The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 27, 1899, Image 1

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The fmUn fflao
is still doing busineis at tlie old stand.
Lower Prices,
Better Goods,
than any one. Call and be convinced
before buying.
While they last
I will sell my Ice Wool Fascinators, Wool
Squares, Hoods at greatly reduced prices.
Remember that I sell
"White Flannels,
Black ami Colored Dress Goods,
White G-oods,
Ladies, Shopping Bags,
Hosiery, Mittens,
Handkerchiefs, Mufflers,
Laces and Embroideries
For less monoy than they can bo bought elsewhere in tho city. Tliu best place
for yarns in tho city.
City Dray and
3 Goods Delivered to anv part
Bu.ilctiiT.g: material, Bto.
I Red Cloud,
. Ghieago Itambe? Yard,
I Lumber, Lime, Goal and Cement.
ZAXAR, th world nnown.d Ffjptlaa Aitrolof.p, who ha. tw.a creating .ueh u-
tonlihtnent thorouinout Kuroi fur th. i ait Of. mil, will (It. a truthful, accural.,
ILncthoro(og delineation of jour life. II. will nir. jour tronl pearanco, di- i
poiUlon, character, abllltr, Uut, robabl. IcnRth of life, oiifbL Mx.ld.sta, adrlc. oJ
uggciuoni on iot. aaairi,
HIUfl-D 1U DC Un HUl
Band 10 e.nta and xlr.
(mural norouop. reaainf
tall offer at a test trial.
, fttm PB883 "ZmfcUM lsTouimli crUlal uto&Ufcuf
upu isaiipiuiv iui iuui umimot
Express Line.
of the citv.
Charges as low as the Lowest
raamag., rrieuai, entmiei, ipwuiauou, buuneii matter., .to. (r.
Tfl DC "ou nn Inform Tounlf tfiorUthlr on V
lU DC. tbU aud on anr other nueitiom of ,our tl
1 ' rue, relent ana luiuro me.
LEAD YOU TO MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. dtl. of birth and I will lmmedlatljr rituru you a
or jour life, and i rore It to M all tru. tr journu i max.
All communication, itrlctl confidential. AJdrill
Box 403, Philadelphia, Pa.
UMiiudi, IIU vondtrful prtdietloDi nd tctti m butd
Opposition to Peace Treaty Claim Majority
A Tilt in the House. A Question
for Debate Eagan Courtmartial.
Tlir claims of I lie siippoileis nut! up
poncnts u( t III tll'lltj of pi'llff, il llllll
CStl IIIUllc, lllllkt' il I'Vlllellt tluit :i
number of scimtois mi' tl inn tin two
fai'o ni't Tin' opponents now claim
that tlit'S have plctlgt s fiiiui a Mitlifii'iit
iiumlii'i' if sfiiimi h thiitj "i. i the
llUtllber to llji't't tilt' tll'lltj, it it it
ntit lunt'iuli'tl m as to pledge this gov
ernment :iii!nt peimaiient lctcntion
of the Philippines while its siippmtcis
s'tj tin y hac votes enough pb dgctl to
latifj tin tieatj if they run n'l It to a
voto. It ftienis as though neither xitlt)
was until ely eonllilent of In flaunt.
Senator Davis it said to have tleelinetl
a piopnsition matin by Senator (Sol
ium), who is lfatlinr tin) opposition,
to set n tiny for taking a vote on the
trtaty. Many believe that the oppo
sition is imltiliiiiif' in n htj blnfT for the
purposo of trying to Riit u ni.ijniity of
thusonato to voto for a lusoluii n, in
nilvnnco of tho votu on iliu tiuuiv, !'
clarinR tho policy of this govuiiiinctit
to bo tho same toward tliu Philippines
as toward Cuba merely to keep t lie m
under a military povcrnmeni until
they are cnpahlo of maintaining a
stable government of their own. Wliilo
many of tho strongest supporters of
tho treaty and of tho administiation
believe that it will be tho policy of tho
administration to allow tho Filipinos
tho fullest extent of self government
thfit they show themselves capable of
even tnabsoluto independence they
do not regard it as good policy to bind
this government in advance; therefoic,
there is little probability that such a
resolution will pass tho senate, and
none whatover that it could get
through the house. Tho treaty will
either bo ratiiied or theio will bean
extra session to ratify it.
Tho senate passed the amonded Mor
gan Nicaiaugua canal bill Satin day
afternoon, by a voto of J8 to 0. If the
leaders of tho house were so inclined
this bill coultl easily be passed, but tho
chauces seem to bo that an entirely
now bill will bet epoi ted to tho house
which would moan no canal legislation
at this session.
Tho framors of tho river and harbor
bill, which has been lopoited to the
houso, aro adepts in tho division of
public "pork " Thirty odd states will
sbaro in tho twelve and u half millions
appropriated by tho bill; consequently
votes will not bo lacking.
For tho first tinio this session tho
houso had what the old timers call a
"field day." It was a sort of running
discussion, which, although nominally
upon a bill allowing a ship-building
firm to suo in tho court of claims for
additional pay, it claims to bo entitled
to on contracts with tho government,
it really embraces about everything in
sight, including tho war, the embalmed
beef contioveisy, tho Philippines, the
treaty of peace, anil somo spicy per
sonalities. The ro wero fivo gentlemen
who puitioipatcd, Giosvenor, of Ohio;
Simpson, of Kunsas; Cat mack, of Ten
nessee; Ruiloy, of Texas, and Lewis, of
Washington, but tho star parts wero
played by tho first ami last named.
While tho discussion was going on
memhois of tho houso seemed to enjoy
tho hits made, regardless of who mailo
them, but as partisanship figured large
ly, they afterwards divided on political
lines in expressing opinions as to who
pot tho best of it. Tho speech of Lewis
was, however, a genuino surpriso to
tho house, and caused more than one
man who had been previously indiffer
ent to express regret that ho will be
lost to tho houso after March 4th.
Gen. Grosvenor has for many yeais
been regarded as ono of the most dan
gerous men in congress to tackle in a
running debate. That a man serving
his first torm coultl oven hold his own
in a scrap with him is considered to
mat kablo by old members. Lewis cor
taiuly did that.
Senator Perkins has announced his
intention to obey the insti notions of
tliu California legislatuto ami vote for
the ratification of tliu tteaty of peace,
because he believes nine-tenths of tho
people of his statu wish him to du so,
wliilo Senator White says ho will re
fuse to obey the instructions of the leg
islatuie, because a majority of its
memhcr-i am his political opponents,
and because he does not lecogui.o tliu
light of legislatuies to instinct sena
tois in niatteis involving conscience or
conviction If a tit bating societv is
hunting a haul nut to crack, let ihnm
tlceiilc which of t lit so senateis is light,
onlj one of them is
Wi'diii'sdii) was the tla set foi the
meeting of the coiiit maitial that will
ti (ii'ti. I'igaii fot conduct unbecom
ing an ollicei ami a gentleman, in
speaking disit'spectfully of (iencial
Miles, Ins siipei inr olllcer, ami, unless
(Jen Ivigan exercises his right to ask
foi a postponement foi a slum time,
the vei diet ought to be in the hands of
llm picsident bcfoie the close of lint
week It is not ctitaiu that Gnu.
Kigali will plead guilty ami a-lc inciej
on account of extenuating ciictim
stances, as some of his fiiemls siidhu
would when the announcement that
he would be couitinaitialxil was liist
made, but whatever his plea, thero can
bo but one verdict guilty. His pun
ishment will depend entirely upon the
president. A vol diet of guilty can ies
the penalty of dismissal ftom the army
but the president may change tho pun
ishment to suit his pleasure, or omit it
entirely. Tho case has aroused too
much public indignation for General
Eagan to hope to escape punishment,
however friendly tho secretary of war
and tho president may fuel towards
La Grippe Successfully Treated.
"1 have just iceovered from tho sec
ond attack of lagiippe this year," says
Mr. Jas. A. Jones, publisher of tho
Leader, Mexia, Texas. "In tho latter
case I used Chamberlains Cough Rem
edy, and I think with considerable suc
cess, only being in bed n littloover two
days against ten tilths for the former
attack. Tho second attack I am satis
fied would have been tqually as bad as
tho first but for thu use of this lemctly
as I had to go to betl in about six hours
after being 'stiuck' with it, while in tho
first enso I wns ablo to attcntl to busi
ness about two days boforo getting
'down.'" For sale by II E Grieo.
Ballot Law to Be Changed.
Senato (ilo No. 1, by Pi out of Gage, to
prevent tbo namo of a candidate from
appealing on the ballot more than
once, was discussed freely by tho com
mittee of tho wh )lo on last Tuesday
and finally recommended for passage
Fusionists thought the bill was to pre
vont fusion, so they fought it hard.
Tho bill makes no change in the pres
ent form of the ballot, but it prevents
a candidate from having his name ap
pear in inoro than one column on tho
ticket. Several republican senators
expressed dissatisfaction with tho
blanket ballot.
Drink GrakvO.
aftor you have concluded that you
ought not to drink coffee. It is not a
medicine but doctors order it, becauso
it is healthful, invigorating and appe
tizing. It is made from puro grains,
has that rich seal brown color and
tastes liko tho finest grades of coffee
and costs about ono fourth as much.
Children thrivo on it becauso it is a
genuine food drink containing nothing
but nourishment. 15 an 25c at grocers.
To the Public.
Wo aro authorized to guarantee ev
ery bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and if not satisfactory to re
fund tho money to tho purchaser.
Thero is no hotter medicine mado for
la grippo, colds and whooping cough.
Prico 25o and 50c per bottle, try it. H.
E. Grico.
Thcso aro dangerous times for the
health. Colds, croup and throat troub
les lead nipidly to consumption. A
bottlo ot One Minuto Cough Cure used
at the right timo will preserve life,
health and a latge amnulit of monoy.
Pleasant to take; ehildieii liko it. C.
1 m
Paul Peny,(of Columbus, (in., suf
feietl agony for thiity ears, and then
cured his piles by using DeWitt's
Witeli lin'.el Sahe. It heals injiii ies
mill skiu diseases like magic. 0. L.
I'.t '.'3
y" I ' IUIr
.&VI -
There is enough wear and tear on the soldier
without the discomforts that come from having to use
a strong laundry soap. Common brown soaps, when
constantly used for washing the person, are extremely
irritating. Ivory soap is the ideal soap for the soldier,
suitable for oil purposes, for the kitchen utensils, for
washing clothes, and for the bath.
Ivory Soap is not easily lost, forit floats.
ccnrKiMT i.m it THi
No Appropriation for the Exposition.
By a unanimous voto of all members
present tho house committee on ways
and means Tuesday decided tn lay on
tho table tho lesolution for government
recognition of tho Greater American
exposition. Mr. Meioei, who Intro
duced the resolution, spoke in favor of
its adoption, and .Judge Strode was
recognized in opposition. Tho latter
said Nebraska hail given loyal support
and patronage to tho trans-Mississippi
exposition nnd nil her citizens felt
proud of its success, even though ninny
of her business men had suffered pe
cuniary loss on its account nnd they
now felt that self preservation demand
ed their untiring efToita to prevent an
other exposition being hold no soon
after that of last jear. Ho said it was
a duty ho owed to himself and to his
constituents to oppose in nil ways pos
sible any form of government recog
nition of a continued exposition, nnd
ho earnestly appealed to tho members
of tho committee to voto against tho
resolution. Ho then went on to state
theiensons why it would damngo nil
kinds of business enterprise outHido of
Omaha. Tho people attending, ho
said, would spend their monoy in tho
exposition city, and tho department
stores, street car companies, hotels nnd
restaurant men nnd liquor doalers
wero tho principal factors in tho
scheme for the continuation of tho ex
position, as they wero tho principal
gainers thereby. After hearing soveral
petitions from various Nebraska towns
against tho exposition tho coniniittco
wont into execoutive session, and after
a shot t consultation a voto was taken
resulting in indefinitely tabling tho
bill for government help.
Does Coffee Agree with You.
If not, drink Graiu-O inado from
pure grains. A lady writes: "Tho
first time I mado Grain-0 I did not like
it but after using it fur one week noth
ing would Induce mo to go back to
coffeo." It nourishes and feeds tho
system. The children can drinK it
freely with great benefit. It is thu
strengthening substance of puro gralus.
Gut a package today from your grocer,
lfio and 25c,
Catauuh in tliu head is cured by
Hood's Sursaparilla which eradicates
from thu blood tho scrofulous taints
that cause il, soothing and rebuilding
the diseased tissues. i
IloodV Pills are thu onh pills to tako
with Hood's Sarsapuiiila. Curu nil
liver ills.
f Wl.iAi."'
ocrm 4 umu co Cincinnati
Is Not a Tenderfoot.
Mr. Smith is the now editor of the
Downs Times, nnd a neighboring pop
papor made somo sneering remarks
about his being a tenderfoot. Hero is
Mr. Smith's roply "Wliilo ns to our
residoncu in Downs wo may not be
classed among the old settlers, wo havo
spent nearly ninoyonrs of our happy
life in Kansas nnd in what is now the
'Mxth tlistrict; we lived six years on a
homestead, one venr on n free claim
havo planted forty ncres of treoc, somo
of which aro now nice timbor; wo havo
shucked corn, bound wheat, helped
thresh in Osborn, Smith, Jowoll, Phil
lips, Norton, Russoll and Graham
counties, wo have also worked on tho
section as a railioad hand, dug wells,
taught school, clerked in a store, and
had a scrap or two in northwestern
Kansas. We havo boon tho direct
rauso of six good families moving into
tho state, all republicans, (two have
turned pop, sorry to say.) Wo havo
raised a family, ono son who is n voter
and another who soon will bo, nnd
'moro a romin' on.' Say, what does a
feller havo to do to gain citizenship in
this district."-
: v m- r-Ms- - u
. aVI TCOTM'yJT x-V-v '" .-
i.i -i i v i x i . s r . i r'T
Catarrh Cannot Be CuVed
by local applications, as they cannot
rtach tho scat of thu disease. Catarrh
is a blood or constitutional disease,
and in order to euro it you must tako
internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is takon internally, nnd nets directly
on tho blood and mucous surfaces.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is not a quack
medicine. It was prescribed by ono of
the best physicians in this country for
years, nnd is a regular prescription. It
is composed of tho best tonics known
combined with tho best blood purifiers,
acting directly on tho mucous surfaces.
Tho perfect combination of tho two in
grcdionts is what produces such won
dorful rosults in curing catarrh. Sond
for testimonials, free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, prico 75c.
Hall's Family Pills aio thu best.
For Sale.
Ono hundred and sixty acres of unim
proved land four miles northwest of
Red Cloud, consisting of tho wost half
of tho northeast quartor, and tho cast
half of tho northwest quartor of suction
fifteen in township two north, rango
eleven wost. The land is leased at
present, but subjnet to salo. Prico
$3,000. For further information upitt$fcif v
Mks. .Jamks Kiukwood,"
Fairfax, Mo.