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(4 - 'V - l -
- OR
The Flying
44 - 4 - hM - - :H -
About tho middle of Ilia seventeenth
century, In tho outnklrts or tho Binall
but forttned town of TcrnciiBo, Bltti
tod on tho right bnuk of tho Scheldt,
and nearly opposite to tha Island of
Walchcron, thcro woa to ho neon In
tdvnnco of a few other even mores
humblo tenements, n small but nent
cottngo, built according to the prevail
ing tasto of tho time. Tho outside front
bad, Bomo years back, been painted of
deep ornhgc, tho windows nnd Bhut
tern of a vivid green. To about three
foot nbovo tho surfneo of tho earth, It
was fuccd alternately with bluo and
whlto tiles. A Bmnll garden, of about
two rodn of our measure of laud, anr
roundod tho edifice; and thla llttlo plot
was flanlccd by u low hedgo of privet,
nnd encircled by a moat full of water,
too wldo to bn leaped with ensc. Over
that part of tho moat which wna In
front of tho cottngo door whs n small
and narrow bridge with ornamented
Iron hnnd-ralls, for tho security of the
panEcnger. Hut tho colors, originally
co bright, with which tho cottngo had
been decorated, hud now faded; symp
toms of rapid demy were evident In tho
ivlndow-slllB, tho door-Jambs nnd other
woodon parts of tho tenement, nnd
many of tho whlto uud blue tiles had
fallen down, nnd had not been re
placed. That much caro had once been
bestowed upon tills llttlo tenement was
os evident as that latterly It had been
equally neglected.
Tho Innldo of tho cottage, both on
tho basement and tho lloor nbovo, was
divided Into two Inrgcr rooms in front,
and two Riniillcr behind; thoiooms In
'front could only bo called lingo In com
parison with tho other two, as they
wore llttlo mora than twelve feet
quare, with hut ono window to each.
Tho upper floor was as UBiinl, appro
priated to tho bedrooms; on the lower,
tho two Gmnllcr rooms wuro now imed
only as a wnnh-houun nnd n lumber
,room; whllo ono of the Inrgcr was llt
ted up as n kitchen, nnd furnished with
drcuflcrs, on which tho metal utensils
(or cookery shonn clean nnd pollnhcd
bb Oliver. Tho loom Itself wna scrupu
lously neat; but tho furniture, as well
as tho utensils', wero scanty. Tho
boards of tho floor were of n pure
whlto, and so clean that you might
havo laid anything down without fear
of soiling It. A strong deal table, two
wooden-seated chairs, and n,snmll easy
couch, which had boon removed from
ono of tho bedrooms upstnlrs, were all
tho movables which this room con
tained. Tho other front room hnd been
fitted up as n parlor; but what might
bo tho Btylo of Its furnlturo wan now
unknown, for no eyo hnd beheld tho
contents of thnt room for nearly sev
enteen years, during which It hnd boon
hermetically ecalcd, even to tho ln
"niatcs of tho cottage.
Tho kitchen, which wo havo de
scribed, wn3 occupied by two persons.
Ono was n woman, apparently about
forty yenra of ago, but worn down by
pain nud Buffering. She hnd cvldonlly
onco possessed much beauty; there
were Btlll the regular outlines, the
noblo forehead, nnd tho large, dark
eyes; but there was a tenuity In her
features, n wasted appearance, such
as to rondcr tho flesh transparent; her
brow, when alio nuiEOd, would sink into
deep wrinkles, premature though they
;wcre; nnd tho occasional flashing of
Her eyes strongly Impressed yiu with
tho idea of Insanity. Thcro appeared
to be some deep-seated, Irrcmovnble,
hopeless causo of anguish, never for
ono moment permitted to bo nbsont
from her memory; a chronic oppres
Blon, fixed nud graven there, only to
ho removed by death. Sho was dressed
In tho widow's coif of tho time; but
although clean nnd neat, her garments
vero faded from long wear. Sho waB
lented upon tho small couch which we
hnvo mentioned, evidently brought
down ns n relief to her, In her declin
ing state.
On tho deal table In tho center of
tho room sat tho other person, n stout
talr-halrcd. florid youth of nineteen
or twenty years old. Ills features wero
handsome nnd hold, and his framo
powerful to excess; his eye denoted
courngo and determination, nnd ns he
catclcBBly Bwung his legs, and whistled
an nlr In an emphatic manner, It wan
Impossible not to form iho Idea that
ho wu3 a daring, adventurous nnd reck
less character.
"Do not go to sen. Philip; oh, prom
ise mo that, my dear child." said tho
iomalc, clnsplng her hands.
"And why not go to sea, mother7"
rcplb.d P'tllip, "whnt'i the use of my
laying hero to starve; for, by Heavers!
It's little better. I must do something
tor myself nnd for you. And what
elso can I do? My uncle Vnnbronrjen
has offered to tnko mo with him, and
svlll glvo mo good wnge3. Then I!
live happily on board, and my earn
ings will be sulllclont for your support
at home."
"I'hlllp-Phlllp, hear no. I shnll dlo
If ou lcavo me. Whom have 1 In tho
vorld hut you? Oh. my child, as vou
lovo mo, nud I know you do love "mo,
Philip, don't leave my; but If you will,
at all events do not go to een!"
Philip gave no Immediate ronlv; im
whistled for a few Bicouda, whtl h'a
tiothcr wept, j
"Is It," Mild he nt ht, "became mv
father t rirawmd at sea that ,
beg BO I I'll, ' i'"
"Oh. no- ro'" c s' nr.i t10 rni, -,. "Wui.d to LuJ-"
' - 4 - :'H
- M - - l - - - :'h - : - 4. - t. - :..j.?
"Would to Ood what, mother?"
"Nothing nothing, lie mercifulbe
merciful, oh, Ood!" replied the rather,
wilding fiom her scat on tho couch,
nnd kneeling by tho sldo of it, In which
attitude sho remained for so 110 time
In fervent prayer. At la&t bIio resumed
hor Bent, and her face woro an nnpoct
of more compoFUie.
Philip, who, during thin, hnd re
mained silent nnd thoughtful, ngaln
nddrcBsed his mother.
"Ixjok ye, mother. You nnk mo to
stay on shore with you nnii MiuVc
inthor hard conditions; now hear whnt
1 havo to say. Thnt room opposite has
been tduit up ever ulncc I can remem
berwhy, you will never tell mo; but
once I heurd you say, when we were
without bread, and with no prospect of
my uncle's return you wero then half
frantic, mother, as you know you
sometimes are"
"Well, Philip, what did you henr mo
eny?" Inquired his mother, with trem
ulous anxiety,
"Vou said, mother, thnt thcro was
money In thnt room which would pave
uh; and then you screamed and raved,
and Kflld that you preferred death.
Now, mother, what Is there In thnt
chamber, and why has It been bo long
shut up? Either I know thnt, or I uo
to sea."
At the comnipncement of this ad
dress of Philip, his mother appeared to
bo transfixed nnd motionless ns a
hlntno; gradually her lips separated
nnd her eyes glared; 6ho seemed to
have lost the power of reply; sho put
her hand to her right side, ns If to
compress It, then both her hands, ;i3
If to relieve herself from excruciating
torture; nt last she snnk, with her head
forward, nnd the blood poured out of
her mouth.
Philip sprang Horn tho table to her
neslHlance, and prevented her from
fnlllng on the floor. Ho laid her on
tho couch, watching with nlorm the
continued effusion.
"Oh, mother, mother! whnt Is this?"
cried be, at last, In grcnt distress.
For Eomo tlmo his mother could
mnke no reply; she turned further on
her side, thnt sho might not be suf
focated by the dlsehnrge from the rup
tured vowel, nnd tho snow-white
planks of tho floor were soon crimson
ed with her blood.
"Speak, dearest mother, If you enn,"
repented Philip, In agony. "What shall
I do? what elmll I glvo you? God Al
mighty! whnt to this?"
'Tenth, my child, death!" at length
replied tho poor woman, sinking Into
a sinto of unconsciousness.
Philip, now much alarmed, flew out
of tho cottage and called tho neighbors
to I1I3 mother's assistance. Two or
threo hastened to the call; and as toon
n3 Philip saw them occupied In restor
ing his mother, he ran as fast as he
cLiild to the hotue of a medical man
who lived about n mllo off-ono Myn
heer Poots, n llttlo, miserable, avar
icious wretch, but known to bo very
skillful In his profession, riilllp found
Poots at home and insisted upon kla
Immediate attendance.
"I will come-yes, moct certainly."
replied Pools, who spoke tho language
but Imperfectly; "but, Mynheer Van-
dcrdecken, who will pay mo?"
"Pay you? my uncle will, directly
that he comes home."
"Your uncle, do Skipper Vnnbron
lien? no. ho owe me four guilders, nnd
ho has owed me for n long time. De
fcldcs, his ship may sink."
"Ho shall puy you tho four guilders,
and for this attendance also," replied
riilllp In a rage; "come directly
whllo you nro disputing my mother
may bo dead."
"Put Mr. Philip, 1 ennnot come, now
I recollect; 1 havo to seo tho child of
tho burgomaster at Tcmcuse," replied
Mynhser Poots.
"Look you, Mynheer Poots," ex
claimed Philip, red with passion, "you
havo but to chooso will jou go quiet
ly, or must I tnko you there? You'll not
trlflo with mo."
Here Mynheer Poots was under con
Fldcrablo alarm, for tho character i.f
Philip Vanderdecken was well known.
"I will come by nnd by, Mynheer
Philip, If I can."
"You'll eomo now, you wretched old
miser!" exclaimed Philip, seizing hold
of tho llttlo man by the collar, nnd
pulling him out of his door.
"Murder! murder!" cried Poots, ns
ho loEt I1I3 logs, nnd was dragged along
by the Impetuous young man.
Philip stopped, for ho perceived that
Poots was black In tho faro.
"Mutt I then choko you to mako vou
go quietly? for, hear me. go you shall,
olive or dead."
"Well, then," replied Poots, recov
ering himself, "I win go, but I'll have
you In prison tonight; nnd, ns for your
mother. I'll not no, that I will not
Mynheer Philip, depend upon It."
"Marl; me, Mynheer Posts." replied
Pblilp, "as sure ns there la n Gnd In
hmvcu, If you do not comu with mo
HI choko you now; uud when you a.
rive, If you do not do your best fur
my pucr mother, I'll murder you theiv
1 ou Uow that I always do what I say,
ro now take my advice, eomo aloa;
ijuieipy, ami you snail certainly la
pcld, and well pr.M. If I rell my r-at."
'Ibis observation of Philip, prr.
l-r! tad moro effect than eon lib
t 1 i'j IV!s vn.i n ml cranio II tlu
1 ! 1 nun 1,1.0 a child In tho powerful
, li. lip of tho youug man. The doctor's
tenement m Isolated, and he could
ouiniil no ncniBiuiuu mini niuim a
hundred yards of Vanderdocken's cot
tngo; so Mynheer Poots decided that
be would go first, because Philip had
promised to pay him, and secondly bo
tausc he could not help It.
This point being Fettled, Philip and
Mynheer Poots mndo all hasto to tho
cottage; and on their njlval thoy
found his mother stilt In tho nrma of
two of her femnlo neighbors, who wero
bathing her temples with vinegar. She
was In a slate of consciousness, but
sho could not speak; Poots ordered her I I'Hicy, Oago county, rending-. Somo
to bo carried upstairs nnd put to bed, ' 0no fired a shot at htm from the out
nnd pouring Bomo acids down her 1 hirfe. The contents of tho gun, two
throat, hastened away with Philip to
procure tho necessary remedies,
"You will glvo your mother thnt dl
jeetly, Mynheer Philip," said Poots,
putting a vial Into his hand; "I will
now go to the child of tho burgomas
ter, and will afterward eomo back to
your cottage."
"Don't deceive me," snld Philip, with
a threatening look.
"No. no. Mynheer Phllln. I would not
trust to your uncle Vnnbronnen for tlvc of Tnylor. Dodson threatened to
payment, but you havo promised, nnd kill tho llrst ma to approach. Citl
I know thnt you alwoys keep your zcus surrounded tho huuso nnd tho
word. In one hour I will bo with your sheriff sent for. Deputy Sheriff Ash
mother; but you yourself must now be cnfolter came nnd arrested Dodson
quick." nnd took him to UcnU-lce. It Is learned
Philip hastened home. After tho po- that Dodson had threatened '.Taylor,
tlon bad been administered tho bleed- About threo years ago Taylor was ar
Ing was wholly stopped; nnd In half rested for incest on complaint of Dod
an hour his mother could express her son, but the charge was not proven.
wishes In a whisper. When tho llttlo "
doctor nnlved ho carefully examlnod Mm. niiioi ct uivorco.
his patient, nnd then went downstairs Delia llishop, wife of the Omnhn
with her boh Into tho kitchen. festaurantour who same months slnco
"Mynheer Philip," sold Poots, "by shot tho cashier of her husband's hash
Allah! I havo dono my best, but I must foundry in a lit of jealousy, uud who
tell you thnt I havo llttlo hopes of your was exonerated on tho ohargo of shoot
mother rising from her bed again. Sho Ing with intent to kill, although at
may live one day or two days, but not the time of the shooting- oho declared
more. It Is not my fault, Mynheer that If she had killed tho hated rival
Philip," continued Poots, In a doprecnt- In her husband's affections she was
ing tone. I satisfied, and that If she hnd not sho
"No, no; It is tho will of Heaven," ,
replied Philip, mournfully.
"And you will pay me, Mynheer Win
derdecken?" continued tho doctor, nf
tcr a short pause.
"Yes!" replied Philip, In a voice of
thunder, nnd starting from a reverie.
After a moment's silence tho doctor
"Shall I eomo tomorrow, Mynheor
Philip? You know thnt will bo a
charge of another guilder; it is of no
U60 to throw away money
or time
"Come tomorrow, eomo every hour,
rhargo what you please; you shall cer
tainly be paid," replied Philip, curling
his lip with contempt.
"Well, It is as you please. As soon
ns sho Is dead tho cottago and tho fur
nlturo will bo yours, nnd you will sell
them, of course. Yea, I will come. You
will have plenty of money. Mynheer
Philip, I would like tho first offer of
the cottnge. If It is to let."
Philip raised his arm In the nlr na
If to crtiEh Mynheer roots, wno r
treated to the corner.
"I did not mean until your mother
wan burled," said Poots, In a coaxing
"Go, wretch, go!" said Philip, cov
ering his faco with his hands, us ha
rank down upon tho blood-stnlncJ
After n short Interval Philip Vander
decken returned to tho bcdsldo of his
mother, whom ho found much better;
nnd the neighbors, having their own
affairs to nttend to. left them alone.
Kxhnustcd with the loss of blood, tho
poor woman slumbered for many
hours, during which Bho never let go
tho hand of Philip, who watched her
breathing In mournful meditation.
It was about one o'clock In tha morn
ing when the widow awoke. Sho hnd
In n gieat degreo recovered her volte,
and thua eho addressed her sou:
"My dear, my Impetuous boy, nnd
havo I detained you here a prWoncr so
"My own Inclination detained me,
mother, I lcavo you not to others until
ycu are up and well again."
(To bo continued.)
Tim t.tncirort'iv.
The suleldo of Edward Martin Lang
worthy, following 011 tho death of an
unfortunate lady who claimed to be
his wife, recalls to mind ono of tho
most curious cases In tho history of
the English courts. Mr. Langworthy
had Inherited something Uko 130.- j
000 from his father and uncle, and aft
er a career at Eton and Oxford was
cal'.ed to the bar. Ho met Mildred Sa- '
bine Palllser Long on tho continent,
and went through a form of marrlngo
witli her at a Uoman Catholic church
In Normandy, and to confirm tho eem-1
bianco of legality poi formed a Blmllar
coicmony In a Presbyterian church at
Antwerp. He then took tho lady on
his pnlntlnl yacht Meteor to South 1
America, and at Puenos Ayrca Inform-
cd her that their marriage was not
valid. Mrs. Langworthy became a
mother and for tho child's sake took
proceedings n&alnst bcr deceiver. For
four years the wealth of Mr. lang
worthy taught tho quibbling of un
Bcrupu'ou'j lawyers to uphold hU case,
and tho dlvorco court eventually de
creed tho marriage Invalid, hut grant
ed tho lady nllmony nt tho rat 3 of
1,200 n year. Tho ungeutlotnanly Mr.
Langworthy, however, evaded payment
by Racing tho country; Mrs. Lang
worthy might havo boan driven
through despair to suleldo had not the
l all Mall Gazette, edited at that tlmo
by Mr. Stead, taken up her case.
omo hn
to,o t' 0 P-, 1, ni Mr l.:vng,ort!.y'a
Bll tl( e la -"H J to ;rlc? n I'm UCslth
of the hiJy bt. h 3 u.;,jtff,J,
brc tight a uow caso ngalnst Mr. Ling- 1 n m 7 .
worthy for 2S,0"0 dr.mgM for breach ' 1 ' ' . "", f reasuror.
of promise, nnd everyone reSod ,n" tnrnMlOTJ'r to M' tatu
ays sr jyssns E IHHi"v
Affnrt Made to Kill IJotIiI Tnylor, a Well
Known duga County i'nrmci A llel
tire tJnder Arrnot 1V Traced by
Illood Hound.
David Taylor, a well-known farmer,
h-as slttlnir In a chair nt his homo near
. buckshot, crashed through tho win
dow nnd wero Imbedded In tho back of
tho clmlr In which Mr. Taylor wns sit
tine;, and only Its thloknoss p evented
tho shot from being- fatal. KlTorts
wore nt otico mado to get track of tho
murderously Inclined Individual but
without success. Tho Ueatrleo blood
hounds wore sent for. They took tho
trail nnd went direct to the home of a
man In l-'lllev named Dodson, n rola-
would not bo satisfied, has been grant-
rd a divorce on tho ground of extreme
cruelty, having shown that ho had as
saulted her on several occasions. Tho
pretty cashier still holds forth nt tho
hash foundry.
lie l'nllrd to Get Thorn,
The scrgcant-at-arms of tho house
of representatives, acting on orders
from the house, to bring tho sheriff of
Fillmore county before thnt body, al-
f.n nn11 1ifl,ilr nml liftllrttu lt t1i,., nn.
, '- .. t'.-
eincts, took Sheriff Ogg to Lincoln,
1 but did not get tho ballots, books,
etc.,bf tho throe missing precincts,
wliliMi nro held by the county court us
evidence in the supervisor contest.
The hheriff turned tho ballots over to '
county court more thau a Wi ek ngo,
since which time ho has had no juris
diction over tliem.
For llurenu Stutlxtlcn.
Hx-fiovcrnor Furnas was in
I tcveral davs last wek to meet nartlcs
interested In tho proposed cstablish-
menL of a bureau of agricultural
btntistics in condition with tho stato
board of ngrleulture. Among theo
who have been in conference with him
is John Hydfro of Washington, 1). C, I
n nv in the statistical department of
the agricultural department, who went
011 to Llneo'tl. iiovernor Furnas has
drafted n bill which will be Introduced
as soon aa it has been perfected.
Wu 1 ii-u Hoot: Ilrail.
Wallace Scott, tho yoiiur man who
sometime ngo wus Mtibhud by IJriico
Miull'on dnrintr n qunrrfl o.-er a game
of poker, died last Thursday night of j
the wound received over two weeks'
np'o. Au inquest nud poit-iuurtc-n ex-1
ttminutiun was hold Friday. It reveal
c 1 the fact that the heart had been
pi jrced by the knife and the perii-nr-'
ilium was filled with bo id. The jury '
jcnu iiu.i .1 vuruiui iii.u no came to uis
death by ast'ib ora knlfo in tho haudt
of llrueu Madiooii.
I A M.isUtIihh l)lc-io.
Pome of tho farmers In the vicinity
I of Civighton, complain of their cattle
dying from some unknown disease.
I The afilictcd animals seem to bee nil ,
control of th ni'.elves, and run against
I anything which may h:tppn to bo in
their way. When once they get tho
di-e:isj they never recover, but Invari
ably d'o In a si o.-t time.
Mc!isle.s, mumps and grip prevail at
The family of Carl Omnz, u-osldin','
near Doniphan, which was mulcted
with Hcvore illness eiused by trichinae
infected pork, tire recovering.
Waller Fenton, living near Wyinore
while on his way to town, by an avl
dent to the wagon, was thrown out
and against a stono, Lelnj; so badly
hurt he may die.
It wis Governor P.jynter who p-i-ro'c.1
It. D. Mills, tho 'ex-ban'c pro,!
dent. Tho governo-says ho did it for
humanitarian reasons. He saws tho
banker will hnvo to go back at tho ex
piration of the parole.
Miss Alice Holmes, daughter of L.
K. Holmes of Lincoln, and Charles
Clark of Onii'ii. olopo 1 and hivo go-i j
to Kins-us City tot'ct marriud. Thoy
will bo forgiven if thoy co-no back.
Miss Holmes was 10. Her mother op
pose 1 their unrrla re, hut tho father
.oeretly urjfed elopomcnt.
Deputy Sheriff Nlek Tromrcn has re
turned from Kearney, after hnvlnir do-
, roslted 'In Incorrigible Jay Fe.lawii of
onio.vni'ni uivo t-o-its S(17 tin Mir
r "-.I tl . i lo.wunt f-ut I I'isv.'in ms
' ') ''.m. Jtn-iii'iit vl.o.jl fuu.l Li
ustanuioP'M-IQ tM fij.
tl.ll) l.imviln In t ' 1 . ( l jr.!..l ....1... .1
bb4hnrged Nehrtiftktns Statt Happlj
Adjutant-Oencral Harry has received
a telegram from Congressman Stark
giving- notice that tho war department
ennnot legally furnish clothing to tho
discharged soldiers from Manila on
their arrival tit San Francisco. It has
previously been reported that the de
partment would supply t'00 Nebraska
soldiers with heavy underclothing' and
overcoats, as they would arrive lu this
country In mid-winter. Colonel Stot
senburg" made a request for tho cloth
ing. Congressman Stark's message Is
as follows:
WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. II, 1300.
General P. II. Harry, Lincoln, Neb.:
Touching clothing for the returning
Nebraska contingent tho war depart
ment this day advises: "From ndvlces received it is understood thut "00
men of the First Nebraska wero dis
enarged nt Manila nnd no doubt re
ceived their final settlement beforo
sailing; tin icr the law and regulations
the govcrnmentennnot issue thorn any
clotliiug on nrrlval at San Francisco."
Sijrnod, Luddlugton, quartermaster
general. I suppose the boys have been
paid their clothing allowance and thoy
may purehaso in San Francisco.
W. L. ST A UK.
S'ehraaku Cltfan Once Moro In full
joyiuuiit of Their Frordotn.
Tho situation in refcronco to tho
smallpox epidemic that has b n in
Nebraska City for the past two months,
has Improved to such nn extent that
upon recommendation of tho local
board of health, and sanctioned by Dr.
Towne, representative of tho state
board, Mayor Nelson issuod his pro
clamation lust Saturday raising the
quarantine thnt has existed so fnr us
the schools, churches, places of amuse
ment nnd public gatherings nrc con
cerned. The few cases scattered about
tho city will be guarded as strictly as
before, but ns patients are being re
leased each day the epidemic will soon
be wiped out, nnd the city will resume
its usual activity. It has been n long
and hard fight mid all will rejoice that
it Is at an end Tho citizens enjoyed
their freedom by turnlug out to tho
church services Sunday in unusuiU
tlmrcei Don't Stick.
Colonel .1. O. Maher now In Lincoln,
hns teceived from tho war department
ti copy of the findings concerning the
charges brought by Colonel Muhcr
ngainst Captain Duprcy while a private
at Chatauoogn. Tho findings tiro that
the charges wero not brought for the
good of thu service, but on account of
personal matters, and Colonel Maker
is informed that, at Captain Duprey'a
request, tho charges were returned lu
him, together with the findings.
Jail UcUittry,
There was a wholesale jail delivery
at Columbus Saturday. Four men, all
awaiting trial on felony churges,
mimed Martin, Weat, Hayes and
Waters, considered nmong tiic most
desperate criminals in thu west, filed
through tho bws of their eolls a.i I
then dug a Hole through tho brick
v.till o' the jail. The sheriff, with a
posso, is no.v pursuing thorn, bt.t there
ia .1.1.10 tiu,:c of overtaking cliem.
I.oeUJiuv I'iiIIouh.
Tho thirteen-year-old sin of Davl.l
Sato.r. whosj iia.t I w.i off b,
the n-y of a guu barrel two weeks
ago at his home, ten in'.lu.s south of, has eo.itrauto 1 a severe ease
of lockjaw, aud although the le t
physicians to bo hud are cluing ull la
their (lower to save him, therj soeiu
to bo littlo ehaueo of his iv.ouvory.
1o l'roloet I o;.
A bill has bjyu proparod In Omaha
for introduction in tlu lo0'U!uturo i.i
tho Interest of owners of valuable
do'a, tho pui'ji)jo lulaj to liaro dogs
declared pjr.oaal piM.urty, sj that
they ennnot bo k. lied with Impunity.
When biich ti is enuctul the uo'
catcho.' will go out of bjjlnosi or g.
Into baiikruptey.
Tour; ni Down u l.uiiilniurk.
Work 0:1 tearing do. vn un oid laud
irnrk wtus bogun at Uk'uiul Island ro
ceut'y. Tho old Uuloii I' eating
lioiiao, hu'.lt in t-0), b.-on boiij-tit
ly luuiait & Uoa.vay, stojlc mjii, and
tuo liKtibor will bj moi fo.- ui.iltin;;
C.itilo i;ut I.'itn or Corn.
Cattle foo.ler.i in tho vicinity of Oco
nea arc makln,; a good lnailtot for
corn, 'i ho Great Easiuru com
pany will Irrigate 11 oarty all tho laud
In that vicinity, tributary to thu
I'liniierJiiiro uo,v thoro.ighly eonvineo I
that Hooding lb an utsjutial thing in
til w valley.
The firemen of Wymoro hold a nuc
icasful fair last week.
Lincoln Is till broke up ovor tho epi
demic of mea.los. grip and diphtheria.
Judge Grim 1. son, appo' us sue-e-.'hsor
c Judge Miir.ihull, dceeused,
has taken charge of tho bjiich at Fre
mont. lion. Win. J. Itryan loft for Denver.
Colo., Sunday, accompanied by hh
wife, lie will deliver boiurtil lectures
in t.10 stato.
A str.mgor nttempte 1 to mulct Wy.
moru ullmiu ly elaluiiu; to bo tho
now i-cveuiij Insp.-ctor. uH actions
aioiise.l suspicion and ho (led,
Tho store of A. L. Conhlser, the
Ciimnioiur o'llej an I tin, bhuntian
mm liimntS.igeut, CiutJi- loiiiitv.
wtie ilLstn.,cd by bio Sntiinlay la.'t.
Dr. T. J. A runt rung of Huiflee, ox
Milt riitu.i.i nt f tl.o h.-.Itute lor
K-i-'le iiilrtu I Mil tit,, 1M1M nt bl.slion.e
in tualeiti i. la t rpa.tof last v cul:.
Matrimonial Vcntnrr t n Ileattlg .!
Somewhat EinhnrrnK.ini;, to I tltnllirrf
Wife Are Aflor 11 U Scalp A. rirgitUr
Chief of Police Scrogs of Ueatrleo
Is in receipt of a letter from a Mrs.
Oelsler of Cincinnati, throwing somo
light on tho peculiar notion:! of hev
husband, who was a former resident
or J fen trice and who, it Is now claimed:
has threo wives living, from neither of
whom has ho been divorced. In tho
letter to the chief sho evolved another
letter to Mrs. Golsler No. 1, who stir,
resides in 15eatr4co, to whom alio dis,
closes tho state of tiff airs ami wants to
know if wife No. I will eomo to Cin
cinnati and assist in prosecuting
Goisler, offering to defray all expenses
To this wife No. 1 has assented und is
now preparing for the journey. Tin.
Uentrlec Mrs. Gelsler says that she
waA a widow about three nml n lmW
years ago when she mut her husband
one nnd several hundred dollars widen
she says ho soon trot hold of. One. dav
ho gave her one dollar und sent her
away on a visit. When Mie returned
he had irono and tho letter from Mn,.
Gelsler at Cincinnati was tho she
had heard of him. Wife No. 1 hu.
slnco her husband deserted her, citeil
outabaro existence for herself and
three children by hnrd work. They
are now five, seven nud fourteen venm
of age, the latter a girl, havltig recent
ly been sent to friend in Lincoln.
Wife No. a writes that when she mar
ried Gelsler sho was pwisossml of prop
erty worth about 83,000. This be
pnrsuaded her to trado for a farm,
which she afterwards discovered, Is
worthless. Ho left her twice, hut each
time Induced her to forgive hlni, but
she recently learned that ho had mar
ried another Cincinnati woman, v.lun
eho quit hiin entirely. Now .she wants
him prosecuted und as she has been
telegraphed to the effect that tho llet
trlcu Mirf. Gelsler will cmio iuimed,
ntcly on receipt of transportation, hu
will probably bo an oiled at once.
Goisler lived at Hcatrlco fur a number
of years. He had no trado or apparent
regular occupation.
No Xcw Drvrlopcnipnti In tlin Comlltlou
Uxlttlug In Osii ilm. -
Thcro are no new developoniunts In
die smallpox situation at Omaha. The
victims of the disease nro progressing
, satisfactorily toward nvo.-ery an.l nn
I now cases have been reported, l'hysi
, elans nro vaccinating tho children in
1110 iomenin.1, iiruiu Hill ami Daven
port public schools and In tho St.
Wcnceslnus school, the latter a Ho
homlnn parochial school. When tho
vaccination l.s completed in theso
schools, nil school children In school
.ltt.t..(.. I ...I.I..I. .!. -If . ,..,
lunuitmiij ihi;ii mo uivcnso cxviis,
exeept aiiemianis ot tnu lilgli school,
will have been iunociilat-d. Th.j phy
sicians will then commenco visitation
at tho rest of tho schools. Residents
in the fnr northern part of the city tiro
con ddurahly wroujht up ovoc tho es
inblishmontof thopothouvi near Fort
Ontoha. They held an Indignation
in letlng nt tl.o Saratoga school uud
illsciitsod the niittcr.
Welrynn Unlvcrnlly Incouio Jinuulu
The Nobtaska Wcsloyan university
now enrolls IU7 stu lents, the largest
number enrolled at auy time. Tho
management expect quite an Increase
nt tho beginning of noxtsom sator. Tho
members of the faculty uro enthusias
tic In their work and each ouo is suc
ceeding in building up his d jpartmjnt
on every line. The stu lents tako up
tho wo 'U slnoo the hol.d tys with now
yctil. The finances of tho university
have gr.-ntly Improved in the last year.
Ove.-SIO. OJ worth of warraa'H have
been e uicolled during that tlmo for
which fin trmtaos havo givon tholr
obligation for aVout3H,000,or In other
words, tho debt has boon raiiiro.1 by
S il OIK). Durln? tho past yair tlu In
comu has about equalled tho expense,
so that a bilght future for tho Ne
braska Wesleyan university Is ap
parent Hit 11'm Wth h PIlchBr.
D. E. Henderson, n colored waiter at
tho PuKtmi hotel nt Omaha, hit George
Sawyer, ticket taker for tho hotel over
I the head with a water pltehar.'becniiHO
! ho thought Sawyer sliihtod him Ii
not giving him a piece of pie. Sawyer
was convoyed to the St. Jo3oph hos
pital, lie Is badly used up. Hender
son was urrcsted and will bo charged
with assault with intent to kill,
Will Soon lto Hum.
E. F. Fnssett of Lincoln received th
following telegram from his on, who
has been with the First Nebra-.ka at
Manila: "Dear Father; Am in Son
Francisco; leave in a few days. Fred
L. Fusiutt." This would ludicata that
ti largo number of tho inembjr.s of tho
First regiment will bo at homo in Ne
braska In a few davs.
round Oullly of Amtull.
A. C. H-i.lth. a firm j? llvitif .he
twjen Surpr'.to nnd Ulyssut, and a
brjther of Representative Georgo
Smith, was found guilty Saturday of
nssault with Intent to commit prcnt
bodily injury. On the 1 Ith or las't Oc
tober Lawyur Jonkltu of Lhuoln oill
til upoi BmUli with u no'o for col
1 'ctlon. when tho latter usnultj 1 hint
und It is allogod beat him moat vicious
ly. Tho url:iw of whl -h Smith 1 1 foun t
Hiilty by tlu jury hvo'voi a tor.u of
froinouoto live jcaruin tha jiguitou-Uury.