The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 20, 1899, Image 1

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Wo linvo a fow garments which we do
not wish to curry over. In order not
to do so wo must make tlin pi ice.
Ladies plush capo, (ur trimmed col
lar, garment 20 iueh long, price $2 25;
salo price, $1.50.
Ladles silk plush cape, (ur trimmed
bonded, price $7 CO inventory dealing
snlo price 81 CO.
Ladies bl lick
bouolu cloth
capo, storm col
lnr, fur trimmed
collar and fiont
with bhick thib
et. "28-inchcs ii
length, full lined
price CUGU, in-
i"i'J 1'iivu i. --
13 00. ISZlh
Ludies Bouclo cloth cupe, thibbct fur, trim- ft
med collar and front, price $3, sale price 31.80. y
' Ladies bluo black broadcloth jacket, trim- iV
nud with broadbloth'straps, prico $3.00, snlo J-a
prico $5. 71
I Ladies' bouclo cloth jackets, trimmed with Its
braid, nrico $11.50. salo nrico $7. Is?
Ladies tan covert cloth jacket, velvet collar, A)
prico $G, sale prico $11.75. Zi
Ladies brown bnuclo cloth jacket, trimmed S
1 with stripes broadcloth, handsome Raiment, JA
prico $0.60, salo price $5.75. lis
Child's mixed red and blnn bouclo cloth fR
jacket trimmed with braid, prico $ 0.50, salo price, $3.70.
Child's bluo and black bouclo jackets, brass buttons, prico $4.50,
sale prico 2.75.
These goods aro this season's garments. We niako out blow a
clean cut knockout blow.
HOSIER VtriweKheb
Tho boys and girls leather "IftfTrlER STOCKING,
Triple Kueo, that is ono point icUnu .
Get a pair and you'll readilj lunOSilAtyl
recognize several oiucrs. rnco fJAhC
IUU fJUl (lltll.
Jo i
m tjt wt
Prido of tho west, heavy cotton ftfofkfAr1
oso, regular price 25c, to mak YtZ A
1. vw
WMn? ClikFv 5
fmr-irll iJmTiMm'il.vJ
room for now lines, our Janu
ary price, 10c.
Kenosha ladies' llceco lined
cotton, extra valuo, at 20c.
Misses and childten's heavj
cotton hose, January prico 10c pei pair.
Ladies 25o cashmeio hoso, Jauuury prico 18c. O'her values at 25c,
35o and 50o. , ,
Special lot of 50 pairs of children's cushmero hose regular 80o and
40o goods, broken lines and sizes. January prico is 20c per pair.
Men's extra heavy cotton hoso 3 pair for 25c.
Try a pair of our men's hoso at 5c per pair.
These goods aro all this season's stock. Wo muss havo room for
now goods. That is tho reason of prices such as wo make.
i . .r ii -r sj
r r tJ at
Wo have added
several now well
known makes of
shoes to our Una
to replaco sev
eral lines which
w havo boon
handling in tha
past. In order
to make room for
new goods w.
nut closo outnri-
ces on tho following lines.
Bradley Motcalf well known goods.Sirictly lirst
class goods.
Ladies $3 50 shoes $2.00. Men's 3.50 shoes 2.00.
" 8 00 " 2.25. " 8.00 " 2.25.
" 2.50 " 1.87. " 2 50 " l.b7.
' 2.00 " 1.50. ' 2.00 ' 1.60.
1.75 " l.BO. " 1.75 1.30.
W linvo nlmiit lOunnirs men's, womeu's and children's shoos, bro
ken lines and sizes. These goods are from lines which wo havo quit
handling. Wo must havo room for new goods benco tho prico f
$1.00 per pair. ..... . .
Now lino of Mastiff shoes. Ladies, Misses and children's shoes from
$1.60 for children to $2.25 per pa'r for ladies' goods Wo guarantee
you cannot match thosa goods in quality and stylo for less than
$1.75 to $2.50 per pair. ,, f ,
Handsome now lino of Wolfa Bros, modium prico shoes. COofor
children's to f 1.70 for ladies.
TVTon 'e CAPS. To Close, January salo prico on
lyxpjJ. & men's 80o caps, 15c. January salo prico on
FurniSnillgS. men's 50o cap?, 80c.
BUOT8. 50 pairs men's full stock calf boots, price $3.00 to $3,50,
to close, January prico $2.00 per pair.
FELT HATS. January salo price on 75o hats, 60o. $1.0$ hats 75o.
1.25 hata 00c. 2.50 hats $1.80. Wo must havo room for spring stock.
LAUNURIED SHIR18. January price on $1.00 shirts, C8o. Janu
ary price on 1.25 shirts, 00c.
NEOKWARE. A fow 40n ties, January prico, 20c.
MITTS. 50 pairs Men's Mitts, prico 25c, January salo prico 18c.
TYnoee Wo still havo a fow small pieces of dress flannels
At 5 54-onoh wido, at 47o. This valuo you cannot duplicate
CxO (IS. anywhoro. oo
Novelty dress goods patterns 50o per yd, January salo prico 88c.
00c per yd, Jnnvary salo prico 47o. 05o per jd, January salo prico
62c. 1.10 por yd, January salo prico 87c.
January prico values in black dress goods aro oxceptionalvalues.
Remnants in dress goods on remnant counter at January salo prices.
RlanTral-e Wo call special attontion to our values in cotton
JjlcHlHW Lb. oianitets at OOo, 80o $1.25,nnd $1.50.
Wool blankets at monoy savintr priceH. $3 00 wool blankets nt
$3.40. $3 50 wool blankets at $2 80. $4 00 wool blankets at $8.20.
$5.00 wool blankets at $4.00. $0.00 wool blankets at $4.80. $8.00 wool
blankets at$0 40.
MINER BROS., Red Cloud, Neb.
Gen Eagan Goes Wiong Open Executive
Sessions Two Funerals at the Capi
tol Canal Bill Meets New Ob
joctions (Jen. Miles Iiuh madu many -now
friends by tho diguilled manner in
which ho has carried himself while
smarting under tho dirty purmmnl at
tack mado upon him by Commissary
General Engan, in his testimony befoto
tho war investigating commission. To
a man of Geueral Miles temperament
it has been no easy matter to sit still
and say nothing while walling for tho
war department to call down and pun
ish his subordinate for having called
him about every known sort of a liar.
Congress is also waiting to sco boiuo
thing done, somo punishment meted
out to lit tho crime, and if something
isn't dono very soon, congress may
take tho bit in its teeth and do some
thing itself. DTho action ofl'tesidcnt
through Secretary Alger, to roviso bis
testimony and leavo out tho objection
able language, isn't satisfactory to
anybody, becauso it doesn't pun.ab.
and humlliato Eagan sufllciently. fctn
ators and representatives have t3
freely expressed tho opinion that ( en
Eagan has demonstrated his uulii etl
to hold such an important and resp xuh
iblo position, regardless of Oen. Alius,
and not a few of thorn havo laid that
ho should bo cashiered.
Tho routino business in bouso and
sonate is being pushed along as rapidly
as possible, but the chances for an ex
tra session continuo to grow, owing to
tho uncoitninty about many things in
tho sonate, and especially about tho
timo that will bo consumed by tho
In all tho numerous lights to havo
executive sessions of tho sonnto held
open doors, Senator illoar had, Jamil
tho present contest, over Senator Ber
ry's motion to consider tho treaty of
peaco with open doors, always been
ono of tho most valued lighters for
socret oxecutivo sessions. Consequent
ly, his speech in support of Mr. Berry's
motion was surprising to many of bis
colleagues as well as to tho public.
Open executive sessions of tho senate
may como sumo day, but tboy aro not
yet in sight.
Two funerals woro novor held in tho
capitol so oloso togothor as that of Sen
ator Morrill, held in tho senate cham
ber a fortnight ago, and that of Repre
sentative Dingloy, hold in tho bouso of
representatives Monday. Thoso who
aro superstitious onougb to boliovo
thatcalamiticrjusually travoljin bunches
of three, aro wondering who will be
tho next man of prominonco to dio.
Tho Nicaraugua caual bill will bo
voted upon by tho sonnto this week.
It will pass by a largo majority pos
sibly without a division. The house
inter-state and foreign commerco com-
mittco will (lovoto about all of this
wtek to hearings of tho Uvo or six
canal bills, all differing in somo way
from tho Morgan bill that will bo
passed by tho sonnto. Many of tho
friends of tho canal say that its worst
onemies aro posing as its friends, in
ordor to stavo off actlou by congress.
A representative who is always wldo
awake whon on duty said: "Tho rail-
roaus ana oiner uostiio lniiuonccs are
putting feather beds on the track of the
canal bill, and trying to ditch tho train
so gontly that nobody will realizo what
has happened until it is over. They
aro piopoBing endless schomes for dig
ging tho ditch all purporting to bo
better than tho ono embraced in tho
Morgan bill. It looks as though thoy
might win out along that line, but con
grees may got impatient and tnko mat
ters out of tho bauds of tho lilibustors
and pass a mecsuro out of hand."
Sonatorsaro enjoying thomsolvosat
tho oxpenso of their now colloaguo,
Mr. Simon, of Oregon, who is roportod
to havo asked for what In regarded as
tho most important committee assign
ment in tho senate. A senator speak
ing of him said: "Simon; is a peach.
Hit beats anything wo havo had hero
for somo time. Just think of it,
before ho had been in tho sonnto 24
hours, ho llled an application for a po.
sition on tho committee on rules. Now
if ho bad asked for tho chairmanship
of appropriations, tinnnce or judiciary,
it wouldn't have been so remarkable.
But to think of his wanting to go on
tho rules committee befoto he had
been hero long enough lo know how to
make a motion to adjourn. Aldrich,
I understand, neatly had a fit when
Simon mado his wishes known lo hint.
Poor Aldrich, ho always was tender
hearted. It cost him a novum pang to
turn Simon down. It's a fact, I've got
his word for it. Simon hnsn't been
placed yet. When hu is I'm afraid
that ho will bo disappointed. I think
that ho has a fair prospect of gelling
on tho committee lo look after venti
lation in tlieintetlor department."
A war depaitiueut ulUuial, in his
anxiety stiougly deny a repot t
about our soldiers at Manila being dis
contented, mado a statement that does
not exactly go with thu otllcial an
nouncement that the news from Dowoy
and Otis is all good. He said that far
from being discontented, nil thu volun
teers nt Manila, who had applied tor
dischargo had withdtawti their appli
cations as soon as they saw that there
was a prospect of somo fighting. If
there is n prospect of some lighting be
fore Dowoy and Otis, somebody must
have stretched their consaionces to sny
that all tho nows from thorn was good
A prospect for lighting is certainly not
to bo considered good nows,
An Open Letter to The Chief.
What is conversion in a scriptural
son8o? faith in Christ.
Peaco with God through our Lord
Jusus.Chrlst, Romans 0:1. What lait
to stand in saving grace? By whom
also wo havo access by faith iuto this
grace whorein we stand and rejolco in
tho hope of the glory of God. By
vhat mode are we brought into con
vorsou or justification? For by ono
spirit aro wo all baptized iuto ono body
and havo all been made to drink into
one spirit. 2d Cor 12:13 Is conver
sion instantaneous or mine iu a grad
ual growth of ginco It may come
either way. It may approach you in a
still small voico. In this ease it is nec
essary to turn tli liuht on your own
conscience. 2d Cor. 2:5. Jesus tells us
in John's gospel the kingdom of heaven
suffered violeneo and the violent take
it by forco a difference in temperament
in individuals. John 20:12. Then shall
yo call on Mo and ye shall go and pray
unto Mo and I will barken unto yo.
V. 18. And ye shall seek Mo and find
Mo when yo shall search for Mo with
all your heart. What is it to bo a be
liovej: in a scriptural sense? Standing
lu saving graco through faith in Christ.
General of John 0:10. Whosoever bo
lievoth on tho Son of God hnth tho wit
ness iu biuisoli. rart of loth v, wo
know that whosoever is born of God
sinneth not. Lastly John's gospel,
7:3 and 80, ho that believeth on Mo as
tho scripture hath said. Read tho two
verses. Jos. Bennett.
La Grippe Successfully Treated.
"1 have just recovered from tho sec
ond attack of lagrippe this year," says
Mr, Jas. A. Jones, publisher of tho
Leader, Moxia, Texas. "In tho latter
caao I used Chamberlains Cough Rem
edy, and I think with considerable suc
cess, only being in bed a little over two
days against ten days for tho former
attack. Tho second attack I am satis
lied would havo been equally as bad as
tho first but for tho uso of this remedy
as I bad to go to bed in about six hours
after being 'struck' with it, while in the
lirst caso I was able to attend to busi
ness about two days before getting
'down.' " For sale by II. E. Gi ico.
Marred by inkstain, cut, and splinter,
Burned in summer, chapped in winter,
Schoolboy's hands have much to suffer;
Common soaps but make them rougher.
Ivory Soap is pure, and hence
Leaves such pleasant after-sense
That tho careless schoolboy, e'en,'
Takes delight in being clean.
To the Public.
Wo aro authorized to gunranteo ev
ery bottlo of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and if not satisfactory to re
fund tho money to tho purchaser.
There is no hotter medicine mndo for
la grippe, colds and whooping cough.
Prico 25c and 50a per bottle, try it. H.
E. Grico.
Tiit'bO tuu ituuuiuua liinuH for the
health. Colds, croup and throat troub
les lead rapidly to consumption. A
bottle of One Minutu Cough Cure used
at thu light timo will pieservo life,
health and a laigo amoiiht of money,
Pleasant to take; chililK.ii like it. C.
L. Cotting.
Stuff Which Almost Escaped Pub
licity Through Carelessness,
With thu lengthening of tho days in
creased activity iu noticeable in all
lines of trade. Especially so iH this
noticeable among tho farmers. Tho
greater portion of this class have found
out that It pays lo bo ready to seed
when tho oppoitunity presents itself.
There aro somo howovor who ulways
watt until tho last minuto and then
kick bocauso tho season don't wait for
them. But speaking about kickers,
tboy don't all Uvo in tho rural districts.
Every town or city is blest, or rather
cursed, with a number of thorn. This
city ts not far behind tho average. It
contains people who can kick about
as loud about something that doesn't
concern them as anybody. Ono man
this weok was heard kicking bocauso
tho city was going to havo a telephono
exchange. Ilia main argument was
that tho town was too small to sup
port an exchange. Also that tho taxes
and other expeuscs would soon break
up tho company nt tho low prices at
which thoy aro rented, How very
thoughtful of him to look after the in
terests of the poor telephone company
in preference to tho community in
which ho lives. Anothor was heard to
kicu about tho proposed electrio ligot
plant. His argument was against the
increased taxes ho would havo to pay.
Tho individual referred, to owns no
real estate, acd very littlo personal
property, Wo coucludo theroforo that
ho is another of thoso boings sent into
this woild to show bis fellowmen the
pitfalls of life. His advlco is always
ready, profuse and discouraging and
administered in largo doses. Ho is tho
kind of a citizen that should bo shun
ned on every corner and encouraged
to leavo a community that believes in
enterprise and advancement. Among
uu advancing community liko our's
such people aro very littlo things. But
8peaKing of littlo things, about the
smallest thing that has como across
our gnzo lately is tho "obituary" of tho
former editor of tho Nation. Wo rofcr
to it as an obituary becauso tho writor
and signer is politically, morally and
socially dead. Tho obituary Bays "tho
utiatucfiS will bo carried on in nearly tho
same manner in tho futuro as in the
past." We think it would bo a good
plan for thu present editor to offer a
slight apology for the error iu this
clause which ho undoubtedly over
looktd. Thu word "not" inserted after
"business" and by leaving out tho
word "nearly" would havo chaugod tho
clause to rend more correctly. Ho
also says ho leaves many enemies and
friends. A careful couut of noses, wo
beliove, would rovcal tho former to bo
largely in tho majority. Tho onemies
ho bays ho will continuo to hato evou
to tho timo whon tho spiko-tniled gen
tleman presonts him with appear and
sets him nt bis old Inbor (presumably
raising h 1 for which ho was noted
during bis tcsidonco iu this city) ill
place with a warmer climuto than Rod
Cloud. Ho evidently has a very deep
Insight iuto tho futuro and knows Just
whore bo is going, although bo said be
fore leaving town that bo was going to
Kansas. The prospect of avoiding a
meeting with this "fallen spirit" In his
chosen home in thu hereafter will no
doubt bo tho means of causing great
numbors to attend divino scryicos
regularly. Speaking of divino services
thoso rovival meotings at tho Method
ist church aro very largely attended.
No doubt n number of souls will bo
saved. Tho now walk iu front of tho
parjonogo will also bo a grout savor of
soles. There are other places whero a
liko saving could bo mado.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as thoy Cannot
r ach tho seat of tho disease Catarrh
is a blood or constitutional disease,
and in order to euro it you must take
internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Curo
is taken internally, and acts directly
on tho blood and mucoun surfaces,
Hall's Catarrh Curo is not a quack
medicine, It was prescribed by ono of
the best physicians in this country for
years, and is a regular prescription. It
is composed of tho best tonics known
combined with tho best blood purifiers',
acting directly on tho mucous surfaces.
Tho perfect combination of tho two in
gredients is what produces such won
derful results in curing catarrh. Send
for testimonials, froo.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, prico 75c,
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
For Sale.
Ono huudrod and sixty acres of unim
proved land four miles northwest of
Red Cloud, consisting of tho west half
of tho northeast quarter, and tho east
half of tho northwest quarter of seotion.
Ufteeu in township two north, range '
eleven west, Tho land is leased at
present, but subject to salo, Prico
$2,600. For further information apply to-
Fairfax, Mo..