The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 23, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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Bknrt and IMthjr rarngraplis Which. Tell
of What Has Happened or Will Hap
pen In Our Commonwealth The Xe f
Briefly Summarised.
Thursday, afnno IB.
Frank LcBar, a prominent citizen of
NVlloox, was attacked by iv vicious cow
and considerably Injured.
J. M. Leo, at Oxford fell from a lad
flcr whllo engaged In painting his
dwelling, and badly shattered an arm.
A relief bureau hns been opened In
Omaha for tho collection of merchan
dise and money to be mod In assisting
tho Herman cyclone sufferers. Tho re
cponhc has been generous.
Tho governor has Issued the custo
mary state reward of 8200 for the ap
prehension of tho murderer of the man
named Tyler, who died at (Irand Isl
and oh the result of being stabbed.
At tho preliminary hearing of Time
keeper James Coekrcll at Alliance for
the shooting of Mark Loo and Otto
Held, the prisoner was discharged, it
being held tho shooting was justifiable.
Leo Merry" of Oxford and a party of
friends went to Orleans, and while
there went In bathing In tho Republi
can river. In making a dive Horry's
head struck a stone and camo very near
to cnustlug death.
0. II. Forby of Omaha, father of tho
lato Captain Forby, has received the
following telegram from Senator
Thurston: "The president has direct
ed the adjutant general to cable permit
for remains of Captain Korby to be
brought back with our regiment.
Frank Tyler, who was stabbed at
Grand Island by an unknown party,
died In tho hospital. An Investigation
disclosed tho fact that he had been out
west and was getting back to his homo
in Chicago as best liu could. His com
panion, an Knglishman named Apple
ton, has furnished information that
may lead to the apprehension of the
party who did tho deed.
The funeral of William Hatsch was
held yesterday at his home in Denton
prcclnot, Lancaster county. Mr. Itatsch
was killed Monday by a bull. He was
holding to a rope attached to tho ani
mal and was thrown against a corn
Iplanter In such a manner as to fracture
tills skull. He leaves a wife, ono son
and live daughters. Mr. Hutsch was
born in Germany and hud lived in Den
ton precinct since 1885.
Katunlujr, June 17
V. 1). Iumun uud II. D. Hunter of
Hamilton, Ohio., passed through Lin
coln yesterday on bicycles enroute for
Sun FrnuclEco.
Major Wallace C. Taylor of the Oma
ha company in tho First Nebraska, is
confined in a hosnltiil at Manila with
malarial fever. i
The Herman cyclone sufferers are In
need of clothes aud bedding, and the
governor has requested that contribu
tions be sent there.
W. F. llryaut of Hartlngtonhusbccu
appointed deputy Insurance commln
Moncr by Governor I'oyntcr, and J. G.
1. Illldobrand of Lincoln was appoint
ed clerk of tho department.
Information from Beatrice, has been
received at the state house that the In
junction restraining Dr. Lang from
interfering with Supt. Sprague of the
institute for the feeble minded has
been dissolved and that Dr. Spraguo
will give up peacefully.
Tho committee to whom was re
ferred tho charges In the disbarment
proceedings ngalnst Attorney John i
Watson of Nebraska City, after con
sidering the specifications In the
charges separately and at length, gave
us their declhlon that the evidence was
nut Mittlolent to sustain tho charges.
Monday, Juno 10.
The little son of (i. W. Kapp of Ne
ligh was drowned while fishing.
Mnrstcllcr Hros.' store at Harrison
was robbed of 373, and notes, warrants
and bonds to tho valve of 31,300.
Three Immense tee house at McCook,
the property of the 11. fc M., were
burned, entailing a loss of 31,D00.
Herbert Beaohlcy, a sixteen-year-old
Lincoln lad was seriously hurt by be
ing thrown from a horsoho was riding.
The body of Adolph Kruger was
found in Omaha with a bullet hole in
tho head. A revolver lying near Indi
cated suicide.
Mrs. Stelnsof Humboldt, was Injured
in Firth by tripping over a loose board
buffering Injury to ono leg that may
lay her up for several weeks.
The misunderstanding of orders on
the part of the crew of the flyer on the
St. Paul road nearly caused a bad
wreck at IHalr yesterday. The crew
of tho flyer was discharged on the spot
by Supt. Jaynes, who was on the train.
Postofllce Inspector A. O. Swift of
Nebraska City, who has been in Cuba
for the past two months assisting in
perfecting the postal service of tho Isl
and, has returned home, lie is in the
beat of health, and seems quite favor
ably impressed with the country.
Citing an Kxceptlon.
Meeks But what's the use of argu
ing tho matter? Ono can't get more
out of a bottle tnan ho puts In It.
Weeks Oh, I don't know; I put a
Quart of liquor In a bottlo once and
got a big head and a $10 nno out of
It tho next morning.
Iloiton ia. Now York.
The population of Boston Is a people
of moods and tenses. The population
of Now York is a people of moves and
expenses. New York Commercial Advertiser.
J. L. Hoy of Auburn has received a
telegram from Mexico announcing that
his son had committed suicide. This
son is the Hoy who disappeared while
station agent at lthlca.
Tnrstlay, Juno 20.
At Omaha Hobert Alexander was
perhaps fatally slabbed by Wylle Will
lams. Until arc colored. The affray
occurred In a saloon.
Julian Ilauhand, a well known farm
er living near Julian, wns found dead
In his home, having evidently been
murdered for his money.
Frank Towel had a horse, harness
and buggy stolen from his farm, three
miles southwest of Weeping Water last
Friday night. There is no clue to tho
Kd Hanson, residing near Adams,
jumped from a cart during a runaway
and broke an ankle. The Injury was
of such a character as to necessitate
Fire broke out in the buildings of
the Stromsburg Hrlck company yester
day noon, but by prompt action of the
ilro department the lire was soon under
control. Not much damage was done.
At Omaha Sunday during tho prog
ress of a tiro which destroyed tho big
Allen lllock, several men were severely
burned by an explosion of gunpowder.
Lieutenant Thomas llunnc has since
Mrs. John S'amuelson, living four
miles northeast of Wahoo, committed
suicide by hanging herself In the cellar
of her home. She has been more or
less deranged for the pust several
Tho board of public lands and build
ings purchased the I). B. Thompson
residence just south of the capltol for
tho residence of the chief executive.
For 820,000 the Iward secured a property
and furnishings valued at 845,000.
Wmlnmliijr, Juno St.
No trace has yet been, found of the
Iiauhuaud murderers at Julian.
Geo llirtsch, a tramp, was Injured
while trying to board a freight train
at Lincoln.
Mont Owens of Tckamah was de
clared insane by the Hurt county board
of insanity.
.loo Konvalin, aged nineteen, while
swimming In the lake at Itlvervicw
park, Omaha, was taken with cramps
and drowned.
Charles A. Drown, a Lincoln lad, has
been sent to the Industrial school at
Kearney. He assaulted the hired girl
with a butcher knife.
De'rt Lock, In trying to board a mov
ing train at Central City, slipped and
fell under the wheels and both ankles
were crushed to a pulp.
Colonel Mulford of the First Nebras
ka regiment cabled Governor I'oyntcr
yesterday that tho regiment would
sail from Manila tomorrow.
The Lincoln bloodhounds returned
from Julian, where they were taken to
work on tho Hauhuaud murder mys
tery. The trail was seventy-two hour
old and the dogs were unsuccessful.
A Drouth In Australia.
Victowa, D. C., Juno 20. Tho peo
plo of Cobar mining district, West
Australia, arc, according to advices
brought by tho Warrlmoo, suffering
through the falluro of tho water holes
and artesian wells, several having
died of thirst during May. Mines are
closed down and hundreds of men
thrown out of employment And them
selves unablo to pay tho exorbitant
price demanded for water for domes
tic uso. Tho present charge Is twenty
conts a gallon at tho nearest reliable
source of supply aud about 81.50 Is
udded for delivery.
Stilt ThlnUi Ureyfus aullty.
Paiub, June 20. General Mcrcler,
who was minister of war whou Cap
tain Droyfus was condemned, spoko
publicly for tho first tlmo since tho
court of cassation rendered its decis
ion, at a mooting of the French Patri
otic League yesterday. Ho declared
his absolute conviction of tho guilt of
Captain Droyfus and his belief that
tho Henncs court-martial would fear
lessly ascertain tho truth and do its
Want Morrlnm ltecalloil.
New Yoiuc, Juno 20. Tho Central
Federated Labor unlou yesterday
adopted a resolution instructlnc its
secretary to writo to Presldcut Mo
Klnley and tho war departmont de
manding tho recall and trial by court
martial of General Merrlam, because
of his policy regarding tho striking
miners of Couer D'Alono, Idaho. A
commission was also nppolntnd to
draft resolutions denouncing General
Feilaratlon of Zionists,
n.unitoitic, Juno 20. The second
annual conferonco of tho Federation
of Zionists opened yesterday, to bo
continued until Monday uight Tho
federation has for Its object tho colo
uring of Palcstino with Hebrews and
assisting and encouraging the Hebrew
colony already in Palestine.
Captlted by a Squall.
Ciiicaoo, June 30. Ira J. Holmes,
brother of Burton Holmes, the lec
turer, was drowned In Lnko Michigan
yesterday by the capsizing of a skiff.
A Change In the A. O. U Vf .
iNUiAXAroM", Iiul, June 10. The
lupreme lodge, Anelent Order of
United Workmen, has decided to en
iargo tho limit of the beneficiary de
partment in order to Include an afll
inced wife, Horetoforo only blood
relatives have been accepted as bene
Ho Wat I'resldeut of n Kama Dank.
Piiatt, Km, June 19. Clarkson
Toms, president of tho People's bank
of this place, died early this morning
at tho ago of 81 years. Ho was o
pioneer of this place.
Bcmarkablo Achievement For the Big
Bbow That Is About to Begin.
A Great Collection of Interesting Exhibit
Ilrnnght From Our New Colonial I'oa
eestlone Vast Hums Hprnt to Urine
Together Hint Whlrli Will IMIfy nnd
Never before in the history of expo
sition building have such grand re
sults been accomplished in the same
length 'of time as in tho First Qrcat
erer American Colonial Exposition, to
bo held In Omaha from July 1 to No
vember 1. The buildings nnd grounds
of the Trans-MIsslsslppl Exposition,
f 'iyfmz
which represent the expenditure of
moro thnn 12,000,000, have been leas
ed by tho present exposition company,
but in all other respectt) the exhibition
will bo entirely different from that of
Inst year. The dominant feature, in
fact tho key note, will be the magni
ficent and exhnustive exemplification
of the resources, products, mnnufne-
lures and possibilities of those Islands
of tho seas acquired in tho recent war.
Tho people of the Philippine Islands,,
Hawaii, Cuba and Porto Rico will bo
represented in considerable numbers,
nnd their home life, occupations, dress,
customs, ceremonies and characteris
tics will be faithfully portrayed. The
United States government has muted-
U' 111 .ly'' f '! " "'
ally nided tho exposition management
in accusing representatives types of
these people and the splendid exhib
its from tho several islands. Tho
grcnt colonial exhibits building nnd
portions of several other large build
ings will be utilized for tho display of
the resources of our far distant po3-
sessions and tho work of securing such
an exhibit, which usually covers a pe
riod of two or three yenrs, has, with
government assistance, been accom
plished in a few short months.
The coming exposition is destined to
fulfill an educational mission, to bring
to the people of this country informa-
lS I
nJHR " V kJoH
,a jw4rsA i .U ts p IreSlk mil
tlon on a vital question and to furnish
enlightenment to thousands who aro
discussing territorial expansion nnd
aro intensely interested in tho out
como of tho new policy which the na
tion Is entering upon. Few are thor
oughly informed on any phase of this
Important issue nnd this fact is due to
tho general lack of definite knowlcdgo
of tho several Islands and their inhab
itants. Tho First Greater America Colonial
Exposition solves a perplexing prob
lem. It would be Impossible for tho ma
jority of tho people' of tho United
States to visit these far away islands,
hut it is comparatively an easy under
taking to bring to this country repre
sentatives of tho native people and ex
hibits showing their resources, Indus
tries, nnd the possibilities of tho is
lands wherein they live. This has been
done, nnd when tho gates of the Ex
position open on July 1st those who
aro seeking facts upon which to base
conclusions, will find that which could
not bo seen and learned in monthB of
travel and research.
Many Improvements have bsen made
in tho grounds und buildings. Thou
sands of trees, plants, shrubs and flow
ers from tropic nnd sub-tropic landB
have been added to the ground deco
rations, nnd the nlfihi illumination
which won so much lualso last year
has been vastly improved upon. Sev
eral new and startling electrical ef-
fects have been introduced, notably
the fairy gardens and the lighting of
tho statuary upon the buildings.
Three great events are promised for
the opening week. On July 1 the for
mnl ceremonies Instituting tho ex
position will be held. July 3 thero
will bo exercises commemorntivo of
the destruction of the Spanish fleet at
Santiago. It will be known as Schley
day and tho gallant admiral will bo
present to receive the greetings of nn
admiring people. Tho nation's Natal
day will receive fitting observance on
tho following dny, and the people of
Iowa and Nebrnska havo been invited
to join in the demonstration. On each
of theso occasions speakers of na
tional promlncnco will be present in
tho capacity of orators.
The enchanted island at the Greater
America Exposition in Omaha this
summer will contain a marvelous
troupe of marionettes performing
amidst elaborate scenic effects.
What the Little Republic Expects tc
Do in Case of War With Britain,
After nionlns Up the Klmberley Diamond
Mine, General Jonbert Rxpactt tc
KareU to Cape Town, Capture It and
Dlotate l'eaee Term.
London, Juno 20. Tho St. Jamei;
Gazette clnlVns to have received from
an absolutely rcllablo source at Pre
toria, capital of tho Transvaal, the
plan of campaign which will bo fol
lowed by General Joubcrt, com-mandcr-ln-chlof
of tho Boers, in the
event of war between the Transvaal
and Great Britain.
General Joubcrt's force, It appear,
will consist of 20,000 men armed with
Mausor rifles. In addition to this
army ho will havo forty-six quick
firing guns and 1,000 artillerymen.
Most of tho artillerymen are drawn
from tho German and Dutch aitnlcs.
With theso troops and help expected
from the Orange Free State, Joubort
expects to take tho offensive immedi
ately after tho declaration of war,'
enter tho Oruugo Frco State and march
on Klmbcrly, tho British diamond
mining center in West Griquatand,
which forms four of tho seventy divi
sions of Capo Colony. Klmbcrly is
about tOO miles northwest of Blocnv
In his march on Klmbcrly, Joubcrt
will uso tho railroad as far ai availa
ble. He expects to capture tho town
with slight loss nnd blow up tho De
Beers diamond mine. Simultaneous
ly, it is added, tho railroad from Capo
Town to Bulawayo In Matabolcland
will bo destroyed by Boer sympathiz
ers and agents in Capo Colony, who
will destroy alio tho Port Elizabeth
Pretoria lino south of Blocmfontcln,
to prevent tho British from using it.
Finally, immediately after Klmber
ley is captured, General Joubcrt will
advance on Capetown, the capital of
Capo Colony, on tho south coast This
march of hundreds of miles will lead
through the western provinces, where
tho Dutch predominate and aro ex
pected to join tho Boers.
Joubcrt calculates that he will bo
master of Capetown a fortnight after
tho declaration of war and that he
will then be able to dictate tortus of
Operator! Bring Men From Fort Soott
Into the Yale Camp.
Pinsnuno, Kan., Juno 20. A Mis
souri Pacific freight train from Fort
Scott backed down to the dump at
the Yale mine of the Western Coal and
Mining company this morning without
attracting attention. Ten negroes,
nine men and one woman, who had
been brought from 'Dcs Molnos, Iowa,
wcro unloaded. Thoy went at onco
Into tho shaft house.
This action was a surprise to the
miners. There is no stockado around
tno Yale shaft, nothing except a thick
barbed wire fence, a sort of trocha.
The company has, however, an armed
guard of fourteen men at Yale,
who carry Winchesters nnd hnve
raado tho improsslon among tho
miners that they are "bad men."
The minors had watched the
witch, whero the men were
brought in, every night for a week,
but they did not think tho operators
would bring them in in brand day
light, and no miner was present when
the train nrrlvcd. It was followed by
a special train with deputy marshals
and mine ofllclnls who camo through
to Pittsburg when it was apparent
that thero would bo no trouble imme
diately. A train with threo coaches packed
with negroes loft Fort Scott just
ahead of tho freight for Yale. The
men wero said to be going to Lehigh,
L T,, where the Missouri Pacific owns
mines that are Idle, but it is balieved
that If tho little party sent here to
day docs not make trouble tho train
sent to Lehigh will como back. Tho
bringing of a small force at this tlmo
is in tho nature of a "feeler." Yale
is ono of the big mining camps and
100 men aro needed beforo tho ml no
can run at anything near Its full
Crowd! of Curlou! Cltltens Follow the
President AroumL
TIoi.tokk, Mass., Juno 2(. Sunday
for tho President was anything but
the day of rest that was hoped for.
Tho continual crowding of tho curious
citizens, tho immense jam at the
church and later in tho day an unex
pected nnd totally unprepared for ro
coption in connection with tho bac
calaureate exercises at Mount Holyoko
college mado tho day long nnd tiro
some for all. The Preildant was not
content with going one? to church,
but went twice, leaving Mrs. McKlu-
ley in tho hands of her laiy friends on
each occasion. ).
Can't Increase the mcjrle Tax.
Bkhlix, June 20. It is announcod
seml-offlcially that any increase In tho
tax on American bicycles impossi
ble, because the commercial treaties
with Austria, Russia aud Italy exclude
such a thing. )
Making 'flood rrogrej.
Dkhveb, Cola, Juno 2CJ If tho
unanimous opinion of thP citizens'
committee, which includes x-Govorn-or
Adams and President Jeffrey, of tho
Rio Grande railway, appointed by
Mayor Johnson and Governor Thomas
in behalf of tho city of Denver aud
state of Colorado, to endeavor to effect
a settlement of tho trouble between
tho smelter managers and their em
ployes, is a criterion, It'jls only a
matter of a few days until tho largo
smelters in this city and loblo, now
closed on aocount of wage fiueronces,
will be in operation.
Colonel Mnfilck'K Speech In Defenno of
John Kennedy,
HAnrviM.K, Mo., Juno 20. William
Jennings and Joseph Shopard aro to
bo tho next accused train robborti
tried In Wright county. Judgo Cox
returned to HartvlUe this morning to
take up tho bench as soon as tho
Kcuncdy caso goes to tho jury. Unless
he Is again sworn off tho bench, ho
will proceed at onco with the cases of
Jennings and Shepard, who aro jointly
indicted. Judgo Nevlllo will thon re
turn to his court in Springfield.
It is expected that the arguments in
the Kennedy caso will bo completed
late to-night or early to-morrow
morning. In tho mean tlmo the court
house Is filled with the shouts of earn
est lawyers, and tho Jury, In a state
of ennui, is shifting its position rest
lessly from moment to moment. Col
onel Mustek opened tho defenso this
morntng at 6 o'clock. Thero was
somo curiosity to know what defenso
tho "quail hunter's" lawyers would
mako, and after Colonel. Mustek had
spoken nearly four hours his defense
was still indisccrnablo to those who
listened to him.
"In the first plnco, said hofVtho
state has laid down 'two propositions,
to prove. Ono Is that 'Davis is Ken
nedy, and tho other Is that 'Davis' was
in the Macomb holdup. Thero Is1 no
bit of evidence, gentlemen, that Ken
nedy was in tho robbery, it is all
'Davis.' What docs that prove?'
In the first place, he contended that
tho railroad aud express companies
had not proved that they wcro cor
porations organized under tho laws?
of the state of Missouri, and then ho
delivered a haranguo on theso
"corporation! that come hero to hound
an Innocent man to his death." With
great vigor ho argued an hour with
tho jury to glvo his client tho benefit
of tho reasonable doubt, and then,
taking up tho testimony of Byrum,.
which, he udmlttcd, if true, would
convict his client, ho said. "Byrum
testified with n spoon in his mouth
and a club over his head," and there
fore asked tho jury to ollmlnatc hla
from the,caso altogether.
That was no idle threat of tho
state's lawyers, as Mr. Wllllum Wright
of Norwood can testify. Mr. Wright
swore to tho jury Saturday afternoon
that Byrum had told him ho was to
receive from tho railroad company
forty acres of land and 5500 for telling
on tho train robbers.
This morning II. n. Ball, prosecut
ing attorney of Wright county, swore
out a warrant against Mr. Wright,
charging 1dm with perjury, and Sher
iff Cantrcll is now on his way to Nor
wood to arrest him.
"Perjured testimony often goes un
punished," said Mr. Ball, "but I am,
determined to put a Btop to it in thin
county. I havo throe witnesses who
say that Wright swore to a lie in tho
Kennedy case, and I am going to force
him to stand trial on that issue "
A Telegram From Senators Tendering
an Org-anlxed Ileglraent.
Washington, Juno 2 . Tho follow
ing telegram was received at tho war
departmont to-day from the two Cal
ifornia senators:
"San Fiiancisco, Cala., Juno 19.
Hon. II. G. Corbln, adjutant general,
Washington: Southern California
supports administration in its efforts
to suppress the Philippine insurrection
nnd tenders tho President tor Immedi
ate service well organized and thor
oughly disciplined regiment of infan
try. Ofllcers and men ready to embark
as soon as necessary field equipment
can bo furnished. Gorge G Perkins
nnd Stephen M. White, United States
It 1b btated at tho war department
that no action can be taken iu tho
matter of the California regiment
offered by Senators Perkins and
White. Tho question of calling for
volunteers has not been determined;,
besides, it is not lntonded to organizo
state troops if volunteers aro called.
The Kansan and General Hale Anxious t
Leave the 1'hlltpplnei.
Manila, June 20. Tho United States
transport Sherman, which sailed from.
San Francisco May 21 with 1,800 men
and soventy-flvo ofllcers, undor com
mand of Brlgadlor Gcnoral Fred D.
Grant, has arrived hero after a smooth'
voyage. Ono prlvato died after the
tranbport's arrival.
The troops brought by tho trans
port will go to the Island of Negros to
relievo the California troops. General
Bates, who arrived on tho transport,
and General Grant will probably bo
assigned to tho command of the volun
teer genernls, somo of whom will
leavo for home soon.
Generals Halo and Funston desiro
to accompany their roglmonts home.
Tho Utah artillery, it is announced,
will accompany tho Nebraska on board
the transport Hancock, leaving their
guns hero Tho Pennsylvanians will
start for home on tho transport Sen
ator this week. Tho Indiana sailed
to-day with 300 discharged and sick
soldiers. Sho will go into dock for
few days at Nagasaki, Japan.
Why Church Is Ulren Up.
New Yonit, Juno 20. The Brlgga
controversy and the coming McGiffert
trial aro given as tho causes of the.
abandonment of tho Calvary Presby
terian church by tho congregation.
Tho building will bo sold for a Jewish
To Line Up Aenlnst Trusts.
Nrw Yoiik, Juno 20 The Wcrld
Bays: Tammany is going to array it
self against trusts. Its Fourth of
July celebration this vea? will be
mainly devoted to sounding the anti
trust wnr cry for tho campaign of
next year. u