The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 17, 1898, Image 1

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Boots, Shoes, Groceries and
DOrtis;?; Goods.
The Summer days an: now hrtv and with tlu:in
comes the demand for light and pretty dresses.
We have the largest assortment of any store in the
Republican valley.
Our Hup of Orgnnd ii-s is i-oinjilcto. 10c to lv.
India hi cti, bliii'K or white, loo to ". per jard
Dimities if all coloi - tioiii tv t -Of
Dotted Swiss 1mm .'iif i.. mif per yanl.
Lawns I nun 10'- to .'V jut yard.
Striped lini'ii colored lawns 20e per yanl.
Linen colored lawn, 10c jut yanl.
Lappet Mills '.'Ho per yard.
Bleached Lonsdale Shooting, 7je per yanl.
Bleached Fruit of the Loom muslin, ?Jc jut yanl.
Bleached Shell brand muslin, 7c per yard.
Bleached Fanners Use muslin, Oc per yard.
Bleached Uouchold Use muslin, 5c per yard.
Unblcnceed muslin, best, 8c jier yard,
Unbleached Pejijierill muslin, 7e per yard.
Unbleached best L.L. muslin, 5c per yd.
Unbleached L.L., muslin 4Jc per yd.
Unbleached Superior, tfc per yd.
Black and White Simpson's calicoes, 5c per van!.
Grey Calicoes Simpson's, 5c jeryard.
Garner's Ilea Calicoes, 5c per yard.
Tartan Red calicoes, 5c per yard.
Light Fancies calicoes, 5c per yard.
Indigo Blue calicoes, 5c per yard.
Assortment colors and patterns 3c.
JLVaxlies' Vests.
A good gauze vest at 5c.
All sizes in bettor quality at 10c.
Bleached or Ecru vests, 12c to 50c.
Ladies silk vests, sleeveless, 50c.
Latest fancies in French ginghams at 10c per yard.
Fancy Plaids at Sc per yard.
Best Amoskoag check gingham, 0c per yard.
Apron check gingham 5c per yard .
Ladies' via kid, latest toe, vesting top, 83 50.
Ladies kid, latest tip, foxed heel, vesting top, $2 50.
Ladies' Kangaroo, tinest kind for hard wear, f 1.50.
Children's tau lace shoes, 81 75.
Children's kid, lacu or button. C5c to $1.40.
Baby's soft sole shoes, all colors, 25c to 50c.
100 pairs Ladies' and Children's shoes, broken sizes, as long as they
last at $1 00 per pair.
Men's Creole plow shoes. $1.25
Men's Dom Pedro plow shoes, $1.50.
Men's lino shoes, former price $1.75, now $1.00.
Men's Klondike tan shoes $3.25.
Men's Klondike chocolate, patent leather tips, $4.00.
Boys' extra quality plow shoes, $1 40.
Boys' satin calf lace shoes. 1. 25.
Boys' Kangaroo lace shoes, $1.75 per pair,
Jvaces and Emforoiderles..
Laces in Silk, Cotton and Linen. Embroideries and Insertions.
Valcnscicus Laces and Plain and Dotted Footings for trimmings and
Trunks and Valises.
For the Trans-Mississippi Fair. In trunks and Valises we arc pre-
pared to save you money. uj
TRUNKS, from S3.00 ui to 810 00. W
VALISES from 50c up to $5.00. .tyi
Canvas Telescopes from 50c to $1.75. i'il
K Men's Ladies and Children's Hosiery. J
w( Ladies' Hoso 5o to 75c per pair. &
lioso 10c to 45c per pair.
Men's Hose 5u to 50c per pair.
Table Damask.
Bleached Tablo Damask 25c in 1.75 per yard.
Unbleached Table Damask 25c to (We per yard.
Red Table Damask loc to 75c pur yard.
Red Dinner Najikiiw, 75c jici doon.
White Table Napkins lidc to S5.00 jier dozen.
Linen Towels 10c to 75c.
Cotton Towels Klc to 'J5c jier pair.
Linen Crash 10c jier yard.
Linen Crash 10j to 25c it yard.
Cotton Catsh 5o to 10c pur yd.
Shaker Flannel 5c to 10c pur yard.
Cotton Flannel-. 5c to 15c jier yard.
(Juting FlanncH 5c to 12Jo jicryard.
Now is th time for new carpels. Start in fresh ami now with
tho aiprmi'hing Miir.mcr. Dm Cm po; stock is morn uuniiloto than
over. All Wool Carpcta from 5Hc to 70c per yard. All carpets euro
t nil v cut and matched, and no extra charge for making. Wo nro
hiiv'iiig n wonilei ful sale it carjut.i and can only lay our success to
good quality and low juices.
Iiii:!!; m$m mmmmm
Away from that which i known,
onwanl to that which is unknown;
away from tho thing that has been and
N. onward to the thing that is not but
will be; this is life. It is stagnation,
it is death to try to live any other way.
The necessity is on us to be ever mov
ing forward out of tho bright light of
tha which is uudciMond, into the par
tial durkuc" of thcnestojicn door that
conceals undreamed of happiness or
disaster. Very naturally, there is a
feeling of apjuvlunsioii ami shudder
iugjand iirotiat as Time, like u train
hurries us acne, plains decked with
tlowers mid then rushes with teriifving
mm-:ih j-igcd and dangei-jus im-ks
and maihaj) sittldenly suspends u.s
over chasins wlmv dejilhs means de-.-triietiiiu
to those who' fall therein.
Yet what is this but life? Viewed
aright it is a joy never to stand .still;
viewed wrongly it is a thing to fear;
and feared most by those who have
gained least of that which is best from
the hurrying events of life as they have
whirled by.
Once again let us turn theso individ
ual analogies, whose truth e.veryouo
sees, into national teachings whose
truths some of us arc slow to sec. Nat
urally one needs must in these stirring
times take as a text for thought tho
prtsent conllict. For truth's sake and
because tho sacred honor that is the
underlying current of our national life
no matter how contrariwise surface
storms may be, wo have contenled
that there is a quality of mercy and of
great dignity In what wo are doing. Yet
who among us is wise enough to see
fully in advance the new vistas of pro
gress or temptation to which tho rush
of events is leading us. It is easy for
the superlicial ones to talk of a nation
as though it were in a tixed and un
changeable state, like an Egyptian
mummy wrapped in the pitch and cer
ements and preservatives of antiquity.
But the nation that lives and moves
and has a being instinct with progicss
is least of all Hko a mummy and those
who would swathe it with rigid bands
may indeed distort It but they ennnot
repress it. There is a tendency to al
ways hark back to our own remotest
past, with the credulous feeling that
the men of those days had been proph
ets who foresaw, as in a vision, all that
would happen to us, and made ample
constitutional provision to meet it.
Yet without detracting a particle from
tho value of their work wo know that
tho articles of confederation of 1781,
had to give place to tho constitution of
1787, ami that, in turn, has been
amended fifteen times.
This evidence of change is no sign of
indecision, but simply an evidence of
growth. Our ancestors could not pos
sibly have foreknown the great surging
western wave of imputation nor could
they know that the climate of the south
and this development of tho cotton-gin
and tho labor condition? that went
with it would servo almost to tear
ajiart every strand of union, nor could
they have realized that tho state jeal
ousies ofjthe.early years would have so
vanished by now that we scarcely have
a remnant of statu distrust lelt. These
things are lieio set forth merely to ac
centuate the fact that vitality means
change, and that change is .simjily re
adjustment to the new conditions as
they luve appemed.
We alieady mo as we advance in our
eharitablejwarfaro that the one .simjili)
aim, to help the Cubans, will bo com
jilicated by a number of new relations
and responsibilities. Wo are going to
bo much in the condition of the coun
try lad who is .suddenly transpirted
from the isolation of the farm to the
cmwdid walks of the city, lie has to
keeji on the right side of the way or
upM't himself and his fellows; ho has
to hold his elbows in ami learn an en
tirely new ot of social rules. So shall
we; tho end of tho war Is going to leavo
in utterly removed tram the compact
isolation nf the past. Wu shall no
longer In able to live for ourcl( s or
to oiueles. Whether wo will it or
not mu, b more deliuite international
relations nf fricuiMilpor of antagonism
will lie ours to confront. And wo -hall
liud that tho diplomacy of the future
will be much more sei .-.itivethan in tho
past because of our our very apparent
predilections fertile the English speak
ing in opposition to the Latin races.
We shall also liud that our form of
government, hitherto adjusted, with
tho e.M'ojiti'ju of icy and darksome
Alaska, to states that touch their tellrw
states on one or more sides, will have
to be so cv.cudcd or amended as to
take in ihe adminisuatiou, either jut
iminnntly or otherwise, of remote col
onies. Among these will certainly be
the Philijipinos, unless Sjiain suddenly
cedes limn lo auuth r nation and that
In Itself would ;jo a serious jiroblem,
with hostilities far more extended than
they are at piosout with our seventh
rate opponent. Other territory in all
likelihood will comprise Porto Rico,
held for iiidemnilication, and Cuba
held for a time suluciont to permit tho
inauguration of a smooth running gov
ernment of its own. Each of tiiose de
partures will bring us into entirely new
areas of international sensitiveness-,
wo shall be part and parcel of tho great
eastern question the control of tho
brown Malay and tho partition of tho
lands of the senile Chinaman ami on
tho Asiatic coast the turmoil consequent
upon the destruction of Spain will bo
ours to quiet.
Thus the open door of our latest duty
shows us in broad horizon that we did
not dream of before. Wise hands are
needed, unswayed bj party bias, unin
llucnced by a desire for notoriety, but
held as in a vice, to a determinate pur
pose to spend and to be spent in effort
that shall still tend to perpetuate tho
growth in grandeur and leadership of
this our dear country, carved at such
an expense of effort, from tho wilds of
the western world. We shall go fur
ther with this line of thought.
Annual Festival.
On invitation of Mr and Mrs. L. II.
Rust the Ladles Aid Society of tho M.
E. church of this city spent tho after
noon of Wednesday at their homo ono
half mile west of town. Mr and
Mrs. Rust every year invites this
society out to their place to spend tho
afternoon. Their homo now surrounded
by fruits and flowers is in all its glory,
and their guests very much enjoyed
this beautiful scene of growing fruits
and vines decorated with tlowers. But
more beautiful than all was tho fresh
ness and bloom of youth depicted upon
tho faces of tho hapjiy host and hostess
for they most bo some fifty years
young. Well did they know what their
guists liked, so they had mado ar
rangements to supply them all, wheth
er the number be great or small. For
ty or moro down they, sat, no ono left
witlioui a jilate; soon the waiters liovo
in sight and they began to eat with all
their might; golden cream and straw
beriies lino, oh, how I wish capacity
grea. was mine. Do not forget to in
vite us again, and tho next time wu
will bring all tho men.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Tho folbwing resolutions were
adopted by tho Cowles Christian En
deavor Society, in regard to the death
of Sarah Teel, of that place:
Wiir.ltKAs, It has pleased God to re
moe from our midst our beloved sis
ter Sarah Tool, be it
Resolved, That we tin Christian En
deavor Society of Cowles, Nebraska,
of which she was an earnest member,
hereby tender to the sorrowing family
mid ;fi lends their liearl-lult sympathy
in thisjtheir sad hour of beioavomeut.
Annii: I)i:akin, fu""'
Wo will for tho next ten days supply
any one jiayiug us a year in advance on
Tin. 1'ini.r with a Coloriype plcturo of
the battle ship .Maine, size l!lx25; ready
for framing. Those nro line and you
should got one at once. Copies can bo
had also for 50 cents in cash.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World' Pair Highest Metis I amt Diploma,
WsNiii(iN, 1) V , dune HI.
Tin re have been numerous reports
loeently, originating m Europe, that
Spain had or was about to ask Austria
or some other nation, to ask the Unit
oil States its terms for jienoe. Tin so
rumors are believed to have been
started for the purpose if feeling pub
lie opinion in this country. Not only
has the Austrian minister not made
any peace overtures to this, govern
ment but lie evidently does not ojieet
lo have any important business in
Washington before fall as he Is going
to the now England eoasl, with his en
tiro stall", Ibis Week, to relllllll til -tl.ll -nier.
According to (imminent Eum
(lean diplo nats, tio pence oveitiins
will be made on behalf of Spain until
this government iutiuutos to the dip
loiiiaticcor,)s that such will be .iccop!
cd and hat it w mid bo willing to dis-
cii-s the terms iijii ii which it would
agree to peace. If that is really the
view of the Eiirocaii nations, Spain
would beitei deal directly with this
government. We did not seek this
war, but having got into it, and hav
ing won nothing but victories, it would
be absurd to expect us to ask for peace.
It is the whij))cd power that must ask
for peace, and the longer Spain defers
Iho asking tho worse shu will bo licked.
The lighting power of the United
States grows stronger each day, while
that of Spain grows weaker.
If there had been no bond clause in
the war revenue bill, as reported from
conference, it would have conic very
near to receiving a unanimous vote in
the senate, instead of going through
by a voto of 43 to 32. Tho opposition
to the other clauses of tho bill was
nominal, although a number of them,
Including the coiuago of $1,500,000 In
silver every mouth, some of tho stamp
taxes, and tho tax on tea, were not al
together satisfactory President Me
Kiuley promptly sigued tho bill, and
now tho peoplo havo a chance to buy
at par one-half of the $400,000,000 in
bonds authorized to be issued by tho
now lawit is hoped that it may not
bo necessary to issue tho other $200,
000,000. Although theso bonds will
only pay three per cent interest, tho
big linanciers nro so certain that they
will soon command a premium that
they will gladly take them all. Small
investors will have theiirst opportuni
ty to buy. What they fail to tako in
th'rtydays will go to capitalists in big
blocks. Senator Volcott is ono of
those who believes that the peoplo will
take them all. Ho said: "Tho people
of tho country will tako up these bonds
as a manifestation of their patriotism
and their pride in tho country."
Tho conundrum of the day is, where
is Sliafttr's army? That it was for
some reason detained at Tampa for
several days after it had embarked
on the transjiorts is known, but that is
about all that is known, owing to
tho consorshiji of news. Only tho very
gullible accept tho story given wido
publicity, that tho transports wero
held at Tampa because of the fear that
they might bo captured by sonic mys
terious Spanish licet that had been re
ported to be engaged in doing tiiu
"Flying Dutchman" nut in tho vicinity
of Havana. Theso transports are
known to havo gone to Key West and
are supposed to bo well on their way
to Santiago, but it is altogether rob
able that the first positive information
the jniblic gets about theso troops will
tell of their cajituro of Santiago, where
Admiral Sampson has so well )rcarcd
the way for them. Thoy cannot get
the honor of first raising our ling on
Cuban soil, that already belongs to
Samjisou's marines, who arc now in
possession of (iuaiitanamo bay.
It Is now settled by agreement of the
house, after a large majority, includ
ing members of all parties, had shown
lis powoi, that the Hawaiian annexion
resolution shall be voted upon Wed
nesday afternoon. Its adoption is cer
tain. Speaker Reed's Irion. Is are try
ing to Mjiiaro him with 'the friends
of annexation by declaring that
ho has been inisroprustiiito i, that
he never had any idea of allowing his
Highest Honors World's Pair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A 'arc (Irnpc Cream nf Tnrtnr I'oivner.
jioi'soii'il iip nf i iii lo annexation to
caiMc him to 1 1 3 to stand in the way of
a majority of tho house getting to a
voto on tho resolution. Some of the
loading aiiuoxionists assort that tho
speaker has killed his political future,
but wise iioliiiciatis arc not yet invest
ing any money iu mourning for tho al
leged corpse.
Secretary Alger thus answers tho
critics of tho war department: "I do
not boliovo that history records an in
stance where so much has boon done
in a military campaign of this magni
tude in the brief time that has elapsed
since hostilities began. I challenge tho
records. There is nn nbundanco of
supplies at tho disposal of tho govern
ment. Everything needed for tho
army is either on tho ground or in tho
process of transit. Within u week, or
n fortnight at tho most, tho required
supplies and oqtiipmeut will bo deliv
ered to tho troops. In two weeks every
man in the army will bo fully equipped
for tho war."
Tho postollico department olllcially
denies tho statement that privato mail
is being ojioned by its employes at Key
West or Tumpa, or anywhere olso, and
adds that privato mail during tho war
is as safo as in times of peace.
Hurry orders havo been sent to Gon.
Coppingcr ami lien. Leo, who aroto
command the army sent to Porto Rico
to get their men ready for embarkation
with as littlo delay as possible
Dr. Fennor's Dyspepsia Cure
A? tho namo implies, is simply for
dyspepsia or indigostion. This prepa
ration is tho prescription of ono of
America's most eminent physicians,
whoso writings on medical questions
nro accepted as authority. If not sat
isfactory after using ono bottlo your
mo-oy will bo refunded by O. L. Cot-
What docs it cost to got there V Whon
and how should you go? Whnt should
ono tako? Where are the initios? How
much havo they prod need V Is work
plentiful? What wages are jiaid? Is
living oxpensivu? What are ono's
chances of "making a strike"?
Complete and satisfactory rejilles to
the above questions will bo found iu
the Burlington Route's "Klondike
Folder," now ready for distribution.
Sixteen pages of practical information
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Livor Complaints! and Norvoiibnosa
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ness, irritability, etc. You are all
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haps you have treated with jihysiolans
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V Pure tlraoe Cecum 91 Tartar Powder