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Englishmen Forced to Admit
Boers Can Fight,
NMIro Dutch Trnr Down nnd Triwn
llo (lie Prnclnmnl'on of fleneral
ItoUcrs llullei The Appoint
ment of liny Popular.
A London, December 4 illnpatcli says:
VIio week opens without u word of
new Mich ns the Itrlttsh public Is anx
iously awaiting. Willi a larger army
(u tho field than tho country over bo
foro mobilized. It can only bo Bald that
tho loss of 3,500 men, entailed beforo
Iho enemy's borders have been crossed,
Is n serious matter, and whlto there Is
no feeling of despondency as to tho
rvcnluiil result of tho war, It Is regret-
fully admitted on all sides that tho
Urongth of tho ltocr resistance has
been woefully underrated.
It Is now seen that tho attempt to
hold a useless position nt Mafeklng
was a serious tactical mistuko, ns was
also tho endeavor to keep tho largo
civil population la Klmberly.
Routh African nuws Is now six days
In -arrears. The censorship docs not
penult details of tho Moddcr rlvor bat
tle to bo transmitted. Homo vague
italcmcuts have been published In tho
Capetown papers, and according to
tho.,o the Doers numbered 8,000 men
and wcro entrenched on both banks of
the stream, although mostly on tho
northern bank. Tho Itrltlsh, accord
ing to tho papers, drove th6 enemy
across tho liver, compelling them to
retreat and established themselves on
both banks. These details, however,
arc too tncagro to enable nn accurate
idea of the engagement to bo formed.
A dispatch has reached London an
nouncing that Lord Mcthucn is ngaiu
In the field, and it Is also said that
Count Gloichcu, who was wounded In
tho fighting nt Moddcr river, was
tit ruck by a bullet In tho nock.
Serious newH comes from the north
ern sections of Capo Colony. Tho whole
border district between Colcsburg and
liurghersdrop has declared for the
lloers. In Vcntcrstndt alone more than
ifii)0 havo joined tho rebellion. The
farmers havo formed a commandeering
committee and talk coulldcntly of a
triumphant march on Capetown. Gen
eral llullor's proclamation has been
lorn down and trampled upon, and the
loyalists aro bidden to hurry to Cape
town to proparo coffco for tho rebelw.
Koiuo New Iteitulremonts for tho Cancel
li I Ion or Kercnues.
Tho cominlssloncr of internal rove
into has Issued a circular amending
regulations as to cancellations of docu
mentary and proprietary btainps, pro
viding that "In all classes whero docu
mentary stamps of tho denomination
of 10 cents or any larger denomination
hliall bo used for denoting nnv tax
Imposed by tho net of Juno -13, 1808,
the person using of alllxing the same
shall, in addition to writing or stamp
ing thoreon with Ink, tho Initials of
Ids name and tho date when nlllxcd,
' mutilate the stamp by cutting three
parallel incision lengthwise through
the stamp, boglunlng not moro than
X Inch from ouo cud thereof, and ex
udlng to within one-fourth of an inch
of tho other ond.
"Whero such stamp is cancelled by
cutting or perforating In any manner
authorized by existing regulations, an
afmesald, the mutilation heroin pro
vided will not be required.
"This provision shall take effect and
Ihs In force on and after December in."
Will urnr the Name of First Wifo of
Heuator Thurston.
A movement for the raising of funds
for a memorial orphan asylum for Cu
ban children which shall bear tho namo
of Mrs. Thurston, the first wife of Sen
ator John M. Thurston and who died
idiortly after a trip sho made Cuba,
was started ill tho Madison Avenuo
Presbyterian church, New York, under
tho auspices of the Thurston Memorial
The name of the proposed homo is to
bo "Tho Thurston Homo for Orphans
and Homeless Children In Cuba," and
General Vandervoort of Nebraska, one.
of tho innnogers of the Cuban Mali
Steamship company, has olTered a tract
of ground for the Institution.
The collection was devoted to tho
fund, ami aontributlon slips were han
ded around upon which a largo number
of tho members of tho church pledged
themselves to largo amounts.
Call Typothetao a Trust.
A suit has boon filed In tho circuit Kansas City on Information of
R. Q. Crow, attorney general of the
state, charging that tho Kansas City
Typothctao is a trust and us such
ought to bo dissolved and Its members
fined tho franchises of tho corporations
that compose It revoked. Tho Kansas
City Typothotao is composed of sixteen
of the leading job printing firms of
this city.
I. ovine Oup for Hneenlo.
In honor of his completion of fifty
your continuous service in tho Chicago
flro "department, tho Chicago Under
writers' associttton gavo a silver loving
cup to Fire Marshal Denis J. Bwcenio.
who Is now tho head of tho flro de
partment. Tralu Hands Killed.
A wreck on tho Nclmrt branch of tho
Great Northern near Great Falls, Mont,
resulted In tho dentil of three men and
the destruction of an englno and ten
cars, Tho engine (.truck a steer and
left tho track.
It Is (letting Itrmly Start nn Kvontrul
Hint Stirring Houston.
The opening week of tho session in
tho house promises to be filled with
stirring events, says a December 4,
Washington dispatch. At tho very
threshold of the session will come tho
contest over the admission of Rcprc-jentallve-elect
Koberts of Utah, and
later In tho week, tho house will
plungo Into nn Important and possibly
a protracted debate upon tho financial
bill which was prepared by tho repub
lican leaders last spring nt Atlantic
City. Tho Roberts case has attracted
tho attention of tho wholo country.
The republicans have adopted a course
which Ih designed to keep Roberts
from taking Ills scat. Mr. Taylor of
Ohio will make objections to tho oath
being administered to him until tho
charges against him aro Investigated.
There is opposition to this, however.
Tho announcement of Vlco President
Ilobart'rt death will be made probably
immediately after tho Roberts caso In
disposed of, ond tho house will ad
journ out of respect to his memory.
The drawing of scats and tho reading
of the president's message will occupy
Whllo the. session promlscstoboupon
the whole a busy ono In tho senate tho
first weok will probably be marked by
considerable lethargy. On Monday
(today) tho now senators will bo sworn
In, but beyond this nothing will bo
done. Tho senate will adjourn out of
respect to tho memory of the late Vlco
President Hobart. Tuesday llttlo will
be dono boyond tho receipt of tho pres'
Idcnt's message, tho present purposo
being to adjourn immediately after tho
reading of tho document. Wednesday
and Thursday will bo devoted largely
to the Introduction of bills. There will
probably bo no session Friday or Sat
Passenger ami Freight Come Togelhoi
In Now Mexico.
A rear-end collision between a south
bound Los Angeles passenger train and
a local freight occurred n;ar Isleta,
twelve miles south of Albuquerque,
N. M., wit fatal results.
Tho names of the Injured so fur as
known are:
C. Hutchinson of Wlnslow, A. T.,
badly crushed; will die.
Head Ilrakeman Plnncy of freight
train, caught between cars, chest and
legs badly pinched.
Conductor Davem, face badly cut and
bruised otherwise.
A lady passenger whoso name can
not know bo ascertained, received in
juries that required Immediate medi
cal attendance.
It Is believed that many passenger
were cut and bruised and received
other Injuries. Full details aro not at
A wrecking o-.itflt with surgeons has
gone to the seano of tho wreck.
Ho Cluthers lid Ihnlrs Around lllra and
Cnlmly A milts Death.
Officers from tho Soudan who hivt
arrived at Carlo say that when General
Wlngato's force overtook the khalifa
tho latter tried to outflank tho Anglo
Egyptians, but failed. Seeing lib
position whs hopeless the khalifa told
Ills emirs to stay with him and die. He
then i.prcad a sheepskin on tho grounc
and sat down on It, with tho emirs on
either sldo of him. Tho khalifa wni
found shot through the head, heart,
arms and legs, and tho emirs were
lying dead beside him. Tho member!
of his bodyguard were all dead in front
of them.
General Wlngato's force r.wcpt ovei
them without recognizing the khnllfn
and hh. cmlrs, but they wore Identified I
. . . , .. . . '
later. Tho khalifa is described as ol
medium height, strong and stout, ot
light brown color and wearing a long
grey beard.
Tho Uiillrtlii of Senator Hayward Abonl
us UhuuI.
A Nebraska City, Dec. 3, special says
Dr. Whlttcn's bulletin tonight is ni
follows: "Senator Hayward passed t
restless night. Ho slept only threi
hours. His temperature is 101, pulse
109, respiration 33. IH montal condl
tlon and paralysis remain uuchtiugcd '
Kills u Wildcat.
Jim Cady a lteatriea taxidermist h
mounting a wildcat which was killed
a few days ago on tho old Chantauquo
grounds at Crete by A. Vavra, tin
u.tiiur ui iiiu ,11,1,1. j.,113 i:ub in iki itiii
as a mountain lion. hllo at work ot
tho grounds tho other day, Vavra hix(
his attention called to u spot when
his dogs wero barklug furiously at tin
foot of a tree. Tho eat was In tin
limbs with Its head oxtended througl
a fork, lio secured a gun and bhot i
iu thu head.
Htutuiiii'nt of Mint Director.
Tho monthly statement of tho dlreo
tor of tho mint shows that tho tota
coinage executed nt tho mlntuof tin
United States during November wai
0,511,070, as follows: Gold, 0,013.700
silver, 52,013,000: minor coins, 5233,370
llurkett (lts Down to llunlucsi.
Congressman Uurlcett of thu Flrsi
Nebraska district has got down to ae
tlvo work at Washington, his tlrsi
move bolng to uvrango for iv full set o
public documents fjr tho city llbrnrj
of Mneolu. In this ho has had splcn
did success and the library will havi
the best collection of this sort in tin
west. Mr. lturkott also visited tin
pension departments and arranged U
go over tho claims omanatlng from hu
district In order to bo able, to hurry
all tho worthy one Ho la ulrcadj
looked upon as ono of tho most actlvi
of tho new members.
Member From Utah pjot Per
mitted to Take Oath,
I'rotest Against Him rrom Ills Oirn
Party Hondorson Klccted Speaker
and Usual Itoutlne Marks the
Proceedings nt Opening,
Enormous crowds "witnessed tho
opening scenes In tho houso Monday.
Tho principal intercut centered in the
disposition of the case of Mr. Roberts,
tho Mormon representative from Utnh.
Those who anticipated a sensational
denouement were disappointed. Tho
program outlined by tho republican
leaders at their conferenco on Friday
night was partially carried out. Tho
objection to the administration of tho
oath to Mr. Roberts was entered by
Mr. Taylor of Ohio, as predicted, and
ho stepped usido without protest, ex
cept to ask if by doing so ho waived
any of his rights. To this the speaker
responded in the negative.
There was not a protest from any
quarter against tho objection to the
administration of the oath to Mr. Rob
erts, tho only voice raised besides that
of Mr. Taylor being that of Mr. Me
Rao of Arkansas, who joined Mr. Tay
lor with his proet. Mr. Taylor of
fered his resolution to refer tho case to
a special committee, but by mutual
arrangement the consideration of the
resolution was postponed until Tues
day in order that tho routlno business
in connection with tho " organization
might be transacted.
Although Mr. Roberts was not sworn
in Monday, he secured u scat, this, how
ever, was by an accident pure and
simple. In the seat-drawing lottery no
provision had been made for Mr.
Roberts, but when tho drawing was
completed two others, as well as him
self, had not been provided with seats,
and tho speaker asked and secured
from the houso general permission for
those members who had not drawn
scats to mako such selection as they
could. Under thin authority Mr.
Roberts got a scat in an obscure por
tion of the hall. Ills daughter sat in
the gallery and watched the proceed
ings from beginning to end.
Tho election ot Speaker Henderson
and his induction into office, the ap
pointment of the usual committees to
wait upon the prcsldcut, the scat
drawing contest, with tho usual amus
ing features, went off without a hitch.
Tho only other feature out of tho
ordinary was the adoption of tho Reed
rules for the present congress.
Farmer Loses by Fire.
F. L. Meteor, ouo of York county's
largest land owners and farmers, liv
ing near Nero, suffered loss by lire on
wheat stacks burning to tho amount
of about S500. Tho German Mutual
Insuraneo company has asked Mr. Me
tcer to wait for his pay until they can
get judgment against Chris Worker
line, owner of a threshing machine.
The Insurance company make oath that
It was the fault of Workentlno that
tho stacks caught llro from tho thresh
ing engine, and that Workentlno should
pay the loss. Tho caso will bo tried
beforo a justice court at MoCool, and
no doubt will bo carried up to higher
courts, whero a decision of great in
terest to threshing machine men and
Insurance compauies will bo rendered.
Short Hcrtslcn of Senate.
Appropriate tribute to tho momory
of tho late Vice President Hobart was
paid by tho senato Monday at its first
session of tho Fifty-sixth csngress.
Tho esslon, Intcd only thirty three
inlniitivq nnil onlv tnn most, formal mid
minutes und only tho mo3t formal and
necessary business was transacted. Af
ter the adoption ot the usual routlno
resolutions and tho administration to
tho new members of tho oath of otilco,
Senator Scwell of Now Jersey pro
Rented fitting resolutions upon tho
death of tho vlco president, the reso
lutions were ordered to bo communi
cated to tho houso of representatives,
and the session, on motion of Mr. Kcano
of New Jersey, was suspended.
Heed of Flvo-Yonr-Old.
Monday, at State Line, Miss., Ed
mund, the five-year-old son of Dr. W. II.
lloykln, shot and instantly killed his
brother Roderick, aged eleven, and se
verely wounded his brother Tom, aged
thirteen. Tho boys had quurrcllcd
over tho possession of a toy when Ed
mund wcut to the house, secured a
bhotgun and used It with the above re-
Dlos nt Nlnoty-KlRht.
Mrs. Dridgot Fitzgerald of Lincoln,
mother of tho lato John Fitzgerald,
tho well known contractor of Lincoln,
died Sunday morning at her homo of
old aire. She was ninety-eight years
Iowa Murchunt Assigns.
P. C. Ingram, a general merchant nt
Mt. Ayr, la., has assigned. The lia
bilities aro placed at 833,001 and assets
53O,o;)0. Tho creditors couslsc mainly
of Chicago and D03 Moines wholesale
Six Aro Killed.
A rear end collision occurred between
two pussengcr trains on tho Denver &
KloOrundo railroad, In which six per
sous wore killed outright and several
others wore severely injured. The nc
cldent happened nt English Switch,
about six miles east of Sallda.
Bhot by l'urmer.
At Creston, la., Deputy Sheriff Tom
Walsh was murdered by Oeorgo Wil
liams on tho latter's farm. Walsh
mado a visit to Williams' farm to servo
attachment papers. Williams gavo
himself up.
Postmaster-General Tells of tho Abuses
of Second-Clans Mall Privileges.
Tho annual report of Postmaster
General Smith opens with a statement
of tho financial operations of the de
partment for the past fiscal year. The
revenues and expenditures are given as
Ordinary postal revenue.. 593,731,719.67
Receipts from money or-
buslncss., 1,280,001. CO
Total rcccip'ts from all
sources 505,021,384. 17
Total expenditures for tho
year 101,032,100.02
Excess of expenditures
over receipts 0,010,770.75
Tho first fact connected with this
statement which commands attention
Is the largo deerense in tho annual dc
deficiency. As compared with tho de
ficit for the fiscal year ending June 30,
1803, which was 59,020,005.00, it shows
a reduction of S2,422t74U.S0, or 20.7 per
The most urgent need of tho postal
service Is tho rectification of tho enor
mous wrongs which havo grown up In
perversion and abuse of tho privilege
accorded by law to second-class matter.
This reform is paramount to all others.
Careful inquiry has been mado
through experienced postmasters and
by an examination of the records of the
department, and it is believed that ful
ly one-half of all the matter mailed as
second class, and pa id for at the pound
rate, Is not properly second class with
in tho intent of tho law, and ought
justly to be paid for at the third-class
rate. This gives the enormous quan
tity of 170,351,013 pounds from which
tho department derives only n fraction
of tho revenue to which it Is fairly en
titled. Had Uiis 170,354,013 pounds of mall
matter, really of the third class, but
transmitted nt the pound rate, paid,
as it should have been paid,- tho aver
age third class rate, tho financial ex
hibit would have been this:
Receipts, as above given.. 595,021,334. 17
Additional revenue .from
170,354,013 pounds third
class matter, at 14.7.... 54,243,310.70
Total receipts
Total expenditures
Surplus 517,037,570.04
Or, if It be assumed that the matter
would pay only the normal rate of 8
cents a pound, this would be the show
ing: Receipts, ns given above.. 595,021,3S4. 17
Additional revenue from
170,351,013 pounds third
class matter, at 8 cents. 12,314,012.01
Total receipts 107,305,907.07
Total expenditures 101,032,100.02
Surplus 8 5,733,830. 10
This Is what the financial exhibit of
tho postal scrvleo for the year would
bo if the matter carried through tho
mails wero classified and rated as tho
law intended It should be. It would
show a large surplus Instead of n largo
Hovcrat Injured.
A Wabash passenger train struck a
Thirty-first street clectrio car ut Chi
cago, injuring eleven persona and de
molishing the car. Nono of those in
jured will die. Tho passenger train
was running at a high rate of speed
and was two blocks away when tho
conductor gavo tlio signal to tlic mo
torman to cross. The fuct that no ono
wus killed Is considered miraculous.
Iinnionso Cotton Sale.
A syndicate of eastern mills has con
summated a deal at St. Louis for 1,
250,000 pounds of territory wool. The
terms of tho sale wcro private, but it
Is stated tho deal amounted to more
than S25 000. This Is tho largest bulo
of wool ever mado In tho west.
Four steamers from Santos, Brazil,
with coffee, aro detained nt Quaran
tine, N. W, having cdino from a bu
bonic plaguo port.
Private L. D. Merritt, Third artillery
committed suicide ut San Francisco by
shooting. He enlisted last April at In
dlunapolls. Owing to tho attitude of tho Peru
vian chamber of deputies the members
of the cabinet have tendered their
resignations to the president.
A peculiar malady Is attacking the
cattle In tho vicinity of Morgan, Minn.
Thoy are seized with abnormul bloat
ing and dla within an hour.
Charles 'A. Drcssel, deputy United
States rovcuu collector, committed sul
cldo at Lcsluer, Minn., by shooting.
Ho had become Involved in his accounts
with the government.
Melvln L. Fuller, who ran tho Alas
ka Commercial and Mining Company,
was held to tho federal grand jupry at
Chicago on tho chargo of using the
malls to defraud. Ho is charged with
duping relatives of dead persons.
A pension of 530 a month has been
granted to tho widow of Captain
Nichols, who died In Manila bay as a
result of overheating himself during
action ugalnst tho Insurgents.
Sunday tho family of Willis Fox, of
Mitchell, Intl., wcro poisoned by eating
bologna sausage. Ono child Is dead
ond other members of the fami ly are in
a critical condition.
Webster Davis, assistant secretary of
the interior, sails from New York
Wednesday for a threo months' trip to
South Africa. Ho will spond a portion
of tho time In tho Transvaal.
Arrangements aro about complotcd
for the Masonic celebration at Wash
ington, D. C, of tho centennial of the
death of Worshipful George WashlDir
ton on December 1.
Contest in Kentucky May be
Settled Today.
Not the Slightest Indlrntlon of Trouble
Thus rr Attorney (Jeneral Clrlggs
Tskcs up tho Trust Problem
TTio Situation In aoueral.
The state board of election commis
sioners at Frankfort, Ivy., has finished
Its work and Is sitting as a contesting
board to hear arguments in the case of
eleven contested counties. The first
fight will come up on whether or not
tho board has the right to go behind
the certified returns filed with the sec
retary of state by tho different conn
tics. Upon the issue of the argument
on this point will rest the name of the
next governor of the great state of Ken
lucky. On the face of the returns now
on file with the secretary of state, Mr.
Taylor has a plurnrlty of 2,333. If
there is to be no "going behind" the
returns the board will have no option
but to issue the certificate of election
Adjournment Follows Announcement
of Ilnywnrd's Death.
Tuesday's session of the senate lasted
two hours and forty minutes, practi
cally the entire tlmo being consumed
in the reading of the president's mes
sage. The reading was largely per
functory few senators according it
any attention.
At its conclusion the death of Sena
tor Hayward of Nebraska was an
nounced, and the senate adopted reso
lutions of regret presented by Scnutor
Thurston 6f Nebraska, and ns a mark
of respect adjourned immediately.
To most senators the death ot Sena-tor-elect-Hayward
of Nebraska had
been communicated. Whllo he was
not officially a member of tho body, he
was in every other way regarded as
one. Reference was made by the blind
chaplain to the death of Senator Hay
Out Thirty In Ills Favor AVItli Three
Hundred nnd Two Agulnst.
A Washington, December fi, special
says: After an Interesting debate of
three hours the house, by a vote of 302
to 30, adopted the resolution offered by
Mr. Taylor of Ohio yesterday, for tho
appointment of a committee to investi
gate the charges against Drlgham II.
Roberts, the Mormon representative
elect from Utah. Previously the house
had rejected a substitute resolution of
fered by Mr. Richardson, tho leader of
the minority, to allow Mr. Roberts to
be sworn in nnd to send the whole
caso to tho judiciary committee. Mr.
Roberts took the leading part in the
struggle to unseat him. He said he
was not defending polygamy, as polyg
amy wus dead.
Largest Corn Crop, 'With One Kxceptlon,
In the History of tho Ht.ite.
The crop bulletin of the Kansas
board of agriculture for tho present
year just issued, shows final returns of
the stato agricultural products as fol
lows: The winter wheat yield amounts
to 42,815.471 bushels. The yield of
corn is 225,183,432 bushels. Excepting
that of 1839 (273,888,321), this is the
lurgest corn crop tho stato bus yet pro
duced and exceeds In valuo any pre
ceding crop by 51,134,027.
The combined homo value of the
thrco grains, wheat, corn, and oats, is
580,838,022, or a total increase over tho
1898 vuluo of the same crops of 313,
384,021. Nebraskans Fure Well.
In the drawing for scats In the house
tho Nebraska members In congress
fared well. The names of the fusion
members were called early. Suther
land and Ncvlllo selected seats on the
front row, just to tho right of tho cen
ter. Robinson and Stark chose places
about four rows back, being near
neighbors to Richardson nnd Ilalley,
tho democratic leaders, llurkett had
an early choice and took n place in tho
second row from tho near center.
Mercer is located farther back, also on
the left sldo of tho chamber.
Ilobbed of 88,000.
The bank at Cornell, 111., eight miles
from Pontine, was robbed of 58,000 in
currency. Tho robbers secured en
trance through the front door of tho
building and blew the largo safo opcu
with dynamite. Tho force of the ex
plosion partially wrecked the building
and left the contents of tlio safe ex
posed. Two men tupeeted of the
crlmo havo been arrested and tho sher
iff is confident that the two men un
der arrest had one or more confed
erates. Decides Against tho Trust.
In the United States supremo court
at Washington Tuesday the Addystono
pipe case was decided. This caso In
volved tho constitutionality of tlio
combination of pipe manufacturers to
manufaeturo'plpo which It was charged
was a trust. The decision was handed
down by Justice Peekhnm nnd was ad
verse to the combination It was,
therefore, in opposition to tho trust,
Assistant Postmaster General ncath
announces that when a femnlo postal
clerk marries she forfeits her position.
The Itatlle of Modder Hirer, Whllo
Terrible, Was a Drawn One.
A London, Dec. 5 dispatch says: Tho
later details received from Modder river
seem to show that even tho despcrato
courage tho attacking force displayed
all day long (November 28) fnilcd to
drive tho lloers from their strong cn
trenchments, and night fell on an un
decided battle. Hut apparently during
the course of tlic night Oencral Cronje,
commanding tlte Doers, who arc said
to have numbered 11,000 uien, decided
that the struggle was hopeless, for tho
Itrltlsh found the town and surround
ing positions evacuated when daylight
broke and tho whole Itrltlsh army
crossed the river and encamped on tho
ltocr positions. Tho experts hero nro
unanimous in expressing the opinion
that Kimberlcy's needs must bo very
pressing to induce Oencral Mcthucn to
expose the wholo of hls command to
tho ltocr marksmen, snugly entrenched
In a semi-circular position. So deadly
was the fire zone that the Scots guards
were compelled to leave their Maxim
guns behind when they wcro forced
to seek less exposed ground. It was
only after dusk that a portion of tho
Itrltlsh troops succeeded in crossing
the river by a mill dam on the extreme
left. When night fell tho Itoer artil
lery flro was still as vigorous as in tho
morning, but tho Doers' retirement In
the night saved tho situation for tho
Itrltlsh. The exhausted condition of
the Itrltlsh troops precluded tho pos
sibility of a pursuit of the enemy.
The conclusions of the correspondents
that tho Doers must havo suffered
heavily must be confirmed from official
sources beforo It is accepted as fact.
In any case, the ltocrs retired without
any sign of disorder, carrying off their
guns and equipment. Thus General
Cronjc's force is still Intact. The fact
that General Mcthucn and Colonel
Kckcwich aro now in communication
may cause a reconsideration of tho
ltocr commander's plan to glvo battle
at Spytfonteln, where ho might bo
simultaneously attacked by both llrit
Ish' forces.
Agnlnnldn Raid to lie In the Mountains
Kiistward of Santa Crux.
An associated press dispatch from
Santa Cruz, province of South Ilicos,
forwnrded by courier to San Fabian,
says that Gcncrnl Young, with thrco
troops of the Third cavalry, and Major
Peyton C. Marsh's battalion of the
Thirty-third infuntry arrived at Santa
Cruz today. The Americans left Hama
pacau, province of Union, this morn
ing, expecting to have a hard fight at
Tagudin, in South Ilicos province, but
they found on arriving there that 600
rebels under General Tino had evacu
ated thirty-six hours before, deserting
nn almost impregnable position. Tho
Insurgents had been entrenched at Ta
gudgln, on the north side of the river,
where a hundred well disciplined
troops could have slaughtered u whole
brigade crossing tho river with the men
up to their armpits In water. '
Tho inhabitants of Santa Cruz nnd
of other towns through which tho
Americans have passed say that Aguin
aldo nnd his entire refugee army havo
gone into the mountains eastward since
the Oregon, Samnr and Callao attacked
Vlgan and landed a force there.
In several towns General Young was
shown letters written by Lieutenant
Gilmoro showing that ho had been
kindly treated by the citizens and had
been entertained by them when ho
passed through Inst May. Reports in
dicate that all the American prisoners,
some twenty-five or thirty, were at ono
tlmo in Itcnguen province, but it is
supposed now that they have been rc
moved into Lcpanto province.
Ordered to San Domingo.
A special from Washington says that
instructions have been sent to Minis
ter Powell at Port au Prlnco directing
him to proceed to Santo Domingo and
make investigation to dctcrmino the
stability of tho Jhninez government.
The minister will also make represen
tation to General Jlmlnez to ascertain
his intentions with respect to tho
American syndicate which controlled
tho finances of the Islund and to other
Accident Causes Death.
Mrs. Charles Best of Tccumsch has
received tho news of tho death of her
son, Charles ltest, nt Norton, Kns. Mr.
llest was the victim of an uccident, n
gun which he was handling exploding
pormaturcly. The deceased was about
forty years old and leaves a wifo and
several children. Ho formerly lived in
Tccumsch, moving from there about
sixteen years ago.
The natural gas supply of Crawfords
vllle, Ind., has failed.
Maj. Frank C. Armstrong, surgeon
In tho regular army, Is dead at Manila.
London papers comment freely on
the president's message; generally fa
The movement to ndvanco wages In
the cotton mill centers has become gen
eral throughout tho New England
The torpedo boat destroyer Ilalley
was launched at New York."
Near Cleveland, Tenn., James How
ry, a farmer, killed his wifo and him
self. O. D. Saunders, a Kentucky school
teacher, wns stabbed to death by ono
of his pupils. '
Congressman Cannon succeeds Con
gressman Grosvenor as republican cau
cus chairman.
At Assumption, 111., Amos Flnloy
committed suicide by blowing his head
off with dynamite.
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