The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 04, 1898, Image 1

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This Fall's
That we have the
bargains is daily
demonstrated by the
large crowds of buyers.
Furniture values
are numerous.
Show room, second floor.
carets, , ,
i .. Second' floor, v ,
Dry goods stock running
over with good valued.
Underwear, Linens,
Ladies Capes and Jackets,
Dress Goods, Outing
i '
A, visit to. our grocqry room will
'' ' i " always result in money saving.
' , , Granulated sugar 5.60. per hundred.' .
Package Coffee, ipc. ""
' Miner's No. i Patent Flour, 9$c.
J( g brs 'Santa Claussoao, 25c.
. j. i box Cold Dust Washing Powder, 13c.
. Imported Maccironi, 15c.
Clover Leaf Baking Powder, 1 pound
' can, 25c. Money refrinded if not the
',',), 1 '-best powder you ever used.
1 ,. . , Try Winslow, Rand & Watson's coffees
25c to 45c per pqund.
Groceries, west room.
On deck, west room.
Several tew patterns on display. New
line Christmas novelties in Queens-ware.
tj Handsomest Line of Coupon
J Frizes in the City.
Remember that prices quoted ii previous adver
tisements.last as long as we have the goods
Ito show. New goods- arriving daily. We
make no specia two or three day prices.
-. m itp-f?'-
r, ! fij i
' f 'if') o
Has' .forcibly demonstra .ed that
the people have money if the
merchant tas the values. '.' '
I ,i oj,
Oar 10,000 square
foot store room is
crowded from cellar
to attic with new
goods. -' i ..
Shown' on our counters.
Main room, first floor. '
On deck, north side, first floor.
'We 'have just opened several
invoices of new goods for this
stock. Sjse our Wolfe Bros,
and r Mastiff lines. Ladies',
Misses and Children's.
- Bors.
Nosurptlso was felt in Washington
ntllin se,ml-ollloial announcement that
tlid U. S, would demand nil of thu
Philippine Islands. It hns brou foil
fi'oin thu (list t lint such would 1)0 the
l ul tl unit i! result. Politics has 'tad littlo
or nothing to do with tho decision of
tho nd in In 1st nil lor. 10 adopt this policy,
t is puhllo oplniitn, tegaidlc" of poll
ties, that hits hrutig'.t Jt about. N hen
President Mi Ktnlry Murird upon II. at
western trip, noithor ho nor any mem
ber of his cnbinot had mado up their
minds that wo should tako the, Philip
pines, nnd nt least ono of them See
ivlary Gage was opposed to our tnk.
lug nny of the Islands, but when they
roUirned to Washington, they had nil
about mado up thoir minds that public
opinion wns so strongly in fnvor of
American ownership of the entire
Philippine, group, us the oulylopioal
crowning of Dewey's grbnt victory In
Manila bay, that no other policy would
do.' What thoy heard later nt Philadel
phia, clinched that opinion, nnd our
ponco commissioners at Paris woro ac
cordingly instructed to mako the- de
mand. So much for tho adoption of
tho, policy. .
Whllodt is certain that the policy of
American ownership ol tho Philippines
will bo popular, it remains to bo ascer
tained' whether tho mothed pf obtain
ing that ownership will meet with such
genotnl approval. It must bo under
stood to .start with that no official an
nouncement haB been mado concerning
that method, but that enough has boon
said by thoso who ought torkuow to
causo it to bo believed the consent of
Spain will bo obtained either by a di
rect payment of money to Spain, or by
the assumption of about 910,000,000
of Spanish bonds, issued for improve
ment in tho Philippines. At first glance
thero will naturally bo opposition to
tho U. Si paying $40,000,000 or" any
othor sum, for undisputed possession
of torrltdry, 'which has already btcu
conquered by forco pf arms. But
many will doubtless accept tho argu
ment that the Philippine bonds, which
were not, as woro tho Cuban bonds,
issued to mnku war against tho natives
of thu islands, but for purposes of pub
lic Improvement, should bo considered
a lien oh tho island, regardless of
ownership, nnd that, it would bo, an in
justice, discreditable to n great country
like tho U. S. to take tho islands from
Spain nud leave that country to pay in
debtedness incurred for public im
provement! on them. The1 question is
likely to bo much discussed, as soon as
it bocomos absolutely certain upon
what terms wo aro to acqulro tho
Philippines. ,
At tho Headquarters of tho republi
can and ilemocratiq congressional com
mittees in Washington, the claims nro
about equn,l ns to which party will
elect a majority ot tho next house, but
the opinion outsldo is that tho republi
cans will retain control of tbo houso by
a reduced majority. Sotuo democrats
say that thoy would prefer that tho
houso would remain republican, bo
cnuso if their party carried it, thov
would havo to share in tho responsibi
lity of tbo administration, in inau
gurating tho oxperimont of n colonial
polloy, or tako tho responsibility of
hampering that policy, nud that thoy
would prefer doing ueithor tho next
two years. If that sentiment exists to
any extent among tho voters of tho
party, thero Is no doubt of tho result
of tho election.
Among tbo noted officers now in
Washington, are Gens. Miles, Wheoler,
Loo, and Lawon, of tho army, and
Capt. Robloy D. Evans, and Lieut. Hob
son of tho navy. Tho latter officer is
hero to report to a board of tho chiefs
of bureaus of tho navy department, on
his work on tho wrecked Spanish ships,
This board will decido whothor tbo
work shall bo continued. Hobson's
confidence in success in raising tho
ships is not shared by all tbo naval
officials. But if publio sentiment is
consulted, thoy will not stop Hobson's
work, on nccount of its cost, if thoro is
nny certainty of his succeeding, in sav
ing tbo ships. Thoso ships would, in
tho oyos of most pooplo, be worth moro
than now ones would cost, its object
lessons in tho patriotism, bravery ond
markmanship of thu American sailors,
and if they can ho saved, neither cost
nor jialously of Hobson should bo
allowed to stand in tho wav.
A rather curious request has been
mado of the uavy department by tho
Aomo Wrecking company of San Fran
cisco. This company wnnts to raise
tho battleship Maine, and bring her to
tho U. S., claiming to hnvo a method by
which tho work can bn accomplished,
and inks nothing mote of tho govern
ntcu' than permission to do the' work
nt its own expense. The company
states in Its request thai if the govei n
mont wishes tho ship nfter it has been
brought safo to somo U. S. harbor, that
it will not ask moro than the usual sal
vago payment through condemnation
proceedings. It is not supposod that
tho goVorumont would euro to buy tho
wroek. In fact, tho real object of tho
company Is to raiso tbo Maino in order
thatsho may bo exhibited In this coun
try, although nothing of tho kind Is
said in its letter to tho navy depart
ment. According to tho request of tho
company, it Intonds to blow tho mud
from under tho wreck, with streams of
water under high prossuro, nnd thon
pass chaius undor and attach thorn to
framework on each side, connected
with a system of stool air-tight barrels.
The gradual winding up of thoso chains
iscoupted upon to raiso tho wreck.
The Best Plaster.
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and bound
on to the affected parts is superior to
any plaster. When troubled with a
pain in the chest or side, or a lamo
hack, give it a trial. You nro certain
to be moro than pleasod with tho
prompt relief which it affords. Pain
Balm is also a certain euro for rheuma
tism, For snlo by H. E. Giico.
Weather ploasnnt.
No political excitement in Liuo this
13ert Carpenter haa bought a horso of
L, ilnsklns for $25.
'11. Tumor is building a line rnulenco
on his farm Miiitb of the liver,
District No., 01 has mado sumo im
provements on tho school houso.
Tho state of Nebraska will go repub
lican this year by a big majority.
Miss Mary VanDyko of San Frnncl
sco will bo homo in tho near future.
Sunday school at Penny Crook at 10
a.m. Frank Martin supenntendant.
Rev. Blackwoll will preach at tho
McCall sohool houso on Nov., 0, at 3:80
Ernest and James Beauchamp woro
In Lino last weok dohorning oattlo for
L. A. Haskins.
Wm. Rosenerans has como out as In
dopondcutenndidato for road supervi
sor of district No. 12.
Ernest naskins has sold two hun
dred bushels of corn to Gus Roats of
Red Cloud for 23 cents por bushol.
Mr. Hooves of Guido Rook has sold
his last year crop of corn to Alf McCall
for twenty-two and a half cents por
bushol. i
Rev. Npble of Inavalo was tho guest
of Wm. VanDyko ono day last weok on
routo to tho Christian conforenco which
convened at Pleasant Hill, Jowell
county, Kansas.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mount
ford, a boy. Born to, Mr. and Mrs. W.
J, Haskins, a girl. Born to Mr. and
Mrs. Iko Wilmot, a boy. In times of
peaco prepare for war was tho song of
ono of tho go n orals after tho Into war.
Difficulties Romovod.
Eloik, Nebr., Oct, 28, 1890. Mrs. C.
E. Parkins of this place states that sho
was troubled with sick headaches. Sho
also bad a heart difficulty and that
tired fooling. Sinco taking a fow bot
tles of Hood's Sarsaparilla hor troubles
bare disappeared.
Constipation prevents tho body from
ridding itsolf of waste matter. De
Witt's Littlo Early Risers will removo
tho trouble and cure Stock Headaoho,
Billlousness, Iuactlvo Liyor and olonr
the complexiou. Small, sugar coated,
don't gripe
or euudo nausea. C. L.
Thioshliig Is almost llnishod.
Fluo weather for November 1st.
I. It. Cro.ior shelled corn Monday
Mr. Warner has gono to Iowa on a
John Konznck Is helping Mr. Holts
on his burn
Al P.trkcr n- . family visited nt Will
Oil's Sumlii).
Sam Braver bus loaded up his traps
nud moved b.ioi. to Missouri.
Jou lluug'tt and family aro visiting
his brother Chi Is. In Antelope county.
Aiueri Minn mid wuo ntuinueu tuo
Suuday School convention at Eokley
last week.
Davo Fishel visited nt tho homo of
his brothel -in-law, Mr. Hondrloks,
last Saturday.
Miss Clara Parkor of Otoo county is
visiting lior brother nnd sister, Al Par
kor nnd Mrs. Will Orr.
Minta Andorson, dnughtor ot J. D.
AndorBon, is sick with somo kind of
fover. Dr. Paco of Guido Hock Is in
I. B. Colvin of Gutdo Rook was on
tho ereok Monday accompanlod by Mr.
Coffof Iowa, looking for an-opportunity
to trado Iowa land for Nebraska
land. , -
Deafness Cannot Bo Cured
by local applications as thoy cannot
roaeh tho diseased portion of tho ear.
There Is only ono way to euro deafness
and that is by constitutional remedies,
Deafness is caused by an Inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of tho Eus
tachian Tubo. Whon this tubo is in
flamed you hnvo a rumbling sound or
imporfect hoaring, and whon It is en
titoly closed, Deafness is tho result,
and unless tho inflammation can bo
takon out and this tubo restored to its
normal condition, bearing will bo do
strojed forever; nine casos out of ten
aro caused by Catarrh, which la noth
ing but an inflamed condition of tho
mucous surfaces.
Wo will glvo Ono Hundred Dollars
for any case of Dcnfnoss (causod by
catarrh) that cannot; bo cured by Hall's
Catarth Cure. Send forclrculars; freo.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 70o.
Hall's Family Pills nro tho best.
Mr. Battan has his new houso about
Sovorftl from this locality started for
Omaha last Saturday.
Knutson & Dobrunor wcro threshing
for Otto Skjolvor on Monday.
Mr Uoynton nnd wifo of Illinois
woro in this locality last week.
Jamos Mcintosh wns transacting
business nt Rivorton Tuosdny.
Poter Nelson and Chas. Hanson aro
in Konrnoy county looking for work.
Mr. Crabill has roturnod from a two
months visit at Ids old homo in Vir
ginia. Tbo supper at tbo Anderson sohool
houso was a grand success. About 927
was cleared .
Charloj Dorin from near Inavalo
was a ploasant visitor at Mr, Lam-
From Now Zooland.
Ruefton, N. Z., Nov. 28, 1800.
I am vory pleased to s;ato that sinco
I took tho agonuy of Cbamborlain's
medicines tho sale has been very largo,
moro especially of tbo Cough Remedy.
In two years I have sold moro of this
particular romody than of all other
makes fortbo previous tivo years. As
to its efficacy, I havo been Informed by
scores of persons of tho good results
they havo received from It, and know
its valuo from tho uso of It in my own
household. It is so pleasant to tako
that we have to placo tho b'ottlo boyond
the reach of tho children,
For aalo by II. E. Grico.
Whon you ask for DoWitt's Witch
Hazol Salvo don't accept a counterfeit
or imitation. There nro moro oases of
Piles being cured by this, than all oth
ers combined. C. L. Cotting.
i CV ..wsyA, J, ,? y vhacxMx !'Asi"iWf?M&iJ
Royal make the loot! pure,
wttolcxoma and dellcloui.
Absolutely ftr
Services each Lord's Day as follows! "
Morning sorvico at 10:80. Subjoot,
'Tho Goldon Rule."
Bible school, 11:45 a.m.
Junior Christian Endeavor 8 p.m.
Senior Christian Endeavor 0:45 p.m.
Evening sorvico at 7:80 o'olock. Sub
joct: "Tho Successful Candidate.,'
Excellent muslo each sorvico.
Prayer mooting and blblo study on
Wednesday evenings.
Ladles' Aid Socioty Friday after
Tho olass for blblo Geography study
is opon to all who would llko to attend.
It moots on Saturday afternoons at 4
o'clock. "
Our ploasant church home and all
sorvicos nro over opon tp tbo public,
L. A. Hussono, Pastor.
Sorvicos noxt Sunday as follows:
Morning sorvico nt 10:80.
Quartorly meeting will bo hold nt tho
Methodist church Saturday ovonlngj
preaching by tho older at 7:00.
Sunday School at 11:80 a.m.
iiunior ijcaguo nt 4 p.m.
Sonior Lcnguo at 7 p.m.
Evening sorvico nt 7:80.
Preaching at Anjboy at 8 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday oven
ing at 7:1)0.
Ladles Aid Socioty Friday afternoon.
All aro most cordially invited to at
James Mark Darby, Pastor.
BAVTisT cannon.
Services noxt Sunday as follows.
Morning sorvicos at 10:80. Subject,
Sunday School at 11:45.
Juniors meeting at 8 p.m.
Young People's Union moots nt 7
Evoning sorvico at 7:30 o'clock. Sub
Preaching on Wednesday ovonlng at
All cordially invited. Seats free..
Isaac W. Edson, Pastor..
Regulnr sorvicos noxt Sunday as fol
lows: Morning servieo nt 10:80. Subjoot,
Sunday School at 11:45.
Indian Creek at 8:80.
Young Peoplo's Socioty of Christian
Endeavor at 0:80p,m.
Evoning sorvico nt 7:30 o'clook. Sub
ject, "Human Invoations."
Mld-weok prayor mooting and con
forenoo Wednesday evening at 7:80.
All cordially invited to attend these
Frank W. Dkan, Pastor,
Tho high spirited team bolonging to
P. A. Wells was tho cause of another
accidentMonday more sorious than tho
ono which happened some time ago.
Mrs. Wells was driving noar Amboy
accompanied by Mrs. Stoflln whon her
teambocamo frightened by tbo sound
of the application of a brako on a lum-
bor wagon which was goicoor'wn a
hill. Tim IndlflH wnrn llK-ii'JW
Wells being badly brt
. ., ,
Stcffiu receiving a fral
wrist. Dr. Morauvill4
drossod thoir injuric
horses was injured
nut damaged.