The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 31, 1899, Image 4

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We say, "The Goods that We Advertise are the Goods that Hie Sell;
And wc back it up. That is one clement of our success. A fulfilled promise means a satisfied customer satisfied customers are responsible for our success. We want to do
business with you. Every buyer is interested in that which will secure the most for the money spent. Our plan of business enables us to buy right, at the right
price and the benefit wc derive from close buying we give to our customers. We sell the highest quality at the lowest price. If at any time
you are dissatisfied with your purchase bring it back.
.tn rfws-iCjir
2,500 yards of Standard Prints for 4c per yd.
These goods nro not the shoddy kind. These goods
nro generally sold nt Go and Gu, but buying
iliiMii as wo do in ease lots, woaio on abed lo
offer thrm nt tliu vury low piico Hint wo do.
2,500 yards of dark colored prints in new
spring styles at 5c per yard.
This is whore wo again buy prints in enso lots ami
give you tho lienellt.
All Blacks, Blues, Grays and Red Prints at
5c per yard.
Our print department contains the best vnluos that
money can secure. The styles are tho cream of
tho wholesale stock. Tho prices tho rcMilt of
reaily cash buying.
I Ifc-y- U8 R
- .3IJL--lf-"- hL-ti
Our prices in Muslin stock lias attracted many new
faces, Wo prico you will known brands of
cooils and then to make a Ions: story short WE
Loindnlu 01 Fruit of tho Loom blenched G?,'o per yd.
Farmer's Usu bleached at Gc per yar I
A good bleached muslin, tho ciiality usually offered
for Oe, our prico only -lo per yatd.
A Rood yard wido unbleached muslin 8c per ynrd.
Cabot unbleached for -1c per yard.
Special value in heavy unbleached atOc per yard.
Anderson's L. L., snuio weight as Uoaver or Law
ronce, nt4o per yaul.
Stiirt Waist Goods.
Wo arc showing a vory handsome lino of goods for
maklngBhirt waists in Percales at lOo and 12)tfe
per ynrd.
Fanjy light colored calicoes in plain colors, stripe,
nnd checks, 10c and 12c.
Fancy French Uinghnms nt 15c, 20c and 25o.
Fancy Piques, nt 15c por yard.
English shirtings at 20c por yard.
March 27lh we will have another carload of furni
ture on display. We guarantee to meet any nnd all
competition, We buy dliect from tho factoiios, and
buy in caiload lots.
If you want a bedroom suit wo can suit you,
812.C0 to ?3.-i.00.
Combination Hook Cases fiom $12.50 to 920.
Secretaries from $15 to 825.
Couches frnniiMI lo22 50
Center Tublfs from 81 to $8.
Dining room tables from Si 25 for G foot oak to $15
for 10 fool.
Kitchen Cupboards from m.ill aafn for $'.) 50 to
fancy oak extension front at $7.50. Wo show 8s:yles.
Side hoatds from $12 to $30.
Chifllouoi from $4 GO lo$15.
Dining room ehalr.4, hardwood, cane scats, 85c to
$2.00 Special price on sets of six.
Hardwood kitchen chairs, 45u each.
Wood seat rockers from 81.25 to $7.
Cane seat roekers from $1.50 to $3.50.
Fancy rockeis to $12.00.
It will soon be time to tnko the baby out. Wliv
not havo one of our peerless buggies. (Jo catrs from 85 upwnrds. Baby bug
gies from $5.50 upwards.
Wu aro receiving another shipment
of sewing machines. V aro better
piepareii limn ever to meet any and
ull competitors. Wo nro showing two
qualities of machines at $15.50 for 8
drawer, oak finish nnd $20 for sumo
finish in drop bond.
Wo are still showing tho old reliablo
Field, Odrawer. oak llnish, for$20.
Sumo in drop head for 825
Wo guaVnntco these goods iho equal
of anything on the market. Tho trav
eling agent will tell you that he lias
the only machine nnd that the FIELD
is n cheap machine. Tho FIELD ma
ehino is strictly first class. We aro not
tied down by n contract in regard to
soiling tiiis machine Wo aro satisfied
with the small margin that wo make
on these goods, All other machines
could bo sold at.the snmo mice if there
wero not any middle mou's profits to pay. Wo sell direct.
&xriig: r3ress Goods. 33
Our now Spring Dress Goods nro shown in pattern US)
lengths. No two nlike. Wo cant show every- cSJj
thing, no store could, hut wo can ami shall y
show too best. Such a tiling as a complete roll Va
call of the nrrivnls lor your choosing in tho fttg
Spring Dress Goods is impossible unless wo TA?
devote our entire epaoo to it. 'J$J
Our range in price is from ioc to $1.40 per jB
yard. $
Eariy purchasing in the market gave us many values yz
that Into buyers wore unable to hociiio. A
Do you want n now Carpet? If yon need 0110 for $
the parlor, for tho bed room, for tho sitting tat
room, or in fact any room in tho house we havo j
Ingrain enrpets from 30u in cotton up to 75c for nil wyj
wool ingrains. Price quoted is for goods made S$J
up and nil ready to lay on the floor. tX
Tapestries, Brussels and Moqucttes from 55o to $1 WS
per yard made up. fV
We make tho carpets for you, that is part of our ftSj
business. If you mnko lliem, 50 per ynrd less. fj
Our carpet dop.irtment is the largest in the county. $3
It contains the newest styles and tho best values IZJ,
that money eau buy. fv?
Union stripes anil checks 5o j
Hescuo stripes and checks 0c ftf
Southern silk fancies 8c A
Ainoskeag stripes 10c l?j
Aniuskeag fancies 10c itfjj
Uanchmnn's blues nnd blncks 12e ;Mt
IiuiTalo blues nnd blacks ltc tfft
Glen wood reds 12c $?
Have you seen the new CALUMET. Just zA
think of it, a strictly first class wheel for $25. i35
Made of Shelby sonmless tubing, patent expander !
handle bar, McGIU's patent expander seat post. 0J
Morgan & Wright tires, Brown shnpo saddle, Aft
Indiana chain, in met everything up-to-date.
We Lead competition in all departments. We sell goods cheaper than city stores. We have no large rents to pay, no expensive help, less insurance, and in fact many other
items we can enumerate. Bring in your catalogues and we guarantee to meet any prices.
MINER - BROTHERS, - Red - Cloud, Nebr.
IZZ ... -r. !- i-:r'.ES-l.ft2ik5S
: 3ii;c
renLuniD bt
Ins yoar...
ill month.
Bolered t the pott office at Hcd Cloud, Neb. at
Itoondclaaamall mattot.
For Major.
For CltrTrca.urer,
O. W. DOW.
i'or City Clerk.
For I'oIIdo JiuIrc,
For Alderman, Flnit Ward,
For Alderman, Second Ward.
For Members of Hoard of Uducatlou,
C. H. OltONB,
Little Stuff Which Almost Escaped the Pub
lie Eye Through Carelessness.
"The ouly paper in Chicago that
dares piinl the news." This very sug
gestive sentence adorns each side of tho
heading of the Chicago Inter Ocean,
one the gteatest papers in the world.
The cause for the above is brought by
tho exposure of rottenness of Chicago's
mayor, Cat let Harrison nud tho tough
element who do his dirty work, by this
papers. A great man country weekly
paper are in the same tix as the Inter
Ocean designates the rest of tho great
papers of Chicago. They dare not say
this, or that for fear of n loss of patron
ago. Tho Inter Ocean has taken tho
right stnud nnd will win because tho
botttor olemuul will stand by it. A
little more nerve on tho part of papers
m towns tho size of Bed Cloud would
make them recoivo more respect. Tu.
day is Good Friday, and the question
arisosdld you get your "Inters" phuu
od. If you didn't later ou in tho
surlns will do just as well. Thero ate
no sigtis ot tho times or old sayiugs
which ctitnuy liguro In this country.
And uoxt Sunday la Raster iho only day
in thoyoar when tho small child can bo
made bollovo that rabbits Iny eggs, com
mon eggs, speckled eggs, striped eggs,
nnd eggs of all the colors and hues 0
the rainbow. Such eggs may bo health
fill and pleasing for binnll children but
wo prefer onus of tho natural color
given by thohon. WhoovororigiuatcU
tho colored easier egg business must
havo beou hard up forflotuolhiugtodi'.
He may havo been a drug man wilh
lot of Diamond Djea on band lie
wanted to gt rid of. Aftor m rery ex
tensive resonrch of tho history of tho
early peroid of tho world about tho time
Kaster is supposed to havo originated
wo fulled to lind any thing regarding
the eating of red eggs or the wearing of
Easter bonnets. If anyono cau givo us
n good explanation why theso two ar
ticles nro so very essential to tho Easter
of this period of tho world wo would bo
glad to havo it. Easter bonnets aro
made principally to ticklo tho women
and Easter eggs aro mndo principally
to ticklo tho "kids." At present things
have advnnced to such n stnto that
Easter gowns nro also in order. In tho
course of n fow years more wo may ex
pect to hear of Easier celebrations that
will out-class tho Fourth of July.
Backward, turn backward, oh time in
thy Hlght; and give us those Easter days
long lost to light; when people dressed
comely and not "all for show," and red
eggs and bonnets wero uot ull the go.
Iho Nation has received a letter from
our red whiskered friend Mr. Bent
ley who is basking in tho buushine
and electric lights of Hot Sorincs,
Arkansas. Mr B. does not want any
improvements in his homo town for ho
had got the "tin" to go .vhero he can
wnlk under the glare of electric light J
and taku baths for "rheumatism" an 1
see peoplo killed as a pastime, while
tho rest of the fellows who come nt
his bidding have to bo content to
shiver ln'Bed Cloud with no hnrd coal
in their bins. Tho prediction of that
loproductlou of Mathew B's hat which
wo made two weeks ago is liable to
eonio truo as thoro Is vory little doubt
but that tho rookery on tho corner will
in the ucar future be torn dowu. Tho
mayor nnd city couucil have done a big
thing for tho good of our people nnd
tho looks of tho city in tho passage of
oidinnnco23nnd29. Ordinnnco 28 is
"an nidinauco for tho removal or de
struction of buildings damaged by lire
or decay." Ordinnnco 20 is "an ordiu
anco providing for eafo approaches, on
tiances and exits to churches, onora
houses, halls, lodge rooms and public
I buildings." Ordiuanco 28 makes it al
most cei tain that tho eyesore, liro tap
nnu dog kennel on tho corner of Web
ster street and Fouith avenuo will havo
to go. The old coon song iu regard to
thu old log cabin iu which tho words,
"The roof am tuiublin' in and the
Easy i Take
Easy to Operate
Because purely vegetable yet thor
ough, prompt, healthful, satisfactory
Hood's Pills
be monaccd by n conflagration on ac
count of theso old tiro traps in order to
let some one receivo a small pittance
for a rontnl is past understanding. The
men who own these buildings nro well
nblo to build ono story or oven two
story brick buildings in their stend for
which they would receivo a rental
which would bo good interest on tho
investment. When the mayor serves
his order condoming theso buildings ho
will have, wo believe, every newspaper
in tho city nt his back, nnd tho hearty
co-operation of every citizen who be
lieve iu Improvements. If there is any
newspaper which does not it will bo of
tho class as designated by the Chicago
Inter Ocenn. Tho Chief tins not in the
pnst nnd will uot iu the future be found
in this class. Iu ordinance 28 the mayor
can lind lots to keep hisodd moments
busy. To begin with the steps back of
tho Chief ollico should bo condemned
and un entire nov stairway and lauding
Au Ordinnnco grouting cortuin rights
, and privileges to tho Nebraska
Tolopuouo Company, its successors
nnd assigns, regulating erection of
poles and wires, and protecting
Bnmo in tho City of Rod Cloud,
Bo it ordained by tho Mayor and
City Council of tho City of Red
Cloud, Nebraska:
Section 1 That tho Nebraska Tele
phono Company, its successors and
assigns, bo and aro hereby granted
right of way for tho erection and main
tenance of poles and wires and all
the appurtenances thoroto, for tho
purpose of transacting a general tolo-
nlinnn n.wl IfilnrfMinli
JIU.U I...U kutugiujiu WUO...UOO tUlUUf,Uj
upon and over tho streots, alloys and
public grounds of tho city of Red
Cloud, Nebraska, provided that snid
Company shnll nt all times when re
quested by tho proper uuthoritios,
permit their poles una fixtures to bo
usod for tho purposo of placing and
maintniiiinir thoroou freo of ohunro
any wires which may bo necessnry for
tuo ponco or tiro depart-
Publishing Com-
(Cut this out and sond it with ono dollar to tho Iuter-Ocoan
pauy, Chicago, Illinois.)
I hereby accept the invitation lo become a member of (he Home
Health Club and I enclose herewith one dollar to pay for one year's sub
scription to the Weekly Inter-Ocean, which, I understand, entitles me to a
life membership, a record number, and a copy oj Volumn J of the Home
Health Club books price $1.00) free of charge.
Town or City .
Street No.
tho ubo of
monts of tho city of Rod Cloud. Nob
ruskn. nnd furthor provided thnt such
poles and wires shall bo erectod so ns
not to iutorforo with ordinary trdvol
through such streets and alloys, and
Khali lio ns dircctod by tho mayor and
Ctrwl.'i? O Wlifitinvnt If (.linll
r ...... ....,... i W
osbary 101 imj i.-.miu m nu" iiiuuK orj
ncro.s unv of said streots or nlloys nny
vehicle or structure 01 such liolglit
or slzo as to iutorforo with any poles
a .......w
Ono of tho most prncticnl and bonolleinl courses of study over offered to
its readers by any no-vspapor. Not only aro thoro a sories of practical lossons
lu tho papor each week, but tho subscriber is presented, freo of oxpenso, with 11
beautiful cloth bound book, worth ono dollar, besides a lifo membership in the
great club. Subscribe tit onco and got tho groat lessons now being published.
built. Tliis wns a death trip for years ! or wires so erectod, tho Company using
until the writer got boards and a car
penter and had live or six missing steps
put iu nt liis own expense. It is in as
had a condition now, as several boards
aro gone out of tho landing. The opera
house needs a little fixing at least a
light should bo placed in tho front en
trance during tho time of entertain
ments so that peoplo can sue to get
dowu stairs. We're not going to enum
erate them ull for most of them need
iixing. Tomorrow, April 1st, Is April
Fool day. Probably tho weather man
will deeido to fool us and glvo us
a pionsuut buturuny. uon 1 iry 10
kick any old hat off the sidowalkor
I iiii'W tin nnv nnnhnt lmnkn. Thov
might bo "fixed." Red Cloud will
havo a shooting gallery for a time to
gather up tho htray nlcklos It will be
located iu the land mark of ancient
Rod Cloud, the rookery, tho dog ken
uol, or whatever you want to call it,
on tho corner. It is to bo hoped the
bullets will not fly around nnd brenk
hiiubrey's fallln' down and tho old log '"11 tho wludowv
cabins going to decay" gives a good - --
i-epiveiitaUoiuifthH rookery.-This is
not tliu onl iiuihtlng ot our main
stttet in the lire limits which is iu the
same fix Tho Chief does not believe
in favoriteism and If auy is shown wo
will bo like the Inter Ocean and spoak
about It. Wby tho beauty of our streets
bould tiller and our city bo liable to
Big Bargains in Choice Farms,
I havo for sale within two miles of
Red Cloud about 1C00 acres choice im
proved farms of 80 acres or more, very
cheap on favorable terms. Theso lands
must be sold regardless of price. Como
and see me for bargains in land.
F. K. Goblk.
unci oneratiui: such Doles and wires.
shall upon receiving twonty-four hours
notico, served In writing upon their
Agent or Manager nt Rod Cloud, Nob
raska, and upon receiving payment of
tho actual cost thereof, temporarily
romovo sucn poios una wires irom
such placo as must necossnrily bo
crossed by such vohlclo or structure,
nnd provldod that this section shull
not bo construod to npply to circus
or othor pnrados upon tho public stroots
or alleys.
Section il Any person who shall in
terforo with, cut, Injure, romovo, break
or destroy any of tho polos, wires, fix
tures. Instruments, or othor nronorty
of tho snld Telephone Company or its
successors, shall ho decmod guilty of a
mlsdemennor, nnd ou couviction there
of shull bo llnod in nny sum not loss
than ton dollars nor moro than ono
hundred dollars; nnd nny person who
shnll paste, tack, or fasten on tho
nlos or fixtures of said Comnunv nny
sign, poster, udvortisomont" or bannor
shall bo lined iu any sum not loss
than flvo dollurs nor moro thun fifty
Section i This ordinnnco shall tnko
offoct and bo in forco from and uftor
its pnssiigo, approval nnd publication
according to law.
L. II. Beck, .Mayor.
Attest: J. K. Kksi.kii, City Clerk.
Adopted, .Mnrcli :J, ISM
The Far nitare (Dan
is still doing busineis at the old stand.
Lower Prices,
Better Goods9
than any one. Call and be convinced
before buying.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists lefund money if It
falls to cure. 25c. Tho genuine has
I h. B. Q. 00 each tablet.
Ghieagoliumljey Yard,
Lumber, Lime, Coal and Cement.
Si -Ji' 4k - UXlV
. , v H. , , , . V. . rJ,
"WlIMWfwi'WWi.VMlf ,1g'M
BB"mtmW0Vt wmK'.Vwt -'iHFA!r.,