110 50
Bedemption'. . 30 182 10 8302 28. . '."'....'"."..'""...". 3184 08 3209 85 211 8 8184 G8
128885 48 M3330 80 11580 78 $7789 62181001 14 $18012 79 15004 30331004 05 $81001 14
Fees and commission from July 1st, 1809, to January4th, 1000,....
Itnilroad Bonds
.$ 000 02.
. 40000 00.
I, C. D. Bouinson, County Treasurer, certify that the nbovt is a truo and corroct statement of tho outstanding indebtedness of tho County and of all moneys
received and disbursed by mo as County Treasurer of Webster county, Nebraska, from tho lBt day of July, 1809, to tho 4th day of January, 1000, to the boat of my
knowlcdgo and boliof at por statement herowith submitted.
Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 0th day of Jnnunry, 1000.
C. J). ROBINSON, Cocntv Tbeasuuek.
J P. HALE, County Clerk.
Souator Allen has introduced a bill
iu tho sonato granting a pension of
$10 per incnth to every soldier and
sailor who served in tho civil war for
throo mouths or more.
Goo. Dixon, the famous feather'
weight pugilist who has hold tho cham
pionship of tho world for the Inst nine
years was defeated by Terry M'Govorn
in eight rounds last Tuesday evening.
Tho statement of tho United Statos
troasury on tho 28th of Docember,
which practically closed up tho bust
noss of tho month, showed that the
available cash balanco in tho treasury
was $207,500,308 09
It can easily bu ligured that since
1707 tho United States has mado eleven
acquisitions of territory, amounting to
a total of 2.077.875 square miles. Of
this vast accretion to our territory
2,203,975 squnro miles were added un
der democratic administrations, Thorn
as Jefferson being tho most anxious of
all to oxtend tho domain of tho United
Statos. Iu tho light of history, an
anti-expansion campaign by tho demo
crats will bo ludicrous.
wounds. Only oighty-BOVon died of
dleoaso. worthy to noto Kansas
furnished tho nearest approach to this
record, putting 8,003 mon in tho fiold
and losing 180 wounded, thirty-threo
killed and eighty-four deaths from dis
ease -
Goo. McCalUs in Omaha this week.
Al. Bragg has returned from Illinois.
Mr. Goddings, brother-in-law of D.
Jones is hero on n visit from Puoblo,
Tho A. O. U. W. had an oyator sup
per nt tho Guide Bock House Tuesday
night and a good time is reported.
Joseph Taylor has returned from
Iowa. Ho says it Is vory cold thoro
and they woro putting up two foot ice.
Eugeno Shuck has moved into tho
old Brock bank building. Mrs. Wil
liams moved into her houso yacatod by
Sovoral carriago loads of Odd Fol
lows from here attended tho installa
tion of the oftlcors of tho lodge at Rod
Cloud Monday night.
Wm Montgomery went to Wilbor,
Nebraska, Sunday morning in responso
to a tolegrara announcing tho illness
of his mother. He returned Tuesday
night reporting her bolter.
Hood's Pills
Do not Rrlpo nor Irritate the alimen
tary canal. They act gently yet
promptly, cleanse effectually and
Bivo Comfort
Sold by all druggists. 25 cents.
Beauty la Illooil Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarots, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Uegin to-day to
baniih pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarcts, beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
Tho county commissioners nt their
meeting this weok took action in tho
county judgeship controversy nnd ap
proved tho bond of I, W. Kdson and
rejected the hold-over bond of Judgo
Dully, Papers woro imtuudiatoly got
ten ready by counsel for Duffy ami G.
R. Chnusy on Wednesday morning
wont to Superior nnd appeared before
Judgo Stubhs of tho District court with
an application fur a writ of mandnmus
t compel the commissioners tn ap
prove tho bond of Judge Duffy Hear
ing was heard on Thur.dny with Clin
noy & Moreor and Potter and McNony
for Duffy and Overman & Blacklcdgo
for Edson. Tho writ of mandamus
was granted nnd tho commissioners
will havo to comply with Judgo Stubbs'
order or do something olso. Tho ond
is not yet.
Tho report just issued by tho war do
partmout showing tho strength of tho
voluntoor forces of tho United Statos
during tho war with fJpain and the
Pilipluo insurrection contains figures
that will mako the paople of N otirask&
proud of their threo regiKieats, aid
particularly proud of the only one that
was permitted to sue active service.
This stato was tho twenliotk of all tkt
states in tho union in the UBaafeor at
volunteer troops furuuhed, and yet
has tho most glorious record of tkeni
all, for her ono regiment iu the Philip
pines lost moro men wouuded in ac
tion and killed or died of wounds than
all of tho roglments furnished by any
other statu during tho entlro war.
Tho state ot Nebraska furnished vol-
yr ,j- unteoiH nil told to the number nt a,;ioy.
vIO' these 177 wcio wouu-Wd ii i.etion
' " and llliU Ih'' v it Mii'd '4 ' I'll l
Alex. James Hholled his corn Wed
nosday, John Piel doing tho work.
Row George Hummel wns iu this lo
oality boing called to preach a funoral
Bert Armstrong has gono to Keno
saw to assist his brothor in tho black
smith trado.
Rov. Horton of Rod Cloud was in
Bluo Hill tho Inst of tho weok and went
to Bosemont from here.
Mrs. Livingstone, tho mother ot Mrs.
R. Armstrong, is somowhat hotter after
a sickness of n couplo of weeks.
Tho Dugroo of Honor installed thoir
ofticors on Tuesday night. A big timo
has been reported, but not so groat as
their Christmas tree.
Annio Cottridgo who died last Fri
day in Denver was shipped back to
Bluo Hill nnd buried iu tho Lutheran
cemetery last Sunday.
Ed Port who has bcon visiting in our
vicinity for somo months hns at last
located at Paulino whero ho will ongago
In general storo business.
Mr. Roland and family with Mrs.
Waterbury and children of Iowa woro
at Mr. McCoy's on Sunday afternoon
and Mr. Jones of Adams county on
Oa Dece-fcer SS, 1800, Mrs. Uaaap-
dtn ef Slat Hill passed away al the
aaaie ef aer parsaU ia Illinais where
she aad gone with a vaia hep U re
cover her health.
a aatl saloen leagaa was argaaiaed
la Blae Mill. atr. Haasaa waa ehosea
president aad a very Sae selection of
geatlemen and ladies were placed on
the various committees.
On Monday the community was sur
prised tn learn that Mr. Henry Hall, a
well known farmer of Pralrlo Gem,
had dropped dead. On Saturday ho
was in town nnd sold a number of hogs.
Monday ho placed tho chute in place
for loudin : thi-ii .niJ Imi'ki d his waon
up lutuly to luivl iul hi, dowru upon
tho wagon tonguo with ono hand on
his bond nnd tho other uvor his hoart.
Ho gave a slight cry, which his wifo
who was gottlng n bucket of water nt
the pump, heard and ran to his side,
but ho had fallen and was alrcndy
dead. Sho called tho neighbors nnd
Dr. Weggmnn wns soon thoro but too
lato. Ho was buried by the Freo Ma
sons on Wednesday in tho Prnirio (Jem
comotory. Rov. George Hummel of
Red Cloud preached tho funornl ser
mon. Tho funornl was ono of tho lar
gest in this vicinity for somo time.
Tho Deisloy girls havo a now organ.
Lewis Eddy roturacd last weok to
Cbanoy Miller is undor tho doctor's
caro this week.
Phila Eddy anticipates soiling his
fruit farm to Horbert Luce.
Miss Ethol Harvey returned homo
Monday from Franklin whoro sho has
boon visiting friends.
Everybody, which moans somothing
over four hundred mon and boys, at
tended the wolf hunt Tuesday. Two
wolvos wero killed.
School oponed again Monday aftor a
two woeks vacation. Tho ayorago at
tendance now is nearly fifty. Pretty
good for a little placo.
Thero was no church sorvico at tho
M.E. church Inst Sunday evening bo
causo Rev. Rippotoo was called away
to assist a brothor pastor.
Edaenteynno IJowoU With Cascareti.
C-a4y Oatba ', ooto r'.-,ipotkn terevcr.
100,233. Kft.,al,1nicuiMrhiQamwioy.
Prickly Ash Bitters cures tho kid
nays, regulates tho livor nnd purifies
tho bowels. A valuable system tonic,
c-old by C. L Cotting.
A Word
to Doctors
We have tho highest regard for the
medical profession. Our preparations
arc not sold for tho purpose of antagon
izing them, but rather as an aid. Wo
lay it down as an established truth that
internal remedies aro positively injuri
ous to expectant mothers. The distress
and discomforts experienced during the
months preceding childbirth can be al
leviated only by external treatment by
applying a liniment that softens and re
laxes the over-strained muscles. We
take and sell such a liniment, com
bining the ingredients in a manner
hitherto snknowa, and call it
Mothers Friend
We know that in thousands of cases
it has proved more than a blessing to
expectant mothers. It overcomes morn
ing sickness. It relieves the sense of
tightness. Headaches cease, and dan
ger from Swollen, Hard and Rising
Breasts is avoided. Labor itself is
shortened and shorn of most of tho pain.
We know that many doctors recom
mend it, and we know that multitudes
of women go to tho drug stores nnd buy
it because they aro sure their physicians
have no objections. Wc ask a trial
just a fair test. There is no possiblo
chance of injury being tho result, be
cause Mother's Friend is scientific
ally compounded. It is sold at $i a bot
tle, and should bo used during most of
the period of gestation, although great
relief is experienccd'if used only a short
time before childbirth. Send for our il
lustrated book about Mother's Friend.
Low Club Rates with all the
Leading National Weeklies.
A good assortment of
Silk and Cotton Mufflers,
Ladies' and Gents Silk Handkerchiefs,
Laces and Embroideries, 1
Misses and Children's Hoods. 3
Many pieces of J
Woolen - Dress - Goods !
All bought boforo tho advanco nnd wil! bo sold below cost. Como and
get get genuine bargains in Dry Goods.
Mrs. Newhouse, Red Cloud, Neb. !
That symptoms mean torpid liver and a clogged condition in
the bowels. They alto mean the general health u below
par and disease k seekiag to obtain control.
IBtxilcling; material, Etc.
Red Cloud.
Quickly remove tiM 3;aaiaaai, Strtafthea the Stomach,
Chinm tk Lira? A awah aad Pramaies mc
tfjlATrlaKUys. Akwimm
wsl rattans HaaUh aa4 oaarfr
FriM (1.00 Per BottU.
r?fc,vt. -..
cjto MJoBrann .