The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 08, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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44 Actions of the Just
Smell Sweet
The fragrance of life is
vigor and strength, neither of
which can be found in a per
son whose blood is impure,
And whose every breath
speaks of internal troubles.
Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies,
vitalizes and enriches the
blood, gives a good appetite
and makes the weak strong.
Run Down "My husbxnd-w&s run
down In health And aO tired out. Those
txcttteni medicines, Hood's Pills tndStrsA
jmtilU, built him up Again." Mrs. H. L.
Mowry, To-wxndA, Pa.
W(xi SahSafiWiltl
od'i rilli cur. Ilr.r 111. l)i. non Irritating and
'mlf thiMln la Uk. wltliTluod'. Wnorlll.
rcBLiMiiu nr
w. l. McMillan.
Om year 1100
Stxmonthi fiO
InUtred at the pott office t IUJ Cloud, Nob.M
ctndcUHmall matter.
Loral adrcrtlilng 5 centi per lino per luiue.
Local AdrertUlng for entertainment, con
MtU,ocUl, etc., glren by cburcliei, cbarltablo
MdctlM, etc., where all moneya raited there
Imb are uied wholly for church or cbarltablo
uteieUei, On t ten llnei froo and all over ten
Mate ti cents per line per lnuc.
Local adrertlilng of entertainment!, concert!,
rtettali, etc., whero per cent li given to pro
ten, & cent per line per lnuc
One celiimn per month-.. ........7 on
Oae half column per month .... a M
Oae fourth column or month ..... 1 75
aeneral dlipltjr advcrtlilng 8X cents per
United States Sonntor M. L. liny
ward died at his homo in Nobrnska
Oily on Tuesday morning nt 0:20.
' m
Thore Is no room In heaven for tko
man that professes religion for the pur
poso of Increasing his business.
Urynn hits now i cached tho highest
rung on tho ladder of fame his free
silver fuco now adorns n putent mmll
cine ndvortisemont.
Why is it ttutt n democrat will vote
for it lot of pop camlhlitteH on a fusion
ticket and then got tuad and want to
light if you call him it pop?
From present indications England
tacklod n job of unlimited proportions
when tho refused to answer that little
ultimatum sent by Oom Paul.
An oratorical contest of no small
proportions Is being waged befoio the
Kentucky election board just at pres
ent, but up to date tho republican gov
ernor still has a majority.
Gon. Young is uftor Aguinaldo so
close and is so intent upon his capture
that hu has forgot to report to Gen
Otis for about two weeks. Probably
whuu hoard from he will Ikivo tho gon
tloman In his clutches.
Roberts of Uinh says that ho is not,
surprised at Iho notion of tho house in
not allowing him a seat in tho as
sombly. Ho is liko neatly tho ontlro
population of tho United States. They
wuro not surprised either.
Sooretary Hay has mado a denial
which may bo considered olllclal, o(tho
story that tho United States had either
mado an alliance or intended making
one with England and Germany, for
commercial or other purposes,
Neatly eight hundred bills and joint
resolutions woio ptesentcd the third
day congress was in session, but fow
were of national interest and import
unco. Tho linancial bill Iiiib tho dis
tinction of boing No. I in both houses.
Tho Hastings Tribune says Unas
tings mnn is trying to cuto himself of
insomnia by loading tho Omaha Wmld
Herald after retiring. It makes him
both tired and sleepy but at tho saruo
timo Is oxhaustlng his pationco nnd
destroying his nervous system..
Tho pooplo of Kentucky can ns a
rulelalway8 llnd some way toamuso
themselves. Last Wednosday whilo
there was a lull In tho olootion contest
and tho fuedists had declared an
armistice, tho pooplo of Maysvillo in
that stale kept up tho oxoitoniont by
burniug a nogro ravishor and murder
er at the stake.
Col. Henry Watterson of the Louis
tIHo Courier-Journal sizes upWm.J.
Bryan as follows: "Mr. William Jen
nings Bryan has como to Kentucky
and Kentuckians have taken his meas
ure. Ho is a boy orator. Hois a dis
honest dodger. Ho is a daring adven
turer. He is a political fakir. Ho is
Hot tho material of which tho people
of Mto United States have ever made a
president, nor is ho even of the mater
ial of which auy party has ever bofore
mado a candidate,"
Notwithstanding tho peace confer
ence tvhich was hold at Tho Hnguo re
cently at the instigation of tho czar of
Russia, which would lead ono to bo
ltovo this groat tialitn was in favor o!
peacu at nny price, and nt which ho
advocated disnrmamont and urbl tui
tion, ho Htlll continues to stoio up wnr
Htipplles. A cargo of guns, ammu
nition, torpedoes, etc., weighing in tho
aggtcgato 5,000 tons was shipped from
I'hlladulphla this wc'ok consigned to
tho HusHian govornment.
Tho now year is likely to sco tho
money in circulation in tho United
States nonr to tho J2,000,000,000 mark.
Tho llguros on November 1st woro
$1,002,710,148. Add to this tho t25,
000,000 put Into clrculntlonthrough tho
redco.niug of outstanding bonds by tho
treasury department, and thocoustant
incrcasu in tho country's circulation
ns registered ftotn month to month,
and it seems likely that Mr. Bryan will
soon bo confronted with a circulation
f e2,000,000,000, notwithstanding his
''continuous performance" statomont
since 1800, that nolncroaso was possi
ble without tho fteo coluago of silver,
and at which timo tho country's circu
lation was but 11,027,055,014.
Tho president's message which was
sont to congress this week was without
doubt tho longest and ablest document
of that character over sont by a presi
dent ol tho United States to congress.
Tho mcsBitgo fully demonstrates tho
policy of tho administration on all
questions concerning tho welfare of
thogovornmont, togothor with recom
mondations to congress for action asjto
our futuro welfare. Our now posses
sions aro treated at longth and 'tho
future government of them outlined.
Tho message contaius over 20,000
words, and woro wo to publish it, it
would occupy over twonty-ono col
umns of Tiik CuiEr, or nearly four
pages, henco it does not appear in this
There is an old saying that !lt takes
all kinds of people with nil kinds of
ideas to mako n world, and wo havo
about como to the conclusion that it is
a very truo saying. Ono placo this
was noticonblo was at tho salo of "un
claimed express matter" hold in this
olty last Friday. Among tho bidders
was noticed somo who havo recently
entered strenuous protests against
aomoono olso putting livo conts in a
slot maohlno to try nnd got livo cigars
for a nicklc, but thoy consider it nil
right to buy "prlzo packages" at nny
old price v nd take chanco on getting
four or livo timos their monov's worth.
Thoro is just ns much gambling about
trying to got four or livo times your
monoy's worth out of an "unclaimed
express pacKiigo" as thero is in tiying
to got livo times your monoy's worth
out of a nlcklo-in-lho-slot machino
and tho chances of winning is largely
in favor of tho latter.
All tho slot machines in this eitv
wore lecontly oidercd taken down for
tho teasoti that thoy educated children
to gamble. Still thoro aro slot ma
chines up in tho city In which a child
can drop a ponny and feet a stick of
gum. Theso in our opinion, are tho
very foundation of children learning
to play slot machines. Thoy arc mado
principally for children. Thoy put n
penny in ono of those machines nnd
got a stick of gum, and the next timo
thoy run across a slot machino tho
probabilities aro that they will drop a
nioklo in to seo what thev can trot. If
you don't want children to learn to
play slot machines dont havo machines
sotting around that offers a stick of
gum ns an inducement for them to
drop In their ponny, and then prob
ably when they sco another kind of
slot machino thoy will not bo induced
to try and got something olso.
From roports received up to dato it
is hard to docido who will bo sonntor
from Nebraska to succeed M. L, Hay-
ward who dtod Tuosday morning. Ono
thing is almost certain, and that Is
that It will not bo n republican. Hitch
cock, of tho World-Hornld, had n good
sized boom started for himself before
the nows of Sonntor Hnywards death
had become known to tho goncral
public, and had allies in nil tho im
portant towns of tho state scouring
signers to petitions requesting his ap
pointment by Gcv. Poynter. In Bed
Cloud parties woro given a chance to
sign those petitions within three hours
after tho death of the senator. Along
with tho petition was circulated a re
port that W. V. Allon would not accept
tho sniatorship woro It tendered him.
Mr. Allen has sinco doniod the little
yarn and tho Hitchcock boom has
taken a slump. From present indica
tions Allon is coming down tho homo
stretch nt n paco that bids fair to leavo
Hitchcock nt tho quarter polo a very
poor socond. Tho fusion members of
congress from Nebraska who aro now
in Washington havo all requested the
appolntmont of Allon and Allen it will
in all probability bo.
T. M. Shallonbarger In his writing in
tho Stnto Journal gets down to history
as follows: "At Kim Creek I visited
tho scone of tho massacre of tho Union
Pacitio section tnon by tho Indiana,
The little fringo of timbor in whioh the
Sioux hid until tho section men were
off their guard is still thero. It seems
incredible when you stand here and
bee tho palatial trains sweeping by,
see tho Holds of grain and herds uf cat
tle as far as tho eye can reach, that
men live hero today who in those days
slept on their nnns for f uar of the lurk-
Your Liver
Will bo roused to Its natural duties
nnd your blllousnoi, hcmlnche nnd
constipation bo cured If you luite
Hood's Palls
Sold by all druggists. 25 cents.
ing snvngo. Ono w juld not havo dared
to dream of tho chnngothoso dnys that
now Is passed without n thought. Yot
theso Indians woro protected by the
great and glorious Declaration of Inde
pendence. Tho cruel nnd grasping
white mnn, protocted by tho tyran
nical administration of Abraham Lin
coln, was enforcing tho doctrino of be
novolont assimilation upon tho frco
and llborty loving Sioux. Their oonu
try had boon purchased from an in
competent European power that had
failed to conquer them. Tho bargain
and salo, between thoso nrch conspir
ators against tho liberties of mankind,
Napoleon andTom Jefferson, hnd been
ruthlessly carried out without tho aid
or cousont of nny Sioux between
Broken Bow nnd North Platte. And
wo seo tho result. Whoreonce roamed
tho noblo red man is now tho nbodo of
Nlevll, Callondar, and tho ghost danc
ors of Broken Bow. Thus has boon
nvonged tho unholy dent whereby Jef
ferson trampled in tho dust the cher
ished liberties of tho Pnwneo and tho
Sioux to sow the seeds of populism and
confusion on tho plains of tho silvery
Platto. Shades of Tom Jefferson think
of 10,000 majority forHolcomb. So
wonder Napoleon chuckled when he
put 115,000,000 in his pockets. Ho
was a far seeing cuss."
Quito a storm Sunday.
Earl Lewis was visiting at Cowles
C. H. Frlsblo nnd wifo spent Sunday
in Guide Rock.
C. O. Cox is expected homo from Mc
Cook this weok.
Alf Saladcn, wifo nnd son Ray spent
Sunday in Guido Rock.
Mrs. G. W. Baker and daughter Ida
wore in Cowlos Monday.
Miss Bird Winfroy of Rod Cloud was
visiting Ida Baker last week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Holcomb dined
in Rod Cloud Thanksgiving.
Robort Mitchell of Red Cloud was
tho guest of Frank Frisbio Sunday.
Sylvester Frisbio is kept closo to
home on account of school marm fever.
Al Merritt and Jim Burdlck woro
calling in tho north part of town Tues
day evening.
Tilllo nnd Emma Borgtiold visited
their mother Sunday evening noar
Guido Rock.
Mrs. A. 11. Saladon nnd Alta Baker
wero visiting nt Joo Snladcn's Monday
south of Red Cloud.
Chester Cox returned Saturday from
Bladen accompanied by his cousin Miss
Cox who cnino to spend n week.
Herman Beiglield nnd Ida Bakor
were seen driving through ourstroots
Sunday. Herman thinks sho will talk
Dutch pretty soon.
Ohas. Bushco and Conrad Wagner
tiro both rejoicing over tho arrival of a
sou al their tespectivo homes.
I.B. Colvln sold Wm, Britton of
Stlllwnterono of T. C. Ely's lino resi
denco lots in Roberts' additiou this
Vho infant daughter of Jus. Phillips,
which was born October 28 died No
vombet'30. The fuuoral occurtud on
December 1.
Loo DoTour found ono of hIh horses
in a badly mutilated condition hung
on a partition in tho stnblo Wednesday
morning and it diod soon after.
While Thos. Finney was or thu road
homo (torn Guido Rock last Wednes
day evening his team ran nway nnd
threw him out of tho wngon, Injuring
him quite badly.
Diod, December 1st, Orango Boar,
agod 02 years. Tho funoral was held
December 8, Rov. Morrow oflleiating.
Mr. Boar was an old nnd well known
rosldont of this couuty. Ho wns an old
soldior and spent live months in tho
Andorsouvillo prison. Ho loaves n
wifo and four childron to mourn the
loss of a kind and loving husbaud and
WEAK KIDiULgYSdaafoy.iai'kcaty
aft favatatk to the awcarascc of Bright' DiSCaSO
Prickly Ash Bitters
Heals the Kidneys. Cleanses and regulate
the Liver. Strengthens the digestion and
removes caastipatad conditions in the Bowels.
ruci ii.oo via Borni. rairAUD it ruarxY am iimis co.
FRIDAY, DEC. 8, 1899.
A cold wave struck this locality last
Mr. Cnp. Harvoy is husking corn for
Ed, Shorcr.
Miss Joy is working for Mrs. Bur
well this week.
O. B. Harvoy nnd family spontSun
day at Frank Klncnid's.
Miss Mnbol Eddy nnd Lewis Edi'v
called on Miss Ethol Harvoy last Til
day evoning.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Adolph Josjou nnd Mr.
nnd Mrs. Charley Reynolds visited at
S. A. Burwoll's Sunday.
Henry Kincnid nnd son Albort ex
pect to stnrt for tho wost next Monday
for a months visit with relatives.
Miss Nnnnio Cloud gnvo n party to
a number of her young frionds Wed
nesday night. All report a very blcas
ant timo.
Mrs. E. B. Knight nnd Miss Maud
Knight returned to thoir homo in Rod
Cloud last Friday after a week's visit
in Innvalo.
At the residonca of the groom's sister
Mrs. Carson, nt high noon Thanksgiv
ing day occurred tho wedding of Mr.
Frank Joy and Miss Graco Church,
Rov. Rippetoo oflleiating. Tho con
tracting parties stood beneath an nrch
of evergreen nnd woro mado man and
wifo. Aftor tho congratulations a most
doiicious dinner was served. Mr. and
Mrs. Joy received somo boautiful wed
ding gifts and thoir many frionds join
in wishing thorn a happy and prosper
ous voyage over tho sea of matrimony.
Weather warm and dry.
Mrs. Labon Aubushon was tho guest
of E. W. Anderson ono day this week
Charles Isom is delivering his corn
to Charles Besso that he contracted for
15 cents.
Ed. Lano and wifo of Rod Cloud
wero visiting frionds in Lino ono day
this wuok.
Shelling corn is tho order of tho day.
Sam Montford nnd Albort Scrlvuor aro
doing tho shelling.
Riley Lowis of Smith county, Kan
sas has just returnud from Antelope
county and reports tho crops good.
The U. B. Church and Sunday school
aro going to havo n Christmas treo en
tertainment nt Penny creek, Dint. No.
8, Christmas ovo.
Albert K agio writes from Saratoga,
Wyoming, that tho suow is so deep
thnt thoy havo to wear snow shoos to
travel from ono placo to another.
Purify tbo sowers of tho body nnd
stimulate tho dlgcstiveorgnns to main
tain health, strength and oueigv.
Prickly Ash Bitters Is a tonic for tho
kidueys, liver, stomach and bowols.
For salo by C. L. Colling.
Out in Kansas
lives a happy wife. She writes: " I
hive used Mother's Prlend before
two confinements. The last time I had
twins, and was in labor only a few min
utes. Suffered very little." The reason
Mother's Friend
does expectant mothers so much
good is because it is an external liniment,
to be applied upon the outside, where
much of the strain comes. It helps be
cause the pores of the skin readily absorb
it, and It comes Into direct contact with
and ia absorbed by the parts involved.
Morning sickness Is quickly banished,
and nervousness is kept completely away.
The sense of dread and foreboding is not
experienced, even during labor itself.
Confinement Is short and almost without
pain. Recovery Is quick and sure. Best
of all, Mother's Prlend benefits the
unborn just as much as the expectant
mother, and when the little one comes It
will be strong, lusty and healthy.
Onntota uH Mother Prlead tor S I a bottto.
Bead for our free book oa the subject,
finely lllottrated.
S. S. S. Is a Great Blessing to feenciransr&.s
. . , ,. . nearly nil of tho sickness among
Old People, It Gives Them ssssSSS,
... uMt 'fl wholly unnecessary. By keep-
NflW Rlnnn anil I ifn ,nS t,,cir bloo(1 PU" thoy enn fortify themselves
ftOII DIUUU allU LIIOi bo as to ebcnpo three-fourths of tho nllmenU
...,, from which thoy Buffer so generally. S. S. S. is
the remedy which will keep their Hy.stoni8 young, by purifying tbo blood,
tv'VU HaV
completely, nnu l
l ieei ns wen as l over am in my lire."
Mr. J. W. Loving, of Colquitt. Ga says: "For eight
een years I suffered tortures from a fiery eruption on
my skin. I tried almost every known remedy, out thoy
fallod ono by one, and I was told that my age, which is
sixty six, was against mo, and that I could never liopo
to be well again. I Anally took, S. S. S., and it cleansed
my blood thoroughly, and now 1 am in perfect health."
Is the only remedy which can build up and strengthen
eld people, because it Is the only one which is guaranteed
free from DOtash. mercurv. amenta and other damascinar
minerals. It is made from roots and herbs, and has no chemicals whatever
in it. S VS S. cures tho worst cases of Scrofula, Cancer. Eczema, Rheumatism,
Tetter, Open Sores. Chronic Ulcers, Boils, or any other diseutto of the bloodL
Books on these diseaass will be sent free by Swift Speciflo Co., Atlanta. Oa.
than in auy other garment known.
Lands, Insurance ggg Collections,
Among my special bargains for this week I am
offering for sale
300 head of Good Colorado Range Cows,
Good colors, nveraging in weight around 850
sounds. Will sell on six months time, good secur
ity, delivered at Red Cloud or vioinity. Furthor
particulars can bo had by
Ghieago kambef Yard,
Lumber, Lime, Goal and Cement.
Buildirae; material, to
Red Cloud, - - Nebraska
luuiuuKiuj iuiiiuvui mi mubiu nccuruuiAiioni, nnu impart
ing now strength and life to the whole body. It increases
tho nppotito, builds up the energies, nnd sends now life
giving blood throughout tho entire system
Mrs. Sarah Pike. 477 Broadway, South Boston, writes t
" I am seventy years old, nnd had not enjoyed good health
for twenty years. I was sick in different ways, and in
addition had Eczema terribly on ono of my legs. The
doctor said that on account of my ago, I would never be
woll ngaln. I took n dozen bottles of S. S. S. and it oured ma
am nanny to say that
Come and See for
Kersey Cloth,
Extra Quality
Tailor Stitched,
Cut Pearl Buttons,
Comes in new
Blue, Castor Wine
and Black.
Regular Price $12.25,
Special Price $10.06
calling on or writing mo.
- A