The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 15, 1898, Image 4

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Dizzy ?M fm
Troubled With KI:Hiy Difflcultynnd
No Appotlto Improvod In Every
Way Slnco Taking Hood's.
"1 was taken Hiiddculy with dl..lncHs
nnd faint iickh at the stomach ami also
with kidney troubles. My whole body
Bcctncd to be out of order. I hunt lit once
(or n phynlclnn nnd followed hisdlrectiuim
with but little change. Ho nnld 1 lind n
complication of diseases nnd my cute was
hnrd to manage. 1 would net better fur n
dny or twonnd then would lie Vtorscngnln.
My njvpctlto nlm fulled nnd I lind n severe
hendnclie. After the doctor said ho could
do nothing moro for me I ilitei mined to
give Hood's HarHnparlllu a trinl. Inn short
tlino nfter I began taking It I could don
fnir day's work. It fa now three years
Hlncol wns cured by Hood's Sarsnparllln
nnd 1 nnihtlll In good henlth. I hnvc n
good appetite nnd inn full of llfu." Mils.
Kv. lli:.rii, l)o. Ull, Lincoln. Kaunas.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is tin' Ih'hI - 111 Met the fine True lllotnl I'urlllor.
Htiltl ! nil ilruKKliti. l;"lx for ".
ti it iVii arc tlie only pills to take
nOOtlS HlllS with Itood'a Sarsaparilla.
'on m,, Miil ml upon ships, biti
upon gum, gun i'mi i ngo. uiil :t 1 1 1
be t,'iii tied fiom dm full
roll, wit It'll amounts to
nilion imtj
nightly pay
Otw. vinr
i'i'ni,iuni nr
It 00
Entered at tho poet office at Ited Cloud, Ncb.a
locondclasimall matter.
The lied Cloud, Neb, CHIEF,
weekly, is credited with the
circulation accorded to nny paper in
lied Cloud or in Webster county or
in the F(f'th Conyrcssionnl District.
Printer's Ink, July '28, 1807.
In view of Hit! war now almost upon
it-, the following opinion of Col .Jed.
Ilotchklss, of Virginia, who was on
Stonewall Jni'ksoii'H stall, is interest
lug if not inipoi taut! "I put -i very
small valuation on big battle ships.
The aru formidable in looks, but what
can they accomplish? if two of them
Ireil itteat'li oilier simultaneously and
both .struck, two ships would undoubt
edly go to tho bottom. One .shot will
settle, the business of the hot one over
built. They aru too clumsy, too heavy,
too slow to get away. The best lighter
is thu one wlio can roll eat tilekly, and
to do that there must bu little Impedi
ment, little weight. When men ecu
tin ies ago, .sheathed both iiilr and
deed in armor they thought tho had
done .something womlei fully clever,
but thu .sttel elad combination wasn't
wculi a continental. Our biir war
W's-eis J legal d as a repetition of that
ancient blunder." It .should bu id.
nifiiil'cied that Col. Ilokhkias did all
his lighting on laii'i.
There is a prejudice against the is
sue of bonds of any kind, among sena
tors and representatives', but with win-
in sight, ami with nearly all of that
$!)0,0l)(),000 appropriation gone, it is
realized that moro money must bu had
than will bo brought in bv thu mo.
posed doubling of tho tax on beer, tho
increasing of thu tax on all kinds of
manufactured tobacco, ami tho niacins
of a tax on various commercial papers,
and mat bonds must, bo issued. Tho
ways anil means coaimittco hns pre
pared tWO bills, the I! rat tit-i.vl.lln ....
tho issue of 1100,000,000 in bonds!ns a
temporary loan, and tho second for
from $300,000,000 to 8500,000,000, as a
permanent loan. Theso bonds will bo
payauio id coin aim to bear threo per
cent interest. If it becomes necessary
to issue thorn they may bo offered to
tho public at par, instead of being sold
in a lump to capitalists. At least that
seems to bo tho present indication.
o ir you want to fool that
i j ruuuy to snap, JUSl got
roady to snap, Just got
If you want to fool as
What a world of contrasts it is?
While congress is II atoning to a mes
ago from tho presidout that means
war, thousands of happy children are
gathered upon tho grounds at the rear
of thu whlto house engaged in tho
sport peculiar to Washington of roll
ing Ivister eggs, to tho music of tho ou
tile Murine band, which plays at the
express order of the president to add
to the enjoyment of the littlo ones.
There can bu littlo doubt that tin
president, as ho looks out over these
joyous children linds far more enjoy
ho docs In looking forward to iho war
Soniu idea of tho amount of work
that is uow being done at tho Washing
Tho lirotln.qilinn in,.... ..
Malno disaster will not bo considered.
Tho propositions concerning Cuba
tlo not come to this government, and
110 action Will bo In km. i...i:..
thorn. h "
The Morgan line steamer, Kl Slid, is
- thu NoWDOl't llfivv v.ii-,1 ,,. I. .,..'. :.
will bo transformed into an'auxiliary
i mail. ii will KU IIOOIH ll IlimiMi l..
Washington, April 11, 1808.
Now that tho uncertainty is over
there is less excitement in Washington
than thcru has been at any time sinco
tho news of the blowing up of the
Maine was received. It was not the
probability of war that caused tho ex
citement, but tho fear that in some
way trickery Spanish diplomacy would
get the best of us without giving us an
opportunity to light. That fear oxisted
more or less up to the moment that
tho die was cast by tho president's
message asking congress to provide for ftl
imiiirxjuto forcible intervention to
(ll-ll-n tint SJ.winiuli ll,nr mil ,f f.t,..
Although tho olncial announcement of -oPtotu the changes
an armistice iuCuba declared by Spain
is generally believed to be merely an
other trick, it win feared that it might
cause tho president to postpone his
message or to change his mind about
bending it in. Now those fears are all
past. Gcti. Lee and all the Americans
who desired to leave aro safely out of
Cuba, and tho message is before con
gress. Consequently there is a feeling
of contentment because it is knowu
that long deferred justice is about to
be meted out to Spaiu by tho United
States, and Yoxatious delays aro ovo
Congress is practically a unit, although
there aro u few individuals who would
prefer proceeding a little different, nnd
by the middle of the week the authority
iil be placed in tho president's hands
to use the United States army and
uavy to drive the Spanish out of Cuba,
and before thu week closes Cuba is
likely to be surrounded by the most
formidable licet of warships this conn
try lias ever assembled under one
commander, and the steps will have
been taken that will send the neees
s.iry troops to be lauded on Cuban soil
to cooperate with our .-.hip,. The
plans are all made, the -.hips have up
steam ami only await the linul ordei to
stall The only tiling can upset
out prugiam now is the .showing of the
while feather b Spun, but those who
are Ihoroiuhly conversant with the
Spanish character as well as with ex
isting political conditions in Spain
think that a big bluff at making an ag
gressive war upon tho United States
will be mule and kept up until there is
danger not only of Spain losing Cuba
but her other colonies and her entire
navy. Then she will, through the Kit
ropean powers sue for peace. Mean
while, it is known that tho Spanish
program is not to openly light our
navy, but to try to use its fastest cruis
ors and torpedo boats anil torpedo
boat dostroyers to cripple our com
morco and sea coast towns and endeav
or to keep out of the way of our heavy
lighting ships. Thoy will Hud, how
over, that this will bo a vory dangerous
sort of game to engage in.
t UV "NKMO " J
oy wilHlittM by pane ,V Tnlmr )
Sweet Master' Its music lingeisin
our ears and our hearts have happi
ness, for it bespeaks tlictiitimph ol the
beautiful We know tha' tin- time n..w
fowl the harsh oiilliues of the bills
and the ban- trets will be soften, d
Willi delicate foliage, and the blown
and lui'kiiim tints ,,( il,,, uii,,.,.
bound landscape be transformed into
every possible tint of gieen. Under
the iiillucncc of this thought we let!
raised up, we stand in tho high places
of joy, wo are full to overllowing of
tho exhilaration that comes to the soul
through eyes that see and understand.
Hut empty our larders and lob us of
clothes, drive us together like beasts
and shelter us worse, slash our trembl
ing limbs with machetes where then
would bo this bland sense of physical
contentment? Surround us with all
the glories of tropical verdure, let the
sun riso in grandeur and shino tin
dimmed, let it sink in tho west nnd. in
sinking, paint unspeakable wonders
across one half tho heavens how
would this feast of tho oyo satisfy you
when hunger whs driving out all other
feelings? Eastor and its re-birth of
beauty would bo a moro wretched
mockery of miscr.
who had made the earth-liie for 3011
anil yours a howling was'e I'nnjm,
imagine yourself under such pressure
of unearned and undeserved sorrow,
calmly contemplating a goutle gliding
onward through eternity? Nay, if
naught else could be done ymi would
raise your ghostly hand to strike, ju-st
foi thu satisfaction of making even a
motion of protest.
Let IIS be done With self-dpreiviiitr
and glib 1 espouses and .suing piety mid
tho contented folding of fattened
hands! There is a war against w uuen
and children ami defenceless men (I
am not writing ol tho insuriieiil.s. Thcv
are safe) near enough to our co tst to bo
reached in four hours. This war in
Cuba is being carried on by a 11a
lion that has been raised to the vorj
heavens by its privileges, but that has
east itself to the beasts bi lis ! indues.
That nation in the frenzy ol ns epii.
ingage has dragged waifare back to
the reckless, heartless slauhlei ingi nf
the nth century. Il must be reoiiKed
Its only dread is force. (.nl wnl n. wr
peifoim itiiiaoit-, while wc f.ul t.. pu
form din ies.
You sing f the "Sun of ltii'htenus-
nes arising with healing in 1 Its wings
lour pan 11 in sir ili.n tin. lw.,ii.,,.
takes the part of food for the hungry,
iliugs for the diseased, clothing for the
nuked and warfare with thu oppressor
until tho last of his slaughter ships
disappear on thu eastern horiym.
Till then your holy Eastor is mockeiy
General Merchandise.
f lYa'lC 'iat 's a lnS time, did you say? i
J t'' Wc think so. many have come j
and gone during that time, but the OLD RELIABLE i
still remains. Good Goods, Honest Prices have done it. I
Our Inisineys is rapidly increasing requiring us to erect a '
large addition which will soon be completed. The large
store now will be the BIG store then. Complete in all I
departments. Watch out for announcements later,
35C tO $2.
We can suit you fmm te fancy
gg French Gingham
MB Waist at $2.00
f fff ,iil down to the
m ,. . .
.1 I ohnn-'Woiof r 4- QRa
y V,,Wb ww CUJ.OU U1V UttlO,
r. .u,pi...k u,,i, ,?, s"i'-, r ss K ,; K; '
III) lloi.C III illlL-lnr fm-tt'iiril l il,.. .."..,.. ... "'" "" oil
lho sooner tho uavv iinikit.u n !.
onstration in front of Havana ami
commands the Spanish forces to leave
the sooner will thu people of Cuba bo
rescued from starvation.
Consul-general Lee, speaking before
tho senate committee on foreign rela
tion said that in his opinion thoro was
no room for doubt that tho destruction
of tho Maiuo was duo to Spanish agon
cios. "
Tho Hiitish steamer Arcadia, which
arrived from St John and other ports
in Porto Kico, reports that there were
live Spanish warships at auchor at St.
Johu-tho Viscaya, tho Almiranto
Oqtiendo, two gun boats aud ouo dis
patch boat.
Spain's tiays of graco have boon end
ed. No moro time will bo grauted
upon any pretext whatever. Tin, tv.
omnium of tho United Stnteg &.-,..
solved that Spain shall get out of Cuba
now, and that the seamen of the Maine
shall be avenged.
Thu Westminister (Jjtzotle thinks the
president's mesicn "llnu t...i,. ..... ....
oxcelleut ease for tho intervention of th0
u.ii et num. , mitling: "After ull, the
tinted States hn-s large claims for inter
ontion in allallalis in America. Thu
oneziielti arbitration established a fur
it.aching proeeilont "
J. It. McLean, of .luiii'ita, of aii'khip
fame, sent a L'eiiiiimi t 'ni...i. n ... 1 :
enward Tuesday wilh one .f bis hirei
Mil sand it looked pntt i(s it uiifoltl
etl in tho breeze. It Ks the li i Cuban
ullgsecnhy the people and attr-icled
miicli atteiituii.
A si nator c' to the president says
that the gnate,t i-iitieisiii iiim.ii .1.,,
liie.sstme ol tlie m esident iu Hi-.t 1... .11.1
not saj auytliing about independence,
lie refers to ihese u-m.lj m i... 1
of tlie ine.ssago: "Ami to secure 011 the
island tho establishment of a stable gov
... iiiiiuut 1 in inaiuiaiiiing order
and observing its internalionarobliga
tions." lho sonator uddod that ''a
stable government capablo of observ
ing its imeruiitiontil obligations" must
bo iudepondeut. If it is not an inde
pendent government it would have no
international obligations.
Admiral Uaringor, formorly Spanish
minister of marine, in the course of an
liitory ew expressed his conlidonco in
the ability of tho Spanish navy to win
in tho event of war with thu United
States as follows. "I have already
said that by sea vo shall bo victorious.
I will give you my reasons. Thu first
is tho excellent discipline maintained
011 our warships; tho second is tli-t on
board the Auieiioan vessels, as soon as
bring is opened, a panic will set in.
sinco it is common knowledge that
their crews comprise men of every na
tio.ii.lity. Pitted ship against shi ,
then, wo have nothing to fear."
Mm,,,0r(nl",,ln,,.?, n,,nK Wil1' 1,, 8lrS
, ilU'J'i ,, ,,,llti" " lho win.
low of a milhling nl ,hu ,..,.. ()f s,
tuenth Leavenworth streets in
hm ! V I,lU,!,,,,"" wutl manifesta
On of , , c, jy,H ,.t,L.niltin ,
lion , and the york of recruitiiu two
t mipa.iit-i of h ty-two men each for
the AiiiHtMjaii volunteer legion for im
mediate service in Cuba Is going on
there. Lach volunteer is required to
take an 0:1th that ho will boir true al-
It'L'illlll'll to lllll l'lllllll.lli. i.l f',,1 11
stippurt tho constitution thereof, tho
10 as an American citizen, and that
bu will seivu Cuba faithfully in all its
military service in tho gaining of its
Independence for thu term of four
mouths, unless sooner discharged
Sweet Easter 1 How gentle have its
associations, its (lowers, its anthemo.
its words of confidence, made promise
to our hearts that though dark thu
winter of life cxistant whenever we
are compassed by perplexities the
darkness will certainly sooner or later
Wreak into tho glorious morning of re
vived hope. As wo have sat and list
ened wo bavo thought and believed
atil through all our pains aud sorrows
dreadfully petty and self impose I,
many of them swoot peace has come.
For within our own heart happiness
has its root, and if wo will but clear
away tho rubbish of trilline criefs
and puerile complainings that new
prevent its growiug, it will spring up.
ward into sight.
Hut let each tlay bring moro of a
hazo to our minds, let each lurking
shadow affright us with tho fear thit it
moans more cruelty from an enemy
who will torture before ho kills, lot
each hour with its benumbing hunger
stupify still more our intellects where
then would thoro bo room for conli
donco that, "Joy comoth in tho morn
ing;" where indcod? There would bo
only one liopo of joy left nnd that the
wrenching apart of soul and body to
leave behind a master that rejoices in
cruelty and that linds it cheaper to
bury Hutu to feed. Hope after dejec
tion? Neither hope nor dejection, for
wo should have reached while living
that Mirnnsu of sniveling when tho
heart refuses to quiver and the mind
10 ii cord.
Swift Eastei ! It sounds tot-i, Vi'h
thousand tougui s that death om e
" i vanquished, that lite triumphs.
Wi' hear again of tho iv-d-tli ,, 1 . j,r
b.ii'1; of tho gates 01 tin rtt-tli 1 w.uld,
of the sweopii.g aside o t:,. n..ghty
oppressive stone of man's safegna ding
and we aro led to believe by ovurj an
alogy Unit life hero is a mere prelimi
nary one to a grander. Tims as wo have
listened our fond hearts have thought
of those whom wo have loved and lost,
and under the gentle lulluonco of this
gentle season wo have contemplated
with Bilont joy their lives, happily oc
cuplod somewhere in God's uuivcise
whore death hath no sting and gravo
no victory. And in tho strength of
this confidence wo have cleansed our
hearts of evil, as if their precious eyes
were searching tho recesses where lurk
uncomely images of things that would
shock their tenderly nurtured natures.
Hut if our crazed anil fovered mem
ory of a wifo is that she was last seen
being outraged by brutal soldiery; of a
child, that its innoconco was scorched
out of it by direst suffering; of an in-,
flint that, before it should have known
want, want was its shadow, and that its
littlo body bloated with dropsy while
its limbs shmnk from staivationj of
ourselves, th t wo have walked in
nakedness ami shame before out fel
lows-thoy also stagger .,-, jv ,
helpless death; Hum to become full of
ton tho pickings for buzzards and vul
lures and carrion crows-lf all this,
what would KiHter mean with its
promise of u life or triumph to come?
A llercu ami wild demand that in thu
lifo to come should bo a chance to re
veuge yourself In some way upon
tho bloody-miudud, butchering men
It is impossible for the system
to withstand the demands raado
upon it just nt this season, with
out the assistance of a good puri
fying and strengthening tonic.
Tho changes which Naturo docrees
shall take place each spring aro
so sovero that a breakdown is
almost sure to come. It is wise
thnt all possiblo assistance bo
given during this poriod, as upon
this purifying process depends tho
henlth for tho entire summer.
Everybody just now should take a
thorough courso of Swift's Specific
which thoroughly cleanses tho
blood of all tho accumulated im
purities, tones up and strengthens
the ontiro svstem. and aids Nntnrn
in renovating and renewing tho
body so as to rondor it healthy and
strong. Those who purify their
blood with S. S. S. at this season
are well fortified against tho many
forms of disease so prevalent dur
ing the dreaded heated term, for
it has been demonstrated that the
system that is thoroughly purified
in the spring is well prepared to
resist diseaso all summer.
No other remedy on tho market
is equal to Swift's Speoifio as a
spring medicine, because it is the
only purely vegetable blood rem
edy and is guaranteed absolutely
freo from potash, mercury and all
other minerals. It cleanses, puri
fies, builds up and strengthens.
Insist on S. S. S., for there is noth
ing half ns good.
Another lot on
the road. We
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machines than
anybody. The
reason is we n re
satisfied will: a
small per cent
profit. The
Drop Head
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Always retailed nl Silo
Wood Covered
High Arm $20.
Always Sao.Od.
'---- iIZlTTZZir-r-
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have them to lit your pockctbook. Don't be
fooled by traveling sharks. They aro not
traveliug for their health. Wo can save you
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Lace Curtains.
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new lot today and they are beauties.
A list of thodiseasos that can bo
cured by
OSTEOPATAY is tho science
of drugloss healing. It is a means
of adjusting abnormalconditiors
of tho body and restoring its
functions. Osteopathy is found
ed on the principles of Anatomy,
Physiology, ami by skillful ma
nipulation the Osteopath reaches
the same results obtained by
drugs without leaving the injur
ions effects of medicine,
Has opened ollieo in the north
not tli rooms os the Moon Dloej,,
(up stairs), where she will give
full Osteopathic ireatuieiir
The fallowing disease:, are success.
fully treated by Osteopathy.
AMlinin, airoivliy, iiiiriill, lii'wlMt'lie.
t'Mouia. tewTH, Kiillre. c-ainrrli. uryV n
oIiih, ImrUche. t'liiibtlpnilou, rlirou t
illiirrhiii'ii. i.JM'i'l'.lH, I.Iimii.iiik. .irni
), kidney ilsniK, iHnaiiH mculliirlu
poor i'lri'iil-1 on. iorpl.1 liver. nUce-M-;,
RL'IIUIIll ik'lllllly, itrillOSU VI' IIH. (ll'llf
lii'UN. I.ruiii'lilifk. ilironl dUt'iimn. Inn,'
tnmljlcs. .IIm'hh-k of ,, t.JU, 't.rvoll;
liruKtrutluii, tie. ' '"
Office Hours 9 to u anil 1 to 4,
Consultation Vrce,
Or. Price's CrM Baklag Powtov
Children's 10c to 35c per pair.
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II It .1 Mill 11 Ilt'tMllMl
in boj's htsiery. We
m Ik
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Wear liko buckskiii.
Price 25c per pr.
1 17 1
Our linen sales of tho past have proved vory satisfac
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0 ii.'t bu too late Como early.
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.-f'r a.-